The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 9 - Dancin' in the Moonlight

Episode 9 October 31, 2019 00:58:00
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 9 - Dancin' in the Moonlight
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 9 - Dancin' in the Moonlight

Oct 31 2019 | 00:58:00


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Happy Halloween! The gang finally meets the man in black armor and they all become fast friends! 


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:39] Speaker A: Welcome back to the Crack Die podcast. You know, I'm recording this just a mere few hours before this episode goes live, and and I just want to thank everyone for continuing to listen to our show. I look at the download numbers every day because I'm interested. And today we hit a milestone that would not be possible without your constant listening and telling friends and helping our show grow. We hit the 1000 download mark, and that's a big deal for me and for the entire cast. We've only been doing the show for about a month, and to have 1000 downloads in a month is really awesome to us. Just a small show trying to find its way in this podcast landscape. So I just want to say thank you, and I don't want to keep anyone too long. We'll return to the rules and character creation stuff, and we'll start covering all of that in future intros. But I really just wanted to take the time today to say thank you for your continued listening, dealing with some of the bad audio issues we had in the beginning and sticking through it with us. I also just want to remind everyone that we're doing a giveaway for a Pathfinder Second Edition core rulebook. We are looking to get 25 reviews in the Apple podcasts app. And once we do that, we will draw a name, we will announce it, and we will give that person a book. You can tell us if you want us to devalue that book by signing it, or we can just send you a beautiful, clean copy of the Pathfinder Second Edition rulebook. I just want to wish everyone a happy Halloween. If you celebrate, have fun out there. Be safe. And now we'll get to the show. Previously on The Crackdye Podcast our heroes encountered a large group of spiders. After dealing with the infestation, our heroes continued to explore the abandoned citadel. However, upon opening a door, they found a man in black armor. Who is this man? What is he doing here? Find out now on the Cracked Die podcast. [00:03:11] Speaker B: Welcome to the 9th episode of The Cracked Die podcast. [00:03:15] Speaker C: You got that one right. [00:03:16] Speaker B: Good job. [00:03:16] Speaker D: I did. [00:03:17] Speaker B: I can count. Kind of. [00:03:19] Speaker E: No, we had to tell you before the episode started. [00:03:21] Speaker B: It's true. All right, let's jump right into where we left off. So, if I remember correctly, three of our heroes, we'll call you Heroes. I guess for now. [00:03:35] Speaker E: We accepted the call to Heroes. So I think we are heroes were. [00:03:39] Speaker B: In a secret room looking at things while that was going on. We had one person in the middle trying to coordinate everything. Thanks, Saraya. That was Brianna. That was Brianna. [00:03:54] Speaker F: I'll get do you need a refresher on who we are? [00:03:56] Speaker B: Nope. Soraya, Silver Pond, watcher Brianna with every time I say it, I add more R's. Yes. [00:04:03] Speaker G: As it should be. [00:04:04] Speaker B: Temid and twin talent. There we go. I got it, I went around the table and I actually got it mean. [00:04:11] Speaker E: You'Re doing your job like the minimum. [00:04:14] Speaker B: I just want to point out that I wrote everyone's name down beforehand without even asking you guys and you still skip turns in Initiative hush. [00:04:23] Speaker F: Imagine how bad it would be without that card. [00:04:25] Speaker B: I know right? Anyway, so if I remember correctly Twin Talon, Temid and Soraya were in the secret room. [00:04:36] Speaker F: Yes. [00:04:37] Speaker B: Brianna was between the rooms. [00:04:39] Speaker G: Correct. [00:04:39] Speaker B: And Silver and Pond Watcher threw open a door and looked in. [00:04:45] Speaker H: Yes. [00:04:46] Speaker B: Well, so we're going to cut over to Silver and Pond Watcher. However, Temid, Twin Talon and Soraya are doing their own thing at the same time. So you guys can't actually interact with this yet? [00:04:58] Speaker D: Yeah, we were doing the ten minute detect magic. [00:05:00] Speaker F: Yeah, that's going to be awkward when a bunch of loud stuff happens and we apparently ignored it. [00:05:05] Speaker B: They're thick walls, it's a castle. [00:05:07] Speaker F: The door is open. [00:05:08] Speaker H: Maybe we could say that we waited and then we got bored. Okay, why we had to open the door. [00:05:13] Speaker B: All right we'll say that. So I gave a very dramatic you opened the door and there was a man in black armor. Let me actually give you guys the room description so that you know what's going on. Exactly. [00:05:22] Speaker F: It's a regular shaped room and it's. [00:05:25] Speaker E: Four walls, 400,000 gold pieces in it. [00:05:28] Speaker C: Well, Twin Talon is the architecture major here. [00:05:31] Speaker D: That's true. What does Twin Talon know after yeah. [00:05:33] Speaker F: Give me my knowledge, my architecture lore check. All right, I'm across it's fine, I'm not here. [00:05:38] Speaker B: So I talked about the flagstones being entirely black and there's this red there's a sunken area where the arena's edges are painted a deep crimson and an ominous crimson pentagram fills the center. You see a man dressed in black armor killing an imp with a long sword as it goes through. [00:05:58] Speaker E: Are they fighting or did he just like stab it to death in front of us? [00:06:02] Speaker G: You see the final blow. [00:06:03] Speaker B: You see the final blow. Now can I get Pond Watcher and Silver to give me a perception actually I'm going to give you perception checks for both of you. What are your perception bonuses? [00:06:14] Speaker H: Plus five. [00:06:14] Speaker B: Plus five? Six. You both smoke that. So as you look at them that man in the black armor, a religious symbol of Asmodeus on the shoulder of his armor as he looks at you SUP. [00:06:33] Speaker H: Hey. [00:06:34] Speaker C: Well hello. Let me take the time here to introduce myself. I am Silver, the bard. Right next to me, this is the king who was promised the worm reborn slayer of dragons. [00:06:52] Speaker B: As you're going through this you hear cackling from the rafters and you see two imps drop down and begin to attack. So let's get an initiative roll. [00:07:04] Speaker G: I'm hoping that I'm listening to all this as well, and I too. [00:07:09] Speaker B: So everyone but Twin Talon, Temid and Soraya give me an initiative roll please. [00:07:15] Speaker H: 21. [00:07:16] Speaker G: All right, 17. [00:07:17] Speaker C: I rolled a 19. [00:07:20] Speaker D: Brianna looks like she's about to run into combat and I'm just holding a box while Tembit is detecting magic. [00:07:28] Speaker C: You can't see her. [00:07:30] Speaker D: She's in like well, she's in the middle of the two rooms and I have the silver longsword that would probably come in handy for her right now that I'm not going to be using for ten minutes. [00:07:38] Speaker G: I have a scimitar. [00:07:39] Speaker F: Very specifically, Brianna stated that she was be able to watch us and able to watch you guys, which means hopefully we can also see her if she takes off running or draws a weapon or something. [00:07:50] Speaker E: Or I would imagine our allies would be like, yo, something's up in here, guys. [00:07:54] Speaker F: Or maybe they'll say SUP because apparently that's how you greet people. [00:07:58] Speaker D: Well, apparently I'm assuming this is a hell knight because the hell knight adhert was all, bro. [00:08:03] Speaker F: It's true. [00:08:04] Speaker B: I really shot myself in the foot when I wrote that one because now I have to do all hell nights as bros. [00:08:09] Speaker F: It's fine, it's canon now. [00:08:10] Speaker H: You ever see an IP do a kickstand, man? [00:08:14] Speaker B: Brianna, it is your turn. Is it? You rolled a 1717 you rolled the 21. [00:08:19] Speaker H: I rolled a 21. Sean, bro. [00:08:24] Speaker D: Come at me, bro. [00:08:24] Speaker E: Weren't you just patting yourself on the back about being able to remember people's names and shit? [00:08:28] Speaker D: Yeah, and I was saying, he still can't do initiative order. [00:08:30] Speaker F: Immediately confused richard and I Well, that's. [00:08:31] Speaker B: Because you're the same person. [00:08:32] Speaker H: So the imps have dropped down from the rafters and are attacking? [00:08:37] Speaker B: Yeah, well, they look like they're about to attack. Were they going first in the initiative order? [00:08:42] Speaker H: But they appear to be heading towards me and not the man. [00:08:46] Speaker B: Well, there's one behind the man in black and one kind of diagonally about 10ft away. [00:08:54] Speaker H: What do these little creatures look like? [00:08:56] Speaker B: That would be a knowledge. [00:08:59] Speaker H: Don't even bother. Okay, I don't understand anything. Okay, pond Watcher has his bastard sword at the ready. [00:09:07] Speaker B: All right. [00:09:07] Speaker H: Pond Watcher runs away. No, pond Watcher will move into the room. [00:09:12] Speaker F: Are you going to do your sudden charge for once? [00:09:14] Speaker H: I'm not going to. [00:09:15] Speaker B: Okay, so you're moving into the room. [00:09:17] Speaker H: In front of Silver. I'll move up to the first imp. [00:09:20] Speaker B: All right, that imp is directly west of the door. So you run through the door as your first action. What type of weapon do you have? [00:09:27] Speaker H: A bastard sword. [00:09:28] Speaker B: Any special materials? [00:09:30] Speaker H: Iron or something? I don't know. [00:09:32] Speaker B: Okay, great. So your butter knife is out. [00:09:34] Speaker H: Yes. [00:09:35] Speaker G: All right, thank you for continuing that joke. [00:09:37] Speaker H: I will say I don't know your deal, man, but this imp seems very bad and I will attack with my sword. [00:09:45] Speaker F: So you know it's an imp. [00:09:46] Speaker H: This thing is evil looking. It is red 19, two handed. [00:09:52] Speaker B: Two handed. A 19 will hit a crack to die. Oh, no. [00:09:58] Speaker E: I think we should get hero points every time we crack a die on the crack die podcast? [00:10:02] Speaker B: No, not at all. It's a good effort. [00:10:05] Speaker H: I got 13 slashing damage. [00:10:08] Speaker D: Jeez. [00:10:09] Speaker H: And I will attack again. [00:10:11] Speaker B: 16 will miss. [00:10:14] Speaker H: Blast you, small creature. [00:10:15] Speaker B: It is tiny, like mechanically tiny. [00:10:19] Speaker H: Better for chopping. [00:10:20] Speaker B: Silver, you're up next. [00:10:21] Speaker E: Mechanically tiny like nuts and bolts or yes. [00:10:24] Speaker C: Well, the days of me getting headfirst into combat are well and behind me, so I'm going to turn around and shout loud as I can, hey, get yourselves in here. Got some trouble trouble brewing. Come on, get yourselves here now. And then I'm going to step out of the room, and as I'm moving, I will draw a short bow. And for my last action, I think I'll take a pop shot at. [00:11:01] Speaker D: I. [00:11:01] Speaker C: Don'T think actually, as I leaving the room, I'll have a clear shot at any of them. [00:11:06] Speaker B: So remember, in this edition, shooting into a crowd only grants an AC. [00:11:11] Speaker C: Well, I'll just do a knowledge on these things. [00:11:14] Speaker B: Okay, give me a knowledge. Religion, please. [00:11:19] Speaker C: Bardic lore. Natural. [00:11:22] Speaker B: 20. [00:11:24] Speaker C: Total of 26. [00:11:25] Speaker B: That is a crit success. [00:11:27] Speaker E: Nice. [00:11:28] Speaker B: So I will tell you what it is. The creature is an imp. [00:11:31] Speaker E: Nice. [00:11:32] Speaker B: Both of them are imps. And I will let you ask me two questions. [00:11:37] Speaker C: What are they vulnerable to? [00:11:40] Speaker B: They are weak to silver and good. [00:11:46] Speaker E: So everything silver does against it is they're weak by default. Are they weak to temid too? [00:11:52] Speaker B: No, they're not. [00:11:54] Speaker C: Okay. [00:11:57] Speaker B: I'm really sad. That took me a second to get I was wondering you were looking at. [00:12:01] Speaker E: Me like I was stupid, but that. [00:12:03] Speaker B: Was a good joke. It was me. I was the stupid. It was a good joke. [00:12:06] Speaker C: Are they usually portents of larger creatures? Are they like heralds to those creatures? [00:12:11] Speaker B: Yes. [00:12:12] Speaker E: Sean wasn't exactly sure what you were trying to say there. [00:12:15] Speaker B: Yeah, you used a multi syllabic word and I just couldn't get it there. [00:12:18] Speaker F: It's not the opposite of good tense. It's a different word. [00:12:22] Speaker B: Got you. Thank you. [00:12:25] Speaker C: Okay. Yeah. So I will moved out of the room. So I'm in the doorway right now. [00:12:32] Speaker B: Yes. [00:12:32] Speaker C: Move me out of the door back. Perfect. I'm just moving directly out of the door into the room and I was shouting at everybody get their behinds into gear. [00:12:42] Speaker B: All right, the gentleman in the black armor turns to the imp behind him, takes a step forward and will swing as his second action. And he will. [00:12:59] Speaker E: Actually, I don't I don't know. [00:13:00] Speaker B: And I will draw crit card because he is named what's his name? [00:13:04] Speaker F: You don't know? [00:13:05] Speaker E: Jimmy? [00:13:06] Speaker F: Probably chad. [00:13:09] Speaker D: Bradston. [00:13:09] Speaker H: Yo that's, Sir Chad. You man. [00:13:12] Speaker B: All right, so this says gory, the target is sickened one. I'm going to not do that and I'm just going to do double damage. Oof, that's ten damage on his first attack and his second attack, pond watcher. [00:13:28] Speaker H: Yells out, I did more without a crit. [00:13:30] Speaker F: Idiot. [00:13:31] Speaker B: I lied. It's dead. All right, I take it back the. [00:13:36] Speaker D: Enemy of my enemy. [00:13:37] Speaker F: It's also my enemy. [00:13:39] Speaker B: Then the second action is he just have a lot he's going to turn and move or third action move to flanking with Pond Watcher while that creature's gone. Brianna, you're up. [00:13:49] Speaker G: I also want to get in on this. Do I have enough movement? I can't really see from here but do I have enough movement to get in and take a swing? [00:13:57] Speaker B: What's your movement? [00:13:58] Speaker G: 20. [00:13:59] Speaker B: Yes. [00:14:00] Speaker G: What some brianna will swing with her scimitar and I'm guessing a 13 does not hit. [00:14:09] Speaker B: No, that's a whiff. Second attack. [00:14:11] Speaker G: Also whiff. [00:14:12] Speaker B: All right. [00:14:12] Speaker G: And also a whiff. [00:14:13] Speaker B: All right. So now the method gets to go imp or method. I'm sorry. I wrote Method. It's an imp. According to the book it will I have so many options. [00:14:24] Speaker D: Swear to God if this thing sets fire to the room. [00:14:27] Speaker B: So the first action is it's going to try and use a skill. Does anyone have a reaction to it? [00:14:35] Speaker E: Try reaction is oh my God, we're. [00:14:37] Speaker D: In a different room. [00:14:40] Speaker B: All right, so that's good. Second action. It's going to do the same thing. [00:14:43] Speaker D: I don't like that. [00:14:44] Speaker E: Describe to us what's going on. [00:14:45] Speaker B: You're just doing rolling you're just rolling. [00:14:46] Speaker D: Dice and like making faces. [00:14:48] Speaker B: I know. Let me finish rolling my dice. [00:14:50] Speaker E: Don't describe as you're going he unwraps an elaborate sandwich. [00:14:57] Speaker B: You see the imp start to glow redder and you see some of the wounds that Pond Watcher inflicted close up. Ouch. [00:15:09] Speaker H: Not fair. [00:15:10] Speaker B: Last action will be to change shape. [00:15:15] Speaker D: Oh no. [00:15:15] Speaker B: It becomes a baby. [00:15:18] Speaker F: No one would hit a baby. [00:15:20] Speaker D: I think we're all middle line. So yeah. [00:15:22] Speaker B: A raven. [00:15:23] Speaker E: What the fudge? [00:15:24] Speaker B: And it starts to fly. [00:15:26] Speaker E: Where? [00:15:27] Speaker B: Just up like above us. [00:15:29] Speaker F: It's not us, we're not there. [00:15:31] Speaker E: Above them. [00:15:33] Speaker B: It's starting to fly. But it can't change and move on the same turn. But it has wings and is now a medium sized raven. [00:15:39] Speaker H: By Odin's beard. [00:15:41] Speaker F: A medium sized raven. [00:15:42] Speaker E: Even Jasper's, that's a pretty damn big raven. [00:15:44] Speaker F: That's as big as a person. [00:15:45] Speaker B: Yes, I'm aware. [00:15:47] Speaker F: What the. [00:15:51] Speaker E: Did hear? Did we hear Silver kind of yelling? [00:15:54] Speaker B: You now heard Silver yell. So the people who did not roll initiative please. Roll initiative. [00:15:59] Speaker F: We'll get there. [00:15:59] Speaker E: I'm using you now a new die. New die that was given to me for my birthday and I hate it because it came. [00:16:10] Speaker B: What's your initiative? [00:16:11] Speaker D: It is a twelve. [00:16:12] Speaker B: All right. Temid twelve. Does SurreyA or Temid want to go first? [00:16:20] Speaker E: I'll go first. [00:16:21] Speaker D: Sure. [00:16:22] Speaker B: Okay. And twin 1616. [00:16:26] Speaker C: So this is a new round. [00:16:28] Speaker B: This is round two. Pond watcher you're up. [00:16:31] Speaker H: You may try to stop this fight by turning into a bird. [00:16:34] Speaker B: But I hate birds. [00:16:37] Speaker E: No, Jasper in the other jasper wasn't there. [00:16:40] Speaker H: Nine miss. [00:16:42] Speaker E: And Jasper isn't really a bird. [00:16:44] Speaker H: 15 miss. For the first time ever. The third attack now I am also sad. Four miss. [00:16:55] Speaker D: Still messing with him. [00:16:57] Speaker F: Wait, is four a critical failure. [00:17:00] Speaker E: There's no such thing. [00:17:01] Speaker B: Stop. No. [00:17:02] Speaker F: I'm pretty sure at the beginning of this episode, before we started recording, sean was gloating that he had the Crit Fail deck. [00:17:11] Speaker E: So thanks a lot, Matt. [00:17:13] Speaker F: We need to make a decision by the deck. [00:17:15] Speaker B: I did. But you told our GM about the rules negatively. I have a question and I want the honor system from you all. [00:17:25] Speaker C: Cool. [00:17:26] Speaker B: The rules for the Crit cards are only if you roll a natural one. However, there is a variant rule printed in there called the Deadly Variant. The Deadly variant says whenever you Crit fail, you draw one. Now, please bear in mind that if we choose to use the Deadly variant of the Critical Failure cards, we will use the Deadly variant of the Critical hit cards, which we have been using. [00:17:59] Speaker E: Okay, you know what? Let's make it a little more fun. Let's do the deadly. [00:18:02] Speaker D: There's six of us. We're a big party. [00:18:04] Speaker F: Let's draw some cards. [00:18:06] Speaker H: Thanks, everyone. [00:18:06] Speaker C: Wait. [00:18:07] Speaker B: Yeah, thanks. [00:18:08] Speaker D: I think he's asking the players, not the character. [00:18:10] Speaker E: Listen, we want to get rid of the funniest character because we all want the funniest character. [00:18:14] Speaker H: This podcast is going down the. [00:18:18] Speaker B: Mail. [00:18:19] Speaker F: To be fair, whatever Rich's next character is will be the funniest character, most likely. [00:18:24] Speaker C: Yes. [00:18:25] Speaker E: We're going to get like rich's parents are going to email us like, yo, what the fuck? [00:18:29] Speaker H: Look what you did to my baby boy. They don't listen. [00:18:33] Speaker B: All right, Rich. Go ahead. Go ahead and start and draw your favorite card from the Crit Failure deck. I e the top card. [00:18:42] Speaker F: It's melee ranged unarmed spell. So we got melee. It is all or nothing. You take a negative one circumstance penalty to attack roles until you score a critical hit. [00:18:58] Speaker E: For this combat or forever. [00:19:00] Speaker F: I don't know what the so typically with these decks, there is a small card which tells you the basic rules. So I don't know if it lasts the end of the combat or until 20 years from now when Pond Watcher finally rolls a critical hit. [00:19:12] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:19:13] Speaker B: Wow. [00:19:13] Speaker D: As that is written, it sounds like until unless there is a qualifier, pond. [00:19:19] Speaker H: Watcher has rolled two critical hits in combat so far. [00:19:22] Speaker D: That's true. [00:19:23] Speaker F: Now you're negative one. [00:19:25] Speaker E: So he's never doing one again. [00:19:26] Speaker B: Silver, I will pass the rules cards over to Matt to look at to someone who can actually read while Silver takes his turn. [00:19:35] Speaker C: All right, so Silver is going to. [00:19:40] Speaker B: Hold on a second. Did you add your flanking bonus? [00:19:42] Speaker H: I thought it was just an AC adjustment. [00:19:44] Speaker B: Oh, that's right. It is an AC adjustment. What was your high but your first. [00:19:47] Speaker E: Roll affect the critical failure, right? [00:19:49] Speaker B: It could. [00:19:50] Speaker H: It was three. [00:19:51] Speaker E: You had a four total, you said. [00:19:53] Speaker B: Yeah, okay. Definitely missed. [00:19:54] Speaker H: That was my third attack. [00:19:56] Speaker B: Silver, go ahead. They were all bad. [00:19:58] Speaker E: Wait, but was that crit failure still a crit failure with those? [00:20:02] Speaker H: It was an eight minus four. [00:20:03] Speaker C: All right? Silver is going to walk into the room, and then he's going to as another action, going to inspire everybody with Bardic inspiration by saying, and I am assuming this will actually work with the Asmodeus over there as well. [00:20:24] Speaker B: He's neutral to you guys at this point. Well, he's not attacking you, but unless you decide to affect him, I'll say you can choose to include him or not. Your choice. [00:20:35] Speaker C: Well, will he know that I'm affecting if he does a check like attacks? Check? [00:20:43] Speaker D: No, he does, like, an arcana. [00:20:45] Speaker B: Arcana. [00:20:46] Speaker C: Okay, so he won't know if I'm affecting or not, so I won't affect him, but I'm going to walk up and say, all right, you Grace, we got this. Go for the head. That's the easiest way to get rid of it as Bartic inspiration. And then I'm going to and I still have some movement. I'm going to move all the way around towards that devilish circle all right. In the middle of the room, which is away from everybody else. But I'm surveying combat. [00:21:19] Speaker E: In other words, you're running away from combat like a coward. [00:21:21] Speaker C: I am a 75 year old man who is not very melee focused. [00:21:28] Speaker B: All right, so the man in black armor will go now, will he flee across the desert? All right? He's going to do a swing, which is a critical failure. Wait. [00:21:39] Speaker E: Oh, no, that's wait, he's named it. [00:21:44] Speaker B: Is not a critical failure. It's just a miss. [00:21:46] Speaker E: He's just making stuff up. [00:21:47] Speaker B: Now, that is a hit. [00:21:49] Speaker E: All right, so what does he do when he hits a guy? He explain it to us. Describe it to us. [00:21:53] Speaker B: I am I just wanted to see how much sean, do it. Okay. He rears back with his long sword and swings directly down at the crown of this medium sized crow creature. [00:22:10] Speaker E: Is it the king of crows? What do you mean? [00:22:13] Speaker B: No, the crown the top of the head. [00:22:14] Speaker E: Oh, is that a term? [00:22:16] Speaker G: Yes. [00:22:18] Speaker E: I knew that. [00:22:20] Speaker B: It lands solid, and you see red gore start pouring from this imp's head, and he's going to take one more swing. Also, the attack looks like it does more damage than what you would expect. So this gentleman in the black armor swings his two handed sword I thought. [00:22:42] Speaker F: It was a long sword. [00:22:43] Speaker B: Long sword, sorry. Swings his long sword crosswise after hitting the creature in the head and slices it in twain, killing it. So the second imp is dead. [00:22:59] Speaker E: Nice. [00:23:00] Speaker G: All right, I suppose you truly didn't. [00:23:04] Speaker D: Need our help, and we all belatedly rush into the room now that they're both dead. [00:23:08] Speaker E: All right. [00:23:11] Speaker B: Combat'S over, unless you want to continue it. [00:23:13] Speaker E: No. Well, actually so does that mean that Temid has entered the room as well? [00:23:19] Speaker F: Well, your initiatives after mine, but sure, yes. [00:23:22] Speaker B: Okay, everyone is everyone is in this room. [00:23:25] Speaker E: All right. So does Temid see the symbol of Asmodeus on this guy? [00:23:32] Speaker B: He's not hiding it. It's quite clear. [00:23:35] Speaker E: So here's the thing, guys. [00:23:37] Speaker B: I'll give you a picture of this gentleman. [00:23:39] Speaker E: Oh, sure. [00:23:40] Speaker B: Which we shall put what website's that? [00:23:45] Speaker E: I believe it's that's a great website. [00:23:50] Speaker D: It's a fantastic website. [00:23:51] Speaker E: Okay, so this guy's got some kick ass looking armor and apparently a Halberd. Yeah, it looks like a Halberd. [00:23:57] Speaker B: Well, that's what I find interesting as well, because it is clearly a Halberd on the character. But the weapon entry says Long sword. [00:24:05] Speaker E: You said longsword, so I don't really know what's going on here. I call shenanigans. He looks a little bit like Chad Bro. [00:24:12] Speaker C: No, I would say Brent. He's definitely a Brent. [00:24:15] Speaker F: I don't think he looks like a Brent. Only because I'm very familiar with a Brent, who I see every day. [00:24:20] Speaker D: I'm going to say he's a Brent. B-R-A-N-D-T. [00:24:25] Speaker E: He looks like a Luke to me. [00:24:27] Speaker C: Maybe played by Sean Williams Scott or something. [00:24:29] Speaker E: All right, here's the thing about Kaden, Kalian and Asmodeus. They are diametrically opposed, they are complete opposites of each other. [00:24:38] Speaker D: Twelve and six on a clock. [00:24:39] Speaker E: Yes. [00:24:42] Speaker C: Chocolate and peanut butter work so well together. [00:24:44] Speaker F: Those are not I'm pretty sure this. [00:24:45] Speaker D: Is like chocolate and like hold on. [00:24:47] Speaker E: See, that's the exact opposite of diametrically opposed. [00:24:50] Speaker D: Aaron. [00:24:50] Speaker F: That's diametrically opposed to diametrically opposed. [00:24:53] Speaker B: Chocolate and sardines. [00:24:55] Speaker E: Okay, first of all, how dare you? Second of all, I love that now. I'm kidding. I've never eaten that before. [00:25:00] Speaker D: Third of all, we're never eating at Anwar's house. [00:25:03] Speaker E: Okay? So as Temit sees this, he's very concerned here. He does not trust this guy. [00:25:13] Speaker B: So he looks at you all and goes, yo. I thank you all for your assistance in this matter. And he reaches into a pouch on his belt, a belt pouch, if you will, pulls out a black cloth and wipes the gore from his weapon. I don't think you're looters who are you, then? I know this guy's. Name. Silver something, but what are you doing here? [00:25:44] Speaker D: What are you doing here? I can only assume, given what I've read, that you're attempting to restart the Order of the Nail. [00:25:52] Speaker B: Well, the Order is still around. Well, we just move buildings. Sorry, my name is he gives you a disarming and charming smile around the room because my name is Armager Alec Stragman of the Order of the Nail, formerly of Citadel alterin, currently of Citadel VarID in Verizia. He gives a formal bow how nice to meet you in this beautiful, well kept estate of ours. [00:26:23] Speaker C: Well, I gotta be honest with you, sir. A little striking to see you in a place like this, given the day that we had, but I'm a little sad that you didn't recall, but it's fine. I'll just repeat it for you. This here is the prince that was promised the worm, reborn, the once and future king, slayer of dragons here and far. The elves known him as pondwater. Your grace pondwater. [00:26:54] Speaker H: Hey. [00:26:55] Speaker D: All right. I'm going to turn my back to the sky and just look around and be like, I live in a cave, and I would not call this beautiful. [00:27:03] Speaker C: Or, well, kind of I think he's being sarcastic. [00:27:07] Speaker D: I can't tell if that or if he's on some kind of enchantment. [00:27:11] Speaker C: I don't know. [00:27:12] Speaker H: Pond watcher is kind of rolling his. [00:27:15] Speaker F: Shoulder like I think I pulled something, bro. [00:27:18] Speaker B: You pulled something? [00:27:20] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:27:20] Speaker H: A small bird was an evil creature and wasn't unable to hit it again. [00:27:28] Speaker F: Did he say he's part of the. [00:27:30] Speaker B: Order of the Nail? [00:27:31] Speaker D: He said he is in a different citadel. [00:27:34] Speaker B: He is an armager of the Order of the Nail. [00:27:37] Speaker H: Why do you live in this stupid rundown castle? [00:27:41] Speaker B: I don't. I live in the other castle. [00:27:45] Speaker H: Why are you here in this rundown. [00:27:46] Speaker B: Stupid castle there, bro? I've taken a short leave of absence from the Order of the Nail to attend to some personal business, if you will. [00:27:58] Speaker E: So can I roll a diplomacy on that as a fence? [00:28:02] Speaker B: Motive 22 from what you can get. He is telling the truth. [00:28:10] Speaker E: He's telling the truth that he took a leave of absence? [00:28:12] Speaker B: Yes. [00:28:13] Speaker D: Now, what do you think you'll accomplish here with these imps that you or the creatures that you've been summoning? [00:28:19] Speaker B: I didn't summon these, bro. It looks like you need to make sure these are dead as my forebears in this castle apparently forgot. And then he walks over to the first imp that was killed and slices off the head with a clearly silver sword and then cleans the blade again. Right. [00:28:39] Speaker E: Well, I'm at a loss here, actually, a little bit, because Temid's, like, very much against what this guy's about, but I don't think he would just run in and kind of, like, attack this guy. [00:28:52] Speaker C: I'm going to poke the bear a little bit here. So I see you've got one of them symbols of Asmodeus on your shoulder there. It's like trying to find, like, a. [00:29:08] Speaker F: Robogug symbol there too, but I don't see what's the deal with that. What is happening to your accent? [00:29:16] Speaker H: It's getting better. [00:29:17] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:29:18] Speaker D: Affecting something. [00:29:19] Speaker B: To talk to the bro, a bemused smirk flashes across the corner of Alec's mouth. The Dark Prince does have a certain reputation, al Grant, and yet he has seen more of existence than any immortal being, and the absolute law he represents is unimpeachable. Bro and the hill knights understand this. [00:29:44] Speaker C: All right, so there's a lot I. [00:29:47] Speaker B: Got just throughout the whole suitcase. [00:29:48] Speaker C: All right. Yeah. [00:29:52] Speaker H: Basically. All right. [00:29:56] Speaker D: Why are you here? Abandoned Citadel? [00:30:00] Speaker B: Oh, I'm taking care of some personal effects, like I said. Go on, give me a persuasion check to try and improve his attitude towards you. [00:30:12] Speaker F: Diplomacy. [00:30:13] Speaker B: I'm sorry. [00:30:14] Speaker F: And I want to point out that it was brought up by someone that diplomacy takes a minute. [00:30:22] Speaker B: Yes. [00:30:22] Speaker F: So you cannot use it in combat. [00:30:25] Speaker B: Okay, good to know. [00:30:27] Speaker D: Oh, all right. Will you do that going forward? [00:30:30] Speaker C: Yes, Evan. [00:30:31] Speaker B: I'm just looking for things that may have been left behind by the order. I'm part of the order, and this was our place, and I'm sure things have been left around. [00:30:42] Speaker G: So what you mean to say is that you're here by yourself, your own volition, to find things from your order, while there is perhaps other things existing and living here. [00:30:53] Speaker B: Also. [00:30:53] Speaker G: Want to roll a Nat 20? [00:30:57] Speaker B: Nice. [00:30:58] Speaker E: All right. [00:31:01] Speaker G: Diplomacy for 26. [00:31:03] Speaker F: Meanwhile, exchange is going on. Twin Talent probably exchanges a glance with both Temid and with Brianna. [00:31:10] Speaker E: So, yeah, I think at that point, Temid's gonna kind of slowly work his way around to maybe not quite flank, but be on the other side between Twin Talon and this guy so that they're kind of facing each other so that if things do go down, they're flanking him. [00:31:29] Speaker B: All right. With a critical success. You improve his attitude two steps. So he looks around and goes, all right, so my whole family's been in the Order of the Nails, and I'm looking for a family signet ring that was lost when we left. My parents were also Hell Knights, and they said that we had, like, a family crypt tier with a bunch of heirloom items that I'm looking for that were stored in a safe place somewhere in the citadel here. I checked this testing area where we are now since my mother used to administer the test, so I thought it might be in here, but it's not. I actually need to probably head down to the crypts and see if it's down in the crypts of the caves of this castle. [00:32:30] Speaker H: Is your family heirloom a bunch of spiders? Because we found that in the cabinet. [00:32:35] Speaker C: Very wise. [00:32:36] Speaker B: No, it's a ring. Maybe a painting or a book. [00:32:40] Speaker H: Okay. [00:32:41] Speaker B: Definitely not spiders. [00:32:42] Speaker H: We killed all of them. [00:32:43] Speaker B: Spiders are gross, bro. [00:32:45] Speaker F: So Twin Talon will kind of reach into his backpack. [00:32:48] Speaker B: He's like, well, we found something. [00:32:50] Speaker F: I don't know if maybe this is what you're looking for. And he'll pull out the box with the mage hand in it. [00:32:54] Speaker B: Okay. [00:32:55] Speaker F: And he will very subtly arrange the fingers into a one fingered salute, and he'll pull it out. And I'll be like, is this what you're looking for? [00:33:03] Speaker B: What is that? [00:33:05] Speaker F: It's a hand we found. [00:33:06] Speaker B: No, definitely no. [00:33:09] Speaker F: That's not what I'm looking for. All right. [00:33:11] Speaker H: What is that? [00:33:13] Speaker B: I found another room. [00:33:14] Speaker F: It's a mummified hand, and he'll on. [00:33:16] Speaker B: A gold chain elf hand, and he'll. [00:33:18] Speaker F: Put it back in the box and close it up and put it back in his backpack. [00:33:21] Speaker H: It's so goddy, that is not Gucci. [00:33:27] Speaker D: So we're dealing with Asmodeus and his Gucci gang. [00:33:29] Speaker C: All right. [00:33:31] Speaker B: Gucci Gang. [00:33:31] Speaker G: Gucci Gang. [00:33:32] Speaker E: Gucci Gang. And you make fun of my joke? [00:33:34] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:33:34] Speaker C: All right, well, in my time, I have dealt with them followers, as modeus many times before. You all have some unique beliefs. [00:33:49] Speaker B: Look, I'm. The first to say that devils bro are hateful things, and I'm not about to have tea with any of their lot. [00:33:57] Speaker E: All right, but you'll take a slave. [00:33:59] Speaker B: If that I did put those imps down, didn't I? [00:34:02] Speaker E: We would have taken care of that. [00:34:05] Speaker B: And no, honestly, I don't worship Asmodeus I'd like to make sure, no interest in matters of religion at all, to tell you the truth. [00:34:15] Speaker E: All right, I want to see that too, because it makes a big difference whether or not go ahead. Son of a gun. Nine total. [00:34:23] Speaker C: I'll roll the flumbus here. [00:34:24] Speaker B: 22 talking to him. [00:34:26] Speaker G: 20 fucking six. [00:34:27] Speaker C: Oh, I won't. [00:34:29] Speaker B: He's 100%. He's agnostic, essentially. [00:34:34] Speaker G: Then why wear his attire at all, young man? [00:34:36] Speaker B: So being part of the order. [00:34:39] Speaker D: Well, you're not with the order now, are you? [00:34:40] Speaker B: No, I want to leave of absence, but I'm not going to leave this sweet armor behind. [00:34:44] Speaker G: I see. [00:34:45] Speaker B: Would you walk around without well, maybe you would walk around without armor. Look, you seem reasonable here. As he gestures to Brianna look, you seem to be the most level headed here. Would you walk around without armor on? You're wearing black armor. [00:34:58] Speaker G: That is true. [00:34:59] Speaker B: I'm wearing black armor. Just happens to have a symbol on it. [00:35:02] Speaker E: So why don't you take that symbol off? [00:35:04] Speaker D: It also looks like your breastplate is very clearly a skull, and I don't know that hers is. [00:35:10] Speaker G: Well, to be fair, I did find this outside. It was better than what I was wearing. I'm planning on fixing it up later on, but I do wear my symbol. And she'll pull out the symbol of serenre from a chain that is around her neck. I do wear my symbol with pride. [00:35:25] Speaker B: Sure, yeah, yeah, I get you. I wear the armor of my order with pride. Just I don't agree with some of the worshipping situations. [00:35:36] Speaker E: What pride would one have with a group that takes slaves? Look, bro I'm not your bro. And he very, very conspicuously does not pull out a mug of ale to give to somebody, especially because he doesn't have any left. But even if he did have ale. [00:35:49] Speaker B: Left, he would not offer it to this guy. Look, I'm not here to bother you guys. [00:35:54] Speaker E: Whatever you find here, your presence here is bothering me. [00:35:57] Speaker B: All right, I'm heading down. I'm going to go look for this ring. And he turns to start. [00:36:02] Speaker F: Walk away now, Temid. I mean, we're all here in the same place. [00:36:06] Speaker D: It might be another nice to have another body if we're also going down to the basement crypts for the goblins. [00:36:11] Speaker F: Especially if he knows the way, he could lead us. [00:36:14] Speaker B: Alas, I cannot. I only know a few of the rooms that I've explored so far, and I've never visited here, having grown up in Parisia. And I lack the proper clearance to reference my order's cartograph archives. [00:36:29] Speaker D: Well, clearly Twintela knows more about the architecture than you do. [00:36:32] Speaker E: He's of no use to us and I don't know why we would take him along. [00:36:35] Speaker D: He's another body. [00:36:36] Speaker E: We've got plenty of bodies and our bodies don't accept slaves. [00:36:41] Speaker C: If I may, have you never heard. [00:36:43] Speaker D: The term meat shield? [00:36:44] Speaker C: If I may, sir hell knight, let. [00:36:46] Speaker B: Me have a conversation oh, no, I'm not a cell knight yet. I haven't taken any of the tests or passed any of the tests. I'm merely an initiate. [00:36:54] Speaker C: Perhaps you squire initiate over there. I'm going to have a conversation with my cleric friend. [00:37:03] Speaker B: All right, you bros go huddle over there. [00:37:04] Speaker E: I'll stand here so he looks at Brian, he's like, keep an eye on him. Can't trust him. [00:37:10] Speaker C: Now, Timid, I understand your residence here, but do you think it is wise to let this man out of our side? [00:37:18] Speaker E: We could tie him up. We could tie him up like the slaves that he likely takes. Well, also, I'd like to stress as a player that my role was pretty low. So I have no clue whether or not he's telling the truth about his. [00:37:31] Speaker C: Now, I don't know everything about your past, but I've sort of gleamed a little bit here and there. Possibly former slave and things like that. And I understand how this could be wrong right now, but think the tenets of your god, you're going to want to try to exhume that, live that every day of your life. You think Kate and Kalyn would like it would endorse sort of harming this man until he taxed us. And if we don't trust him, and I don't necessarily trust anybody as Mo Davison shoulder, but we got to keep him in our side and we can't act the way he would expect us to act or justify any way that would be behave that would justify his. [00:38:20] Speaker F: View of the world. [00:38:21] Speaker C: You understand what I'm saying? [00:38:22] Speaker E: I understand what you're saying, but sometimes it's not quite so simple. There are things that we must do that may be the antithesis of what we actually believe, but for the greater good, we must take this guy out. [00:38:38] Speaker C: All right, you have a moral quandary. You're going to have to well, swim through yourself there. [00:38:42] Speaker H: That's a quagmire. [00:38:43] Speaker C: I ain't going to touch ten foot pole. [00:38:45] Speaker E: But what I will say is I've grown to trust all of you, and you've saved my life and I've saved yours. We're friends and I'll keep an eye on him. And if you guys say that we should work together, I'll work with him. But that doesn't mean I trust him. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to keep both my eyes on him. [00:39:05] Speaker C: I would never suggest you didn't think of this as an opportunity to proselytize to one of the people that don't believe power of Kate. [00:39:14] Speaker E: Kate. If I turn a guy like him, that'd be a great story to tell around the pub. [00:39:19] Speaker C: Let's go. [00:39:20] Speaker B: So you guys come back from your POW? Ow. And he stabs the guy in the neck. All right, roll initiative. [00:39:27] Speaker E: No, I'm kidding. I didn't do that. [00:39:29] Speaker C: Dang it. [00:39:30] Speaker B: All right, so he's just kind of been chilling, looking around the room. [00:39:34] Speaker D: He's human. [00:39:35] Speaker B: Yeah, he's human. Definitely human. [00:39:37] Speaker D: How old are you? [00:39:38] Speaker B: 28. [00:39:40] Speaker D: All right. [00:39:43] Speaker C: You're not an initiate? [00:39:44] Speaker B: No, I am an initiative. [00:39:46] Speaker C: I mean, you're not a full blown. [00:39:48] Speaker G: We don't know his life story. [00:39:51] Speaker C: Well, yes, but in my experience, when you become of age, after spending however many years as a squire to them, sir Jackie. [00:40:03] Speaker B: Become everything. He said. [00:40:11] Speaker C: You get initiated. [00:40:13] Speaker E: Can you shut your and become a. [00:40:14] Speaker C: Full blown knight with a sir and everything? [00:40:17] Speaker B: Well, so I don't know how much you know about the Hell Knights, bro, but we only do tests once a year. [00:40:22] Speaker E: How many tests have you failed at this point, bro? [00:40:25] Speaker B: We're not going to talk about that. I enjoy the drink a little bit. Alec? Yeah? [00:40:33] Speaker D: Do you want to be a Hell Knight? [00:40:36] Speaker B: I mean, sure, eventually. [00:40:39] Speaker D: Truly, though, if you don't really believe what they teach, if you don't really. [00:40:43] Speaker B: Like order and the order and stuff. [00:40:45] Speaker D: So you like having a community rose is great, but you don't necessarily like what your community does. [00:40:53] Speaker B: I'm saying you don't we are fighting the whispering tiring. We're all aware of that. [00:40:57] Speaker F: Right. [00:40:59] Speaker D: There are methods. [00:41:00] Speaker E: You don't need to take slaves in. [00:41:01] Speaker D: Order to I'm just saying. Yes, you could find a different community, one that might suit you better. [00:41:06] Speaker G: Perhaps this is a conversation to have on the road, which is probably continue for and help our coplin friends. [00:41:12] Speaker D: I am still in favor of resting before we help the coplin friends. [00:41:16] Speaker F: We have a lot of this level to explore yet. [00:41:19] Speaker E: That's true. [00:41:20] Speaker F: I mean, there was a door in the room we were just in that we didn't that we haven't opened. [00:41:24] Speaker E: Because that's true. I'd say it's over here. Good idea for us to kind of explore the rest of this level. But as they're kind of walking to the next place, temid kind of saddles up to this guy and he says, so was it I know you might have trouble with numbers. And he puts up three fingers, like, did you fail this many times? [00:41:40] Speaker B: Look, bro, we're not going to talk about this, bro. [00:41:42] Speaker E: Okay? Five. He puts up five this many times, bro. [00:41:47] Speaker B: All right, so this is another question, because you guys don't have enough paperwork to manage who wants to control Alec? [00:41:53] Speaker C: I feel like maybe Anwar. [00:41:56] Speaker E: I think it'd be great if I. [00:41:57] Speaker D: Because I could make a my God, this is a great budy. [00:42:00] Speaker E: But Alec jumps off a. [00:42:05] Speaker B: Right. So all right, cool. So you guys are going to explore the rest of this, go through that door. It is not necessarily super late, but it is I mean, it's definitely like eleven, 3012 ish, I think was what we decided. [00:42:21] Speaker H: Some of us have been poisoned multiple times. [00:42:23] Speaker B: On the floor. [00:42:25] Speaker F: We are keeping track of it in a weird way. Yeah, we need because it was like 09:00, there was a fire. We went to a bookshop. 4 hours passed, it was 10:00 p.m.. [00:42:35] Speaker D: Well, no, the fire was at least like eleven or twelve because that's when the call started. [00:42:39] Speaker F: I thought the call started at 09:00 a.m.. [00:42:43] Speaker B: The call was at noon. [00:42:45] Speaker F: Okay, so it's at noon when the fire happened. Then we went to a bookstore, traveled 4 hours. It was 10:00 p.m.. [00:42:51] Speaker D: Okay, so figure the bookstore stuff took at least an hour though. So then we got there, it was five. [00:42:54] Speaker F: Remember all of these 05:00 p.m.. Which means we haven't spent 6 hours here. [00:42:58] Speaker B: All of those checks, all of the resting and all of that is like ten minutes at a cliff now. [00:43:03] Speaker E: Yes, but it's still not it's still 2 hours. [00:43:05] Speaker F: 6 hours. [00:43:06] Speaker D: Okay, so if we got here at like five or six, that's probably at least eight or nine. [00:43:12] Speaker B: You have one more room to explore. Who's taken lead on this last hallway for this western or southern side of the Castle citadel? [00:43:21] Speaker F: Well, there's two rooms. There's a room attached to the room that the hell Knight piss boy was in and it's also attached to the training dummy room. And then there's a long hallway off of the secret room. [00:43:34] Speaker B: All right, so you guys, which room are you headed off to? Are you headed to the room in the back by the test dummy room or are you going to go down the long hallway? [00:43:44] Speaker D: I think we should save the long hallway for last. [00:43:46] Speaker E: Wait, so on this map here, there's. [00:43:48] Speaker F: A room attached to the test dummy room and the ritual room with the pentacle on the bottom. [00:43:53] Speaker B: Yes. [00:43:54] Speaker F: And then there's a long hallway off of the secret, secret room that you guys. [00:43:58] Speaker E: So my vote is for the room that's adjacent to the test dummy room. [00:44:02] Speaker F: All right, we're already here and it's not secret. [00:44:04] Speaker B: Great. Who's going in first? [00:44:05] Speaker G: I'll do it. [00:44:07] Speaker B: All right, so this is a floor to wall. There are floor to wall shelves in this room who hold a few rotted provisions and cooking utensils. Though the room is disastrously filthy and has clearly been ransacked. [00:44:23] Speaker E: Did you do this? He looks at the asshole. [00:44:25] Speaker B: I haven't even gotten to this room yet, bro. [00:44:28] Speaker E: Like, I'm not your bro. Stop calling me bro. [00:44:31] Speaker F: Also, how did you get into the castle? [00:44:34] Speaker B: The front door shut. [00:44:35] Speaker E: The front door? [00:44:36] Speaker F: So you've opened and closed behind you every door? [00:44:41] Speaker B: I wasn't raised in a barn. [00:44:45] Speaker E: But you put people in a barn. He's just going to keep hammering on that shit. Hell. [00:44:48] Speaker F: Nice love order. [00:44:49] Speaker H: They close all doors. [00:44:51] Speaker B: It's true. [00:44:51] Speaker G: Especially orders of the Nile who are all about the civilization. [00:44:57] Speaker H: As we walk through the training dining room, on watcher will say, alec, be careful. These dummies quite dangerous. [00:45:05] Speaker F: Thanks, bro. All right, so if there's a room that looks like it's been searched. As long as nobody else is going to do it. Twin Talon will search through the debris to see if he can find anything left over. [00:45:18] Speaker B: So you spend about ten minutes searching. What is your perception bonus? I'm sorry. [00:45:26] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:45:27] Speaker B: Plus five. Okay, so after about ten minutes, you find enough edible food to create eight rations and a silver dagger. [00:45:39] Speaker E: So these rations in second edition now are one week's worth of food. So is that eight weeks worth of food? [00:45:46] Speaker B: Yes. Wheat. [00:45:47] Speaker E: That's a lot of freaking food. How much of it is alcohol? Is there any alcohol in here? [00:45:53] Speaker F: Actually, not that I'm telling anyone. [00:45:55] Speaker B: No. This place has been ransacked. [00:45:57] Speaker E: I've run dry, and it's really, really that's why he's so agitated right now, too. He's like, I need my fix, man. [00:46:04] Speaker B: You might want to start looking for some berries to start fermenting because there's nothing in here. [00:46:11] Speaker D: Alchemical ingredients. Alchemical ingredients. [00:46:15] Speaker B: What is your perception? [00:46:16] Speaker D: Plus three. [00:46:17] Speaker B: No. Yeah. [00:46:18] Speaker F: So Twin Talon will hand out the rations. He'll give one to each of his assembled friends, and he'll keep the rest for himself. [00:46:27] Speaker B: All right, so you have two, everyone else has one. [00:46:29] Speaker F: That's not how numbers work. But you have eight. I have 345678. [00:46:35] Speaker D: You have alec doesn't get any. [00:46:37] Speaker F: No, I said friends. [00:46:38] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:46:40] Speaker F: I will pointedly not hand him. [00:46:42] Speaker E: Maybe we should give one to our friend here. And then he kind of looks at you and just kind of winks. [00:46:46] Speaker B: Okay. [00:46:47] Speaker E: And so then he takes one and he walks over to Alec and he hands it over to him. He reaches out and then he lets it go before he grabs it and it just hits the ground. [00:46:55] Speaker F: It's just like a pile of wheats and berries. [00:46:59] Speaker B: Whoops. [00:47:01] Speaker E: He says, whoops. And then he kind of accidentally steps on it. Accidentally. And then he starts walking away. [00:47:06] Speaker B: Bro, you drop that and he hands your offers your ration. No. All right. [00:47:13] Speaker E: No, it's got to be a pointed, like, he's not going to turn around and be friends with this guy. Now he's trying to be a dick to the guy. [00:47:19] Speaker B: Okay, I got you clearly not being a dick back. All right, I got it. [00:47:25] Speaker E: Treating him like I treat you guys. [00:47:27] Speaker B: On a regular, a little bit of hazing. All right, cool. I see how this group works. [00:47:31] Speaker H: I can't get into that. [00:47:33] Speaker B: All right, who's going to lead their way through? [00:47:35] Speaker G: I thought I would. [00:47:37] Speaker B: All right, so you guys continue down. You go through the secret door that you all found into the hallway. [00:47:44] Speaker F: And that's the only door out of this room that we see. [00:47:46] Speaker B: That you see? Yes. Okay, so this hallway is long and winding and gets fairly narrow, only wide enough for one person to go at a time. [00:47:56] Speaker F: I'm sorry. [00:47:57] Speaker D: Go ahead. [00:47:58] Speaker B: As you continue through, what's your perception bonus? [00:48:01] Speaker G: That's a great question. It is four. [00:48:04] Speaker B: Okay. Looks good. You walk up, and there is a solid wall. [00:48:09] Speaker G: Twin talon. You're better at this than I am. [00:48:12] Speaker C: Okay. [00:48:12] Speaker B: For such five, right? [00:48:14] Speaker F: Five. [00:48:15] Speaker B: Yeah. Cool. You see that there is another secret doorway. [00:48:20] Speaker F: He will kind of wink at her and then push whatever release latch there is or secret brick or whatever, and swing the door in. [00:48:30] Speaker B: The door grinds. The stones grind against each other as it opens up. [00:48:35] Speaker H: And it's not the only thing grinding in this hallway. [00:48:38] Speaker B: So you guys go through this secret door. It opens into a what is that? 15 x 15 foot room? [00:48:47] Speaker C: Roughly. [00:48:48] Speaker D: Roughly. [00:48:49] Speaker B: With an arrow slit that you can see through the moonlight pouring through. It is a clear evening. [00:48:55] Speaker F: I would like to dance in the moonlight. [00:48:56] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:48:57] Speaker B: Fair. With the devil, yes. [00:48:59] Speaker F: With the devil, no. [00:49:00] Speaker B: Well, apparently the hell light is mixing songs. [00:49:03] Speaker D: Dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. [00:49:05] Speaker B: Is that what it is? [00:49:05] Speaker F: I believe no, I don't know the words. [00:49:08] Speaker B: That is for Batman. [00:49:09] Speaker F: That is for Batman. I'm talking about the king's harvest song. But we digress. [00:49:13] Speaker B: So there are two exits out of this room, one to the north and one to the east. [00:49:20] Speaker D: Tereya has learned her lesson and will not approach either. [00:49:24] Speaker F: Okay. Twin talon will listen at each to see if there's anything to be gained by that. [00:49:30] Speaker B: Nope. Well, let me double check. Silence. [00:49:33] Speaker F: Okay, so he'll do the one on the east so he'll do the one on the east wall first. [00:49:41] Speaker B: Okay. When you open the door, you peer in. It is a ten foot long hallway that ends into another door. All right. [00:49:52] Speaker F: He'll move up, and using his architecture lore, he will confidently open that door. [00:49:57] Speaker B: All right, you are back in the auditorium. [00:50:03] Speaker C: Okay. [00:50:05] Speaker B: You know that if you go here, you can go back into the courtyard where you dealt with the graladon and all of that stuff. [00:50:13] Speaker F: If we make a left here, we'll go to the goblin. [00:50:15] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:50:16] Speaker F: So he'll come back, and I think this is pretty much it. I think if we go through any of the doors, they're pretty much leading to the other side of the citadel, so I'm good to go. [00:50:29] Speaker B: Is everyone ready to head to the other side? [00:50:32] Speaker E: Yeah, timid's, ready to go. Gotten getting antsy a little bit, just kind of standing around. [00:50:37] Speaker G: How is everybody feeling? [00:50:38] Speaker E: Yeah, that's a good question. How's everyone doing on their health? [00:50:42] Speaker B: On their health? [00:50:43] Speaker G: How they feel on their emotional health? [00:50:45] Speaker B: I feel fine. Okay. [00:50:47] Speaker F: So I go into the next room, the other room off of the room that we ended up in with the secret room. [00:50:52] Speaker B: Okay. As you go into that other room, it is a circular room, about 10ft total. There's a door that leads to the east and to the north. [00:51:04] Speaker F: I will open the eastern door knowing it should be generally in the direction of what we've already explored. Just make sure there's not, like, a monster hiding in the closet. [00:51:12] Speaker B: Yeah. You don't see anything in there. It is another empty ransacked room. Nothing of interest that you can see. [00:51:20] Speaker F: Okay. [00:51:20] Speaker B: There's a door to the east that you could probably guess leads back to the auditorium. All right. [00:51:28] Speaker F: Then I will close that door, and I will go northwest through that door. Again, listening, make sure there's nothing obvious, and then I'll go that way. [00:51:36] Speaker B: You go through that Northwestern door. You go into a wider hallway. It kind of reminds you of the hallway you just went through. There are arrow slits and windows leading out that let you look out over the grass to the west. But it's a long hallway. Nothing of some moonlight coming in so you can see, but other than that, that's about it. [00:51:59] Speaker F: All right. As long as everybody's following, I'll continue to wherever it terminates. [00:52:04] Speaker B: Is there a door that you head down the passageway to the north, you encounter another door? [00:52:12] Speaker F: No, I'll listen at the door, and if I don't hear anything, I will open it. [00:52:16] Speaker B: All right. You open the door, and there is another round room that leads up a couple of levels. You're pretty sure it's where one of the fires was lit for the goblins. [00:52:29] Speaker F: Like, above you, is there a stairway up? [00:52:31] Speaker B: No. If you look up, there's a roof, but you're like, oh, we're about below. [00:52:36] Speaker D: Where the battlements are. [00:52:38] Speaker B: Below the battlements. [00:52:39] Speaker F: We're like, right around the courtyard. [00:52:40] Speaker B: Okay. [00:52:41] Speaker F: Then I will put my right hand on the wall and go. There's a door there to the east. [00:52:51] Speaker B: So there is a door to the east and a door to the north. Out of this room, I'll go to. [00:52:56] Speaker F: The door to the east. [00:52:57] Speaker B: Okay. You listen to that door, and again, you don't hear anything. [00:53:04] Speaker F: I'll open it. [00:53:05] Speaker B: It's another hallway, but this time you see the rubble from so you remember when you were in the courtyard, there was the stairs and the rubble pile that you guys had to go get up to to go help the goblins. [00:53:18] Speaker D: Yeah. The collapse that killed the other girl at all. [00:53:19] Speaker B: Right, exactly. This is the backside of that collapse. Okay. So the wall is collapsed down. It's just the backside of a pile of rubble. [00:53:29] Speaker F: So I can't see into the courtyard. [00:53:31] Speaker B: Correct. Okay. [00:53:32] Speaker F: Is there an exit out of this. [00:53:33] Speaker B: Room or hallway or wherever? You could guess with your knowledge of architecture that there was a door here, but it is probably being covered by this rubble that has fallen down. [00:53:46] Speaker F: Okay, then I will close that door. [00:53:49] Speaker B: Okay. [00:53:50] Speaker F: I will listen at the Northwestern door. [00:53:53] Speaker B: All right. [00:53:54] Speaker H: I just want to say that the amount of time this is taking pond watcher is getting extremely agitated and wild away in the back of the group. [00:54:02] Speaker B: Slowly just Dorsing but he doesn't actually all right. You hear scratching in this other room. [00:54:14] Speaker F: He'll put his hand up, and he will put his fingers to his lips to indicate to everyone behind him that there's something on the other side. Then he will draw his bow and he'll take a step back. [00:54:24] Speaker B: Okay. [00:54:25] Speaker F: And he will invite one of the frontliners to get in front, whether that's Alec actually, I think he will. He'll motion to Alec and he'll point to the door. [00:54:35] Speaker B: Alec kind of pushes his way forward, not being quiet at all in full plate and also being who he is, he goes, all right, Bro, I got this. And he swings open the door. And this wrecked room holds toppled shelves, filling and filing cabinets. Its southwestern wall has entirely collapsed, revealing the verdant, weeds and undergrowth. Outside. And four medium sized rats look up from whatever they are eating. Red eyes glowing at you. And we'll find out more. [00:55:24] Speaker A: What's next for our heroes? What's causing that scratching sound? Will Pond watchers sore shoulder ever heal? Find out the answer to these questions and more on the next episode of The Cracked Die podcast. And now a word from our sponsors. [00:55:47] Speaker D: Here at Bronson and Sons. We're always looking to make things easier for the humble adventurer. With our newest product, our cold pressed pipe weed oil, we offer a range of solutions to a range of common problems. The oil, mixed into a cream or salve, can relax sore muscles, relieve anxiety, and many other incredible benefits we are releasing today for common sale. Coming soon to a town near you. Bronson and Sons cold press pipeweed oil. [00:56:30] Speaker B: Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast background sound effects provided by Sirenscape. Because epic games deserve epic music, please visit [email protected]. Pathfinder, second edition. Age of Ashes Adventure, Path are all copyright of Pizzo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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