The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 52 - Appalachian Love Song

Episode 22 October 01, 2020 01:01:44
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 52 - Appalachian Love Song
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 52 - Appalachian Love Song

Oct 01 2020 | 01:01:44


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The gang face a new face...face? Faces?! What is even going on... 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:38] Speaker A: Welcome to the 52nd episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:00:46] Speaker B: Woohoo. [00:00:47] Speaker C: Hooray. [00:00:49] Speaker D: One year of episodes. Not really, but yay. [00:00:52] Speaker A: Let's argue over it. [00:00:53] Speaker C: Well, let me have some filler. We had 52. It's an important number in that it's the number of weeks. [00:01:04] Speaker D: Like a deck of cards. [00:01:05] Speaker A: Yes. [00:01:07] Speaker C: Yeah, that's a thing that has nothing to do with the calendar and we can agree on. [00:01:11] Speaker A: Are we counting Joker anyway? [00:01:13] Speaker C: Shut up, Sean. [00:01:15] Speaker D: If I had a dog, we count you, so obviously we don't count jokers. [00:01:21] Speaker A: Ah, I was gonna say, if I had a dollar for every time I was told to shut up, I'd have a lot of dollars. [00:01:28] Speaker E: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast. All heroes chased after the creatures that attacked silver. After being unable to catch these creatures, our heroes continue their search for what's causing the ekuje to be blind. All heroes come across a man carrying a bag. As all heroes attempt to communicate with them, the face spins around to that of an animal. What is this creature? What do they want? And what's in the bag? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:02:10] Speaker A: Anyway, let's jump back in to this wonderful gentleman you were speaking with. When Saraya leaned in to whisper something to Briana, and twin Talon moved to take the bag away, his head did a full 180, like, you definitely heard some muscle and sinew and bones grinding and cracking as it turns, and now there is a hyena face looking at you. [00:02:41] Speaker B: That doesn't sound normal. [00:02:43] Speaker A: It's fine. I've given you a larger picture of this person. [00:02:50] Speaker D: Oh, very nice. [00:02:51] Speaker C: He's smiling, has a hyena on the back of his head. [00:02:54] Speaker A: Yeah, definitely not a hat anymore. [00:02:56] Speaker D: I mean, I would guess that's a hat if I first came up on somebody. [00:03:00] Speaker C: Uh huh. [00:03:01] Speaker D: Be like, that's a weird hat. But, like, you're in the wilderness and you're a hunter, so maybe this is just your thing. [00:03:08] Speaker F: I mean, we are in the jungle, and it is an effective way of dislading tigers. [00:03:13] Speaker B: How much do we know about what lives in this jungle? [00:03:16] Speaker D: So I know for a fact that there's at least one person that has a hyena head on the back of his head. [00:03:21] Speaker B: Fair point, fair point. [00:03:24] Speaker F: When we were with the accuje, there was like the mountain lion there, and they were like, oh, ha ha. She thinks she's a tiger, right? Watch, someone's gonna come back and be like, um, actually it was Jaguar, but. [00:03:37] Speaker D: I don't know the magic of editing. [00:03:42] Speaker B: Yeah, no, she was a lioness and her name was Harriet, which is, like you said, the episode. Yeah. Weird. It's definitely out of place, you know, while listening to all the other more angry names. Yeah. [00:03:56] Speaker D: So if you read all the lore books, you would know that Harriet's a very common lion name. [00:04:01] Speaker B: Oh, I see. Thank you. Thank you, Anwar. [00:04:05] Speaker A: Well, you guys never found out, but Harriet's class was a spy. [00:04:10] Speaker B: I. Yep. I think I did make that joke. I beat you to it, Sean. So there you go. [00:04:17] Speaker F: So this guy with. With the hyena face and the bag with an angel in it. [00:04:22] Speaker A: Yeah. Yeah. So, um, you know, let's. Let's do the thing that's, uh, that thing is called initiative. Twin Talon, you may use stealth as your initiative. Oh, great. [00:04:35] Speaker C: Because that's what I was doing. [00:04:37] Speaker A: 27 for Saraya, 17 for Brianna. [00:04:44] Speaker D: 32 for temid. [00:04:45] Speaker G: 25. [00:04:47] Speaker C: 29. [00:04:48] Speaker F: I just enjoyed that. The first thing that's going to happen is like, he's just going to shove like a mug of beer into this guy's hands. [00:04:55] Speaker D: We're friends now. [00:04:57] Speaker F: Exactly. [00:04:58] Speaker G: So, Sean, I did have a question, which was that we attempted to speak to this man and he was speaking back to us in Mwangi, but twin Talon should have understood that from his book. Bush hiding place. [00:05:12] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:05:13] Speaker G: So what. What was he saying? [00:05:15] Speaker C: Do you want to talk about it in character or out of character? [00:05:18] Speaker G: Well, it's not my turn. [00:05:20] Speaker C: Yeah, look at his talk. I mean, you and me, rich, we can talk. [00:05:23] Speaker G: Oh, my character doesn't care. So out of character. [00:05:29] Speaker D: You brought it up, but your character isn't there. [00:05:31] Speaker A: Right. [00:05:32] Speaker C: He wasn't speaking Milanki. [00:05:34] Speaker G: Oh, well, that explains that. [00:05:35] Speaker C: Yep. I don't know what he was speaking, but I know it wasn't Wangi. [00:05:38] Speaker A: So I'll lift the curtain a little bit. So while you guys were trying to speak with him in Mwangi, I sent a little private message over to Matt, who plays twin Talon on the show, and said he's not actually speaking moiety. He was speaking gibberish. He may have been play acting that he didn't understand what you were saying. [00:05:59] Speaker B: What a dick. [00:06:01] Speaker G: Well, we didn't actually try to speak to him in Mwangi because none of us speak Moangi except for the person who is stealthing. [00:06:06] Speaker C: Correct. [00:06:07] Speaker A: Right. [00:06:07] Speaker G: So we don't know that. Okay, got it. [00:06:10] Speaker D: Oh, he. He sees this and it scares. It scares him a little bit. I'm not gonna lie. Like, he's not. He's not completely fearless. In fact, he's quite, quite scared at the moment. So he's gonna touch his amulet, which looks like two mugs. And he's going to put out a hand and he's going to cast searing light. [00:06:30] Speaker A: All right, let's see that beautiful roll or bean footage. [00:06:37] Speaker G: Thank you for that. [00:06:38] Speaker C: You're welcome. [00:06:39] Speaker A: Porcano, los dos. [00:06:40] Speaker D: All right, 23. [00:06:43] Speaker C: Not bad. [00:06:44] Speaker A: 23 versus the AC of this creature. [00:06:48] Speaker D: Yeah, it's an attack bonus. Yeah, it should be ac Miss Woof. No, no, no, no. [00:06:54] Speaker F: This should be interesting. [00:06:55] Speaker D: Ah, shoot. Okay. [00:06:58] Speaker C: It's okay. That would have missed me too. [00:07:00] Speaker A: I don't know if I've mentioned it but you guys aren't in the kitty end of the pool anymore. [00:07:04] Speaker D: Think we ever were? [00:07:05] Speaker C: Yeah, but like that would have missed Brianna or my. [00:07:08] Speaker D: No, no, I'm just saying. Oh no. Because I've never hit that spell once. [00:07:12] Speaker A: Right. Right. [00:07:13] Speaker C: All right, fans, if whoever's been scouring the episodes and knows the answer if that's true or not, please let us know. [00:07:24] Speaker D: Also, if. If the answer is the fact that I'm wrong just don't write into the show. [00:07:29] Speaker A: Ever. [00:07:29] Speaker D: Ever. [00:07:31] Speaker C: Please. Extra. Right into the show. [00:07:35] Speaker D: Yeah. So once again, I guess he was a little shook by this. He's never seen anyone kind of turn their head 180 degrees before. And he's also never seen someone turn their head into a. A hyena head before. So it scares him a little bit, I guess. And he just completely fires his, his searing light over the thing's head. And then he kind of looks at his hand like what is this thing broken? And he taps it a couple of times and he gets near this thing. [00:08:02] Speaker A: Okay. [00:08:02] Speaker D: Because even though he's scared, he's a hero. [00:08:04] Speaker A: Right? [00:08:05] Speaker D: So he moves within 5ft of it. [00:08:08] Speaker A: All right? [00:08:09] Speaker D: Because of this, he's now helping twin Talon flank. [00:08:13] Speaker A: Twin Talon, it's your turn. [00:08:14] Speaker C: So I'd like to thank you, Anwar for coming up and giving me flanking. Even though it doesn't matter right now, it will matter next round because I'm going before him. Twin Talon will quick draw his short sword since I don't think he had it out he was picking around in that guy's bag. Wolf, I don't know. Natural five, which got me a 20. So I'm going to spend one of my hero points. [00:08:45] Speaker A: Okay. [00:08:45] Speaker C: I got these. Going to spend them to reroll that. And I'm sure I will get a natural one if I remember our last episodes. That's how this goes. [00:08:56] Speaker D: I believe in you. I think you're going to get a natural 19. [00:08:59] Speaker C: Thank you. Oh, I got a natural twelve. Which is better and that's 27 to hit. [00:09:06] Speaker A: That will hit. [00:09:08] Speaker C: Okay. [00:09:09] Speaker D: Also, I'm pretty sure I said natural. [00:09:11] Speaker A: Twelve. [00:09:12] Speaker C: It's possible he is flat footed to me as well. [00:09:15] Speaker A: Oh yes. So he definitely hits. [00:09:18] Speaker C: So then it's 16 damage. [00:09:23] Speaker B: Nice. [00:09:24] Speaker C: Twin Talon will attack a second time. I'm gonna spend a hero point. [00:09:28] Speaker F: Look, I am all for twin talent doing. Yeah, this turn because looks like our buddies. Up next. [00:09:36] Speaker C: How about a Nat 20? The best use of a hero point for a 31. [00:09:43] Speaker A: That'll hit and crit. [00:09:45] Speaker C: Mmm. Interesting, interesting. So I'm gonna roll my sneak attack damage. [00:09:49] Speaker A: Aren't you gonna draw a card? [00:09:51] Speaker C: Well, I want to see what the base damage is. Okay, so 14 regular damage. Eight, sneak attack is 22, normal damage. Okay, now let's draw a crit card. [00:10:03] Speaker G: This guy's head's creepy. Let's kill him. [00:10:05] Speaker C: Yeah, you just have an angel in a bag. I'm not super thrilled with that. [00:10:10] Speaker D: I guess the rest of us don't know that. So I just shot a light of beam of it. He's like, I'm different than you, is what he said in this other language. And then he. [00:10:16] Speaker F: Then I shot at him. [00:10:18] Speaker G: Very intolerant. [00:10:19] Speaker A: Are you using piercing or slashing? [00:10:22] Speaker C: Uh, piercing. [00:10:24] Speaker A: Okay. [00:10:24] Speaker C: I mean, my last attack, did it seem like he took the damage or does it seem like he didn't take it? [00:10:29] Speaker A: He took the damage. [00:10:30] Speaker C: Okay. So I'm gonna continue to use piercing. [00:10:33] Speaker A: Okay. [00:10:34] Speaker C: Until matters. So I think it's deep wound. Okay. Target is sickened three. So it does double damage. So it does 44 damage. And he is second three. [00:10:50] Speaker B: Wow, that's awesome. [00:10:53] Speaker D: I know. He's dead. [00:10:54] Speaker A: I think, inshallah, he's not. Not dead. He definitely doesn't look good though. You cut into this creature pretty, pretty good actually. [00:11:09] Speaker B: But if he were a pizza. [00:11:12] Speaker A: Sorry, uh, there's still a lot of slices of that pizza left. [00:11:18] Speaker C: Okay. So I feel like because his ac is high, I think we're always. He's pretty high at this point. And my next attack would be. That was an eleven, so that would be like a seven. Like a seven. I don't think I'm gonna hit this guy unless I crit him. So I'm going to avoid the critical failure that is inevitable. And twin Talon is going to use a single action to draw and poison his blade. Or they draw poison and apply it to his blade. So the guy's head spins around when Talon whips his sword out, stabs him twice real quick. The second time, I'm guessing it hits somewhere near his stomach from behind, which is. Seems really violent because he doesn't look so good. Both of his sets of eyes cross a little bit. And then twin Talon takes some time to apply something to his blade. [00:12:17] Speaker A: You hear him yell out in common. I'll make you pay for that. And he spins in place. And you notice that his hands aren't really hands. [00:12:30] Speaker D: Hot dogs. [00:12:32] Speaker G: Ooh, boxing gloves. [00:12:35] Speaker A: They are claws. He swings a claw at twin Talon. 35. [00:12:46] Speaker C: 35. [00:12:47] Speaker A: 35. [00:12:50] Speaker C: Yeah, that hits. Is that with his second three? [00:12:53] Speaker A: No, it is not with his second three. So 32. [00:12:57] Speaker C: Okay, so 32 will hit, but not critical. [00:13:00] Speaker A: Okay. [00:13:03] Speaker D: That changed a lot. [00:13:06] Speaker A: So you will take 18 slashing as this claw just rakes across your midsection. And he will bite at you with his hyena like face. So let me do the math real quick. What did I roll? [00:13:28] Speaker C: You rolled a 20. Minus three because he's second. Make it a 23. And if it's less than that, it's a failure anyway. [00:13:38] Speaker A: Okay, so it's a failure. So the. The mouth bites at you and misses. And then just for fun, it will swing its claws at you one more time. Florian 1101. [00:13:55] Speaker C: One. Even if it wasn't a natural one, that would be a crit failure. [00:13:59] Speaker A: Well, fine. [00:14:00] Speaker C: He's got a name. [00:14:01] Speaker A: He. Oh, he does. He. [00:14:03] Speaker D: He does name him a toro. If I. If I, you know, just. Just looking at the picture. [00:14:09] Speaker B: No. [00:14:10] Speaker A: Oh. [00:14:13] Speaker D: Really good at naming people. [00:14:16] Speaker A: So it's called bad headbutt. I am stunned. One. [00:14:25] Speaker C: Which means he loses the first action on his next turn. [00:14:28] Speaker A: Yes. [00:14:29] Speaker C: Third action. [00:14:30] Speaker A: Yep. [00:14:31] Speaker C: And he's got some other penalties too. [00:14:34] Speaker A: Minus three. [00:14:35] Speaker C: And he's second three. He has two mouths. He could have vomited out of that turn. [00:14:41] Speaker A: Sean Sorreya. [00:14:44] Speaker F: Well, if this guy is going with the whole. All right, it's combat time. She's going to grab one of her pre made bombs for the day. We'll start with fire. It's always a good way to go. And she'll chuck it over to him. Yeah, I'm not gonna do the 15 foot cone splash because I don't want to get the bag. Well, a 20 hit. [00:15:10] Speaker A: Ooh, hold on. I got it. Do a lot of math. Do you minus three. No, just minus three. So if that is correct. Rolling. [00:15:22] Speaker C: Minus three. [00:15:23] Speaker A: Second. [00:15:25] Speaker F: Sorry. That is not. You have to update that macro because I got a 17 on the die and it's only at a plus three. It's actually a plus eleven. So it's a 28. [00:15:34] Speaker C: Nice. [00:15:36] Speaker A: That will hit. [00:15:38] Speaker C: Yeah, it doesn't. It doesn't mess with your ac, but, like, 27 will get away. [00:15:42] Speaker B: Cool. [00:15:43] Speaker F: So that's eleven damage on him. Plus two persistent. Plus two splash. [00:15:47] Speaker A: So he is on fire. [00:15:49] Speaker F: Yes, he is. So that was one action to draw and strike. Since I have quick bomber, she's gonna try it again with acid this time. Geez for giggles. Look, the more persistent damage I can get on this guy. [00:16:08] Speaker D: Oh, nice. [00:16:09] Speaker F: Well, same thing on the die 17 again. So it's gonna be a 23, which I think misses. [00:16:17] Speaker A: Or 23 will miss. Okay, so he takes two splash. [00:16:23] Speaker F: Yeah, two acid splash. [00:16:26] Speaker A: Okay. Would you like to go for a third one? [00:16:29] Speaker F: Definitely not. Because of that one, I will manage to crit fail and blow myself up like I always do. Okay, I'm actually going to send Jasper over to the bag and tell him to untie it. [00:16:43] Speaker C: It's already untied. I mean, I was looking at it. [00:16:45] Speaker F: Oh, it's already. It's already open. Cool. I didn't know if it would like, got closed or anything. [00:16:51] Speaker C: And I assume it is because I got to look in and see stuff. [00:16:54] Speaker A: Yes. [00:16:54] Speaker F: Fair, I guess. Then tell him to upend it if he can, and like dump out what's inside. [00:16:59] Speaker A: Uh, it's too heavy for him to upend. [00:17:02] Speaker F: All right. I mean, that's, that's what I'll try to do anyway. He'll go over there. [00:17:07] Speaker A: Yes. Pond watcher. [00:17:09] Speaker G: Okay, so, uh, we were traveling through the jungle. Pond watcher, uh, has his longbow equipped and uh, he's going to say time to send you to the pound dog. And he'll fire his longbow. Okay, that is a 23 because I am closer than 30ft. [00:17:33] Speaker C: Oh, and he is flat footed to everyone, by the way. [00:17:37] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:17:39] Speaker C: No, no. [00:17:39] Speaker G: So he's flanked. [00:17:41] Speaker C: No, because of the way second edition works. They're very cute with the way that they apply conditions to people. So he is senseless, meaning he is technically, he can't see or hear or taste or anything like that. Which means you are hidden to him. And if you are hidden to a creature, they are flat footed to you. [00:18:00] Speaker A: Yes. Because of the stunned condition. [00:18:03] Speaker C: Correct. [00:18:04] Speaker G: Oh, cool. [00:18:05] Speaker A: So that means it's minus two to his ac. [00:18:08] Speaker C: Correct. [00:18:09] Speaker A: 2023. So that'll hit nice. [00:18:14] Speaker F: So that means my acid flask hit too. [00:18:16] Speaker A: Your acid flask did hit as well. So many conditions. Minus eight for the acid flask and. [00:18:25] Speaker F: That'S a persistent damage. [00:18:28] Speaker A: Okay, on your turn or on. Yes, on your turn. And your longbow does 1313 piercing. [00:18:34] Speaker B: Get him. [00:18:36] Speaker G: And then he'll say, just give up already. It's not worth it. Bag guy. And he'll that's it. He's not gonna do anything else. We just kind of, like, lit this guy up. Maybe he'll give up. I don't know. [00:18:50] Speaker A: Brianna. [00:18:51] Speaker B: I think Brianna was so taken aback by his head whipping round, which. Which caused her to slow down considerably. But now that she has regained some composure, something within her kind of bubbles up as she points to him with her scimitar and says, you. I smite thee and I will take thee to hell or whatnot. I'm not good at words. [00:19:17] Speaker A: The boneyard. Okay. [00:19:18] Speaker B: I will take you to the boneyard. Whatever that is. Okay, so effectively, I think this is the first time I'm actually using my feet. Smite evil. [00:19:30] Speaker A: Okay. [00:19:32] Speaker C: Tell us more. [00:19:33] Speaker B: I will read you the description. Because if I try and describe it myself, I'll just be like. Weapon good. Fight stuff. Yes. [00:19:43] Speaker D: I like it. It's the cliff notes. [00:19:45] Speaker C: Yeah. That's all we need to know. Weapon. [00:19:47] Speaker A: Good. [00:19:47] Speaker C: Fight stuff. All right, let's go. [00:19:50] Speaker B: But for those who actually want to know what the feat does, your blade ally becomes a more powerful tool against evildoers. Select one foe you can see until the start of your next turn. Your strikes with the weapon your blade ally inhabits again against that foe. Deal an extra four good damage, increasing it to six if you have master proficiency with this weapon. If the foe attacks one of your allies, the duration extends to the end of that foe's next turn. If the foe continues to attack your allies, each turn, the duration continues to extend. [00:20:28] Speaker A: So basically you're telling me I either have to attack you or you're just going to keep laying into it for an extra six four. [00:20:36] Speaker B: Well, I'm trying an expert. [00:20:39] Speaker C: You are? It's increases to six if you have master, and I don't think anybody has fighters at this level, but. [00:20:46] Speaker A: Okay. I doubt it. [00:20:46] Speaker C: We're what? Six? [00:20:48] Speaker A: Yes. So for an extra four damage. [00:20:51] Speaker C: Okay, that's still not nothing. [00:20:54] Speaker A: Does he know if. If this creature were evil? If. I'm not saying they are. If they were evil, would they know that you had put this on them? [00:21:06] Speaker B: Would assume so. It is a divine thing, so that's completely up to you. It seems like this divine light filled Brienne as she spoke these words and her sword seemed to light up. [00:21:22] Speaker C: Well, I think that one. He might have to make a recall knowledge check because we fucking would have to. [00:21:30] Speaker A: That's true. [00:21:32] Speaker C: He probably would feel it when he gets hit with. With good damage. If he's, say, an evil outsider of some kind. [00:21:38] Speaker A: Sure, let's say that. [00:21:41] Speaker B: So that would be my first action. My second action would be to move up, and my third and final action would be to strike. [00:21:51] Speaker A: Oh, no. [00:21:52] Speaker B: How is a 33 smite if I. [00:21:59] Speaker A: So he's still flat footed. So minus three, two. Minus two. Critical hit. [00:22:09] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. [00:22:11] Speaker C: Nice. Oh, can we. Can we guess what it's gonna be? [00:22:15] Speaker D: Capitate. [00:22:18] Speaker C: Triple damage. Triple damage. [00:22:22] Speaker B: No, it is. It is still just double damage, and the target is fatigued. Now, what does fatigue do, Fran? [00:22:30] Speaker A: It is a conditioned. You are tired and can't summon much energy. You take a minus one status penalty to ac and saving throws. [00:22:39] Speaker B: Oops. [00:22:40] Speaker A: So hang on, let me just. Minus one there. [00:22:46] Speaker F: All the stuff ailments on this guy. [00:22:48] Speaker B: Well, you know, so total damage would be 14 times two. So 28. [00:22:56] Speaker F: Is that correct? [00:22:58] Speaker C: Yes. [00:23:01] Speaker A: They are not undead. [00:23:03] Speaker C: No, but for us, from the. [00:23:06] Speaker B: From the smite. [00:23:07] Speaker A: Oh, that's. You're right. [00:23:09] Speaker C: And it's good damage in case he's weak against it. [00:23:12] Speaker A: So 28. 28 damage. [00:23:15] Speaker B: Mm hmm. [00:23:16] Speaker A: All right. You hear him snarl. And so I have a question. Dead Matt, maybe, you know, when I become senseless, do I lose reactions? [00:23:33] Speaker C: I would say yes, because you typically have to have line of sight or line of affected do anything. And also, stun specifically says you cannot take any actions. [00:23:44] Speaker A: Oh, you're right. Okay. [00:23:45] Speaker C: Until you get out of stun. I don't know that census would do that. You would at least have to roll some kind of flat check to even target somebody. But stunned, I think, would. I mean, I know specifically stunned will stop you from taking reaction. [00:23:57] Speaker A: Well, there we go. That's my question. So nothing happens. Temmit, back to you. [00:24:04] Speaker D: So timid kind of eyes this thing, and he hears it snarl, and he sees his face, and he's kind of starting to get his senses back. And so he thinks to himself, if he's heard of anything like this in the past, any tales, any stories. So he uses recall, knowledge. [00:24:22] Speaker A: Society. [00:24:24] Speaker D: Society. [00:24:25] Speaker C: Interesting. [00:24:26] Speaker A: Yes. Society. [00:24:27] Speaker D: I would have assumed he was. It was a fiend. Um, what? Anyways, I'm gonna. I'm gonna roll it. It's not very good, very unlikely, but might as well, because it's that or cast shield, right, guys? [00:24:49] Speaker B: 16. [00:24:50] Speaker A: So 16 this. Oh, boy. [00:24:56] Speaker D: Hey, by the way, that was a 16 on the die out of a plus zero. [00:25:02] Speaker C: Okay? [00:25:03] Speaker A: Oh, wow. [00:25:05] Speaker G: Even I have a better society than that. [00:25:08] Speaker F: You are the prince who is promised. So it's true. [00:25:13] Speaker A: So you know that this is a regular human that has some sort of item on their body that allows them to do this head thing. [00:25:29] Speaker D: Oh, okay. So he. He speaks, he says this out loud. He's like, everyone, this is no fiend. This is a regular person. He must have some type of item on his body or on itself that allows him to do such unnatural things. [00:25:48] Speaker F: He's so. He's a Lou guru? Is that what you're telling us? [00:25:50] Speaker A: That. Well, something like that. Where. Where they have to have, like, the wolf man or. Yeah, yeah. What? [00:25:58] Speaker D: And what? [00:26:00] Speaker F: So I'm just gonna start hashtag just a dude. [00:26:08] Speaker D: Like it. [00:26:09] Speaker A: All right, Tevin, that was your first action? [00:26:11] Speaker D: That was my first action. My next action is to cast another one of his higher level spells. And so he again clutches his talisman and he says, feel the blade of the drunken God. And then he casts crisis of faith. And as he says that, like, his hair kind of stands up a little bit and his eyes glow white and he just puts his hand out and you can start to see, like, so. Or actually, like, the. The creature starts to. Or the guy starts to feel something in his chest. Like this gnawing feeling. Like maybe he's. He's doing the wrong thing or that he's. His whole life has been wasted and he's not sure if he's doing what he's meant to be doing and he should do a roll of will save DC 22, please. [00:27:03] Speaker A: I will say, huh. Wilson, 27. [00:27:09] Speaker D: And can I do it? [00:27:14] Speaker A: No. [00:27:16] Speaker D: Okay, so a failure. I mean, I'm sorry. A success. He takes half damage. Do we know if he cast. If he casts divine spells? [00:27:28] Speaker C: We don't know that. [00:27:30] Speaker A: We don't know that. [00:27:31] Speaker D: So if he cast the divine spells, he takes six. D. I mean, half of 68 damage. If he does not cast divine spells, he takes half of 66 damage. [00:27:44] Speaker A: He does. So roll 66. And then if he does cast divine spells, how much do you roll? [00:27:52] Speaker C: 68, I believe. [00:27:54] Speaker D: D. Eight. Yeah. [00:27:55] Speaker A: So roll 68 and then I'll take the half of whichever one it is. [00:28:01] Speaker D: Right. So if it's 66, he would take half of 19. So he would take nine. Nine. Okay, nine. Or he would take half of 26 if it was 68, which is 13. [00:28:13] Speaker A: Right. They are definitely, to borrow a term, bloodied, if you will, twin Talon. [00:28:24] Speaker C: Oh, well, I mean, we're all here. Might as well stab him. [00:28:33] Speaker F: Love the logic. Infallible. [00:28:35] Speaker C: Yeah. So he's still flat footed. Does a 23 hit him? Yes, since he's flat footed. And whatever else? Fatigued. [00:28:45] Speaker A: Yes, whatever else. [00:28:49] Speaker C: Okay. He would take. Great. 16 normal damage and two poison damage. [00:28:58] Speaker A: I don't like that. Don't like that at all. [00:29:01] Speaker C: And then he will attack a second time. [00:29:05] Speaker A: What type of properties do your swords have? [00:29:08] Speaker C: Mine is plus one striking. [00:29:10] Speaker A: No, no material. It's just a steel sword. Plus one striking steel. [00:29:14] Speaker C: Yes, as far as I'm aware. [00:29:16] Speaker D: All right. [00:29:17] Speaker C: It's not the cold iron plus one striking cold iron thing that Saraya has. Which now makes me wish I had that. Since Sean is curious about materials. [00:29:28] Speaker A: I mean, I'm always curious about things. [00:29:31] Speaker C: Hmm. I don't like it. [00:29:33] Speaker A: So, a 13, huh? [00:29:35] Speaker C: I think it's a critical failure. [00:29:37] Speaker A: Hang on, I got to do math again. No, it's just. Just a regular failure. [00:29:42] Speaker C: Well, 23 was a hit, so 13 can't be a critical failure, I guess. [00:29:46] Speaker A: Yeah, that's just a regular failure. [00:29:48] Speaker C: I'm gonna use my last hero point. [00:29:51] Speaker A: Okay. [00:29:51] Speaker D: Wow. [00:29:52] Speaker A: Burning them early. Why not? [00:29:54] Speaker C: Well, that's what they're here for, right? [00:29:57] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:29:59] Speaker A: Fuck. Oh, no, that's a natural one. [00:30:05] Speaker C: Yeah, that's a natural one. I rolled a two last time. Pulling a rich and rolling a natural one with my reroll. [00:30:12] Speaker G: Hey. [00:30:15] Speaker A: Go ahead and draw that crit miscard. Fail. [00:30:19] Speaker C: I give up my name so I don't have to bent your weapons. Current hit points are reduced. Which broken threshold. Already broken. Which it's not so great. [00:30:36] Speaker A: A broken weapon can't be used for its normal function, nor does it grant any of your bonuses, with the exception of armor. [00:30:45] Speaker G: Good thing we gave you those magical rings that pass your enchantment to your other sword, right? [00:30:50] Speaker C: Yeah, good thing that you guys didn't just keep those for yourselves. All right, so I still have another action to ruin my character with. [00:31:03] Speaker A: Go ahead and swing again. [00:31:05] Speaker C: Uh, no, he's not gonna do that. But he will draw his other sword. So he's not unarmed. Basically. [00:31:13] Speaker A: All right, so now this. Just a guy. Just a dude, if you will. Only gets two actions this turn. So for his first action, his head spins back to being a human. [00:31:36] Speaker B: What direction? [00:31:38] Speaker A: There's no facing in Pathfinder. [00:31:42] Speaker F: No, I want to know. Does it twist the rest of the way around or does it like, come back the way. [00:31:48] Speaker A: I think it finishes the circle? [00:31:51] Speaker B: Gross. [00:31:53] Speaker F: That's so much worse. [00:31:54] Speaker A: Hey, twin Talon? [00:31:56] Speaker C: Yep. [00:31:57] Speaker A: What? [00:32:00] Speaker C: It's your quest. Yes, to find the holy grail. [00:32:07] Speaker A: I asked you to give me a will. Say I'm sorry. [00:32:11] Speaker C: Are you asking me to give you. [00:32:12] Speaker A: I actually. No, I'm not. Because I can't do that. Never mind, never mind. [00:32:17] Speaker C: Good talk. [00:32:18] Speaker A: Too many actions. Uh, stuff. You see this creature with ichor dripping from it? [00:32:30] Speaker C: Jin. Who doesn't have ichor? Normal people. [00:32:34] Speaker G: Somebody needs to get an attack of opportunity. [00:32:37] Speaker C: Seriously, what can I take listeners, what is the thing I, rogue, can take to give me attack? Opportunity inevitably run away from me. [00:32:45] Speaker A: Hang on. Saraya, how much damage does do they take from persistent damage? [00:32:52] Speaker F: Two d, six acid, plus two fire. [00:32:54] Speaker A: Okay, so can you roll me two d, six acid. [00:32:58] Speaker F: Sure. [00:32:59] Speaker A: This makes a big difference. [00:33:01] Speaker F: So six acid and two fire. So that's eight persistent. [00:33:06] Speaker A: Okay, so he goes 510, 1520. Nope. 25, 30. He's running to the north. [00:33:16] Speaker C: Hey, you forgot your bag, Zoraya. [00:33:19] Speaker F: Okay, well, Jasper is gonna go fly back up to him. My first action is going to tell Jasper to fly back up and try to grab the mask off of him. [00:33:27] Speaker A: Okay, grab his face. [00:33:32] Speaker F: Grab the animal side, not the human side. And then I had him over by the bag. [00:33:38] Speaker A: Yep, he flies over and does he have a athletic skill? [00:33:44] Speaker F: His athletics is plus six. [00:33:46] Speaker A: Okay, give me an athletics check versus their athletics. It's gonna be gonna be our not athletics. Their reflex save. DC Jasper got a 16. Jasper swipes down and goes to pull the mask off. And he gets a claw or hand Talon thing because he has dexterous hands. [00:34:11] Speaker F: Yes, he does. [00:34:12] Speaker A: And goes to pull and you see him pull and it doesn't budge and he slips off. It's on there pretty tight. [00:34:18] Speaker F: Okay, should I go after him, guys? [00:34:24] Speaker C: I am. [00:34:26] Speaker F: Alrighty. So that's one action for her. Was to actually, I think I will stay back closer to the bag and I'm going to throw a tangle foot guy. Getting. Okay, slow him down. [00:34:35] Speaker B: Nice. [00:34:36] Speaker A: What do I need to make? [00:34:38] Speaker F: No, no saved. If I hit him, he gets it. [00:34:41] Speaker A: Okay, so what's your total? [00:34:43] Speaker F: The die was a 15, so it's a 26. [00:34:46] Speaker A: That'll hit him. [00:34:47] Speaker F: I assume that's not a crit. [00:34:49] Speaker A: No. [00:34:49] Speaker F: The target can end any effects by escaping or spending a total of three interact actions to keep carefully remove it. But he takes a minus ten foot penalty and the escape DC is 17. [00:34:59] Speaker C: Nice. [00:35:00] Speaker F: So he is hot. [00:35:04] Speaker D: That is awesome. [00:35:05] Speaker F: Mm hmm. Not that first time that's come in handy. [00:35:10] Speaker D: Well, it could have come in handy when they carried silver away. [00:35:14] Speaker F: I wasn't even thinking about it then. Oh, shit. [00:35:18] Speaker D: How dare you? How dare you. [00:35:21] Speaker A: Saraya, it's all your fault. No. Pondwatcher. [00:35:25] Speaker G: Pondwatcher dispassionately steps one square over to the right, and he's going to fire his longbow at the retreating man. Okay, draws back. He can't click the button correctly, and then he does. Okay, 25 to hit. That'll hit for 15 more piercing damage. [00:35:45] Speaker A: You drop him. [00:35:48] Speaker F: Nice. [00:35:49] Speaker B: Well done. [00:35:50] Speaker A: So as he's running Zuraya throws this sticky bag at him, and his feet get stuck, and he's trying to pull himself out, and just an arrow right through the back. And he just falls over just before. [00:36:03] Speaker D: The arrow lets loose. Temid, you know, like, basically thinking about his next turn, he starts, like, charging towards him and uncharacteristically, angrily screaming with all the pent up rage from one, this creature or whatever, either being slain or possibly held captive. And two, primarily just thinking about his good friend who just died, and he still quite hasn't processed it there. Has died or gone missing. And he's just like. And he screams and this thing falls and he just kind of, like, stops dead in his tracks, like, maybe feet away, and he just. Just kind of, like, just doesn't know what to do. He just kind of puts his head down and he's breathing heavy because he sprinted as hard as he could and just. Just stands there. [00:36:49] Speaker G: Is it dead? Do we need to ask questions or something? [00:36:54] Speaker C: I don't think it's. Yeah, I think you got it. I don't think it's moving. [00:36:58] Speaker B: I'll go check. Regardless, Brianna will move towards the fallen body, and as she moves next to temptation, she kind of will, like, squeeze his shoulder, so she'll move forward and. And see if she can find a pulse by putting the sole of his foot on her ear. [00:37:20] Speaker A: That's. [00:37:20] Speaker B: That's how we do it, right? [00:37:21] Speaker A: Yep. [00:37:22] Speaker C: Let's see how your role goes. Maybe. [00:37:26] Speaker A: Can you roll medicine? [00:37:29] Speaker B: 26. [00:37:30] Speaker A: Okay. This creature is dead. [00:37:35] Speaker B: It's dead. [00:37:37] Speaker C: What is it? [00:37:38] Speaker B: I don't know. She'll. She'll try and, like, poke at what we think is a mask. [00:37:44] Speaker A: It doesn't seem to be a mask. It looks like it's an actual hyena face grafted to the back of this guy's head. Okay. [00:37:52] Speaker B: Demod. You said something about it being just a regular man with. Hmm, doesn't quite seem like it. [00:38:01] Speaker G: No, dude. He said, dude. [00:38:03] Speaker C: Can she roll society? [00:38:05] Speaker A: Sure. [00:38:06] Speaker B: How's 19? [00:38:08] Speaker D: Oh, it looks like I failed. [00:38:09] Speaker A: You think? Temit is correct. This must be some sort of magic that has adhered it to the back of his head. [00:38:15] Speaker B: There must be some sort of ring that he's wearing or some bangle that creates this. This creature's head to be popped out of the back of his own head. It has to be, right? Or perhaps it's a parasitic. Regardless, it is dead. Now, now, you were making some wild gestures, and I wasn't fully understanding what. What he meant. Twin talon. [00:38:40] Speaker A: What. [00:38:40] Speaker B: What is it you were saying about the bag. [00:38:43] Speaker C: So while she is checking on itoro, is that his name, Twintalon will be opening the bag and trying to pull the angel up out of it. [00:38:52] Speaker A: So, yes, once you open the bag, you see that there is a human sized angel with ebony skin and a perfectly bald head and fluorescent red orange wings and a dress. [00:39:07] Speaker F: So Saraya is right there. So she's gonna let him open it. And when she sees inside, she actually speaks celestial. So she's. Hello, we mean you no harm. Are you all right? [00:39:18] Speaker C: I don't think it's moving. [00:39:20] Speaker A: No, it's on. It's definitely not moving. It's definitely got wounds all over its body. [00:39:26] Speaker F: Have you ever tried to heal an angel? [00:39:30] Speaker A: And you definitely see a knot right above their eye, on their forehead. [00:39:35] Speaker C: Twintelle is going to say, this is what I was referring to as he's pulling the angel up and out of the bag of holding. This is, that's what I was trying to get across. [00:39:43] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:39:44] Speaker D: So I guess temid just knocks himself out of it, like, uh, or, you know, like just realizes that he's just been standing there. So he goes over and he checks in on this, this creature. Initially he does a medicine check just to see is it alive? [00:40:01] Speaker A: Give me a medicine check. [00:40:02] Speaker D: 30. [00:40:03] Speaker A: Yes, it is definitely alive. You kind of feel their chest going in and out. You get a pulse, although light, you could probably tell with a 30 that they have been indeed knocked unconscious. You notice that on the wings there's a couple feathers missing. But other than that, everything seems to be fine. [00:40:24] Speaker D: So he's going to just use assurance to take a 20 or have a total of 20 on his medicine or his treat wounds check. And he's going to. So it's going to be two d, eight plus ten. And so he gives it, so he treats its wounds over the course of, I guess, ten minutes or so. And he gets 18 hit points back. [00:40:51] Speaker A: All right, is anyone else doing anything in those ten minutes? [00:40:56] Speaker G: Firing arrows into the angels corpse. [00:41:00] Speaker C: Interesting. [00:41:02] Speaker D: We're playing a game of like, I'll heal it as trying to see how quickly I can heal it well before you can. [00:41:06] Speaker A: Oh, too slow, too slow on that one. [00:41:11] Speaker D: Almost got my hand there. [00:41:13] Speaker B: Brianna will turn to twin Talon and kind of like gesture. Come here. Like, let me see your weapons. Let me see if I can do some quick repairing of some kind just to get them at least temporarily repaired until we can get to a forge. [00:41:28] Speaker F: I think Sarah is just going to stay close by because she does speak celestial. [00:41:32] Speaker G: Okay, well, I'm actually more interested in looking at the body of the other person, seeing if they have items, seeing if I poke the hyena face with my halberd, if it bleeds like a. Like a real face or like what the deal is with that. [00:41:46] Speaker A: So you poke it with your halberd and it does begin to bleed. What is your society? [00:41:54] Speaker G: Oh, it's. It's massive. That's a. It's a plus one. [00:41:59] Speaker A: Okay. [00:41:59] Speaker G: Great for a 15. [00:42:01] Speaker A: Yeah, it's, uh, it's a really good. It has to be magical. How else could it bleed like that? [00:42:10] Speaker G: Interesting. I wonder, uh, if you have something on your. [00:42:13] Speaker A: In your pockets that tells me the real truth. So as you start looting the body, you don't find anything in there. [00:42:25] Speaker F: All right. Can I. Can I change what I was going to do? Because no one else has managed to figure this out. I have a plus twelve to society. [00:42:34] Speaker A: Soraya is going to stay by the angel for now. Pawn watcher walked over to the body. Brianna is trying to fix the swords. Timid is healing the angel. Twintalon is. [00:42:48] Speaker C: He'll hand Brianna his boomerang shaped short sword and then he'll pick up the bag of holding and he'll kind of sit by her while she does whatever she's going to do and see if there's anything else other than gross body parts in the bag. [00:43:05] Speaker A: So in the bag, there is nothing but angel feathers that have come off of this angel. That's it. You also. Yeah, that's it. You see a. A. Like a crude. What looks like crude chunk of meat in there. [00:43:29] Speaker C: Toss that into the woods. Bag of holding. I don't want to just throw it out because it's dirty, but I don't want to have leave weird chunks of meat in it either. [00:43:39] Speaker B: Makes sense. [00:43:40] Speaker C: And how many feathers would you say are in that bag? You had to put a number on it. [00:43:45] Speaker A: Four. [00:43:46] Speaker C: Four. Perfect. The twintellen will collect them and put them away before the angel sees him. [00:43:56] Speaker F: Stealing its feathers. [00:43:57] Speaker A: Yeah, they're behind. [00:43:59] Speaker C: I don't think he's gonna put them back on. [00:44:00] Speaker F: Yeah, I know. I'm teasing. [00:44:03] Speaker A: Brianna, I need you to make a crafting check because I do have the quick repair feat. [00:44:09] Speaker B: It takes me 1 minute to repair an item. [00:44:12] Speaker A: Oh, great. So you repair it completely? In ten minutes, you repair it completely. [00:44:19] Speaker B: Oh, well, I guess I just needed to bend it back into shape. I didn't need the forge. [00:44:25] Speaker C: As good as new. [00:44:26] Speaker B: Here you go. [00:44:27] Speaker A: As the angel wakes up, they look around with kind of spooked from. From, you know, being knocked unconscious and then waking up to find a bunch of people there. What's going on? Who are you? [00:44:43] Speaker D: Hi. We're just, um. We came across you in this. In this bag here, and, uh, this creature or person, this guy actually with a talisman or something that turned him into a hyena face guy was. Was here, and he seemed to have you in this bag and freed you. And while he's saying that, he kind of tries to. I am up and down and can he cast? I mean, not cast. Can he recall knowledge? Religion? He's a. Seems to be an angel. That work? [00:45:17] Speaker A: Let me tell you exactly what you need to do. Religion. Yes. [00:45:24] Speaker D: 31 total. [00:45:26] Speaker A: 31 is enough. You know that this is a choral angel. [00:45:35] Speaker C: C o r a l or C h? [00:45:38] Speaker A: C h o r a l. Okay. What would you like to know about them? [00:45:45] Speaker D: Um, one thing you would like to know is plain. Is this angel from. [00:45:55] Speaker A: With your role? I'll give you the little blurb about coral angels. It says, coral angels are incredible singers who fill the halls of nirvana with pious chants and sacred hymns. They form the souls of talented bards and other performers. While they shy away from conflict, they occasionally brave the mortal world. Sorry, it was on the next page. [00:46:21] Speaker G: Wow. Wow. [00:46:27] Speaker D: Okay. Is that. Is that the information that we have about coral angels? [00:46:32] Speaker A: Or is that, like, can you have about coral angels? [00:46:37] Speaker D: Not specifically about this angel. [00:46:38] Speaker A: Not specifically about this angel. [00:46:40] Speaker D: Okay. [00:46:41] Speaker C: His name is Steve. [00:46:42] Speaker A: This ain't with this knowledge check. You pass, but not at a high enough level to know more specific information about this particular angel. Jeez. [00:46:54] Speaker D: That was with the natural 19, too? [00:46:56] Speaker A: Yeah, it was a high check. Other than the fact that they were beaten. They have a knot on their head, and you actually notice that there is a chunk of their calf missing. [00:47:10] Speaker F: Guess we know what that mystery meat. [00:47:12] Speaker D: Was, and we chucked it away. [00:47:16] Speaker F: It's just some angel flesh out there. [00:47:18] Speaker D: You know, all he's talking to says, may I? He looks down at the. At his leg. [00:47:22] Speaker A: Okay. [00:47:24] Speaker D: And he just puts his hand on and casts. He'll. He uses his define font, one of his four per day cast castings of it, and he, uh, casts heel. [00:47:34] Speaker A: Okay. Um, I will say that you probably also know that. Well, I will tell you that this is a non binary character, a non binary angel. So it's they, them pronouns. [00:47:45] Speaker D: Okay. [00:47:46] Speaker A: As per the book, just so you're aware. That's awesome. [00:47:50] Speaker G: And you knew that from your religion check. [00:47:53] Speaker A: Yes. That's the GM coming in saying, hey, let's. Let's use the proper pronouns on for the angel here, please. [00:48:01] Speaker D: Okay. [00:48:02] Speaker A: Go ahead and make your check. Oh, sorry, your heel check again, or. [00:48:06] Speaker D: No, it's not a heel check, it's a. He's using the heal spell. [00:48:10] Speaker A: Okay. Are you doing a burst to heal everyone? [00:48:14] Speaker D: No, he wants to focus specifically on this. On this creature. Okay, sorry, everybody. I have a bunch of feats with regards to healing, so I just want to make sure that I'm not. When you cast heal, roll d ten s instead of D. Okay, so it's a plus eight. [00:48:31] Speaker A: Okay. [00:48:32] Speaker C: Can't you cast third level spells? I can because your divine font is always at your highest level. [00:48:40] Speaker D: Okay, thank you. Okay, so it's actually two d ten plus 16. [00:48:45] Speaker A: My goodness. [00:48:47] Speaker D: It's gonna do another one. D ten plus 827 hit points. Focus directly on the gash in the. In the leg. And hopefully he regrows some of that flesh. [00:48:58] Speaker A: Yeah, you see the. The. You see a. Just a scab starting to heal around the injury to much faster than it normally would. As flesh starts to grow back. What is everyone else doing? Well, Kemet is taking care of our angel friend here. [00:49:19] Speaker F: I guess I'll make a society check. [00:49:21] Speaker A: Okay. [00:49:24] Speaker F: See if we can't finally figure out what the Satoru guy was. [00:49:28] Speaker A: Okay. [00:49:29] Speaker F: Are you. I'm using a hero point on that. I am not accepting a 16 when I have plus twelve. [00:49:36] Speaker A: Okay, so you roll the four. What are the odds that she's not gonna roll higher than a four after using this hero point? Go ahead. [00:49:45] Speaker D: 94%. [00:49:46] Speaker C: Yeah, like 20%, but our luck. More than that. There you go. [00:49:53] Speaker A: Okay, that's a little better. That is enough to finally get the answers. [00:50:00] Speaker F: Okay. [00:50:01] Speaker A: I did enjoy messing with everyone, though. That was fun. So what you know about this creature is this is a kishi. K I s h I. They are duplicitous and murderous fae who dwell on the edges of Galarian's darkest jungles. [00:50:25] Speaker C: Old iron. [00:50:27] Speaker F: Yeah, well, at least we know it was murderous. And I feel slightly better about killing him now. [00:50:36] Speaker A: So, at first glance, Kishi appeared to be attractive humans, usually of local ethnicity. But their full heads of thick hair conceal a second face, that of a snarling hyena. They generally lure their prey into vulnerable situations. Their head swivels around, revealing this fearsome visage. And then with the hyenas powerful jaws, which are almost impossible to pry loose, can crush a victim's bones in a matter of moments. You can probably put one and one together and get three and that this kissy was probably going to eat this angel. [00:51:18] Speaker F: She's just going to look at the rest of you and be like, how did you. What? Fine. No. Murder is fake. Good thing we saved the angel. It's probably going to eat it. [00:51:29] Speaker B: Wait, it was. [00:51:30] Speaker A: What? [00:51:30] Speaker B: It wasn't a man. [00:51:31] Speaker F: Oh, it was. It's a fake creature. [00:51:34] Speaker B: Oh, fascinating. [00:51:37] Speaker D: I'm pretty sure we've all determined together that it's a human, and democracy rules here, so I think you've been outvoted. [00:51:49] Speaker F: I refuse to stand by a bunch of idiots saying the same thing. [00:51:54] Speaker A: Tyrant. [00:51:56] Speaker D: Tyrant. [00:51:59] Speaker F: Wait. Sweet. Are you backing me up? [00:52:02] Speaker C: Yeah, I haven't had a chance to look at him either, so. Yeah, I'll take a look. So I rolled a 27. [00:52:07] Speaker A: You gained the same information. Actually, you get a little bit more. Can cast charm to make unwitting companions complacent. Most of these sinister creatures prefer to trick their prey using guile, gifts and their dashing good looks. Kishi are the ultimate sociopaths, deriving pleasure from the thrill of the hunt as well as the delicious reward at the end. The more uptight, prudish, or hotly at target, the better, for nothing satisfies the kishi. [00:52:44] Speaker G: I don't feel bad about shooting this person anymore. [00:52:48] Speaker A: No, this. This. This was a bad, bad creature. Like, a bad, bad creature. [00:52:53] Speaker C: So this guy was bad. [00:52:55] Speaker F: Real bad. [00:52:56] Speaker B: I believe both of you. So Brianna will. Will turn to the angel, which is very reminiscent, at least to her, of what she knows of. And she'll bow respectfully, be like, I'm so sorry that you had been trapped in a bag. What was the last thing you remember that had happened to you? [00:53:21] Speaker A: I was delivering a message to the Ikuji to let them know that I needed to get some rare flowers from here to help a friend of mine break a deadly curse placed on one of their students. However, they have insulted the okuje in the past, and therefore are not welcomed in the Ukuje lands. This wizard that I am working with does not currently have the time with their students life at stake to make the proper reconciliation with the Okuje. As as needed, I have decided to help and come to these lands to get the flowers and start the apology process. [00:54:09] Speaker B: That is very honorable of you. [00:54:12] Speaker A: This is the least I can do. [00:54:14] Speaker C: So where. Where. Where are these flowers? Did you find them, or are you still looking for them? [00:54:19] Speaker A: I. I know where they are located. They are to the northeast. Northwest. Sorry. They are to the northwest of the Okuje camp. [00:54:31] Speaker C: Okay. [00:54:32] Speaker G: How did you come upon this person? [00:54:34] Speaker A: I had landed to take a brief moment and wash in the river, and I was ambushed by them. They jumped out, knocked me on the head and threw me in a bag. I am not a fighter amongst my people. [00:54:55] Speaker G: And who are your people exactly? [00:54:59] Speaker A: The angels. [00:55:01] Speaker G: The what? [00:55:04] Speaker A: Angels. [00:55:07] Speaker G: Okay, cool. [00:55:09] Speaker A: Well, celestial beings. [00:55:12] Speaker G: Yeah. All right. What's it like in that bag? [00:55:15] Speaker D: Not great. [00:55:16] Speaker A: Not great. [00:55:18] Speaker G: Is it like a normal bag or like a magical bag or what? [00:55:23] Speaker A: It was a normal bag. Large enough to fit me. [00:55:26] Speaker G: It's not cool at all. [00:55:28] Speaker C: It's a. It's a magical bag. [00:55:30] Speaker G: No. Well, I don't know who to believe. [00:55:33] Speaker C: So twin Talon will turn the bag upside down and drop it on himself. [00:55:37] Speaker A: Okay. [00:55:39] Speaker C: He'll make sure his feet are still sticking out so he can grab the bottom edge of it and then pull himself back out. [00:55:44] Speaker A: Oh, okay. [00:55:45] Speaker C: It is basically it should go down to like his waist. Almost like his top half like disappears. [00:55:50] Speaker A: It is a bag of holding type one. [00:55:52] Speaker C: Yeah. He pulls himself back out. [00:55:54] Speaker D: I've seen one of those before. [00:55:55] Speaker G: Yeah, I just didn't understand how you were inside there. I'm glad that our friend twin Talon here found you. We just thought this was a guy in the woods. I don't know. Good job twin Talon. [00:56:08] Speaker C: Thanks. Sometimes a weird hat is more than a weird hat. [00:56:14] Speaker F: Is there anything we can do to help you? [00:56:17] Speaker A: I'm good now. I appreciate all of your help. Did anyone get injured dealing with that thing? [00:56:23] Speaker D: No, I think we're fine. [00:56:24] Speaker C: Yeah, I mean a couple of us got hit, but I'm sure we'll be okay. [00:56:27] Speaker A: So he reaches out to twin Talon and cast heal on you. This is level four. So two d ten plus 16. [00:56:50] Speaker D: Actually yours is going to be two d eight. Unless you have. [00:56:54] Speaker A: Oh. Plus 16. [00:56:55] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:56:56] Speaker C: There's a cool feat that Thomas got. [00:56:59] Speaker A: 26 healing for you. As they have their hand on your shoulder, they make a face and say to twin Talon, you are very sick. [00:57:13] Speaker C: Um. What? [00:57:19] Speaker D: I think you took a look in your mind. [00:57:22] Speaker A: No, no. Physically you. You are not, not healthy. They cast removed disease from you. Wow. And you feel better. [00:57:35] Speaker C: Okay. [00:57:36] Speaker A: As the dysentery that has been lying waiting for you to take another nap because of the onset time is removed from you. [00:57:49] Speaker G: Wow. [00:57:51] Speaker C: Okay. [00:57:52] Speaker A: I can delete my note in your character sheet. [00:57:56] Speaker C: Great. [00:57:58] Speaker D: What's sad is Ted's had removed the disease for a long time. [00:58:02] Speaker A: Never knew. [00:58:03] Speaker D: I just. I just never even thought to do it. [00:58:06] Speaker C: I haven't seen it. I haven't shown any symptoms at all. [00:58:09] Speaker A: Right. Yep. The onset is longer than I did last time. Than I realized last time. So I actually did it the right amount of this time, so. [00:58:20] Speaker C: Okay. Thank you. I appreciate that. Can I have your feathers? I found these, and he'll pull out the four feathers. I don't know if you can put them back on, but if you can't put them back on, could I have them? [00:58:36] Speaker F: Adorable. [00:58:37] Speaker C: He'll hold them out. [00:58:40] Speaker A: Yes. I cannot reattach feathers. I will grow new ones very quickly, so please use them as you will. [00:58:48] Speaker C: Okay. Thank you. [00:58:50] Speaker D: What. What do you call yourself? [00:58:53] Speaker A: My name is Chioma. [00:58:57] Speaker D: Chioma. [00:58:58] Speaker A: Chioma. [00:59:02] Speaker D: Chioma. You're. You're very beautiful. May I ask you, are you a coral angel? [00:59:11] Speaker A: I am. [00:59:14] Speaker D: Then he kind of gets a little teary eyed and he says, have you ever played an appalachian love song? [00:59:28] Speaker A: I have. [00:59:30] Speaker D: Would it be too much to ask you? And then he pauses to us for a moment. I've heard tale of how beautifully choral angels sing and play music and think we all need that right now. [00:59:49] Speaker A: It is the least I could do with everything you have done for me. And with that, Kiyoma takes a moment and begins to sing a beautiful and haunting song that reminds you all of the songs silver would sing, and it brings you all some sort of peace. And with that, we're gonna end it there on a positive note for once. [01:00:18] Speaker G: Aw. [01:00:20] Speaker C: Definitely better than the episode where we ended with silver being kidnapped. [01:00:23] Speaker F: Yeah. [01:00:25] Speaker A: Oh, um, and one more thing I think I should tell you guys. Yes? Why don't you all level up one level? [01:00:38] Speaker E: Now that our heroes have dealt with the kishi and saved the angel, where will they go next? What will they find? And will Silver ever be found? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode. Alfred the Cracked Die podcast. [01:01:01] Speaker A: Thank you for listening to the Crack Die podcast. Background sound effects provided by sirenscape. Because Epic Games deserve epic music, please visit [email protected] Pathfinder second edition, Age of Ashes Adventure Path are all copyright of Paizo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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