The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 40 - The King of the Road

Episode 7 June 18, 2020 00:48:35
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 40 - The King of the Road
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 40 - The King of the Road

Jun 18 2020 | 00:48:35


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The group packs their bags and get ready to head out of Akrivel. 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:39] Speaker A: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Crackdye podcast. This is your friend Haya. We've taken this time to educate ourselves further, to sign petition missions, to make donations, to demonstrate peacefully, and work is not done by any means. So we hope that our supporters will continue to do the right thing. Now, we received word or concern that our show was getting political, and I will speak for the rest of the cast by saying that this isn't a political issue. This is a human decency issue. It's a humanitarian, basic right to be treated as a regular human being. So we hope that those of you who are able to protest, protest safely, and those of you who are not able to, will continue to raise awareness and speak on behalf of voices that cannot speak alone. In this time, or if you cannot donate your physical time, I hope you will consider donating monetarily. And I think this is a great segue to say happy Pride month, as the riots of 1969 were started by an incredible black trans woman, Marcia P. Johnson. So to recap, as I'm very good. [00:01:57] Speaker B: At rambling black lives Matter, happy pride month. [00:02:01] Speaker A: And without further ado, here is episode 40, the King of the road. [00:02:06] Speaker B: Welcome to the 39th episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:02:11] Speaker C: Hey, we're still here. [00:02:13] Speaker B: We are? [00:02:13] Speaker D: Not all of us. [00:02:14] Speaker E: I have survived many travel, and that's all. [00:02:17] Speaker C: Wait, who's that? [00:02:18] Speaker B: Is he back? Serious voice. [00:02:20] Speaker F: Holy shit. [00:02:21] Speaker B: Is he back? [00:02:22] Speaker E: It is myself and my dog as well. Hello, everyone. [00:02:27] Speaker B: Do you have more than one dog? [00:02:29] Speaker E: I'm currently fostering another dog. [00:02:33] Speaker B: Well, we're glad you are back and are safe. We are still social distancing. So this is another episode brought to you by the magic of the Internet. [00:02:46] Speaker D: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast. [00:02:49] Speaker G: All heroes enjoyed the feast in their honor in the land of the Ikuje elves. However, during the feast, twin Talon became sick from what appears to be arsenic poisoning. The next morning, our heroes find packs of gear for them to head off into the forest to search for the evil cinder claws. What awaits our heroes as they head off? Find out now on the cracked die podcast. [00:03:18] Speaker B: Let's talk about what people got at level six. Let's start with Anwar on the top left of my screen here. [00:03:29] Speaker C: All right, cool. So at 6th level, I gained new third level spell slots. So now I have three third level spell slots, and I actually took an offensive spell for that. I'm not going to tell you which one just yet. [00:03:43] Speaker B: And I did all of your spells offensive? [00:03:46] Speaker C: Well, that I'm doing my job. I also got two feats, a class, feet and then like a general feat, I think it was a general feat. Anyways, I took one of my feats with cetera about called assurance and I took it for medicine. So basically for medicine I can just take a ten. Whether I'm not in combat or not doesn't matter. I can just take a ten. It's a single round act. And so with that, I'm actually able to do the version, the expert level heal, not heal, but treat wounds. I can do that without failing any ever. And I can do that for my battle medicine also because it does use the medicine spell. I mean, medicine skill. I double check that and I'm able to do that as well. So now it's two d, eight plus ten every time I treat someone's wounds, which is pretty cool. [00:04:36] Speaker B: That's awesome. [00:04:37] Speaker C: And the last thing I got was selective healing, I think it's called. So yeah, it's called selective energy and it's just like selective channel and first edition. So basically I get to select three living creatures and or undead creatures which are not affected by the three action heel spell, which is an area of effect. [00:04:59] Speaker B: That's good because you've gotten in trouble with that in a couple of earlier battles where you had to do the mass heal. [00:05:05] Speaker C: But yeah, I think in the past I've seen that it's not useful often, but when it is useful, it's pretty darn useful. [00:05:13] Speaker B: That's really awesome. Anwar, Christine, you're the next person in my screen. So what happens to Surreya when she leveled up? [00:05:22] Speaker F: Okay, so I have a new class feat, which is directional bombs. So not only can I choose basically where my splash goes in, it's a five or ten foot radius. I can now choose instead to have it go in a 15 foot cone from where I throw it. [00:05:38] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:05:39] Speaker F: So wherever it lands, 15ft cone away from me, I can choose that for the splash damage as well. I also got a skill feat, so I took magical crafting. So that's fun. [00:05:50] Speaker C: Cool. [00:05:50] Speaker F: So I now have the recipe for healing potions instead of elixirs of life either. Unfortunately, the magical crafting does take the standard, like, it's actually like days or weeks instead of my quick alchemy stuff, but that's cool. So I can make a ladder feather token ahead of disguise, minor healing potions, or a wondrous figurine of which I chose the onyx dog, which is nice for like a little tracking kind of stuff going on. [00:06:18] Speaker B: And then you guys actually got an Onyx dog figurine, I think, in the Citadel way back when? [00:06:25] Speaker D: Yeah, I think we sold it. [00:06:26] Speaker B: Maybe. [00:06:27] Speaker F: Probably we either sold it or we like, I'm an item hoarder. I'm this way of video games too, where I'm like, if I don't know, I can get another one. I hate using it. And then as per usual, when I level up, I have an extra. The batches per day that I get go up and my poison resistance, which is another one of my class beats, goes up. So it is now. [00:06:49] Speaker B: Cool. Nice. Very, very cool. Hi. [00:06:52] Speaker H: What happened to hello? Brianna went to bed thoroughly embarrassed because everything to do with smoosh and romance makes her turn beat red. However, she woke up being able to carry more things. [00:07:07] Speaker B: Okay. [00:07:08] Speaker H: As I chose the skill feet hefty hauler, I was like, she's a strong girl, she needs to be able to carry more stuff. That is my skill feet. So for the class feet, I chose smite evil, which I thought was very appropriate for a champion to be able to do. [00:07:25] Speaker B: So you guys are just making it harder for me to kill you and I don't like that. [00:07:28] Speaker F: Isn't that the point? [00:07:30] Speaker B: Yeah, exactly. Anything else? Anything else? [00:07:33] Speaker F: Cool. [00:07:34] Speaker H: Not that I know of. All right, John. [00:07:38] Speaker B: All right, Matt. What happened to twin Talon? How is he going to murder face my monsters now? [00:07:44] Speaker D: Oh, let me tell you. So I got a skill increase. So I took athletics because that's all of the combat maneuvers, tripping and stuff like that. My skill feat I took was powerful leap. Leap is now an action. It's a specific action. It's like a one action thing you can do typically. I think you can leap up like two and a half feet. It's not quite a whole square. [00:08:09] Speaker B: To. [00:08:09] Speaker D: Get up on a table. It's like a two action thing, typically in combat. So he has feet, powerful leap, which allows him to jump 5ft straight up as a single action. With the leap action, and he increases the distances, he can jump horizontally by 5ft. So that's not going to hopefully break anything. But the thing that will ruin your day, Sean, is I got a feat called gang up, which is my class feat. And normally to get sneak attack damage on people, I have to catch them flat footed. The easiest way to do that a lot of times is to flank. What gang up does is if anybody else is threatening an enemy in melee, I'm counted as flanking that enemy. So I no longer have to worry about tumbling around people or positioning. As long as pawn watcher or brianna or inevitably is, is threatening somebody in melee, I will get sneak attacking damage against them. [00:08:59] Speaker B: Oh, great. I can't wait. Excuse me. I have to increase the difficulty of all of the encounters you're about to face. [00:09:06] Speaker C: Excuse me. Give me a second. [00:09:07] Speaker B: Rich, what happened to pond Watcher when he leveled? [00:09:14] Speaker I: You know, I'm glad that Matt went first, because I also chose the skill feet, powerful leap. So I also do good jumps. [00:09:22] Speaker D: Good choice. [00:09:23] Speaker B: When you're carrying that tuba, you got to be able to jump. [00:09:26] Speaker I: Exactly. The tuba helps me jump real good. The thing I'm most excited about is my barbarian class feet, which I've been looking forward to since level one, which is called dragon's rage breath, which gives me a breath weapon, like a dragon, where I blow giant, basically cone of super frozen air in a 15 foot cone out of my mouth and blast people, and I'm super pumped, and that's pretty much the best thing ever. [00:09:54] Speaker B: Awesome. [00:09:56] Speaker H: That an action. Holy cow. [00:09:57] Speaker B: That's terrifying. How many actions does that take for you to do in combat? [00:10:01] Speaker I: That is two actions. [00:10:03] Speaker B: Okay. That's better than, like, a one action breath weapon that I was scared of. [00:10:08] Speaker I: There's some limitation on how often you can use it. It gets weaker and weaker the more you use it, until you recharge. [00:10:14] Speaker B: Interesting. And now to the man who's been missing, who we've missed. Aaron. [00:10:19] Speaker E: Well, hello again. Well, at level six bar, nothing too exciting happens. I got a general feat, which I took, and a class feat. The class feat was called Dirge of Doom, which just lets me scare people. And the general feat I'm actually pretty excited about because it fits in with my character. It's called encouraging words, and I basically make a diplomacy check to one of my allies if they're feeling sad, and I can give them a boost in stamina points is what they called it. So cool. [00:10:50] Speaker B: That's neat. So you all went to bed after the rager that was thrown in your honor by the lovely kuje elves in Acrevell. As temid sleeps, an image flashes in his dreams. I guess it would be called a dream if you would pictures while you sleep. [00:11:10] Speaker C: I think that's called tv. [00:11:12] Speaker B: That's tv. Tv in your brain. Good. Love it. So timid as you dream, this is what you see. [00:11:19] Speaker E: Five heroes sprint down a dark hallway. Two in the middle. Hold up one of their party members, who trails a pool of blood with ruptured stomach on stones as they run in front of the group. A tall man in a cloak wields staff, the black crystal on top that emits its eerie life beyond the boundaries of which nothing but cord and the screaming of a foul voices. The man stops, slams his staff into the ground, and allows his companions to rush past. He thrusts out a hand, and a burst of green flame shoots from his fingers out into the darkness. For a moment, the green light illuminates the 10,000 screaming, infantile faces that make up the eyeballs of what can only be described as having the shape of a monstrous insect. The fireball slams against the creature's face, and each of the baby heads that make up its eyes screech in fury. But it slows it enough for the crucial moment it takes for the man and his companions to reach the chamber beyond. Once he's clear, a woman, not holding his dying companion, presses her hand onto the pedestal next to the doorway and wills the door to close, which sigh as the skin from the chamber folds over and hum. For a moment they hear the screams of the creature beyond the door, and then there is nothing. They lean up against the wall, lowering themselves to the ground. The man lets go of his staff. While the staff stays upright where he leaves it, his other two companions lower the wounded man on his back, the woman of the pool resting the man's head off in the distance. Beyond the chamber, floating in the middle of the void, is a large crystalline tower that rotates and flashes black light to the chambers alone. It keeps pulsing this black light onto the heroes, makes their faces look drawn and their skin looks sick. [00:13:12] Speaker C: The children are disgusting. [00:13:14] Speaker H: Call them that. [00:13:15] Speaker C: What else would they be? I held her hand and told her to push. [00:13:18] Speaker H: That had nothing to do with her. She didn't know. [00:13:21] Speaker C: She said she could feel her babies growing inside of her. It made her so happy. She told me she could hear their voices. I thought it was something to do with mothers. How could I be so stupid? [00:13:30] Speaker H: Wasn't her. It's this place. [00:13:33] Speaker C: And what is this place? None of us have ever been able to figure that out. We woke up here and that's it. [00:13:38] Speaker E: The man falls. [00:13:40] Speaker C: All we've ever known is that we have to take this staff to the top of the damn tower. And I don't want to do it. I don't. But I can't stop myself. We have to get there. [00:13:49] Speaker E: The woman puts her arm around his shoulder. He cries the bear of the man who carried the walks over to him. [00:13:56] Speaker D: We need to get to the tower. [00:13:57] Speaker H: No. [00:13:58] Speaker D: Is he going to be all right? [00:13:59] Speaker H: Yes, he knows what to do. Just give him a sec, all right? [00:14:02] Speaker E: The woman points the wounded man on the ground. [00:14:05] Speaker H: What about him? [00:14:06] Speaker D: He'll be dead in a few minutes. [00:14:08] Speaker F: Can't you heal him. [00:14:09] Speaker E: Man squeezes the holy symbol off. [00:14:11] Speaker D: Not this. I can't touch the source anymore. I wish I knew, but my God has abandoned me. [00:14:17] Speaker H: Possible. [00:14:18] Speaker D: I don't think the God was ever there in the first place. [00:14:20] Speaker H: What? [00:14:21] Speaker D: Let's get going. Get him up. I'll grab her. [00:14:23] Speaker E: Man walks over to the wounded man and the woman. He stops a few feet, sees the boat crying and turns back. [00:14:30] Speaker F: It's going to be okay. [00:14:32] Speaker B: I'm dying. [00:14:33] Speaker F: It's going to be. Be okay. [00:14:36] Speaker B: I don't want to die. Not here. [00:14:38] Speaker F: Don't worry. [00:14:40] Speaker B: What's my name? [00:14:41] Speaker F: What? [00:14:42] Speaker B: I don't know my name. Tell me what my name is. [00:14:44] Speaker F: I don't know. [00:14:45] Speaker B: Tell me what my name is. [00:14:48] Speaker F: I can't. There's nothing. It won't let me. [00:14:51] Speaker E: The wounded man screams one more time and dies. [00:14:56] Speaker B: Even know my own name. [00:14:57] Speaker E: She looks up at the man standing in front of her. He sticks out his hand and lifts her up off the ground. They are joined by the remaining two. Once they step away from the body of the man on the floor. The floor shoots out pencils that wrap around the body, drag it, letting out a contented sigh. None of the rest departing as they approach a tower and lets out a mold. A platform separates itself from the top of the tower and lowers the creepy heroes. They step aboard, all eyes from the top of the tower. It floats slowly to the top. In the moments of silence, each of them can hear the sound of each other's breathing. [00:15:35] Speaker H: How many of us do you think have died? [00:15:37] Speaker D: I don't know. [00:15:38] Speaker E: When they reach the top of the tower, it opens up a membrane, stretching until it pops. They step inside, and the membrane steals shut behind them. The room of the tower is made up of millions of tiny silver coils. As they step into the center of the room, the coils undulate, sending a wave starting from around the chamber. The coils start to jut out in a long appendage ceiling. While they breathe, they sigh and cry, reminding each of the heroes of sexual twilight. The appendage stops in front of the man. It spirals open to reveal a human mouth. [00:16:20] Speaker C: So, here at last. [00:16:24] Speaker I: Have you come to worship me? [00:16:28] Speaker B: Yes. And with that, temid wakes up. [00:16:32] Speaker C: What the fuck was it? [00:16:34] Speaker D: Yum, yum, yum. [00:16:37] Speaker F: All righty. [00:16:38] Speaker B: You all wake up the next day. Some of you having had pleasant dreams. Temid, you had that dream. You know, lovely. [00:16:45] Speaker F: I mean, I just see flaming death every night. [00:16:48] Speaker B: As you all wake up, you feel refreshed. It's been one of the nicest sleeps you've had in a while. Since you've kind of. It's different. It's nice. It's very roomy. It's very comfortable. You each have your own individual place. You're not sharing room with anyone, which has been different than any other tavern or inn that you've been to. When you wake up, just outside your door, you find a backpack left for you. In the backpack, there is three days worth of rations, two full water skins, a tent, hot weather gear and a unique item for each of you. [00:17:27] Speaker C: So temid goes around to every. He tries to wake up early, goes around to each one's door and takes it and sells all the stuff. [00:17:33] Speaker F: Don't forget, I know how to craft poisons. [00:17:35] Speaker C: Okay, I take that back. [00:17:36] Speaker B: Now, temid, in your pack, there is a silver mug that you find interesting due to the fact that you have not seen very much, if any, medals in this town. [00:17:50] Speaker C: Interesting. Okay. [00:17:51] Speaker B: In the stein, you find a note. It is written in Elvish. [00:17:55] Speaker C: He pretends like he can read it. And he says, oh, interesting. [00:17:58] Speaker B: On the side, you see that there is a finely etched symbol of kaden Kalyn in it. And the mug is full. [00:18:06] Speaker C: Oh. So kind of takes a look around and takes a sip out of it. How does it taste? [00:18:11] Speaker B: Do you remember the berry mead that you were drinking? Yes. At the inn. That's exactly what it tastes like. [00:18:18] Speaker C: Okay. [00:18:19] Speaker B: Pretty good, Jerea. As you get up, you find the pack with the same things inside. But rather than a mug, you find a rolled piece of parchment written in Elven with a note attached to it. The note says, thank you for visiting and exchanging ideas with me, your friendly alchemist. And in it, you find a recipe. Brienna, you wake up and. Same deal. As you look through the pack, you find in there. In the pack, you find a wooden ring with a ram etched into. [00:18:59] Speaker H: Oh, what could this be? Can I roll for it? [00:19:03] Speaker B: There's a number attached in Elven. [00:19:06] Speaker H: I cannot read this. I will have to find Sareia. Twin Talon or pond watcher? Later say thank you. And she put it on twin Talon. [00:19:17] Speaker I: Yes. [00:19:18] Speaker B: Same deal. You go through the pack and you find a necklace. Like a choker with a. [00:19:25] Speaker D: Like a puka shell necklace? [00:19:27] Speaker B: Yes, exactly. [00:19:29] Speaker F: No, I thought it was those little thin, black, curly ones. [00:19:35] Speaker B: But rather than it being puka shells, you see that it is made out of nuts and berries and not berries, but like nutshells around. Again, written in elvish note. [00:19:47] Speaker D: What's the note say? Since I read. [00:19:48] Speaker B: Oh, that's right. You do speak. Elvin. [00:19:50] Speaker F: She just said I'd have to find. [00:19:53] Speaker B: I forgot. Since you made such good friends with Harriet, she thought you would enjoy this. May it help you converse with others. You meet the lion? Yes. [00:20:05] Speaker D: Great. He'll put it on, and he'll just kind of say to the. I mean, he'll look around. Is Harriet there? [00:20:11] Speaker B: Nope. Okay, so you see a really crudely drawn paw print next to the signature. [00:20:19] Speaker D: So he'll kind of say to the trees, thank you, and Elvin. And he'll put it on. [00:20:26] Speaker B: All right. [00:20:27] Speaker D: Also, Sean, I'd like to go through my pack and make sure that nothing is missing. [00:20:32] Speaker B: Nope, nothing's missing. [00:20:34] Speaker I: Okay. [00:20:34] Speaker B: Pond watcher. [00:20:36] Speaker I: Hello. That's me. Yes, hello. [00:20:39] Speaker B: You go through the pack, and there's nothing new in there. It doesn't seem to have anything. But you do find a note. [00:20:47] Speaker I: Don't they know I can't read? [00:20:50] Speaker B: Wait, you can read Elvin, can't you? [00:20:52] Speaker I: Yeah, I was just joshing. [00:20:55] Speaker B: Okay. The note says, you seem to have a very powerful artifact with you already. The others might need help, but you do not. Your prowess in the field was greatly noted, and we hope that you enjoy what you have. [00:21:12] Speaker I: Okay. Weird piece of paper. [00:21:14] Speaker B: And that is signed by the twin leopards. [00:21:19] Speaker I: I don't really understand what they did for everyone else, but I'm sure they didn't get great magical items, so I'm not upset. Hey, look, a water bottle. It's Dasani, my favorite. [00:21:34] Speaker H: Not a sponsor. Not a sponsor. [00:21:35] Speaker B: Aaron. [00:21:36] Speaker E: Yep. [00:21:37] Speaker B: You go into your pack, you discover that everything is in there like we just talked about, as well as a single wooden rod. [00:21:49] Speaker E: I sniffed the rod suspiciously. [00:21:52] Speaker B: There is a note attached to it written in Elvin, and it says, you will know what to use this for when the time comes. About ten minutes later, nakedia shows up with some now cooked bacon from the boars you guys got the other day for the feast and brings you breakfast. She looks at you and says, I see you all got the gifts the village left for you. We hope you enjoy them. Now, when you came here, you said you were searching for the cinder claws and a way to deal with them. I might recommend that you head out of the village and begin searching for them. We would go. However, there is something you should know. We would handle this ourselves. However, if we get near any of the cinder claw camps or anything like that, we start to lose our vision. We do not know what magics they are using, but we cannot go out and deal with them ourselves. We hope that our goals align in the fact that you are looking for them to take care of them and deal with them for invading your town, as well as being able to help us out. I have made you a map of what we know, and she hands you a map. If I can refer you to your computer screen, you should see a map with three visible squares. Is that correct? [00:23:06] Speaker E: Yes. [00:23:07] Speaker B: Excellent. You are currently in the city of Akraville. The area directly below it is where the hunter's gate you came from. And that's where the temple area that you found Nakedia continues to the south. There is a settlement of humans that are very quickly to anger, similar to the elephants that they idolize. But if you can approach their village in a nonthreatening manner, the, as we call them, elephant people should be able to help you out and give you more information on the cinder cloth. If you need anything, please feel free to return to the city whenever you need. We will happily refill any supplies and anything you need. [00:23:47] Speaker D: Thank you. [00:23:47] Speaker B: You have done so much for us already. [00:23:51] Speaker C: Are we heading out? [00:23:52] Speaker I: I just need to sell something really quick and buy something really quick and then I'll be ready to go. [00:23:58] Speaker B: What do you need to sell and buy? [00:23:59] Speaker I: I need to sell my crossbow and bolts and my special magical climbing bolt that I bought. And I wanted to pick up some vine arrows and arrows for my bow that Acosa gave me. [00:24:14] Speaker B: I think they'll do a. So for the crossbow, you can sell that for 50%. [00:24:19] Speaker I: Okay. [00:24:19] Speaker B: And then I think since you're in such good standing with the town, you can just do an even exchange for crossbow bolt, the regular arrows. [00:24:29] Speaker H: I have a question. Yes, just a refresher, because my brain is literally mush these days. Remind me, what happened with Renali? Did she just skitter off? [00:24:41] Speaker B: Rather, she skittered away to find her family. And you have that whistle to call her the dog. Yes, yes. [00:24:51] Speaker H: Pond watcher may or may not have been like, oh, let's try this. [00:24:54] Speaker D: It's Brocken. [00:24:56] Speaker B: I can't hear a thing. Let's talk this map real quick. So it's mostly dark. It's mostly dark. You are free. [00:25:04] Speaker D: Oh, that's what it is. So the elves couldn't remove the fog of war, is that what we're saying? [00:25:08] Speaker B: Yes, exactly. [00:25:10] Speaker D: Okay. I actually have a theory that they leave in the daylight and then they stop when it gets dark and they're like, we can't see, it must be magic. And they go back and then they go home. [00:25:18] Speaker B: Yeah, exactly. This is a hex map. Each hex is 10 miles, but it is dense, difficult terrain, so it halves your speed. If you do nothing but travel or use exploration activities that don't half your speed. Again, you can move two hexes in one day. However, if you do something that slows your travel down, such as you're moving to avoid notice, you're moving defensively, you're investigating every little thing as you come across. You can only move one hex in a day. [00:25:57] Speaker D: So basically, if we're blindly running into the jungle, we can go two hexes. But if we want to know what's there, we can only move one. [00:26:03] Speaker B: Correct. [00:26:04] Speaker D: Okay. [00:26:06] Speaker I: Two hexes through the jungle every day. [00:26:09] Speaker D: Okay. [00:26:12] Speaker C: It was nice knowing you. [00:26:14] Speaker B: You are all still in the city. Which direction would you like travel? And how would you like to travel? [00:26:20] Speaker D: So is that other hex, is that where they say the elephant people are? This one down here? [00:26:24] Speaker B: The one in the very bottom? Yes. That bottom one is where the elephant people are. Who should you approach politely and nicely. They should be able to help you find out more about the cinder claws. But if you go in there you wanted to wreck everything, they might fight back. [00:26:41] Speaker F: Do we want to go to them for help? [00:26:42] Speaker D: Do we know what general direction the cinder clars are from? [00:26:46] Speaker B: The elves. They normally come from the south, the east, the southeast. Nothing really northern or western. [00:26:53] Speaker D: Okay. [00:26:54] Speaker B: But that doesn't mean there's not canceling. [00:26:56] Speaker D: Okay, so twin Talon would vote to head toward the elephant people. We don't really have any other than just exploring every inch of jungle, which I'm not super thrilled with doing. [00:27:05] Speaker H: It is unfamiliar territory. Might as well go to somewhere that can help and lead us to the right directions. We can certainly do what we can. [00:27:14] Speaker B: So. [00:27:14] Speaker H: Yeah. Can I trouble you for a moment before we do continue? [00:27:17] Speaker F: Oh, yes. Let's go. [00:27:18] Speaker H: Also, Jasper, I hear. [00:27:20] Speaker F: Yes, that would be my lovely pet here wants his breakfast. [00:27:26] Speaker H: I got this note, but unfortunately I do not read Elvin. Could you perhaps translate it for me? [00:27:32] Speaker F: Oh, yes, of course. Let me see. Sean, what does Haye's note say? What does Brianna's note say? [00:27:37] Speaker B: For being so strong and hard headed in some of the things we've discussed during our time here, we hope this ring helps you. And then in it basically describes that it is a ring of the ram. [00:27:51] Speaker H: Oh, yeah. [00:27:52] Speaker F: So she'll translate that for you. Ring of the ram. Interesting. [00:27:56] Speaker H: I wonder what that means. [00:27:57] Speaker F: I haven't run into one. [00:27:59] Speaker H: Have we? Have we not? I don't remember. [00:28:01] Speaker B: We have. Do you want to tell people what it does? [00:28:03] Speaker H: Sure. So the ring of the ram has the effect of, once I activate it, a ram shaped blast of force slams into a foe that I can see within 60ft. The number of actions I spend to activate the item determines the intensity of the force. Six force damage spent and 5ft per. [00:28:31] Speaker F: Guys, are you ready for this? It's foos rope. [00:28:34] Speaker H: Yes, exactly. [00:28:38] Speaker C: I quit damage. [00:28:46] Speaker B: Want you to think about what you just did. [00:28:48] Speaker F: Oh, it was worth it. [00:28:53] Speaker H: Hard headed now, right? I'll take it. She'll kind of look at her hand with this large, ram shaped, I guess wooden. [00:29:01] Speaker B: Yeah. I made it wood because they don't use iron. [00:29:04] Speaker H: I got you. [00:29:05] Speaker C: So I think timid sees Sareia translating it for Brienna. And then he looks over and he sees Pond Watcher, and he's like, oh. And then. So he brings over the Note and he hands it to pond Watcher. And I'm excited to see how he translates this. [00:29:18] Speaker I: Oh, yes. Okay, I can read this. This mog is real good at drinks for you. Okay, wait, there's more. Bring big drink to you. How do you pronounce this? Everyday? Big tavern in your mouth. Yes. Got it. [00:29:48] Speaker C: Oh, excellent. [00:29:50] Speaker I: Wow. It sounds like they gave you something very good. [00:29:53] Speaker C: Yeah, it does. So, Sean, what does it actually. [00:29:57] Speaker B: What? That's what it was translated to. So that's what? You know what it says. [00:30:03] Speaker I: Well, damn it. Wait, why don't you try it out? What is it full of meat I smell? [00:30:08] Speaker C: So one thing I noticed was when I took a big sip out of it. Watch this. [00:30:11] Speaker B: Watch. [00:30:12] Speaker C: I won't even tell you. So he pulls out a mug from his backpack. One of his many mugs that he has. And then he pours that mug full with the mug that he got. And then he hands it to you, right? He says, taste this. [00:30:24] Speaker I: He swigs it down and then pours. [00:30:27] Speaker C: Another one for you out of the same mug. And he hands it to you. [00:30:30] Speaker I: Vile trickery is this. [00:30:32] Speaker C: Then he drinks out of the same mug. He's like. It just keeps filling. This is amazing. [00:30:36] Speaker I: This is amazing. This is the best thing I've ever seen. [00:30:39] Speaker C: It really is. And then he puts it up in the air, like triumphantly. And then he accidentally sets off the healing thing that he doesn't know about. [00:30:46] Speaker I: My paper cuts went away. [00:30:49] Speaker B: What? [00:30:50] Speaker C: Did you see that? [00:30:50] Speaker I: What if I lay on the ground, you hold it over my head like a 711 spigot. [00:30:55] Speaker C: I mean, let's try it. And so then he steps over and then he pours it out on your face. Now, it only fills up one mug at a time, every 6 seconds. So you get a mug full, and then it stops and then he looks at it for a little bit, and then it fills up again, and then he pours it again. [00:31:10] Speaker B: You're waterboarding with Mead. [00:31:15] Speaker I: This is the best day of my life. But also too much sickly sweet berry mead. Well, can you make anything else? Ask it to make it something else. [00:31:26] Speaker C: Can you make an ipa? [00:31:28] Speaker B: It's still the mead. [00:31:30] Speaker H: Able to stand up. [00:31:31] Speaker C: Now he's looking for, like, a switch on the bottom or something that kind. [00:31:34] Speaker I: Of fits into a different salmon scar. Magic cup. Big mead cup for Magic. [00:31:42] Speaker F: Are you drunk already? [00:31:43] Speaker I: Podwasher, he just poured, like, 14 buckets of mead into my mouth. So, no. [00:31:48] Speaker C: Temvin is so excited that when he sees. When he sees Soraya ask that question, he runs up to her and that kind of, like, just shoves it in her face. Like, look, look, take a sip out of this. Take it, take it. Drink the whole thing. And then he kind of just opens her mouth and starts pouring in it. [00:32:00] Speaker F: Like, watch, I could do it myself. [00:32:02] Speaker C: Then he's like, but look. And then, like, while you're swallowing the mead, he's like, we're watching it fill up again. Then he takes a sip out of. He's like, you see that? This is amazing. This is the greatest invention, I think, in history. [00:32:13] Speaker F: Oh, Jasper is all over this now. [00:32:16] Speaker C: He's like, come here, Jasper. Come here. [00:32:17] Speaker B: Take a sip. [00:32:19] Speaker F: I'm so happy you're finally not calling. [00:32:21] Speaker B: Him creepy anymore with that. [00:32:23] Speaker C: He's like, I have to go thank them properly. And he starts running back towards. [00:32:28] Speaker H: 10 hours later. [00:32:30] Speaker B: So after Temit runs around the entire village, thanking everyone, you guys decide to head out, which direction would you like to head for the first day? [00:32:44] Speaker F: I mean, south, I guess, is my southeast. [00:32:47] Speaker D: We don't know what's not. [00:32:50] Speaker F: Yeah, not into where the hunter's gate is. [00:32:54] Speaker E: Southeast sounds good for those people who. [00:32:56] Speaker D: Aren'T looking at the map. We can see our hex and one hex to the south, directly south of us, and then one hex, probably six or seven hexes south and slightly east. [00:33:06] Speaker F: Yeah, south southeast. [00:33:08] Speaker D: I would vote into unexplored tile to our southeast. [00:33:12] Speaker B: And how are you all moving through that square? [00:33:16] Speaker D: With my feet. [00:33:18] Speaker F: Are we going two squares today or are we going. [00:33:21] Speaker H: I think we should be cautious in how we move. We don't know what we're going into. [00:33:24] Speaker D: Indeed, we don't know what we're going to be facing or cinder claws are about. I think we should be stealthy. [00:33:30] Speaker E: I think the member and hard headed of us should go in front also, when we get to those elephant men. I happen to know firsthand that timid has some elephant time anatomy, so he should be the one to parlay with them. [00:33:47] Speaker F: I'm not going to think too hard on that statement. And here we go. [00:33:52] Speaker C: He's going to wink at you pretty hard. [00:33:53] Speaker B: Okay. [00:33:55] Speaker I: I would like to use survival to cover our tracks as we go. [00:33:59] Speaker C: Excellent. [00:34:00] Speaker B: Good one. If you would like to actually give me actions that you would like to do, like pod watcher just did, if you turn page 479 and 480 of your pathfinder core rulebook, you can see all of the movements you can do. All right, survival of 28. [00:34:20] Speaker I: That's a natural 20. [00:34:24] Speaker B: That is a critical success. You guys manage to move through and pond watcher is carefully covering your track. [00:34:32] Speaker H: Good luck. [00:34:33] Speaker B: Is anyone else doing anything? Perception. Yeah. [00:34:37] Speaker I: This leaf frond goes here and this little acorn goes here. Don't mess it up. Don't look at it. Just keep walking. [00:34:44] Speaker F: Didn't realize this was an art form. [00:34:45] Speaker I: In the north, anything that couldn't keep. [00:34:49] Speaker B: You alive, they have snow. It's harder. [00:34:52] Speaker I: This is so easy. Look, there's so many leafs and little branches and frogs. You could just throw the frogs into the path. [00:34:59] Speaker F: Were they poisonous? I don't know why Sareia suddenly has like a british accent. Oh, that's how he's. [00:35:08] Speaker C: Well, she's kind of drunk now, right? She's been drinking some of that mead. [00:35:11] Speaker F: She had the cup of mead that you forced on her throat. [00:35:14] Speaker I: We had to wait like 6 hours for you to run around the. So yeah, she's definitely snowbird up by now. [00:35:21] Speaker F: She'll be investigating. She wants to keep an eye out as they're traveling for things that might be interesting for use in her physical cantrips, as she calls them, or just interesting things that might help them if they're looking for the. [00:35:33] Speaker B: So I will make a secret roll for you and see what happens. [00:35:36] Speaker H: Brienna, brianna will have her shield up and will be defending twintallen. [00:35:43] Speaker B: What are you going to do? [00:35:45] Speaker D: Twin talon is going to try to avoid notice. Basically, if things are going to ambush us, he's going to try to ambush them right back. [00:35:51] Speaker B: Right. So you need to give me a stealth check, please, when you get a chance. Anwar, what is temid doing? [00:35:59] Speaker C: Temid is after the weird dream that he had last night. He's a little cautious or a little bit paranoid, and he's kind of looking over his shoulder and scouting. [00:36:09] Speaker D: I rolled a one, which gives me a 15. [00:36:12] Speaker F: All right. [00:36:13] Speaker B: And I rolled for Sareia as well. So the first day is pretty uneventful. You're still kind of close to the city, so it makes sense. Those of you who went hunting earlier, you guys kind of skirted the edge of this area, so it. Day becomes night, and in the jungle with the thick canopies, everything starts to get dark. You decide to set up camp. [00:36:37] Speaker D: Thick canopies? [00:36:40] Speaker B: No. [00:36:40] Speaker D: Is that what we're talking about? [00:36:42] Speaker B: No. Sorry. So, as you guys bed down for the night, begin to set up camp, it takes about an hour to find an area that is good for you all to sleep in. And then who would like to make the survival check to build the camp? [00:36:58] Speaker C: So my survival is a plus twelve. I don't know if anyone else's is better than that. [00:37:02] Speaker E: Mine is not. [00:37:03] Speaker D: It's wisdom based. So I think you're. [00:37:04] Speaker I: Yeah, I mean, I have a plus eight, but I feel like I just burned it by getting a natural 20, so you should go for it. [00:37:10] Speaker D: Can I try to assist him? Is that a thing I can do? [00:37:12] Speaker B: You may. It's a 20 to get a plus one. Yes. [00:37:15] Speaker D: I mean, I am Pocahontas, 29 total. [00:37:20] Speaker C: With a natural 17. [00:37:21] Speaker B: Then the assist, possibly 25. So you're at 30. [00:37:26] Speaker I: Nice. [00:37:27] Speaker F: All right. [00:37:28] Speaker B: And then you also, because you were given tents and mosquito netting and all these things in your pack from the elves, you get another plus two. So you're actually at 32, which is a critical success, which means the camp serves you exceptionally well, allowing you to rest and make your daily preparations the next morning without difficulty. The camp is also camouflaged and protected, and as a result, there is no chance of a random encounter. [00:37:58] Speaker C: Awesome. [00:38:00] Speaker I: There's also hooray. But also boo for safety, boo for lost. [00:38:06] Speaker C: So as he's fixing things, he's like, hey, silver, I heard you making that song about me earlier. You want to come here and help me set up this particular bar here while I listen to the song? And when you get close, assuming you do come, he asked you. Actually, I didn't want to shout this across this thing, but I had a weird dream last night and kind of wanted to describe some of the things to you and see if you know anything about it, because you seem to know a lot about a lot of things. [00:38:34] Speaker E: Yeah, sure. [00:38:35] Speaker C: So he describes that weird insect creature with the baby faces and the crystalline structure and some deity or something, and he's, like, really confused by it. He does his best to describe everything to you so that maybe you could do a recall knowledge check on some of it. [00:38:55] Speaker E: Well, silver gets really intense, as you're telling the story. And he looks at you and he says, memories can be hell of a thing there. Don't think about it too much. Just some weird dreams, time drinking, chasing snoo. Snoo, as they called it back in my day. Your mind could go all sorts of places. Don't think about it too hard. [00:39:29] Speaker C: All right, wait, so you said memories, like, you think these are somebody's memories? [00:39:34] Speaker E: Well, I'm going to say something, and then I'm not going to say anything more. But those were my memories. [00:39:45] Speaker C: What? Your memories? [00:39:47] Speaker E: Not saying anything more? [00:39:50] Speaker C: No. I have so many questions. And then he starts listing his questions. Which one were you? [00:39:54] Speaker F: Silver is just walking away. [00:39:56] Speaker E: He just yeets at that moment. [00:39:59] Speaker C: You. You're not a very quick walker, old man. I can keep up with you. Now, listen, were you this guy, or were you that guy? Or were you the person with the green flames? Or were you the God? Hey, did you ever try this beer that I have, and then he's just like. He's got a million questions for you. Not of all of them are related to it. But he's so excited right now. [00:40:16] Speaker E: I don't think you want to open up that can of worms right now. [00:40:20] Speaker C: It's already open. I mean, I saw it already. Well, why would you put worms in a can? Like, I don't understand that phrase. [00:40:27] Speaker B: With that, you all bed down for the night, knowing that you are obscenely safe. Camouflage. You wake up the next morning, and which direction are you headed? [00:40:38] Speaker F: We just want to start going directly south now. [00:40:41] Speaker I: Yeah, that sounds good to me. [00:40:42] Speaker C: Yeah, works for me. [00:40:43] Speaker B: Right? And are you all doing the same thing? [00:40:45] Speaker C: Temit is once again scouting. Yes. [00:40:47] Speaker B: Okay, so you move south. So as you hike throughout the day, you notice that the trees seem to be getting thicker and more dense. And you have traveled into a very heavily covered area. The heat is immense. Now, you all have hot weather gear in your bag. You've also been given hot weather gear back in the town, but it is beginning to become a slog through this, does anyone want to change out of heavy armors and into the hot weather gear, or is everyone going to stay in their armor and whatnot? [00:41:25] Speaker I: I am 100% changing into the hot weather gear. [00:41:29] Speaker F: Yeah, I think I am, too. [00:41:31] Speaker I: This breastplate conducts heat right into my. [00:41:34] Speaker H: Nipples and nowhere else. [00:41:37] Speaker I: Well, they're very realistic. [00:41:38] Speaker H: Right? They did seem to put nipples on your breastplate for some reason. [00:41:44] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:41:44] Speaker I: They laughed when they gave me this breastplate. They said, it suits you so well. I don't understand. [00:41:49] Speaker H: It kept you safe for sure. [00:41:51] Speaker I: Yes. It doesn't protect the arms or neck or anything, but I don't need that. [00:41:56] Speaker F: Who needs that? [00:41:57] Speaker B: I would say this is severe heat, if you will, because of the humidity in the jungle and the trees keeping it down. [00:42:07] Speaker I: I really hope at some point we go to a severe cold area so I can use my background. [00:42:13] Speaker D: There's four more gates to go, so you never know. [00:42:15] Speaker I: One of these days we're going to go to a cold world and I'm going to be so condescending about it to everyone. It's going to be great. [00:42:25] Speaker B: So as you move through this day in the heat, you've all switched into your, or most of you have switched into your hot weather gear, meaning you're going to get less fatigue. As the night approaches, you feel the temperature begin to drop and it begins to become comfortable and bearable. Would someone like to make their camping check which is survival again? [00:42:50] Speaker I: Not me, Ahmed. [00:42:52] Speaker C: All right, I'll do it again. [00:42:53] Speaker I: You're just so good at setting up tent, I'm assuming. [00:42:55] Speaker F: I haven't found anything interesting over the past two days yet. [00:42:58] Speaker D: Do you want me to assist again? [00:43:00] Speaker C: Sure, but I got like exactly the same thing. Yeah, I'd like an assist, please. [00:43:04] Speaker D: No. [00:43:05] Speaker B: All right. [00:43:09] Speaker D: I rolled a natural two, which gives me an eleven. [00:43:13] Speaker E: I can try. [00:43:14] Speaker B: And one more assist. You could all help them try and set up a tent. [00:43:19] Speaker H: She'll roll up her sleeves. I guess I can do this. This doesn't look too difficult. [00:43:23] Speaker I: We're all just arguing about where to put tents. [00:43:25] Speaker C: No. Okay, fine. You guys go do that one over there. The three of you together. All right? Just. [00:43:29] Speaker I: No. The fire goes inside the tent. [00:43:33] Speaker C: He has to use his mug of me to put out the fire now. [00:43:36] Speaker B: All right. [00:43:37] Speaker I: It's too cold to have the fire outside your house. [00:43:40] Speaker B: So you guys successfully with timids. Where is it with timids? 29 again, back to back. You succeed and you build the camp. [00:43:49] Speaker D: That's 29 critical. Two because of the year we got. [00:43:53] Speaker B: Yes. Okay. [00:43:54] Speaker C: Is it critical? Is it a critical success? [00:43:55] Speaker B: It is not a critical success. [00:43:57] Speaker C: Oh, man, we barely hit it last time. [00:43:59] Speaker I: All right, this is a tough locale. [00:44:01] Speaker B: Are you guys doing night watches? What's that order? [00:44:05] Speaker H: I'll take that. [00:44:07] Speaker D: How many watches do we need to do? [00:44:08] Speaker B: I'd say four watches, 2 hours each. [00:44:11] Speaker I: Upon watcher would do the latest one because that's when it's like the coolest. [00:44:15] Speaker B: Right, so that would be second shift. Sure. Second or third? [00:44:19] Speaker D: Twin tunnel. Take third then. [00:44:20] Speaker C: Okay, so timid will bring the. Take the last one. [00:44:23] Speaker B: Who's taking the first shift? That I did? [00:44:26] Speaker I: Brianna. [00:44:26] Speaker B: Yeah. All right, Brianna, please give me a perception check. [00:44:30] Speaker H: Try my best. That is sweat putting into my face. [00:44:34] Speaker B: Nice, right? [00:44:35] Speaker D: Rolling. 18 is a good way to do that. [00:44:37] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:44:38] Speaker B: You see nothing. It is a fairly calm beginning to become comfortable evening. The fire dances around, keeping most creatures at bay. You hear some wind. Other than that, it's a fairly calm, peaceful. Your two hour shift ends and pond watcher, you nudge pond watcher as he wakes up to take pond watcher. [00:45:03] Speaker I: Okay. Yes, thank you. Okay. Oh, so cool. Much better at night. [00:45:09] Speaker H: Quite. I'm going to bathe before sleep. Okay. Good night. [00:45:13] Speaker I: I see everything. With another natural 20. [00:45:17] Speaker B: Wow. [00:45:18] Speaker I: 30. Perception. You can't bathe on my watch. [00:45:25] Speaker B: He sees everything. What he does see is coming down from one of his trees, an amber looking goo starting to drip. [00:45:39] Speaker I: How far away is it? [00:45:41] Speaker B: It's probably about 15ft away from you. It looks like it's a SAP coming out of a tree. [00:45:47] Speaker I: A very mysterious SAP. Wouldn't be the first time. I will go investigate it. [00:45:54] Speaker B: All right. As you approach, you see that this SAP isn't actually coming from any wounds. It's just an orange, brown, amber pulsing mound. [00:46:06] Speaker I: Hello, SAP man. Are you friend or foe? He yells at the SAP, and he draws his new magical bow. [00:46:14] Speaker B: You see a tendril lurch out at you as it attempts to grab you. But we will have to find out what happened next week. [00:46:25] Speaker I: It was foe. It was faux all along. [00:46:28] Speaker G: What is this strange amber goo that is dripping? What was Temid's dream all about? And who was silver in that dream? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode of the Cracked Die podcast. And now a word from our sponsors. [00:46:50] Speaker B: A light in the shadows, a voice for the voiceless. Kindness, compassion, and redemption. [00:47:01] Speaker I: All things that other groups tend to look over. [00:47:04] Speaker B: But no, not members of the radiant oath. Having seen firsthand what people can return from and being blessed with, the radiant oath can help you, help others. But do not take our hope as generosity or weakness. When needed, we will strike at the heart of darkness, strike at the demons that try and corrupt society and people. We are kind. We are the light in the shadows. We are the radiant oath. Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast. Background sound effects provided by sirenscape. Because Epic Games deserve Epic music, please visit [email protected] Pathfinder second edition Age of Ashes Adventure Path are all copyright of PI Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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