The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 60 - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

Episode 32 December 10, 2020 00:57:16
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 60 - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 60 - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

Dec 10 2020 | 00:57:16


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In this episodes we get some firsts. Also there is a lot of cursing... 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:03] Speaker A: What to talk about? Well, it's easy. This Saturday, December on Twitch tv, cracked die. We have another episode of Absalom and order coming straight to you. So please make sure you join us for the last episode of the year 2020 of Absalom and order. Join us. Come take a watch. We hope to see you there. I'm going to stop rambling and I'm going to send you to the table. Welcome to the 60th episode of the Crack Die podcast. [00:00:48] Speaker B: Woohoo. [00:00:53] Speaker C: I've been confused all week. [00:00:55] Speaker A: Exactly. [00:01:04] Speaker B: I am so confused, but impressed. [00:01:06] Speaker C: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast. [00:01:09] Speaker A: Our heroes dealt with some Sabbath sands. While dealing with them, they managed to alert some Churica and boggarts. Will our heroes be able to deal with this massive combat? Find out the answer now on this episode of the Cracked Die podcast. When we last left, you guys had dealt with one of the Sabbath sands, which are like bat like demons. Twin Talon. Han Solo'd out to kill one, which then caused some churrikas to come back and fight the ones that were gathered around the fire pit. These ones look like they don't skip leg day. They're a little bit beefier. They're still small. And when we left Brianna, it was your turn. [00:01:59] Speaker D: Well, Briana is going to hope that her dear friend twin Talon doesn't end up like Han Solo in some carbonite. So she is going to double move. And since she can only move 20ft at a time, that will put her right next to twin Talon and diagonal from one of the Churuka. And she's going to smack it. [00:02:25] Speaker A: All right. [00:02:26] Speaker D: With an open pomp. No, with her. With her scimitar. 30 will hit for 14 damage. [00:02:36] Speaker C: Poof. [00:02:37] Speaker A: So you smack this churica with your scimitar for 14 damage. And it looks at you now angrily. [00:02:45] Speaker D: Noice. Doing my job. [00:02:48] Speaker A: All right. Temid, who is still deaf because it's still. It's only been three rounds. Still doing mu, trying to get his hearing back, will cast well. We'll attempt to cast a divine lance at the Sabbath sand near Pondwatcher. So flat check a five or higher. He makes the flat check and the divine lance rolls out and hits the Sabbath sand for 13 points of good damage. [00:03:19] Speaker B: I think you've officially hit divine lance more than time. It has more than Eodor has rather. [00:03:26] Speaker A: For his last action, he will move. Yes, I will have him move 25ft. So just to get a little closer. 15 2025. There we go. Another one of the churica moves forward. [00:03:44] Speaker D: Oh boy. [00:03:45] Speaker A: Moves up to Brianna. Hello. And draws its trident. [00:03:50] Speaker D: Is that all three? [00:03:51] Speaker A: Okay, Saraya. [00:03:55] Speaker B: Well, nobody's near me anymore. Nope. Have we, have we established that stealth is kind of out the window? [00:04:02] Speaker A: Yes. At this point there are monkeys shrieking, you know, Sabazan's shrieking. [00:04:10] Speaker B: I'm gonna hop up about here. It's 25ft. [00:04:13] Speaker A: Okay. So you move 25ft to the east. [00:04:17] Speaker B: I do. [00:04:18] Speaker A: You're standing right next to pondwatcher. There is a bleeding, acidy Sabazan in front of you. [00:04:25] Speaker B: I'm also looking. How. How does it. On a diagonal, would it just look like, oop, oop? [00:04:34] Speaker C: Yep, that's exactly what it is. [00:04:35] Speaker B: It's cool. [00:04:37] Speaker C: Take the right angle and then it cuts across the three in the middle. [00:04:40] Speaker B: Well, beautiful. That means I'm gonna hit three chiracah with a bomb. [00:04:43] Speaker D: Nice. [00:04:44] Speaker E: That's like a knuckle ball. [00:04:49] Speaker B: What kind of bum should I hit the churica with? Should I, should I go with fire? Just good old fire or frost? Oh, frost could slow them down. Let's do a frost 23 to hit this first one here. [00:05:01] Speaker A: That will hit. [00:05:02] Speaker D: Nice. [00:05:03] Speaker B: Beautiful. So nine cold damage. The other guys take two cold splash. So yes, the first one is going to take the brunt of the damage. So that will be the nine cold. The two cold splash will hit the other guys because I can. [00:05:19] Speaker A: That's okay. [00:05:20] Speaker B: That's my fun little directional bomb. So I can throw, I can flash and a 15 foot cone away from me. [00:05:25] Speaker A: And does each one take ten foot speed penalty? [00:05:30] Speaker B: That's what I'm looking right now. Frosted leaves, illicit damage and cold on a hit. The target takes the status penalty to a speed. So I think it's just that first one. [00:05:41] Speaker A: Great. [00:05:42] Speaker B: So that's my first two actions to move and to throw that. I'm really. No, I'd have to throw another one. Okay. Yeah, we're gonna try that again. We may just do fire this time because that's always fun. [00:05:57] Speaker A: You can do it and you can make those for free. [00:05:59] Speaker B: So I can do the lesser ones for free. I'm gonna keep throwing moderates because every morning I prepare a certain amount of alchemist fire, acid flasks and frost vials to have on hand that I don't have to use my quick alchemy for. So alchemist fire 25 will hit. [00:06:17] Speaker D: Nice. [00:06:18] Speaker B: So that is five fire damage to that one in front there. Two persistent damage to that one in front there, and two fire splash to the other two. So they each. They went from being freezing to burning and they don't know what's going on now. [00:06:32] Speaker A: Oh. Five. Fire. Persistent on its turn. Two. Splash. Oh boy. So many status effects. [00:06:46] Speaker B: Yes. [00:06:49] Speaker A: I really like this encounter because it's cool, but I really don't like controlling all of the things. [00:06:55] Speaker D: Yeah, I can imagine. [00:06:56] Speaker A: All right. This churica moves down towards the group of its friend. [00:07:03] Speaker B: Hello. [00:07:05] Speaker A: Takes three actions to move to Temmin, the Sabbathan in front of twin Talon will attempt to hit him with a claw and it swings for a natural 20. So does a 35 hit you? [00:07:23] Speaker C: Yeah, it's a crit. [00:07:24] Speaker D: I will liberate and step him. [00:07:26] Speaker A: Great. You still take double damage. It doesn't have a name. So you're going to take 28 points of slashing. Damn it. [00:07:39] Speaker C: Minus one. Yes. Minus nine from Brianna was 28. Minus 919. [00:07:44] Speaker A: Yep. [00:07:45] Speaker C: And I will also like to make a flat check. [00:07:47] Speaker A: Okay. [00:07:48] Speaker C: Yes. So it's a DC eleven flat check to be unconfused if you take damage. [00:07:55] Speaker B: Oh, nice. [00:07:56] Speaker A: There you go. So you're no longer confuzzled. [00:07:59] Speaker C: Thank you. [00:08:00] Speaker A: Wait, are you. Are you physically moved with liberating step? [00:08:05] Speaker D: Could be he can escape as a free action. [00:08:10] Speaker A: Okay, so. Cuz it grabs you, then it he. [00:08:14] Speaker D: Can attempt to break free from grabbing effects. Grabbing, restraining, immobilizing or paralyzing. [00:08:19] Speaker A: Okay, so. Oh, so many layers. This is like an onion. [00:08:25] Speaker C: Stinks. [00:08:25] Speaker B: Thanks, donkey. [00:08:26] Speaker D: Welcome. [00:08:27] Speaker A: How do you. You are immobilized. [00:08:31] Speaker D: He's not grabbed. [00:08:32] Speaker C: He is grabbed so I can make a check to get out of it. [00:08:35] Speaker A: Yes, you do need to make a check. And I'm just trying to remember what the DC is. DC is DC one. [00:08:45] Speaker C: I think it sounds right. [00:08:48] Speaker B: Look, if you have a negative, still fail. [00:08:50] Speaker A: Fortitude DC. There we go. All right, so go ahead and make a athletics check. [00:08:59] Speaker D: Would you argue that since he is regally in life, he could do acrobatics instead? [00:09:05] Speaker A: Yes, I would make that argument. [00:09:07] Speaker C: All right, then I will. [00:09:08] Speaker A: Okay, fortitude DC. I have that number 24. You just barely squeak out of the grab, so you are not grab. [00:09:21] Speaker C: Okay. And Twintellon actually wants to stay right where he is. He doesn't want to move. [00:09:25] Speaker A: Okay. He looks very angrily at you, so he's going to bite at you now. 18. [00:09:33] Speaker C: That's a miss. [00:09:34] Speaker A: That's a miss. All right. With its third action, it is no longer flat footed because Brianna just went. [00:09:43] Speaker D: Thankfully, yes. [00:09:46] Speaker A: It's going to fly away. So rude. I know. Like it doesn't want to die or something. [00:09:52] Speaker D: That's dumb, right? [00:09:54] Speaker A: Next up is the last shurike by the fire. It's gonna move right to where the Sabbathan was and it is going to try and punch twin Talon with a fist. 34. [00:10:15] Speaker C: It's a hit, but not a crit. [00:10:17] Speaker A: Okay, so you will take nine non lethal bludgeoning. And it looks at the blood on its hand and licks it as well. [00:10:30] Speaker C: Dude, these guys do reaction one D four plus eight damage. [00:10:34] Speaker D: That's fun. Totally normal. [00:10:39] Speaker C: They're fists. [00:10:39] Speaker A: Yeah. Hey, it's non lethal. [00:10:43] Speaker D: For the first attack. [00:10:46] Speaker C: Non lethal only counts if it's what knocks you out. [00:10:49] Speaker D: Yes. [00:10:50] Speaker A: Wait, what? No. [00:10:53] Speaker C: Yeah, it only counts if it's the last attack. Yes. Sean. [00:10:57] Speaker A: Huh? That's funny. That's, that's strange. [00:11:03] Speaker C: I don't think you think that's strange at all. [00:11:07] Speaker A: It is. Now back to your turn, twin Talon. [00:11:09] Speaker C: All right, now that I've got my senses back, first things first. Twintalon is going to make a bellowing sound trying to encourage his animal friend to join the party. [00:11:22] Speaker B: Yay. [00:11:23] Speaker A: Ah. [00:11:23] Speaker C: So that action is called command an animal. You issue an order to an animal, attempt a nature check again against the animals will dc. The GM might adjust the DC. If the animal has a good attitude toward you, you suggest an act course of action it was predisposed toward, or you offer it a treat. [00:11:39] Speaker A: Okay. Versus its. What? [00:11:41] Speaker B: DC. [00:11:42] Speaker A: Will DC. [00:11:42] Speaker C: Will DC. [00:11:43] Speaker A: Okay, I'm going to give you a plus two on this roll because it is friendly towards you, okay? [00:11:51] Speaker C: 26 plus two is 28. [00:11:53] Speaker A: 28 will succeed. [00:11:57] Speaker D: Nice. [00:11:57] Speaker C: Urging it to jump in and fight these guys. [00:12:00] Speaker A: Okay? [00:12:01] Speaker D: Come on, Denver. [00:12:02] Speaker C: That's right. All right, Denver, please. This guy, the guy straight north of Twintalon, okay. Is going to be the recipient of his next attack. Or should I chase down the sab sand? What do you guys think? Like these guys? Try chasing on the sab sand so it doesn't get away. [00:12:23] Speaker D: Um, I won't mind. [00:12:26] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:12:27] Speaker D: I just don't want you to get swarmed by these boggarts that are coming. [00:12:30] Speaker C: I know, I see them rolling. Initiative and perception. [00:12:34] Speaker D: Like, I feel like if we stick together, it'll be better. [00:12:38] Speaker A: Better. [00:12:38] Speaker C: Okay. All right, well then I'll attack the. [00:12:40] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:12:41] Speaker C: Door. [00:12:42] Speaker E: Jump in the fire. [00:12:43] Speaker C: I will jump in the fight. [00:12:44] Speaker A: No. [00:12:47] Speaker D: No. [00:12:49] Speaker C: How's a 36 against that guy? [00:12:51] Speaker A: That's a natural 20, I believe it is. Critical success. Critical hit. [00:12:57] Speaker C: Slashing from chops to groin. Triple damage. [00:13:01] Speaker A: Ow. [00:13:02] Speaker C: Crit. The target must exceed at a fortitude. Saber die. This is a lot like the one I hit the vrock with. That was decapitation. This is a different name, but it's the same effect. [00:13:13] Speaker A: Okay, so. So. Oh boy. So I need to make a. What type of save? [00:13:20] Speaker C: Fortitude. Save. [00:13:20] Speaker A: Oh, that's not good. And it's your versus your class DC. [00:13:24] Speaker C: Yeah. Just not great. [00:13:25] Speaker A: 26, I believe your class DC is ten plus your level, probably. So how much? Yeah, how much damage do you do? [00:13:33] Speaker C: So I do. Nine plus seven is 16, plus one is 17 times three is 45 plus six. So 41. [00:13:47] Speaker A: 51. Yeah. [00:13:48] Speaker C: 45 plus eight times three. Yep. [00:13:49] Speaker A: Yeah. So 51 points of damage as you. As you slice into this poor, defenseless Turika, who's done nothing. [00:14:01] Speaker C: He walked up and branched the trident at me. [00:14:04] Speaker A: It's true. He did. Uh, he is definitely hurting, but still alive. [00:14:09] Speaker C: All right. [00:14:09] Speaker E: Oh, boy. [00:14:10] Speaker C: Let's see if we can fix that. 26 to hit. [00:14:13] Speaker A: 26 will hit. [00:14:15] Speaker D: Nice. [00:14:16] Speaker C: And it is flat footed, just so we're on the same page. [00:14:18] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, no, you're fine. 26 still just a regular hit. [00:14:23] Speaker C: Yeah, I figured it wouldn't crit, but, uh, so it takes. [00:14:27] Speaker A: No. [00:14:28] Speaker C: 17 more damage. [00:14:29] Speaker A: All right. It's still there. Okay, so you commanded the animal. You commanded Dino the dinosaur. [00:14:37] Speaker C: Denver. [00:14:38] Speaker B: Denver. [00:14:39] Speaker A: Denver the dinosaur. And then you mutilated this chirika, its friend, the one that confused you, takes its trident and stabs at you. [00:14:55] Speaker C: What the shit? [00:14:56] Speaker A: 36. That's a critical. Okay, it does. Hang on. It does a little bit more. [00:15:02] Speaker B: Is this a new round? [00:15:03] Speaker D: Cause I wanna liberate him again. [00:15:05] Speaker C: Have you gone since? [00:15:06] Speaker D: Oh, well, no, not yet. [00:15:08] Speaker C: Yeah, it's on your round. You get your reaction. [00:15:10] Speaker D: Got it, got it, got it. [00:15:11] Speaker B: Sorry. [00:15:12] Speaker A: It's okay. [00:15:13] Speaker C: It's not your fault. [00:15:14] Speaker A: All right, you take 44 points of slashing damage. [00:15:20] Speaker C: Okay. [00:15:21] Speaker A: And you're going to take four points of bleed damage on your turn. [00:15:28] Speaker C: So if anyone is interested, if I take four points of bleed damage, at the end of my turn, twin Talon will fall unconscious. [00:15:35] Speaker E: Oh, boy. [00:15:37] Speaker D: I'm coming. [00:15:37] Speaker C: I had 85 hit points before this started. [00:15:40] Speaker A: Well, that was just its first attack. [00:15:42] Speaker C: Yep. [00:15:42] Speaker D: Oh, for fuck's sake. [00:15:44] Speaker A: Its second attack will be to. [00:15:49] Speaker C: These things have to roll a five to even hit me on the first attack. [00:15:53] Speaker A: We'll stab you with a trident again. Oh. 18. [00:15:58] Speaker C: That will miss. [00:15:59] Speaker A: Okay. And it's doing its thing. It's monkey thing. It's going for a third one. A 16. [00:16:07] Speaker C: That is also a mess. [00:16:08] Speaker A: All right. Hearing its lovely friends of the Chiricah being viciously assaulted. What you hear? It just gets to you guys. [00:16:22] Speaker B: What? [00:16:23] Speaker A: In a 20 foot burst, target centered on twin Talon, a cloud of fog hits you. Rude. I will say it does take all three actions to cast that. Just so you know, all creatures within the mist are. Are concealed and all creatures outside of the mist become concealed to creatures within it. [00:16:50] Speaker D: So it's a good and a bad thing. [00:16:54] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:16:54] Speaker C: So concealed. If you're concealed or if a creature is concealed from you, you must succeed at a DC five flat check when targeting it with an attack spell or other effect. So it could just cause us or the boggards a lot of wasted attacks. [00:17:09] Speaker E: Just DC five, huh? Wow. [00:17:11] Speaker C: It's a. It's a flat check. So, I mean, you fail 20% of the time, but. [00:17:16] Speaker E: Hmm. [00:17:17] Speaker A: All right, so now the. The churica that twin Talon so lovingly slashed is going to attempt to swing its trident at Brianna. Actually. Okay, so would a 34 hit you? [00:17:37] Speaker D: Well, you see that wood? It is not a critical hit. [00:17:42] Speaker B: Okay, but it would hit me. [00:17:43] Speaker A: All right, now, does it actually hit you with the obscuring miss? [00:17:46] Speaker C: No. [00:17:47] Speaker A: Doesn't. It swings at you and it can't actually target you, so you have to roll to hit first because you still use the action. [00:17:58] Speaker C: Yep. [00:17:59] Speaker D: Okay. [00:18:00] Speaker A: Angrily, it's going to try and hit you with a trident again. All right, does a 24 hit you? [00:18:07] Speaker D: That'll miss. [00:18:08] Speaker A: All right, so it doesn't even have to try. And then because it is coughing so much, you know what? It's just gonna try and punch twin Talon. [00:18:18] Speaker D: Not me. [00:18:18] Speaker A: No. Cause it's tried twice and it missed. Does a 16 hit twin talon? [00:18:22] Speaker C: It does not. [00:18:23] Speaker A: All right. Ugh. All right. [00:18:26] Speaker E: Jeez. [00:18:26] Speaker A: The Sabbath sand that is dealing with pond washer and Saraya that is poisoned and bleeding is going to try and. Oh, you guys are. So it's going to fly up to Saraya. [00:18:44] Speaker B: Okay. [00:18:44] Speaker A: And attempt to strike her with a claw. [00:18:47] Speaker C: It's still concealed. [00:18:48] Speaker A: Soraya. No, Suray is not in the mist. [00:18:49] Speaker C: It's a 20 foot burst. [00:18:51] Speaker B: Yeah, 20 foot burst is a lot bigger than that. That's a ten foot thing. [00:18:55] Speaker C: I'm in the process of drawing out what that is. [00:18:58] Speaker A: It's gonna fly up and attempt to hit you. So does a 19 hit you, Saraya? [00:19:02] Speaker B: No. [00:19:03] Speaker A: Great. Well then it doesn't even have to try and miss you. It's then going to fly away. It's then gonna fly away or attempt to get away. Now, at the end of its turn, it takes two d, six bleed. So go ahead and roll two, d six. Saraya. [00:19:20] Speaker B: It's two d six, acid. Acid. Thank you. [00:19:22] Speaker A: Yes. Sorry. Two, d six, acid and bleed from pondwatcher. So go ahead and roll one, d four, pondwatcher and soraya, please roll two d six, seven, acid. Seven. [00:19:34] Speaker E: Two, blood falling out of you. Damage. [00:19:36] Speaker A: And two bleed. The two. Blood falling out of it kills it nice. As it falls to the ground. Next. [00:19:45] Speaker E: We don't know that because it's concealed in a cloud of mistakes. [00:19:48] Speaker D: Yes, I'm sure we hear a thump, but have no idea what it is we're like. All right, well, keep going. [00:19:53] Speaker C: More nonsense. [00:19:55] Speaker A: Yes. Okay, this is fog. I can't see anything. [00:20:01] Speaker E: I'm the only one outside of the fog, aren't I? [00:20:04] Speaker A: Yes. [00:20:04] Speaker E: It just went up in front of me. [00:20:06] Speaker A: I'm blind. [00:20:08] Speaker C: I'm only blind if I look this way. [00:20:10] Speaker A: Okay, one of the other boggards that is in the distance hops forward because it's a frog. [00:20:18] Speaker C: These guys look different. They have horns. [00:20:20] Speaker A: Yes, they do. And then. Okay, so if I'm targeting something through the mist, if I'm targeting pond watcher, but neither one of us are in the obscuring mist. Do I still make the flat check? [00:20:32] Speaker C: So, here's the thing. [00:20:34] Speaker B: I would argue it blocks line of. [00:20:36] Speaker C: Sight according to the rules. No, but I would say that the rule of common sense says it should. [00:20:43] Speaker A: Right. Okay, I agree. Like, even though it's going to hinder me from, you know, brutally just messing up on Watcher, I agree that I should have, you know. Yeah, because if I actually move the cloud of fog to, like, the full 20 edge, it gets him a little bit, but he's not actually in it, so. Yeah. [00:21:04] Speaker C: All right, I drew a. [00:21:05] Speaker A: Let's. [00:21:06] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:21:06] Speaker A: So let's see if this actually hits. [00:21:09] Speaker C: I don't think it hits anyone. [00:21:10] Speaker A: Does a 22 hit you, pond watcher? [00:21:13] Speaker E: No. [00:21:15] Speaker A: Okay, so through the mist from somewhere outside of it, just this ray of ice flies at you, and you manage to get out of the way. [00:21:24] Speaker E: Oh, man, that would have been refreshing. I should have just let it hit me. [00:21:28] Speaker A: Spread your arms wide. Accept it, pond watcher. It is your turn. [00:21:33] Speaker E: Wow. Okay. A lot has happened. [00:21:35] Speaker B: Mm hmm. [00:21:35] Speaker E: So before the. The fog enveloped everyone, I basically saw twin talent getting his ass kicked by a bunch of insane monkeys with dridents. [00:21:44] Speaker A: Yes. [00:21:45] Speaker E: So I'm gonna ignore all the. What's going on with this fancy frog spellmen and just probably sprint wildly into the darkness here. Okay, so how does that work? I guess I would just run in a direction until I saw someone. [00:22:02] Speaker C: Well, the way I don't. [00:22:03] Speaker A: Yep. [00:22:03] Speaker C: The way it's listed, concealing is not invisible, so you can still make out, like, shapes in there, even though you. It's tough to see, but nobody's concealed. No one's, like, completely invisible to you. [00:22:14] Speaker E: Within so I'm gonna. I'm gonna run through. Well, I can't do that. Probably. I'm just gonna run to the other side of the one that I saw Twintellen coming to blows with. So I will draw an attack of opportunity if it. That has one there. [00:22:29] Speaker A: Oh, boy. So you move by. Yes, you do draw an attack of opportunity. [00:22:34] Speaker E: Oh, come on. For the first time ever, right, it. [00:22:39] Speaker A: Will slash out with a trident at you for a third. Does a 30 hit you? [00:22:45] Speaker E: 30 hits me. And I didn't rage before doing this, so. [00:22:48] Speaker A: Well, hang on, I have to roll a flat check still to see if I hit you. Ooh. Six. I do hit you with that. So you take 19 slashing. [00:23:01] Speaker B: I'm sorry. [00:23:02] Speaker A: And you take. You are now bleeding. So at the end of your turn, you are going to take some persistent bleed damage. [00:23:09] Speaker E: Oh, no. [00:23:10] Speaker A: Yep. [00:23:11] Speaker E: I need that blood to run my muscles. [00:23:14] Speaker A: Yep. [00:23:16] Speaker E: So he's like, no one has ever swung at me as I ran by before, and then it's. So that makes him mad. [00:23:25] Speaker A: Uh oh. [00:23:25] Speaker E: And he's going to rage. [00:23:27] Speaker A: Okay. [00:23:28] Speaker E: And he's going to say, I needed that temporary hit points a second ago, you idiot. And then he's going to swing down with the axe blade of the Helberd. Oof. That's not very good. 24 to hit. [00:23:41] Speaker A: That will hit. Oh. [00:23:43] Speaker E: Okay, that is nine slashing damage plus. Oh, God, my character sheet is getting so confusing now. Eight cold damage. [00:23:56] Speaker A: All right, so that was a. Oh, you know what? You still have to roll before that actually hits. [00:24:01] Speaker E: Oh, God. [00:24:02] Speaker A: A flat check. Just a flat. D 28. Okay, you do hit. All right, so you moved, you swung. [00:24:12] Speaker E: I moved, I raged, I swayed. [00:24:15] Speaker A: Yep. And now you're going to take one d four bleed. [00:24:19] Speaker E: No, I don't. I don't have blood. [00:24:20] Speaker A: It's okay. You're taking one. Only one lead damage. Oh, Brianna. [00:24:28] Speaker B: Mm hmm. [00:24:29] Speaker A: It. It's misty in here. [00:24:31] Speaker D: Tis. Tis misty. [00:24:32] Speaker A: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. Give me a second. Pond watcher, can you please roll a flat check again for me? [00:24:39] Speaker C: No, that's good. [00:24:42] Speaker A: This is good. You wanna. You wanna. 15 or higher, though? [00:24:45] Speaker E: 15. [00:24:45] Speaker A: Hey. [00:24:46] Speaker B: Hey. [00:24:47] Speaker A: Your rage heals your wound and you are no longer bleeding out. [00:24:51] Speaker D: Nice. [00:24:52] Speaker E: Don't understand that, but okay. [00:24:54] Speaker A: No, you passed. Your persistent is done. [00:24:58] Speaker D: You push the bad blood out. Clearly, that's how medicine works. [00:25:03] Speaker E: He punches his wound until the blood goes back in. [00:25:06] Speaker C: There you go. [00:25:07] Speaker A: I mean, you still take the one damage, but get back in there. Blood. Brianna, it is now your turn. I just wanted to make sure Pondwatcher had a chance to stop bleeding. [00:25:19] Speaker B: Yes. [00:25:19] Speaker E: Thank you. [00:25:20] Speaker D: That is awesome. So Brianna, before this mist, saw what pond watcher saw, that her friend looked a little worse for wear. And she's gonna grope around in the dark and. Yep. Squeeze his butt. No, she's going to try battlefield medicine on him. [00:25:39] Speaker E: So one last time. [00:25:41] Speaker D: One last time. Well, there's still blood in your veins. [00:25:45] Speaker A: No, that's not. Ray. [00:25:47] Speaker C: Check for that. [00:25:48] Speaker D: Oh. So I'm gonna do a medicine check first. [00:25:53] Speaker A: Yep. [00:25:54] Speaker D: I succeed. The DC is 17, but in order to find him, I do need to do a flat check. Correct. [00:26:01] Speaker A: Correct. [00:26:02] Speaker D: Hello, nine. [00:26:03] Speaker B: Cool. [00:26:04] Speaker A: So nine. [00:26:05] Speaker D: So she gropes around the dark, finds him, and slaps together some tourniquet of some kind that Tem had shown his neck. Yep, that's how tourniquets work. Clearly. [00:26:19] Speaker C: Gotta keep all the blood in my brain. [00:26:20] Speaker D: That's right. [00:26:21] Speaker B: And. [00:26:21] Speaker D: Ugh. Not much. Sorry. Is that right to. Yeah. Two D, eight. [00:26:27] Speaker A: Two D, eight. Yep. [00:26:28] Speaker D: Sorry, I rolled kind of crappily, but you get six points of healing back. [00:26:32] Speaker C: Well, that means I'm not gonna fall over unconscious, so I'll take it. [00:26:36] Speaker A: It's better than stabbing him. [00:26:38] Speaker D: That's very true. Was that all one action? [00:26:42] Speaker A: No. Yup. [00:26:43] Speaker C: Yup. [00:26:44] Speaker D: Really? [00:26:44] Speaker C: One action? [00:26:44] Speaker A: Yep. Excellent. Battlefield medicine is one action. [00:26:47] Speaker D: Can I, as a free action, yell at Temmin that we're gonna need healing soon? [00:26:52] Speaker A: Yes. Temed's like, huh, I'm counting skittles. [00:26:58] Speaker D: It's her response. Just a yell of frustration at him. Okay, so then she's going to continue working at the Shuruka that she knows is in front of her. And I'm going to attempt to swing again. [00:27:17] Speaker A: All right. [00:27:17] Speaker D: A 32. [00:27:19] Speaker A: See, if I do, I. It will hit low. [00:27:26] Speaker D: Eleven. [00:27:27] Speaker A: Okay, so are there any modifiers on this. On this chiricah? It's not flat footed or anything? [00:27:33] Speaker D: I don't know. [00:27:34] Speaker C: I don't think it is to her. [00:27:35] Speaker A: No. Okay, so then, yes, it is a hit. [00:27:37] Speaker D: Excellent. Take 17. Damage. [00:27:40] Speaker A: Ouch. [00:27:42] Speaker D: Well, you're gonna have to. [00:27:45] Speaker A: Okay. And that's the churica directly north of you, correct? [00:27:51] Speaker D: Yes. [00:27:52] Speaker A: Okay. [00:27:55] Speaker D: She's gonna try again. I'm sorry. Don't do the shield. Oof. How's the 2020? [00:28:01] Speaker A: Will miss. Just a regular miss. [00:28:03] Speaker D: Okay. Okay. And I guess that's it. [00:28:05] Speaker A: All right, next up is the dinosaur. [00:28:10] Speaker D: Come on, Denver. [00:28:12] Speaker C: Open the door. Get on the floor. [00:28:17] Speaker A: All right, the dinosaur is going to charge 60ft. I'm going to try and move this. Oh, it can move any direction. It doesn't have to be a straight line. So it's going to end there. [00:28:30] Speaker C: Okay. [00:28:31] Speaker A: And it tramples for churica, running through. [00:28:35] Speaker C: The fog, stomping on their faces, bellowing. [00:28:38] Speaker A: They do get. They do get reflexes, saves. Let's see reflex. Two of them make the reflex save. Two of them do not. [00:28:47] Speaker C: Does that 13 critically fail or does it not critically fail? [00:28:50] Speaker A: No, it does critically fail. [00:28:51] Speaker C: Okay. [00:28:52] Speaker A: So it does double damage. So I'm just gonna go down the line. So the first one k. Oh, I have to roll damage for its dino feet, which is two d eight plus ten. Goodness. 19 points of damage. Now. It doesn't have to. They don't. He doesn't have to roll a flat check on this. Right. [00:29:12] Speaker C: It's not in a target attack so I would say no. [00:29:14] Speaker A: Oh, that's right. Yeah. [00:29:15] Speaker C: Like a fireball. You wouldn't need to do it. It's the same thing. [00:29:18] Speaker A: Yeah. 19 points of damage on the first. 138 points of damage on the second one. [00:29:24] Speaker C: The one that Brienne just hit. [00:29:25] Speaker A: Yep. The one in front of twin talon takes ten points of damage and is pounded into a fine goo. [00:29:35] Speaker C: I like that. He saved and he still got squished. [00:29:37] Speaker A: And the last one takes a little bit of the. Of that damage but managed to get out of the way mostly. So now that the dinosaur has actually been effective, I do like how the. [00:29:49] Speaker C: Dinosaur is still all the way in the obscuring mist as well. [00:29:53] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:29:53] Speaker C: Like a butt is taking out or anything that someone can shoot. [00:29:55] Speaker A: Saraya. Ooh, does a 31 hit you, Saraya? [00:29:59] Speaker B: The 31 will hit me. [00:30:00] Speaker A: Oh no. So it will create natural 20. [00:30:04] Speaker B: Yeah, but I'm in the obscuring mist. [00:30:06] Speaker A: Yep. So let's see if this actually does flat check. Ooh, 19. [00:30:12] Speaker D: So you will take minus nine. Cause I'm 15ft from her. [00:30:16] Speaker A: All right. You're gonna take twelve points of damage. [00:30:19] Speaker B: Okay. Could be worse. [00:30:20] Speaker A: So you're only gonna take three. [00:30:22] Speaker B: Could be a lot worse. [00:30:24] Speaker A: And you get to take a step if you'd like. [00:30:26] Speaker D: Yes. [00:30:29] Speaker B: She's gonna stumble forward weirdly enough. [00:30:32] Speaker A: All right, so a ray of frost. A ray of frost came out of nowhere and hit you. [00:30:38] Speaker B: It's cold. Is anyone else cold? [00:30:40] Speaker A: Temid's turn. Temid is going to do a three action heal in a 30 foot burst and he can exclude up to three creatures. So since I know the hit points and I know which one to exclude, I'm going to roll a d four. Whoever, whatever number shows up is the one that will not be excluded of the churica. So number one will not be excluded. So they will heal. But everyone else in the 30 foot burst centered on twin Talon. Or is it. [00:31:14] Speaker C: Yeah, no, it's centered on Temmin. Okay, it's a burst out of him. [00:31:19] Speaker A: Oh, that's right. I'm sorry. It is. So you will all heal 32 points by 32. Oh, I'm sorry. 20.20 point. [00:31:32] Speaker C: If you had just targeted me with the spell, I would have healed 52. But since you did the three action version, everybody gets a 20. [00:31:38] Speaker A: Yes. Including the church that's right here. Well, that's right next to him. Yes, it's behind him. [00:31:46] Speaker B: He wasn't paying attention. [00:31:48] Speaker A: All right, great. [00:31:49] Speaker D: But does that make them friendly now towards him? [00:31:54] Speaker A: No. Dammit. No, not at all. I actually. I have a counter up here for what round it is, because. Oh, boy, it's a mess. Fourth round, lord. Oh, actually, Hemin needs to make a flat check because he is deaf. He fails. No one heals. Oh, shit. [00:32:15] Speaker D: Does he have a. [00:32:17] Speaker A: He does have a hero point. All right, we'll use his hero point on this. No one heals. Another two. [00:32:25] Speaker B: Oh, my God. [00:32:27] Speaker E: Wow. What are the odds of that one in 400? [00:32:30] Speaker A: Yeah, anyone who just healed 20. Forget it. Never mind. I didn't do anything. Tevin is back to counting his skittles. [00:32:38] Speaker E: Well, the enemy also didn't heal. [00:32:40] Speaker D: That is good. [00:32:43] Speaker C: That would have tripled my hit points. [00:32:47] Speaker E: Levio. So. So that means he loses all three actions doing that. [00:32:55] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:32:56] Speaker C: And the spell. [00:32:57] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:32:57] Speaker E: Roots. [00:32:58] Speaker A: Well, it's. It's his divine font, so. Right. [00:33:01] Speaker C: But he only has so many per day. Or so many per. So he still loses it. [00:33:05] Speaker E: We're doing good. [00:33:06] Speaker A: Everything's fine. [00:33:08] Speaker C: So I'm gonna live my next character behind. Yeah, I I'm assuming my next character is in that pit with all the bamboo over top of it. [00:33:16] Speaker A: Another boggart does a 14 hit you, twin Talon. [00:33:21] Speaker C: That's a critical failure. [00:33:22] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, that's not good. So it. Unfortunately, it does not have a name. [00:33:28] Speaker C: No, no, no. [00:33:29] Speaker A: Oh, but everyone draws a card. Yup. [00:33:32] Speaker C: We're not changing horses midstream or whatever the idiom is. You sure? Definitely shouldn't jump off a horse if you're already on it and you're in a stream. [00:33:43] Speaker A: Oh, boy. Okay, so that was a spell vertigo. This boggart is sick. Sickened, too. [00:33:50] Speaker C: I imagine his big froggy eyes are just, like, spinning in circles independently of one another. [00:33:54] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:33:58] Speaker A: And that was his own. Well, that was his full action. You see an arrow, a sickeningly green arrow fly by your head. Good thing that missed another one gets a little closer. I believe you are still in ranged. And you see another sickeningly green arrow fly at Twin Talon. Does a 30 hit you? [00:34:22] Speaker C: Yeah, maybe. [00:34:24] Speaker A: All right, time for the flat check. The 14. An acid arrow hits you and you take 16 points of damage. [00:34:34] Speaker C: So I'll have you know I don't take 16 points of damage. I take ten points of damage because that's all the hit points I have. [00:34:42] Speaker A: Ooh. [00:34:43] Speaker E: Oh no. [00:34:43] Speaker A: And twin Talon falls to the ground, releasing any items he is holding. So you want to know the. Oh, you got some healing. Which takes off the persistent. [00:34:57] Speaker C: No it doesn't. [00:34:58] Speaker A: It doesn't. [00:34:59] Speaker C: I looked it up. [00:35:00] Speaker A: Apparently the fort save does that. [00:35:01] Speaker C: It doesn't. [00:35:02] Speaker A: Well, you're also taking some more persistent damage on your turn from another source. [00:35:08] Speaker B: What? [00:35:08] Speaker E: Uh oh. [00:35:09] Speaker C: From what? [00:35:10] Speaker A: That acid arrow that just hit you. [00:35:13] Speaker C: Three d eight acid damage plus a d six persistent acid damage. [00:35:15] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:35:16] Speaker E: You might want to consider running all day, honestly. [00:35:18] Speaker A: The chiricah in front of Brianna swings itself trident at you for a 37. [00:35:28] Speaker D: That will critically hit. [00:35:29] Speaker A: And it rolls a 20 on its. On the concealment. You take 36 points of slashing damage. [00:35:41] Speaker D: Okay. [00:35:42] Speaker A: As a reaction, the churica licks the blade of your blood that is now oozing over it. And you see its eyes turn red. [00:35:54] Speaker D: Oh boy. [00:35:55] Speaker B: Is it one of the ones that has persistent fire damage, by the way? [00:35:58] Speaker A: No. [00:35:59] Speaker B: Was the one that just went. One of the ones that has persistent fire damage? [00:36:03] Speaker A: Yes, it does. And it is slow. Sorry. Yes. Well, at the end of its turn, that was only its first action. [00:36:09] Speaker B: I know. Just reminding you. [00:36:10] Speaker A: Yeah, that's fine. Second action is. Now that it's crazy, it's going to stab at you again for a 37. [00:36:21] Speaker B: Jeez. [00:36:21] Speaker D: Again? Good Lord. That's also a critical. [00:36:25] Speaker A: Nope, I rolled the wrong one. I'm sorry. Let me reroll that with the minuses. [00:36:29] Speaker D: 21 will not hit. [00:36:31] Speaker A: Okay. And then it will swing one more time with the trident. [00:36:36] Speaker D: 26 will also miss. [00:36:38] Speaker A: All right, Saraya, you're up. [00:36:41] Speaker B: Well, I was gonna do something, but now I'm going to feel around for Twintellen. Can I safely say that I get there or do I have to roll to find him? [00:36:50] Speaker A: No, you can get there. Yeah. It's the body. As you move there, your foot hits something on the ground and you look down. And like Matt said, it's harder to see. But you can definitely tell that that is twin Talon's body. [00:37:03] Speaker B: Okay. And is it an action to force feed someone a potion? [00:37:07] Speaker A: You have to draw it and then you have to administer it. [00:37:11] Speaker B: Cool. I'm going to take one of my elixirs of life. [00:37:17] Speaker A: Okay. [00:37:18] Speaker B: And administer it to a twintellen. Nice. [00:37:21] Speaker A: All right. How much does that heal? [00:37:23] Speaker B: Three D. Six plus six and he gains an item bonus to saving throws against disease and poison for ten minutes. [00:37:29] Speaker A: Okay. Fortunately, there's no poison right now, but still though. Oh, ten points of healing that wakes them up. [00:37:39] Speaker B: You're wounded, you're not dying. [00:37:41] Speaker C: That's right. [00:37:41] Speaker B: And that's my entire turn. [00:37:44] Speaker C: I appreciate it. [00:37:45] Speaker E: Nice. [00:37:46] Speaker B: I tried. [00:37:46] Speaker A: Does the magical healing end the persistence? No. [00:37:50] Speaker C: So according to persistent damage, it just says you take at the end of each turn as long as you have condition, rolling any damage dice anew each time after you take persistent damage, DC 15 flat check to see if you recover from persistent damage. If you succeed, the condition ends and then there's, there's nothing about how you end it otherwise, other than assisted recovery. You can take steps to help yourself recover from persistent damage, or an ally can help you, allowing you to attempt an additional flat check before the end of your turn. This is usually an activity requiring two actions, and it must be something that would reasonably improve your chance. For example, you might try to smother a flame, wash off acid, use medicine to administer first aid as distancing bleeding. This allows you to attempt an extra flat check immediately. [00:38:32] Speaker A: Okay, so when, when Brianna used the first aid, the battle medicine. [00:38:38] Speaker C: Oh, I'm sorry, I need to keep reading automatically. And they condition you to the type of help, such as healing that restores you to maximum hit points to. Oh, nevermind. It has to be maximum. Okay, sorry. [00:38:49] Speaker A: No, but I think Brianna applying, I think you have two saves to end the acid stuff. [00:38:57] Speaker D: So I think it also depends on the type of healing because, for example, battlefield medicine does say attempt a medicine check with the same DC as retreat wounds, blah, blah, blah. This does not remove the wounded condition. [00:39:11] Speaker B: Wounded is just coming back from dying. [00:39:13] Speaker A: Right, right. [00:39:14] Speaker C: So I mean, if, if you want to give me an extra save, Sean, I'm not gonna fight you about it. [00:39:19] Speaker A: I just, I think the potion would definitely give you for, at least for the wounded, the bleed that you're having, it's magical healing. I'm gonna give you a save off of that. I think you still have the acid, but you definitely get a save against the bleed. So you can do that now. [00:39:39] Speaker E: You're kind and just and handsome. [00:39:42] Speaker B: I don't suppose having an alchemist who deals regularly with acid administering the potion would help in any other way. [00:39:49] Speaker C: 16. [00:39:50] Speaker A: All right, so you lose the bloody, the bleed you still have the acid, Soraya. If you have, I think at the end of combat, or if you survive through the end of combat, you can attempt to help him to clear off the acid and let. If he hasn't saved by then at. [00:40:09] Speaker C: Any point, anybody can take basically two actions to do something that would reasonably stop it. To give me another flat check. Yes, but that seems like. But a waste of a turn. [00:40:18] Speaker A: That's the end of Saraya's turn. Yeah, that's the answer. [00:40:21] Speaker B: Well, I mean, it's. It gets twin challenge back up. [00:40:24] Speaker C: Yeah. Healing me is definitely better than he was. I'm much more used in combat when I'm awake. [00:40:34] Speaker A: The chirika in front of temid will now swing a trident at temid and hit. [00:40:46] Speaker E: No, that's gotta be a crit. [00:40:49] Speaker A: It has to be 38. It has to 38. Yes. [00:40:53] Speaker B: It has to roll for concealment. [00:40:55] Speaker A: Yeah, it does have to roll for concealment. Let's see if I can. It is an 18. So it critically hits temid for 26 points of damage. The Chiricah again licks the blade. You see its eyes turn red and it swings at temid again with a. With its trident. A 28 on the second attack will hit regular hit for 19 slashing and. Ooh. And Temet is now bleeding. [00:41:31] Speaker C: Did it hit? Did you roll d 20? [00:41:33] Speaker A: Oh, hang on. Maybe. Let's see. Yeah, I did. I roll a 17. So now Tem. It is bleeding. Timid is deaf and bleeding is not looking good for you guys. Not at all. But you're still up, so that's good. The churica on its last action will try and do it again. Fuck. [00:41:55] Speaker D: Are you sure? [00:41:56] Speaker A: Yep. It rolled an 18. It has a plus 20 and then minus ten. [00:42:00] Speaker B: Well, it has to roll one more time. [00:42:03] Speaker D: Right? [00:42:03] Speaker A: Why were you. [00:42:04] Speaker D: Concealment. Come on. [00:42:05] Speaker A: Nine. All right, another 18 points to temid. [00:42:09] Speaker C: Hey, Timid, you feel like maybe he's healed now? How about now? [00:42:13] Speaker A: He is still up but not looking good. [00:42:16] Speaker B: He rolls for his persistent. [00:42:18] Speaker A: Oh, no. [00:42:18] Speaker B: Is that one of the ones that came around? [00:42:20] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, yeah. [00:42:22] Speaker C: I don't think. [00:42:23] Speaker A: No, timid gets persistent on his turn, so. [00:42:27] Speaker B: Yeah, no, I know. It's these three that have the fire though, right? [00:42:30] Speaker A: Yeah. So the chirika between twin Talon and Pondwatcher. Since twin Talon is on the ground, it's focusing completely on pondwatcher swings with its trident. For a 26 hit, you take 16 points of slashing concealment. Oh, you're right. Thank you for reminding me. [00:42:49] Speaker C: Thanks for random boggard. [00:42:51] Speaker A: Twelve. Well hit and you are now thank. [00:42:54] Speaker B: Reminding him in the off chance he misses. [00:42:55] Speaker A: No, it's fairy. [00:42:56] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:42:57] Speaker A: Pondwatcher is now bleeding. [00:42:59] Speaker E: Ow. [00:43:00] Speaker A: Fall back. Second attack is a 20 miss. And its last attack is a 21 miss. All right, all right. This Sabazan that is still around and kicking is now going to fly. [00:43:16] Speaker E: Go home. [00:43:17] Speaker A: Back in. Cause it sees that its prey is really messed up right now. [00:43:24] Speaker E: I'm fine. [00:43:24] Speaker A: You're the only one. [00:43:26] Speaker E: I only took six points of damage from that last hit. [00:43:28] Speaker A: Oh, fancy you don't give him any ideas. The Sabbathan will claw at you. Bring it for a 31. [00:43:38] Speaker E: So that's weird for my character, anything above a 30 automatically misses. I don't know if you knew that. [00:43:43] Speaker A: It's in the book. Oh, I didn't know that it hit. Okay, so you take. [00:43:49] Speaker B: No, you keep forgetting you're in the goddamn cloud. [00:43:52] Speaker A: Oh, geez, you're right. [00:43:54] Speaker B: How do you keep, like, every turn? [00:43:56] Speaker A: I have a few characters I'm paying attention to right now. [00:43:59] Speaker B: They're literally all in the cloud. [00:44:04] Speaker A: It does hit. You take eight point of slashing damage and you are grabbed. Your is more, and then it will bite you. 29 natural. 20 does it. 29 hit. Okay, so you're taking 24 points of piercing, and you now have. Oh, he could. [00:44:33] Speaker D: Come on. Miss. Miss Sean. [00:44:35] Speaker A: Nope. [00:44:39] Speaker B: Never rolled this well in this light. [00:44:41] Speaker D: What the hell is happening? [00:44:43] Speaker E: That is two natural twenties in a row for you. [00:44:46] Speaker A: So you're taking 24 points of piercing and one persistent bleed. [00:44:52] Speaker E: And I'm assuming that stacks with whatever the other bleed I accrued. [00:44:55] Speaker A: It does not. So you're taking. Are. You're taking the d four because it is higher. [00:44:59] Speaker E: Okay, but it hasn't happened, right? [00:45:01] Speaker A: Correct. [00:45:02] Speaker E: I'm hurt now. [00:45:04] Speaker A: I have 111 hit points. [00:45:08] Speaker E: Well, I went from 111 to 53, and that's with ten temporary, so. [00:45:14] Speaker A: All right, so this chiricah is going to swing at the dinosaur. It is the first one that can attack the dinosaur. [00:45:21] Speaker E: I was really wondering why you let us bring that dinosaur. And now I understand. [00:45:25] Speaker D: Mm hmm. [00:45:26] Speaker A: 34 to hit the dinosaur. And that hits does not crit. [00:45:30] Speaker B: And it can still miss the dinosaur. [00:45:33] Speaker A: Oh, it can still miss the dinosaur. [00:45:35] Speaker B: You have a giant visual aid. I don't understand why this isn't helping. [00:45:38] Speaker A: You don't antagonize him. So I do hit the dinosaur. It takes 21 points of damage and is now taking a d four of bleed on its turn. [00:45:51] Speaker B: Are we supposed to be 7th level for this? [00:45:53] Speaker A: Yup. [00:45:56] Speaker C: All of our xp. [00:45:57] Speaker A: Right. I leveled you guys up early, too, because I knew this was coming. [00:46:03] Speaker E: Should have gone south first. [00:46:06] Speaker A: The Chiricah will then attack the dinosaur again for a 19, which will miss one more time. Nope. 19 is not a critical miss, but a 14 is a critical miss. And the dinosaur says that it is slowed one until the end of its next turn. [00:46:27] Speaker E: You're slowed one. [00:46:29] Speaker C: Slow down. [00:46:32] Speaker E: Who wants a body massage? [00:46:35] Speaker C: All right, so that's the Chiricah right next to it. [00:46:38] Speaker A: Correct. That one has persistent fire, though. [00:46:40] Speaker C: So many icons are getting very small. [00:46:42] Speaker E: I know, I know we asked of this before, but is the dinosaur wearing five saddles? [00:46:47] Speaker A: No, it is not. Still not. [00:46:50] Speaker E: Let's go. [00:46:51] Speaker A: Brianna, would you like to roll your persistent. Your two d six? [00:46:55] Speaker D: No. [00:46:56] Speaker A: Sorry. Soraya, would you like to roll your persistent two d six? [00:47:00] Speaker B: Is it? Did I hit that one with acid? [00:47:02] Speaker A: Yes. [00:47:03] Speaker B: So that's seven. And then I believe I also got them with two fire, which is persistent fire. [00:47:09] Speaker A: It does not end. It still continues to burn with acid. All right, does it make a check. [00:47:16] Speaker B: For each type of persistent dynamic? [00:47:18] Speaker C: Yes. [00:47:18] Speaker A: Oh, it does. I thought it was one check. Let me see about the other 115. Come on, 15. No, that's a three. [00:47:26] Speaker B: So it's still taking two persistent fire as well? [00:47:28] Speaker A: Yep, it is. [00:47:29] Speaker B: This is gonna nickel and dime these guys. [00:47:32] Speaker E: Yeah, you're right. You're totally right. [00:47:35] Speaker A: Boggard over here. [00:47:36] Speaker C: Death by a million cuts. [00:47:37] Speaker A: Trying hopped forward. [00:47:39] Speaker E: Sorry. Let me zoom out 46 times so. [00:47:41] Speaker A: I can see what you're talking about. Yeah, sorry. [00:47:44] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:47:45] Speaker E: Two monitors for this combat monitor. [00:47:47] Speaker C: These boggers are really far to the east. [00:47:50] Speaker A: No, I can't. [00:47:51] Speaker C: Oh, well, all right. [00:47:53] Speaker A: Pond watcher. Ow. A green arrow comes flying at you. Does a 30 hit you? [00:48:04] Speaker E: You hit it twice. I saw a 16 and I was like, ah, yes, that does hit me. [00:48:10] Speaker A: Thanks. But an eight and an 8th with the concealment hits you. So you take 14 acid and you are now taking persistent acid. [00:48:21] Speaker E: I love having resistance to cold and fire and just being pelted with acid. It's great. Thanks. [00:48:28] Speaker A: You're welcome. Welcome. I'm sorry, who did that? [00:48:35] Speaker D: Can I just say, I feel like range attack should have a higher DC when they're firing into the cloud. I don't know. I know it's not the case, but just. [00:48:44] Speaker E: Yeah, in path, like, correct me if I'm wrong, but in Pathfinder first edition, that shot would have been, like, impossible. [00:48:50] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. [00:48:51] Speaker E: It was like, yeah, yeah. If you were 300ft away, you could. [00:48:56] Speaker C: Still get, like, this concealment. But anything beyond that first square, you were just invisible to people outside. [00:49:03] Speaker E: But this is, I guess, more interesting. Just in this case, scaring us pretty bad. [00:49:08] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:49:08] Speaker B: Yeah. Obscuring this seems to be hurt. Like. [00:49:13] Speaker E: Yeah, I mean, if temid hadn't been deafened and had been able to heal us before, this would probably be going fine. But that. That was a bad mist roll. [00:49:22] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:49:22] Speaker C: Especially since he hero pointed it and rolled the same two again. [00:49:26] Speaker E: Oh, and completely forgot about that part. Yeah, the gods are really just. They want us to just bite it at this point. [00:49:34] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:49:36] Speaker B: It'S been time, like, these characters have been around for 60 episodes. Time to get rid of them. [00:49:41] Speaker E: This is what Pondwatcher always wanted. To go down in a blaze of. [00:49:44] Speaker A: Glory like this and run and recover. Never. Brianna. Or, sorry, Pond watcher, it is your turn. [00:49:53] Speaker E: Just incoherent screaming. At this point, would I even be able to ascertain which of the many, many enemies around me is more hurt? I know they're all varying degrees of. [00:50:06] Speaker A: Wounded, so you would probably guess that the Sabbath san, just because it was flying away from you and it's. [00:50:12] Speaker E: It was running, right? [00:50:13] Speaker A: Yeah, it was running and now it's kind of like, oh, my prey is weak and I'm gonna go back in, but. Right, it's, you know, it's kind of a shot in the dark. [00:50:23] Speaker E: It is grabbing me. [00:50:24] Speaker A: Right? Yes. [00:50:25] Speaker E: Okay, well, then I'll just. I have to go for him. And similar to Pathfinder one talk, I feel like it doesn't really make sense that I could use a halberd on someone who's holding onto me, but. [00:50:38] Speaker A: Well, yes, hang on. Since you are grab, you are flat footed and immobilized. So you can make an attack, but you have to make a DC five flat check on top of the concealment. Flat check. Or you can attempt to break out and then make an attack. [00:50:56] Speaker E: And correct me if I'm wrong, but. So in the past, using athletics in an offensive manner was an action. And an attack is using athletics to escape against your multiple attack penalty. It does. [00:51:11] Speaker C: Okay, I don't know that it does. [00:51:15] Speaker B: I think we established this in our other game. Escape does not have the attack trait. [00:51:20] Speaker A: Oh, that's right. It doesn't. [00:51:21] Speaker B: Oh, actually. Shit, it does. [00:51:23] Speaker A: It does. [00:51:25] Speaker B: I attack. Basic action. [00:51:26] Speaker A: Yeah. Escape. [00:51:27] Speaker B: Single action. Basic action. Attack. [00:51:29] Speaker E: Okay, so with that in mind, just from a. From, like, a, you know, theater of the mind perspective, it's stabbed into me and it's holding onto my wounds. I'm just gonna grab it back and just try to push the Halberd spear tip into it and not try to escape. [00:51:45] Speaker A: All right, so first off, make your attack roll 24. That will hit. Now make your first concealment. Yes. You pass your concealment. Now try and pass your manipulate. Yeah. Cause you're using it as a manipulate. So one more time. [00:52:04] Speaker C: He's not using manipulate to attack. [00:52:06] Speaker A: Doesn't attack have the manipulate act? [00:52:08] Speaker C: No, it would. If it did, it would make every time attack opportunities would happen. Would trigger on attacks, and they don't. The attack does not have to be manipulated. [00:52:15] Speaker B: So then. [00:52:15] Speaker A: Then great. Then you can stab into it. [00:52:18] Speaker E: Thanks, Matt. Cause that was a two. So that is a 24 to hit. 15 piercing damage. Eight cold damage. [00:52:27] Speaker A: It dies. [00:52:28] Speaker D: Nice. [00:52:30] Speaker E: So he does. He pushes it through its heart. He spins around, he sees many more enemies, and. Oh, boy, this is just. This is a lot. He is. Oh, man. I don't know what to do. [00:52:46] Speaker C: Kill him. [00:52:47] Speaker E: I know twin Talon talents jacked up. [00:52:49] Speaker B: So I'm just gonna have the dino trample. [00:52:54] Speaker E: I could try to get one of these off of twin Talon, because I know they have. They can strike out quick. So before trying to get out of the way, I'm gonna swing at the one right between the two of us. [00:53:06] Speaker C: Okay. [00:53:07] Speaker E: Oh, boy. [00:53:07] Speaker A: Here we go. [00:53:08] Speaker C: It's flat footed. [00:53:08] Speaker E: 27. [00:53:10] Speaker A: 27 against the flat footage. Oh, you know what? Hang on. With that kill of that sabbath, I can close that sheet. Yay. Flat footed 27 will hit. [00:53:27] Speaker E: All right, 19 slashing damage. And eight cold damage. [00:53:32] Speaker D: Ooh, nice. [00:53:34] Speaker A: 19 and eight. All right, it's still sitting there. [00:53:40] Speaker E: Who? This is always the. This is always the temptation. There's only two actions. Stalling for time. As I look over my character sheet. [00:53:51] Speaker C: How do you do it? Like, trips and stuff? [00:53:53] Speaker E: I mean, I'm good at them, but I've already attacked twice, so it. [00:53:56] Speaker C: I'm just trying to think, like, if you critically fail a trip, like, do you trip? Like, I don't know. I don't know what the rules are. I'm just trying to think. Because critically, failing attack is bad, right? [00:54:05] Speaker E: Yeah, you. You land prone if you critically fail a trip. [00:54:08] Speaker C: Well, don't do that. [00:54:09] Speaker E: Also, I don't have a free. I used to do that with the flail, but I don't have a flail anymore. The 45 things I left on a floor somewhere. All right, so in desperation, I'm gonna try something. I'm. Oh, no, no, I'm not. That's two actions. Never mind. Oh, God. I'll go for it. I'm gonna swing. All right, third swing. Same guy. Here we go. That is a nine. So I'm going to use my last hero point. [00:54:41] Speaker A: Okay, come on, Calistria. [00:54:44] Speaker D: Come on. [00:54:45] Speaker A: 23. [00:54:46] Speaker B: 23. [00:54:47] Speaker A: And this is flat footed, right? [00:54:50] Speaker C: Correct. [00:54:50] Speaker A: Flat footed. Eureka. 23 will hit. [00:54:56] Speaker D: Yes. [00:54:57] Speaker A: Oh, thank God. [00:54:58] Speaker E: 13 slashing damage. And eight cold damage. [00:55:02] Speaker A: All right, it's. It's still there. Now, at the end of your turn, I need you to take the following damage. [00:55:12] Speaker E: Oh, boy. [00:55:12] Speaker B: You are making save against it. [00:55:14] Speaker A: Two. No, that comes after. [00:55:16] Speaker B: Oh, after the damage. [00:55:17] Speaker A: Oh, God. Take two. Two bleed. Three acid. Give me two DC 15 flat checks. [00:55:27] Speaker E: Okay, the first is a 16. [00:55:30] Speaker A: All right, so the bleed has stopped. [00:55:33] Speaker E: And then I shake like a dog that just got out of the bathtub. And don't get the acid off my skin at all. It rolls into my open wounds. [00:55:44] Speaker A: Rihanna, it is your turn. Have you thought about what you're gonna do? Why? [00:55:50] Speaker D: Are you gonna cut me off again? And we're gonna stop here, Sean. [00:55:54] Speaker A: Yep. How'd you guess? [00:55:59] Speaker B: Why is it always on? [00:56:00] Speaker A: Pretty good for another week. [00:56:04] Speaker E: The slowest tpk of all time. [00:56:11] Speaker A: Even with the help of this massive dinosaurs, our heroes seem to be in trouble. Will they survive? Will Sean get a TPK? Will timid ever be able to heal the group with this massive ringing in his ears? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode of the Cracked Die podcast. Thank you for listening to the Crack Die podcast. Background sound effects provided by Sirenscape because Epic Games deserve Epic music, please visit [email protected] Pathfinder second edition, Age of Ashes, Adventure Path are all copyright of Paizo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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