The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 13 - When I Grow Up

Episode 13 November 28, 2019 01:10:30
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 13 - When I Grow Up
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 13 - When I Grow Up

Nov 28 2019 | 01:10:30


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The Group, after finally resting, levels up. After that they start exploring the basement of the citadel.

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[00:00:41] Speaker A: Hello. It's Sean. Your GM. First off, I want to wish everyone in the United States very happy Thanksgiving. This is coming out on the beloved Turkey Day, and I hope that this show can provide you some respite from your family. If that's something you need, maybe it'll help you on that flight back home. Anyway, I want to talk about something real quick. With the holidays coming up, why not give the gift of the Crack Die to someone? We have some wonderful crack dye podcast logo T shirts and some chibi T shirts or coffee mugs, reusable bags, all sorts of things available to purchase. And right now, we are running a holiday special. If you use the promo code cracked. Die. C-R-A-C-K-E-D-D-I-E. All one word that will get you 15% off of our teespring store. You can find the link for the store in the show notes, but if you go to storesthecrackdypodcast, you can get yourself or a loved one a T shirt. And by getting someone a T shirt, you directly support the show, and that will help us out immensely during this holiday season. Don't forget, we're still doing our Core Rulebook giveaway contest. All you need to do is go to the Apple podcasts app rate and review us. Once you do that, you will be entered. Once we get 25 ratings and reviews, we need both of them. So if you've given us a rating but you haven't left a review, you need to leave us a review. We will randomly draw one of the people's names out of a hat, and that person will get a pathfinder. Two e core rulebook I'm rambling. Let's get to episode 13 of the Cracked Die podcast. Once again, I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, or whenever you're listening to this. I hope you're just having a good day. All right, let's throw it to the table. Welcome to episode 13 of the Crack Die podcast. Lucky 13. [00:03:14] Speaker B: We did it. [00:03:14] Speaker A: It's over three months, almost, of episodes. Right? Because it's four episodes a month. [00:03:22] Speaker B: That's not true, because we did launch with three episodes. [00:03:24] Speaker A: We did launch with three. That's why I said almost. [00:03:26] Speaker C: But we have this conversation often on the podcast. [00:03:28] Speaker A: I know. [00:03:29] Speaker C: Every time someone's like, Let me tell you a number. And then someone else is like, no, you're wrong. [00:03:34] Speaker B: Every time it drills down to the fact that at least one person here doesn't know how to math, it's me. [00:03:41] Speaker A: No. [00:03:42] Speaker B: That's why I said at least the two of you need to go back to grade school, because this is getting embarrassing. [00:03:48] Speaker D: I'm giving Anwar a high five because I'm a math. [00:03:52] Speaker E: Sorry. [00:03:53] Speaker F: I can't count at all. [00:03:55] Speaker A: Matt, you said, after listening back on some of the previous episodes, that you found some inaccuracies in our playing, which I find incredibly hard to believe. [00:04:07] Speaker C: It's true. We're always perfect, except when we talk about the rules, which we're less good at. I'm not saying we've been bad. We haven't been bad. Most of the things we say are right. All right, that's good. And we've been good about correcting things as we go, and we'll just have to continue to do that because it's a new system and we've got a lot of pathfinder first edition in our brains. [00:04:29] Speaker A: I feel like you're giving me a review at my job. You're giving me the compliment sandwich. No, you're doing okay, but here's what's really bad about it. [00:04:40] Speaker C: But the thing is, about a compliment sandwich, mine's going to be open faced because there won't be a compliment on the end of it. I'm going to preface it by saying, overall, we're doing a good job. [00:04:48] Speaker G: What are Sean's development areas? [00:04:50] Speaker E: Okay. We don't need to get into that. [00:04:52] Speaker B: Math for one of them. [00:04:54] Speaker A: So what are some of our mistakes that we've been making? [00:04:58] Speaker C: Okay. [00:04:59] Speaker A: Why do you have a four page list in your hands? [00:05:02] Speaker C: I write real big. [00:05:04] Speaker A: Okay, good. [00:05:06] Speaker C: So there's two things that I think have jumped out when I was looking listening to the podcast and then looking over the rules. Because I like to listen to the podcast that I'm on while reading the rulebook. And you can judge me if you want, but that's fine. [00:05:20] Speaker F: I'm definitely judging you. [00:05:21] Speaker E: I mean, I think it's responsible. [00:05:22] Speaker C: Yeah, because when I think jumps out, I'm like, I wonder if that's actually right. So, two things. First is that the sling is a weapon set up very much like a crossbow, and that it takes an action to draw it, assuming that it's not in your backpack. It takes an action to draw it, it takes an action to load it, it takes an action to fire it. [00:05:44] Speaker E: It's very much like my Alchemy in that sense. It's probably going to take all three turns for me to actually use it and come it. [00:05:50] Speaker C: Yeah, possibly. But it's a simple weapon, so you need very little training. So it's like the give and take of that three things. The second thing is that we keep messing up Haya's character's name. It's Brianna, not Brienne. That's not a rules thing, though. It's a common courtesy thing. I don't care to get someone's name correct. [00:06:10] Speaker E: Zero is don't be a dick. So that's a rules thing. [00:06:12] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:06:13] Speaker C: And then Brianna's ability battlefield Medicine, which I think Temid also has, but he was very adamant that it is treat wounds and it is not treat wounds. Battlefield Medicine is its own thing. It uses basically the same rules as treat wounds, and that you roll a medicine check. The DCs are the same as treat wounds, and you get two D eight hit points back, but it is not treat wounds. It can be used in combat as a single action, which makes it very versatile. Whereas treat wounds, you'd have to have med kit in your hand and be out of combat but its reset is one day versus 1 hour. So theoretically, someone could use treat wounds and then immediately afterward use battlefield medicine. But if they did that, that person would be immune to battlefield medicine for 1 hour. I'm sorry. For one day. [00:07:04] Speaker A: One day. Okay. That's good to know. That will definitely come in handy for you guys. Yes. Does anyone else have any mistakes that they'd like to point out? [00:07:14] Speaker F: Yes. [00:07:17] Speaker G: So Pond Watcher has collected many, many weapons and shields and a lot of stuff and put it in his backpack. I made the switch over to Heroab Online, a great service that you should totally use and notice that I'm encumbered and have been encumbered for quite some time. I miscalculated the bulk. And so basically what that means is that his movement speed is only 20 instead of 30, which doesn't matter because I use the Furious charge or whatever, every combat anyway. And he has the clumsy one condition, which reduces all dexterity based things, including armor class by one. So it is possible that at some point, something missed me that should have hit me, and I'll call that God's grace. [00:08:06] Speaker A: All right. Haya, you have something you would like to add to this? [00:08:09] Speaker F: Yes. So a few episodes or brianna killed a dragon corgi the card said disembowel, but I lopped off his head. Friends, I know what disembowel means. I just got very excited and cinematic and yes. [00:08:31] Speaker B: All right, well, I don't consider that an error. It's really at the end of the day, you applied the rules of the card, and, yes, it was called disemboweled, but you did what you thought your character would have done in that scenario, so that's not an error. [00:08:46] Speaker E: You struck the killing blow. [00:08:49] Speaker F: I'm just kind of also talking to our listeners, of which they've kind of been poking me, be like, hey, do you know what this means? [00:08:55] Speaker E: Yes. [00:08:55] Speaker F: I'm talking to all of you. [00:08:56] Speaker B: Well, you know what? We don't like them. [00:08:58] Speaker A: Hey. Shit. All right. [00:09:04] Speaker B: Hey, guys, why can't you hear me anymore? [00:09:08] Speaker G: Episode 13 got way better. [00:09:13] Speaker A: All right. [00:09:14] Speaker H: Previously on The Cracked Die Podcast, our heroes have a hot debate about the death of Alec. Once the arguments are over, our heroes decide to finish exploring the first floor of the Citadel. After a few wrong turns, our heroes come face to face with some skeletons. After dispatching of the skeletons, our heroes finally take a rest. When they rest, our heroes level up. Find out what's changed with them now on The Cracked Die podcast. [00:09:52] Speaker C: Well, like all versions of Pathfinder and DND, we got more hit points. In Pathfinder second edition, there is no more rolling for hit points. You just get hit points based on your class and your Constitution modifier. Additionally, all your proficiency bonuses go up because your proficiency bonus is based upon your level. It's level plus some number, unless it's untrained, in which case it's just zero. And I got a class feat, and I also got to upgrade one of my skills from trained to experts. [00:10:26] Speaker A: Cool. So what did you do? [00:10:28] Speaker C: So I upgraded my thievery from trained experts. I figure if there's locks and traps, that should be the thing that since I'm typically the person dealing with that, I thought we should be good at it. And I took a feat. After much deliberation of choosing, I think, every feat that I could have taken, I was going to do. Ranger decided not to do that the dedication to multi class, I ended up taking Quick Draw because as much as Twin Talon has been a ranged character in this series of hallways with the bow that we found, he's built to be a two weapon fighting, up close murder Rogue. So Quick Draw is nice because you can take one action, draw a weapon, and as part of that action, do a strike with it. [00:11:09] Speaker A: Nice. Temit, what happened to you? [00:11:13] Speaker B: So Temit really only got a couple of things, though. I think one of them is very. [00:11:17] Speaker C: Sorry, I want to interrupt you for a second. I'm going to let you finish. But I also got a skill feat. [00:11:22] Speaker A: Oh, what was your skill feat? [00:11:23] Speaker C: So because we found the two, I even though I don't think it will be very useful for character reasons, I took Train Animal. [00:11:32] Speaker A: Awesome. A story based decision. That's awesome. I like that. All right. [00:11:37] Speaker C: Sorry. Anwar. [00:11:38] Speaker A: Anwar, continue. [00:11:39] Speaker B: I only hate you a little bit. [00:11:40] Speaker A: Now, Temid, what did Temid get when he leveled up? [00:11:43] Speaker B: So really, at the end of the day, temid got two feats and also an extra spell. [00:11:48] Speaker A: How has he been walking without feats? [00:11:50] Speaker B: All right, that's a stupid joke. [00:11:52] Speaker C: Also, he's a centaur now. [00:11:53] Speaker A: Okay. [00:11:56] Speaker B: So the first one is called Charming Liar. Basically, if I critically succeed on a bluff check or deception check. That's right. If I critically succeed on a deception check, I can improve the person's opinion of me by one step or attitude towards me by one step. So basically, it works similarly to diplomacy. But as far as character goes, I think Temid is he does like telling stories where he does conflate some details, maybe adds or creates details. And so I think it would be a really nice way for him to use that in a mechanical sense and maybe in a tavern or something or whatever the setting may be, help improve the person's attitude towards himself and the group. Great. The other one is really cool. It's called emblazon armament. Basically, if I spend ten minutes, I can etch the symbol of my deity onto some armament, either a shield or a weapon. And for the shield, it adds plus one hardness, and for a weapon, it adds plus one damage. Now, I can only do that for one item at a time, and if I do that to an item, the one that was previously emblazoned, that emblazonement has been removed. [00:13:27] Speaker A: Okay, so a little bit of buffing forever, your friends, or yourself, depending on. [00:13:32] Speaker B: What you it's really just myself. [00:13:34] Speaker A: Okay, cool. [00:13:34] Speaker C: And how many times a day can you do that? [00:13:36] Speaker B: I can only do that well, I guess technically I can do that as many times per day, but it takes ten minutes to do and only one can be and only one item, and it can only be done on two types of items. So basically, I could go back and forth, but right now I don't have a shield. So really I would only be doing it on my weapon. [00:13:56] Speaker C: But you could do that at the start of the day? [00:13:58] Speaker B: Yes. [00:13:58] Speaker C: And then it lasts all day. [00:13:59] Speaker B: It lasts forever until I do that on another item. [00:14:03] Speaker C: Oh, very cool. [00:14:04] Speaker A: That's very cool. Hiyo. What happened to Brianna? I'm sorry? [00:14:09] Speaker B: It lasts for one year. [00:14:11] Speaker A: Okay. [00:14:11] Speaker B: Basically forever. [00:14:12] Speaker F: Yeah, for Brianna, she also got all sorts of HPS and all the good stuff. I think the most interesting thing she got as a level two character is a level two feat called Shining Oath. And the gist of it is that I have sworn an oath to put all undead to rest. And if I use liberating step triggered by an undead, my ally gains a plus four circumstance bonus to checks granted by the Liberating Step. [00:14:54] Speaker E: That's really good. [00:14:54] Speaker F: They can step twice afterwards. [00:14:56] Speaker A: Wow, that's really good. [00:14:59] Speaker C: Diet dead. [00:15:02] Speaker A: Pond Watcher, what happened when you leveled. [00:15:04] Speaker C: Wait, can we go back for a second? [00:15:05] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:15:06] Speaker C: Did you get a skill feed as well? [00:15:08] Speaker F: I also got Quick Repair, which means I only take 1 minute to repair an item. [00:15:14] Speaker A: Oh, wow. [00:15:16] Speaker C: That's pretty good. Since she is a Smith by trade. Correct? [00:15:19] Speaker A: Correct. That's really good. That's really helpful for I might actually. [00:15:22] Speaker B: End up getting a shield again then, because if that's the case, I'll just. [00:15:26] Speaker F: Carry duct tape wherever I go. [00:15:28] Speaker A: Yep, it's fine. All right, pond Watcher, what happened when you leveled up. [00:15:32] Speaker G: Pond Watcher got many health points, but yes, also two feats. For his skill feat, he chose Titan Wrestler, which means that he can attempt to disarm, grapple, shove, or trip creatures up to two sizes larger than himself. [00:15:49] Speaker C: Nice. [00:15:49] Speaker A: Okay. [00:15:50] Speaker G: Which will be fun. And for his barbarian class feet, he chose Furious Finish, which is very good, and allows him basically to instill the entire remaining rage he has into one giant swing. And if it hits, it deals damage equal to the amount of rounds of rage he has left. [00:16:11] Speaker A: Wow. [00:16:12] Speaker G: So that is going to be good. And after you do it, you are fatigued, which is fun also, I'm sure. [00:16:20] Speaker A: Silver. [00:16:21] Speaker D: Well, Silver, the bard at level two, I get access to a bard feat, which I chose Lord Masters atude, requires that I spend a focus point, which doesn't really matter too much now. Later levels, bards do a lot of things with focus points at lower levels, not so much. But I spend a focus point and I get to reroll any skill check I make or a willing ally makes and we can pick the better of the two results. So that's pretty helpful. [00:16:53] Speaker A: Nice. Yeah. [00:16:54] Speaker D: And then a general skill feat I chose. Fascinating performance. So anytime I am performing out of combat, I make my performance check against their will DC. And if I succeed, they are fascinated by me in combat. I can still fascinate them, but I have to critically succeed. [00:17:12] Speaker A: All right. [00:17:12] Speaker D: As it were. [00:17:13] Speaker A: Sounds good. And last but not least, Saraya. What happened when you leveled up? Yeah. [00:17:18] Speaker E: So Sareya gets a class feat and a skill feat. So she is now resistant to poison, which actually has nothing to do with the events of last episode, being that she has no idea what happened. That's just as an alchemist she's exposed to all sorts of nastiness and she's a little better with dealing with it. And she is also now she has trick magic device so she can activate magic things with a I think she has to roll for it. But leaning into her arcane origins finger quotes, she could do that. Now Jasper also gets a couple boosts. He gets more hit points depending on Sareya's level. And yeah, most of his checks depend on mine. [00:18:00] Speaker A: Cool. [00:18:00] Speaker E: It's a little hardier now. [00:18:01] Speaker A: So everyone leveled up and you all now have full hit points. I'm also going to make a house rule here. This really only affects Pond Watcher at this moment, but it could affect the rest of you later. I'm going to say any lingering effects from critical failure cards are washed away. [00:18:23] Speaker B: Is that every time you rest or every time you level up? [00:18:25] Speaker A: Level up. Okay. So if we remember correctly, pond Watcher is suffering from a minus one to all attack rolls. But since he leveled up, we're going to wash that away. [00:18:36] Speaker G: You're benevolent and just and beautiful to behold. [00:18:39] Speaker A: Keep going. [00:18:41] Speaker G: And a good dude. [00:18:43] Speaker B: All right, so now that that's locked in, if for example, you lose an arm or something, that's an ongoing effect and I'm guessing it'll grow back when I level up. [00:18:54] Speaker A: No, that is different. [00:18:56] Speaker B: That's an ongoing effect. [00:18:57] Speaker A: Like a pinch nerve versus a lost arm. Lost arm is going to be a story arc where you become arm and become a cyborg. Yes, exactly. Okay. [00:19:07] Speaker B: I like it. [00:19:08] Speaker C: I remember back in was it third edition of DND, there was a splat book that went out where there was this holy mithral arm that you could get. [00:19:17] Speaker D: Yeah, I remember that arm. [00:19:18] Speaker C: We had to cut your arm off or lose an arm. It was awesome. [00:19:21] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:19:22] Speaker D: So I have a couple of things I'd like to say before as we wake up. [00:19:26] Speaker A: Sure. [00:19:26] Speaker D: That morning, I imagine we're all sort of like Groggily getting up and Silver was probably up for hours before because he's 75 and there's no way he woke up when everyone else woke up. [00:19:40] Speaker C: No, he had to pee eight times during the night. [00:19:42] Speaker E: Yeah, well Serray had that nightmare too going like grumpily mixing alchemy. [00:19:46] Speaker D: Oh my, peeing everywhere. Anyway, he'd probably walk up to Twin Talon and have a little conversation with him and he'd say something like all right there young buck I'd like to address something that's been on my mind. I noticed how you kind of bristle when I every time I ask you to sneak around and I don't know, you might be thinking that I ask you to sneak around because you're a shawante and all that but I want to assure you that's not the case. What are you about like 20 years old? Some around there 1919. All right, well young Buck when you get older you kind of see patterns in people and behaviors and I noticed you took to that bow like you were born to use it. And thing about bows is that they're the kind of weapon that someone uses when they want to kill in a silent fashion. So I knew you were good at sneaking around but had nothing to do with where you're from or your family and folk and all that. [00:20:57] Speaker C: That's still widely stereotypical and a weird thing to apologize about but I guess your old ass heart's in the right place. So I'll take it. [00:21:09] Speaker B: So Temad would actually like to walk up to Sarea. He hasn't has a chance to speak to her very much to this know as we're getting ready for the day he walks over to her he kind of sits down. I guess she's putting together I would imagine she's putting together her quote unquote blood magic stuff. [00:21:31] Speaker E: She's got a couple of things set up from last night when she woke up. [00:21:34] Speaker B: He sits down next to her and he starts kind of etching something into his rapier and he just kind of looks over to her and he says I never got a chance to thank you for that expert work that you had with your alchemical bombs when we dealt with those spiders. I could have met a pretty grim fate if it wasn't for you and your alchemy. [00:21:55] Speaker E: She's surveying a series of kind of like dried leave looking things in front of her and focusing a couple of them together, shifting things around, jasper's hopping around and bringing things back and forth for her and she just kind of looks up and goes oh, thank you, I do what I can. It's blood magic though and as she's saying that she's pricking a finger and dropping stuff onto little batches of herbs and leaves. [00:22:20] Speaker B: I've never seen a blood mage use alchemical bombs that way. But that is is that something new? Is that something you came up with on your own? [00:22:30] Speaker E: Well, my family as I'm sure you can expect, were all well versed in magic and I just decided to pursue it in a different way. They all study much more traditional magics, and I've decided to go about it a slightly different way. And it's a little bit more visceral than most magic, given the whole blood bit, but I do what I can with it. And she's got everything with her, so she's like, oh, I've got my spell book and my components, and I find it's a little quicker to use on the fly. It's physical cantrips, as it were, interesting. [00:23:06] Speaker B: And then he looks a little bit confused, honestly, like, he thought he was going to come here and say thanks for this, and now he's like, I'm not sure where this conversation she's delusional. Yeah, right. Exactly how you're playing it. [00:23:17] Speaker C: Crazy person. [00:23:18] Speaker B: That's pretty much exactly what he's thinking. It's like, oh, she's crazy. [00:23:21] Speaker A: Okay. [00:23:22] Speaker B: But then he's like, I imagine they continue to finish chatting while he finishes emblazement, but then he kind of hightails it out of that conversation because he's like, oh, shit. [00:23:33] Speaker A: I don't know how to deal with actually psycho. [00:23:35] Speaker E: Yeah. To finish her preparation, she's got seven batches of reagents now, eight when we count the one from Jasper. So she's going to use her advanced alchemy to get herself a couple bombs through the day. And we can talk about that later when we get into encounter mode, as I'm sure we will. [00:23:53] Speaker A: All right, does anyone else have anything they want to say around the fire? [00:23:56] Speaker G: Yeah. So Pond Watcher will approach Brianna, who. [00:23:59] Speaker F: Will probably be in a sunny patch since dawn. [00:24:07] Speaker G: And he has a bag in his arms and it's just full of every single weapon that they found, and he says, hey, brain. Hello. Good morning to you. [00:24:18] Speaker F: Good morning. [00:24:19] Speaker A: How are you today? [00:24:21] Speaker G: Okay. I really like all these weapons we found, especially all these silver ones seem really cool, but it's way too heavy and my backpack keeps hitting me and I think that's why I'm not good at fighting. So I think we should probably maybe bring these back and sell them and I don't know, you seem like you know a lot about weapons, so maybe you can let me know which are good to keep, but maybe we leave them here for now in a bag or a chest or under a table, certainly. [00:24:51] Speaker F: I'm sure there is somewhere we can hide them for safety. And once we plan to go back to Breech Hill, we can retrieve them and I'll help you carry them because it does look quite heavy. [00:25:04] Speaker G: Yeah, it's not working out so well for me. And this shield I have, it seems like not useful. I just get hit instead, and one of you will probably use magic on me, and that seems more efficient, so I'm going to throw this on the ground as well. [00:25:22] Speaker F: Okay. We can definitely put them all in the same place. But if I may be so bold, it seemed that you seemed to gather some semblance of inner strength once you had accepted your ancestral weapon. Would you agree with this? [00:25:42] Speaker G: Oh, yeah, no, I'm keeping that one. [00:25:44] Speaker F: Yes. This is what I was not going to say. Look, I may deal with many a weapon myself, fixing them and making them beautiful or better than toasting and the like, or spreading butter on toast and the likes. But ultimately it has to do with the heart of the wielder, as the weapon is an extension of yourself. So you have to believe in yourself. [00:26:15] Speaker G: Pondwatcher, these are wise words. I will take them to heart. Once my mother took this halberd and drove it into the eye of a dragon. And I hope to live up to her example by driving it into the eye of a dragon also. [00:26:35] Speaker F: I'm sure she will be very proud of you. [00:26:39] Speaker G: He blushes. [00:26:43] Speaker E: Definitely watching this after their conversation and like squeaing to herself. [00:26:48] Speaker B: He's got two mommies. [00:26:50] Speaker E: No, he's got a mommy and a is. [00:26:54] Speaker B: I'm sorry. [00:26:55] Speaker C: He's very pale, so his blush is probably very evident. [00:26:58] Speaker G: Very evident. [00:27:00] Speaker F: Brianna kind of grins to herself. [00:27:03] Speaker B: All right, my baby's got a girlfriend. [00:27:05] Speaker G: Wait till she finds out. Dragon blood blurred off my penis. Save that one for episode 75. [00:27:16] Speaker B: Don't you fix 75? Yeah, that's a better number. [00:27:20] Speaker D: Yeah. I don't know what you all are thinking, but I think we should just press on, explore this crypt everyone been talking about. We could go back to town, but that take like a day and a half, probably three days with amount of stuff people are going to get up doing. So I think we just go straight to crypt. Anyone disagree with that? [00:27:44] Speaker E: No, I feel much better now that we've finally smoked. I think the crypt is the best course action. [00:27:48] Speaker B: I think it's fine. [00:27:49] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:27:50] Speaker C: I would like to go talk to the goblins before we go down there. And also I think it's weird how you're cajun now, but I also think we should press on and not cooked. [00:28:01] Speaker G: Up a jumbalaya. [00:28:05] Speaker B: Out of character, though. [00:28:06] Speaker C: I think we should go download. [00:28:09] Speaker G: We're going to load up the river boat going down the back of Rich Hill. [00:28:17] Speaker A: Okay, I'll try to fight. [00:28:22] Speaker B: So out of character. I want to know right now. It's been like a week. I can't remember. Are we in the secret room? [00:28:32] Speaker A: Yes. You guys decided to camp in one of the rooms at the keep which you found very defensible, which was the secret room. [00:28:40] Speaker B: Okay. And then so Temid would then try to get Silver and Twintallen together and say, the two of you have shown some skill in locks. Maybe we can lock our belongings that we'd like to bring back to Brico one day, but not use them immediately. We can lock them in this room, maybe along with, I don't know, that calmot figure as well. Tied up or something. [00:29:10] Speaker E: Leave him with the weapons. [00:29:11] Speaker A: You hear a knock on the door. [00:29:14] Speaker C: Somebody knows there's a door here that's already unusual. [00:29:18] Speaker D: All right, Alec. [00:29:20] Speaker G: Can't somebody cast the dead? [00:29:22] Speaker A: No. [00:29:22] Speaker B: Cast a fireball outside? Just kill. [00:29:24] Speaker E: Well, no, I was going to say, as she's finishing her preparations and making the alchemy that she's got for the day, one of them just kind of sparks a little aflame. She's got another alchemist fire ready. [00:29:35] Speaker A: Just kind of looks at the door. [00:29:36] Speaker D: I'll go to the door. I'm a venerable old man. I'll open it. [00:29:41] Speaker A: You see a goblin from the bramble. Brashers. [00:29:45] Speaker D: Do I recognize this goblin? [00:29:46] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. It's one of the goblins that you guys saved. [00:29:48] Speaker B: Okay, I'm going to say it's. The one that jumped into the fire. [00:29:51] Speaker A: Yes. [00:29:51] Speaker E: Just say the same thing. [00:29:53] Speaker A: You see. A little bit of singing on. [00:29:55] Speaker B: So what's this goblin's name? [00:29:57] Speaker A: This goblin's name is Fizzip. [00:29:59] Speaker B: Fizzip. Fizzip's. My favorite goblin. [00:30:05] Speaker A: Hi. You're still here? [00:30:07] Speaker C: Yeah. How did you know we were in here? [00:30:09] Speaker A: Oh, this is an easy room to find if you know where to look. [00:30:13] Speaker F: But you didn't glute it when you. [00:30:16] Speaker A: Anyway, there was nothing shiny. [00:30:20] Speaker E: His hand falls to the palm of her sword. [00:30:23] Speaker A: Anyway, we were talking oh, by the way, that the little man you left there has no more fur on feet. [00:30:34] Speaker C: But he still got his feet, right? [00:30:35] Speaker A: Yes. [00:30:36] Speaker B: Well, what about every other appendage? [00:30:38] Speaker C: Hold on. What do you mean? [00:30:40] Speaker A: Well, he has nine toes now. No, you guys can't we were hungry. [00:30:47] Speaker C: Wheat, eat this. [00:30:50] Speaker E: Dragon corgi. [00:30:51] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:30:51] Speaker C: First of all, there's a whole corpse of a dragon downstairs. [00:30:54] Speaker A: There's vomit in that. [00:30:55] Speaker F: Only in the head part, which is off of its body. [00:30:59] Speaker A: Have you ever tasted dragon corgi? Eyeball. Anyway, here, we thought you like this. And he holds up a very rough piece of paper with like you're hoping it's blood. [00:31:17] Speaker F: Oh, dear. [00:31:18] Speaker A: But it's red ink. Okay, why are we well, you hope it's ink. It's probably blood. You don't know. It could be. Whatever. Anyway, it is a map of the northern section of the catacombs where they used to live. Cool. [00:31:40] Speaker C: And they told us where the entrance was right on the hill. [00:31:42] Speaker A: Yes. [00:31:42] Speaker D: All right. [00:31:44] Speaker A: Be careful about big Bramble. [00:31:49] Speaker B: What's big bramble. [00:31:51] Speaker A: Big Bramble was, how do you say our mascot was? [00:31:57] Speaker C: It like a big tree? [00:31:59] Speaker A: No, more like and he puts his hands into claws and bears his teeth. [00:32:05] Speaker E: Like, why am I imagining, like, a cross between a badger and a wolverine? [00:32:09] Speaker A: I think it's a velociraptor bear. That's the word. Bear. [00:32:13] Speaker E: Oh. [00:32:14] Speaker A: We captured Big Bramble to make him our mascot. He didn't like being our mascot. And when we had to flee, we just kind of left him. So we don't know where he is. [00:32:27] Speaker D: All right. [00:32:27] Speaker A: But we like break bramble, so please don't hurt him. [00:32:32] Speaker D: I don't think we were planning on. [00:32:33] Speaker C: Killing any well, I think that will very much depend upon him. [00:32:39] Speaker A: Fair. [00:32:40] Speaker C: Also, while you're here yes. You mentioned or your leader, helba mentioned that when you guys fled, it was because. Of cultists. [00:32:50] Speaker A: Yes. [00:32:51] Speaker C: No one ever asked you, and I thinking about it now. It was weird. What did they look like? [00:32:57] Speaker A: Well, there were, like, giant frog looking ones, and then there were some I don't know, they were very weird looking. They had, like, hands for feet and then hands for hands. Very hairy. [00:33:19] Speaker C: That's the thing some type of lecture was talking about. [00:33:22] Speaker B: I think that sounds like an ape, actually, out of character. [00:33:24] Speaker A: Right. [00:33:25] Speaker B: Hands for feet. Hands for hands. But they look very furry. No, some of them were frog, and then some of them were hairy and had hands for feet and hands for hands. And we were talking about the moangi expanse. So that does lead me to believe that it's some ape like creature. [00:33:41] Speaker D: We heard about some ape like creature from the. [00:33:46] Speaker C: Heard from we didn't. We heard from Yalecha the same thing. Which were? That whatever creatures chased her out had hands for feet. Hands for hands. Claws on the tips of their hands. [00:33:58] Speaker G: All right, Vizip, thank you for this great boon. I will find the dragon you describe and kill it for you. [00:34:08] Speaker A: Okay, thank you. [00:34:10] Speaker G: Dragons have hands for feet and feet for hands. [00:34:12] Speaker A: Yes, they do. [00:34:13] Speaker G: Yes. I'm glad we agree on this. [00:34:15] Speaker A: Physic Fizzip will also stand guard if you need him to. [00:34:22] Speaker B: All right, well, we need to make sure you don't eat the toes of our captive or fingers or really any other part of Earlobes noses. [00:34:31] Speaker A: I was about to ask about ears news and no Earlobes. [00:34:35] Speaker C: So Twinchallen will reach into his backpack and pull out one of the weeks worth of rations that he found, and he'll hand it to OOH, and you. [00:34:43] Speaker A: See him just start going to town on this. That's for the group. The whole group. [00:34:49] Speaker C: It's a week's worth of food for a person, so if you guys could split it. [00:34:54] Speaker A: Okay. Sorry. [00:34:57] Speaker B: That was impressively. Disgusting on the fly. [00:35:00] Speaker A: You're welcome. [00:35:02] Speaker C: So if you could eat that instead of the captive. We will be back sometime today to take possession of him. And he needs to be ambulatory. [00:35:10] Speaker A: And what does that mean? [00:35:12] Speaker C: He needs to be able to walk. [00:35:14] Speaker A: He can walk with nine toes. Right? [00:35:16] Speaker C: He needs to be in the same condition he is now when we pick him up. [00:35:20] Speaker A: Okay? Nine toes? Nine fingers. [00:35:23] Speaker C: No, wait. What? You didn't mention nine fingers. [00:35:27] Speaker A: I mean. [00:35:30] Speaker C: He needs to have ten fingers. [00:35:32] Speaker A: Ten fingers. [00:35:33] Speaker C: And if he only has nine toes now, that's as few toes as he should have when we pick him up. [00:35:38] Speaker A: Okay, I'll go deliver the message. [00:35:40] Speaker B: Thank you. [00:35:40] Speaker A: And he starts to waddle away. [00:35:42] Speaker G: I don't understand why the town wants to ally themselves with these goblins. They seem insane, but yes, I think. [00:35:52] Speaker D: This visit is not necessarily the paragon of virtue and goblin hood. [00:36:00] Speaker C: I think he's very much the paragon of goblin hood. [00:36:02] Speaker D: I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here. [00:36:05] Speaker B: Well, we've met some goblins that are actually very reasonable. And in fact, they're growing in power. And it does make sense to ally yourselves, especially if you can influence this group early on with a group that's gaining in power. It does make sense. [00:36:21] Speaker E: I'm also sure if they're happy here in the citadel, the town doesn't mind keeping them happy here in the citadel. [00:36:26] Speaker B: It's also a good point. [00:36:28] Speaker A: So I'm going to show you on the map that the description of the map that you were given by the goblins. [00:36:39] Speaker D: All right, do we make our way down the hill to the crypt? [00:36:43] Speaker A: All right, so you guys head we first. [00:36:46] Speaker C: I'll say we store anything excess in the secret room. We close it up. Twin talent will explain to Temid that if there isn't a lock on the door to begin with, I don't have the materials to make one. [00:36:56] Speaker E: I do believe one of the trinkets we got last time can alarm, though. We won't be able yeah, we will. [00:37:05] Speaker D: Be too far away to hear that. [00:37:07] Speaker B: I'm sorry. I was under the impression that this secret door had a lock on it. [00:37:11] Speaker C: I think it was just closed. [00:37:13] Speaker B: Okay. [00:37:13] Speaker C: It was just hidden. That was the defensive mechanism of it. [00:37:17] Speaker B: So maybe it might be better for us to find a room that we can lock. [00:37:21] Speaker A: Well, I mean, all the doors were unlocked as you were searching through here. [00:37:25] Speaker B: But they do have locks on them. Omniscient. [00:37:28] Speaker A: I'll say if you guys spend about ten minutes, you can successfully create it, make it a barricade type deal, make it difficult for anyone. Like if anyone was walking around, like just testing doors, like this one wouldn't turn, but you guys could get back into it. Okay, so you guys spend about ten minutes doing that hand wave. [00:37:46] Speaker C: Now it's 11:00 at night. [00:37:47] Speaker A: Yes, midnight. [00:37:49] Speaker E: Let's take a nap next week. [00:37:51] Speaker A: So what we're going to say is you guys woke up around 07:00 a.m.. Is that good? [00:37:57] Speaker G: What do we do with Alex body? Do we? [00:37:59] Speaker A: Yeah. What did you do with him? [00:38:00] Speaker G: Or do we just leave him? [00:38:02] Speaker C: Think she did a ceremony. [00:38:04] Speaker G: Do we just leave him inside the room? [00:38:07] Speaker A: I think so, yes. [00:38:08] Speaker F: Until we decide to take him. [00:38:11] Speaker A: Okay. [00:38:12] Speaker G: Take his armor off, throw his corpse in the river. [00:38:16] Speaker C: There is a puddle there. [00:38:18] Speaker F: I was going to say if I was permitted to do the actual funerary rights, I would burn his body. But again, his body's not for me to decide. [00:38:27] Speaker A: What? [00:38:28] Speaker C: I think it's a great idea for you to burn his body. [00:38:30] Speaker A: So you guys lock your possessions in this part of the citadel. You head down the hill to where the goblins told you the secret door was. With the goblins instructions, you find the door quite easily, and the door is unlocked or is not trapped. You guys go through it. You walk down a hallway, and it is pitch black. Okay, I have dark vision. [00:39:01] Speaker C: Can somebody light this up? Because I can't see. [00:39:03] Speaker D: I can cast light on your belt if you'd like that. [00:39:07] Speaker E: Does anyone have rope? [00:39:08] Speaker C: I'd rather be in the front, and I am not in the front. [00:39:10] Speaker F: I have a torch. I'll stay in front. [00:39:12] Speaker G: I have rope. [00:39:14] Speaker B: I also have light as well. [00:39:15] Speaker E: I'll cast light on the rope. You have 50ft of light. [00:39:18] Speaker G: Wow. [00:39:20] Speaker C: Well, but we can't leave it in front of us. [00:39:24] Speaker B: What about casting light on an object and throwing it ahead of us or. [00:39:28] Speaker F: On a shield to act as a torch? [00:39:32] Speaker C: Yeah, anything forward facing. My point is that I'm currently, because of our cramped quarters and this nice bow that I've found, I've been in the back firing arrows. I don't want light on me because that's going to leave everybody in front of me in the dark. So light on anybody at the front would be great. [00:39:48] Speaker F: I'll take front if you want to cast light on my shield, I'll cast. [00:39:51] Speaker B: Light on your shield. [00:39:52] Speaker A: Thank you. [00:39:52] Speaker F: On the outside, please. Not in my face. [00:39:55] Speaker B: Too late. [00:39:57] Speaker F: She turns the shield around. [00:39:58] Speaker B: No, he's not drunk enough, because it is first thing in the morning and he's ran out of alcohol. So he does cast it on the. [00:40:06] Speaker A: Outside of the sheet. [00:40:07] Speaker F: All right, thank you. [00:40:08] Speaker A: So this wide, empty stone hallway is oppressive and dark. To the east, the hall end separates into three separate open doorways, while six additional corridors branch off. To the north and south. A mess of rubble spills out of a clogged archway in the northeastern portion of the room. As you enter this room, you noticed four large birds. [00:40:43] Speaker B: Four large birds. [00:40:45] Speaker C: Now, are they large for birds, or are they two by two squares like large creatures? [00:40:49] Speaker A: They are large for birds. They are medium sized birds. [00:40:53] Speaker C: Okay. Can we make some kind of check while they are they doing anything? They just hanging out. So they're just hanging out. I'd kind of like to figure out what they were. [00:41:05] Speaker D: I'm going to start playing my instrument. Or we could play an instrument to see if I can fascinate. [00:41:10] Speaker A: All right, well, hang on. Let's go into exploration mode. So they are just flitting about. They look those are very large, nice looking birds. [00:41:21] Speaker E: Almost peacock and like a guinea fell, almost. [00:41:25] Speaker A: Yeah. So that's a good description. They look like peacocks, but instead of, like, very rigid looking feathers, they're kind of ribbony on the back, soft and spooky. [00:41:37] Speaker C: Ribbon butts, what I call them. [00:41:39] Speaker A: You see four ribbon butts flitting around. They are very brightly colored, too, by the way. So reds and greens. [00:41:47] Speaker D: Bird of paradise. [00:41:48] Speaker A: Yes. [00:41:50] Speaker B: What kind of lore would it be to determine nature? Nature, okay. [00:41:55] Speaker C: So are we doing the encounter? [00:41:57] Speaker A: Yeah. So we're going to go into adventure mode or what is it called? [00:42:01] Speaker C: Exploration. [00:42:01] Speaker A: Exploration mode. So I'm going to go around the table here. Twin, what are you doing? [00:42:07] Speaker C: I would like to identify the birds. [00:42:10] Speaker A: Lore, nature roll, please. [00:42:12] Speaker B: Temid, you will try to do the same. [00:42:15] Speaker F: Brienna, remind me, can you do it untrained? [00:42:18] Speaker A: Yes. [00:42:18] Speaker F: Then I'll do it untrained. [00:42:19] Speaker C: Yeah. It's actually not Lore nature. It's recall knowledge. [00:42:23] Speaker A: Recall knowledge and using nature pond watcher. [00:42:26] Speaker G: Pond watcher is going to stealth. [00:42:29] Speaker A: Okay. Silver. [00:42:32] Speaker D: Silver would like to try to fascinate these birds. [00:42:35] Speaker A: Okay. And surea she's going to try and. [00:42:38] Speaker E: Recall knowledge as well. [00:42:40] Speaker A: All right, so everyone who has who's making the recall knowledge nature, please give me your totals. [00:42:47] Speaker B: 1717 as well. [00:42:49] Speaker C: 21, 20. [00:42:50] Speaker A: 113. All right, so at ten or higher, you pass. Yes. Ten or higher, you pass with a ten, you have a 13. So you can ask me one question higher. Everyone else can ask me two questions because you succeeded it by more than. [00:43:13] Speaker C: What you need to. [00:43:14] Speaker A: These are called emperor birds. [00:43:17] Speaker B: Emperor birds? [00:43:19] Speaker A: Yes, emperor birds. [00:43:20] Speaker F: Are they birds of prey? [00:43:23] Speaker A: These are normally birds that are trained to attack. [00:43:30] Speaker B: So they're guard birds? [00:43:31] Speaker A: Yes. [00:43:32] Speaker C: That's a good question. [00:43:34] Speaker F: That's my question, guys. Yeah, rest up to you. [00:43:36] Speaker C: That's a good one. [00:43:38] Speaker E: Is there someone they're usually trained by nearby, right? [00:43:41] Speaker B: Is that what you mean? [00:43:43] Speaker E: Are they associated with a culture? [00:43:46] Speaker A: Yes, you would know that they are from the Mwangi expanse. [00:43:50] Speaker B: Everything else here. [00:43:51] Speaker A: Yeah, they generally do not like colder climates, which they are in currently, which is probably why they're flitting about looking. You can determine that. They look very unhappy. Yeah, they are definitely summer hot muggy birds. [00:44:08] Speaker B: So I think you've got one more question. Do you want to? [00:44:10] Speaker E: I do. I'm trying to think, how easy are they? I mean, you said you just took animal handling, right? [00:44:17] Speaker A: I did. [00:44:17] Speaker C: I took train animal. Yeah. So is this a creature that, without being the person who is their master, that I could use my training to basically get us to calmly get by them without having to fight them? [00:44:35] Speaker A: Yes, you would definitely need to make a good role, because they are obviously not your creatures, but yeah, you could probably persuade them. They like to eat. [00:44:51] Speaker C: Oh, I want to just jump back in time very quickly and let you know that I did feed the wards this morning. [00:44:56] Speaker A: Okay, cool. Good to know. Are they still in your backpack? [00:45:00] Speaker C: They are. [00:45:00] Speaker A: Okay, cool. [00:45:01] Speaker B: Did you fall backwards? [00:45:02] Speaker C: I have never fallen backwards. [00:45:04] Speaker A: Okay. All right. [00:45:06] Speaker E: Pets are a thing, right? [00:45:07] Speaker A: Pets can take pets. Yes, you can. Would anyone else like to? You have some questions? [00:45:13] Speaker B: I have two questions. [00:45:14] Speaker A: Yes. [00:45:15] Speaker B: First question is, do they have any special attacks? [00:45:17] Speaker A: Yes, they have a two action special attack called Dazzling Display. It is an enchantment mental, primal, and visual. You will need to make a will save or become dazzled. [00:45:32] Speaker B: Okay. The other question is, do they have any resistances or, like, hardness, that kind of stuff? [00:45:41] Speaker A: No, they are made of flesh and blood. [00:45:44] Speaker B: Not hardness, but like, armor. [00:45:46] Speaker A: Yeah, no. [00:45:48] Speaker B: Damage resistance. [00:45:50] Speaker A: Pond watcher. You said you were going to try and stealth. What is your stealth modifier? [00:45:56] Speaker G: It is a plus five. [00:45:59] Speaker A: All right, I have your number now. [00:46:01] Speaker G: I rolled myself because I didn't know. [00:46:03] Speaker B: You'Re going to roll? [00:46:04] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm sorry. [00:46:05] Speaker G: Rolled really well. [00:46:06] Speaker A: Well but I would like you I will give you a roll to make. Can you give me a this is going to be great. [00:46:16] Speaker G: I'm going to get dazzled. I know. [00:46:18] Speaker A: It's an untrained. I'm guessing it's untrained. Can you recall knowledge occultism? [00:46:23] Speaker G: No. [00:46:24] Speaker A: Well, you can because it's just untrained. [00:46:27] Speaker G: It's a plus one. [00:46:28] Speaker A: So roll and add one. [00:46:30] Speaker G: That's a natural one. [00:46:32] Speaker B: So a two total. [00:46:34] Speaker D: That's a fail. [00:46:35] Speaker B: That's probably a pass now. [00:46:36] Speaker G: All right, just so you know, myself, was a 23. [00:46:39] Speaker A: Okay, good to know. [00:46:40] Speaker C: It was a 20. [00:46:41] Speaker A: It was a 20. I rolled something over here. [00:46:44] Speaker E: Side note, I do have one more question. [00:46:45] Speaker A: You do have one more question. [00:46:46] Speaker E: What is their lowest save? [00:46:48] Speaker A: What is their lowest save? [00:46:50] Speaker B: He has to do math. [00:46:51] Speaker A: This is bad fortitude. Okay, they're not very fortuitous birds. Silver, you wanted to try and dazzle them. Fascinate or fascinate them? I'm sorry? They want to dazzle you? [00:47:02] Speaker C: Yes. [00:47:02] Speaker D: So I had to make a performance check against their will DC. Okay, so that's 19 on the die. It's at least a 26. It might be higher. [00:47:18] Speaker B: Don't they have to save against you? [00:47:20] Speaker C: Well, I rolled a 26 no. [00:47:23] Speaker A: Versus their will DC. That succeeds. [00:47:26] Speaker D: Okay, does it critically succeed? [00:47:28] Speaker A: 26 carry the three. Yes, it does critically succeed, actually. [00:47:33] Speaker D: So they are fascinated by me. [00:47:35] Speaker C: How many creatures let me look that up. [00:47:39] Speaker A: That is the important question right now. [00:47:42] Speaker E: I'm debating right now whether or not Soria is just going to collect a flock of exotic and weird birds. [00:47:48] Speaker B: I just say just bomb them. Just keep throwing shit. [00:47:51] Speaker E: No. She's like, no, I want one. Like, I want a guard bird and a smart bird. [00:47:56] Speaker D: And correct me if I'm wrong, but it's by class, but your training does not go up by level two in anything. [00:48:05] Speaker C: I don't believe it depends on your class. It will explicitly tell you. [00:48:09] Speaker D: Okay, because I didn't see any of that. If I'm wrong, I would affect all four of them, but it would just affect one bird. [00:48:16] Speaker A: Okay. Which one of the birds would you like to have? [00:48:20] Speaker D: Let's do the one that's closest to us. [00:48:23] Speaker A: All right, so one of the ones closest to you in the west is now fascinated by you guys. [00:48:30] Speaker C: And just in case anyone wants to know what fascinated means, I was about to ask that. [00:48:34] Speaker A: Yes. [00:48:34] Speaker C: The fascinated condition says you are compelled to focus your attention on something. Take a negative two status penalty to perception and skill checks, and you can't use actions with the concentrate trait unless they or their intended consequences are related to the subject of your fascination. If a creature uses a hostile action against you or any of your allies, your fascination ends. [00:49:00] Speaker B: So basically, they're going to focus on silver. That one. Focus on silver until combat starts. [00:49:08] Speaker C: Combat. It just takes negative two to perception and skills. [00:49:10] Speaker B: I'm geared up for combat at this point. [00:49:12] Speaker A: All right. So we're still in encounter or exploration? Exploration mode. Sorry, no one's done anything hostile. It's very dark in here, except for the light that you see, which extends 20ft, 25ft. [00:49:30] Speaker D: I'm curious. Can we just walk around these things and go into one of these hallways that are near them? [00:49:35] Speaker B: Sure, you can try. [00:49:36] Speaker C: I think it's going to be probably part of the handle animal, though. [00:49:40] Speaker B: So what about possibly as a part of your handle animal if you choose to do that? Maybe giving them something to eat or whatever, something to entice them, make them friendly. [00:49:51] Speaker C: Yeah. My plan then I'll talk to the group. So what I think I'd like to do is if we can get ourselves outside, I'm going to see if I can't just draw them outside and then leave them outside and we can close the door behind us and we don't have to worry about them. [00:50:04] Speaker E: But they're so creepy. [00:50:05] Speaker D: I like that idea. [00:50:08] Speaker C: They're trained attack birds. [00:50:10] Speaker D: I can get at least one of them to follow me because it's paying attention to my guitar playing. [00:50:15] Speaker C: Well, it's staring at you. It doesn't have to do anything else. [00:50:18] Speaker D: Oh, yeah, that's true. You can get them to follow you. I'm all for it. [00:50:24] Speaker C: It's that or we fight them. I don't know that, or we're going to have to worry about them every time we go up this hallway and it looks like every I mean, I don't know. With the goblins map to our left that goes to the goblins area, but there's no way out of it. And there's clearly a door at the end of this hallway and areas to our right that we haven't seen. So I feel like we're going to keep crisscrossing this hallway and I'd rather just get them outside if possible so we don't have to deal with them ever again until we leave, I guess. [00:50:50] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:50:51] Speaker D: When we leave. You all know if their plumage is worth any money here? [00:50:57] Speaker C: What, their plumage? [00:50:59] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:50:59] Speaker C: How about we don't kill them? [00:51:00] Speaker D: Well, if we got to kill them on our way back, we'll burn that. [00:51:04] Speaker C: Bridge when we get to it. [00:51:05] Speaker D: All right. Just thinking of funds. [00:51:08] Speaker G: We could cover ourselves in meat and then run past them and make them chase us. [00:51:14] Speaker B: Pawnwatcher. Get on it. [00:51:16] Speaker A: Good idea. [00:51:16] Speaker G: I've seen it work before. [00:51:18] Speaker A: Okay. [00:51:19] Speaker D: All right. Your Grace, I like the initiative, but. [00:51:25] Speaker B: The fact that you had an idea, it may not be a good idea, but it's an idea. [00:51:28] Speaker G: Well, no one knows where I am because I'm so quiet and stealthy. [00:51:32] Speaker F: Who said that? [00:51:33] Speaker C: Exactly. [00:51:35] Speaker G: I bet we can just crawl past the birds. They won't even look. Birds never look down. They're always flying. They're looking up because they're flying. They're not going to see me. [00:51:47] Speaker C: How do they land carefully without looking? [00:51:54] Speaker B: I like how Pond Watcher is having a conversation with Matt. [00:52:01] Speaker C: That was talent. [00:52:02] Speaker A: He was quite curious. [00:52:03] Speaker C: How would you think that they land? [00:52:05] Speaker B: No, I understand you were speaking as Twin talon, but the real question was coming from Matt. [00:52:10] Speaker C: Well, everything I do comes from me. [00:52:12] Speaker D: All right, twin Talon, you want to try to get these to make these birds follow you. [00:52:17] Speaker C: Why don't we all get out of the hallway? [00:52:18] Speaker A: Okay. [00:52:19] Speaker G: I'll lay on the ground outside. [00:52:22] Speaker D: I'll step outside this crypt, look at. [00:52:24] Speaker A: The so I'm going to admit something here. I haven't looked at the handle animal rules recently. [00:52:32] Speaker B: Well, Matt. Assuming Matt has. [00:52:34] Speaker A: Oh, no. Oh, no. All right, well, then we're going to just take a second. [00:52:38] Speaker C: It's part of nature, by the way. It's the nature skill in which you can deal with aminels. [00:52:47] Speaker G: I'm prepared to do my plan of. [00:52:50] Speaker C: Laying on the ground. So command an animal. You issue an order to an animal, attempt a nature check against the animal's will DC. The GM might adjust the DC. If the animal has a good attitude toward you, you suggest a course of action it was predisposed toward or you offer it a treat. Okay, so the GM might adjust the DC. If the animal has a good attitude towards you, you suggest a course of action it was predisposed to do or you offer it a treat. You automatically fail if the animal is hostile or unfriendly to you. If the animal is helpful to you, increase your degree of success by one step. You might be able to command an animal more easily with a feet like ride. Most animals know the leap, seek, stand, stride and strike as basic actions. If an animal knows an activity, such as a horse's gallop, you can command the animal to perform the activity, but you must spend as many actions on command an animal as the activity's. Number of actions. You can also spend multiple actions to command the animal to perform the number of basic actions on its next turn. For instance, you could spend three actions to command an animal to stride three times or strike twice and then strike. [00:53:53] Speaker B: Okay, it seems as though since it's possible that they could be unfriendly or hostile towards us, do we know if they are unfriendly? Because does unfriendly necessarily mean that they'll attack us on site? Hostile definitely would mean that, but if unfriendly just means that they're not friendly, for lack of a better term. [00:54:14] Speaker C: But I mean, we're what, 20ft away from them with a light on us? They can see us clearly, and they can probably see in the dark if they were left in the pitch black and they're just splitting around. They don't even seem to be paying attention to us other than the one that Silver is singing to. [00:54:31] Speaker D: I'm just playing my guitar in a very flourishing way. I could stop that if you want me to. [00:54:39] Speaker G: Someone may hear that. That is not the bird. [00:54:42] Speaker B: Does anybody else have one of their items from their knowledge check left over? Because I know I use two. [00:54:50] Speaker A: I think I use two. [00:54:51] Speaker B: So maybe that could be are they generally hostile or unfriendly towards I guess. [00:54:57] Speaker C: The question would be looking at them and knowing about their behavior, do they look like they are agitated, or they look like they're just milling about? [00:55:04] Speaker A: They look like they're frustrated being in this place because it is definitely not where they're used to. And you could probably guess that they've been left here for a reason. They're probably here as alarmsguardbirds. [00:55:23] Speaker B: Okay, here's what I say. I say we go ahead with your plan twin talon, but the rest of us stay ready to fight. [00:55:32] Speaker C: Great. [00:55:32] Speaker G: Need be sure. [00:55:33] Speaker A: So you're going to try and do all three at once, or are you going to try one at a time? One bird at a time. [00:55:40] Speaker C: I'll try one bird at a time. [00:55:42] Speaker A: Okay. [00:55:42] Speaker C: To give myself a chance to fail. [00:55:44] Speaker A: Great. [00:55:45] Speaker C: Rolling as many dice as possible. [00:55:46] Speaker A: Excellent. So I'm going to roll for you. [00:55:49] Speaker C: Oh, good. [00:55:50] Speaker A: You're welcome. [00:55:51] Speaker B: We're going to just fail automatically. [00:55:53] Speaker A: What is your handle or what is your nature skill? [00:55:57] Speaker C: My nature is plus four. [00:55:59] Speaker A: Okay. And it's against their will. DC, you said? [00:56:03] Speaker C: Correct. [00:56:05] Speaker A: All right, so the furthest one, kind of. So how are you trying to entice them? [00:56:12] Speaker C: So I'm going to take some of the berries we found earlier. I fed some of them to the warriors, but not all of them, and I'm going to see if I can't get them to be cool and eat some berries and follow me outside. [00:56:27] Speaker A: Okay. So one of them starts to flap towards you and starts to investigate light as it gets closer and closer to you. And then it kind of looks cocks its head to the side, goes for some of the berries. [00:56:45] Speaker C: Okay. And I will attempt to lead it outside. [00:56:48] Speaker A: Okay, so you successfully lead the first one outside. It's one of the ones that was closest to you. [00:56:53] Speaker C: Okay, great. And I will do that again. [00:56:57] Speaker A: Okay. [00:56:58] Speaker C: I'll take some of the berries and kind of throw them off to the side away from our party and hope it goes toward them. Then I'll come in and try again. [00:57:02] Speaker A: All right, so you try that again. I rolled again for you. Okay. The second one also follows you. Great. Third one, you critically succeed on the third one, and it follows you. And since you critically succeeded, it kind of like, follows you, turns around, squawks at the other one, and the other one starts to follow you. Great. [00:57:27] Speaker G: Wow. [00:57:28] Speaker A: So you get all four of them outside. [00:57:30] Speaker C: Fantastic. [00:57:31] Speaker B: All right, so they're no longer on the same floor as we are. [00:57:34] Speaker A: No, they get to the open sky, and they act as if they haven't seen the open sky in weeks, so they just take off and fly away. [00:57:46] Speaker B: Nice. Excellent work. [00:57:47] Speaker C: Fantastic. [00:57:48] Speaker F: Your older brother would be proud of you, Twin Talon. [00:57:53] Speaker C: Yeah, he was always good. Well, my people have always been good with winged animals. [00:57:57] Speaker A: Yes. [00:57:59] Speaker C: Yeah. Like the ancestors are proud. Okay, but we should move in. [00:58:03] Speaker G: Impressive job. [00:58:06] Speaker A: Who here is trained in occult? All right, what are your bonuses for the both of you? [00:58:14] Speaker D: Plus seven. [00:58:16] Speaker E: Plus eight. [00:58:19] Speaker A: Okay, so as you both come back into this hallway, you kind of, like, put your hand up on the doorframe to kind of see your way in just because you don't know how tall it is. And you touch both of you touch something that's sticky, and you pull your hand down and you look at it and it flakes off as if it's been, like, dried. It's, like, clearish. [00:58:54] Speaker D: Is this the kind of stuff that's left over after some sort of teleportation spell or some thing like that? [00:59:00] Speaker A: No. [00:59:01] Speaker D: Okay. [00:59:02] Speaker E: Can I use my crafting check to see if it's something I recognize? [00:59:06] Speaker A: Yes. 18. You can tell this is from a gelatinous cube? No, just a gelatinous cube. [00:59:19] Speaker D: All right, I'm going to turn to Pond Watcher and the rest of the group, but I'll say, your Grace looks like there might be one of those giant cubes in this here place. So it would be best if you don't go running into a room till. [00:59:36] Speaker C: We know what's there. [00:59:37] Speaker G: Why would you say that to me? That doesn't apply to me. [00:59:41] Speaker D: You're right. [00:59:42] Speaker B: There's a montage of all the time. [00:59:46] Speaker C: Part of being a king is clip. [00:59:48] Speaker D: Show, is to lead by example. That's why I spoke to you. [00:59:51] Speaker G: Okay, I'm sorry. You're right. [00:59:54] Speaker E: Just making a face and, like, wiping her hand off on the wall. [00:59:57] Speaker A: Yeah. You can tell a cube slid through this door a couple of weeks ago. [01:00:02] Speaker E: It's recent enough that it would probably still be here. [01:00:06] Speaker C: Do we think it was here when. [01:00:07] Speaker A: The goblins were here? How long have the goblins been goblins have been chased out for a couple of weeks. [01:00:16] Speaker F: Interesting. [01:00:17] Speaker C: Okay. [01:00:18] Speaker E: Maybe very shortly after. [01:00:19] Speaker G: Is this what they think a bear is? [01:00:21] Speaker E: I would hope not. Why didn't they mention the bird? [01:00:25] Speaker D: Can I stealth as part of this? Not a bonus exploration action? [01:00:29] Speaker A: Sure. What's your stealth bonus? [01:00:31] Speaker D: It's a plus five, I think. [01:00:33] Speaker A: All right, I have your stealth bonus. So where are you all headed? [01:00:39] Speaker C: I think the only place we know about is the goblin area. [01:00:42] Speaker A: Yes. You know about the three north chambers. [01:00:44] Speaker B: To our left, which is the first? [01:00:46] Speaker C: I say we take the first left and clear it out. [01:00:49] Speaker B: I agree. [01:00:49] Speaker D: So, to the listeners, we're heading to the north of the map here. [01:00:56] Speaker B: So Temid is going to be yes. [01:01:00] Speaker A: How are you all proceeding down this hallway? What is your marching order? It is a five foot wide hallway, and it is still pitch black, except for the light coming off the shield. [01:01:11] Speaker G: Perhaps, Brianna, if you want to go first, I can follow with the halberd poking forward to make sure if we run into anything invisible, it'll hit that first and not your face. [01:01:24] Speaker F: I appreciate it. [01:01:24] Speaker E: Bon materia in the. [01:01:32] Speaker B: I'm sorry. The gelatinous cube or what we think might be a gelatinous cube, are there indications that it may be going to the north along it was just where we're going. [01:01:42] Speaker A: So once you get through the door frame, which is 5ft wide, it widens out to be large enough for a cube to move through without leaving any trace. [01:01:51] Speaker C: This hallway is currently 15ft wide, but the hallways to the right and left, aka the north and south, or I should say south and north, are 5ft wide. [01:02:01] Speaker A: Right. [01:02:01] Speaker B: Okay. [01:02:02] Speaker E: So can I study those doors and see if there's any sign of it? [01:02:06] Speaker A: Sure. [01:02:06] Speaker E: Slurping through. [01:02:08] Speaker B: Temid would like to make a survival check to kind of track. [01:02:13] Speaker A: There is nothing marking the doorways. This hallway that the queue would be through this hallway. [01:02:22] Speaker E: On all six of those doors. There's no sign. [01:02:25] Speaker A: Oh, you're checking each of them? [01:02:26] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:02:27] Speaker A: All six of the hallways? [01:02:28] Speaker E: Yeah, just each doorway just to see if there's any more of the nothingness. [01:02:33] Speaker B: Exploration mode 24 track to see if I can track from where we initially saw this gelatinous cube residue. [01:02:43] Speaker A: So as you look around, that's survival, right? [01:02:46] Speaker B: Yes. [01:02:46] Speaker A: That is you see very faintly, very faintly, that to the east that there's some marking, some residue that it was moving east. [01:03:03] Speaker B: Everyone, if we the gelatinous cube is not headed towards the area in which the Goblins laid out for us, it is headed down this hallway to the east. [01:03:14] Speaker C: Straight ahead of us. [01:03:15] Speaker B: Straight ahead, correct. [01:03:17] Speaker E: Do we want to deal with that now? [01:03:19] Speaker B: I say let's check out the Goblin area. That's at least my vote. And then we'll come back and see if we can deal with this cube. [01:03:26] Speaker C: At least the Goblin area. We kind of know what we're getting into. [01:03:29] Speaker E: Everywhere else, we have an idea of. [01:03:31] Speaker B: What to expect, and it may be a defensible position for us if we do need to fall back. [01:03:37] Speaker E: Who wants to go first? [01:03:38] Speaker F: I will. [01:03:40] Speaker C: Brain is in the front. [01:03:41] Speaker F: Then it's pond watcher. [01:03:42] Speaker B: So Temid straddles up to or not straddles up to? Just walks up to Pond Watcher. Disney straddle pond Watcher straidles up to. [01:03:52] Speaker A: Whatever. [01:03:52] Speaker G: Temid, what are you doing? [01:03:55] Speaker B: I'm trying to earn one kiss at. [01:03:57] Speaker G: The campfire is not an invitation. [01:03:59] Speaker B: I'm trying to earn some copper pieces. So he walks up to Pond Watcher, and he kind of nudges him. He's like, don't you want to be behind your girlfriend? [01:04:07] Speaker G: Excuse me? [01:04:09] Speaker B: You know, I see the way the two of you look at each other. [01:04:14] Speaker G: I'm not sure what you mean, but I don't want to talk about this with. [01:04:19] Speaker B: You. [01:04:20] Speaker G: Goodbye. [01:04:21] Speaker F: I'm guessing you're whispering this into his. [01:04:23] Speaker B: Ear so I don't screaming it out loud. Yes. [01:04:25] Speaker E: He's saying it's already behind Brianna. [01:04:28] Speaker G: It's like right next to her. [01:04:29] Speaker E: Yeah, and he's asking, don't you want to be behind your girlfriend? [01:04:32] Speaker C: I think he's referring to you. [01:04:33] Speaker E: I know, that's what I'm questioning. [01:04:35] Speaker B: No, Brianna, he's silver, he is not my girlfriend. [01:04:38] Speaker G: He is 75 year old human man. More of an advisor than a girlfriend. But thank you for your concern. Also, he should be behind me, if you really need to know. [01:04:51] Speaker B: I mean, you can deny it all you want, but I see how you look at Silver. [01:04:59] Speaker G: Like a slightly confused look. Yes, that is common. [01:05:03] Speaker B: All right, fine, I'll just leave it be. [01:05:05] Speaker G: Maybe perhaps one time when you have more ale, we can discuss this further. [01:05:09] Speaker B: Yes, I have run out. [01:05:11] Speaker D: I will be in the back. Because I am defo, not the tank. [01:05:16] Speaker C: Yeah. I'll ask Teman if he wants to go behind Bond watcher. If he wants me to go behind. [01:05:21] Speaker B: Watcher, I'll be behind Bond watcher. [01:05:23] Speaker C: Okay, then I will be behind Teman. [01:05:25] Speaker G: Position of honor? [01:05:27] Speaker B: No, I'm your girlfriend. [01:05:29] Speaker D: It's unfortunate. Grace ate a lot of cheese this morning. [01:05:35] Speaker A: All right. You proceed down this hallway and it ends in a doorway. The door is closed. [01:05:45] Speaker D: Well, I've done all I can do. [01:05:47] Speaker F: I will listen, I suppose, at the door. [01:05:50] Speaker A: So, what is your perception? [01:05:53] Speaker G: This is a very tight hallway. [01:05:54] Speaker F: It is a tight hallway plus four perception. [01:05:58] Speaker A: All right. So, as you listen to the doorway, you hear croaking. [01:06:07] Speaker C: Yes. The goblin did say they were frog. [01:06:11] Speaker F: I'll relay this back to Thresview. There seemed to be some semblance of sounds like croaking. [01:06:17] Speaker G: Frogs are small and easy to kill. Let's proceed. [01:06:21] Speaker C: The goblin said that there were frog or toad people that kicked them out. There were cultists. [01:06:26] Speaker G: Goblins aren't very smart, so, I don't know. [01:06:29] Speaker B: Would it be a nature check to see if I can identify you can't. [01:06:34] Speaker A: Get up to the front. You'd have to get up to the very front and listen to the door yourself. Okay, let's open the door. [01:06:39] Speaker C: We should kick in the door and kick the cultists out. [01:06:42] Speaker A: Smash the door. [01:06:43] Speaker E: Sorry. I was going to pull an alchemist fire off her bandolier. [01:06:48] Speaker A: All right, who's opening the door? [01:06:49] Speaker B: So, to be clear, at least Temid has his rapier out in his hand if anyone else has to. I don't know if we want to make it clear ahead of time that we have our weapons out. [01:06:59] Speaker C: Yeah, we're in a dungeon. I think that's pretty standard. [01:07:02] Speaker E: She's got a bomb ready? [01:07:03] Speaker G: As described. I have my halbert out. [01:07:06] Speaker C: Twin Tolerance will have his bow since he's fourth in line. [01:07:10] Speaker F: I will have my sword and shield out. [01:07:12] Speaker A: All right, as you open the door, you see two medium sized boggards. [01:07:22] Speaker C: Do we know what boggards are? [01:07:24] Speaker A: I don't know if you know what boggards. [01:07:25] Speaker B: I know what boggards are. [01:07:27] Speaker A: Personally, Matt knows what boggards are, so the characters don't know what boggards are. But let's describe what a Boggard is for our crowd at home. They are humanoid frog people. [01:07:39] Speaker G: Okay, that really sums it up. [01:07:42] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:07:42] Speaker A: Right. Great. [01:07:43] Speaker F: Here I was thinking boggarts from the. [01:07:46] Speaker C: Harry Potter universe, but it was a d Boggard. [01:07:49] Speaker A: Boggard. Understood. Yeah. [01:07:52] Speaker C: They just look like a frog from a bog. It's a bogard. [01:07:56] Speaker A: So with the art in the new book, they kind of look like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, except they're frogs instead of turtles. [01:08:03] Speaker F: Interesting. [01:08:04] Speaker C: Teenage Mutant Ninja Frogs. [01:08:07] Speaker A: Yes, but they're do. [01:08:10] Speaker G: They react to us. [01:08:11] Speaker A: They are definitely ripped. They are muscular, and their heads turn. [01:08:16] Speaker C: They're like, hey, bro, do you guys lift? [01:08:18] Speaker G: Not the gang, no. [01:08:20] Speaker B: It's Alex again. [01:08:21] Speaker C: Nope. [01:08:22] Speaker A: They turn towards the door opening, and as soon as you see them, they see you. [01:08:31] Speaker B: Don't say it, and we'll figure out. [01:08:33] Speaker E: What'S going to happen. [01:08:35] Speaker C: We love you. [01:08:37] Speaker H: How will our heroes handle these boggards? What's with the missing gelatinous cube? Will Pond watcher and Brianna hook up. Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode of The Cracked Die Podcast. And now a word from our sponsors. [01:09:01] Speaker C: Hey, you. Are you in the need for some masonry? Do you have a new building that needs to be constructed? Well, then you need to come down to the Basandi Brothers Masonry. We've been in Breech Hill for over 50 years. We go back five generations of Masons. We have built every building you see in this town. So why go anywhere else? Come to the Posandi Brothers Masonry if you have questions. We won't ask if you don't. [01:09:40] Speaker A: Thank you for listening to the Crackdye Podcast. Background sound effects provided by Sirenscape. Because epic games deserve epic music, please visit [email protected]. Pathfinder, second edition. Age of Ashes Adventure, Path are all copyright of Pizo Publishing. Please visit them at for more information.

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