The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 15 - The Wanderer

Episode 15 December 12, 2019 01:04:50
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 15 - The Wanderer
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 15 - The Wanderer

Dec 12 2019 | 01:04:50


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The party deals with more Boggards, hand-feet creatures and learn a little bit more about whats going on. 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:50] Speaker A: You for your continued listening. So, this past weekend, Christine and I went to PAX Unplugged, and we ran into some really awesome people. We ran into Anwar, Matt, and Haya, and we got to go watch a fellow podcast perform on the main stage two nights. Now, one day, I hope that the Crackdye podcast can get to that level to get to the level of performing at PAX Unplugged, that would be amazing. Absolutely amazing. And we can only get there with your help. How can you help us, you might ask? Well, it's easy. Continue listening. We still have our core rulebook giveaway. And with the holidays right around the corner, if we get those 25 ratings and reviews, don't forget to review us on the Apple podcasts app. You could have a wonderful core book for Pathfinder Second Edition to slide under that tree or give as that Hanukkah gift or a Kwanzaa gift or whatever you celebrate to hand over to that friend or loved one so you can start playing your own game of Pathfinder Second Edition. And really, what's more about the holidays than being together with friends and family? And I can't think of a better way to spend that time than playing Pathfinder or any game, but specifically playing Pathfinder Second Edition. Also, again, the holidays right around the corner. You heard Matt talk about it last week. We have shirts, mugs, cell phone cases, bags, all sorts of things, leggings on our teespring store. Click that link in the show description. Buy yourself a shirt. Buy yourself a mug. Buy yourself some leggings. Buy yourself whatever. Anyway, I've rambled on way too long. We're going to get away from the Shilling openings very soon, I promise. We're going to start going back and explaining more rules. I promise. [00:03:05] Speaker B: I promise. [00:03:06] Speaker A: I promise. But until then, give this episode a listen. We think you're really going to like it. [00:03:13] Speaker B: Welcome to the 15th episode of the Crack Die podcast. [00:03:18] Speaker C: 15 already. [00:03:19] Speaker D: Thank you. [00:03:20] Speaker B: No, that's probably wrong. [00:03:24] Speaker E: That means we've been doing it for doesn't matter. [00:03:26] Speaker B: Doesn't matter a while now. Well, all I know is I'm thankful for everyone who still listens to this. [00:03:32] Speaker F: Thank you. I do. [00:03:33] Speaker B: Please continue to listen and write in. [00:03:37] Speaker F: Tell your friends. Steal their phones. Download it off their phones. [00:03:41] Speaker B: Tell your friends. Tell your moms. Tell your dads. [00:03:44] Speaker D: Download it to an Apple Watch. [00:03:45] Speaker B: That's my new goal. What? Tell your mom's, dad, I want to be the number one actual play podcast that parents listen. [00:03:54] Speaker D: Come. [00:03:55] Speaker C: I'm sorry. [00:03:55] Speaker B: Aaron. [00:03:56] Speaker C: Do you have a new character? [00:03:57] Speaker F: I have a backup character if it comes to that. [00:03:59] Speaker B: Excellent. [00:04:00] Speaker C: That's him. [00:04:01] Speaker B: Prepared? [00:04:01] Speaker F: Because I'm pretty sure don't assume it's a man. [00:04:04] Speaker A: Rich. [00:04:05] Speaker G: Error point. [00:04:06] Speaker B: Have you? No. [00:04:09] Speaker D: You, too? [00:04:09] Speaker B: No. Rich, have you melted all of your old dice down or thrown them into the fires of mordor? Because they have let you down more than I let Christine down? [00:04:20] Speaker D: One in a 3.2 million chance. And yes, I've completely replaced all of my die from die donated by our listeners. And by our listeners, I mean the other players. [00:04:34] Speaker B: There was a seance to exercise those old dice. I think everyone around the table was. [00:04:40] Speaker A: Like, here, here, use some of these. [00:04:42] Speaker H: Use some of mine. Please stop rolling. [00:04:43] Speaker B: Stop rolling ones. [00:04:45] Speaker C: So right now I think Aaron is pointing to him. So you have to roll this number, which is a 20, not this number. [00:04:53] Speaker B: Which is a one. [00:04:54] Speaker D: Working on it. [00:04:55] Speaker G: We believe in you, Rich. [00:04:56] Speaker B: So we're going to switch back over to where we were, which is the top of the round. [00:05:01] Speaker I: Previously on The Cracked Die Podcast our heroes continued to explore the citadel below. After avoiding some conflicts with some birds, our heroes met and fought some boggards. While dealing with those boggards, Silver got a little too ambitious and decided to continue exploring without the rest of the group. This may have cost him his life. Find out what will happen to Silver and the rest of the crew now on the Cracked Die podcast. [00:05:34] Speaker B: After a boggart disappeared because of a magical bolt that goodness. [00:05:44] Speaker E: A lance is three pointed lance. [00:05:47] Speaker B: His three pointed lance. [00:05:48] Speaker C: You know, a guy makes a mistake once and he just never lives it down. [00:05:51] Speaker B: No. Three pointed lance flies through the air with the greatest of ease, avoiding his. [00:05:56] Speaker C: Allies like a flying through a trapeze. [00:05:59] Speaker B: Yep. Hits the bogard, the Boggard disappears. We now have two monkey like creatures which no one has identified yet. Silver is unconscious. He is stabilized, but he is at injured one. Is that what it is? [00:06:12] Speaker F: Wounded one. [00:06:13] Speaker B: Wounded one. Yeah. Question, potential an answer. [00:06:21] Speaker G: I'm guessing I'm just watching over the prisoner at this point. [00:06:26] Speaker B: Well, yes, we're going to have a role play. It's going to be me and you. I'm going to croak a lot. We're going to talk about what's going on when it gets to your initiative order. We will. [00:06:38] Speaker C: Did you drink a lot of honey tea? [00:06:40] Speaker B: Yes, I did. [00:06:40] Speaker C: Okay, good. [00:06:41] Speaker G: Honey wine. [00:06:43] Speaker B: Twin talon. Yes. You go. [00:06:46] Speaker E: I go. All right, so Twin Talon is going to take a chance on me and move through pond watcher and then around to flank the hand footed monkey man. [00:07:06] Speaker B: Okay. [00:07:08] Speaker E: And then I will take a strike or I will attempt to strike it with my short sword. [00:07:18] Speaker B: Your short sword? [00:07:20] Speaker E: Probably not. Well, they are flat footed, so 15. [00:07:24] Speaker B: Miss even with the flat footed. [00:07:29] Speaker E: How about the same thing? [00:07:32] Speaker B: How about the same thing? [00:07:34] Speaker F: Okay, that's a miss. [00:07:34] Speaker D: Fair enough. [00:07:35] Speaker B: All right, so now that one creature is going to turn and take a swing at you. Twin talon. [00:07:45] Speaker G: Oh, boy. [00:07:47] Speaker E: Brought your A game. [00:07:49] Speaker B: It's more like a C plus. No. Does a 17 hit you? [00:07:54] Speaker E: It does not. [00:07:55] Speaker B: All right, second swing with its scythe. No. If it's sick, I keep doing that. Less 16. [00:08:04] Speaker E: No. [00:08:05] Speaker B: Carry the 14. [00:08:07] Speaker E: No. [00:08:08] Speaker B: Okay, three swings with its sickle at you, silver. [00:08:17] Speaker F: I can't really do anything. No, you're just laying there having a vision. [00:08:21] Speaker B: Yes. The other monkey hand creature is going to step up to the streets. Yes. Which is also known as Pond watcher. [00:08:36] Speaker D: Bring it on, little boy. [00:08:37] Speaker B: He's going to take three swings. Two swings at Pond Watcher. 17. [00:08:43] Speaker D: Funny you should say 17. That's a miss you are, because I'm no longer raging. [00:08:51] Speaker B: I was going to say you're flanked. [00:08:53] Speaker E: No, he is not. [00:08:54] Speaker B: He is not. [00:08:55] Speaker F: My body is on the ground. [00:08:57] Speaker B: Oh, okay. Yes. [00:08:58] Speaker D: It would have been a hit, but my rage ran out. [00:09:01] Speaker B: All right, well, it's going to take another swing at you. [00:09:03] Speaker C: Does fatigue affect your AC? [00:09:05] Speaker D: No, that's what I was like. [00:09:07] Speaker B: 22 hit. All right, take wait a second. Who is attacking the other monkey creature? [00:09:18] Speaker E: Oh, then I guess he would move. [00:09:19] Speaker B: Yeah. That was the first action. [00:09:22] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:09:23] Speaker B: So seven points of damage as it swings and clips your shoulder. [00:09:29] Speaker D: Ouch. [00:09:31] Speaker B: SurreyA. [00:09:33] Speaker H: So she's not in the room yet. I don't believe she was just outside the door when she threw the acid flask at the bogard. So since you've been harping on it for so long, is it nature to figure out what these monkey things are? [00:09:49] Speaker B: These monkey things are society. [00:09:52] Speaker H: Oh, I'm much better at that than nature. Noise east 23. [00:10:00] Speaker B: All right. These are called Sharuka K. I have a picture of them. [00:10:11] Speaker H: Oh, okay. So these are like baboons. [00:10:15] Speaker B: Yes. [00:10:15] Speaker H: And they do have very hand like feet. [00:10:19] Speaker B: Yes. See, I wasn't crazy with my descriptions. [00:10:21] Speaker H: They're kind of like the flying monkeys without wings and more detailed faces. [00:10:26] Speaker B: Small creatures as well, just so you know. [00:10:28] Speaker C: Oh, this whole time I thought they were medium. [00:10:30] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:10:31] Speaker B: No, take up the same space, but they're small. [00:10:35] Speaker H: Well, I'll pass this around for anybody who wants to look, because we can obviously all see the creatures. How many questions do I get? [00:10:40] Speaker B: Two more. [00:10:41] Speaker H: Two more. Weaknesses? [00:10:46] Speaker B: None. [00:10:50] Speaker H: Special attacks? [00:10:52] Speaker B: Shrieking frenzy. [00:10:54] Speaker H: That doesn't sound good. [00:10:56] Speaker B: No, it doesn't. So what it will do is it will what? Out a shriek like I did earlier in a previous episode, and it is quickened until the end of the turn and can use an extra action to strike or stride. And it is a reaction. [00:11:20] Speaker H: The shriek is a reaction. [00:11:21] Speaker B: Correct. [00:11:22] Speaker H: Great. [00:11:23] Speaker B: So it can get four actions in turn. [00:11:26] Speaker H: Well, I will share that with the group. [00:11:28] Speaker B: Okay. And, you know, one has let loose. [00:11:31] Speaker H: When you hear them scream like that, be careful. It means they'll unleash some kind of fury and bad news. [00:11:39] Speaker E: I feel like their name is the sound they make. [00:11:41] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:11:43] Speaker B: I mean, possibly Cookie D. They are also not from here. [00:11:52] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:11:53] Speaker C: Is there one expands? [00:11:56] Speaker B: Yes. [00:11:56] Speaker E: Only assume. [00:11:57] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:12:00] Speaker B: Okay. [00:12:01] Speaker H: So I think it's just 30ft to move through all my allies and into the room just beyond Pond Watcher. [00:12:06] Speaker B: Sounds good. [00:12:07] Speaker H: That will be my second action. And I'm going to pull out another acid flask for my third, so I'll throw it next turn. [00:12:20] Speaker B: Great. Brienna, I said don't move. [00:12:24] Speaker G: Okay, I don't know what to do. [00:12:27] Speaker B: Other than watch him while Tamed I'm next. Yep. [00:12:32] Speaker C: So, Tamed enters a room where everyone else is fighting, where our good friend Silver is laying on the ground. And he walks past Silver to the one that's not being flanked by Pond Watcher and Twin Talon. He goes up to the other one, right? And he strikes at it. Okay, so that's two actions. One to get up to the guy, and one or it the creature, and then the other to swing. I've donated my good die to our friend Rich, so if I don't roll well on this, I blame you. I rolled a natural one. [00:13:14] Speaker D: Oh, boy. [00:13:15] Speaker B: Critical failure. [00:13:17] Speaker D: Sorry, buddy. [00:13:20] Speaker E: Rich touched that die, didn't he? [00:13:22] Speaker C: He did. [00:13:23] Speaker D: Pin prick. You take one persistent bleed damage. [00:13:27] Speaker B: Oh, wow. [00:13:28] Speaker D: All right, we're burning through these cards. [00:13:31] Speaker B: I know. We're going to have to shuffle them up again. Pond Watcher, your turn. [00:13:35] Speaker C: I do have an extra turn, extra action. Unless I'm no longer able to do that. [00:13:40] Speaker B: No, you can. I just figured you're going to hurt yourself again. [00:13:42] Speaker C: That's all right. I have prerogative. I can hurt myself if I want. Oh, I just dropped it at a natural 18. [00:13:48] Speaker B: On another attack? [00:13:49] Speaker C: Yes, of course. [00:13:50] Speaker E: All right, so that's your second attack, right? [00:13:52] Speaker B: Yes. So what's your total? [00:13:53] Speaker C: My second attack and my final action for the round. And it is a total of 20 hit. You're about to see me rage. Quit. Four points of damage, thanks to my ability to emblazon emblazon my rapier. So he charges in and he strikes at this thing, but he strikes with the Fury to try to protect Silver. But he misses and he clips his own finger. And as he screams Ow, he kind of waves the rapier, and he hits it in the shoulder, and he wings it for four points of damage. [00:14:33] Speaker B: All right. [00:14:34] Speaker G: I like it. [00:14:35] Speaker B: Pond Vatcher. [00:14:37] Speaker D: Pond watcher, raises his silver great sword. He cannot rage again, but in the previous episode, he did affix to the Silver great sword, the Owl Bear Claw. Okay, just in case that happens to come up, which will only come up if I crit, so never mind. All right, we're rolling a new die, a giant die. He swings an overhead strike with his great sword natural 20. [00:15:03] Speaker E: Would you like to use your Albert Claw? [00:15:06] Speaker D: I do use my Albert Claw. [00:15:08] Speaker G: Yes. [00:15:10] Speaker D: I'm back, baby. [00:15:13] Speaker C: And that die that you use flashes when you hit a natural 20, which. [00:15:18] Speaker E: Is exciting for everyone. Do you crit? So you get a Crit card? [00:15:22] Speaker B: Yeah. You get a Crit card in addition. [00:15:23] Speaker E: To your Albert Claw stuff? [00:15:25] Speaker B: Yes. So what does this Crit card say? [00:15:28] Speaker E: This is a slashing weapon, correct? [00:15:30] Speaker D: Well, yes. [00:15:32] Speaker E: The name of the crit is weapon Strike. [00:15:36] Speaker D: Good. [00:15:36] Speaker C: Interesting. [00:15:37] Speaker B: Good. [00:15:37] Speaker E: Start, you do damage points I think is awesome. Crit effect deal normal damage to one of the target's weapons, applying hardless hardness normally. So the way that these cards are written, you deal double damage to the target. You also deal normal damage to one of the target's weapons. Or you can use the Crit effect of your great sword, which I think is what the Albert Claw allows you to do. [00:16:08] Speaker B: That's right. [00:16:09] Speaker D: I'm going to use the owl bear claw. [00:16:11] Speaker B: Okay. [00:16:12] Speaker E: So you do not do this, but. [00:16:13] Speaker B: You do do double damage. [00:16:14] Speaker E: Correct. [00:16:15] Speaker C: You said doodoo. [00:16:16] Speaker B: I did. [00:16:17] Speaker D: So I rolled a four on my D twelve. So that is seven damage. Times two is 14 damage. [00:16:23] Speaker B: 14, okay. [00:16:24] Speaker D: And the Owl Bear Claw burns up and activates a latent magical property. And since it is a sword, it means that he is flat footed. [00:16:33] Speaker B: You know what's hard to make flat footed? [00:16:35] Speaker E: A dead person. [00:16:36] Speaker B: A dead monkey creature. Chop. Nice. So that one's dead. [00:16:42] Speaker D: He wheels around, finally feeling as if he can participate in life and or combat. And I think he's within range of the other, is he not? [00:16:52] Speaker E: Yes, he's right next to him. [00:16:54] Speaker D: He swings his sword again. [00:16:56] Speaker B: All right. [00:17:01] Speaker E: Oh, my God, this is ridiculous. In the best way possible. [00:17:06] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:17:06] Speaker B: Oh, my God, it's lighting up. [00:17:09] Speaker E: Yeah, that's the best thing about that die is it's exciting for everyone. [00:17:13] Speaker D: Wow, that's a 22. [00:17:16] Speaker B: That'll hit overhand. Chop. [00:17:19] Speaker E: Critical effects, one D, eight persistent bleed damage. So double damage and a D, eight persistent bleed. [00:17:27] Speaker D: It's the same 14 points of damage again. [00:17:29] Speaker B: It's really hard to make something bleed when it's dead. [00:17:33] Speaker D: Swipe. [00:17:34] Speaker B: Swipe. [00:17:35] Speaker C: Holy crap. [00:17:36] Speaker B: Pond. Watcher. He comes back using Alec's silver sword. [00:17:41] Speaker E: She didn't think it was the sword the whole time. [00:17:44] Speaker D: This thing is amazing. [00:17:45] Speaker C: Alec is cursing him until he uses he. He like exercises his soul with these strikes and eventually he has to fully exercise it by taking out the person that killed him. [00:17:56] Speaker B: Do you want to know the funniest? No. [00:17:57] Speaker H: Sere is just going to attribute it to the fact that she gave him a pep talk. [00:18:00] Speaker B: You want to know the funniest part? So if we remember correctly remember correctly. [00:18:05] Speaker E: Tell us about the funniest part. [00:18:06] Speaker B: Sean the disappeared. What do you say? [00:18:10] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:18:11] Speaker B: Comes back at the start of this round. [00:18:13] Speaker E: Nice. [00:18:13] Speaker B: Okay, Twin Talon, it is your turn. [00:18:15] Speaker D: I still have an action. [00:18:16] Speaker B: Oh, yeah, you do. I'm sorry. So he creams. Where is he? Goes back after yeah, after your turn is over, he comes back. [00:18:28] Speaker D: So I'll move over silver's body Are. [00:18:31] Speaker H: You standing in the same square as him now? [00:18:33] Speaker G: Okay. [00:18:33] Speaker C: Like in a protective stance? [00:18:35] Speaker D: No. I'm going to tea. Bag silver. [00:18:37] Speaker G: Yes. [00:18:39] Speaker B: Coup de gras. [00:18:41] Speaker F: Why does it smell so bad? [00:18:43] Speaker D: You've run your last rodeo, cowboy. [00:18:46] Speaker B: Twin, it is your turn. You see this Boggard peer back funk? Very confused. [00:18:54] Speaker E: Okay, I will move up to him, which now makes me flanked by me and the pond watcher and I will try to attack him. There we go. 22. [00:19:09] Speaker A: That's a hit. [00:19:12] Speaker E: With flat footed no. All right so that's twelve damage he did. [00:19:19] Speaker D: Okay. [00:19:20] Speaker G: Nice. [00:19:21] Speaker E: So Twin Talon sees him pop back in and he just kind of slides over and swipes sideways and just cuts his stomach open and allows it to collapse on the floor. [00:19:37] Speaker B: Flies fall out of it. [00:19:42] Speaker C: They're still alive too. Kind of free them. We did it guys. [00:19:46] Speaker D: Liberation. [00:19:47] Speaker B: All right Brianna. This Boggard is right there with you. [00:19:55] Speaker E: Saw us slice open his comrade. [00:19:57] Speaker G: Your allies are dead. You will now tell us what business you have here and why you have removed the goblins who are here before you. [00:20:09] Speaker B: We are many cinder claws. [00:20:11] Speaker G: Oh dear. [00:20:14] Speaker D: Kill it now. Quickly. [00:20:15] Speaker B: We came through the glorious portal. [00:20:19] Speaker G: Through the glorious portal. Is this the Ayudara? No. [00:20:24] Speaker B: We are here to invade your land. [00:20:27] Speaker G: Invade our land? From where exactly? [00:20:30] Speaker B: We dig into your home. [00:20:35] Speaker G: Excellent. Are you all listening to this? [00:20:37] Speaker E: Did he say he digs into our homes? [00:20:40] Speaker G: I think so. [00:20:41] Speaker B: He's hexing destroy all. [00:20:46] Speaker C: He'S speaking pretty confidently for someone who's just surrendered. We're slaughtered by us. [00:20:52] Speaker E: So if Brandon will let him twin Talon will move up and with a firm motion but not violent he will take the boggards whatever equipment he has on him. I'm not taking his clothes or anything like that to the chagrin. I'm sure of the rest of the party but I am removing his weapons or anything offensive. [00:21:13] Speaker B: He's struggling against you doing that but like not succeeding. He then looks at you and he. [00:21:20] Speaker E: Can fight me if he wants or he can give me his weapons. [00:21:22] Speaker H: Yes. [00:21:24] Speaker B: Malak will unleash the hawk. [00:21:30] Speaker E: Malek will unleash the hawk. [00:21:32] Speaker G: No, it's the hawk. [00:21:34] Speaker E: The hawk. [00:21:36] Speaker F: He's from Baltimore. [00:21:40] Speaker D: You guys Silver I think Silver is dying. [00:21:44] Speaker C: Oh no. So that was going to be my thing. I was going to go and. [00:21:49] Speaker D: Do. [00:21:49] Speaker B: A conversation is kind of happening near the end of the fight right? [00:21:54] Speaker C: Are we in exploration? [00:21:55] Speaker B: Yeah, you're in exploration. [00:21:56] Speaker C: Yes. Temid's thing would be to go over to Silver and do a treat wounds on him. [00:22:03] Speaker D: Put this healing potion in his mouth or something. [00:22:06] Speaker C: Well let's see if we don't have to use a consumable just yet. [00:22:09] Speaker D: What is a consumable? [00:22:11] Speaker B: So the Boggard looks Brianna straight in the eyes and it's wide buggy frog eyes. Glorious dalhok will rule. You cannot stop this indiglaw. And then his mouth starts to foam. [00:22:33] Speaker G: Of course you have decided to take the couch way out. Peace be with you. [00:22:40] Speaker F: So for the listeners and for me. Did he say glorious baloc dahawk dahawk. Remember it's dahawk duh. [00:22:51] Speaker H: So if Saraya is moving back into the room the first room. Considering Timbit's got Silverwell in hand, would she have heard any of that? [00:22:58] Speaker B: You would have probably heard the last bits of that. [00:23:01] Speaker G: Either way I'll probably relay it to you because it's important information. [00:23:04] Speaker E: Yeah, and Twin Talon just wants to make sure that he is clear of him when he explodes or falls down or whatever. [00:23:10] Speaker B: No, he just drops. [00:23:11] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:23:11] Speaker B: Okay. [00:23:11] Speaker E: I just don't want to get fallen on by a man sized frog. [00:23:14] Speaker B: That's fair. [00:23:16] Speaker H: Can I finally roll Dahawk lore? [00:23:18] Speaker B: Yes, you may. [00:23:20] Speaker H: Yay. [00:23:23] Speaker F: What would that be? [00:23:25] Speaker H: It's dahak lore. [00:23:26] Speaker B: It's dahawk lore. [00:23:28] Speaker H: It's specific to the nightmare background, the haunting visions background. [00:23:30] Speaker E: It's not architecture lore. [00:23:32] Speaker H: No, it is not. [00:23:33] Speaker C: For once, there's no use for architecture lore. [00:23:35] Speaker B: Okay, so within eleven, you know Dahawk is the evil dragon like God. [00:23:47] Speaker H: Wonderful. [00:23:49] Speaker B: You know that he has great many cults that follow him. However, you believe as far as you know, within eleven that he has been gone and destroyed for a long, long time since right around Earthfall. [00:24:11] Speaker F: So question. [00:24:13] Speaker B: Yes. [00:24:15] Speaker F: Did Anwar successfully heal me? [00:24:17] Speaker C: You've got twelve hit points back and also you lose the wounded condition. [00:24:21] Speaker F: Awesome. So I'm at twelve hit points, lose wounded. [00:24:25] Speaker C: Yeah, it says it right at the it's the very last line. [00:24:28] Speaker D: Okay, cool. [00:24:29] Speaker H: Yeah, we figured that out with yeah. [00:24:31] Speaker C: The target regains two to eight hit points, and its wounded condition is removed. [00:24:34] Speaker F: So it takes like ten minutes. I imagine it does take ten minutes. If you take a potion, it doesn't remove the wounded condition. [00:24:40] Speaker C: I'm not sure about that, honestly, but I don't know, I just figure it's easier for me to do that. [00:24:46] Speaker F: All right, so I guess I would pop up and sort of like sheepishly, look around at my two companions, the cleric and pond watcher, and I'll say, I know I said pond watcher, that you shouldn't go run blindly into places you don't know what's there. [00:25:13] Speaker D: Yeah, you just said that, like five minutes ago. [00:25:16] Speaker F: I'm aware. Let this be a lesson to you as to why you don't want to. [00:25:21] Speaker D: Do that, old friend. [00:25:22] Speaker C: You should probably listen to your own words. [00:25:25] Speaker E: He's just being a selfless teacher. [00:25:27] Speaker F: Yes, I'm showing you the right path by doing the wrong thing. [00:25:34] Speaker C: Well, you're very good at that. [00:25:36] Speaker F: Well, when you get old enough, you got to just kind of brace. Whatever. [00:25:42] Speaker C: Do you have a death wish or something? [00:25:43] Speaker F: No, I have to stay alive to make sure the king that was promised ascends his throne and slays the evil worms all out there. [00:25:54] Speaker D: Well, then maybe don't run into frog rooms. [00:25:57] Speaker F: All right, I will avoid frog rooms. [00:26:00] Speaker C: And other rooms with large amounts or even moderate amounts of enemies. [00:26:05] Speaker H: Can it be fair to assume that Brianna and I are, like, now joining you guys in the other room? [00:26:09] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:26:10] Speaker B: So which room are you guys in? [00:26:11] Speaker E: This whole thing took ten minutes before he's even up. [00:26:14] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:26:17] Speaker E: Talk to him. And if you guys want to do anything else that's long happened before, I. [00:26:21] Speaker B: Just passed around a picture to all of you, and really, you really shouldn't. [00:26:26] Speaker C: Send us pictures like that. It's really not cool. We didn't ask you to Matt. [00:26:31] Speaker B: Yes. You notice that effigy is carved into the shoulder armor of this. [00:26:43] Speaker E: I will as I see it, I will look at the other ones to see if they also have it. [00:26:48] Speaker B: Yes. Both of the truekas and the boggards all have that symbol somewhere on their armor or on them. [00:26:56] Speaker C: Only in that room. Or do the other boggards in the other room. [00:26:59] Speaker G: Okay, what is it? Twin talent. [00:27:01] Speaker E: Twin talon will pull the Pauldron off of the Boggard and he'll bring it and he'll hand it to Brianna. I'll say I think when he says cinder claws, I think this is their symbol. It looks like a blue dragon claw. [00:27:18] Speaker G: Yes, although I'm not entirely sure what that means. Although it seemed that perhaps soraya did seem to understand. [00:27:29] Speaker H: Well, he mentioned Dahawk, and as far as I can recall, that's a long dead evil god of dragons. [00:27:36] Speaker F: De hawk. [00:27:37] Speaker E: Oh, I thought it was like a bird. [00:27:39] Speaker H: No, not like the hawk. [00:27:41] Speaker B: It's the hawk. [00:27:42] Speaker F: Hold on, Dehawk. Let me see. [00:27:44] Speaker E: You're still. [00:27:49] Speaker D: Minutes. [00:27:50] Speaker F: Okay, so that is leveled up. I got to remember that. 26. [00:27:57] Speaker B: Yeah, that's what you found. What Serea found out is pretty much all you know at this current time. Just because he's supposed to be long dead, you know that anyone who worships dragons and is probably evil aligned would worship Dahawk. [00:28:18] Speaker F: Okay, so he's worship anyone that worships dragons. Anything else? [00:28:24] Speaker B: No, that's really it for right now. [00:28:28] Speaker F: Silver will say he'll sort of turn towards Pond Watcher and said the Hulk is the evil dragon god. [00:28:39] Speaker B: Now, when you I imagine that you. [00:28:45] Speaker H: Would do well against him, considering your vow of vengeance. [00:28:50] Speaker D: Yes. I don't like dragons, and these frog guys seem like bad dragon sympathizers with that lore. [00:28:59] Speaker H: Would I recognize is that like the cinder claw thing or is that a Dahawk thing? [00:29:03] Speaker B: I'm sorry, what? [00:29:04] Speaker H: The image that you passed around that's on their Pauldrons? [00:29:07] Speaker B: It's a cinder claw thing. It's not dahwaq. I mean, it is because they're using that as a symbol to worship him. [00:29:15] Speaker H: Right, but it's their cult. It's not a universal thing. [00:29:17] Speaker B: Correct. [00:29:18] Speaker H: Okay. It's cinder claw. And he said, Malok will raise Dahawk. Does that name ring any bell? [00:29:29] Speaker G: I think what's concerning me now is that they seem to or he had said that they seem to be infiltrating our cities and their men. [00:29:42] Speaker B: Yes. [00:29:43] Speaker E: And they're digging under our houses. [00:29:46] Speaker B: Yeah, that's what he said. [00:29:47] Speaker F: What I'm curious about is at the end of this here room, it looks like people have been barricading themselves into something over here. He just points because when I walked in, you described that there's like a barricade over there. [00:30:00] Speaker B: Yes. [00:30:02] Speaker E: Now I know what's behind a bear arcade. [00:30:07] Speaker F: Maybe that bear that goblins are looking for. [00:30:12] Speaker E: I'm sorry, your gumbo is in your mouth. I can't understand you. [00:30:16] Speaker F: That bear. [00:30:17] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:30:18] Speaker F: We should probably check out that thing over there with a barricade. We should look at it because search. [00:30:25] Speaker D: The rooms and the corpses as no, no. [00:30:28] Speaker E: We should run heedlessly forward without any. [00:30:30] Speaker F: Thought to what we're doing. [00:30:31] Speaker D: Listen to intel. And I'm sensing a bit of a tone. [00:30:36] Speaker B: Serea and Silver, you both know that the traditional symbol of Dahawk would be a falling burning scale. [00:30:54] Speaker H: Like a dragon scale? [00:30:55] Speaker B: Yes. Not like a weight scale, but like. [00:30:58] Speaker E: That is an important distinction. [00:31:00] Speaker B: Yes, it is. [00:31:01] Speaker E: Because he could be like, fuck AVADAR or whatever. That's his main thing. [00:31:05] Speaker C: Or I don't like things to be equally weighted. [00:31:09] Speaker B: You also realize that the symbol that they're using is most if it's used by his worshippers, it is used more as his symbol of destruction than dragon. [00:31:25] Speaker H: Oh, so these are more greed enforcers. [00:31:28] Speaker B: Yeah. So Dahawk is three things evil dragon, evil dragon, destruction and greed. [00:31:35] Speaker F: As far as we know, adventure wise, there seems to be an evil dragon god worshipping cult digging to our basements underground. [00:31:47] Speaker B: Right. [00:31:48] Speaker C: I guess we're making the assumption also that they are digging underneath Breech Hill, which isn't necessarily true, but it's a. [00:31:55] Speaker E: Long way to go from here. [00:31:56] Speaker G: Either way, we need to be prepared and careful. Just like that? Yes. [00:32:03] Speaker H: Would it be something to consider that they are specifically rooting out the Hell knights? [00:32:10] Speaker F: There's a lot of layers here. [00:32:12] Speaker H: Well, digging under your homes, they're in the catacombs of Hell knight citadel. [00:32:16] Speaker G: Well, we don't know. Well, he did say something about coming in through a certain remind me. [00:32:25] Speaker E: Glorious hole. I remember because he said he came through a glorious hole. [00:32:30] Speaker B: All right, my non scratchy Boggard space. [00:32:35] Speaker C: Thank you. [00:32:35] Speaker B: The creature said there are many cinder claws. Many. We came through the glorious portal. We invade your lands. We dig into your homes. We destroy all. And when mal alrok unleashes dahawk. Glorious, glorious dahawk. You cannot stop the cinder claws. [00:32:56] Speaker C: So mal alruk. Mal alruk. [00:32:59] Speaker B: M-A-L-A-R-U-N-K. Malaruk. Super easy to say. [00:33:05] Speaker H: Guys. [00:33:05] Speaker B: Yes. [00:33:07] Speaker D: Pond watcher is going to approach the corpse of the guy we were talking to. Okay. And use the broken halberd blade and remove his head. [00:33:18] Speaker B: You remove it. [00:33:20] Speaker G: What are you doing? [00:33:22] Speaker D: Sending a message. [00:33:24] Speaker G: It's fair. Now give me your halbert. [00:33:25] Speaker E: To his ancestors? [00:33:27] Speaker D: Possibly. Or maybe throw it at someone else who is still alive. [00:33:31] Speaker E: Okay. [00:33:32] Speaker B: Oh, okay. [00:33:34] Speaker C: Actually, I went from thinking that's a little bit creepy, to that's a good idea. [00:33:37] Speaker D: I don't like these people. They seem to be affiliated with dragons. [00:33:41] Speaker C: What do you mean, these people? [00:33:42] Speaker D: The buggard. [00:33:44] Speaker F: They frog people and the monkey people. [00:33:48] Speaker D: Anyway, I don't know. Let's look around this room. [00:33:52] Speaker F: How does your quick fixing thing work? Haya? [00:33:55] Speaker G: That's a great question. It just says it takes a minute to repair an item. If I'm a master in crafting, which I am not, takes three actions. If I'm legendary, it takes one. [00:34:06] Speaker B: While we're in this exploration, mode. What is everyone doing in this room? [00:34:12] Speaker E: Twin, I am going to say. [00:34:19] Speaker D: I'm. [00:34:19] Speaker E: Going to say that Twin Talon as The Barricade has been pointed out to him. And we know about Big Bramble, who is a bar. He's going to go to The Barricade and listen behind it. [00:34:33] Speaker B: Okay, so hang on. [00:34:34] Speaker E: I'm also going to look for any signs of bear like footprints or scat or anything like that. [00:34:39] Speaker B: Okay. So I just want to make some clarification for me. Which room are you guys actually in? Because you have two options at this point. [00:34:47] Speaker C: So we had the room that we initially found that one, and then we had the room that we all went into that Silver drew us. Yeah. [00:34:58] Speaker E: So I think you said that that was where The Barricade was, was in the second row. So that's where Twin Town is going to be. Checking for signs of bears and listening at the door. [00:35:06] Speaker C: Temid will go into the original room, the first room, and he was going to inspect that room for anything interesting. [00:35:17] Speaker D: Can we say that while Temid was healing silver, I could rest to remove my fatigue condition? Okay. So that means I can do exploration actions. Now I will stay in the room that I was in and investigate, like dig around, see if there's anything interesting. [00:35:35] Speaker E: The second room. [00:35:36] Speaker D: The second room. [00:35:37] Speaker F: I'm going to listen at the door and maybe pry it open. The one that's connecting this room to another hallway. Not opening it, but listening at it. [00:35:49] Speaker H: You said pry it open. [00:35:51] Speaker F: Maybe prying it open. [00:35:52] Speaker B: Probably. [00:35:52] Speaker D: I'm going to slap you. [00:35:55] Speaker B: Definitely listen. [00:35:56] Speaker H: Soraya real quick, can I make another knowledge roll on Malarunk? Do I recognize that at all? Okay. Would that be dahawk again? Oh, damn. That's a 27. [00:36:11] Speaker G: Nice. [00:36:12] Speaker C: Good job. [00:36:14] Speaker B: Matt, what is your perception bonus? [00:36:17] Speaker E: I'm pretty sure it was plus five before, which means it would be plus six at level two. [00:36:20] Speaker B: Great. So that's a critical success because I rolled a natural 20. Excellent. You hear growling and snarling from behind that door. [00:36:35] Speaker E: Okay. [00:36:36] Speaker B: As if something is stuck in or trapped in there. [00:36:40] Speaker E: Okay. Do you want to duplicate everybody else before I okay, that's fine. Okay. [00:36:45] Speaker F: Thank you. [00:36:46] Speaker B: Let you think on that. Yes. [00:36:47] Speaker C: Tevid, my perception modifier is plus seven. [00:36:50] Speaker B: And you are looking for stuff in the first room. [00:36:54] Speaker C: I'm inspecting to see if there's anything interesting. [00:36:56] Speaker B: I'm going to stop rolling for you guys. It's way too good. [00:37:00] Speaker C: It's another crit success. [00:37:02] Speaker B: Yes. Whoo. [00:37:08] Speaker C: Give it to me. [00:37:09] Speaker B: I have too many pages here. [00:37:11] Speaker C: Come on, b six. [00:37:12] Speaker B: All right. This room looks very well lived in. Not even besides the fact that there were boggarts in here. But you probably could guess that this is where the goblins used to live. Like, this is their home. Okay. So everything here has been pretty much cleared out when they were chased out of this area. However, upon further digging into. The greasy beds and whatnot. Oh, it's not pretty. It's a goblin lair. You find a dirty purse that holds 19 silver. [00:37:56] Speaker C: Nice. [00:37:57] Speaker B: And an onyx dog. [00:38:02] Speaker C: An onyx dog? [00:38:03] Speaker B: Yes, you can find that in the core rulebook. [00:38:06] Speaker C: Okay, so am I assuming that these items belonged to the goblins? [00:38:16] Speaker B: The goblin dog. The onyx dog was actually on the boggart's body, so no, but the silver probably does. Okay. All right, Brianna, what did you learn about fixing weapons? [00:38:32] Speaker G: I learned that you have to set the DC of whatever the broken item is. [00:38:40] Speaker B: It's done. [00:38:42] Speaker G: Awesome. I have to spend ten minutes to attempt to fix the damage item. [00:38:46] Speaker E: Except you get to do it in a minute, which is awesome. [00:38:49] Speaker G: Yes. If I succeed, I restore five hit points to the item, plus an additional five proficiency rank. If I critically succeed, it is ten with an additional ten. [00:39:02] Speaker B: Okay, quick question for Pond. Watcher. What was that weapon made that halberd made out of? [00:39:11] Speaker D: Regular stuff. [00:39:13] Speaker B: Okay. All right, so I have a DC for you. [00:39:15] Speaker G: Okay. [00:39:16] Speaker B: Go ahead and roll, and I'll let you know if you succeed or not. [00:39:21] Speaker G: 22. [00:39:23] Speaker B: No, you don't critically succeed. 22. No, you succeed, though. [00:39:26] Speaker D: Nice. [00:39:27] Speaker G: Okay, thank you. You get ten hit points back for. [00:39:32] Speaker B: The item because it was brought down to its broken. [00:39:36] Speaker D: Oh, wow. That's over its yeah. [00:39:38] Speaker B: So you fix it perfectly. [00:39:39] Speaker D: Wow, thank you so much. [00:39:41] Speaker E: If you were flanking the halberd, would that give her a critical success? [00:39:43] Speaker B: No. [00:39:44] Speaker G: That's a shame. [00:39:45] Speaker B: You can't flank the halberd. [00:39:46] Speaker E: She's trying to help. [00:39:46] Speaker D: It all right, Pond, my perception is a plus six. I was looking in the second room first loot. [00:39:55] Speaker B: All right. [00:39:56] Speaker D: And I guess the bodies of monkey boy. [00:39:59] Speaker B: All right, so the bodies of the monkey boys. You find two pairs of hide armor, one on each, two sickles, and two whips. [00:40:11] Speaker E: And those are all small sized? [00:40:13] Speaker B: Yes. [00:40:16] Speaker D: A tiny whip. [00:40:19] Speaker F: What could I do with you? [00:40:20] Speaker B: You also find a club from the Boggard, a javelin, and studded leather armor. Pond, watcher. You also find. [00:40:34] Speaker D: A gun. [00:40:35] Speaker B: A lesser comprehension elixir. [00:40:39] Speaker D: Thank you very much. I take a small whiff. [00:40:43] Speaker B: Okay, silver, what is your perception bonus plus seven? You hear nothing. [00:40:57] Speaker F: I hear nothing. [00:40:58] Speaker B: You hear nothing. [00:41:01] Speaker F: Well, I guess I'd open the door. I don't hear anything. [00:41:04] Speaker B: You open the door, and you see that it is much like the room, the hallway between the other two rooms where there is another door on the further side. Surreyo, what were you doing? [00:41:20] Speaker H: She is piecing and racking her brain and trying to remember. [00:41:23] Speaker B: That was a what, 20 something? [00:41:25] Speaker H: 27. [00:41:25] Speaker B: 27. Okay, so that name doesn't ring any bells to you? Or make any connections to Dahawk? With almost 100% assurity. It's not related to him. [00:41:39] Speaker H: Recognize it at all? [00:41:41] Speaker B: Now? You know, it's probably the name of. [00:41:48] Speaker E: A cleric of Dahawk. [00:41:52] Speaker H: That's my thought. Or like a cult leader. [00:41:54] Speaker E: That's what I would assume. [00:41:55] Speaker B: You know that it's probably a true cost name. Okay. [00:41:59] Speaker H: So it's probably another one of those the monkeys, the baboons. [00:42:04] Speaker F: We're going to have to fight a monkey, y'all. No. [00:42:08] Speaker B: All right. So is everyone good in these two rooms? [00:42:14] Speaker F: I'm gonna do something, but he has a lot to do. [00:42:18] Speaker B: Yes. [00:42:19] Speaker E: So at that, twin Talon is going to start. He's going to kind of look around, just be like, don't be alarmed. I'm pretty sure Big Bramble is in this room. And I'm going to try to I mean, if we open the door, I think it'd be a good idea to try to calm him down. [00:42:46] Speaker D: Maybe we can close the doors and have a path to the outside. [00:42:51] Speaker E: I was going to do that. And I also want to carve up some of these guys and maybe feed him to calm him down. He's probably hungry. He's been trapped down here for weeks. If he's alive, I mean, I hear him alive. So he's either undead, which I will. [00:43:04] Speaker D: Take care of right. [00:43:05] Speaker E: Which Brandon can take care of, but. [00:43:07] Speaker H: That'S horrifying and undead. [00:43:09] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:43:10] Speaker E: My brother tells stories about an undead Albert one time. But anyway, I'm going to try to carve up. I feel like Charuka was probably closer to something it would eat rather than the so Twin Town is going to start butchering the sharuka just to get some steaks basically off of it. [00:43:37] Speaker B: All right. [00:43:39] Speaker E: And then he will commence leaving a trail of meat chunks okay. To get at least to the hallway. [00:43:47] Speaker D: I feel like the goblins want to keep this bear, but they probably shouldn't keep the bear. Right. [00:43:52] Speaker E: They specifically said it didn't enjoy being down here. [00:43:55] Speaker D: We should let it go. [00:43:57] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:43:59] Speaker G: I thought he said that he didn't like being with them in general. That's the impression I got. I could be wrong. [00:44:08] Speaker C: No, I got the impression that it was kind of like their pet. He said, remember? [00:44:13] Speaker E: But they said they trapped it and it was angry and didn't like being down here. Maybe with them, maybe in the closed space. But I think in either way, we should let it go. I don't think it's wise to fight it if we can just allow it to escape. [00:44:28] Speaker D: I agree. [00:44:29] Speaker F: You're having, like, a trail of breadcrumbs, so to speak, from here to the. [00:44:32] Speaker E: Door outside, at least to the hallway. And if we leave the door open, he'll figure it out. [00:44:37] Speaker F: Okay. I think I'm going to close the door that I'm so I'm kind of like in between here. I just don't want him to see anybody when he comes. Charge. [00:44:49] Speaker E: I think I should be the only one in the room when it happens. You should not close both doors between me and the other room, but maybe one door. And if Brianna, you want to be right behind that door. And I'll scream undead bear. If it's an undead bear, it would. [00:45:05] Speaker D: Be a really funny prank if we didn't let you hack in, you had to run away. [00:45:11] Speaker E: I'm just going to back away slowly and try to get it to follow the trail and if anybody gets hurt, it'll be me. And then I'll call out if I need help. But I think it's safest if everyone is behind that door. [00:45:23] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:45:23] Speaker D: Let's retreat to the other room. [00:45:25] Speaker E: Ready to charge in if need be. [00:45:26] Speaker F: All right, I'll be in the little clove between these two. [00:45:29] Speaker E: I think that's a bad idea. Unless you're going to be the first one in, you should not be in the alcove. [00:45:34] Speaker B: No. [00:45:34] Speaker D: There's two alcoves. [00:45:35] Speaker E: Is there? [00:45:36] Speaker F: Yes. [00:45:36] Speaker E: I only see one, the one we. [00:45:38] Speaker D: Came in and the one he just opened a second ago. [00:45:39] Speaker E: Oh, he opened another door. [00:45:41] Speaker F: Awesome. [00:45:41] Speaker D: Yeah. Just don't open the other side. [00:45:43] Speaker F: I haven't opened the other door. I didn't hear anything. [00:45:45] Speaker D: I'm going to fill it with water while you're in there. [00:45:48] Speaker G: How about we just stop what we're doing, let Win Talon finish what he said he would do and then we'll continue on. Okay. [00:45:57] Speaker F: All right. [00:45:58] Speaker E: I mean, that gets rid of the bear and then we can figure out what else is going to happen. All right, so that's what Twin Talon will commence to do. All right, start carving up the monkey people. [00:46:08] Speaker B: All right. So everyone escapes into the safety of the other room. [00:46:13] Speaker F: Star wipe. [00:46:14] Speaker B: You have a trail of bread of meat crumbs leading to the door and you open the door. [00:46:23] Speaker E: Yes. [00:46:24] Speaker B: And a large I'm going to have. [00:46:28] Speaker E: A chunk that when I open the door I throw it into it. [00:46:31] Speaker C: Large brown bear. [00:46:32] Speaker B: A large bear tries to fit through the door but has a hard time and you kind of hit it in the chest with the food and it drops down to all fours and sniffs the meat. [00:46:45] Speaker E: And Twin Dawn is going to very slowly back to handle animal check. Okay, so that is nature. [00:46:53] Speaker B: Yes. I was very happy to hear you took that for this part particularly good. [00:46:59] Speaker E: So I rolled the natural 18 plus four. Nature is a 22 plus. Any bonus you would like to give me for having trained animal, which now that I read it again, is mostly for training new tricks to animals. [00:47:10] Speaker B: But that's fine. [00:47:11] Speaker H: You gave him a treat and you. [00:47:13] Speaker B: Gave him a treat. [00:47:14] Speaker E: So what was your total 22 before any other mods you would like to impose on the DC or my role? [00:47:21] Speaker B: All right, so you see Big Bramble sniff the food and wolf sit down in one bite. [00:47:29] Speaker E: Does he look alive? [00:47:30] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. Okay. His head snaps up to you and it charges forward, pouncing on you and licking your face because very few things have treated him so kindly. Hey there, big guy. But if anyone looks, it looks like a bear just jumped on. [00:47:52] Speaker E: I think they're hiding behind the door. [00:47:54] Speaker D: We're watching, looking through the keyhole. [00:47:56] Speaker B: Oh man, it's keeling him. It's good knowing him. [00:48:00] Speaker G: Mind the puppies. Mind the puppies. [00:48:03] Speaker E: I would have left the words in the other room. [00:48:05] Speaker G: Okay. [00:48:06] Speaker B: And then it kind of gets off of like licking your face and then eats the rest of the food and wanders away. [00:48:12] Speaker E: Okay, I'm going to salute and wave to it. [00:48:16] Speaker D: Yay. One tear rolls out of your eye. [00:48:21] Speaker F: Can I roll an exploration roll perception on this other door? [00:48:25] Speaker B: On the one? Yes, you can. But hang on. [00:48:28] Speaker D: Wait. [00:48:28] Speaker E: You're running across the hall like that? [00:48:32] Speaker B: Remember, he's got the other he's in. [00:48:33] Speaker F: The other hiding in the oh, he's. [00:48:35] Speaker E: Hiding under the other. [00:48:36] Speaker B: Okay. [00:48:36] Speaker E: So he can just go to the next door without us realizing. [00:48:38] Speaker F: Okay, cool. I know. [00:48:40] Speaker B: So there's another room that Big Bramble just came out of. So you can go and investigate there if you'd like. [00:48:49] Speaker E: I think he was hiding in between the two doors. [00:48:51] Speaker C: Right. [00:48:51] Speaker B: So you're going to listen to that. [00:48:53] Speaker F: Listening. [00:48:54] Speaker B: Okay. [00:48:54] Speaker F: I'm not opening it. [00:48:55] Speaker B: You're plus seven. [00:48:57] Speaker F: Yes. [00:48:59] Speaker B: You hear the chittering of draconic. Speak. [00:49:05] Speaker F: I speak draconic. [00:49:06] Speaker B: Great. You can tell that it is coming from a monkey like head. [00:49:13] Speaker F: Okay. [00:49:14] Speaker B: And it's chittering between and you hear three distinct voices. [00:49:20] Speaker C: What might that sound like? [00:49:22] Speaker G: What. [00:49:27] Speaker H: Is that? What a monkey speaking draconic sounds like. [00:49:33] Speaker G: There's also a door between them. [00:49:35] Speaker F: Okay. [00:49:36] Speaker B: You can't make out differences. Yeah. All right, let's go around the rest of the room. What are you guys all doing in this right now? [00:49:45] Speaker E: All right. Twin Talon, after waving goodbye to his new bud, is going to probably collect the wargs. And then once his backpack is back on, he will check out the room that Big Bramble was in. [00:50:06] Speaker B: All right. Anwar, what are you doing? What is Temid doing? [00:50:08] Speaker C: So Temid kind of follows behind Twin Talon and he kind of puts a hand on him and shows that was pretty brave of you and I'm glad it worked out well. And he also inspects that same room along with him. [00:50:22] Speaker B: All right, Brianna. [00:50:26] Speaker G: Brianna. As Twin Talon comes around the corner to get the pups, she may or may not have been nuzzling them and has them against her face until he comes she's like chuck them over her shoulder. No, she's like and she'll gently put them back in the knapsack and be like, you do sleep well. Okay, here do you go. Take this. Where are you going? Oh, you're going in there? Okay. How about the rest of you? So I'll eventually end up by Twin Talon and Temad. [00:51:01] Speaker B: All right. [00:51:03] Speaker D: Pond Watcher has a sneaking suspicion that Silver is going to get a treble again. [00:51:06] Speaker E: So he goes across the door behind. [00:51:08] Speaker D: Door just to make sure he doesn't okay. And he says, stop. [00:51:12] Speaker B: What? Stop it. [00:51:14] Speaker H: Serea with the same suspicion follows Pond Watcher. [00:51:18] Speaker B: Okay, so for those of you in the other room that Big Bramble was in this room looks like a crime scene. [00:51:30] Speaker G: Oh, good grief. [00:51:34] Speaker B: Sprawled haphazardly everywhere are half mauled humanoid bodies lying in pools of blood splintered furniture, bed, curtains and rugs torn to shreds, and massive piles of bear dung. [00:51:48] Speaker F: You could use bear dung as fuel and fires if you're ever in, like, camping. [00:51:53] Speaker E: Cool. I'd rather not. Woods available. [00:51:56] Speaker G: Well, if it's like should it not be available? [00:51:59] Speaker F: Sure. [00:51:59] Speaker B: Yeah. So as you're looking over this, you do see some things that might be of value that are still intact. In this room, you find a tangle. [00:52:09] Speaker F: Foot bag, the universal first level item. [00:52:15] Speaker B: A vial of alchemist fire. You find a collection of tattered books spewing among the wreckage. They do contain some information about the Order of the Nail, if anyone is interested. [00:52:33] Speaker E: Okay. [00:52:34] Speaker C: Is there a list of this? Do you have a list of this stuff? [00:52:37] Speaker D: No, because I'm not keeping I've been writing it down. [00:52:40] Speaker B: Okay. Good job. Oh, here we go. You also learn that deeper not deeper in the catacombs, where the bodies of Hell Knights are buried. They are normally buried with weapons of theirs. [00:53:00] Speaker E: And do we know where the catacombs are compared to where we are? [00:53:05] Speaker B: No. [00:53:05] Speaker E: Okay, but that's in that Hell Knight book. The Tattered Hell Knight book. [00:53:09] Speaker F: Yes. [00:53:12] Speaker B: And that's it. [00:53:15] Speaker E: Okie doke. [00:53:16] Speaker C: So one thing, I guess while everyone was gathering themselves and we were kind of figuring out what we wanted to do next, teme did want to describe what that? Well, actually do I know what that figurine is? The onyx dog. Do I know anything about it or do I need to roll anything? [00:53:35] Speaker B: Yes, you do need to roll, and you need to roll. [00:53:43] Speaker C: It'S magical. So would that be arcana? [00:53:46] Speaker B: Yes. Or occultism? [00:53:52] Speaker C: Both are plus zero recall knowledge or is there a specific to identify natural 18 or an 18? [00:54:02] Speaker G: Well done. [00:54:02] Speaker B: You know, it's an onyx dog. [00:54:04] Speaker C: Okay, so an onyx dog actually is pretty freaking cool. So once per week you can use it to create a guard dog for 6 hours. [00:54:14] Speaker F: That's great. [00:54:17] Speaker C: It'll come in handy, obviously not often, but it can come in handy in a spot. [00:54:22] Speaker E: Additionally, that guard dog has dark vision, which is pretty cool, and it has the scent ability, so if things are invisible, it knows where they are within a certain radius. [00:54:32] Speaker F: That is cool. [00:54:36] Speaker E: It's like a food dog, I think. [00:54:38] Speaker F: Silver would say to pond watcher and surea. All right, so I heard some chittering, whispering monkeys and dragon tongue just beyond this door here. I think we can maybe get some other people to help us out and we can do like, a pincer tech. So somebody go through here, and the other people go through that other hallway we saw here and just get them. [00:55:04] Speaker H: Do we know that they connect like that, or are we already one would. [00:55:08] Speaker F: Reasonably assume that since we did see the other, we have a map, too, and the map which said that they're. [00:55:16] Speaker B: All sort of yeah, you have a map of this, right? [00:55:20] Speaker H: This is the section. [00:55:20] Speaker B: We have the map. [00:55:21] Speaker H: Okay, cool. [00:55:21] Speaker D: Do you think you could trick them into coming in here by talking in their filthy tongue? [00:55:27] Speaker F: I could draconic. [00:55:29] Speaker H: Oh, yes. [00:55:30] Speaker F: I could maybe do that, yeah. [00:55:32] Speaker E: And what does draconic sound like? In a Cajun accent? [00:55:36] Speaker C: Yes, actually, a Cajun accent of a monkey doing draconic. [00:55:42] Speaker B: Right. [00:55:42] Speaker C: Isn't that what it got? [00:55:43] Speaker E: You got to get the chain. [00:55:45] Speaker F: I'm not an actor. [00:55:49] Speaker D: Now you have me doing it. Maybe we can it's an addict. Get the others in here and sets up an ambush. [00:55:56] Speaker B: If you want to do that, I will let you do that. In order to lure them into this room, you will have to give me a performance check. [00:56:05] Speaker F: I got that in spades. [00:56:07] Speaker D: Everyone, come do an ambush of bad monkeys with us. [00:56:11] Speaker G: A what now? [00:56:12] Speaker D: Ambush. An ambush? [00:56:14] Speaker C: Is that a euphemism for something? [00:56:15] Speaker G: I am bush. [00:56:17] Speaker B: What? [00:56:18] Speaker E: I think he means we're going to attack. [00:56:20] Speaker D: Yes. In Elven, it's one has haleba. [00:56:24] Speaker C: Okay, I come now, but come in ambush. [00:56:27] Speaker D: Yes, come. [00:56:29] Speaker G: I don't speak Elven. [00:56:30] Speaker H: I don't speak Elven or whatever that was. Like foreign language swoon. [00:56:36] Speaker G: I mean, short. I come now. [00:56:40] Speaker D: All right, we set up like, a SWAT team on the other side of the door. [00:56:44] Speaker F: Yes. [00:56:45] Speaker D: Pond watcher has his hand. [00:56:51] Speaker C: The norm thing. [00:56:53] Speaker E: Team of fly swatting. [00:56:55] Speaker C: Okay, why do we want to SWAT flies? [00:56:57] Speaker D: I will kill every last one of you. [00:57:00] Speaker B: Not with those roles. All right. [00:57:04] Speaker C: Especially with those roles. But who's coming with Team Alpha? [00:57:11] Speaker G: What? [00:57:12] Speaker C: I'm Team Alpha. I'm head of Team Alpha. [00:57:15] Speaker E: So what's Team Alpha doing in this situation? [00:57:19] Speaker C: We're going to kill those bad guys. [00:57:22] Speaker D: Let's just set up, like, in this room, and maybe they get them, come in and ambush them. I'm going to keep saying it until we do it. [00:57:31] Speaker C: Ambush. [00:57:32] Speaker F: I'm ready to try a performance on this. [00:57:35] Speaker C: Yes, I think that's really important. Are you trying to draw them into this room? Is that what you're trying to do? [00:57:39] Speaker F: I'm going to shout in draconic. [00:57:40] Speaker D: Get out of the way, so when they look in, they don't see a bunch of people's swords and shit, right? [00:57:45] Speaker B: Oh, that's a good idea. [00:57:46] Speaker C: You should probably perform as either one of them. Actually, why don't you perform as either one of them in trouble? Or possibly one of them having found something especially nice for the others to come find. [00:58:01] Speaker F: All right, I can arrange that. [00:58:04] Speaker D: They didn't hear a rampaging bear flying through this place or bombs exploding, so I don't know if it'll work, but it seems we should try. [00:58:12] Speaker E: Well, at that time, there were two doors closed. [00:58:16] Speaker B: That's true. [00:58:16] Speaker C: And as everyone knows, that's complete, perfect soundproofing. [00:58:22] Speaker G: Your architecture knowledge would let us know that, I'm sure. [00:58:25] Speaker E: As someone who's studied architecture extensively, specifically Hell Knight Citadel architecture, I can tell you that these doors are set up this way to create a dead airspace, so very little sound would travel in between the two rooms. [00:58:40] Speaker H: Where is the door that they're coming? [00:58:42] Speaker B: Right there. [00:58:43] Speaker G: Okay. [00:58:43] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:58:43] Speaker H: So Surya can be like ten or 15ft to either side because she can. [00:58:47] Speaker C: Still throw maybe behind a corner or something so that she's not immediately just. [00:58:52] Speaker D: Walk around the bag and kill silver again. [00:58:54] Speaker E: We're like talking about it and they're just like we hear talking. [00:59:01] Speaker G: So I'm opposite of before we do. [00:59:05] Speaker C: That, actually, since we're going to be in combat, does anybody need to be healed? I can't treat wounds you, but we could heal you another way if that's necessary. [00:59:14] Speaker F: I'll be fine for the moment. I'm down, but I'll be fine. [00:59:18] Speaker C: I'm down to twelve. You're okay? What about pond watcher? [00:59:23] Speaker D: I'm down to 27 from 34. [00:59:26] Speaker B: Okay. [00:59:26] Speaker G: You have more points than I do. [00:59:28] Speaker C: SurreyA, I'm a beef. [00:59:29] Speaker H: I'm actually quite fine since okay. [00:59:31] Speaker C: And twin town? [00:59:33] Speaker E: I'm at 24 of 28, so I'm okay. [00:59:36] Speaker D: Okay. [00:59:36] Speaker C: So he turns to Brianna and he goes, you've been quite helpful with healing lately. Would you mind taking a look at pond watcher while I take care of myself? [00:59:45] Speaker G: Certainly. [00:59:46] Speaker F: All right, I have to do a performance check. [00:59:49] Speaker B: Yes, give me your performance check, please. [00:59:51] Speaker F: I have some things to say in Draconic. In Draconic to add to it, hopefully give me a bonus. [00:59:58] Speaker H: Before he does that, I just want to say surya yet again has an acid vial out. So she's all set and ready. [01:00:07] Speaker B: Go ahead. [01:00:09] Speaker F: Okay, so I will shout this in Draconic and then I'll translate it for you. All's benefits. Okay. He would say which is Klingon, by the way. [01:00:30] Speaker B: Awesome. [01:00:30] Speaker H: It's amazing. [01:00:32] Speaker F: I studied Klingon as like a hobby of mine. [01:00:35] Speaker B: Sounds about right to Draconic. Yes. [01:00:38] Speaker F: And it translates to praise be to the dragons. Lords of the sky, we will burn our enemies blood with our glory. Die, die, die for the empire. [01:00:48] Speaker D: And also come in this room, please. [01:00:50] Speaker E: None of that happens. [01:00:52] Speaker B: Okay. [01:00:54] Speaker H: Also speaks Draconic. So she's just like very nice, well done. [01:00:58] Speaker F: Let me roll, please. Hopefully getting a little bonus for performance. Okay. Natural 20. [01:01:07] Speaker G: Nice. [01:01:08] Speaker F: So 27 total. [01:01:13] Speaker B: Well, one of them rolled a natural one and it happened to be the important one. [01:01:20] Speaker C: Divide and conquer. At the very least, they're going to. [01:01:23] Speaker D: Step into our ambush. [01:01:27] Speaker B: All right, the door opens. Are you guys jumping them right away or are you going to let everything come in first? Well, let me tell you what you see. The door opens and you see three of the Tudor KAS come through the door, followed by two bigger boggarts than what you've seen before. [01:01:49] Speaker D: Bigger boggarts? [01:01:50] Speaker E: How do they fit in this room? [01:01:52] Speaker B: As they come in, you all get to jump on them and we'll deal with that next week. [01:01:59] Speaker E: Come on. [01:02:01] Speaker I: Will our heroes be able to defeat the new Churicads? Will they ever find the crypt? Will Twin Talon decide to collect an entire menagerie worth of animals. Find out the answer to these questions and more on the next episode of The Cracked Die Podcast. And now a word from our sponsors. [01:02:30] Speaker A: Are you tired of losing track of your friends and loved ones? Worried about a small child or short adult might get lost somewhere in a crowd? Heading out on an adventure and afraid someone will go foraging wildly ahead without thinking of the danger it puts them and everyone else in? With new patented technology from Bronson and Sons, fear no more. Our state of the art buddy system makes sure no one can go running off without at least one friend in tow. No more ruined ambushes, accidental trap activations, or small children running off on their own. The buddy system by Bronson and sons never travel alone. Bronson and Sons patented budy system includes a length of rope and instructions for a proprietary knot tying method recommended for use between persons of similar size, weight, and accept in case of wrangling children. Bronson and Sons is not responsible for any injury incurred while using the budy system. Safety is not guaranteed. [01:04:05] Speaker B: Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast background sound effects provided by Sirenscape. Because epic games deserve epic music, please visit [email protected]. Pathfinder second edition, Age of Ashes, Adventure, Path are all copyright of Pizzo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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