The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 14 - Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

Episode 14 December 05, 2019 01:15:19
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 14 - Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 14 - Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

Dec 05 2019 | 01:15:19


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The party deals with Boggards, hand-feet, a wandering old-man, and so many crits! 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:47] Speaker A: Talon on the show. [00:00:48] Speaker B: Hopefully everyone at this point has woken up from your post Thanksgiving food comas. Those of you who celebrated and you had a good time. But in any case, there are more holidays coming up soon. Gift giving holidays such as Hanukah, which begins on December 22, christmas, which is on December 25, and Kwanza, which begins on December 26. And if you or someone that you might give a gift to, like the Crackdye podcast, have I got news for you. We have crackdy merchandise. You can find it on our teespring store, which has a link on our website. If you go to the top of the website, to the right hand side, next to the Twitch link, this little. [00:01:29] Speaker A: Icon looks like a paperclip click. [00:01:31] Speaker B: It takes you to the teespring store. We have T shirts, we have sweatshirts, we have leggings, we have socks. We've got mugs with my chibi face on it. We have cracked dye phone cases. Don't let your phone die cracked without a phone case. Get a cracked die phone case. And when you do go to the teespring store. When you do purchase those items, you can use the codes at checkout. There are two of them. Both of them will get you 15% off your total order. The first one is Cracked die crackeddie. One word crack Die. Or you can use the alternate code crack Eddie. One word. C-R-A-C-K-E-D-D-I-E. That's enough for me. Now to the episode. Episode 14 jeremiah was a Bullfrog. [00:02:23] Speaker C: Welcome to the 14th episode of the Crack Die podcast. [00:02:28] Speaker D: OOH, 14 weeks. [00:02:30] Speaker A: It's like one more than a baker's. [00:02:32] Speaker C: Dozen you have, right? Oh, my God. That's like okay, someone say a number. [00:02:35] Speaker A: That someone else on there. Wrong. [00:02:37] Speaker E: You're wrong. Let's keep going. [00:02:38] Speaker C: Okay. When we last left our heroes previously on The Cracked Die Podcast our heroes explained their new abilities. They then decided to go exploring the basement of the cave to help the Bramble Brasser tribe return to their homes. Along the way, they ran into some birds. After some quick thinking, twin Talon was able to lure the birds away from their post. As they continued to explore, what else will they find? Find out now on the Cracked Die podcast. You had opened the door and seen two boggards Boggard. You see two frog people in there. Let's just start this episode off with some initiative roles. [00:03:31] Speaker F: No. [00:03:34] Speaker C: Okay, so then they're going to go first. Well, no. Screw you. [00:03:38] Speaker A: They don't speak for the rest of us. Some of us want to. [00:03:41] Speaker E: I speak for you, Matthew. [00:03:43] Speaker G: This is a problem. [00:03:44] Speaker A: Pathfinder. [00:03:45] Speaker C: I am the Lorax, and I speak. [00:03:46] Speaker G: For the Trivia in Pathfinder's second edition. Can you move through your companion space? [00:03:50] Speaker A: You can. [00:03:51] Speaker G: That's allow you to because I rolled a natural one and I'm almost in the front. [00:03:57] Speaker C: Seraya, what is your total? [00:03:59] Speaker E: Ten. [00:04:00] Speaker C: Silver 23. Pond Watcher? Six. Brianna? [00:04:06] Speaker E: 16. [00:04:08] Speaker C: Temid ten. Seria, what did you roll? [00:04:11] Speaker E: I rolled a ten as well. [00:04:12] Speaker C: Who wants to go first? [00:04:14] Speaker E: Do you want to go first, Timid? [00:04:15] Speaker F: I would like to go first, thank you. [00:04:16] Speaker G: Sorry. Actually it was a seven. [00:04:17] Speaker A: I rolled a seven. [00:04:19] Speaker C: Twins 25. Don't worry, Pond watcher, you're still last. All right, Twin Talons, you go first. [00:04:30] Speaker A: Do I get the sense that they are about to fight us? [00:04:32] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:04:33] Speaker A: Okay, well, it's a straight shot in the part of the hallway that I'm in, so I will fire. I'm sure they get some kind of COVID for me firing through people to hit that guy. Yes, they do, but I'll let you do that on the AC. I will just attack as kill him, please. [00:04:51] Speaker C: Oh, that sounds good. [00:04:53] Speaker A: No 14, that's a miss. An arrow fly natural one. [00:05:04] Speaker G: You've activated me trap card. [00:05:08] Speaker A: Also, I didn't realize this, but my short bow is deadly. [00:05:13] Speaker E: Oh, no. [00:05:15] Speaker C: Yeah, that's a critical fumble, by the way. [00:05:16] Speaker G: Sorry, I drew the critical fumble card. [00:05:19] Speaker F: It's arranged. [00:05:20] Speaker G: Bullseye, your attack ricochets and hits you near the eye. You are blinded until the end of near next turn. [00:05:31] Speaker F: Oh, shit. [00:05:32] Speaker C: All right, that's okay. [00:05:33] Speaker A: I'll level up before then and just get rid of it. [00:05:38] Speaker C: All right, and you're blind now, so. [00:05:40] Speaker A: Let me get my card. Yes, blinded card. [00:05:42] Speaker C: Please do. Luckily with the condition cards thank you. [00:05:47] Speaker A: The condition cards are in fibbladder. Treat all normal terrain as difficult terrain. You critically fail perception checks to see. Take a negative four perception you're immune to visual effects. [00:05:57] Speaker C: OOH so you can't be dazzled by those birds. [00:05:59] Speaker F: It's true, that was a bad bounce. [00:06:04] Speaker A: Twin Talon is just going to take the arrow out his eye. I don't think it's sticking out his forehead. [00:06:12] Speaker G: Definitely sticking out of your eyeball. [00:06:13] Speaker E: Okay, it said near his eye. [00:06:17] Speaker F: I heard it was in his brain, that's where I got out of it. [00:06:21] Speaker A: Okay, calm down till the end of the next turn. So I don't think it's in his eyeball. I will take my last action to think about the things I've done and also recall knowledge on Boggers. [00:06:32] Speaker C: All right, give me a society check please. [00:06:36] Speaker A: That would be a natural 20. [00:06:38] Speaker C: Well, that's the other side of the die. You can ask me three questions. [00:06:42] Speaker A: Okay, so I know that they're called boggards. Do they have any special attacks? [00:06:49] Speaker C: Yes, they have a terrifying croak which can frighten people. [00:06:56] Speaker F: It's an audible thing, I'm assuming. [00:06:58] Speaker C: Okay. And they also have a tongue grab. Oh my go on. [00:07:04] Speaker A: What is the distance on the tongue grab? [00:07:06] Speaker G: Not close enough. [00:07:10] Speaker C: Ten foot reach. [00:07:11] Speaker A: Okay, question two, what is their AC? [00:07:15] Speaker C: Is that a question? Yeah, that is possible. Yeah, absolutely. [00:07:19] Speaker E: Watching his expression, just like tee. [00:07:21] Speaker C: He's a 17. They're pretty well armored with their wearing leather armors. Okay, but you know that shooting through your friends granted them bonuses. [00:07:33] Speaker A: Okay, and I guess my last question would be are they especially weak to anything. [00:07:37] Speaker G: French cooks. [00:07:40] Speaker F: French cooks. [00:07:41] Speaker C: Yes, French cooks, but not the cooking, but the French cooks themselves. [00:07:45] Speaker A: Yeah, they're the ones that take their legs off. [00:07:48] Speaker C: Oh, wow. [00:07:48] Speaker F: I didn't get that. [00:07:49] Speaker C: That was actually very good. [00:07:50] Speaker E: This is why no one laughs at your joint memoir. [00:07:52] Speaker C: Wow. Yes. [00:07:54] Speaker F: Okay, I'm being bullied. [00:07:56] Speaker C: No, they have nothing that they are weak to. Okay. [00:07:59] Speaker A: So Twin Talon will kind of grab his face and just yell out, you guys got this. They're not that hard to hit if. [00:08:05] Speaker C: You don't shoot yourself in the face. Silver, your turn. [00:08:08] Speaker D: So first thing Silver is going to do is going to inspire, give everybody Bartic inspiration while playing it, so you get a plus one to attack and damage. So he'll just play that and be like, y'all got this. There are only two of them, like, six of us. Matter of time here. And then since I can do it, I'm going to see if I can fascinate one of them. Which you can do in combat. [00:08:31] Speaker A: You cannot see them. [00:08:32] Speaker D: I cannot see them. [00:08:33] Speaker A: You are around a corner. [00:08:34] Speaker D: Oh, I am around a corner, so I can't fascinate them. And I don't want to move through people's squares. [00:08:39] Speaker A: I'm going to have to move 30ft to even get into the room. [00:08:42] Speaker D: Yes. I'm going to recall knowledge on these things. [00:08:44] Speaker C: All right, go ahead. [00:08:46] Speaker D: Okay. You said society. [00:08:48] Speaker C: I did. [00:08:49] Speaker D: Okay. 21. [00:08:50] Speaker C: All right, that's another two questions. [00:08:53] Speaker D: Okay, so what language do they speak? [00:08:55] Speaker C: They speak common and croaky. They actually speak a language. Boggard. [00:09:04] Speaker F: Denbay happened to take that. [00:09:06] Speaker D: How large is a like, bardic? Boggard. [00:09:10] Speaker C: Boggard. B-O-G-G-A-R-D. They're human. [00:09:14] Speaker D: How big? How large are their groups? How big do they hang out together? [00:09:19] Speaker C: They hang out in a regular society, so it depends on their personality. They could be a loner. [00:09:25] Speaker D: They could I mean, they're clans. How many of these things can we. [00:09:28] Speaker C: Expect to find if they're all from the same clan? If the whole clan's here, there'd be hundreds of them. [00:09:36] Speaker D: Okay. All right. Wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but fair enough. [00:09:40] Speaker C: I'm sorry. [00:09:40] Speaker D: I'm going to move some of my movement to step out of this little hallway into here in case anything tries to get to jump on us. [00:09:47] Speaker C: Okay, so you're going to move back into the main hallway. Yes. All right. [00:09:51] Speaker A: Run down toward the gelatinous cube. [00:09:52] Speaker C: Yes. [00:09:53] Speaker A: Okay. [00:09:53] Speaker D: I'm going to run straight toward the gelatinous cube. Silver dies. [00:09:56] Speaker C: No, while you're doing that, they get to go. Now, the first action that one of them is going to take, they are going to draw a javelin. [00:10:08] Speaker E: Oh, dear. [00:10:09] Speaker A: How good of an artist are they? [00:10:11] Speaker C: They're going to then no, matthew, throw the javelin at Brianna because she's in the front. [00:10:18] Speaker E: Come at me, bro. [00:10:20] Speaker C: Does a 26 hit you? [00:10:23] Speaker E: Oof, yes. [00:10:24] Speaker C: Is it a critical? [00:10:26] Speaker E: No, it is not. [00:10:27] Speaker A: She's in full play with a shield. [00:10:28] Speaker C: Up I didn't hear her shield up. [00:10:30] Speaker E: Yeah, he said at the beginning. Okay, just because he don't want to listen to me. [00:10:35] Speaker F: Sean, take chance to cheat. [00:10:36] Speaker C: Take six piercing. [00:10:38] Speaker E: Ow. [00:10:39] Speaker C: I don't wanna and its next action is going or its third action is going to be to move right up in front of you. [00:10:47] Speaker A: All right, what is your shield's hardness? [00:10:50] Speaker E: That's a great question. I mean, I could take it off. [00:10:54] Speaker C: The shield, but well, the shield's hardness. [00:10:56] Speaker A: Applies to the damage before it takes hard. Before it takes damage? [00:10:59] Speaker E: I thought that was only if oh, wait, I did have my shield up. [00:11:02] Speaker F: Well, no, so having your shield up allows you to use the AC, but shield block is a reaction that you. [00:11:07] Speaker C: Can choose to use. [00:11:08] Speaker D: Correct. [00:11:09] Speaker A: My point is that it's been many, many weeks since we've used shield block. Yes, it's been a while, second edition. So I'm just reminding her in a helpful way. [00:11:19] Speaker E: Hardness five. [00:11:20] Speaker A: So if you wanted to, you could take one damage instead to use your shield block reaction, and then your shield will take one damage, and you would take one damage. [00:11:28] Speaker E: Wouldn't it take all five? [00:11:30] Speaker A: No, it's hardness applies first, and then you and the shield both take whatever's left. So it wouldn't take six. It would negate five for both you and itself, but you would lose its shield bonus against the second attacker. So it's really up to you. [00:11:44] Speaker E: I'll take it's. Fine. [00:11:46] Speaker C: All right, so the second one gets to go. Now, it moves over 15ft, and then it releases its terrifying croak. For an action, I need Serea. And who's directly behind Serea? I'm sorry, brianna. I need Brianna and whoever's directly behind Brianna. [00:12:07] Speaker G: That's me. [00:12:08] Speaker C: Font, watcher to give me a will save, please. [00:12:14] Speaker E: 21, you're fine. [00:12:16] Speaker C: 19, you're fine. Yeah. And its last action is it pulls out a club. [00:12:23] Speaker G: Your croaks will get you no further. [00:12:26] Speaker C: Here, Brianna, you're up. So it's right in your face. [00:12:29] Speaker E: I know it's right in my face. Let's talk about bull rushing in second edition. [00:12:36] Speaker C: Oh, boy. [00:12:37] Speaker E: How does that work? [00:12:38] Speaker A: So that's a function of the athletics skill now? [00:12:41] Speaker E: Okay? [00:12:42] Speaker A: That's all I know. [00:12:44] Speaker E: Cool. [00:12:44] Speaker G: Athletics roll against their fortitude save, I. [00:12:47] Speaker E: Believe, because this is not very advantageous to have all of us. [00:12:52] Speaker A: So it's called shove. [00:12:53] Speaker E: Now, shove. [00:12:54] Speaker A: You must have at least one hand free. The target can't be more than one size larger than you. You push an opponent away from you. But I don't know why you couldn't. [00:13:02] Speaker C: Just hit him with your shield, right? [00:13:03] Speaker E: Will a shield bash him? [00:13:06] Speaker A: No, it's just an attack. [00:13:08] Speaker E: Okay, yeah, I don't see why you couldn't automatically just shove him with your shield. I agree. [00:13:13] Speaker A: Unless that's, like, a feat, because they do that a lot in this game, where you're like, I thought I could do that, and then you look, and oh, that's a feat. [00:13:22] Speaker E: Okay, well, then I will shield bash and stepify, stepify. [00:13:27] Speaker C: All right, so go ahead and make with the shield bashy. Bash. [00:13:30] Speaker E: 19 with a shield bash. [00:13:32] Speaker C: That will hit. [00:13:33] Speaker A: Nice. [00:13:34] Speaker E: Yeah. Take that. Seven damage. [00:13:38] Speaker C: All right, you smash him in the face with your shield and it bloodies his frog nose. What's your next action? [00:13:46] Speaker E: I'm going to swipe at him with my scimitar for 16. [00:13:53] Speaker C: That will miss. Crap. He croaks in your face. [00:13:58] Speaker F: Wait, he croaks? [00:13:59] Speaker C: He's dead. No, he rivets in her face. [00:14:02] Speaker E: Natural 20. [00:14:04] Speaker F: Oh, nice. [00:14:05] Speaker C: Good job. So what's the total? [00:14:07] Speaker E: 18. [00:14:08] Speaker C: That is a crit. [00:14:09] Speaker G: Nice. [00:14:11] Speaker C: Who's got it? I believe Matt Has, the criticards for. [00:14:14] Speaker A: Slashing Pain and simple triple damage. [00:14:19] Speaker E: You always get the best crits snap. So I rolled a so. It's seven damage times 321. [00:14:31] Speaker F: Nice. [00:14:32] Speaker E: Guys, I did mental map. [00:14:33] Speaker C: Good job, baby. [00:14:34] Speaker E: Thanks. That will teach you to laugh in my face. [00:14:40] Speaker F: He's writing a whole bunch of stuff down. [00:14:41] Speaker C: He's still alive. [00:14:42] Speaker F: Oh, get out of here, Dang. [00:14:44] Speaker C: All right, was that your third action or is that your third action? Next up is Temid. [00:14:50] Speaker F: All right, so Temid unable to move up to that creature. [00:14:55] Speaker C: No, you can't. [00:14:55] Speaker F: Oh, no, because I wouldn't have a space to actually stand. [00:14:59] Speaker C: You can move diagonally, can't you? [00:15:00] Speaker F: So if I walk through to where Brianna is and then diagonally into the room, is that possible? [00:15:05] Speaker C: Sure, why not? [00:15:07] Speaker A: It's 15ft, basically. [00:15:08] Speaker F: But then it may have a reaction towards me. [00:15:11] Speaker C: I mean, maybe, but I also can. [00:15:14] Speaker E: Liberate, you should swing. [00:15:16] Speaker A: Yeah, she just took her turn. So she's got her reaction back because it always resets on your you know what. [00:15:21] Speaker F: Fortune favors a bold. Do it. Temid is going to do that. He's going to move through and attempt to get past this Boggard. [00:15:33] Speaker C: All right? It does not react. [00:15:36] Speaker D: All right? [00:15:37] Speaker E: Yes. [00:15:38] Speaker F: And so then he will take this opportunity to take his new Emblazoned rapier and thrust at this creature. [00:15:47] Speaker C: Oh, my all right, thrust away. Natural two. [00:15:52] Speaker E: Oh. [00:15:53] Speaker C: What's your total? [00:15:54] Speaker F: Nine. [00:15:55] Speaker A: Did you count the flanking with Brianna. [00:15:57] Speaker D: And the plus one from me? [00:16:00] Speaker A: I guess flanking just makes it flat footed. [00:16:02] Speaker C: Yes. [00:16:03] Speaker F: Okay, so ten plus whatever is from flanking or minus to his AC from whatever. [00:16:10] Speaker E: Flanking. [00:16:11] Speaker C: Still a miss. It's not a critical miss. [00:16:13] Speaker A: All right? [00:16:16] Speaker F: So I moved. I attacked. I will attack one more time. [00:16:19] Speaker C: All right, go for that third swing or second swing? [00:16:22] Speaker F: Third attack is at a plus two. Plus 310. Again. [00:16:27] Speaker C: All right, Saraya, you're up. [00:16:31] Speaker E: She's going to move into the empty space left by Temod. And then with the bomb she has in her hand, she's going to try and throw it at the one in between Brianna and Temod. She's got an alchemist fire. That is an eleven on the die. 17. [00:16:50] Speaker C: That is a hit. [00:16:56] Speaker E: So it's automatically one persistent fire damage because splashy. Splash. [00:17:00] Speaker C: We'll see if it survives. [00:17:03] Speaker E: Five plus one for splash. Plus one persistent. [00:17:07] Speaker C: All right, he is still standing. And get out of here, but he's on fire now, so that's a thing. [00:17:14] Speaker E: With her third action, she's going to grab another batch of reagents to prepare for her next turn. [00:17:19] Speaker C: All right. Pond watcher. [00:17:21] Speaker G: Pond Watcher reaches over Brianna's shoulder with his halberd and pokes the bad guy with the spear tip of his halberd because it is a reach weapon. All right, nice nine miss again. [00:17:37] Speaker F: So does he count flanking? Because ten minutes back there. [00:17:40] Speaker A: Yes. [00:17:41] Speaker D: And you get the plus one for me. [00:17:43] Speaker G: Four critical miss. [00:17:46] Speaker F: Damn it. [00:17:46] Speaker D: This is slashing it's here's. [00:17:49] Speaker C: Mealy. [00:17:49] Speaker D: Oh, broken halved. Your weapon's current hit points are reduced to its broken threshold. [00:17:57] Speaker E: Oh, shoot. [00:17:59] Speaker D: It's not already broken, so we don't mother. [00:18:04] Speaker G: Oh, shit. [00:18:05] Speaker C: Oh, boy. [00:18:06] Speaker G: Ancestral halbert snaps, and he goes into a rage immediately. [00:18:12] Speaker C: That's fair. That's your third action is to rage. [00:18:14] Speaker E: Oh, no. That makes sense. [00:18:15] Speaker G: Ice flies out of his skin. [00:18:18] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:18:19] Speaker F: Timid'S like, oh, shit. [00:18:21] Speaker C: Twin Talon, you're up. [00:18:23] Speaker A: I believe I'm blinded till the end of this turn. [00:18:26] Speaker D: Yes. [00:18:27] Speaker C: I think I'm just going to pass delay. [00:18:30] Speaker A: I'm just going to not do anything this turn. And then next turn, I'll be not blind. I guess I'm not blind at the end of the turn that I take, right? [00:18:36] Speaker C: Correct. [00:18:37] Speaker A: So I'll just take the turn to wipe my eyes. [00:18:40] Speaker C: Shake that off. [00:18:41] Speaker F: Shake it, shake it. [00:18:43] Speaker C: Silver, you're up. [00:18:45] Speaker D: All right, well, I'm going to inspire everybody again. Okay, now, my trait as a bard and what's anathema is that I have to look at things that when things that are curious oh, no. For me. [00:18:58] Speaker C: No. [00:19:01] Speaker D: And I have a feeling I feel like these guys have it well in hand. [00:19:06] Speaker A: I'm not sure why you feel that. [00:19:07] Speaker C: Way, but I don't see anything. [00:19:10] Speaker D: I don't see you. But in the past, I'm like, there's only two of them. There's, like, five of them. [00:19:15] Speaker A: Oh, no. [00:19:16] Speaker D: Don't do it. Silver is going to I have to. [00:19:20] Speaker A: This will just work itself out. [00:19:22] Speaker C: I know. [00:19:22] Speaker A: The 75 year old man will be gone forever. [00:19:25] Speaker G: Natural selection. [00:19:27] Speaker C: Really? [00:19:30] Speaker D: It would be anathema. [00:19:31] Speaker C: Right? No. [00:19:32] Speaker D: I'm going to explore the next hallway on the left. [00:19:35] Speaker C: So I have a couple of questions about this. [00:19:37] Speaker D: Okay. [00:19:38] Speaker C: Question number one. Do you have a light source? [00:19:40] Speaker D: I could cast light. [00:19:41] Speaker C: Okay, so you're going to need to cast light because the minute you move away from Brianna, it's pitch black. [00:19:46] Speaker D: All right. I'll cast light on. [00:19:48] Speaker C: All right, so that's the first action. Action number two is well, you sang yes. Cast light. Yes. And moved. [00:19:56] Speaker A: Yes. [00:19:56] Speaker C: How far can you move? [00:19:57] Speaker D: 25. [00:19:58] Speaker C: All right, so move 25ft. Great. [00:20:01] Speaker F: Casting light is two actions, so you. [00:20:04] Speaker C: Do not get to move 25ft. [00:20:06] Speaker A: Good call, Anwar. [00:20:07] Speaker C: All right, so the boggart in front of Brianna gets to go now? Well, it takes one persistent fire. [00:20:16] Speaker E: Good. [00:20:16] Speaker C: Take that. [00:20:17] Speaker A: What? [00:20:18] Speaker C: From the bomb? Alchemical bomb. Well, now that it's in deep, deep trouble, it's going to croak. Terrifyingly. And I need everyone within 30ft of it. [00:20:31] Speaker A: Does. Everybody but Silver. [00:20:33] Speaker C: Everyone but Silver. Give me a will save. [00:20:37] Speaker E: Oh, I'm like just within 30ft. [00:20:39] Speaker F: Natural 20, mother. [00:20:40] Speaker E: Nice. [00:20:43] Speaker C: You're fine. [00:20:44] Speaker E: 17. [00:20:45] Speaker F: I critically succeed, so everyone's fine, right? [00:20:47] Speaker C: All right, let's go around the table. Twin talon. [00:20:51] Speaker A: I rolled a natural 19. [00:20:53] Speaker C: You're good. You're good with the natural 20. You have a 17. [00:20:57] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:20:58] Speaker C: You fail. [00:20:59] Speaker E: Oh, shit. [00:21:00] Speaker C: No, on a 17. [00:21:02] Speaker G: Nine fail. [00:21:04] Speaker E: Oh, I fail. [00:21:04] Speaker C: I got 1111. All right, so the three of you who failed with terrifying croak, you are frightened. Who's got the condition for 1 minute? [00:21:16] Speaker F: 1 minute. That's the end of combat. [00:21:19] Speaker C: We're fucked. [00:21:19] Speaker F: We're dead. [00:21:20] Speaker A: No, hold on. [00:21:21] Speaker E: What does it mean? [00:21:22] Speaker A: Okay, two things. Temid or Anwar? [00:21:25] Speaker F: Anwar. Is temid's fucked? [00:21:27] Speaker E: Temen's terrified. [00:21:28] Speaker F: Temid's a strong human being. [00:21:30] Speaker C: No, Temid. [00:21:31] Speaker G: It's not that bad. I can read it. [00:21:34] Speaker A: And also, what's the frightened level? [00:21:37] Speaker C: One. Frightened one. [00:21:38] Speaker G: Okay, so you're gripped by fear and struggle to control your nerves. Frightened condition always includes a value. This time it's one. You take a status penalty equal to this value of all your checks and DCs, unless specified otherwise. At the end of each of your turn, the value of your frightened condition decreases by one. [00:21:56] Speaker A: This one lasts for ten rounds. [00:21:58] Speaker C: This one lasts for ten rounds. [00:22:01] Speaker G: So it's just a minus one. [00:22:02] Speaker F: I thought it was like, you guys are going to run away. [00:22:04] Speaker C: No, that's fleeing. Okay. [00:22:06] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:22:07] Speaker C: Okay, so that was its first action. [00:22:08] Speaker D: It's essentially canceled out by my Bardic. [00:22:11] Speaker C: Second action is it's going to try and hit Brianna with its tongue? Oh, 27. [00:22:24] Speaker E: What the hell? I'll ding it off my shield this time. [00:22:27] Speaker A: Well, that's for damage. [00:22:28] Speaker C: That's for damage. [00:22:29] Speaker E: Right. [00:22:30] Speaker C: So you take five damage and you're going to ding it off the shield. [00:22:33] Speaker E: I take no damage. [00:22:34] Speaker C: Brianna is grabbed. However, this is unlike a normal grab. [00:22:38] Speaker E: Okay? [00:22:39] Speaker C: You are not immobilized, but you not immobilized. You are not immobilized, but you cannot move beyond 10ft of the Boggard. [00:22:46] Speaker F: So you're like tethered? [00:22:47] Speaker C: Yes. Now, if you want to, you can attack the tongue to sever it, and it has its own AC and whatnot. So you are flat footed. Normally you would be immobilized, but you're just flat footed right now. [00:23:02] Speaker E: Okay. [00:23:03] Speaker A: And then if you attempt to manipulate actions, it's harder. [00:23:06] Speaker C: It could, yeah. So then with its third and final action, since you are right there, it's going to try and hit you with its club. [00:23:14] Speaker E: Okay. Wait, didn't it have a javelin out of last turn? [00:23:18] Speaker D: Its tongue is a natural attack. [00:23:20] Speaker A: No, she's absolutely right. [00:23:22] Speaker C: It never yes, you're right. All right, so he draws his club. [00:23:26] Speaker A: Good call. [00:23:27] Speaker G: I thought the one in front had. [00:23:28] Speaker C: A club drawn and the one no. [00:23:31] Speaker G: Nice job, guys. [00:23:33] Speaker E: Thanks, Christine. [00:23:35] Speaker C: So now the other Boggard goes first action. Is it's going to move in to close on Temid? Who you no. Then it's going to try and tongue you go on. Natural 20. So, hang on. Does a 30 hit your AC? [00:23:58] Speaker F: You know, just barely, but yeah. [00:23:59] Speaker C: All right. And this is a named character? [00:24:02] Speaker A: We don't know its name. [00:24:03] Speaker F: His name is Boggard Two. [00:24:05] Speaker C: Is that what his name? [00:24:07] Speaker E: Probably. [00:24:08] Speaker C: Wert it's not is it baked? [00:24:12] Speaker F: Fuck, it Burt. [00:24:14] Speaker C: It's Bert. [00:24:15] Speaker F: Yeah, but I wanted to say Burt. [00:24:17] Speaker C: There it is. [00:24:17] Speaker F: That's what I wanted to say. [00:24:18] Speaker C: So it is a what is it? It's tongue. Yes. [00:24:22] Speaker A: And that's bludgeoning. [00:24:23] Speaker C: Bludgeoning. Yeah. [00:24:24] Speaker A: Okay, backbreaker. [00:24:26] Speaker F: Oh, no. [00:24:27] Speaker A: I mean oh, no critical effects until healed. The target is clumsy two and enfeebled two. [00:24:35] Speaker C: Son of a bitch. [00:24:36] Speaker A: Are you kidding? [00:24:38] Speaker C: Until healed. [00:24:38] Speaker F: Fuck this game. [00:24:40] Speaker C: All right. And it's last action because it hasn't hurt you enough. Oh, you're also flat footed because you're grappled by its tongue. [00:24:50] Speaker D: Did he give him damage for the that's true. [00:24:53] Speaker F: You know what, Aaron? You know what? [00:24:56] Speaker D: Angry emails, I'm trying to trying to. [00:24:58] Speaker A: Make them you're going to get an. [00:24:59] Speaker F: Angry email from me. [00:25:00] Speaker C: A tongue just broke your spinal ten damage. [00:25:04] Speaker A: Ten damage. And that's doubled. [00:25:05] Speaker C: That's doubled already? Yeah. [00:25:07] Speaker F: That's post doubling. [00:25:08] Speaker C: Yeah. Okay, so its last action is to hit you flat footed with a club which it drew last turn. [00:25:15] Speaker A: Yes. And Anwar's. I'm sorry. Not Anwar. Anwar is fine. Temad AC is minus two. Minus two because he's flat footed and because he's clumsy. [00:25:23] Speaker C: So it's minus four. [00:25:24] Speaker A: Oh, boy. [00:25:25] Speaker D: Oh, God. [00:25:28] Speaker F: 1819 is my armor glass. With your minus four oh, I'm sorry. [00:25:34] Speaker A: With clumsy two and not having a shield. [00:25:36] Speaker F: And let me just enable everything. [00:25:39] Speaker C: Sorry. [00:25:39] Speaker F: I'm trying to enable everything in my hero lab right now. Okay, so you're flat could just give you a second. [00:25:43] Speaker C: Yeah. You're flat footed. [00:25:44] Speaker F: Flat footed also. [00:25:45] Speaker C: Yes. [00:25:46] Speaker A: Because you're flanked and you're grabbed. [00:25:49] Speaker C: You're grabbed by the tongue. [00:25:51] Speaker A: You're super flat footed. I will crit the shit out of you with my bow. [00:25:56] Speaker C: You don't yeah, you might need to take him out of his misery at this point. [00:26:02] Speaker A: Like a horse. [00:26:03] Speaker E: No. My God. [00:26:05] Speaker C: Send Tevid to the glue factory. [00:26:08] Speaker F: My armaglass is 15, so I hit. Yes, we're doing great. Yeah, you're doing great. [00:26:15] Speaker C: Take another ten damage as the club comes down on your head, smashing into your face. [00:26:21] Speaker F: So I'm down to six hit points. [00:26:24] Speaker G: This was a mistake. [00:26:26] Speaker C: Brianna, your turn. [00:26:29] Speaker F: I shouldn't have ran up here. [00:26:30] Speaker C: Welcome to level two, guys. Brianna. Hell, level two is awful. [00:26:36] Speaker E: Not loving it. I will look down and see that there is a tongue wrapped around my wrist. I'm guessing your midsection. My midsection. I will pull gently, like, lean back so I see the tongue gets taut and swipe at it. [00:26:53] Speaker C: All right, go ahead and make the. [00:26:54] Speaker E: Attack roll natural fucking 20. [00:27:00] Speaker C: Don't even worry about it. You sever the tongue. [00:27:03] Speaker E: Awesome. [00:27:04] Speaker F: Does it do damage to the no. [00:27:06] Speaker C: It just does damage. It just cuts the tongue. [00:27:08] Speaker E: Oh, really? That's lame. [00:27:10] Speaker C: It doesn't hurt the boggarts. [00:27:11] Speaker E: That's lame. [00:27:12] Speaker F: Stupid. If you cut my tongue, I'd cry. [00:27:15] Speaker E: Wouldn't it take like, I don't know, bleeding? [00:27:18] Speaker C: A creature can sever the tongue by hitting an AC number and dealing at least three slashing damage. Though this doesn't deal any damage to the Boggard. It prevents it from using its tongue strike until it regrows it, which takes about a week. You know what it is? A crit. I'll let you do regular damage to it. I'm basically sure halfing it. [00:27:40] Speaker E: How about ten damage? [00:27:42] Speaker C: How about it dies? [00:27:44] Speaker E: Yes. Thank you. [00:27:46] Speaker C: And how about you get a hero point? [00:27:48] Speaker E: Yay. Well, I was going to say, can I give one to Aaron because he's wandering off on his own. [00:27:55] Speaker A: I don't think self suicide is put in hero point. [00:27:58] Speaker E: He's a bumbling old man, but he's acting in character. [00:28:02] Speaker C: I'll give you both a hero point as soon as I find them. [00:28:05] Speaker F: And I think I should get a hero point too. [00:28:07] Speaker E: So that was one action. [00:28:08] Speaker C: That was one action. [00:28:09] Speaker E: My second is to move forward and poke TEMED with mercy kill. They've already done enough damage with a lay on hand. [00:28:20] Speaker F: I like that. [00:28:20] Speaker D: These lay on hands, one or two actions? [00:28:23] Speaker E: One. That's good use for six hit points. [00:28:26] Speaker F: Six is great. Thank you so much. [00:28:28] Speaker E: And you get a plus two status bonus to AC for a round. [00:28:31] Speaker A: And this time it will actually matter. [00:28:33] Speaker C: Actually matters. [00:28:34] Speaker F: Well, let's hope it hope it doesn't. [00:28:35] Speaker C: I hope it doesn't. [00:28:36] Speaker F: I don't get attacked, so it doesn't matter. [00:28:40] Speaker C: It's your turn, Temid. Okay, good. [00:28:42] Speaker F: So he turns around and he focuses eyes on this stupid frog asshole that just attacked him. [00:28:50] Speaker A: Broke his back damage. [00:28:52] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:28:53] Speaker F: Get your tongue off of me. But he doesn't attack the tongue, he attacks the creature. [00:28:58] Speaker C: Okay. [00:28:59] Speaker F: And I'm going to roll like my good buddy Adam does, what I call British style rolling to the actual 14. [00:29:10] Speaker C: Add all your negatives in there, people. [00:29:13] Speaker F: Too, for a 20 total that will hit. And I did maximum damage. [00:29:18] Speaker C: Nice. [00:29:19] Speaker F: Which is one d six minus one. But I get a plus one for my Emblazement, which I can't find to add on here. So I just get six damage. [00:29:28] Speaker C: I know. [00:29:28] Speaker D: Plus one for mine. [00:29:29] Speaker F: Yeah, but that's included in yours. I've been so messed up by all this stuff. [00:29:34] Speaker A: Plus one. Minus two at this point. [00:29:36] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:29:36] Speaker D: Quick question. Does him getting lay on hand, does that take care of Colin as being healed or does it have to treat the specific thing? [00:29:45] Speaker C: That's a different skill. Yeah. [00:29:47] Speaker D: Okay. [00:29:47] Speaker A: No, he's healed. It's not. [00:29:49] Speaker C: Oh, healed. Yeah. [00:29:52] Speaker D: So does that all go away? [00:29:53] Speaker A: It does. [00:29:53] Speaker C: Okay, nice. [00:29:54] Speaker F: Oh, wait, so it went away before. [00:29:56] Speaker A: All this it went away before you. [00:29:57] Speaker C: Attacked when she healed you? Yeah. Wow. Good call, Aaron. [00:30:00] Speaker F: Thank you. [00:30:01] Speaker C: Aaron just saved you after he blinded Pawn Watcher. I didn't. [00:30:07] Speaker D: Blind pawn watcher. [00:30:09] Speaker F: So then that changes a couple of things. It's a 22 to attack. [00:30:13] Speaker C: That's still a regular hit. [00:30:14] Speaker F: Okay. And it takes eight damage instead. [00:30:19] Speaker C: All right, you cut into it. [00:30:22] Speaker F: I stab into it. [00:30:23] Speaker C: You stab into it. [00:30:24] Speaker F: Number one. [00:30:25] Speaker C: Yes. What's your second action? [00:30:27] Speaker F: Attack number 220 total. [00:30:32] Speaker C: That'll hit. [00:30:35] Speaker G: Sorry, that was four. [00:30:36] Speaker F: So that is six damage. [00:30:39] Speaker C: Okay. [00:30:40] Speaker F: And to finish off, he's going to cast the shield spell, which now his armor class is 20. [00:30:47] Speaker A: Well, you have to how many? I'm sure there's a simulate action. I'm sorry, does it count as a manipulate action? [00:30:54] Speaker F: It's cast and it's verbal. [00:30:56] Speaker C: So it's two actions to cast? No, it's a single action. [00:31:00] Speaker A: Okay. [00:31:02] Speaker F: All you need to do is say. [00:31:03] Speaker C: Shield and you get the shield. It gets a shield. All right, that one's pretty Serea. It's your turn. [00:31:11] Speaker E: She's going to move up in between Pond Watcher and Brianna for her first action. Her second, she's going to use quick alchemy to whip up another alchemist fire, and then she's going to chuck it. All right, natural woman. [00:31:27] Speaker C: That's a failure. That's critical failure. It was a six total. Yeah, that is definitely a critical failure. [00:31:32] Speaker E: Oh, dear. [00:31:33] Speaker G: This is arranged, right? [00:31:35] Speaker C: Or is it a spell? [00:31:38] Speaker A: Spell or alchemical, are they the same? [00:31:41] Speaker C: Yes, they're the spell failures. [00:31:42] Speaker G: Now I see you. Your target becomes invisible until the end of its next turn or until it uses a hostile action. [00:31:50] Speaker C: We'll double check that, but I think that's a cool effect. [00:31:53] Speaker D: That's hilarious. [00:31:53] Speaker C: What's the range? [00:31:55] Speaker G: She takes one d six persistent bleed damage. [00:31:58] Speaker E: That fits more thematically. [00:32:00] Speaker G: Okay, we'll do that's called pinch a finger. [00:32:02] Speaker C: All right, you're going to take three persistent bleed. [00:32:06] Speaker G: You just break it in your hand instead of throwing it. [00:32:08] Speaker C: Yeah, just explodes. Yeah, it goes off too soon. All right, now, Pond Watcher, I'm sure. [00:32:15] Speaker A: You'Re used to that being married to Sean. [00:32:17] Speaker E: Oh. [00:32:22] Speaker C: He flipped his hair. I'm not really sure what that was about. [00:32:25] Speaker G: So Pond Watcher's ancestral weapon just snapped in his hand. [00:32:30] Speaker C: Yes. And you raged. [00:32:31] Speaker G: You raged. And ice starts to form on him, and he does not draw another weapon. He's going to use the sudden charge action to sprint into the Boggard. [00:32:43] Speaker C: Okay? [00:32:43] Speaker G: And as a part of that, he is going to punch him in the face. [00:32:47] Speaker C: Okay, go ahead and make that punchy. [00:32:49] Speaker G: Punch with his ice hands. [00:32:55] Speaker C: Twelve miss the faces you make. [00:32:58] Speaker G: I've been rolling very badly. You really have many episodes. [00:33:02] Speaker A: Anyone out there who wants Pawn Watcher to not this one is the one. [00:33:07] Speaker G: That usually does well. [00:33:08] Speaker A: Send us dice. [00:33:11] Speaker G: So that was two actions. His last action, he's going to use his new ability furious finish to pour all eight rounds of remaining rage into one final punch. And he's going to attempt to punch this guy's head off of his body. [00:33:24] Speaker C: I love it. [00:33:24] Speaker F: That's so fucking cool. [00:33:26] Speaker A: Does it modify attack or just damage? [00:33:27] Speaker G: Just damage. [00:33:28] Speaker A: Okay, so you still have to hit. [00:33:30] Speaker E: I believe in you. [00:33:31] Speaker D: Come on. [00:33:32] Speaker E: You can do either. [00:33:33] Speaker C: Way. [00:33:33] Speaker F: I love it. I love this is so freaking cool. [00:33:35] Speaker E: Do you want to borrow one of my dice? [00:33:38] Speaker G: This one usually rolls real good. That's a natural one. [00:33:52] Speaker C: What did you what's the total? What's the total? It's a four. That's a critical failure. [00:33:59] Speaker E: No. [00:34:00] Speaker A: Oh man, tell me to it's unarmed. [00:34:03] Speaker D: Bad headbutt. You are stunned one. [00:34:06] Speaker C: I mean it makes sense. You swung so hard you just punched yourself. [00:34:11] Speaker G: I think he goes for a headbutt and his headbutt's like the ground. [00:34:15] Speaker F: He misses everything and just face plants. [00:34:17] Speaker A: You cannot act while stunned. Stunned usually indicates a value which indicates how many total actions you lose from being stunned. [00:34:24] Speaker E: Good creep. [00:34:24] Speaker A: So your stunned when you regain actions, reduce the number you regain by your stunned value. Then reduce the stunned value by the number of actions you lost. [00:34:34] Speaker C: All. [00:34:35] Speaker A: So it's just you lose one action. [00:34:37] Speaker G: Going to go again for the rest of the company. [00:34:38] Speaker A: You lose one action from your next turn. [00:34:40] Speaker C: Yeah, you lose one action from your next turn. Not that bad. [00:34:42] Speaker A: Twin talent, crippled forever like the last time you got. How long does that last again for one action? [00:34:47] Speaker E: One action. Okay just that's it. [00:34:49] Speaker C: Twin Talon, you're up. Okay, so hang on, let me just put this into perspective. So the frog, the Boggard, wraps his tongue around Temit. Temit makes an amazing swipe and cut. And hits the boggart and then comes back and gets him again. Then Sorea goes to throw an alchemical, throw a spell, blood Magic. Spell. Blood magic. [00:35:14] Speaker E: Physical Cantrip. [00:35:15] Speaker C: Physical cantrip. And she cracks the glass in her hand and it cuts her and she starts to bleed. [00:35:20] Speaker E: Now I'm going to go thematically with it explodes all over her. [00:35:22] Speaker C: It explodes all over, okay, yeah. So she gets burned. So she's bleeding. Now then you see this white frost emanating off of Pond Watcher and he charges up and punches, misses, and then he rears back with more power than you've ever seen Pond Watcher rear back with before. And he goes to headbutt this boggart and misses. The boggart kind of like twists his shoulders out of the way. And you just hear the thickening crack of Pond Watcher's skull against the ground. [00:35:54] Speaker F: Like a bowling ball hitting the ground. [00:35:56] Speaker C: Yeah, it's a wet watermelon cracking noise. [00:36:02] Speaker F: Oh, he died. [00:36:03] Speaker C: It's your turn now. [00:36:04] Speaker E: He's just dazed. [00:36:06] Speaker A: So Twin Talon, now that he can see all this horrible nonsense, spins around, doesn't see Silver, but he hears him. But he sees Pondwatcher almost knock himself unconscious. So he is going to rush forward past everyone. [00:36:22] Speaker C: Okay. [00:36:23] Speaker A: He's going to end up flanking the Boggard with Pond Watcher. Okay, that is the wrong side. [00:36:30] Speaker C: There we go, that's fine. All right, so you're flanking him. [00:36:33] Speaker A: All right, so that's one movement. Then he's going to use his new feet quick draw to draw one of his short swords okay. And try to stab the Boggard. [00:36:41] Speaker C: All right, go ahead, stab his Boggard. [00:36:45] Speaker A: It'S going to be 21 that'll hit. [00:36:48] Speaker E: Okay. [00:36:49] Speaker A: Since he is flanking, the Boggard is flat footed to him, if that matters for crit stuff. [00:36:55] Speaker C: It does. It's not crit, but. [00:37:01] Speaker A: So I rolled two D six. I got a six and a one. So that's a seven plus four is eleven damage. Plus one from Silver is twelve damage. [00:37:12] Speaker E: Nice. Good work. [00:37:14] Speaker F: Is this thing dead? [00:37:14] Speaker C: All right. No, it is still alive. [00:37:16] Speaker A: Come on, then. I will take a second attack. [00:37:18] Speaker C: All right. [00:37:21] Speaker A: It wasn't naturally teen and rolled, so that brings it to 17 to hit flat footed. [00:37:28] Speaker C: 17 flat footed will hit. [00:37:32] Speaker A: That is 13 more damage. 14 more damage with one from Silver. [00:37:37] Speaker C: All right. It's still there. [00:37:40] Speaker F: That's absurd. [00:37:42] Speaker C: Silver, it is your turn. [00:37:43] Speaker A: That first one went down so fast. [00:37:45] Speaker F: I know. This one's got, like, three times the. [00:37:48] Speaker E: Amount of hit points and a name. [00:37:51] Speaker C: They're both named. [00:37:52] Speaker F: Oh, well, one was named. [00:37:54] Speaker C: One was named. So silver, what are you doing? You hear the sound of a watermelon getting crunched? [00:38:00] Speaker D: Well, I'm just assuming that they're murdering no spouse. [00:38:04] Speaker C: Okay, so now you're going to move down that hallway? [00:38:06] Speaker D: I am going to move down the hallway. I think I can inspire them still. It's within the range of 60ft from where I am. But to avoid angry emails, I'm not going to inspire this round just because. [00:38:20] Speaker F: To be fair, we've never had an angry email. We've just had, like, helpful emails. And we appreciate all emails. [00:38:26] Speaker E: We do. [00:38:27] Speaker C: We really, really do. [00:38:28] Speaker A: It means that people care enough to let us take time seriously. Absolutely. We encourage you to email and even if it's to tell us that we've done messed up. [00:38:39] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:38:39] Speaker C: So you get to the door. [00:38:41] Speaker A: We accept praise, too, just in case people are confused about that. [00:38:44] Speaker F: I'm pretty sure everyone has praised us at this point. All the emails that we've gotten have had some praise in there. [00:38:48] Speaker C: Yeah, they've been like some of them. [00:38:50] Speaker F: Have had criticism, which we certainly appreciate as well. [00:38:52] Speaker E: Absolutely. [00:38:53] Speaker C: Constructive criticism. [00:38:54] Speaker D: So I get to a door? [00:38:55] Speaker C: You get to a door. [00:38:56] Speaker D: So that'll be as my third action of the turn. I will open the door. [00:39:01] Speaker C: Great. [00:39:01] Speaker D: Or can I open a door as part of a move action? [00:39:03] Speaker C: No. Okay. [00:39:04] Speaker D: So I will open. [00:39:05] Speaker C: All right, so it is the boggart's turn. He is going to let his tongue go. Gross. And he drops his club as a free action. Letting go of the tongue is a first action. Puts his hands up. [00:39:23] Speaker A: I surrender. [00:39:25] Speaker F: Oh, damn. [00:39:26] Speaker E: Are you going to do that voice the whole time? [00:39:28] Speaker C: I just made my own bed. You're required to do it. [00:39:31] Speaker F: So let's have a very long conversation with this thing. [00:39:33] Speaker A: Well, we don't know what's happening with Silver. We should probably stay in rounds. [00:39:38] Speaker C: We'll stay in rounds. [00:39:39] Speaker A: Empty. [00:39:40] Speaker C: That's what they're doing for this round. They're surrendering to you guys, then Brianna's turn. Okay. [00:39:46] Speaker F: It's brianna's turn. [00:39:47] Speaker E: Yeah. Anwar, I'm sorry. [00:39:50] Speaker F: I'm so excited. [00:39:51] Speaker E: Calm down. [00:39:52] Speaker F: No. [00:39:53] Speaker A: Calm down. [00:39:53] Speaker F: I refuse. [00:39:54] Speaker A: Calm down. [00:39:54] Speaker F: No. [00:39:54] Speaker A: Calm down. [00:39:55] Speaker C: No. [00:39:55] Speaker A: I will hurt you. [00:39:56] Speaker C: I stop. [00:39:57] Speaker E: So Brianna will lower her weapon. [00:40:01] Speaker D: Somebody down. [00:40:02] Speaker E: You threaten, clearly. [00:40:05] Speaker A: Well, he's seen how I deal with people. [00:40:08] Speaker F: Do you have any arsenal? [00:40:10] Speaker A: You don't know that I don't. [00:40:12] Speaker D: Watch out. [00:40:12] Speaker C: That's very true. [00:40:14] Speaker F: I really do like garlic. [00:40:15] Speaker A: We're going to eat pizza later. [00:40:17] Speaker F: Says you. [00:40:17] Speaker A: And we're friends. Don't worry about it. [00:40:20] Speaker D: Pretty much betting on pizza anyway. [00:40:21] Speaker C: All right, Brianna. Brianna's Turn, you have you come with. [00:40:26] Speaker E: The rest of these people who've taken the goblins out? [00:40:31] Speaker A: Yes. God, stop talking. [00:40:35] Speaker E: I guess that's all I can do in a round. [00:40:39] Speaker F: I would suggest maybe we leave combat. [00:40:43] Speaker A: That would be cool, except Silver just opened a door, right? [00:40:46] Speaker C: Yeah. All right, so I'm going to put those of you in this room on pause. [00:40:51] Speaker E: Okay? That's a good idea. [00:40:52] Speaker C: I'm going to switch over. [00:40:54] Speaker A: Can we just take a vote real quick? [00:40:56] Speaker C: On what? [00:40:57] Speaker A: Is everybody going to hostilities toward the bogger? [00:41:00] Speaker C: Is anyone going to attack the bogger? [00:41:02] Speaker A: Because if Pondwatcher is going to shove the broken half of his halberd through him, I think we should probably continue round. [00:41:09] Speaker G: Well, Pond watcher has been blacked out for a second, so he's not doing anything. [00:41:16] Speaker F: But also, that Boggard wasn't the one that broke the halberd. It was really your action that did that. [00:41:23] Speaker E: But does he know that? Say that to his face. Yeah. [00:41:26] Speaker A: My question is just is everyone in. [00:41:28] Speaker E: This room okay exiting combat? [00:41:30] Speaker F: I'm not attacking the Boggard. [00:41:32] Speaker C: All right. [00:41:33] Speaker G: Yeah, I guess we'll see. [00:41:36] Speaker C: All right, so we're going to flip over to Silver. [00:41:40] Speaker D: I hope you enjoy this little gift I give you, Sean. [00:41:43] Speaker C: So, this once fine seating made from mahogany and velvet has been broken into pieces and used to fashion crude shelters. To the north, a door is heavily barricaded with debris. And you see three figures in there. One of them looks very familiar, like you just left two of its brethren in another room. And then there are two creatures. That what people have been describing to you as having hands for feet and hands for hands, and they look at you. [00:42:19] Speaker G: There are too many shrimps in this jumble. [00:42:25] Speaker C: Jumbalay. All right, Gambit, your turn. [00:42:29] Speaker A: I'm going to throw a playing card. [00:42:33] Speaker C: And what's your initiative? Roll. [00:42:35] Speaker D: Do I roll again? [00:42:36] Speaker C: Yes, please. [00:42:37] Speaker D: 22. [00:42:39] Speaker C: All right, I wait. [00:42:40] Speaker D: 23. 23 because I leveled up. [00:42:42] Speaker C: All right, that's good. Not as good as theirs, but good. So I'm going to put the creatures out on the map. Give me a second. Cool. The one to the east is going to move towards Silver. [00:42:56] Speaker A: That's the one that was closest to him? [00:42:57] Speaker C: Yes. [00:42:58] Speaker A: Okay. [00:42:59] Speaker C: Draw a sickle and attack. [00:43:02] Speaker E: Oh, my. [00:43:02] Speaker A: Going down like weed. [00:43:06] Speaker G: Too much weed. [00:43:07] Speaker C: Ms. Jamalaya, does it twelve hit you? [00:43:10] Speaker D: That's a miss. [00:43:12] Speaker C: All right. That was the first one. The Boggard, which is there, lets out a terrifying croak. Give me a will save Silver. [00:43:20] Speaker D: Okay. 17 on the die. [00:43:22] Speaker F: Oh, you're fine. [00:43:23] Speaker C: Okay. And then is going to try and hit you with a tongue. [00:43:28] Speaker A: Does it have to move up to do that? [00:43:31] Speaker C: Yes, it will move and then try and hit you with the tongue. [00:43:33] Speaker D: I get a bonus because of the Ally Square thing from my AC. [00:43:38] Speaker C: What ally? [00:43:39] Speaker D: Oh, it hits allies in front of. [00:43:40] Speaker C: Oh, yeah, I'll give you yeah, you get a plus one to your AC. [00:43:44] Speaker A: Okay. [00:43:45] Speaker C: Does a 29? [00:43:48] Speaker D: Yes. [00:43:49] Speaker A: Is that a crit? [00:43:50] Speaker D: No, not with a bonus. [00:43:53] Speaker C: Okay. So you take six points of damage and you are grabbed. Okay. Now let's switch over to the other room. [00:44:03] Speaker A: The third guy in there and Silver don't get to go. [00:44:05] Speaker C: Oh, they do, but I'm going to bounce between cinematic do we hear anything coming from well, that's the funny thing. There is a door to the east, which you hear another terrifying croak, but the door is blocked. [00:44:20] Speaker F: So basically what you're doing is you're telling us you're giving us an opportunity to move before Silver has a chance to scream out and say, hey, guys, there's something going on. [00:44:28] Speaker C: Well, you hear noise. [00:44:29] Speaker F: In other words, fuck you. [00:44:31] Speaker C: But you also have a captive. [00:44:34] Speaker E: Can I attempt to intimidate this captive? [00:44:37] Speaker C: Yes, you may. [00:44:38] Speaker E: I'm going to roll first just to see how intimidating well, let's flip you. [00:44:42] Speaker C: Guys into exploration mode. So let's go around the table. Twin, what are you doing? You hear a croak from next door. There is literally a door in a. [00:44:52] Speaker A: Hallway you can go through, like, right next to me. [00:44:55] Speaker C: Yeah. Well, that connects the two rooms to each other. [00:44:58] Speaker A: Well, I'm saying there is a door right next to me. Is that the one? [00:45:00] Speaker F: But that connects us to the room that Silver is going to die in. [00:45:03] Speaker C: Yes. [00:45:04] Speaker A: Okay. Well, I don't know that there's fighting going on. I suppose there's a frog croaking, right? [00:45:09] Speaker C: Well, yeah, the same croak that affected your allies. [00:45:13] Speaker A: Right. But I don't know if these guys just croak frogs. [00:45:15] Speaker C: No, that's fair. [00:45:16] Speaker A: Although I did know a lot about them. [00:45:18] Speaker E: Yes. [00:45:19] Speaker A: So with that knowledge, kind of rolling that forward, would I think that this is a combat croak or that they're just talking? [00:45:25] Speaker C: It sounds like a same, like, aggressive combat e croak. [00:45:29] Speaker A: Okay. Then I will try the door, which is right next to me. [00:45:32] Speaker C: It is unlocked. [00:45:34] Speaker A: I'll open it. [00:45:35] Speaker C: Okay. You see another door. [00:45:37] Speaker A: Then I would move to it and probably listen. [00:45:40] Speaker C: All right, so you're going to listen. Temit, what are you doing? [00:45:43] Speaker F: That's tough. Okay. [00:45:44] Speaker A: And I guess I'll make a motion. I'll be like, it sounds like they're fighting something else in the next room. [00:45:49] Speaker F: So I guess Temit is going to perform a perception check to see if he can figure out if they're fighting or what is their fight. [00:45:58] Speaker C: Brianna is going to interrogate this. [00:46:03] Speaker E: Or intimidate this creature with a 20 total. [00:46:07] Speaker C: All right, give me a second. Pond watcher, what are you doing? [00:46:10] Speaker G: Pond Watcher wakes up from smashing his face into the flagstone. [00:46:14] Speaker C: Yes. [00:46:15] Speaker G: His rage has dissipated. He's now fatigued. So he is just going to roll over and see that they're not fighting anymore, and just stay on the ground. [00:46:25] Speaker C: Okay. [00:46:26] Speaker G: And draw the sword from. [00:46:32] Speaker C: Watcher. [00:46:33] Speaker G: He's a good warrior. Okay. [00:46:35] Speaker E: Yeah, we know. [00:46:36] Speaker C: Soraya she is clutching her neck okay. [00:46:40] Speaker E: Which is oozing. And technically, I know we've left encounter. [00:46:47] Speaker C: Mode, but you do take it in. [00:46:48] Speaker E: Theory every 6 seconds. She's taking three damage. Yes. So she probably slumps down next to pawn Watcher and just help. [00:46:58] Speaker A: So we're doing this in ten in minute increments. [00:47:00] Speaker D: Right. [00:47:00] Speaker A: So she just does 100 rounds real quick. [00:47:02] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:47:02] Speaker E: And I just die. [00:47:04] Speaker G: All right, we will remember you stare at her. [00:47:08] Speaker F: She's like, I'm perfectly fine. No, we'll remember you. No, I'm fine. [00:47:12] Speaker E: I'm not dead yet. [00:47:14] Speaker C: Silver, it is your turn. [00:47:16] Speaker D: Okay, how do I break out of this grapple? [00:47:18] Speaker C: You will need to attack the tongue with a slashing weapon. [00:47:24] Speaker D: That's the only way to break out of the grapple there. [00:47:27] Speaker C: Yes. [00:47:28] Speaker A: Your guitar shred with your guitar shredding. [00:47:34] Speaker F: Is a slashing action. [00:47:35] Speaker D: Have to be slashing. [00:47:37] Speaker C: Yes. It specifically calls out slashing. [00:47:39] Speaker D: So I can't, like, burn it off of me. [00:47:42] Speaker A: Is burning slashing? [00:47:43] Speaker D: No. [00:47:43] Speaker A: Okay. [00:47:45] Speaker C: Wow. [00:47:47] Speaker G: Shade attack. [00:47:48] Speaker E: No. [00:47:50] Speaker D: So I will. Free action. Drop my guitar. It's not written in the rulebook for instruments, but it's like on a strap, so he drops it. It doesn't just collapse on the floor. [00:48:03] Speaker C: Okay, sure. [00:48:04] Speaker F: The strap breaks and it shatters on the ground. [00:48:06] Speaker C: You swing your guitar behind you. Got you. [00:48:08] Speaker A: I also don't think there's anything in the rulebook about dropping things and breaking them. [00:48:11] Speaker D: Well, no, it shatters. [00:48:13] Speaker F: I'm pretty sure it's gone forever. [00:48:16] Speaker D: So I swing my guitar behind my back. I have a dagger. I also have a rape here. But that's piercing. Correct? [00:48:26] Speaker A: They're both piercing. [00:48:27] Speaker C: Yes. [00:48:27] Speaker F: Are daggers versatile or is it just. [00:48:30] Speaker D: Do I have anything that I don't know if I have anything? [00:48:33] Speaker G: Probably yell for help. [00:48:34] Speaker D: I will yell for help. That's a good while this is happening. [00:48:39] Speaker G: You have to yell about jumbo versatile. [00:48:41] Speaker E: So they can do slashing. [00:48:42] Speaker F: Okay. [00:48:43] Speaker C: Oh, there you go. [00:48:44] Speaker D: And that'll make an attack on this thing's tongue. [00:48:46] Speaker C: All right. [00:48:46] Speaker F: Wait, so I'm sorry, you drop, which is free. You yell, is that something? [00:48:51] Speaker C: Drop is free, draws the dagger, which is one slashes at it. Two yells is three. [00:48:55] Speaker F: Okay. [00:48:56] Speaker D: All right, well, let me slash at it first, and then we'll see what happens. [00:49:00] Speaker A: Well, I don't think I hit it. [00:49:02] Speaker D: There, but ten no, you missed. Yes. Okay, so that's clutch die moment there, but a third action is being like. [00:49:09] Speaker A: Hey, all. [00:49:12] Speaker D: Need some help in here. [00:49:14] Speaker A: He sounds fine. [00:49:15] Speaker F: He doesn't sound very. [00:49:19] Speaker A: Wood for you to examine. [00:49:20] Speaker C: Well, the other creature in that room gets to go now. [00:49:24] Speaker F: And it gives up. [00:49:31] Speaker D: Sean's regretting that so much. His throat is going to be okay. [00:49:35] Speaker F: So now our focus is to have both of the frog people have a conversation. Yeah, have a conversation between furbies when. [00:49:43] Speaker E: You get them together. [00:49:44] Speaker C: Yes. [00:49:44] Speaker E: Oh, no. [00:49:45] Speaker C: So you hear because Twin talent was listening to the door. You hear all right. You hear that noise and it moves toward Silver. [00:50:00] Speaker F: Well, there is a door open now. [00:50:01] Speaker A: No, it's like a hotel room. There's two doors. [00:50:04] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:50:05] Speaker A: But there's no space for it to be in unless it can go through Silver and or have a ranged attack. [00:50:10] Speaker C: Good call. [00:50:11] Speaker D: Do its arms crown its reach weapons? [00:50:14] Speaker C: No, it doesn't. It's not going to draw the sickle. It's going to find some debris in this room. [00:50:20] Speaker E: Oh, no. [00:50:23] Speaker C: Not like poop. And it's going to throw some of the broken table at Silver. [00:50:29] Speaker E: No, dear, bring it. [00:50:30] Speaker G: Your love for tables has finally backfired. [00:50:34] Speaker C: It's such good grappling. Ship 23. [00:50:38] Speaker D: Yeah, that'll hit not critical, even though I'm flat footed because of the grappling or whatever. [00:50:44] Speaker C: Minus two, take nine points of damage. [00:50:49] Speaker D: Ouch. [00:50:50] Speaker A: Good thing we're level two. [00:50:51] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:50:52] Speaker C: And that's its turn. So back to the other room. [00:50:55] Speaker D: You heard a table smash into an old man. [00:50:58] Speaker C: Yeah. You heard debris flung, you heard a monkey call, and then the croaking. [00:51:06] Speaker F: Okay, well, Twin, wait, do we resolve what? [00:51:10] Speaker C: Oh, yeah, let's resolve. So, yeah, that was what Twin Talon heard. Temid, what were you doing? [00:51:15] Speaker F: I was listening. [00:51:17] Speaker C: Oh, yeah, you heard that as well. Okay, Brianna, what did you roll for your intimidation? [00:51:25] Speaker E: 2020. [00:51:27] Speaker C: You managed to intimidate. [00:51:28] Speaker E: It okay. I say something of the line along the lines of if your friends are in there and attacking something, call them off, speak to them, have them surrender as well. [00:51:38] Speaker A: So, just as a point of order, I'm not sure what we're doing with time here as far as, like, is it in minutes or is it in seconds? And rounds? [00:51:45] Speaker C: Kind of in rounds. [00:51:46] Speaker E: Are we doing, like, every round that we go back to Silver and we come back here into the round? [00:51:49] Speaker C: Yes. [00:51:49] Speaker E: Okay, cool, because I did deduct another victory for the last little encounter. [00:51:53] Speaker C: Okay. [00:51:53] Speaker E: But yeah, for my injury, I need to know. [00:51:55] Speaker C: Right. [00:51:57] Speaker A: Because intimidate is like diplomacy. [00:51:59] Speaker C: You can't use a drink, you can. [00:52:01] Speaker A: It takes a minute, but it's a different action. [00:52:03] Speaker C: Okay. [00:52:03] Speaker A: So you can give someone basically the demoralized trait, which can affect how they act, I'm sure, but to actually use the coerce action, it's 1 minute. [00:52:13] Speaker C: Okay, so I guess my question is there's going to be a Roleplay scene here? With. [00:52:20] Speaker E: Who? [00:52:21] Speaker C: With Brianna. There's going to be a Roleplay scene with Brianna and the boggart here, pond Watcher is curled up to the fetal position crying. [00:52:32] Speaker G: I didn't say that. [00:52:34] Speaker C: Okay, pond Watcher's on the floor looking. [00:52:37] Speaker G: Manfully and wistfully into the distance. [00:52:40] Speaker C: Okay. He's looking into the distance. [00:52:42] Speaker G: He can't take exploration actions because he's fatigued. [00:52:44] Speaker C: Okay. And then Brianna is bleeding out. [00:52:47] Speaker A: No. [00:52:50] Speaker E: Okay. There's only mix up the two of us. [00:52:53] Speaker F: It's pretty sexist. [00:52:56] Speaker C: I'm his wife, I think. [00:52:57] Speaker F: Well, he doesn't call you. [00:53:02] Speaker C: Serea is bleeding out. [00:53:04] Speaker E: Yes. She's slouched next to Pond watcher. She's got a hand on her neck and she's quietly asking for help. [00:53:10] Speaker C: Brianna is not about you. Soraya is about to have a nice roleplay scene with a frog that is going to kill my throat. And then we have two people who were listening and heard combat. So what are you guys going to do? [00:53:26] Speaker F: So Temit being the healer, I think he's going to see the immediate need in blood gushing from Soraya's. [00:53:36] Speaker C: Yes. [00:53:36] Speaker F: And he's going to go treat wounds on her. [00:53:39] Speaker A: Okay, that's ten minutes, right? [00:53:41] Speaker F: He's going to battle medicine. No, I'm sorry. [00:53:43] Speaker E: Okay. [00:53:43] Speaker F: He'll use his healing font and cause cast heal on her, right? If you get any healing, it'll stop. It'll stop. So we'll do that, it'll be one d eight plus eight. [00:53:51] Speaker C: Okay. [00:53:52] Speaker E: I mean, the plus eight will do it. [00:53:54] Speaker C: And then twin, are you going to go join the combat? [00:53:57] Speaker A: Yeah, twin talon would at least try to open the door. [00:54:00] Speaker C: Okay, it opens and you see two monkey like creatures and a Boggard attacking Silver and you guys. Everyone else is healing and coming around, so we'll drop back into initiative. Can everyone give me an initiative roll? Except for Silver? You already gave me yours. [00:54:21] Speaker F: So what's going to be my initiative if I'm helping her? Would it be like a heel medicine? [00:54:26] Speaker C: Yes. [00:54:27] Speaker E: Use your heel. [00:54:28] Speaker C: All right, twin, what did you get? [00:54:29] Speaker A: I got 20. 315 plus eight. [00:54:32] Speaker C: All right. [00:54:35] Speaker A: I think after this episode, we need to go get Rich new next. [00:54:39] Speaker E: Yeah, I think so. [00:54:39] Speaker C: I used the highest yeah. [00:54:42] Speaker F: That I got as a as a birthday gift. [00:54:44] Speaker G: They were natural wine. [00:54:47] Speaker C: Ten. What's your initiative? [00:54:49] Speaker F: Twelve. [00:54:50] Speaker C: Brianna, 16. Serea, 19. Pond? [00:54:58] Speaker G: Seven. [00:54:59] Speaker C: Again, seven. [00:55:01] Speaker G: That's another natural one for those keeping track at home. [00:55:04] Speaker E: It just seems like the elves have, like, really shitload rolling. Like me and you were screwed most of the time. [00:55:09] Speaker G: Not doing so good. [00:55:10] Speaker A: Maybe that's why your empire fell apart. Actually, it was the giant meteor, I'm pretty sure. [00:55:19] Speaker C: All right, so now we're back to the top of initiatives here. The one that is the monkey like creature right in front of Silver is going to attempt to hit him with a sickle on his first action. [00:55:32] Speaker D: I'm curious about the tongue thing. And it can do the tongue through. [00:55:35] Speaker C: The yeah, it has a ten foot reach. [00:55:38] Speaker D: I'm tethered between two of those. Does that encumber the person who's attacking me at all? Because there's a tongue in his way? [00:55:46] Speaker C: No. [00:55:46] Speaker D: Okay. [00:55:46] Speaker C: But it does make you flat footed, so that's cool. [00:55:50] Speaker D: Yeah, that's great. That's what I wanted to know. [00:55:52] Speaker C: Does a 26 hit you? [00:55:56] Speaker D: Yes. [00:55:57] Speaker C: Sorry. It might crit me, actually, minus two. [00:56:01] Speaker D: Yeah. So it'll crit me. [00:56:04] Speaker A: Does it have a name? [00:56:05] Speaker C: Yes. [00:56:06] Speaker A: Every sickle. [00:56:07] Speaker C: It is a sickle. It is slashing or piercing? [00:56:11] Speaker A: Slashing fingertipped. [00:56:13] Speaker C: Uh oh. [00:56:14] Speaker A: Normal damage. Death until healed. The target is clumsy one and can't use one of its hands, chosen randomly by the GM. [00:56:24] Speaker C: What evened will be your right hand, odds will be your left hand even. So it's your right hand. [00:56:34] Speaker F: Silver right hand or left handed? You can make the decision right now. [00:56:39] Speaker A: Oh, that's my off hand. [00:56:41] Speaker D: No, I guess he would have to I don't know. He doesn't say. I have to drop the weapon and pull. No, you can't use it. [00:56:48] Speaker A: You got to switch pumps. You want? [00:56:50] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:56:50] Speaker D: Okay. [00:56:51] Speaker C: And you take four points of damage. [00:56:54] Speaker A: All right. [00:56:55] Speaker E: That's your strumming hand. [00:56:57] Speaker D: That's my picking hand. [00:56:58] Speaker C: Well, you're about to try. He's going to try and take off that hand completely with his finesse weapon of a scythe. [00:57:04] Speaker E: Oh, good grief. [00:57:06] Speaker C: Or sickle. Sickle. [00:57:07] Speaker E: Scythe are bigger. [00:57:09] Speaker C: Yes. [00:57:10] Speaker E: I think it's hard to finesse with this. [00:57:12] Speaker C: Yeah. Sickles are smaller. An eight. [00:57:16] Speaker D: That's a miss, not a critical miss. [00:57:18] Speaker C: Okay. [00:57:19] Speaker A: It's just a miss. [00:57:20] Speaker C: Now, that's a critical miss with a one on the die. [00:57:23] Speaker E: Yes, it is. [00:57:25] Speaker A: I feel like at low levels, rolling your third attack is just asking for critical miss. [00:57:28] Speaker C: Right. [00:57:31] Speaker E: Is it named? [00:57:32] Speaker C: Yes. [00:57:32] Speaker G: Melee. [00:57:36] Speaker C: Melee. [00:57:37] Speaker G: On the receiving end. You deal damage to yourself instead of the target. [00:57:42] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:57:43] Speaker E: Hey. [00:57:44] Speaker C: Oh. [00:57:44] Speaker G: And else says quintuple damage. [00:57:47] Speaker E: Yep, definitely says that. Nothing else. [00:57:50] Speaker C: Well, that actually is a lot of damage because I rolled max damage. Yikes. [00:57:54] Speaker E: Love it when that happens. [00:57:55] Speaker A: How much damage you did to himself? [00:57:57] Speaker C: A lot. Enough. [00:57:59] Speaker G: Went through his brittle old man fingers and just kept going into his stomach. [00:58:05] Speaker C: All right, so now the bogart goes. [00:58:10] Speaker A: Wow, their initial was high. [00:58:12] Speaker C: Yeah, I rolled 220 natural twenty s. [00:58:14] Speaker D: Now, do they see him? Not to throw you in the rug. [00:58:18] Speaker A: But I'm really low on how well. [00:58:19] Speaker C: So these are the two that are looking at you? Yeah. [00:58:21] Speaker A: There's no way they see me, but. [00:58:22] Speaker C: The third one probably the third one can. All right. [00:58:24] Speaker A: The third one doesn't see me. It's because Sean wants to kill you. [00:58:27] Speaker D: Okay, that's fair. [00:58:28] Speaker C: All right, fair. [00:58:29] Speaker G: So you have a hero point. [00:58:30] Speaker C: You can't die. [00:58:31] Speaker D: I can't die. And I don't know what they'll do when I go unconscious. [00:58:34] Speaker C: Eat. You probably 17. [00:58:37] Speaker D: That will hit me. [00:58:41] Speaker C: Ten bludgeoning. [00:58:43] Speaker G: Okay. [00:58:43] Speaker C: I'm unconscious and you're at dying one. [00:58:46] Speaker G: Oh, no. [00:58:47] Speaker C: All right, well, as soon as he sees you go down, he's going to what happens if I hit him again? It just puts him to dying two. [00:58:55] Speaker E: I think, every time. [00:58:56] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:58:57] Speaker A: Unless you crit, then it's dying three. [00:58:59] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:58:59] Speaker C: All right. [00:59:00] Speaker A: Although what's they see at this point. [00:59:04] Speaker C: And who's hitting him, it's the Boggard. [00:59:06] Speaker A: Boggard from 10ft away is hitting him. [00:59:08] Speaker C: Oh, okay. Yes, you're right. So it moves up. [00:59:10] Speaker A: Oh, no, it can't. [00:59:12] Speaker C: Okay. It's going to throw its club at you instead. [00:59:15] Speaker D: It's throwing a club at me? [00:59:16] Speaker C: Okay. Yes. Instead of hitting you. [00:59:17] Speaker A: So the ten damage that he just took didn't happen. [00:59:20] Speaker C: Correct. The ten damage did not happen. [00:59:21] Speaker F: Okay, good. [00:59:24] Speaker C: Does a 16 hit you? [00:59:26] Speaker D: Yes, it hits me. [00:59:27] Speaker C: Okay, so it might still happen. Sure. Eleven damage? [00:59:33] Speaker A: No, luckily it doesn't matter how much you go over. [00:59:36] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:59:38] Speaker C: Okay, so now you're down. [00:59:39] Speaker G: So a club flies through the air and smacks him in the club. [00:59:42] Speaker D: Hit me. Thrown weapon. [00:59:44] Speaker C: Hit me. [00:59:44] Speaker D: For eleven damage? [00:59:46] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:59:46] Speaker A: Strength them. [00:59:47] Speaker C: Yeah. One d six plus six. [00:59:49] Speaker E: Are they like daggers like that? [00:59:50] Speaker C: They work as bowls, buff frogs. [00:59:52] Speaker F: We know it's a plus six damage modified. [00:59:54] Speaker D: All right. [00:59:55] Speaker F: Figured that out, buff. [00:59:56] Speaker C: So the frog is going to try and start dragging your body so they can prepare it. So it's going to, I guess, walk through its friend's square and then pull you back. [01:00:09] Speaker E: So it's pulling him further into the room? [01:00:11] Speaker D: Yes, I'm still attached to its tongue. [01:00:13] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:00:13] Speaker C: So it's going to reel your tongue? It's going to reel you in with its tongue. [01:00:17] Speaker D: How many actions is that? [01:00:18] Speaker C: Two. I'm going to say two. [01:00:19] Speaker A: Okay, and how far does it go? [01:00:23] Speaker C: It goes 5ft back from where it. [01:00:26] Speaker E: Is with well, 5ft back. Is that the one at the bottom? [01:00:30] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:00:31] Speaker E: Okay. [01:00:31] Speaker C: It's the only Boggard in the room. Twin Talon. [01:00:35] Speaker A: Oh, well, this guy walked right in front of the door. [01:00:38] Speaker D: Well, then he said 5ft. [01:00:40] Speaker C: No, that's exactly yeah. [01:00:42] Speaker D: So he do see him. [01:00:43] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:00:43] Speaker A: Twin Talon is going to see the Boggard dragging Silver's body and he's going to be like, hey, frog face, let go of that racist old man. And then he's going to attack him. [01:00:54] Speaker C: All right. [01:00:55] Speaker D: The confused old man. [01:00:59] Speaker A: So thinking back, I drew my short sword and then I was opening doors. The only way to really have done that would have been to put away my bow. [01:01:09] Speaker C: Okay. [01:01:09] Speaker A: So at this point, he's going to use the one action of Quick Draw, all right. He's going to draw his second sword and attack the Boggard with it. [01:01:18] Speaker C: Sweet. [01:01:20] Speaker A: Probably not 14. [01:01:24] Speaker C: That will miss. Okay. [01:01:26] Speaker A: Then he is going to twin faint, and that is a two action attack. No matter what happens with the first attack, the second attack catches him flat footed. [01:01:35] Speaker C: Oh, okay. [01:01:36] Speaker A: So it's two attacks. Two attacks and consecutive attack penalties apply as normal. [01:01:41] Speaker E: Okay. [01:01:43] Speaker A: So 21 to hit, that will hit for ten damage, and then the second attack is at his flat footed AC. [01:01:53] Speaker C: Okay. [01:01:56] Speaker A: 15. [01:01:59] Speaker C: Oh, I thought that was damage 15 versus flat footed AC. Flat footed AC, that's a hit. [01:02:07] Speaker A: Okay, so I get my sneak stinks, though, out loud. Eight damage, one and a three on two D six. [01:02:17] Speaker D: All right, silver okay, so I'm dying. [01:02:21] Speaker C: I have to roll you make a flat check. So it's roll the die and you need to make an 1118 on the die. You're good. [01:02:31] Speaker D: So I'm stable. [01:02:34] Speaker C: You are no longer dying. You are unconscious. [01:02:37] Speaker D: So I'm at zero hit points, but I'm dying, but I'm wounded one if. [01:02:43] Speaker C: I take if you come up? Yes. [01:02:44] Speaker A: Okay, cool. [01:02:46] Speaker C: All right. [01:02:47] Speaker A: Now you gain the wounded one, but you're still unconscious until you get hit points backward. Yes. [01:02:52] Speaker C: So the creature that is behind the Boggard is going to make a move to get to your open side twin talon. [01:03:03] Speaker A: Okay. [01:03:04] Speaker C: That's its first action. Second action is to draw its sickle. Third action is to sickle you. [01:03:11] Speaker A: Okay. [01:03:13] Speaker C: Does a 24 hit you? [01:03:19] Speaker A: That would depend. Do I get any cover from him swinging around a door? [01:03:25] Speaker C: I'll give you plus. Let me look at my GM shield real quick. [01:03:30] Speaker A: Okay. I think it's plugged in AB either way. Oof. [01:03:34] Speaker C: All right, so, yes, you get plus two AC. [01:03:38] Speaker A: Okay. That will still hit me, but it makes it 21 AC versus 24 to hit. [01:03:42] Speaker C: Right. Okay, so you get hit with the sickle. [01:03:47] Speaker F: That's a sickening sickle. [01:03:50] Speaker A: Boo. [01:03:50] Speaker C: No, four points of damage. [01:03:53] Speaker A: Four points? [01:03:54] Speaker C: Yep. Okay, that's it. Four points. Soraya I was waiting for a moment to say that, too. [01:03:59] Speaker E: Of course you were. She's gonna hear all the commotion at the door. [01:04:03] Speaker C: Yes. [01:04:03] Speaker E: Put a hand on Temma's shoulder. Thank you so much. Put a hand on pond Watcher's shoulder. Stay strong, you'll be fine. [01:04:09] Speaker C: I believe that's two actions. No, I'm not commanding them to do anything. [01:04:13] Speaker F: Probably three actions, actually. [01:04:14] Speaker E: But she's going to take her first action, official action to run over to the door and she takes it. And I seem the sight of the. [01:04:22] Speaker C: You see the monkey creature, you see the Boggard? You see a tongue stretched out with a person wrapped up in it. [01:04:28] Speaker E: Well, she's going to draw one of her acid flasks that she made this morning. She doesn't have to take an action to make it. She's going to draw and chuck it. What's his face closest. The other Boggard. [01:04:40] Speaker C: Boggard, Boggard, Boggard. [01:04:43] Speaker A: The clubless Boggard, having thrown away his weapon. [01:04:45] Speaker E: Yes, foolishly thrown away his weapon. [01:04:48] Speaker D: You're welcome. [01:04:50] Speaker E: That's a 21. [01:04:51] Speaker C: That'll hit. [01:04:53] Speaker E: Beautiful. The fun thing about acid splash is all of its initial damage is persistent. So four persistent damage, and is there anything within 5ft of him? [01:05:03] Speaker C: The monkey thing, that one's going to. [01:05:04] Speaker E: Take one acid splash damage that is not persistent. But the four damage on the bogart is all right. [01:05:11] Speaker A: And Anwar just looked it up. Tumble through. [01:05:15] Speaker E: Yes. [01:05:15] Speaker F: It's not trained yet. [01:05:16] Speaker A: Is not trained. [01:05:17] Speaker E: Okay, cool. [01:05:19] Speaker C: All right. Temid. [01:05:21] Speaker F: So, Temid okay, I'm sorry, I'm having a little bit of difficulty seeing all the pawns. Where is Sorea? In relation. [01:05:31] Speaker C: Right at the doorway. [01:05:32] Speaker F: She's right at the doorway. Where is Tebid in relation to that? [01:05:35] Speaker A: He's maybe 5ft away from her. [01:05:37] Speaker E: Not far. [01:05:38] Speaker F: All right, so he's going to sidestep one side step next to her, and then he's going. To attempt battle medicine on her. [01:05:48] Speaker C: Okay. [01:05:49] Speaker E: No, the first healing with the one you get plus eight. [01:05:52] Speaker F: Oh, I already that already happened. [01:05:53] Speaker C: Yeah. Okay. [01:05:55] Speaker F: I'm sorry. Never mind. Okay. [01:05:57] Speaker E: That's what she thinks. [01:05:58] Speaker F: She's fine. I thought she was like, thank you for the thought, but we've got more pressing matters to attend to. [01:06:02] Speaker C: Okay. [01:06:03] Speaker A: She's bleeding out. She's like, no, stop it. [01:06:05] Speaker C: We need to go find people. [01:06:06] Speaker F: Okay, so then I take that back. I wasn't aware of that. And then so he does try to move into the doorway or move into the room. [01:06:15] Speaker C: All right. [01:06:16] Speaker F: To attack the one that is holding. [01:06:21] Speaker A: So you would have to move through Sarea. Move through me, tumble past the Boggard and end up on the other side of him. [01:06:27] Speaker F: All right, well, couldn't I oh, so there's no room next to me next to it. So I don't have to tumble through them. [01:06:33] Speaker E: I don't think we've moved the pawns in some time. [01:06:36] Speaker A: No, but no. The Boggard is directly in front of the door. [01:06:38] Speaker C: Yeah. Okay. You'd have to tumble to get around it. Yeah. [01:06:42] Speaker E: Because the door is only 5ft. [01:06:43] Speaker F: Yeah, I see. So there's no way for me to attack it unless I tumble through. [01:06:47] Speaker C: Correct. Correct. Okay. [01:06:48] Speaker A: Or you run down the hallway, over back down this way. [01:06:52] Speaker F: He's going to be dared. [01:06:55] Speaker C: You're going to try and tumble. [01:06:56] Speaker F: I've got okay. Acrobatics. [01:06:58] Speaker C: All right. [01:06:59] Speaker F: What's it against? [01:07:01] Speaker E: Wasn't it the. [01:07:05] Speaker C: Athletics DC. [01:07:07] Speaker A: Nope. It is. Hi. I was right. It's the enemy's reflex DC. [01:07:10] Speaker C: Correct. Reflex DC. Right. [01:07:12] Speaker D: You know, frogs, they're not known for being spry. [01:07:18] Speaker F: What'd you roll on? [01:07:20] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. You did. [01:07:20] Speaker A: Rich, touch that die. [01:07:24] Speaker C: So you get stopped right there. Good thing I don't have a reaction. [01:07:28] Speaker F: Where do I stop, though? [01:07:30] Speaker C: Behind. [01:07:31] Speaker A: You have to basically, if you would end up in a space with somebody, you are either prone in the square it's up to the GM. Basically, he can make you prone in the square or bump you back out. [01:07:43] Speaker C: I'm going to bump you back out and you're just going to be behind Twin Talon and Serea and Saraya. Yes. [01:07:51] Speaker F: So then he's just going to use his last two actions to divine lance this thing. And it's a ranged attack. It's a plus seven, natural 20. [01:08:02] Speaker C: That's a critical. [01:08:03] Speaker E: All right, rich, you should try that technique yeah. [01:08:08] Speaker A: By slamming the dice on the ground and not rolling them. [01:08:11] Speaker F: No, I roll it in my hand. [01:08:12] Speaker A: And then I slam it and they don't move. [01:08:17] Speaker F: I don't do natural one with it, so it's not like I'm doing it on purpose. [01:08:19] Speaker A: No, but I think that with some practice, you could get good at okay, I'll continue to practice work on it. That's all I'm asking. [01:08:26] Speaker C: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Okay. [01:08:30] Speaker A: Time vortex time. If this is a spell, normal damage and the target vanishes and reappears one D four rounds later, the target can use no actions and any effect it has with durations. Do not pass while it is gone. [01:08:48] Speaker C: Cool. [01:08:49] Speaker A: Okay, so he's not going to take some rounds of acid damage while it's in limbo. It just basically blinks forward in time. [01:08:56] Speaker E: Yeah, but when he comes back yeah, absolutely. [01:08:58] Speaker C: All right, so the boggart disappears. [01:09:01] Speaker A: Well, he takes normal damage first. [01:09:03] Speaker C: Okay. [01:09:03] Speaker F: Takes four damage. [01:09:06] Speaker D: Wow. [01:09:07] Speaker A: It'd be great if he showed up dead, right? [01:09:09] Speaker E: All right, four rounds past, he's taken 16 acid damage in that time. [01:09:15] Speaker F: By the way. It takes good damage, if that matters. [01:09:18] Speaker C: Okay. It blinks out of existence and lets the tongue releases silver as it disappears. [01:09:27] Speaker A: Nice. [01:09:30] Speaker C: What the hell was that? Pond watcher. You're up. [01:09:33] Speaker F: It's the might of Cadencale. [01:09:35] Speaker G: What is the Boggard next to me doing? [01:09:38] Speaker C: Croaking dead. [01:09:40] Speaker F: We got it. [01:09:41] Speaker C: It's cowering in fear. [01:09:43] Speaker G: It doesn't appear to be being bad. [01:09:47] Speaker C: No, it looks like it's behaving. [01:09:50] Speaker A: It's a bleeding blasted its friend out of existence. It looks like it just no body, no remains, just gone. [01:09:58] Speaker F: Looks like a lance just kind of appeared out of nowhere and just obliterated. [01:10:02] Speaker G: All right, so pound watcher stands up. Unless you will allow me to just flavorfully been lying on the ground? [01:10:10] Speaker C: Unfortunately, no. [01:10:11] Speaker G: All right, that's what I get. So he gets up and says, say goodbye. [01:10:16] Speaker C: No. [01:10:17] Speaker G: And he's going to run through and try to acrobatics through. Okay, I spent some time cleaning up my character sheet, and he's now no longer encumbered. [01:10:26] Speaker C: Yay. [01:10:28] Speaker G: Acrobatic a new dye from someone else. [01:10:31] Speaker C: Not me. [01:10:32] Speaker G: That's a natural one. [01:10:35] Speaker F: I'm telling you, use the Black die. [01:10:37] Speaker A: It's good luck. [01:10:38] Speaker G: I don't know who gave me this one, but it's dead to me now. [01:10:41] Speaker E: That's me. Sorry. [01:10:42] Speaker A: That's not only I just rolled two. [01:10:45] Speaker G: Of your die in a row. Got a natural one, both on both. [01:10:47] Speaker C: Just test roll my natural one. No, don't do it. Don't do it. [01:10:50] Speaker A: You test roll the die when it doesn't matter. It's going to be yeah, you're just. [01:10:53] Speaker C: Going to get mad and then you're going to be you tumble through and you don't get through. [01:10:58] Speaker G: So I'm behind Twin Talon also? [01:11:00] Speaker C: Yeah, behind Twin Talon. Seraya and Tevid, you have one more action. [01:11:08] Speaker D: You can do it again, I guess. [01:11:10] Speaker A: Draw a weapon. [01:11:11] Speaker G: I have a weapon. [01:11:12] Speaker C: Out. [01:11:12] Speaker A: Okay, good. That's right, user. Great sword. [01:11:15] Speaker F: I'm like spirit bombing my I'm holding my spirit and I'm going to throw it at you when you're about to. [01:11:20] Speaker C: Roll so that you get a I. [01:11:21] Speaker G: Don'T even know what I can do. I mean, I guess I can just try to run through again. [01:11:25] Speaker C: Yeah, why not? [01:11:26] Speaker G: All right, why not? Tumble on wires. Die. I swear to God I thought that was a one, but it was seven. Okay, better 13. [01:11:35] Speaker F: It's seven times better than what he did before. [01:11:38] Speaker C: True that's. [01:11:40] Speaker A: Reflex DC. [01:11:41] Speaker G: So he's just trying running into the back. [01:11:43] Speaker A: Wait, no. The guy's gone. [01:11:46] Speaker F: He doesn't exist anymore. [01:11:48] Speaker C: You don't have the oh, that's right. [01:11:49] Speaker F: Wait, no, it just vanishes. Does that mean that it's not yeah, no, it's gone. [01:11:52] Speaker C: Okay. It's like yeah. Let's take your turn back, Rich. Silver, no, you run through there's. The monkey thing. [01:12:04] Speaker G: I feel more confident than ever. [01:12:06] Speaker C: Good. So go ahead. [01:12:08] Speaker A: Move up. [01:12:09] Speaker G: All right, so third action. Third action. Swing grits or dude, good job. [01:12:15] Speaker A: Don't jinx it. [01:12:16] Speaker G: This is going to be so bad. That's a natural one. [01:12:23] Speaker E: Oh, my God. [01:12:24] Speaker C: Rich. [01:12:25] Speaker A: Rich, can we smudge him? [01:12:28] Speaker E: Yeah. I'll bring my palo santo. And next, please. [01:12:31] Speaker G: Oh, just let me draw this crit card. [01:12:34] Speaker E: Here, try mine. [01:12:37] Speaker C: Is that a crit failure winded? [01:12:39] Speaker G: You're fatigued. Hey, I was already fatigued, so here. [01:12:42] Speaker C: Hand him this one. You're fatigued, too. [01:12:45] Speaker G: I quit. [01:12:47] Speaker E: Try mine next. We'll see. [01:12:49] Speaker A: No. Everyone will stop listening if Fonwatcher quits. [01:12:51] Speaker E: So you can't do that. The obvious favorite MVP. [01:12:56] Speaker G: He's not very good at fighting anymore. [01:12:57] Speaker F: He was good for the first time. [01:12:59] Speaker C: All right. [01:13:00] Speaker G: Okay, everybody. [01:13:02] Speaker A: No. [01:13:03] Speaker C: It is the monkey creature's turn. [01:13:05] Speaker A: Just kill me. [01:13:06] Speaker G: Get it over with. [01:13:07] Speaker C: Well, he might, but we're going to have to wait to find out. [01:13:11] Speaker A: That's actually okay. It's probably good. [01:13:21] Speaker C: What will happen to Silver? Will Pond Watcher ever be able to land another hit? Is Pond watcher doomed. Find out the answers to this and more on the next episode of The Crack Die podcast. And now a word from our sponsors. Oh, hey, I didn't see you there. Rox Axebane is the name. And if you are tired of trolls under your Bridget or potholes on your streets, then come to Tuskhead stoneworking. We build limestone foundations, walkways, install landscapes, build bridges and carve gravestones. Everything you would need from a fine, upstanding business. So when you're tired of the rest, come to the best Tuskhead Stonework. We're not the Basandi brothers. [01:14:41] Speaker A: Thank you for listening to The Crackdy podcast. Background audio provided by Tabletop Audio, original ten minute ambiances and music for your games and stories. Pathfinder second edition, and the Age of Ash's Adventure Path are both copyright Piso Publishing. As are any visual rules from that adventure Path. You can find them and find out [email protected].

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