The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 34 - Momma Said Knock You Out

Episode 35 April 30, 2020 00:49:23
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 34 - Momma Said Knock You Out
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 34 - Momma Said Knock You Out

Apr 30 2020 | 00:49:23


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With the deed to the citadel in hand and the Cinderclaws defeated, the party must decide how to proceed with fixing up their new home. 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:42] Speaker A: Hello, everyone, and welcome back for episode 34 of the Cracked Die podcast. My name is Matt. I play twin Talon on the show, and this week, week is one of the last episodes from before we were banned from recording together. So in a couple of weeks, we're going to start releasing our remote recordings. But don't worry, there will be content. Our well is not dry. Friday, it's gonna be May. That meant Paizo con, but that was canceled. And as some of you may know who support us on Patreon, our plan was to go there. We had custom shirts made up. We were going to be able to rub elbows with our fans, or at least people who had been forced to listen to the podcast. And we can't do that anymore. No rubbing of anything with anybody. However, Piso just recently announced that they were going to be doing Pizocon online. Our plan is at this point to attend remotely, virtually, and we might hear you or see you there. I think it's a good thing, honestly. It allows people who have been cooped up, whose gaming groups haven't been allowed to get together, to interact with other people in a setting and playing a game that we all know and we have common ground in. So please, if you're out there, if you haven't heard, Pisocon will be going on at the end of next month, from May 26 to May 31. Speaking of Patreon, we still have one. You can find us at Patreon Cracked Die podcast. You subscribe to our Patreon, not only will you get the listed rewards, the ability to create a critical hit or a critical funnel card for us to use on the show, you will also get behind the scenes content, stuff we typically cut out of the episodes, what we think is fun. In addition, you will get to know stuff earlier. Like I said, our Patreon subscribers knew that we were coming to Pisocon, and I think as soon as I announced it, it was canceled. But that's where we're going to announce stuff first. So, for instance, we have a thing that we are going to announce at the end of July, but on Patreon, we'll announce it at the end of June, assuming something doesn't happen. And as soon as I announce it there, it gets canceled. But if you want to help us out, pitch in. Just help us offset the cost of producing the show and hosting the episodes and things like that. We really do appreciate it. We know there's a lot going on and money is tight all over. People are losing their jobs. I know at my company, a lot of people are furloughed, so we don't expect anything. But if you want to help, we would certainly appreciate it. That being said, let me get you to the episode. This one. There was a lot of bookkeeping. I think I cut out roughly 40 minutes of downtime activities and building of the citadel and arguing about how many days things took. So you're welcome. But without further ado, episode 34 of the Crack Die podcast. Mama said knock you out. [00:03:38] Speaker B: Welcome to the 34th episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:03:44] Speaker C: We did it. [00:03:46] Speaker D: We finished book one. It only took us forever. Yeah. Good grief. [00:03:51] Speaker E: I'm still in shock that we're in the know. [00:03:55] Speaker D: Good on us. [00:03:56] Speaker B: How many months to do a single book? [00:03:58] Speaker D: Well, we tried to do this last time. We're not doing this again. [00:04:00] Speaker B: And then do that times six more times, five more times. You're going to be listening to us for a long time. [00:04:07] Speaker D: I hope we appreciate your listeners. [00:04:10] Speaker B: All right, what are we doing? [00:04:14] Speaker F: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast. Our heroes decided to investigate the rest of the citadel. Only Sareia was able to enter the one room. Upon exploring that final room, Soreo was able to find the deed to the citadel, making it the group's base of operations. Finally, the group leveled up with their new abilities and powers and home. What will our heroes do? Find out now on the cracked die podcast. [00:04:51] Speaker D: Citadel. [00:04:52] Speaker B: Altarin, your newly found home of the citadel is in ruins just because it's been old and decrepit off air. We figured out some things, and I think the first thing that we're going to do is we're going to cut over to Soraya, speaking with warble to please come and work as an administrator at the Citadel, which would also mean the goblins would come and help work. [00:05:22] Speaker D: Yes. Labor. [00:05:24] Speaker B: You approach her. [00:05:26] Speaker D: Is she, like, inside? Am I, like, knocking on her door? [00:05:28] Speaker B: Yeah, you knock on her door. Grateful work, warble. [00:05:33] Speaker D: Hello? [00:05:34] Speaker B: What was her voice? [00:05:36] Speaker D: Yes, it's me, Sareia, from the. [00:05:40] Speaker B: Please, please, come in, come in, come in. She invites you in. [00:05:43] Speaker D: Is it a small sized house or a medium sized house? [00:05:46] Speaker B: It's a small sized house. [00:05:47] Speaker D: She's hunching a little bit. [00:05:48] Speaker B: You got to duck a little. It's a very modest living arrangement. Bed, kitchen. If you live in the tri state area, we'd call it a New York studio. [00:06:00] Speaker D: So a single room with everything in me. [00:06:06] Speaker B: Please. Let me put some tea on for you. [00:06:09] Speaker D: Oh, yes, I would love that. Thank you. [00:06:12] Speaker B: She has one normal sized chair for guests to visit because she is one of the only small folk in the town. [00:06:20] Speaker D: She'll perch on the chair. Jasper finds the shiniest thing he can and immediately perches on it. [00:06:25] Speaker B: Okay, so what brings you here? [00:06:31] Speaker D: Well, so we went to explore the citadel and we found your friends the bramble brushers. Everything is all fine. We did happen to find in the basement, basically the deed to the citadel itself with a note declaring it for whoever found it. [00:06:47] Speaker B: Okay. [00:06:48] Speaker D: So essentially the citadel itself is ours now. And as. [00:06:53] Speaker B: Congratulations. [00:06:53] Speaker D: Thank you. As you might imagine, it could use a little repair. [00:06:58] Speaker B: One. Number two. [00:07:00] Speaker D: Of sugar. Of sugar. In your. Oh, two, please. Thank you. [00:07:02] Speaker B: So she carefully measures out two lumps of sugar and puts it into your tea. [00:07:08] Speaker D: I have tea. Lore and I, like want to work it in, but I don't know how. I mean, I guess I could see how good the tea is that she's serving. [00:07:14] Speaker B: Yes. [00:07:15] Speaker C: Roll to see how good the tea. [00:07:16] Speaker D: Yeah, roll to see how good the goblin tea is. [00:07:20] Speaker B: So as you see her, start sipping pinky up. [00:07:23] Speaker D: Oh, I love Walgreen. [00:07:27] Speaker B: Yes. You need to clean it out. [00:07:31] Speaker D: Yes. And, well, obviously the bramble brushers are there. We were wondering if perhaps you might want to come along with us and help kind of get things going. I'm sure we could find you a room you liked. [00:07:45] Speaker B: You see her face? I mean, you've already done so much for us. It seems like the least I could do. [00:07:53] Speaker D: And I'm sure it would allow you to be in much closer and more constant contact with the permal brushes as well. [00:07:58] Speaker B: Oh, that would be nice. I do miss my cousins over there. [00:08:03] Speaker D: Yes. We also happen to find a rather convenient tunnel. I think it's about 2 hours walk. That would take you right back into the center of town. It's actually the cellar of the pickled pigs here. [00:08:15] Speaker B: They've been very nice to people lately. They've cleaned some of the grime off the windows, and it's much more pleasant there is. [00:08:23] Speaker D: Yes. I'm sure you could talk to them and you could come back and forth and keep what you're doing around town. But with everything else we might be looking into, we might just need someone to house it. The place for us. [00:08:35] Speaker B: Oh, yes. I can manage the tasks that need to be done over there. I rather like making lists. Yes. [00:08:46] Speaker D: I can help you for the first. [00:08:48] Speaker B: Month or so, but then I'd have to come back and get my job covered here. Unless there was any way you could. [00:08:58] Speaker D: I'm sure we could work out some. [00:08:59] Speaker B: Kind of compensation with that. She perks up a little bit. She slugs down the rest of her teeth. Sounds like she is still a goblin with that. She smiles, a gobliny smile, which is just a little bit too wide, too many teeth. A little bit too many teeth. Even though she is very prim and proper and she extends her hand, shake her hand for a handshake and give me a role of society. [00:09:39] Speaker D: 29. Nice. That's the best role I've ever made on this show. [00:09:45] Speaker B: Let's talk mechanics. Nitty gritty, real quick. So she will work for free for the first month, and since you succeeded, she will work for half price. [00:09:56] Speaker D: Yes. So for anyone, for all of our listeners out there, one of the fun things at the end of book one, I believe we have a bunch of adventure specific downtime actions, and a lot of them have to do with repairing and rebuilding the citadel since, as you heard, over the past 30 some odd episodes, it's kind of in a state. It needs some help. And to keep everything running smoothly, you need to have an administrator. We could do that with one of our players here, but instead we're going to hire the Lovely warble to kind of keep the day to day running for us. [00:10:25] Speaker B: And standard price would be five silver pieces a day. She's going to work for half price after the first month and run all of your day to day doings at the castle. So you can make sure all the. [00:10:37] Speaker D: Goblins are actually doing the cleaning and. [00:10:39] Speaker B: You can actually make a list for her. And if you want to improve different things, she will make sure they get done and the people get hired for you. [00:10:46] Speaker D: Wonderful. [00:10:47] Speaker B: All right, silver, what we decided during downtime is that you are going to be performing at Caden's Keg. [00:10:57] Speaker G: Oh, yes. I want to get as much money out of these towns folk as I can before. All right, get on out of here. [00:11:04] Speaker B: So the way earned income works in downtime is I have a table in front of me that no one can see. I'm going to secretly set the difficulty of this check, and by secretly, meaning I'm going to look at my GM screen, which gives me a list of difficulties. [00:11:20] Speaker C: I don't think you need to. I think it's a DC of one. [00:11:24] Speaker G: No. Pretty sure it's probably somewhere, if I had to guess, probably around 27, around negative one. It's literally a level zero task. What, to earn income. Performing to a group of commoners is level zero. It's the example in. [00:11:38] Speaker C: Yeah, I was also just saying one, because I wanted you to critically succeed every. [00:11:42] Speaker B: So staging a performance you perform for an audience to make money, the available audience determines the level of the task. So performing a typical audience of commoners on the street or in a bar is a level zero task. [00:11:54] Speaker C: Okay, so what's the DC on that? [00:11:57] Speaker B: The DC of that is this one right here. [00:12:02] Speaker C: Thanks. [00:12:03] Speaker B: All right, we can totally see what. [00:12:05] Speaker D: You'Re pointing to on your side. [00:12:06] Speaker B: All right, so let's get that roll. [00:12:09] Speaker C: So, wait, I'd like to hear what silver is either saying or doing a description of it. [00:12:13] Speaker B: Well, hang on. What's your total? [00:12:16] Speaker G: 30. Okay, is that a success? [00:12:20] Speaker B: That is a success. [00:12:21] Speaker G: Is it a critical success? [00:12:22] Speaker B: It is. So a level zero task with a critical success is five copper pieces. So you do outstanding work. Gain the amount of currency listed for the task level plus one. And your proficiency. Rank. So what, you are, like, the number, my proficiency? [00:12:43] Speaker D: Your rank is expert. [00:12:44] Speaker B: I don't think anything could be past it. Two silver pieces. Two silver pieces because it's plus one because you critically succeeded. All right, so now how are you entertaining these folk? [00:12:56] Speaker G: All right, folks, let me tell you the story about Ben Richards. He was a cop who witnessed a mass murder against the authorities and was forced to be participating in a game show where everyone would hunt him down, run after him. This running man. A Vorishian by the name, starring a Vorishian by the name of Schwartzen Jingleheimer. [00:13:32] Speaker B: All right, so this is going to take you a couple of days. So you will earn two silver pieces per day of downtime that we have? If that's all you're doing, yes. During this downtime, what is pond watcher doing? [00:13:47] Speaker H: Cleaning. [00:13:50] Speaker C: Cleaning the citadel. [00:13:51] Speaker G: Excellent. [00:13:52] Speaker H: Lifting up heavy things, grunting, tossing, like. [00:13:55] Speaker B: Old 80s montage style tables into the. [00:13:58] Speaker H: Courtyard and smashing them. [00:14:00] Speaker D: That sounds okay. Bad sync music. [00:14:05] Speaker H: But he can't do it every single day or he's going to go insane. So I'd say for, like, first week, he'll clean, and then he's going to start trying to play his tuba with. [00:14:17] Speaker B: Silver at the bar. Okay, so after the first week, do you have performance? [00:14:22] Speaker H: I do. [00:14:23] Speaker B: Go ahead and give me a performance role. I have the DC. [00:14:32] Speaker H: Great. 14. [00:14:34] Speaker B: Okay, that's a success. [00:14:36] Speaker H: Yes. I roll the five. I actually have good performance. [00:14:40] Speaker B: That's impressive. [00:14:41] Speaker C: I'm impressed. [00:14:42] Speaker B: So you earn five copper pieces a day that you perform? Okay, nice. [00:14:49] Speaker G: That's pretty good. [00:14:51] Speaker D: Is it for your first silver every. [00:14:53] Speaker B: Other day for your first gig? [00:14:55] Speaker H: Yeah, that's true. I could be working for exposure. [00:14:59] Speaker E: Oh, does that sound familiar? [00:15:01] Speaker B: I love how a bunch of us just looked really depressed. Yep. [00:15:07] Speaker E: Good times. [00:15:08] Speaker B: Mariana, what are you doing? [00:15:10] Speaker E: Brienna will happily stay away from Soldado and co. By cleaning the citadel as best she can. [00:15:19] Speaker B: Okay, and so you're working with those goblins. [00:15:21] Speaker E: Yeah, she'll get to know the goblins. [00:15:23] Speaker B: 80S montage. [00:15:25] Speaker E: Sure. Also with throwing tables around. [00:15:28] Speaker B: I don't know, for some reason, there's a bunch of goblins standing around looking confused, and you come out with new armor, and they shake their head no, you go back in. You come in with, like, a jester's clothes. They shake their head no, you go back in. You come out wearing goblin clothes. It's just cut a little weird. [00:15:48] Speaker D: And they're like, yeah, we all high. [00:15:50] Speaker B: Five in the air sort of thing somehow. [00:15:53] Speaker D: Yes. [00:15:54] Speaker E: But, yeah, mostly cleaning. Since there is a forge that is cold in the citadel, she'll probably also be cleaning that out as best she can. [00:16:04] Speaker B: Okay, temid. [00:16:05] Speaker C: So Temid's gonna also be at the cadence keg with his two buddies, but he's gonna be worshipping there for the most part. And by worship, I mean he's gonna be behind the bar. Tending bar and also taking a sip every once in a while. And by once in a while? [00:16:18] Speaker B: Once in a while. [00:16:20] Speaker C: But he is going to spend some of that time with all that exposure that he's getting to people to drum up some workers to help clean out the citadel. [00:16:27] Speaker B: Okay, cool. So you acquire some workers. Go ahead and give me a role. [00:16:33] Speaker C: Okay, so he's going to be using deception. [00:16:35] Speaker B: Okay. [00:16:36] Speaker C: The way that it works is you get a plus two bonus to deception. However, if you fail, the risk is that something horrible happens. Just so happens that my deception is high enough that if I were to do that, I cannot fail. Like, I get a. My minimum role is 13, and the DC is 13. [00:16:52] Speaker B: Okay, so you can only critically succeed. [00:16:54] Speaker C: I can only succeed or critically succeed? Guess who. Critically succeed. Yes, Sareia. Yes, sereath. How'd you know? I get a 29 total. [00:17:06] Speaker B: Okay, so you manage to start to gather people, and you're so charming. [00:17:10] Speaker C: Oh, let me tell you what he says. Yeah, I've been thinking about this a little. When people are there, he's kind of tending bar, wiping down the bar, and says, you know, we cleared out that citadel. Citadel, terra. And you know what we found in there? You'll never guess what. Dragons. Big red dragons. They were enormous, but we did not fear. No, what we did was our buddy pond watcher, who's like, level five, and. [00:17:37] Speaker B: He'S taken out dragons. [00:17:38] Speaker C: Well, that's meta gaming, so shut the hell up. Pond Watcher punched the hell out of it. And also Brianna, then our big champion, Brianna. She came up and just chopped its head off in one fail swoop. It was unbelievable. And then Pond Watcher, I think he ate the head because he's how angry he is at dragons. And then on top of that, he made, like, this gauntlet. Now he, like, punches with dragon fire every time he punches something. [00:18:01] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:18:02] Speaker H: Look at this thing, man. [00:18:03] Speaker C: Yeah, that's him right over there. Look at those abs. [00:18:05] Speaker H: He just punches, like a hole in the bar. [00:18:08] Speaker C: You're going to have to pay for that. [00:18:09] Speaker H: Oh, no. [00:18:12] Speaker C: And then he says, but some of that damage that we did, we did. The dragons didn't really get to get any damage off, but some of the damage that we did just knocked down all these walls and stuff, and we just kind of need a little bit of help cleaning it out. Okay, so what I think you should do is join the side that's going to win this battle against dragons and help us clean out this citadel. [00:18:34] Speaker B: All right, hang on. Let me get this straight. If I don't help you, you're going to punch me like a dragon? [00:18:40] Speaker C: No. If you don't help. Actually, no. If you don't help us, then the dragons are going to come and eat you. We're stopping the dragons from eating you, basically. Unless you like eating, being eaten by dragons, then that's your thing. [00:18:56] Speaker B: No. [00:18:57] Speaker C: All right, awesome. The citadel's. [00:18:59] Speaker D: Let me give you directions for the citadel. [00:19:01] Speaker B: Wait, what? [00:19:03] Speaker C: All right, cool. Next guy. Where's the next guy? [00:19:06] Speaker B: And he's your forklift operator. [00:19:10] Speaker C: Good thing there's no forklifts in medieval times. [00:19:12] Speaker B: All right, twin Talon, what are you doing? [00:19:16] Speaker G: Twin Talon will be hanging out at the citadel. He'll be cleaning, ostensibly, but he will be getting to know the goblins. And I know you let you at one point, had said she wanted to be a guard here, so getting to know her. And also in his cleaning, he's making sure all of the order of the nail iconography has been removed, scrubbed out. [00:19:37] Speaker E: All right, showing the high five in that moment. [00:19:42] Speaker G: I just see, like, you guys frozen in a high five, and he's kind of walks by carrying a bunch of taverns, like, looks weirdly at you. [00:19:48] Speaker D: Just, like, continues on in the background. [00:19:50] Speaker G: Like, he's not frozen in that moment for whatever reason. [00:19:52] Speaker C: Leaves a trail of nails that he's pulling out of the wall. [00:19:54] Speaker B: Yeah, no, we need this to keep them all. [00:19:58] Speaker A: No nails in citadel ever. [00:20:01] Speaker B: It's all glue and tape or screws. Screws work really well. No. [00:20:05] Speaker H: Also, we should rename this place. It's really hard to pronounce yeah, clearly, nobody pronounces it. I have a suggestion. It's called Castle Pond Watcher, baby. [00:20:19] Speaker B: Castle pond watcher baby. [00:20:21] Speaker H: Castle pond watcher baby. [00:20:24] Speaker C: All right, I think it needs a little bit of work. [00:20:26] Speaker G: I second this proposal. [00:20:28] Speaker C: I vote for Castle. Timid or cadence Castle. I think that's pretty good. [00:20:34] Speaker H: Eureka's castle. [00:20:35] Speaker G: Eureka's castle. [00:20:36] Speaker C: But actually, I'm pretty sure. Actually, Anwar says. I'm pretty sure that we are not done with whatever you were doing. [00:20:42] Speaker D: Right? [00:20:42] Speaker C: Or were you? [00:20:43] Speaker G: I don't know. You guys are talking now. [00:20:46] Speaker B: It's fine. [00:20:46] Speaker G: I don't know. I did the thing. [00:20:49] Speaker C: Okay. You did clean up. All right, so let's go back to naming. [00:20:52] Speaker B: Okay, so, you spend the first week doing these things. Yes. [00:20:57] Speaker D: Alchemy. [00:20:58] Speaker B: All right, so you spent your first day convincing morble and drinking delicious jasmine tea. So then you hike back up to your cave, and you go back to your alchemy. [00:21:07] Speaker D: Well, I'll probably bring it with me. [00:21:10] Speaker B: Okay, so, you gather up all of your alchemy and take it situated in the citadel. [00:21:14] Speaker D: I mean, I can actually work on it in the cave, but I want to see my friends. [00:21:18] Speaker B: Okay, so you pack up your alchemist table, strap it on your back, put some backpack splittings on it, you carry it over to the citadel. Yeah. [00:21:26] Speaker D: So I successfully reverse engineered antidotes, and I'm going to start a batch of them. Going great. [00:21:31] Speaker B: Sounds good. And then, Anwar, what did you roll? [00:21:33] Speaker C: I rolled a 28. [00:21:35] Speaker B: So you rolled a 28 on your profession to earn income? [00:21:39] Speaker C: Yes. I'm using alcohol, lord, to bartend. [00:21:41] Speaker B: So you are going to make two silver a day. [00:21:44] Speaker C: Sounds good to me. [00:21:45] Speaker B: All right, so, the only other thing I have to ask you guys is, what about the ayudara? Who's investigating that? What's going on down there? [00:21:54] Speaker C: So, I'd like to think that one of the nights where, at the end of the day, everyone kind of comes to the keg. That's what we call it here at the cadence keg. We call it the keg, and everyone's just kind of relaxing, and everyone starts to talk about what our plans going forward are and what we want to do with the ayudara. Maybe that's where we congregate and start talking about it. [00:22:14] Speaker B: That's a great idea. [00:22:15] Speaker C: Thanks, guys. [00:22:16] Speaker B: All right, so, you all show up to Cadence keg, do we? A very public place to discuss a very secret thing. [00:22:22] Speaker C: There's a back room. There's, like, a private room for our more important guests, like my friends here. [00:22:29] Speaker B: Here. [00:22:29] Speaker E: I thought we would have the kitchens cleaned out. [00:22:32] Speaker D: Yeah. We could talk at the center now. Yeah. [00:22:35] Speaker B: Okay. [00:22:35] Speaker C: We could also do that. [00:22:41] Speaker D: You can make cadence cake. A chain. [00:22:43] Speaker C: I'm right. I like the idea. [00:22:48] Speaker G: Yeah. I just think that after a full day of hauling rocks everywhere, Twintown is not going to want to walk 3 hours into town to get a drink. He's just going to take a nap. [00:22:57] Speaker C: All right, different idea. Instead of you guys coming to cadence keg, I'm going to bring cadence keg to everybody. [00:23:03] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. [00:23:04] Speaker D: Here we go. [00:23:04] Speaker B: And the first franchise was established real fast. I do have to ask two people to make another role. [00:23:12] Speaker E: Oh, dear. [00:23:13] Speaker B: Can I have Soraya and twin Talon please make a fortitude save? [00:23:22] Speaker D: I'm scared. [00:23:24] Speaker C: Do they have diseases? If it's to do a disease, I'd like to know because I can actually do something about that. [00:23:29] Speaker B: You don't know resistance to poison, too? [00:23:32] Speaker D: It's not a disease. 15. [00:23:36] Speaker B: Cool. [00:23:38] Speaker G: Just fortitude. [00:23:39] Speaker B: Fortitude, yes, please. [00:23:40] Speaker G: 30. [00:23:42] Speaker C: Cool. [00:23:42] Speaker H: Wow. [00:23:43] Speaker G: Pretty good time to roll an 18. [00:23:47] Speaker B: Sareia. [00:23:47] Speaker D: I don't like what Luke Sean's giving me. [00:23:48] Speaker B: Can you give me another fortitude safe? [00:23:50] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:23:51] Speaker G: What did we do that no one else did? [00:23:53] Speaker D: I don't know. [00:23:54] Speaker B: Sick? [00:23:55] Speaker G: I don't remember getting sick, though. [00:23:56] Speaker D: What's 17 plus 1229? [00:23:58] Speaker B: Okay, you're good. However, the night after you guys finished cleaning out the citadel that evening, you started to feel really ill. And you take. [00:24:10] Speaker D: I still wasn't healed up after the last bite, but no resting does that. [00:24:13] Speaker B: Right. [00:24:13] Speaker D: So I'd be back to normal. [00:24:15] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:24:15] Speaker G: And assuming that Teminn isn't an asshole, he could just sit there and do. [00:24:19] Speaker C: Yeah, you assumed wrong, didn't you? [00:24:21] Speaker G: I don't know. [00:24:21] Speaker B: How much poison resistance do you have? [00:24:23] Speaker D: Two. [00:24:23] Speaker B: You take no damage. [00:24:25] Speaker D: Okay, so I just feel kind of queasy. [00:24:27] Speaker B: You feel a little sick. [00:24:28] Speaker D: What was that from? [00:24:29] Speaker G: Poison. [00:24:30] Speaker C: There's one other thing that actually I think everyone's really wondering is, has anyone checked in on the dogs? Oh, yeah. [00:24:36] Speaker B: I was going to ask you about the puppies. Puppies? [00:24:40] Speaker G: Well, they were at Soldado and Sons. [00:24:43] Speaker B: Correct? So the wargs are just chilling there. [00:24:46] Speaker G: We should just visit them once we get the citadel cleared out. And it's not a hazard. [00:24:51] Speaker D: Bring the puppies over. [00:24:52] Speaker B: Yeah, we'll bring them back, all right. [00:24:54] Speaker G: That's the plan, anyway. And then they can frolic and catch butterflies, whatever little wargs do. [00:25:00] Speaker C: Which one of them is named Timba Jr. [00:25:01] Speaker G: I forget the third one. [00:25:05] Speaker B: So, Kane's keg. [00:25:07] Speaker D: Wait, no. [00:25:07] Speaker B: What was poisoning me gets delivered. This is now end of the first week. [00:25:14] Speaker C: This is how I picture it. In front of us. Silver is kind of, like, strumming his banjo or whatever he does. [00:25:18] Speaker G: Guitar. [00:25:19] Speaker C: It's a guitar. [00:25:20] Speaker B: Guitar. [00:25:20] Speaker C: Hammett is standing on top of a keg, like, with two mugs in his hand. And Pond Watcher is pushing, like, the cart that has the keg on. [00:25:28] Speaker B: Let me. [00:25:28] Speaker D: Let me tell you what it's like. That grabby patty lasts forever. [00:25:34] Speaker B: Let me explain to you what's happening. [00:25:36] Speaker C: No, I'm role playing here. [00:25:38] Speaker D: Let me. [00:25:38] Speaker C: Stop stepping on my toes. [00:25:39] Speaker B: Let me explain to you what's happening. [00:25:41] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:25:41] Speaker B: You're very close. Very close to what's happening. Silver is strumming his guitar. You are indeed standing on top of the kegs with a wagon being pulled by two ponies behind you. Pond Watcher is coming up, playing his tuba. [00:26:06] Speaker C: Something a little bit more exciting, please. [00:26:08] Speaker H: What? [00:26:09] Speaker C: More exciting? [00:26:10] Speaker G: What? I can't hear you over this tuba. [00:26:14] Speaker C: That you're playing without while talking. [00:26:17] Speaker H: It's a magical tuba. [00:26:18] Speaker B: It's like a bagpipe. He squeezes it, and it makes the tuba noise. [00:26:22] Speaker C: Not called the tuba. [00:26:22] Speaker B: That's called the bagpipe. [00:26:23] Speaker G: Maybe he has a bagpipe, but he's calling it a tuba. [00:26:26] Speaker D: That would not surprise me. [00:26:27] Speaker B: That would be even. [00:26:28] Speaker H: Everyone, look at my tuba. [00:26:30] Speaker D: Bree. [00:26:32] Speaker C: Is somebody going to tell him it's fine? [00:26:35] Speaker H: No wonder I only make two copper pieces a day. [00:26:38] Speaker B: So you arrive at the citadel. [00:26:43] Speaker G: I would say my talents are wasted on these people, but, hey, they're still paying me, so I don't really care. [00:26:50] Speaker C: You're drumming up a lot of people to come to cadence keg, and I appreciate that. [00:26:53] Speaker G: And they have more money in my pocket. [00:26:55] Speaker B: So the goblins that have been helping clean the citadel scurry out to you and hold up their empty mugs that have the fills them symbol of Kaden Kalian on it, because they've figured out that if they put that on things, you tend to fill them up. [00:27:10] Speaker C: I'm pretty sure he fills it up regardless of whether or not. But no, he appreciates the gift. [00:27:14] Speaker B: Side note, you know the bring your own cups for Slurpee day? That's what the goblins have done. So one of them has, like, a five gallon pail? Yeah, five gallon pail. One of them has a watermelon that they've taken all the insides out. And he's just holding that up. Wow. Yeah. [00:27:34] Speaker C: There's plenty of ale. But he's going to ration it out just because he needs to make sure everyone gets tipsy and not just the goblins. [00:27:41] Speaker B: All right. And with that, you guys excuse yourselves into the kitchen, where Temid was attacked by a swarm of red spiders. [00:27:49] Speaker C: I love what you've done with the place. I don't see any spiders at all. [00:27:52] Speaker B: A single spider falls, it's dead. [00:27:55] Speaker D: Are you never going to answer what was poisoning me? [00:27:57] Speaker B: Nope. [00:27:58] Speaker C: It was twin Talon. [00:28:02] Speaker D: Oh, my God. No. Did we, like, fuck up with detecting the spider somehow? [00:28:06] Speaker G: Maybe. Good call. I couldn't think of anything. We did, but that's. [00:28:11] Speaker D: Yeah, that's the only thing I can think of. [00:28:13] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:28:14] Speaker B: 16 days pass and work on the citadel is proceeding. You've hired people and you've built stairs down from the now cleaned out courtyard and the cleaned out of the whole citadel. You've built stairs down to the ayudara. So now you can go there quickly and efficiently without having to take a two hour walk back and then a three hour walk in. Temid rolled in with the mobile caden keg and started to get the workers drunk and the goblins drunk. [00:28:47] Speaker C: Know. [00:28:47] Speaker B: And you've all retreated to the. [00:28:53] Speaker G: These stairs do not look safe. They a drunk person. [00:28:56] Speaker C: I want to be made making. [00:28:57] Speaker B: This is after the fact. [00:28:59] Speaker D: They're uncomfortably short, too. [00:29:02] Speaker C: They run for after a while. There's just a bunch of postit notes. They step, step, step. [00:29:08] Speaker B: So you guys go into the kitchen that has been cleaned out and begin to discuss what to do with the ayudara and what has been going on. [00:29:18] Speaker C: All right, it's been long enough. I think we need to focus on what we are doing going forward with this ayudara. [00:29:24] Speaker G: We just built the steps down to it today. [00:29:26] Speaker C: Yeah, exactly. It's been long enough. [00:29:28] Speaker D: I've broken so many nails for you. [00:29:30] Speaker C: For me? [00:29:31] Speaker D: Well, for to get down there. [00:29:34] Speaker C: Yes. Let's go forward. [00:29:36] Speaker G: Twin Talon is holding one of the war puppies and just kind of screeching behind the ear idly. Does Brianna have the other work? [00:29:43] Speaker E: Yes, she likely will, but anyway. [00:29:46] Speaker D: Well, the statues were some kind of related somehow to magic. Aside from them being the elven deities, I believe. I don't know if maybe the ones they were, like, the gates they were facing had something to do with their attributes. [00:30:02] Speaker H: I have a question. Did anyone just try to walk through one of the gates, see what happens? [00:30:07] Speaker D: Yeah, there's just, like, a blank wall. [00:30:08] Speaker H: On the other side, but none of us tried to walk through it. Maybe it's magical. [00:30:12] Speaker G: That is correct. We did not try. [00:30:13] Speaker D: We didn't try to. [00:30:14] Speaker H: No, I'm going to try that. [00:30:16] Speaker D: Okay. [00:30:18] Speaker H: But not right now, because we're in the kitchen. [00:30:20] Speaker D: So if I go back down there with the necklace on, does the door. [00:30:23] Speaker B: Animate the door, warden, as it is called? Unless you guys have moved him out or killed it. [00:30:32] Speaker D: Should I tell him to walk through a door? [00:30:35] Speaker G: I don't think you can control him. [00:30:37] Speaker C: I think. Yeah, it's just a door. [00:30:39] Speaker G: Well, who knows? We don't know until we try. [00:30:41] Speaker H: Well, why don't we continue this conversation at the ring? [00:30:45] Speaker G: All right. [00:30:45] Speaker C: I like your idea. [00:30:46] Speaker B: You all proceed down the newly built stairs that are fairly well built. [00:30:51] Speaker C: Extraordinarily well built. [00:30:53] Speaker B: One is the run to rise on. A couple of them are off, so it's like a little stumble. It's the last one. It's like one of those half steps. It just sucks. So you just suck. You trip down that last one every time. [00:31:06] Speaker H: We need some sconces down here or something. [00:31:08] Speaker B: It's so dark, but you can't see. [00:31:10] Speaker D: Oh, that's right, you can't. [00:31:12] Speaker E: One thing at a time, okay? [00:31:15] Speaker B: And you begin to look at these ayudara at the gates. [00:31:19] Speaker H: I run through one to see what happens. [00:31:22] Speaker B: Which one? [00:31:23] Speaker G: Little Harry Potter action, right? [00:31:25] Speaker H: Yeah, the one that's closest to Callistria statue. Here we go. I'll see you in Mawangi expanse. [00:31:33] Speaker B: You run full force into a wall. [00:31:41] Speaker G: My liege. It was very brave of you to be the first one to try that. [00:31:46] Speaker B: Take five points of bludgeoning damage for. [00:31:52] Speaker D: Running full board to a hole. [00:31:53] Speaker C: In my opinion, that type of detective work deserves a hero point. [00:31:56] Speaker D: I think so. [00:31:57] Speaker B: Okay. [00:31:58] Speaker H: It didn't work, so you get a hero point. [00:32:01] Speaker C: Thanks for doing that. [00:32:02] Speaker B: Worth it. [00:32:02] Speaker C: What if you do it twice in a row? What if that's what you need? [00:32:05] Speaker H: You know, that is a pretty scientific method. [00:32:11] Speaker D: You have to be able to replicate the results. [00:32:15] Speaker H: But I'm not going to do that. Okay. All right, so that didn't work. [00:32:19] Speaker G: Can we look at the imagery that's on the different gates? [00:32:22] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:32:23] Speaker G: They're all different. [00:32:24] Speaker B: They are all different. [00:32:26] Speaker G: What do they look like? [00:32:28] Speaker B: So, starting from the northeast, it looks destroyed, but it leads into that area that you chased the molarunk through. What's left of the gate is decorated with lotuses and icons sacred to Alcetta. That is also where her statue is facing. Continuing clockwise, this one is decorated with images of crystals, and its upper arch bears designs like those of stalactites. [00:32:59] Speaker G: This is the crystals and magic deity? [00:33:01] Speaker B: Yep. It looks like it aligns with her. [00:33:05] Speaker H: Boring. [00:33:07] Speaker B: The next one is decorated with images of sunsets and beautiful architecture in what appears to be a desert or savannah. [00:33:16] Speaker H: It'S a little less boring. [00:33:18] Speaker G: It's got architecture in it. [00:33:20] Speaker B: Wow. And the elven God of architecture is facing it. [00:33:25] Speaker H: Is it the closer? You want to just lead to a brothel. [00:33:29] Speaker B: The next one has images of hawks and moons interspersed with jungle vegetation and trees. Has hawks, hawks and moons. [00:33:39] Speaker G: Does the hawk look like the hawk that's on the arrowhead? [00:33:42] Speaker B: Yes. [00:33:43] Speaker G: Okay. [00:33:44] Speaker H: Moangi expanse is a jungle, right? [00:33:46] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:33:47] Speaker H: It must be the one that came in. Are there footprints? [00:33:50] Speaker B: There are no footprints. [00:33:52] Speaker H: Hold up my hatchet and look through it. [00:33:55] Speaker B: The next one, which is near the statue of Kalistra, is adorned with images of whips, wasps, and waves of the open sea. Oh, yes. And then the last one is images of butterflies, stars, and images sacred to Desna. [00:34:11] Speaker G: I don't want to be too cynical, but there are five books left in this adventure path, and five ayudara, that seems. [00:34:20] Speaker C: I don't get it. The math doesn't add up. [00:34:23] Speaker E: Don't get it. Did you share with us the arrowhead that you had received or that you found? [00:34:28] Speaker G: I didn't, like, palm it or anything. [00:34:30] Speaker H: You put it in your quiver. [00:34:31] Speaker G: Yeah, but I looked at it and was like, no one else uses arrows, so I put it in there, because that's what the idea I had from looking at it was, that it didn't go on an arrow. It went in a quiver, but I'll take it out. I was like, I think the picture of this bird here looks like the picture of the bird there on that gate. [00:34:48] Speaker H: Now, you should run at the gate. [00:34:50] Speaker E: Or can we roll perception to see if there's, like, an indent on one of the statues? [00:34:55] Speaker B: Or go ahead and give me a perception roll. [00:34:58] Speaker D: It's a really good idea, isn't that. [00:35:00] Speaker B: Oh, I can roll that. Hang on. [00:35:05] Speaker G: We're just looking for, like, keyholes for the gun. [00:35:07] Speaker C: I was just thinking, someone's going to hold onto it and run through the portal. But you're probably right. [00:35:12] Speaker D: You just throw it back between. [00:35:15] Speaker G: Worst idea would be to throw it at the portal. [00:35:18] Speaker H: It just goes through on its own and shuts. [00:35:20] Speaker D: Yeah, well, that was that. [00:35:22] Speaker C: Well, good news, guys. My theory was right. Bad news is we're never getting back. [00:35:28] Speaker H: To take a ship all the way there and then retrieve it from the other side. [00:35:36] Speaker B: Some of your guys perceptions are just ridiculous. I'm just going to put that out there. Plus 13. [00:35:42] Speaker C: That's second edition. That's just. [00:35:45] Speaker G: You're welcome. [00:35:46] Speaker C: Second edition. [00:35:47] Speaker G: Tem's got plus 13. [00:35:48] Speaker B: Tem is got a plus 13. [00:35:49] Speaker C: Tem is perceptive. He may play dumb and imperceptive, but he's really smart. [00:35:54] Speaker G: I guess you really have a high wisdom. [00:35:56] Speaker C: That, too. [00:35:57] Speaker D: Sarah does not. [00:36:00] Speaker B: I'm not impressed by your perception. Don't worry. [00:36:02] Speaker D: No. She's all in no ways. [00:36:04] Speaker B: Okay, so silver temid and twin Talon all come to the same conclusion at the same time. And they see a small indentation. [00:36:14] Speaker D: What? I'm sorry. [00:36:15] Speaker E: This was my idea. [00:36:16] Speaker A: Hero point. [00:36:17] Speaker H: She needs a hero point for that. [00:36:18] Speaker B: I will give you a hero point. [00:36:19] Speaker D: Thank you. [00:36:20] Speaker B: So you have two. You find a small indentation where the arrowhead could fit. [00:36:28] Speaker C: All right. [00:36:29] Speaker G: Okay. [00:36:29] Speaker B: Do it. [00:36:30] Speaker G: So I put it in? [00:36:31] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:36:32] Speaker B: Okay. All right. [00:36:33] Speaker G: Here we go. [00:36:34] Speaker C: Everyone draw their weapons, please. [00:36:36] Speaker G: That's actually a really good idea. I'm going to put the dog back. [00:36:40] Speaker H: Throw the dog in first. [00:36:41] Speaker G: I've been working on sit and stay with the dogs while we've. While everyone else has been building things since. That's not mine. [00:36:46] Speaker C: Don't worry. We have telekinetic projectile. [00:36:49] Speaker D: Do you rather not yeet the puppy? [00:36:53] Speaker G: I think they'd be hilarious. [00:36:54] Speaker C: I thought you said eat for a second there, and I realized you said yeet. [00:36:57] Speaker B: Okay. [00:36:58] Speaker E: Should we take them back to be with my brother? Or have they been being friendly with the goblins and warpool or what? [00:37:07] Speaker G: So I decided that after the cleaning was done, twin Talon really doesn't have the skills to build steps or that kind of thing. So he brought the puppies here and he's been training them. That's another thing you can do as a downtime action, is to befriend an animal, I believe. So he, at the very least, can. They've been around the goblins. [00:37:27] Speaker B: So I'm going to hand wave a little bit of that downtime, and I'm going to say that you've trained them enough that they have, essentially, you've crate trained them, but instead of a crate, there's a room that they can go to, they know how to get to, and they can kind of waddle up the stairs and get into that room, and then they're there. And one of warble's jobs as well has been to bring food for everyone, including the puppies. So if you want them, you can send them back to that room safely. [00:37:58] Speaker D: Okay. [00:37:58] Speaker B: Okay. [00:37:58] Speaker G: I think that's a great idea. So we'll do that. And then if everybody has their weapons out and is ready to fight something coming through the portal, twin Talon will jam the arrowhead into the arrowhead shaped hole. [00:38:11] Speaker H: Punk watcher draws a crossbow. [00:38:15] Speaker G: Where did you get that. [00:38:16] Speaker E: It's easier to do it with your feet. [00:38:19] Speaker D: Okay. [00:38:21] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:38:22] Speaker B: It's cool, right? Why are you holding it sideways, anyway? The stones shimmer in the middle of the portal. Shimmer for a moment, and then it flashes with a fiery radiance before it returns to stone. [00:38:37] Speaker G: I think it's broken. [00:38:38] Speaker B: Who can identify magic? [00:38:41] Speaker G: I can. [00:38:42] Speaker B: Is it just you? Anyone else? [00:38:44] Speaker G: Anybody with Arcana, right. [00:38:45] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:38:46] Speaker H: Magic or Arcana? [00:38:46] Speaker B: Arcana. Arcana. [00:38:48] Speaker H: I can. [00:38:48] Speaker B: What? [00:38:50] Speaker C: Oh, Renaissance man. [00:38:51] Speaker D: Here. [00:38:51] Speaker B: Go ahead and roll. Arcana. I just want to see what pond watcher knows about Matt. [00:38:55] Speaker H: This is an elf. [00:38:56] Speaker D: 22. [00:38:57] Speaker B: Okay. 29. Okay. [00:39:00] Speaker H: 18. [00:39:01] Speaker B: All right. [00:39:02] Speaker C: Solid. All the way around. [00:39:04] Speaker B: So, all of you know that you can confirm that this portal is malfunctioning. [00:39:09] Speaker H: Oh, man. [00:39:10] Speaker B: But not go through that. [00:39:12] Speaker H: It could be repaired. [00:39:14] Speaker D: We could fix it. But I would not go through that. [00:39:16] Speaker C: How do we fix it, surya? [00:39:18] Speaker D: I don't know. [00:39:20] Speaker B: It can be fixed. You might know. Hang on. I had to switch books. [00:39:24] Speaker C: Oh, no. I'm sorry. Silver actually had the highest one. [00:39:28] Speaker G: I did. [00:39:29] Speaker C: Silver. How do we fix it? [00:39:31] Speaker G: Well, this reminds me of a time. [00:39:32] Speaker C: Oh, no. Stop. [00:39:34] Speaker B: So, mechanically, the way you would fix this is you have to either be trained in crafting or thievery. [00:39:44] Speaker C: We have that in spades. [00:39:45] Speaker B: We have, like, crafters in a spade. If two people, up to two people, can work on it, and one person can assist the other one if they would like. If you are crafting, the arrowhead serves as the repair kit, or if you're using thievery, the arrowhead also serves as the thieves tools needed as specialty tools. [00:40:08] Speaker G: So you don't get a negative for not having. Correct. [00:40:10] Speaker B: Got it. Cool. [00:40:11] Speaker E: So, if I can ask it this way, how proficient are you with your thievery? [00:40:16] Speaker D: Well, here's what I'm thinking. Why don't we try to craft it together while he works that angle? [00:40:20] Speaker B: Only two people can work on it at a time. [00:40:22] Speaker D: Damn. [00:40:23] Speaker B: And it takes 6 seconds. [00:40:30] Speaker G: Wow. [00:40:30] Speaker D: Yeah, right? [00:40:31] Speaker G: How much money am I going to get performing? [00:40:35] Speaker B: It takes an hour to repair or pick. [00:40:39] Speaker H: Well, it is nighttime. Should we do this tomorrow after we've prepared? [00:40:43] Speaker B: If it works, for once you repair it, you can then use it as you need. So you could repair now and not go through the door. [00:40:50] Speaker G: Okay, so, as to your question as to how proficient I am at thievery, I am as proficient as a character. [00:40:58] Speaker D: You're an expert? [00:40:59] Speaker G: Could be at this time. [00:41:03] Speaker D: Likewise. [00:41:04] Speaker G: Yes, I am an expert in the thevary. [00:41:07] Speaker D: Yes, I think we are both experts in crafting. [00:41:11] Speaker E: If you want to do it by all means. [00:41:13] Speaker D: By all means. [00:41:15] Speaker E: There can only be two anyway. [00:41:16] Speaker C: I think it can be only two. Right. [00:41:18] Speaker G: And I think one person has to be the main other person assisting. Meaning the second person is just adding a plus one at best if they. [00:41:23] Speaker B: Roll a 20 or higher. [00:41:24] Speaker G: Correct. Which. [00:41:25] Speaker H: So you should. [00:41:25] Speaker G: This level is a much easier. Easier than it was at first level. [00:41:31] Speaker H: So you should both roll then. [00:41:32] Speaker B: Right. Who's assisting? [00:41:34] Speaker D: I want to decide that ahead of time. [00:41:36] Speaker H: Oh, I see. I thought it was okay. [00:41:38] Speaker B: Or you can. [00:41:39] Speaker D: Each. [00:41:40] Speaker B: One person can try and then another person. [00:41:42] Speaker H: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Like crafting and then. [00:41:44] Speaker B: But you can only do it once a day. [00:41:47] Speaker D: So each person can only do it once a day. Yes. [00:41:49] Speaker B: Or one person can assist and the other person can make. [00:41:53] Speaker D: I see the three of us one at a time, try to work on it. Makes sense. Sure. [00:41:58] Speaker H: That would work, right? Yeah, we have every chances, essentially. [00:42:03] Speaker G: Sure. Who wants to go first? [00:42:04] Speaker B: Going first. [00:42:05] Speaker D: I will. [00:42:06] Speaker B: All right, I think that's a 30. [00:42:09] Speaker D: My crafting is 13, and I rolled a 17. [00:42:11] Speaker G: Wow. That's 30. [00:42:12] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:42:15] Speaker B: All right. And it's interesting that you were the one to go first. So after an hour of work, you manage to realign everything and you put the stones back to where you think they should go. However, as you put the keystone back in, a vision flashes in front of you, a fire shooting out from this portal and destroying the gate across from it, as well as a red, fiery dragon mouth coming and engulfing you. Yeah. [00:42:49] Speaker D: So that's not so different than my nightmares. [00:42:52] Speaker B: And then you see it start to shimmer with the arrowhead in there, and then you can take the arrowhead out and it's good to go. [00:42:59] Speaker D: Are you okay? She shakes her head a little that normally only happens when I'm asleep. I think I found out what destroyed that one. And she points to the decimated portal. [00:43:15] Speaker E: What do you mean? [00:43:17] Speaker D: When I put that last piece in, I saw a vision of. I assume it now to be dawk himself. The dragon. There's flames coming through the portal and destroying the one opposite of it. [00:43:30] Speaker E: Interesting. [00:43:30] Speaker D: And his head chomping so he might. [00:43:33] Speaker H: Be on the other side. A dragon. [00:43:35] Speaker G: There could be a dragon on the other side of this portal. [00:43:37] Speaker H: All right, I wasn't sold on this quest, but now I am. [00:43:43] Speaker D: Yes. You can slay a mighty dragon. I think that's very much something. Ponderwasher. [00:43:47] Speaker B: Point of order. Dragon God. [00:43:49] Speaker D: Dragon God. [00:43:50] Speaker G: The godder they are, the harder they fall. [00:43:53] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:43:54] Speaker H: Okay, so is the gauges open now, or is it. [00:43:57] Speaker B: It's shimmering and it looks like you could walk through. However, you did say you might want to take an evening to rest up before. [00:44:04] Speaker H: That's what I would suggest. [00:44:06] Speaker B: I don't know, might be sensible. [00:44:08] Speaker E: I think that it should be better. [00:44:10] Speaker H: Because we just worked all day chipping stones and trying to make the goblins stop eating slate pieces. [00:44:18] Speaker B: So you all head to bed for the night. [00:44:20] Speaker H: Do we have like bedrooms or is it still like just like sleeping bags? [00:44:24] Speaker B: Yeah, I'd say sleeping bags. You've probably piled up some hay and stuff to make a little bit of a mattress, but nothing too crazy. [00:44:31] Speaker H: We're just all sleeping in random rooms. [00:44:32] Speaker D: Yeah, I clear this one, we're actually. [00:44:36] Speaker E: All in the basement, in the coffins. [00:44:39] Speaker B: I sleep on the giant pentagram. [00:44:42] Speaker D: Not when you're bleeding. [00:44:44] Speaker B: Oh no, and you all go to sleep. We cut back to breech Hill as two large black horses pull a large black carriage emblazoned with the order of the nail sigil in gold paint. The pale, sallow green eyed driver looks ahead at the road as he heads towards the new home of the order in Verizia. Lying in gentle repose in the back of the carriage lies the body of Alec. His body has been decorated with flowers, armor polished to a gleaming black. As the day wears on, the driver pulls the carriage over and wipes the sweat from his brow. He walks around to the back of the carriage and opens the door, checks to make sure the body hasn't been disturbed by the rough road. Is it done? The driver asks. Yes, a woman's voice growls from inside the carriage. He's still getting used to this new situation. The driver walks into the forest to relieve himself as the sun goes down. A slight glow emanates from the back of the carriage as the driver returns. He looks in his emerald green eyes looking at the body. Good, you're awake. He cooz as he reaches into the back, assisting the person in the back to a sitting position. I was beginning to think you were going to sleep the whole time. Sorry. The groggy, rough voice coughs out. I'm still getting used to this whole idea. Well, now you get to drive. And please tell me everything again. What happened and who did it to you. The gentle, calming voice sighs. Alec begins. There was a group of them. Pond watcher, twin Talon, Brienna. And he goes on at the mention of Brianna's name. The cool green eyes of the driver light up as the black carriage drives into the. [00:46:48] Speaker C: Happening. Oh no. [00:46:50] Speaker G: I can't believe that was in the book. [00:46:51] Speaker D: Sean. [00:46:54] Speaker B: And with that we'll see you next week. [00:47:03] Speaker F: With the portal repaired. Where will our heroes go? What waits for them on the other side? Who was the mysterious man with Alec? Will Alec seek and get his revenge? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode of the Cracked Die podcast. And now a word from our sponsors. [00:47:32] Speaker I: Do you love digging in the dirt? Are you a bookworm who loves a good history book? Do your feet ever get itchy? Looking for a new place to explore? Well, look no further than the grand archive, because we are the faction within the Pathfinder society. [00:47:51] Speaker B: For you. [00:47:52] Speaker I: With our great dwarven leader, the third in line to rule the sky. Citadel in Kragodon, Gorham, great hammer the grand archive is ready to search near and far to find lost Pathfinder lodges across Avastan and Garun. Joining the grand archive will help you help us promote the ongoing education of Pathfinder agents, recover the ancient knowledge that has been lost, and become a master of esoteric lore. Gorham also encourages our agents to travel so that you can experience history as it's made firsthand. Join the Grand Archive so you can help us in chronicling the past, paid. [00:48:38] Speaker B: For by the Friends of the grand archive. [00:48:45] Speaker G: You thank you for listening to the Crackdive podcast. Background Audio provided by Tabletop Audio Original ten minute ambiences and music for your games and stories. Pathfinder second edition and the Age of Ash's Adventure Path are both copyright piso Publishing. As are any visuals from that adventure path. You can find them and find out [email protected]. [00:49:11] Speaker D: You close.

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