The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 53 - Great Balls of Fire

Episode 23 October 08, 2020 00:57:15
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 53 - Great Balls of Fire
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 53 - Great Balls of Fire

Oct 08 2020 | 00:57:15


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After hearing a beautiful and haunting song, the gang finds an old, stony-faced adversary to face... 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:39] Speaker A: Hello, everyone, and welcome back for episode 53 of the Cracked Die podcast. My name is Matt. I play twintallon on the show. In case you missed it, this past Saturday on our Twitch channel, we finally did a drawing for that core rulebook giveaway. Congratulations. And Terry Berry, you are the winner. So if you didn't see it on Saturday and you're hearing it now, surprise. And for all of those who hoped it would be you, I do apologize. Better luck next time. But I'm sure we'll be doing the giveaways. We did do another giveaway this past Saturday for a steam code for a game, so if we can keep doing those, we will. Speaking of Twitch, we have the third installment of our Absalom and order Twitch show this upcoming Saturday. So if you haven't seen it yet, it's a perfect time to tune in. Three episodes in. You haven't missed that much. And our heroes are gonna need all the help they can get. We left last episode with the heroes in a bit of a pickle. Not to mention that pickles played kind of a important role last episode. Anyway, check us out this Saturday. That's October 10 at 01:00 p.m. Eastern time, twitch tv, cracked die. And now, without further ado, episode 53, great Balls of Fire. [00:02:05] Speaker B: Welcome to the 53rd episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:02:11] Speaker A: Hooray. [00:02:12] Speaker B: I'm not sure that's right again. [00:02:17] Speaker C: This is actually the 95th episode of hardcore history. [00:02:20] Speaker B: Sorry. Oh, okay. Good to know. [00:02:22] Speaker D: There we go. [00:02:22] Speaker B: Okay, yeah, move it on up. [00:02:25] Speaker E: I feel like if there was a drinking game for a podcast, that's definitely a drink right there. [00:02:31] Speaker B: Every time we say the wrong number. [00:02:33] Speaker E: Every time we even discuss like, is that right? [00:02:35] Speaker D: So at least once an episode. Yep. [00:02:38] Speaker B: Very drunk. By listening to us, it should be. [00:02:41] Speaker F: One thing per person, right? So overall, the cast, it should be like, okay, we get the number wrong. For me, it's every time I quit or cast shield. [00:02:53] Speaker B: Or cast shield. [00:02:54] Speaker F: We don't want them to die every. [00:02:57] Speaker D: Time I crit fail with my alchemy bombs. [00:03:00] Speaker B: Oh, boy. [00:03:01] Speaker D: Well, with my fun new things at level seven, if we're gonna discuss those, I have less of a chance of doing that now. [00:03:07] Speaker B: Well, let's get into that right now then. Let's talk about level seven. Matt, what happens to twin Talon at. At level seven? [00:03:17] Speaker A: So this is a pretty good level for me as a rogue. Now, a lot of it's not super interesting, but overall, there's a lot of good bonuses that are added. For instance. Yeah, thanks. This is gonna be boring fast forward? No, but. So level seven, we see the comeback of evasion. So evasion in second edition is my reflex saves go to master proficiency, meaning it's a my level plus six, plus my Dexmod, but also if I succeed at a reflex save, it's treated as a critical success. [00:03:52] Speaker B: That's pretty great. Yeah. So that means you're going to be taking full damage or no damage. [00:03:57] Speaker A: Additionally, all the Marshall characters are going to get weapon specialization, I believe, at this level. And weapon specialization is different than we saw in first edition. First and foremost, it's not only fighters that get it. Everyone who's a martial character gets it. It's two damage. Like first edition. However, if you're master proficiency, you get, I think, four. And if you're legendary, you get six. So inherently, fighters are going to get more out of weapon profic or weapon specialization now because their proficiencies are higher. But everybody gets something if you're a martial character, which is neat, not like conceptually interesting, but it's neat and it's new. Additionally, I got vigilant senses. Rogues at this level gain master proficiency and perception. Again, it's just a plus two, but it's kind of cool. I got an additional skill. So as of level seven, you can make skills master proficiency. My thievery is now master proficiency. And then I got two feats. So I took expeditious search, which is a general feat, requires you to be a master in perception. Basically, I can search areas faster and quick unlock requires you mastery and thievery, and I can pick locks using one action during combat instead of two actions. So again, nothing conceptually really mind blowing, but it's all a little like plus one, plus one, plus one at a lot of places that I often will use. [00:05:19] Speaker B: So overall, you're just better at everything that you've been doing, right. [00:05:24] Speaker A: The stuff that I kind of specialize in, I'm kind of getting blanket plus two on that kind of stuff. [00:05:28] Speaker B: That's great. [00:05:29] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:05:30] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:05:31] Speaker E: Okay. Well, at level seven, Brianna gets weapon specialization, which Matt touched on already. For Brianna's skill increase, I raised her athletic skill to master. Also, at level seven, champions get armor expertise, which raises Brianna's proficiency with all types of armor to expert proficiency level. And last but not least, Briana gets a general feat. So I took die hard, which lets me get to dying five before Briana dies instead of dying four. Additionally, because of something, I don't know if it was a hirilab thing or an errata thing, but I was originally able to take multiple oaths. I first took shining oath, which gave me bonuses when fighting undead. Then because of that cool little story moment between her and pawn watcher where she chose to take up his cause, I chose dragonslayer oath. Unfortunately, that is no longer allowed. So I swapped out Dragonslayer oath for reactive shield, so maybe I can actually use my shield on defense once in a while. [00:06:44] Speaker B: Great. Christine, what happens to Saraya at level seven? [00:06:50] Speaker D: Okay, so I actually get a couple really fun things at level seven. So my master skill is going to be my crafting, obviously, that helps me do a lot of really fun things. So I have alchemical weapon expertise, so my proficiency for using super weapons and my bombs increases to expert. My proficiency for my will saves increased expert. And then what I'm really excited about is perpetual infusions. So to create the lesser versions of bombs, I don't need to use my reagents anymore. I can just make them. So it's kind of like alchemy cantrips, which kind of just further goes into her whole blood magic theory, which is really cool. So now I don't have to worry so much about what happens if I'm out of alchemy. And I got a couple new formulas, which I do at every level. So I have dread ampule, which does mental damage, and I also have ghost charge, which lets me do damage to incorporeal and undead creatures. So I'm really excited about that. [00:07:43] Speaker B: Yeah, you became kind of a swiss army knife that can never run out of lesser fire bombs, essentially. [00:07:50] Speaker D: So, yeah, my two, I can only make two forever and ever without reagents, but they are. Yeah, fire and ghost. [00:07:56] Speaker B: I figured fire for you, but, I. [00:07:59] Speaker D: Mean, fire is a good catch all. And always being able to hurt undead things is also pretty great. [00:08:03] Speaker B: Yeah. Rich, what happens to pondwatcher? Hello. Oh, hi. [00:08:10] Speaker C: So, for level seven, I also receive weapons specialization, so more damage. From weapons, I receive the trait of juggernaut, which means that whenever I do a successful fortitude save, it counts as a critical success. [00:08:26] Speaker B: Nice. [00:08:27] Speaker C: I became a master of athletics as well. And the most probably interesting one is my level seven specialization ability for the barbarian. And because I am a dragon instinct barbarian, when I do my rage damage, it's basically more damage and it's cold damage because of the icy dragon stuff. And that has increased from four damage to eight damage. So, basically, when I'm raging, I do plus ten damage to what I was doing before. [00:08:57] Speaker B: Yeah, I saw that, and I got very sad for my creatures. [00:09:00] Speaker C: Mmm, feels good. And I received a feat I took the feat that gives you an additional ancestry feat to which I took nimble elf to make myself faster, so I now have a speed of 35. Just a crazed, naked man running around. [00:09:18] Speaker E: Um, I thought he had booty shorts on. Okay, not all. [00:09:21] Speaker C: Yeah, not always. He takes them off when it's time to battle. [00:09:25] Speaker B: Speaking of men in crazed booty shorts, Anwar, what happened to temid at level seven? [00:09:32] Speaker F: Listen, my booty shorts are not crazed. It is I who am crazed, and my booty shorts are just fine. [00:09:37] Speaker B: Oh, okay. Sorry about that. [00:09:39] Speaker F: So at 7th level, I got fourth level spells, which is really freaking cool. [00:09:45] Speaker B: Sick. It's disgusting. [00:09:47] Speaker F: Yeah, it's disgusting. And you're going to hate me even more than you already do. After the incident, we won't talk about it. I also got a general feat. I forget the name, but it basically, when I treat diseases, there's a better opportunity for the person to succeed. Their next check got a skill increase. Medicine, believe it or not, is now a master level for temid. And the most exciting thing that he got, in my opinion, was his third doctrine. Yes, he's gained expert proficiency with his deities favored weapon. And his deity's favorite weapon happens to be his favorite weapon, which is the rapier. So now, um, not only is it expert level, whenever I critically succeed with an attack, I get to apply the weapon's critical specialization effect. In this case, I don't believe I have one, but it might come handy in the future. [00:10:34] Speaker B: So just so you know, you can. Now, when you draw a crit card, if you can use your weapon specialization criteria or the crit card. [00:10:42] Speaker A: Oh, sorry. [00:10:44] Speaker B: Yes. [00:10:44] Speaker A: I don't mean to push up my glasses, but that's not technically accurate with the crit card. [00:10:49] Speaker B: Oh, I'm sorry. [00:10:51] Speaker A: So if you have a specialization effect for your weapon, you can use it in addition to the crit card. Unless the crit card mentions specialization, and then you take one or the other. [00:11:02] Speaker B: Oh, so you can do both. [00:11:04] Speaker A: Potentially. But if it says specialization, then you can't. You have to do one or the other. [00:11:07] Speaker B: Okay, well, that's good to know. [00:11:09] Speaker C: Also, Anwar. I mean, you. There is a specialization for rapiers. [00:11:14] Speaker B: Oh, there is. [00:11:15] Speaker C: It's not your rapier. It's the type of weapon. Each one has their own critical specialization that you can only access if you've unlocked it. So you've unlocked it for rapiers. [00:11:24] Speaker B: Okay, cool. [00:11:24] Speaker F: I'm gonna look it up. [00:11:25] Speaker B: The target is made off balance by your attack, becoming flat footed until the start of your next turn. Ooh. Now I am going to change something today. [00:11:35] Speaker C: Uh oh. [00:11:36] Speaker B: Yep. And it's actually in your guys favorite. And I hate to do this, I hate to do something that helps you guys out, but I was thinking, and it hurt. So I stopped thinking. And then this idea came to me. I think it's unfair that if I roll a one, nothing happens, even if they're nameless. So the new rule is, natural one crit fails. In general, all Crit fails draw a critical miscard. Only named bad guys will draw critical hit cards, and you guys will obviously draw critical hit cards. Wow. I like it. [00:12:11] Speaker C: Alright, so natural ones, not crit fails. [00:12:13] Speaker B: No, no, Crit fails across the board. [00:12:16] Speaker C: Oh, okay. Dang. [00:12:17] Speaker B: So if I miss my ten, no. [00:12:19] Speaker C: Matter who it is, things are about to get wild. [00:12:22] Speaker B: Then yes, I agree. [00:12:24] Speaker A: You're going to regret this. [00:12:28] Speaker C: I ate my own sword. [00:12:29] Speaker B: Oops. All right, so let's jump back into the game. [00:12:35] Speaker G: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast, all heroes came upon a demon called a kishi. After quickly dispatching of the kishi, all heroes managed to save an angel. After conversing with the angel, all heroes relaxed to a song sung by the angel in the style of their dearly departed ally Silver the bard. While listening to the song, our heroes felt reinvigorated and leveled up. Join us now on the Cracked Die podcast. [00:13:10] Speaker B: The evening approaches. I'm assuming someone is going to roll survival to camp here in the Mwange expanse. [00:13:17] Speaker F: Who would that be? [00:13:18] Speaker B: I don't know. Plus two is 20. Is anyone else going to assist him? [00:13:22] Speaker C: I assist with a 28. [00:13:24] Speaker F: Can we take his core instead? [00:13:27] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:13:27] Speaker A: I do not assist with a 16. [00:13:29] Speaker C: Pond watcher's just been letting temid do it so that he can feel useful. [00:13:33] Speaker D: Ouch. [00:13:34] Speaker B: Ouch. [00:13:36] Speaker C: You're actually much better at it than I am. Just kidding. I was just lucky. [00:13:40] Speaker B: All right, looks like Brianna also assists with a 24. That puts you guys at 22, so that's a success. [00:13:47] Speaker C: No, you see? Put the bedroll inside the tent. [00:13:50] Speaker F: Wait, inside the bedroll should go the tent? [00:13:52] Speaker B: Is that what you're saying? Yeah. [00:13:55] Speaker C: Oh, let me do it. [00:13:58] Speaker A: I'm confused. There's no water here. How do we pitch the tents underwater? [00:14:03] Speaker B: Hey, look. [00:14:04] Speaker E: Grab these two sticks together. [00:14:05] Speaker D: How much has Temmin had to drink today? And how much has he shared with everyone else? [00:14:09] Speaker F: Not nearly enough. [00:14:10] Speaker B: Mm hmm. [00:14:11] Speaker A: Clearly he would function better with more. [00:14:13] Speaker B: So night falls. [00:14:15] Speaker A: Boom. [00:14:16] Speaker B: You all take your turns at watch. Who's on first watch? [00:14:21] Speaker E: I'll take first. [00:14:22] Speaker B: All right, Brianna, give me a perception check. [00:14:24] Speaker E: Oh, boy. [00:14:25] Speaker B: Here we go. [00:14:26] Speaker E: How about 13, I think it's great. Of course you do. [00:14:32] Speaker B: Time passes, there's a breeze that gently fluffs your hair. It's finally cool in this jungle that's been very hot and humid. And that's it. [00:14:44] Speaker C: I would like to. I would like to ask if we should be rolling this or if this. This should be something that you roll is. [00:14:48] Speaker B: Oh, I probably should be rolling these. Good call. Let me roll for who's next? [00:14:55] Speaker A: I'll be next. [00:14:55] Speaker B: Twintallon? [00:14:56] Speaker A: Yes, please. I have a plus 14. [00:14:59] Speaker B: Plus 14. All right, so let's see if I can get anything past you. All right. So again, nothing exciting. Some chirping crickets in the distance, but you're used to that by now. Who's after that? [00:15:16] Speaker C: I'll go. [00:15:17] Speaker B: All right, pond watcher, your bonus is plus 1111. All right. Your elven eyes gaze into the darkness and the darkness gazes back. It's. Again, it's a. It's a pretty quiet night, all things considered. What? Two nights ago, silver was abducted. Yeah. [00:15:37] Speaker C: I feel like he. Like Bondwatcher's on edge, waiting. [00:15:40] Speaker B: Yeah. Something one night ago. Yeah. Yeah. So you're very alert, very, very much watching. It's quiet. Maybe too quiet. Who's after pond watcher? [00:15:54] Speaker F: I'll go next. [00:15:55] Speaker B: What's your perception bonus? [00:15:57] Speaker F: 15. [00:15:57] Speaker B: Jeez. All of you with double digit bonuses. So your watch is also very, very boring. You see a snake kind of slither out and slither away and that's it. [00:16:12] Speaker F: He jumps at that noise, just thinking about whether or not it's those people again. [00:16:17] Speaker B: And Saraya is on the last watch here. Soraya, what's your bonus to perception? [00:16:22] Speaker D: Well, I guess you get your wish. It's a nod. [00:16:24] Speaker B: Yes. So as you watch, you see the sun start to peek up and you begin to feel the heat set almost immediately, because as soon as it starts to rise, it starts to bake the leaves in the water. And you guys aren't that close to the river anymore, so there's not that much wind coming in anymore. You all can prepare as necessary. And where are you headed? [00:16:48] Speaker A: So is our spider lady friend with us? [00:16:51] Speaker B: She is not yet. She is still making her way back to where you were. [00:16:54] Speaker A: So all we know about the cinder claws is that they're to the east somewhere, correct? [00:16:58] Speaker B: Correct. You found two of these pillars. And you remember the elves, the Ikujae, mentioning something about if they got too close to these pillars, they would lose their sight. [00:17:11] Speaker A: Right. [00:17:12] Speaker B: So you're pretty sure that there's probably more and they couldn't leave that far from their town. [00:17:18] Speaker A: So do we think Ranuli, if we go north, she'll have to come through that northeast Hex and explore it for us, or. Or do we think she's not gonna do that? [00:17:26] Speaker B: She's gonna take the most direct path back to you guys. And she is a master tracker, so she can find any little trail you guys leave, unless you guys are covering your tracks, and then it'll be a little bit harder for her. But you think she can find you no matter where you go, and she can explore for you. [00:17:43] Speaker A: So then I would vote to go directly north in the hopes that she would then explore the hex in between where she was and where we're going. [00:17:50] Speaker B: Okay. Is that where everyone is good with that? [00:17:53] Speaker E: Sure works for me. [00:17:54] Speaker C: I feel like in general at this point, pound Watcher has, like, completely entrusted this to twin Talon because he trusts that he, like, has, like, a tactical mind. He's like, yep, sounds good, buddy. [00:18:05] Speaker B: All right, congrats, twin Talon. [00:18:08] Speaker D: You're the leader. [00:18:09] Speaker B: Good. So, as you all head north, you head deeper into a much more canopied portion of the jungle. And as you move through there, how are you all moving there, if you don't mind me asking? [00:18:23] Speaker F: Using my legs. [00:18:27] Speaker A: I assume you mean like what exploration actions we're taking. [00:18:29] Speaker B: Yes. Yes. [00:18:31] Speaker A: Okay. Twintown will be avoiding notice. [00:18:34] Speaker B: All right, Brianna. [00:18:36] Speaker E: Brianna will be on guard, so I guess defend. [00:18:40] Speaker B: Yeah, that works. [00:18:41] Speaker D: Saraya, I think, as usual, she'll be investigating, so she'll be looking for any fun little tidbits you may be able to use. [00:18:47] Speaker B: Okay, pond watcher, I think. [00:18:50] Speaker C: Yeah, pond Watcher walls will be avoiding notice. [00:18:53] Speaker B: Okay. And timid. [00:18:56] Speaker F: Timid will be on the lookout, though. That's seek. Is that seeking? [00:18:58] Speaker B: Yeah. Or searching? [00:19:00] Speaker F: Searching. That's what it is, yeah. [00:19:01] Speaker B: All right, so, twin Talon and Pond watcher, you guys can roll your stealth. Brianna doesn't need to roll anything because she's just moving with her shield raised. Saraya, give me a perception check as well as temmit, please. Twin talon, what did you get? [00:19:22] Speaker A: Twintellen rolled natural, 20 free, 35 stealth. [00:19:25] Speaker B: All right, so, right. [00:19:31] Speaker D: 23 perception. [00:19:32] Speaker B: So, pond watcher, pond watcher rolled a. [00:19:36] Speaker C: 29 stealth for the stealth. Stealth, boys. [00:19:39] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm proud of you, buddy. [00:19:43] Speaker F: And timid got a 27 perception. [00:19:47] Speaker B: Geez. Okay, so as you are all moving carefully through this jungle, at one point, near the end of the night or end of the day, you hear rustling from the trees above. Oh, boy. Hopefully it's renewing at the same time. Saraya, can you roll a d 100 for me. [00:20:09] Speaker D: Sure. [00:20:09] Speaker F: Oh boy. [00:20:11] Speaker B: An 83. All right, so as you all have been walking, you specifically Saraya are able to catch a small amount of small spiders and you are able to extract from them while walking and keeping pace with everyone. One vial of hunting spider venom. [00:20:36] Speaker E: Sweet. [00:20:37] Speaker B: Yeah, other than that, it's a very boring day. Except for that rustling in the trees, which as Matt said, is indeed Rennuli coming back to join you guys. [00:20:50] Speaker C: Is she offended by the harvesting of spiders into a jar? [00:20:55] Speaker D: Oh, I'm not harvesting the spiders. I'm just milking them. Which means that Jasper is sitting on my wrist holding a little vial and I just like make them bite into it. The spiders aren't harmed, they're released afterwards. [00:21:06] Speaker C: It's very precious. You like pat them on the thorax and then they skid her off. [00:21:12] Speaker D: Yes. [00:21:12] Speaker B: Gives them a spider lollipop. [00:21:16] Speaker D: Yes. Which is actually just a petrified fly on a toothpick. [00:21:22] Speaker C: Everyone's just like standing to the side watching this with their eyes wide, like. [00:21:25] Speaker B: Oh. [00:21:28] Speaker D: Like are we sure we want. [00:21:29] Speaker B: To be traveling with this lady? [00:21:31] Speaker D: She seems a little off. [00:21:33] Speaker F: She's doing it again. [00:21:36] Speaker C: Why do the spiders keep finding her so weird? [00:21:41] Speaker D: They like an easy meal. It's like donating blood for people. It doesn't really even hurt you. [00:21:47] Speaker A: Maybe they enjoy the milking. [00:21:52] Speaker B: All right, so Renouli rejoins you and kind of says, well, I've been traveling from the caves where you found the ruins and I came from the southeast and there's nothing really there. It's very empty along the ridge line. Nothing really seemed to be going there except for some normal animals far as I could tell. [00:22:16] Speaker A: Great. Well, uh, let's make camp I guess. [00:22:21] Speaker B: Yep. [00:22:22] Speaker F: Oh, well, we came across your friend angel. [00:22:26] Speaker B: Oh, yes. And how are they? [00:22:29] Speaker F: Well, they're okay now. They were in a little bit of trouble, but we were able to save them and, uh, actually have a really nice voice. [00:22:37] Speaker B: Yes, your singing voices. Quite beautiful. [00:22:41] Speaker C: Yeah, they were in trouble from some sort of crazy jackal man and um. Hey had them in the bag. Not, not a good. Not good situation. Just want to watch out for your friends. [00:22:51] Speaker B: Uh, yes. Well, I am glad you saved them. [00:22:55] Speaker D: Wonderful. [00:22:57] Speaker F: So, um, great. Wait, does. Have we met Rinali since the incident? [00:23:03] Speaker B: No. Uh, no. Yes, she was there. She was with you when. When he was taken. [00:23:09] Speaker F: Okay. [00:23:10] Speaker B: She also tells you that she has not seen any traces of your missing friend. Look harder. [00:23:17] Speaker C: Very suspicious. [00:23:18] Speaker B: Renooly don't trust you. [00:23:21] Speaker F: Speaking of which, do you know anything about milking spiders? Is it enjoyable for them this is. [00:23:27] Speaker B: Not a topic that I wish to breach. And with that, she kind of skitters to the tree, and you see her start weaving a bed. [00:23:34] Speaker F: Did I say something? He looks over at everyone else. [00:23:38] Speaker D: You also now see Saraya just staring up at her like, I wonder. [00:23:45] Speaker B: Okay, who's rolling to keep to build the camp? Is it. Is it tevid again? [00:23:54] Speaker F: Do it. [00:23:55] Speaker B: All right. [00:23:55] Speaker F: Don't dare me. [00:23:58] Speaker B: 31. [00:23:59] Speaker A: Nice. [00:24:00] Speaker B: All right, so you guys make a wonderful camp. So good. You're so sheltered, you don't even have to keep watch. That's how hidden you are. So the evening passes without any incident. You all wake up quite refreshed in the morning. [00:24:16] Speaker C: You know, damn it. It was a great idea just pulling that stump out and all, crawling into that badger hole. [00:24:22] Speaker F: Done it so many times before, and you guys never listened to. [00:24:25] Speaker A: Yeah, the badgers hardly even noticed. [00:24:27] Speaker F: I mean, you just give him a little bit of alcohol. [00:24:30] Speaker C: Takes a surprising amount of alcohol to make a badger drunk. [00:24:34] Speaker F: I have to say, that's what badgers and I have in common. [00:24:37] Speaker B: Ha ha. Okay, which direction are you guys headed to do now? I love how Sean. It's just like I get Twittal. [00:24:50] Speaker A: Would vote to go northeast in San Renouli. North. [00:24:53] Speaker C: Listen, you decide where we go, we decide which animals get drunk. [00:24:57] Speaker B: Okay? [00:24:57] Speaker A: Okay. [00:24:58] Speaker C: Where are your employees? [00:25:00] Speaker B: Okay, so you all head to the north east. Mm hmm. How are you all traveling again? Same ways? Yes. [00:25:11] Speaker A: Same for me. [00:25:12] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:25:12] Speaker B: All right, everyone roll the same thing. [00:25:15] Speaker E: What did you guys get? [00:25:17] Speaker A: So, twin Talon got a. Not as good as last time. Only got a 31. Still darn. [00:25:22] Speaker F: Okay, Emmett being very consistent. Got a 27 again. [00:25:28] Speaker B: Excellent. [00:25:29] Speaker D: Sorry, I got a 13. So she's not doing so hot. At least not as much as yesterday. [00:25:35] Speaker C: Pondwatchers avoid notice. Stealth was a 27. Still trying to get Temma to give him the everlasting flask, but also sneaking in some bushes. [00:25:45] Speaker B: Okay, so as you travel through the day again, the forest just starts to get more and more and more dense as you go through. It actually almost starts to slow your progression. Rennuli, however, comes back before the end of the day, out of breath, running as she approaches. [00:26:06] Speaker A: Is that why you explored that hex in such a weird way? [00:26:09] Speaker B: Yep. [00:26:10] Speaker A: Okay, so what he did was normally when he reveals a hex, he reveals whole hex, but this time he revealed, like, one side of the hex and the top of the hex and the left side, there's a big triangle of blackness still in the middle. [00:26:23] Speaker D: I wonder what that could mean. [00:26:24] Speaker A: I just thought he was just having trouble with the. With the program. But now he's claiming it was on purpose. So we'll see. [00:26:31] Speaker D: He just had to cover it up. [00:26:32] Speaker B: Right. [00:26:33] Speaker A: Sorry. So she came back out of breath. [00:26:35] Speaker B: Yes. She comes out of the forest out. [00:26:37] Speaker C: Of breath, and pepper gets peppered with arrows. [00:26:41] Speaker B: Oh, geez. No, no. No arrows. But definitely looking a little bit more ragged than she normally does. [00:26:51] Speaker F: Strong. [00:26:52] Speaker B: There's a cre. A creature there. And a pillar. It was shooting black light at me. I don't know what. [00:27:04] Speaker C: Bernoulli, calm down. Was the creature a vampire? [00:27:09] Speaker B: I don't. I don't know. It was. It was. It was small, but it had kind of like the. The head of a shuriker, but wings and a forked tail. [00:27:27] Speaker A: Wait, it was a flying monkey, maybe? [00:27:31] Speaker B: Kind of. [00:27:32] Speaker A: Was there a witch nearby? [00:27:35] Speaker E: Was she defying gravity? [00:27:37] Speaker B: Me. [00:27:38] Speaker C: Does this has to do with the advanced players guide being released? [00:27:42] Speaker B: No, no, none of those. But I got. I got. I got hit by one of the light for. For a moment, and I had lost all sight and I just. I got out of there as quick as I could. [00:28:00] Speaker F: You see? [00:28:01] Speaker B: Now that's what I was thinking. [00:28:03] Speaker E: Are you hurt? [00:28:05] Speaker B: No. More shaken. Shaken up. [00:28:08] Speaker A: Explain what the Kuja were talking about coming together. [00:28:15] Speaker B: I can see. [00:28:16] Speaker D: Thanks, Kronk. [00:28:18] Speaker B: I can see a little. It wore off after some time, but I ran for. For a while before it wore off. [00:28:28] Speaker A: Do you remember what save you had to make before? [00:28:33] Speaker D: Do you feel like you had to be particularly willful or fortuitous? [00:28:38] Speaker A: Dodge out of the way. [00:28:40] Speaker B: No. It all happened so fast. [00:28:44] Speaker D: Apparently this is the meta episode listeners. [00:28:47] Speaker E: Apparently. [00:28:48] Speaker A: Well, I was just very excited. Cause I have evasion. And pawn Watcher got juggernaut, which is basically evasion, but for fortitude saves. So hopefully one of us. [00:28:58] Speaker D: Both of those, as I level up, right? [00:29:01] Speaker A: Most people do eventually, but. [00:29:02] Speaker C: So one of us should go first. One of us should just run in. [00:29:06] Speaker A: We should just go arm in arm. Just skipping. [00:29:08] Speaker D: Just skip frolic, cast us in the. [00:29:11] Speaker B: Face so we can figure out what's happening. [00:29:15] Speaker C: Oh, it was a disintegration ray. [00:29:20] Speaker D: Well, there go our two heavy hitters. [00:29:22] Speaker C: Time for my lizard folk sorcerer. [00:29:28] Speaker B: So. [00:29:28] Speaker F: So that timid kind of puts his arm on her shoulder and says just. There's anything else you can tell us about them? Anything at all you can remember? [00:29:40] Speaker B: Just. Just the. Just the creature there and the pillar. That's. That's. That's all I really, really saw. [00:29:46] Speaker F: How close did you have to get to the pillar in order for it to attack you? [00:29:50] Speaker B: Not very it like it's like it could sense me from a great distance. [00:29:59] Speaker F: Thank you. [00:29:59] Speaker C: Well, thank you for coming back and finding us. You're very brave and doing this for no gain of your own, and I. I think that's very nice. You're a good person. Renewal. [00:30:10] Speaker B: I'm trying it. I'm going to rest now. [00:30:16] Speaker C: I'm afraid that's impossible. You must go with on your feet now. [00:30:23] Speaker B: Okay. Okay. [00:30:26] Speaker A: So should we. Should we make camp and go there in the morning or should we go there now at night? [00:30:33] Speaker E: I think as long as we can see what it is, I'd be better. I feel like it'd be better served if we can go in the morning. [00:30:41] Speaker B: But I. [00:30:42] Speaker C: If you're blind at night, does it really make a difference? [00:30:45] Speaker B: Think about that. Exactly. [00:30:47] Speaker F: But if you don't plan on becoming blind. [00:30:49] Speaker E: Okay, well, I guess we go now. [00:30:52] Speaker A: I think we should go during the day. [00:30:54] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:30:54] Speaker C: I'm very stupid. It was just a joke. It's okay. [00:30:59] Speaker B: So give me a camp check. [00:31:04] Speaker F: And my finger's getting tired hitting this button all the time. I got a 24. [00:31:11] Speaker C: Nice. [00:31:12] Speaker B: I help with the 2325-2627. [00:31:18] Speaker E: Do I do not assist with a ten? I instead stick my head in the dirt. [00:31:23] Speaker B: It's 26. [00:31:24] Speaker A: And Twintallon gives a 25, so he will assist. [00:31:29] Speaker B: So back to 27 in the dirt then. [00:31:31] Speaker C: You're safe. [00:31:33] Speaker E: Nobody can get me here. [00:31:34] Speaker B: Okay? That's right. [00:31:35] Speaker A: It's very safe. [00:31:35] Speaker D: I just need. [00:31:37] Speaker E: Do you guys have a straw? I might need to breathe. [00:31:40] Speaker B: But you. You all set camp for the evening. Again, you do a very good job and therefore do not need to roll for random encounters, essentially for flavor's sake. [00:31:58] Speaker C: I think pond watcher is still staying up. Like, the amount of time that would be a watch. Just watching for vampires. [00:32:06] Speaker A: Right? [00:32:06] Speaker B: That's fair. [00:32:07] Speaker A: We probably still have watches, but. [00:32:10] Speaker D: Yeah, like, if nothing else, soraya is always tinkering with some alchemical thing or another. [00:32:15] Speaker F: What would be the check for? For vampires to think, to know about them? [00:32:21] Speaker B: Religion, garlic lore or. [00:32:23] Speaker A: Garlic lore. [00:32:23] Speaker B: Yep, garlic lore. So probably. [00:32:27] Speaker A: Probably architecture. I'm gonna guess. [00:32:34] Speaker B: 17. [00:32:35] Speaker F: Tell me anything about what would ward off or kill vampires with a. [00:32:41] Speaker B: Let me take a look. I don't. [00:32:45] Speaker C: Classic GM. Like what? Have to look this up. [00:32:48] Speaker B: Like vampire squid. No, no, no. Sorry, sorry. A 17 will not give you enough information. [00:32:58] Speaker F: And about an 18. No, about a 19. [00:33:05] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:33:06] Speaker F: I'm just gonna keep throwing numbers out there. [00:33:10] Speaker B: All right, so you all camp. You. You all rest. You prepare your stuff for the next morning. Where are you headed? Are you headed to the northwest or the northeast or north? [00:33:20] Speaker A: I say we go northwest to take care of this thing, and we send Rennuli to the north. [00:33:25] Speaker B: Okay. [00:33:28] Speaker F: Temmat asked renewal. Are you okay to go on today, or do you need to rest after what happened yesterday? [00:33:34] Speaker B: Oh, I should be fine. I just needed to rest the evening, and now I shall be very be much more mindful when I walk into an area that if there are one of these. One of those pillar things. [00:33:52] Speaker F: One more question. [00:33:53] Speaker B: Yes. [00:33:54] Speaker F: What type of alcohol do your people like? [00:33:58] Speaker B: What do you mean? [00:34:00] Speaker F: What's your favorite alcohol, your culture? [00:34:03] Speaker B: We're from the mungi expanse, so probably a light pilsner made with the hops of or berries to add, like, an adjunct into the pilsner. So maybe. Maybe not a pilsner. Maybe a log. Maybe an adjunct logger, if you will. And. Or I just want to let you know that to graduate from college, I had to take a class on beer. [00:34:32] Speaker D: I was gonna say, this is like Sean pulling out that beer class he. [00:34:35] Speaker F: Took in college architecture lore being useful. [00:34:41] Speaker B: Okay, look, don't. [00:34:42] Speaker D: Don't you have alcohol. [00:34:46] Speaker F: Lore? [00:34:47] Speaker B: Yes. [00:34:50] Speaker A: You put your one skill point, this level, into alcohol lore. [00:34:57] Speaker D: It's basically religion. [00:34:58] Speaker F: Might be expert then. [00:35:00] Speaker A: Okay. This is the first level you get master, which is why I was questioning it. [00:35:05] Speaker B: Matt just got really offended by that. [00:35:11] Speaker F: I'm not gonna lie. I considered it, but then I didn't want people to yell at me. [00:35:16] Speaker C: When his character retires and becomes a bartender, like bar owner, he'll be so set. [00:35:22] Speaker A: That's true. [00:35:23] Speaker C: Actually, that's a lambic. [00:35:27] Speaker F: He files that away in his head, but he also pours a little, like, you know, I misremember that this mug, this magic mug can make whatever type of alcohol that he wants, and so he makes something. [00:35:36] Speaker A: Just made that one? [00:35:37] Speaker B: Nope. [00:35:38] Speaker A: I thought it just made the Okuji stuff. [00:35:39] Speaker F: Oh, I'm changing it. It's gonna do whatever I want. [00:35:45] Speaker B: And. [00:35:45] Speaker F: So it's just gonna make some whatever. [00:35:47] Speaker B: It. [00:35:47] Speaker F: You know, something close to it also. [00:35:48] Speaker C: Gives you plus 30 temporary hit points every time you take a set. [00:35:52] Speaker F: I think it's immaterial to actually playing the game, so. And, you know, just for. For flavor sake, she gets a little bit of her favorite or her traditional here. See her on her way? [00:36:08] Speaker A: She's like, I hate it. [00:36:11] Speaker F: Well, I tried really hard to make this okay. [00:36:13] Speaker A: I'm more of a wine person. [00:36:15] Speaker C: It's magical. And you decided to make Keystone light? [00:36:20] Speaker A: What's wrong with you? [00:36:23] Speaker C: She leaves, and she never comes back. [00:36:29] Speaker D: Sean, don't die. [00:36:30] Speaker B: Oh, geez, that's funny. All right, well, now that we've alienated. [00:36:38] Speaker D: Any of our listeners who drink Keystone, it's okay. [00:36:40] Speaker A: We don't want Natty bow. [00:36:42] Speaker F: You don't want them anyways? [00:36:43] Speaker A: No. [00:36:45] Speaker B: Okay, so you all head off to where. Where Rennuli was. [00:36:52] Speaker C: We always do this right before a certain death. [00:36:55] Speaker B: So I'm going to move you all on the map, and I'm going to let you all adjust yourselves on the map. You're on the very bottom of it, which would be that little islandy looking thing. [00:37:09] Speaker A: Okay. [00:37:11] Speaker B: Well, Pond watcher, come back. Pond watcher, come back. You can blame it all. [00:37:18] Speaker D: I mean, yes, we can blame his current woes on Yui of Jim, who took silver. [00:37:23] Speaker B: So, anywhere within that orange square that I placed on the map. [00:37:28] Speaker F: It's not a square. That's a rectangle. [00:37:29] Speaker B: Rectangle. [00:37:31] Speaker A: All rectangles are squares. But not all squares are also squares. And sometimes rectangles. I before E. Except after C. Nerd. I'm done. [00:37:39] Speaker D: Weekends and holidays and all throughout. [00:37:41] Speaker F: I really take offense to the initial part of what you said. All rectangles are not square. [00:37:51] Speaker D: I think the point was that it. [00:37:52] Speaker F: Was wrong, but it still hurts. [00:37:56] Speaker B: So, as you now you know, I. [00:37:58] Speaker A: Feel when you said you took master alcohol lore. [00:38:05] Speaker B: I love this group, guys. [00:38:07] Speaker D: I love you all. [00:38:09] Speaker A: So, what's going on in the game? [00:38:13] Speaker B: As you approach, you see in the distance, a campsite to the north. A campsite occupies a small clearing in this narrow valley. A smoldering bonfire is at one end of the camp, while a ten foot tall wooden pillar topped with a carved dragon head looms out of the other. The dragon head and pillar have been stained black with pitch, and wisps of smoke rise from the head's open mouth. As you all approach, you trigger this pillar. So, since both twin talon and Pond Watcher are equally. Actually. Are you equidistant from the pillar? [00:38:49] Speaker C: I'm closer. [00:38:50] Speaker B: Are you 35? Oh, you're both 35. Oh, no. You're 30. Yep. [00:38:58] Speaker C: Also, I would argue that that's tree cover and I'm not. [00:39:02] Speaker B: It shoots a bow black beam at you. And can you make a fortitude? [00:39:09] Speaker C: Say I'm gonna absorb it, and it's gonna make me more powerful? Pretty sure that's how it's gonna level me up. I'm not buying time while I find the fortitude button. This is normal, player. [00:39:22] Speaker E: I can also try and help one of you, unfortunately. [00:39:29] Speaker C: Oh. 19. That is a three. [00:39:33] Speaker B: Would you like to use a hero point? [00:39:37] Speaker C: I would. That is a great point. Thank you so much, everyone. 42. 729. [00:39:45] Speaker B: Okay, so the black light hits you and you see the edges of your vision start to dim, but you manage to shake it off. [00:39:57] Speaker C: Yeah, I punched myself in my own eyes. [00:40:00] Speaker A: That's a critical success, correct? [00:40:01] Speaker C: And yes, that would be a critical success considering my new feature. Thank you, Matt. Which means I can now see into the astral plane. [00:40:10] Speaker A: Make sure Sean's not trying to put any half as per the rules. [00:40:14] Speaker B: You are unaffected. So now, I don't know, why don't you all roll some initiative? Twin Talon, you may use stealth if you would like. Okay, let's talk about everyone's initiatives here. Twin talon. What did you get? [00:40:34] Speaker A: Um, I rolled a natural two for a 19. [00:40:39] Speaker B: Okay, still not bad. Still not bad. Haya. I rolled a 28 28 saraya. Nice. Pond watcher. 1818 and timid. [00:40:53] Speaker F: 35. [00:40:54] Speaker A: 32 of us in the front went slowest. [00:40:58] Speaker C: Hey, I just got a laser shot into my. [00:41:00] Speaker D: You're just. You're so in awe. [00:41:02] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:41:03] Speaker C: A laser just hit me in my eyeballs from like 50ft away. Doing my best. [00:41:08] Speaker A: I'm right there with you, buddy. [00:41:09] Speaker B: Timmit, you get to go first. [00:41:11] Speaker F: Okay. Timid, understanding that this thing is pretty freakin bad, decides that unbeam deserves another. So he's going to take a fist. You know, he's gonna move forward a little bit first. Gonna move 25ft towards it. [00:41:27] Speaker B: Right? That's your first action. Yes. [00:41:29] Speaker F: Then he's going to cast searing light on this motherfucker. [00:41:33] Speaker B: Searing light. [00:41:34] Speaker F: Actions. So then he says something and then he puts his hand out, kind of like iron man, and he shoots. Shoots out a burst. And it is a 20 plus 1321 total. [00:41:44] Speaker B: 21 total. [00:41:46] Speaker F: Do I have to know how it resolves if I choose to use a hero point? [00:41:50] Speaker A: Yes. [00:41:51] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:41:51] Speaker F: Okay, so then I can wait to see whether or not it hit before I choose to use a hero point. [00:41:56] Speaker B: Oh, yes. Yes. [00:41:58] Speaker A: Because you have to take the second result and it would be ridiculous to make you do that and not know whether or not you hit or not. [00:42:03] Speaker B: So you did miss currently, unless I want to use that hero point. [00:42:07] Speaker F: So I'm gonna do it again. [00:42:09] Speaker B: Are you? [00:42:09] Speaker F: Mother fucking son of a bitch. [00:42:11] Speaker B: Mm hmm. [00:42:11] Speaker D: Mm hmm. [00:42:12] Speaker B: What'd you get? [00:42:15] Speaker F: Instead of a 21, I got a 20. [00:42:17] Speaker B: Oh, so you know, you just miss. Matt has two hero points, Aya has two hero points, Christine has two hero points. Rich has one hero point, and Anwar now has one hero point. Okay, so temid shot a beam of light, this pillar and it. He misses. [00:42:38] Speaker F: Have I ever hit one of these. I don't think I ever have hit one of these. [00:42:41] Speaker A: So I want to say that the first time you got searing light, you hit, and that was the last time you hit. You've used it many times since then. [00:42:49] Speaker F: I like the spell so much. It's so freaking awesome. But I cannot hit with it. [00:42:54] Speaker C: I want to say that one. Once we made the transition to electronic rolling, I've been rolling really well, and I think you are the opposite. You haven't hit anything in. [00:43:02] Speaker F: Yeah, I haven't hit anything in ages besides the bottle. [00:43:06] Speaker A: And also your character hasn't hit anything in ages. [00:43:09] Speaker B: I don't care about it from the sky. Oh, boy. You, the bird. See this creature, a helicopter show up, and I'm trying to find, what is that? [00:43:18] Speaker A: Is that a demon with fire coming. [00:43:19] Speaker C: Out of its mouth? [00:43:20] Speaker B: There you go. Can you guys see that? [00:43:22] Speaker A: Um, it's in the darkness. [00:43:28] Speaker B: Hello. So this is what renewal was laying to you? How has a chew Kai face, but then wings and a forked tail? Gross. [00:43:41] Speaker A: Yeah, that's it. [00:43:44] Speaker B: What am I doing? [00:43:45] Speaker A: It looks like it. Demon with a baboon face. That would have got us closer to what this thing looks like. [00:43:51] Speaker B: Ten minutes. Since you are the closest to it, would you like to describe this to the audience? [00:44:05] Speaker F: It kind of looks like a baboon. You're right. And it has spikes all along its back, kind of like a lion's mane made out of spikes. It's got horn, leathery wings coming out its back, rippling muscles, spikes all over its arm and its tail, and, like, legs, like beauty and the beast. Beast leg. [00:44:23] Speaker C: Very accurate, actually. [00:44:24] Speaker B: Yeah. So that is what you see. And now it gets a turn. [00:44:31] Speaker A: Was to move. We know that. [00:44:33] Speaker B: Yes. Its first action was to move. And it's going to land right next to the pillar. It flies up and lands directly next to the pillar. Be careful what you say because you see it. Take a large, deep breath in. [00:44:51] Speaker C: Uh oh. [00:44:51] Speaker E: Oh, boy. [00:44:52] Speaker A: This is when you plug its nostrils. [00:44:55] Speaker B: And it breathes out in a 30 foot cone. Oh, boy. [00:45:01] Speaker A: No, that hits pond washer too. [00:45:03] Speaker B: Yeah. Yeah. [00:45:05] Speaker A: Well, luckily it just hits Tema. I mean, not luckily, but unfortunately, it hits Temmin and pine watcher, but at least it doesn't hit the majority of us. [00:45:12] Speaker D: Anyone else? [00:45:13] Speaker A: Temmin is now on fire, according to the icon on the map. [00:45:17] Speaker C: Oh, no. [00:45:18] Speaker B: Yeah. Oh, boy. [00:45:19] Speaker A: Well, it looks like you're dead. [00:45:20] Speaker B: Roll up a new character. [00:45:24] Speaker F: Schmemmed Smed roll. Actually putting fire on the thing, but. [00:45:28] Speaker B: He'S stretching it out both timid. And pond watcher make a reflex save. [00:45:34] Speaker E: Remember that we do have the rings. [00:45:36] Speaker A: Oh, good call. Yeah. [00:45:37] Speaker B: Hi. [00:45:38] Speaker A: I was right. We do have the rings of his ring of fire protection, which is five. [00:45:41] Speaker C: I rolled a 31 reflex. [00:45:43] Speaker B: Okay. [00:45:47] Speaker F: I did not roll anywhere near as well, but I didn't get a 20. [00:45:50] Speaker B: Going to take half. Damn it. [00:45:53] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:45:53] Speaker B: Unless you have evasion, only two points of damage. Yay. [00:45:57] Speaker C: Thanks so much. [00:45:58] Speaker A: So it's half minus five, which is cool. [00:46:00] Speaker B: So if you brings a fire resistance, so half. I'm gonna let you do the fire resistance. You're gonna take 17 points of damage. [00:46:10] Speaker F: That's half and half that debt after half having it. [00:46:15] Speaker B: So this creature rolled 35 damage before halving. [00:46:20] Speaker C: Yikes. [00:46:21] Speaker F: No, I don't think numbers go that high. I'm sorry. I don't know. [00:46:23] Speaker B: 17 big yikes. Yeah. Sean. Yes. [00:46:29] Speaker C: I just want to let you know you drop me below triple digits. [00:46:33] Speaker B: What? Yeah. Pawn watcher has a 111 hit points now. [00:46:38] Speaker C: And I don't appreciate that at all. [00:46:41] Speaker B: Oh, I'm so sorry. Okay, have 99 hit points. Well, that was. It's turned. Brianna, you just see a gout of flame, just wash over temid and pondwatcher first. [00:46:54] Speaker E: She's really upset that she wasn't in reach of being able to liberate at least pond watcher. But since she is the tank, she will double move and will likely end up in front of this thing that things focus on her. Since that's literally her job. [00:47:13] Speaker B: Why not? Let's. [00:47:14] Speaker E: Let's do a swing. Also, let me just double check my. [00:47:18] Speaker D: Oh, never mind. [00:47:19] Speaker E: It's against undead, so never mind swinging my scimitar. [00:47:23] Speaker B: 31 will hit. [00:47:25] Speaker E: Excellent. [00:47:26] Speaker F: The crit. [00:47:27] Speaker E: Take 16 damage. [00:47:28] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:47:29] Speaker E: Is it a crit? [00:47:29] Speaker B: Guys, this thing just laid out 35 damage. If a 31 crits, we're in trouble. It does not crit it. [00:47:36] Speaker A: No, no, we're not in trouble. [00:47:38] Speaker F: Not in trouble. I don't know. [00:47:39] Speaker D: You'd be in trouble. [00:47:40] Speaker B: The reason why we're rejecting Sean. So that was moving was an action. Swinging was a wet action. You got one more action. [00:47:46] Speaker E: I double moved, though. [00:47:47] Speaker B: Oh, you double move? [00:47:48] Speaker E: Because I'm not that fast. [00:47:50] Speaker B: All right, so, Raya, I'm going to. Okay, well, you can see them. Um, Arcana or society. [00:48:05] Speaker D: All right, let's try our canna here. It's a slightly better roll for a 16. I roll natural one. [00:48:11] Speaker B: So this is a mutation of a regular monkey. [00:48:17] Speaker E: Oh, dear. [00:48:17] Speaker D: I don't know if I believe that, but it's great. [00:48:19] Speaker A: Saraya does? [00:48:20] Speaker B: Yes. Yeah. [00:48:22] Speaker D: Surya is just like, oh, yeah, this is normal. Monkeys breathe fire all the time. It just must be because it's in the jungle. [00:48:27] Speaker C: Bad monkey. [00:48:29] Speaker A: Jungle monkey. [00:48:30] Speaker B: Bad monkey. [00:48:30] Speaker D: Bad. Yes. So she is going to move just barely. Perfect. And she is going to throw, since I have quick draw and I have pre made bones a frost vial at it in the hopes that, you know, fire a knight. [00:48:44] Speaker B: So 31 will hit ten damage. Damage. Nice. [00:48:48] Speaker D: Ten cold damage. I doubt that does anything special, but. And two, cold smash. [00:48:53] Speaker B: Okay. [00:48:54] Speaker D: And the target takes a ten foot penalty. [00:48:56] Speaker B: So it. Okay. The sound of more leathery wings show. [00:49:02] Speaker F: Up on their allies. [00:49:04] Speaker B: Right? Yeah. If you want to make this your best friend, absolutely. All right, so it flies down towards Soraya and you see only actions. Is that one action to fly, like, 60ft here. Right. Let's see. I want to make sure. I want. Make sure I give you guys, like. [00:49:22] Speaker A: Because it wasn't there a little bit ago, so I had to get there on this turn and then do whatever it's gonna do. [00:49:27] Speaker B: Okay. Okay. When that case, it's. You're gonna hear it start to shriek. No, boy. As you. You hear you. This sound sounds very reminiscent of when you were under the citadel and you heard the churica shrieking. [00:49:42] Speaker A: They got haste, didn't they? [00:49:43] Speaker B: Yep, yep. [00:49:44] Speaker A: Oh, shit. [00:49:48] Speaker B: So now it flies to here, right. And then you see it breathe another gout. Come on, fire. [00:50:02] Speaker D: Again. [00:50:03] Speaker A: Do the shrieks in action. [00:50:04] Speaker B: Right. Begins the beginning of the turn. [00:50:06] Speaker A: Interesting. [00:50:07] Speaker C: We're about to eat some fire. [00:50:08] Speaker F: Just because I said bring it on, doesn't mean. I mean bring it on. [00:50:11] Speaker B: Well, and how many times have I told you, you need to email me what you mean when you say bring it on? [00:50:17] Speaker C: I think it gets all three of us. [00:50:18] Speaker B: Does it? Yeah, it does. [00:50:20] Speaker C: It just barely breaks me, but it gets me. [00:50:22] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:50:23] Speaker D: What? Save it. [00:50:23] Speaker B: Let's say a fortitude. Save. [00:50:25] Speaker A: Reflex. [00:50:25] Speaker B: Save. I'm sorry? Reflex. Save reflex. [00:50:27] Speaker D: I was gonna say fort reflex. Reflex is 25. [00:50:31] Speaker B: Okay. Foo 1414. [00:50:34] Speaker C: That's a natural dose. [00:50:36] Speaker F: 32. [00:50:37] Speaker B: Okay, so. So I'm going to let you let Saraya and pawn Watcher know you both failed. Would you like to use a hero point with a 25? [00:50:46] Speaker D: Shit, yes. [00:50:48] Speaker B: All right. [00:50:49] Speaker C: No, no. [00:50:51] Speaker B: Okay, boy. [00:50:53] Speaker D: Okay. I don't have 99 hit points. [00:50:56] Speaker C: I didn't say you need to. I just said I ain't going. [00:50:59] Speaker A: Did Pond watcher crit fail? [00:51:00] Speaker B: Pondwatcher? [00:51:02] Speaker C: Oh, that's a good question, actually. [00:51:03] Speaker A: Because if 25 is a miss, than a 14 is a crit fail. [00:51:06] Speaker B: Yes. [00:51:06] Speaker A: I don't know if it does anymore damage, but that might change your answer. [00:51:09] Speaker B: Yes. [00:51:10] Speaker C: This feels real metagamey. [00:51:13] Speaker B: Well, it's. It's how the hero points work now, though. [00:51:16] Speaker C: But, yeah, I'm not gonna take, I'm not gonna eat a crit fail if I can get away with it. [00:51:20] Speaker B: All right, go ahead and spend that thousand damage. Last hero point. [00:51:25] Speaker C: It's probably gonna be worse anyway. Let's be honest. Here we go. 24 fail. [00:51:29] Speaker B: Still a fail, but not a crit fail. Not a critical crit fail. [00:51:36] Speaker A: You're welcome. [00:51:37] Speaker B: Okay, I like your character, Saraya. You roll the 32 with your reroll. So now you pass, so. [00:51:44] Speaker D: Which means I only check. [00:51:46] Speaker A: Makes me very sad that I don't have to do any of these reflexes. [00:51:49] Speaker F: I hate you. [00:51:50] Speaker B: What the hell? [00:51:51] Speaker F: Why do you roll so many? [00:51:52] Speaker B: Because that's the damage. It's 26 damage for full. Yeah, I rolled four ones. [00:51:58] Speaker A: And 1613 is half then minus five. [00:52:02] Speaker B: Eight. Yeah, that's brutal. Okay, you are very crispy. Those booty shorts are shrinking by the minute. [00:52:08] Speaker C: So for just, you know, for reference, here's what happened. I walked down a little marsh, I got blasted by a laser in the face. I got blasted by fire in the face, and I got blasted by fire in the side of my body from multiple directions. [00:52:25] Speaker B: I'm not happy. I'm not happy. Well, I want you to think about that as twin Talon takes his turn. [00:52:32] Speaker A: Okay, so woof. [00:52:35] Speaker C: Yeah, wolf is right. [00:52:37] Speaker A: Okay, so I got to do what twin Talon's good at, and that's getting up to people whose allies are also fighting and stabbing them. So Twintalon is going to double move, basically move across the marshy area to get up next to Brianna, and then he is going to use quick draw to slice at it. Okay, 35 it is left footed, by the way. [00:52:59] Speaker B: So that's minus two, right? [00:53:01] Speaker A: Correct. [00:53:01] Speaker B: Let me do some math. That is a critical hit. [00:53:06] Speaker A: So before the critical is applied, it is 17 damage and it's flat foot it next turn. [00:53:13] Speaker B: Okay, now let me draw a crib. [00:53:15] Speaker A: Spinal tap, normal damage, so I don't get double damage on this one. So it is 17 damage. [00:53:20] Speaker B: Okay. [00:53:20] Speaker A: And I can choose to either make it flat footed next turn or give it second three. So I'm gonna give it second three because it's already gonna be flat footed to me next turn anyway. [00:53:30] Speaker B: All right, that's not, uh, that's not ideal for me. I don't like that. No. [00:53:36] Speaker A: I would have liked another 17 down, but we can't get what we want. [00:53:39] Speaker B: John Pond watcher. Uh, yeah, pond watcher. [00:53:42] Speaker C: You finally get to go very cross, I have to say. [00:53:47] Speaker B: I mean, you've been roasted twice, almost. [00:53:50] Speaker C: Blinded, so he gets blasted from like 50 angles. Since we were walking through the forest, he has his longbow equipped. He sees all his friends rushing forward and doing battle in this like northernly area of the map, fighting the demon boy. And we got the second, you know, little monkey friend on this on the right side. So he's gonna first take one shot at that person with his longbow. He's gonna take a minus two because he's within 30ft. [00:54:21] Speaker B: Okay? [00:54:22] Speaker C: Fortunately. So that is a 32 to hit. [00:54:26] Speaker B: That will hit. [00:54:27] Speaker C: And the arrow sees sinks in dealing twelve damage from his magical kuja longbow. For his second action, he's going to lightly place the longbow on the ground next to him for just a release. That's not an action, if I recall correctly. He is then going to sprint across the field towards the man on the right. By man, I mean giant baboon demon monster. [00:54:57] Speaker B: It is a small creature, just so you know. [00:55:00] Speaker C: Small. [00:55:01] Speaker E: No, it is not. [00:55:02] Speaker B: These are small creatures. What? [00:55:04] Speaker F: Yes, that thing is 30ft. [00:55:07] Speaker C: It was so much cooler in my mind. Now I feel very stupid now. I shot a bat with a bow and arrow and now I feel like an idiot. But anyway, he's gonna sprint over within 5ft of this creature and, and then he's gonna draw Alek's silver greatsword. [00:55:24] Speaker B: Ooh. [00:55:25] Speaker C: All right, off his back. Silver had been carrying it for him and he took it back and now he's gonna party. And that is the end of his turn. [00:55:34] Speaker B: Okay, nice Brienne. You see the smoke rising from this pillar? Start to billow a bit more as you see, the eyes light up with darkness and it shoots out a beam of light at you for a 24. 24 will miss. Okay, so the beam goes over your head as you duck under it, timid. It is your turn. However, I want you to think about how you guys are gonna get out of this mess and we will finish it next week. [00:56:12] Speaker D: Like this. [00:56:13] Speaker A: Don't die for a week at least. [00:56:14] Speaker G: Our heroes seem to be in a bit of a sticky wicket. Will they be able to survive these fire breathing creatures? Will they be able to topple the totem? Will Pondwatcher be roasted to a crisp? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:56:38] Speaker B: Thank you for listening to the Crack Die podcast. Background sound effects provided by sirenscape. Because Epic Games deserve Epic music, please visit [email protected]. Pathfinder Second Edition age of Ashes Adventure Path are all copyright of Paizo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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