The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 59 - Safe in the Dark

Episode 30 November 26, 2020 00:44:58
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 59 - Safe in the Dark
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 59 - Safe in the Dark

Nov 26 2020 | 00:44:58


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The crew gets down to business to deal with whatever is making strange shade around them. 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:39] Speaker A: Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the 59th episode of the Crack Die podcast. I'm your host and GM, Sean, and I want to wish everyone happy Thanksgiving first and foremost. If you're here in the states, well, it's Thanksgiving day and you're listening to this podcast. We hope to give you a break from your family as necessary. Or if you can't go home for the holidays because of the pandemic, we hope to be your family for the holidays. I don't have too much to chat about this week other than December 12 at 01:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Twitch TV. Crackdie. We have another episode of Out Absalom in order. Come check it out. It is a lot of fun. And also, with the holidays coming up, make sure to grab yourself or that loved one in your life, a cracked dye t shirt or phone case or coffee mug or leggings or whatever. Simply head over to stores the Cracked Die podcast to find whatever you want. Alright, really, that's enough for me. Let's head to the table right away. [00:01:59] Speaker B: Welcome to the 59th episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:02:04] Speaker C: Ten away from super sexy. [00:02:10] Speaker B: I guess I'm gonna have to figure out something special for that episode. [00:02:13] Speaker D: You know, we can just do a real nice episode. [00:02:17] Speaker B: A real nice episode in ten episodes. [00:02:20] Speaker D: Nobody could see my eyebrows going. [00:02:22] Speaker B: But yeah, no, this is an audio medium. Your eyebrows were not seen. [00:02:29] Speaker C: We need to mic up her eyebrows clearly. Previously on the Cracked Dye podcast. [00:02:37] Speaker E: All heroes freed a Mokale membe. They then fought three rocks, dealing with them rather quickly. Our heroes proceeded to sneak around the camp to discover a strange covered area. Who was using these strange covered areas? What will our heroes do? Will they escape with their lives? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:03:07] Speaker B: Well, you fought some rocks, you got a dinosaur friend, you fed some spiders, you walked around a really large map, and now you've approached some churica and you found some weird tree stuff that is set to block light from getting to the ground. I don't know what that means. [00:03:34] Speaker C: I'm curious. I was thinking about it, as you do when you're not thinking about it. You know what I mean? Like where something comes to you because you're not thinking about it. And I was wondering if there was maybe like some kind of subterranean creature that they've enlisted that doesn't like the light. So it's now like in a jungle. So to help itself, it's created like a false ceiling I don't know. That's the only thing I can think of. Like, there's no reason why you block this on otherwise, like, unless it was harmful. [00:04:01] Speaker D: Yeah. I was definitely wondering what would happen if we were to destroy this. Like, if it would hurt something they were trying to protect or. Yeah. [00:04:08] Speaker F: Are you thinking it's in the pit? Maybe so. [00:04:11] Speaker C: From what I understand, because it's not on this map. It's somewhere in the trees near we are. There's just, like this canopy that's been built to block the sunlight from coming through. [00:04:21] Speaker F: And we're sure they built it? The Chodakai mean. [00:04:26] Speaker C: I am sure of nothing. What I'm saying is we can't assume that they didn't. [00:04:30] Speaker F: Okay. [00:04:31] Speaker C: And if so, I'm guessing it's that green square that shawn just put up. [00:04:33] Speaker B: Yes, I just put a green square. [00:04:35] Speaker F: Okay. [00:04:36] Speaker C: If so, I think that whatever it is that they have, it might be something that they're using at night that. [00:04:40] Speaker D: Doesn'T like the light giving it somewhere to hide. [00:04:43] Speaker B: Right. [00:04:44] Speaker C: So we need somewhere to hide during the day. And since they're just kind of out in the open and they aren't in caves, or maybe this thing is used to being. Or somewhere dark. It's used to being. They built like an artificial sunblock, so I don't know if it will. Will be disadvantaged if we draw it out into the light or if we'll just be pissed off. Yeah. I don't know, but I was just thinking about that earlier. I was like, maybe it's something that's, like, from underground. [00:05:04] Speaker D: Yeah. It's too large for a hunting blind. The area that he's shown us. [00:05:08] Speaker C: Yeah. So for those of you who can't see it, which would be everyone listening, I suppose it is seven squares by three squares, so 15ft by 35ft. Yeah. [00:05:19] Speaker D: Hmm. [00:05:20] Speaker F: Is there a check we can make, perhaps that maybe the elves might have told us about something that would do this? Whether it is the churuka or a creature that they enlist or maybe something completely random. [00:05:32] Speaker B: Yes, absolutely. Looking at it, you can give me a society check, huh? [00:05:40] Speaker D: Okay. Sorry. I help. All right, I'll take my 28. [00:05:48] Speaker F: Yeah, I did ten last with an 18. [00:05:51] Speaker B: Okay. [00:05:52] Speaker C: And I got a 16. [00:05:53] Speaker G: Seven. [00:05:56] Speaker B: Okay, so all of your theories are very good, but looking at it, Saraya, you know, or you think that it would be a Sabbath sands lair. You know that Sabbath sands are evil, intelligent, bat like humans, humanoids who live in warm forests and drink the blood of other creatures, particularly people. They have thin, emaciated torsos and broad, leathery wings that can reach a span of almost 20ft. [00:06:27] Speaker C: Holy shit. [00:06:29] Speaker B: They tend to hunt at twilight or night and sleep during the day. [00:06:35] Speaker D: Oh, I've seen these. It's bad news. And it's daytime, right? [00:06:42] Speaker B: It is daytime. [00:06:43] Speaker C: We might be able to lost poison if we're very careful. [00:06:45] Speaker D: Mm hmm. Yeah. Where is it? [00:06:50] Speaker B: As you all look around, twin Talon and Pondwatcher, because I made some more rolls for you. You are able to see three of these creatures. [00:07:05] Speaker D: Shit. No. [00:07:06] Speaker F: No. [00:07:08] Speaker B: Sleeping under this canopy. And I really liked everything that you guys just thought could have been true. So for that, I'm giving everyone a hero point. Yay. [00:07:24] Speaker C: That brings me to one. [00:07:27] Speaker F: Sean, would you say these creatures look somewhat similar to the ones that attacked us that night that took silver? [00:07:32] Speaker B: No, I would not say that. [00:07:34] Speaker D: Okey dokey. [00:07:35] Speaker C: See, these things look medium. You said they have a 20 foot wingspan? [00:07:38] Speaker B: Yes, I should have just expanded the picture. [00:07:41] Speaker F: Ah, okay. [00:07:42] Speaker B: They have thin, emaciated torsos and broad leathery wings. Sabazans, heads, necks, shoulders and upper chest are covered with red or dark brown fur that barely obscure their stretched, thin flesh. Their ears are large and pointed like bats. And indeed, they can echolocate prey much like bats can. So their eyes are also capable of seeing in low light. [00:08:09] Speaker F: They are capable of seeing the light, yes, got it. [00:08:12] Speaker B: Low light. [00:08:13] Speaker D: Okay. [00:08:14] Speaker G: Hmm. [00:08:15] Speaker C: They almost look like something from the Van Helsing movie. [00:08:18] Speaker D: Yeah, right. Or like if you've read the Dresden files, they seem like red court. True form? [00:08:25] Speaker B: Could be. Yes, that is a good, good reference. So you have them sleeping in the trees. You have, what is that? Five Chiricah around a campfire cooking something? [00:08:41] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:08:41] Speaker F: Yep. [00:08:43] Speaker C: And I'm sorry, did we say that what was in the fire looked humanoid or. [00:08:50] Speaker B: No. [00:08:51] Speaker C: Is that something? [00:08:51] Speaker B: It smells of roasted flesh. That's something you concocted. [00:08:55] Speaker C: Okay. I guess I just think it worsted them, right? [00:08:59] Speaker B: I mean, fair. They haven't really done anything to prove you different. [00:09:04] Speaker D: So if they're asleep, are they helpless? [00:09:09] Speaker B: Yes. Just like you are. If something were to happen, they would have to make a perception check. [00:09:15] Speaker D: So in theory, we could, like, have twin challenge and coup de gras them all. [00:09:20] Speaker B: I actually was looking up the coup de grace actions and I don't see it. [00:09:26] Speaker D: Huh. [00:09:27] Speaker C: I don't know that it exists anymore. [00:09:29] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:09:31] Speaker D: Damn it. [00:09:32] Speaker C: Rather than me going through and attacking all three of them, I would feel better about it if maybe myself, Brianna and Pondwatcher went. [00:09:43] Speaker F: Sure. [00:09:43] Speaker C: And we all just picked one. And it's like, count of three. We all attack. [00:09:47] Speaker G: I could also blow some ice all over them while they're asleep to further encase them. [00:09:52] Speaker C: Yeah. I mean, there's a lot of things we could do, but I don't like the idea of just taking them out one at a time, because I'm not sure that I can. If I don't kill them immediately, they'll wake up, and they'll wake the other two up. [00:10:05] Speaker D: You know what I could do? I have that poison smoke bomb that just hangs around and hurts me them for, like, three or four rounds, but. [00:10:16] Speaker C: As soon as they take damage, they wake up. [00:10:18] Speaker D: Well, true, but how likely are they to flee versus just, like, trying to figure out what's going on? [00:10:27] Speaker C: I'm gonna guess if they're in a cloud of painful smoke, they will try to be out of it, right? They won't just sit there and. [00:10:35] Speaker D: Well, no, I don't think they're just gonna sit there like it's a sauna, but. [00:10:40] Speaker C: If they start fleeing, it's gonna alert everyone else. So if our goal is to not. [00:10:44] Speaker D: Alert the other people, are they hanging from the scaffold, or is that just to block the light? [00:10:51] Speaker B: That's just to block the light. [00:10:53] Speaker D: Hmm. [00:10:57] Speaker F: Do we know at all whether or not they're allied to the churka? Like, I don't know what would give us that impression. I'm just trying to see, like. [00:11:06] Speaker B: I mean, you don't see any of the symbols on them, but that doesn't mean anything. [00:11:11] Speaker D: Exactly. [00:11:12] Speaker C: Honestly, they're here. [00:11:16] Speaker F: What's the likelihood of us, like, sabotaging their nest and hiding to see what they would do? Like, would they suspect the children? [00:11:25] Speaker D: You know what I mean? [00:11:26] Speaker F: I'm just trying to see if we can put them against each other. I don't know. I'm just throwing ideas. [00:11:34] Speaker D: Yeah. I mean, if we can sabotage the scaffold. [00:11:37] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:11:38] Speaker D: And see how they react. [00:11:40] Speaker C: I don't know. But do we have any indication, Sean, from the knowledge check or the recall? Knowledge check, if there have any penalties? By being in the light? [00:11:51] Speaker D: Yeah. Do I get questions off my society check. [00:11:55] Speaker B: Yes, absolutely. You can ask me two questions. [00:12:00] Speaker D: So weaknesses. [00:12:04] Speaker B: None, huh? [00:12:07] Speaker D: I guess that answers that. Or would penalties be something different? [00:12:11] Speaker C: Weaknesses, typically. Are they weak to me physically, like, for damage? Like, for instance, a lot of times, certain creatures that have really good dark vision, if they're in the light, they take some penalty, but that's not really. [00:12:29] Speaker D: So, yeah, I guess penalties are not. [00:12:30] Speaker C: Gonna use it to be kill them. [00:12:33] Speaker B: No penalties. I'll. I generally loop those in together, but neither one of those. So you still have one more question. [00:12:43] Speaker D: What do we want to know, guys? Special attacks. [00:12:46] Speaker C: Sure, sure. [00:12:47] Speaker F: Yeah, yeah. [00:12:48] Speaker D: Okay. [00:12:49] Speaker B: So if they hit you with a claw, they automatically grab you. [00:12:53] Speaker D: Oh, great. [00:12:55] Speaker C: So they have improved grab. [00:12:56] Speaker B: Yes. [00:12:57] Speaker C: Yuck. [00:12:58] Speaker B: They can drain blood. So if you are grabbed, the sabo sand drains blood from the creature. If you succeed at a DC 23 fortitude save, you do not get drained. Otherwise you become drained. One drained is a status. [00:13:20] Speaker D: You take a status penalty equal to your drained value. On constitution based checks such as fortitude saves, you also lose the number of hit points equal to your level. Minimum one times the drain value, and your maximum hit points are reduced by the same amount. So if you're hit by something that inflicts drain three in your third level, you lose nine hit points and reduce your maximum by nine. Each time you take a full knight's rest, your drain value decreases and your maximum hit points increase. But you don't get those hit points back until you heal. [00:13:52] Speaker B: Yes, drained is real bad because drain one stacks on drain two, which stacks on drain three. So it's. It's rough. Don't give your blood drained. They have a fell shriek. Anything in a 30 foot cone that is not a sabossan must succeed at a fortitude save or be deafened for 1 minute. And they can have a powerful charge. They can fly or stride up to double its speed and then make a claw attack. If the sabo sand moved at least 20ft, it deals an additional d six damage on a hit. You also see that they have spears nearby, so you can assume that they would have a spear attack if they were able to grab them. [00:14:40] Speaker C: Gotcha. Yeah, grab is definitely interesting change from first edition to second edition. In first edition, if you had the grab ability, if you hit with that attack, you would just automatically make the check, and if you got it, you grab them. In second edition, there's grab and improved grab grab. If it has the grab attack. Basically you can spend a second action, like a follow up action to automatically grab, but it takes another action in your turn. And if you have improved grab, it doesn't take another action, it's just they grab you, which is really bad. Or it could be. Especially since these people can use draining. [00:15:17] Speaker F: Paired with that drain attack. [00:15:18] Speaker D: That's. Yeah, real bad. [00:15:20] Speaker C: But again, it's another action they have to use. [00:15:22] Speaker D: We could send the dino to just trample to start. Wake him up by getting him squashed. [00:15:31] Speaker B: Let's. I'm gonna have all of you roll initiative just so we can see an attack order. And since no one else, since nothing is aware of you guys, once you start doing things, they will get a perception check to join the chaos that is surely about to begin. [00:15:57] Speaker D: I'm assuming since we're undetected, we could use stealth for initiative. [00:16:00] Speaker B: You may use stealth for initiative if you would like. All right, let's start on the bottom. Bottom here. Starting with twin Talon. What did you get for initiative? [00:16:14] Speaker C: I got a 35 for respectable. 35. [00:16:18] Speaker F: Good Lord. [00:16:19] Speaker B: Jeezy crazy. Okay, Briena, a 23. All right, that's not a 35, but that's not bad. [00:16:30] Speaker D: Saraya, you know, it's not a 35. A 15. [00:16:35] Speaker B: It's actually probably like almost. It's a little less than half. [00:16:41] Speaker D: That's a double crit fail on the DC 35. [00:16:48] Speaker B: And pawn watcher, what did you get for initiative? All right. And the dinosaur got a 21. [00:16:57] Speaker F: Nice. [00:16:58] Speaker B: So, Twintalon, where are you moving? Slash? What are you doing? [00:17:05] Speaker C: If our plan, as I understand it, is to move in, try to take them out quickly and quietly, then he will attempt to do that. All right, so I will try to be stealthy. So I think you move at half speed if you're doing that. So Twin channel is just moving around to the south here. Just trying to be a stealthy. [00:17:27] Speaker B: All right. They're still asleep. [00:17:30] Speaker C: And his plan is he's gonna go for the farthest one. [00:17:35] Speaker F: Okay. [00:17:35] Speaker B: All right. [00:17:36] Speaker F: Rihanna, seeing that her compatriots are moving forward to deal with these fiends, these heathens, twin Talon gestured that he was going to the furthest one. Yes, it appeared that Pondwatcher moved to this one. I know that you're gonna do a breath weapon, but that being the case, she will start her move to the west most one, but since she's small and slow, she can only move 20ft. So that would be 10ft, right? [00:18:17] Speaker C: Correct. You're as fast as I am when. [00:18:19] Speaker F: We'Re stealthy and I'm trying to remember diagonals. My brain is farting for some reason. [00:18:24] Speaker C: Every. Every other one is 10ft. So if you haven't moved any diagonals yet, you can do one. [00:18:33] Speaker F: I will end up. [00:18:35] Speaker C: If you end here next between Pinewatcher and me, you're outside of his breath weapon range. [00:18:40] Speaker F: Okay, I'll do that. [00:18:42] Speaker C: Because his breath weapon is going to hit this one. It's a cone. Then it'll hit that one and that one. So technically, this square is also like, if you end up here. [00:18:50] Speaker F: Yep. [00:18:50] Speaker C: Diagonally northwest from this one, you will also be out of the breath weapon. [00:18:54] Speaker B: Next up is the dinosaur. And no one gave the dinosaur any instructions, so it's gonna sit down. [00:19:02] Speaker D: Aw, that's fine. [00:19:05] Speaker B: And curl its tail around its head. [00:19:07] Speaker D: Meep. Saraya, she's going to run up. [00:19:15] Speaker B: You're not stealthing. [00:19:16] Speaker D: I mean, I could. I could try, I guess. [00:19:19] Speaker B: No, no, it just halves your movement. [00:19:22] Speaker D: Okay. Yeah. Then I'm. I guess I'm not stealthing because my speed, my speed's 35, but I'm going to throw an acid flask because it is among the less flashy of my attacks. I will hold my action until we spring the trap that we're planning. [00:19:37] Speaker B: Okay, so there's two things you can do. You can delay, which will adjust your initiative, or you can ready an action. To ready an action, it takes two of your actions, but you can give me a triggering effect. So. [00:19:54] Speaker D: Yes. So Sabazan wakes up will be the triggering effect for to throw an acid blast. [00:20:00] Speaker B: Okay, great. [00:20:01] Speaker D: That's my other two actions. [00:20:03] Speaker B: Anwar is not here, so I will be running temid, which is what I rolled just now. The initiative for him. He is going to make like the dinosaur and curl up with his tail around his face. [00:20:17] Speaker D: When did Temud grow tail? [00:20:20] Speaker B: Surprise. So first action for temid is to move forward stealth fully. Second action is to move forward stealthily again and in proper timid fashion. Third action is to raise a shield. All right, I don't know if you guys can see the whole initiative tracker, but there's a lot of things going on there. [00:20:51] Speaker F: Oh, boy. [00:20:52] Speaker B: So back to the top, twin Talon. [00:20:54] Speaker C: Okay, so town square 12345. And at this point, I should be out of the cone range. [00:21:10] Speaker G: Okay, so pond Watcher has been sit, like, crouching in front of the sleeping thing with his mouth, like, smoking slowly watching twin talon creep past, like, trying to hold it in, like. And then he's just gonna explode out in a fire or fiery, icy mists of awesome cool stuff. [00:21:36] Speaker B: All right, that's a 30, 30 foot cone that I just put out there, which hits all three of the creatures. [00:21:45] Speaker D: Good. [00:21:47] Speaker G: So that's seven d six cold damage. [00:21:51] Speaker D: Oh, geez. Oh, wow. [00:21:52] Speaker C: That's a lot of d sixes. [00:21:53] Speaker G: That's all they get. A basic reflex save DC 23. [00:22:00] Speaker B: One of them succeeds with a. Even with a negative four. They rolled initially rolled 17 on the die, but the other two fail. So the first, the one closest to you, somehow avoids half of the damage, turns in its sleep at the last possible moment. [00:22:23] Speaker G: One of them crit failed. [00:22:25] Speaker B: Uh, yes, one of them did crit fail, which is double damage. So that is 46 damage. [00:22:35] Speaker D: Woo. [00:22:36] Speaker G: And that is cold damage. [00:22:38] Speaker B: 46 cold damage. Okay, so they all took damage, which means they all automatically wake up. [00:22:48] Speaker C: Correct. [00:22:49] Speaker B: Okay, so they've all woken up. Saraya, this triggers your reaction. [00:22:56] Speaker G: Pardon me, I still have one more action. That's only two actions. [00:23:00] Speaker B: That's true. I'm sorry, go ahead. [00:23:02] Speaker G: So he's just gonna say good morning and swing down with the helper. [00:23:06] Speaker B: The 124 to hit 24 will hit. [00:23:14] Speaker G: That is 13 slashing damage on top of the. I guess you took half damage. [00:23:19] Speaker B: Yeah. That is a heck of a wake up call. [00:23:21] Speaker F: Nice. [00:23:22] Speaker B: And they. I'm gonna say, yeah, yeah, that's good. [00:23:25] Speaker A: That hits. [00:23:26] Speaker B: Saraya, this triggers your reaction. [00:23:30] Speaker D: Yes, it does. It changes a little bit what I was gonna do, because I don't want to catch a twin talon in that 15 foot cone. I was gonna gonna do, but that's fine. I'm going to hit that one in the back corner over here with an acid flask. [00:23:46] Speaker B: Okay. For a 19, that will miss. I figured, but it. Who's taking the splash? Is it still taking the splash? [00:23:59] Speaker D: Yes. I don't think anyone else is even nearby. So it's just two acid splash. [00:24:04] Speaker B: All right, I guess I should roll initiative for these guys now, huh? [00:24:10] Speaker C: Sabasans? [00:24:12] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:24:12] Speaker C: Nah, that's probably fine. [00:24:14] Speaker D: Yeah, right. [00:24:17] Speaker B: I think I'm. I mean, they are definitely groggy. The one in the front is really unhappy about everything that just happened. [00:24:27] Speaker C: So the last two rolls for his initiatives were a four and a two on the die. [00:24:33] Speaker D: I'm not the last. [00:24:35] Speaker B: No, you are not. However, the one in front of pawn watcher did roll the highest initiative. So it is now going to first action, wake up and grab a bush. [00:24:48] Speaker D: And put a little makeup drop. [00:24:50] Speaker B: Yes. Drop down from the tree. And then second action is. It's going to. [00:25:00] Speaker D: Shriek like you do in the mornings. [00:25:04] Speaker B: Yeah, well, I mean, I'm not judging. Honestly, I don't know how many of you have been woken up with a halberd. So. Pondwatcher and temid, hooray. [00:25:15] Speaker C: What do we do? [00:25:16] Speaker B: I need a fortitude save, please. [00:25:19] Speaker G: 28. [00:25:21] Speaker B: You're fine. [00:25:22] Speaker C: And he's got juggernaut, so he's extra fine. [00:25:27] Speaker B: Temid, however, is not okay. Temmit is deafened for 1 minute. [00:25:36] Speaker D: Good lord. [00:25:37] Speaker B: Which is gonna make him casting spells much more difficult. [00:25:43] Speaker C: Should buy a flat check involved. [00:25:45] Speaker B: Yep. DC five. [00:25:47] Speaker C: Okay. [00:25:48] Speaker D: Could be worse. [00:25:50] Speaker B: Could be worse. [00:25:52] Speaker G: Ice comes up and covers my eardrums. [00:25:54] Speaker D: Your eardrums, specifically? [00:25:56] Speaker G: Yes. [00:25:57] Speaker B: They fly in your ears, pierce my. [00:26:00] Speaker G: Head, and I died no, no. [00:26:03] Speaker B: Ow. Not what I wanted. Not what I wanted. [00:26:06] Speaker D: Sounded like a good idea at the time. [00:26:08] Speaker B: Brianna. [00:26:09] Speaker F: Brianna's gonna continue on her trajectory, and since things are awake now, she's not going to stealth. That's one action. She will move in front of the westmost creature and swing. [00:26:23] Speaker B: All right, swing away. [00:26:25] Speaker F: Meryl has a 33. [00:26:27] Speaker C: Nice. [00:26:28] Speaker B: That is a critical hit. [00:26:32] Speaker F: Thank you, Soren Ray. [00:26:35] Speaker B: Yep. Slash just crossed that point. [00:26:39] Speaker F: Right. Goodness. Well, I'll take it because digital dice are not my friend. So we're looking for slashing, missing ear, normal damage. The target takes a negative two circumstance penalty to perception checks and charisma based checks. Except intimidation until healed. [00:27:04] Speaker B: What is your. What is your scimitar's weapon specialty? [00:27:09] Speaker F: That is a fantastic question. It is disrupting, but it also has the. What's it. The spirit tied to it. [00:27:25] Speaker C: I think he's actually what the specialization. [00:27:28] Speaker B: Effect of your sword, because it's so you would. Or if you don't want to do that, you can make it flat footed until the start of your next turn. [00:27:35] Speaker C: Incorrect. She can do both. [00:27:38] Speaker B: Oh, she can do both. [00:27:39] Speaker C: Yes. Because it. So if you look at her same card, you see where it says surprise opening and says crit effect. [00:27:45] Speaker B: Yes. [00:27:46] Speaker C: If that's what missing here said, you have to pick one or the other because it doesn't say that you get all of missing ear. And you can also add on a crit effect, which resorts is you make them flat footed until sometime. [00:27:57] Speaker B: I don't remember how long the start of your next turn are you. Next turn. Cool, huh? All right, so they are flat footed and taking 17 points of damage. [00:28:16] Speaker C: And she locked up one of their ears. Pointy, creepy, bad ears. [00:28:22] Speaker D: So now they're asymmetrical. They feel really insecure about it. [00:28:25] Speaker F: I still have one more action. [00:28:27] Speaker B: You do? [00:28:30] Speaker F: And I'm going to do temid proud and raise my shield. [00:28:34] Speaker B: Okay, Temmit is up next. And you hear him do this as he's trying to, like, pop his ears from the ringing. That is happening because he is deafened. [00:28:49] Speaker C: Tinnitus now. [00:28:50] Speaker B: Yes, absolutely. He is then going to look around, survey the group. Everyone looks okay. So he is going to cast a divine lance at the farthest one, rolls a 29, which will hit and does 17 points of good damage. [00:29:20] Speaker F: Nice. [00:29:21] Speaker B: Actually, hang on. He's deafened. [00:29:27] Speaker D: So he's gotta make his flat check. [00:29:29] Speaker B: Yeah. DC five. Flat check. So let's see if he can actually hit with this. Hits it. Exactly. [00:29:39] Speaker G: Wow. [00:29:40] Speaker B: 17 points from that divine Lance right onto that sabo san. Soraya you are up next. [00:29:49] Speaker D: I'm gonna use something I've actually never used before. I think I've had it for a while, and I just haven't played with it. And I'm going to use my telekinetic projectile on one of the spears that are nearby. [00:30:03] Speaker B: Okay. [00:30:05] Speaker D: So it's a plus nine to my attack, because it's technically a spellcaster casting modifier. [00:30:10] Speaker B: Okay. [00:30:12] Speaker D: Oh, God, that will miss. I'm gonna hero point that. Cause it was a 14, and I have a sneaking suspicion it's very close to a critical miss. [00:30:24] Speaker B: It was not a critical miss. Just so you know. [00:30:27] Speaker D: That's fine. I'm gonna just hope I roll a little better than that. [00:30:31] Speaker B: All right. [00:30:33] Speaker D: Okay, I'll take the 27. [00:30:35] Speaker B: That will hit awesome. [00:30:37] Speaker D: So it does 46, I assume, piercing. Cause it's a spear. [00:30:42] Speaker B: Yes. [00:30:43] Speaker D: And plus two for this spellcasting modifier. So 21 damage to. We'll say there's one hanging out in the back here. [00:30:50] Speaker B: 21 points of damage. Explain how that spear kills it. [00:30:55] Speaker D: So the unattended spear suddenly springs to life. And we've all seen guardians of the galaxy, right? Mm hmm. [00:31:01] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:31:02] Speaker D: So Yondu's like little whistling arrow. It does that kind of thing. It, like, zooms around and just comes right in the front and just sticks this guy in the heart. All right, so that's my first action. [00:31:17] Speaker B: Telekinetic projectile is one action. [00:31:19] Speaker D: If it's not, it's two. So I still have a third? [00:31:23] Speaker B: Yes, you do have a third still. [00:31:24] Speaker D: So those are my first two actions. Sorry. This, though. [00:31:28] Speaker B: No, that's fine. I just. [00:31:30] Speaker D: You're like, wait a second. [00:31:32] Speaker B: Shit. [00:31:32] Speaker D: Can you do that three times in a church? No, but after that, I think we'll go back to tried and true, because my second attack with a bomb is still better than my first attack with magic. And we'll go back to a good old acid flask. [00:31:46] Speaker B: All right. [00:31:48] Speaker D: And that'll be. I'm gonna aim it at this front one here that I think Pondwatcher is right in front of. Uh. Because the last thing I want to do is accidentally land it on Brianna. God damn it. [00:31:59] Speaker B: For an eleven, that is a critical miss. [00:32:01] Speaker F: No, no. [00:32:02] Speaker D: I could hero point again because it's a different roll. [00:32:05] Speaker B: Yes, you could. [00:32:06] Speaker D: I. I can't roll worse. [00:32:08] Speaker C: So did you have three to start with? Hero points? [00:32:12] Speaker D: Yes. [00:32:12] Speaker C: Okay, cool. [00:32:13] Speaker D: When. When Sean gave me the. The extra one, I have three to start the session. [00:32:17] Speaker C: I keep burning, like, as soon as I get them, I always roll like a one. [00:32:20] Speaker D: Right. It's like yeah, sure. Yeah. I am not gonna take that natural one. I have quick veil, too many bombs. [00:32:29] Speaker B: 22 that will hit. [00:32:34] Speaker D: Cool. So this one right in front of pondwatcher is going to take eleven acid damage. Ten of it is persistent or the is persistent. And then two acid splash as well. [00:32:44] Speaker B: Alright. So it immediately takes the two. [00:32:47] Speaker D: Well it immediately takes the ten like it deals that damage. It's just I also get two d. [00:32:53] Speaker B: Six persistent on your. [00:32:56] Speaker D: On my turn. It'll keep taking two d six acid damage. [00:32:59] Speaker B: Take it at the end of each of your turns as long as you have the condition. So I don't take the ten yet. [00:33:05] Speaker D: Okay. So you take one, you take the two splash and then the ten will happen. [00:33:08] Speaker B: Yes. [00:33:08] Speaker D: Right now. Because it's the end of my turn. [00:33:11] Speaker C: End of its turn. [00:33:12] Speaker D: Oh, its turn. Sorry, I thought you said end of your turn. [00:33:15] Speaker B: End of your turn. Whoever has the persistence. Sorry. [00:33:18] Speaker C: And then it rolls a flat check because it might just go again. [00:33:20] Speaker D: It might just go. [00:33:21] Speaker B: It might go away. Yeah. [00:33:23] Speaker D: Okay, so at the very least it's taking three acid right now. [00:33:26] Speaker B: Yes, it did. [00:33:29] Speaker D: Cool. [00:33:30] Speaker B: Okay. The Sabbath san in front of Saraya. I'm sorry, the Sabbathan in front of Brianna. Okay, I'm zoomed out very far. I just saw hair. [00:33:44] Speaker D: He was keeping us straight for so long. [00:33:46] Speaker F: I know, right? He's doing so well. [00:33:49] Speaker B: Well, it's going to swing at you with a claw. I'm going to guess a 19 misses. [00:33:57] Speaker F: 19 will be a critical failure because of the shield. [00:34:02] Speaker D: What? Yep. [00:34:03] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:34:05] Speaker B: Oh my. Oh my goodness. Okay. Was not expecting that answer. [00:34:16] Speaker D: Shell pros. [00:34:17] Speaker B: Oh. Oh my goodness. I'm trying to read this card but it is not working. [00:34:26] Speaker C: I also can't read your card. [00:34:34] Speaker B: There we go. Crit fumble. Unarmed. Stop hitting yourself. You hit yourself instead of the target. So this Savasan swings its club, Brienne. It clangs off of Brienne's shield and come and like his hand is shaking and comes back and hits him for 15 points. Points of slashing. Oops. [00:34:58] Speaker C: Does he then grab himself? [00:35:00] Speaker B: Yes. He wraps himself up in a self hug. Oh, I don't, I don't like that at all. That you're very difficult to hit. [00:35:15] Speaker C: That's what champions are very good at. [00:35:17] Speaker D: Yeah, that's kind of. [00:35:18] Speaker B: I know. With that, it's going to take off in flight and it's going to move 25ft. And then for its third action it's going to fly another 25ft. All right. [00:35:37] Speaker F: Hopefully by next level I'll be able to get attack of opportunity since it is available to me, I just need to take it. [00:35:45] Speaker B: Right? There's always something better to take. But then. [00:35:49] Speaker C: And what you need at the moment, you're like, I should've took that. But I took another thing, which seemed cool at the time. Yeah, practice anyway. Oh, my turn. [00:35:58] Speaker B: It is your turn. Twin Talon. [00:36:00] Speaker C: All right, so the question is, how beat up did this thing look? [00:36:05] Speaker B: Um, the one that ran away. Yeah. [00:36:08] Speaker C: It took the damage from Pond watcher. It took full damage, didn't take double damage like the other one. And it didn't have damage. It. It took a hit from Briena. It took a hit from itself. [00:36:18] Speaker B: So to use vernacular from a different game's fourth edition, I would say it is bloodied. [00:36:25] Speaker C: Dang it. Okay. I'm just trying to think if I should chase it down, I don't want it to get away or alert. I don't know how alert these other people are. So any way you slice it, I gotta get to, I gotta take two moves to get next to it. [00:36:39] Speaker B: Now it is still flat footed from Brianna till the end of her turn, so. [00:36:43] Speaker C: Mm hmm. That's what I'm counting on. You've given me a hero point. I expect to need it immediately. But let's see. [00:36:52] Speaker B: That'S that. Positive thinking. 22 to hit will hit, especially because it's flat footed. [00:36:59] Speaker F: Nice sneak. [00:37:01] Speaker C: Sneaks. [00:37:02] Speaker B: That's teamwork right there. [00:37:05] Speaker D: Makes the dream work. Mm hmm. [00:37:08] Speaker C: So that's 18 slashing damage from the dog slicer. Oof. [00:37:14] Speaker B: Heck yes. You do slice into it and it looks really ragged. You puncture its wings, it starts to falter as it's flying, but it's still alive. [00:37:25] Speaker C: Okay, Nevermind. I want to do another thing. But it's an action, so never mind. I'm. I'll be out here if you guys need me. I'll be over here with the rest of the the senator Claus. Good luck. And working on my next character. All right. [00:37:40] Speaker B: No, you were very close to it doing that. Twin Talon. [00:37:49] Speaker C: Mm hmm. [00:37:49] Speaker B: Allah. Han Solo. You come charging out of the forest attacking the Sabbath sand to which the churica around the fire turns and see you. And now begin to come after you. Their speed is 25 and that's its first action. The second action is to swing a fist at you. [00:38:19] Speaker F: Oh boy. [00:38:21] Speaker B: Does a 37 hit you? [00:38:23] Speaker C: What the shit? Yeah, that's a crap crit. [00:38:26] Speaker F: Oh good lord. All right, too far from me. [00:38:30] Speaker G: Uh oh. [00:38:31] Speaker C: 18 plus 19. Ugh. [00:38:33] Speaker B: Damn, these Chiricah look a little bit beefier than any you've seen before. [00:38:39] Speaker C: Are they still small? [00:38:40] Speaker B: Yes, they are still small. [00:38:41] Speaker C: I feel like he just punches me right in my knee. Yo, fuck, man, don't do that. That's not cool. [00:38:47] Speaker D: Oh, you're just getting knee capped by a monkey. [00:38:50] Speaker B: Normal damage. Crit. The target is confused for one round. [00:38:57] Speaker D: I mean accurate, right? [00:39:00] Speaker B: So you take nine non lethal bludgeoning. [00:39:03] Speaker C: Okay. [00:39:05] Speaker B: And you are confused. [00:39:07] Speaker C: All right. I'll figure out what that condition is by the time my turn comes around. Assuming I'm alive. [00:39:12] Speaker B: Yes. [00:39:12] Speaker C: You're flat footed. You don't treat anyone as your ally, and you can't use reactions to delay or ready. All your actions are determined by the GM. Use your actions to attack or cast offensive cantrips. The target is determined randomly by the GM. If you have no other viable targets, you automatically hit yourself damaged by an attack or spell. You can attempt a DC eleven flat check to end this condition. So attack indiscriminately. Basically, just attack the nearest thing next. [00:39:36] Speaker B: So here's what's really bad as a reaction to it punching you in the knee. You see that it looks at its fist and there's a little bit of your blood on it and it licks the blood and starts and you see its eyes turn a little bit red. [00:39:58] Speaker C: Oh, no, I don't know anything about that. I'm confused. [00:40:02] Speaker D: Just a little bit. [00:40:04] Speaker F: Doesn't look like anything to me. [00:40:06] Speaker D: Oh, right. In the west rose feels. [00:40:12] Speaker C: So is that one action to move, one action to hit me, one action to activate. Whatever the other thing is. [00:40:17] Speaker B: It was a reaction it triggers off of successfully dealing damage. So its third action is to draw its trident. [00:40:31] Speaker C: Oh, timid would be so interested in this. [00:40:34] Speaker D: Mm hmm. [00:40:38] Speaker B: So that is its turn. Next. Is this Turika? [00:40:45] Speaker F: Can I go yet? [00:40:47] Speaker B: Nope. This Turika is going to draw its trident. That's all it's going to do. Next is the Sabbathan in front of pawn Watcher. It is going to try and claw you. Pond watcher can try. Does a 23 hit you miss. Alright, swing and a miss. So why not try a second time? Second claw eleven with a natural one. That is a cool miss. Let's get critical. [00:41:25] Speaker D: Critical. [00:41:26] Speaker B: I'm frustrated. Dang straight. You take a minus two circumstance. Penalty to attack rolls until my end of my next. Well, great. For its third action, it is going to attempt to fly away. All right, pond watcher, it is now your turn. [00:41:46] Speaker G: Not far enough, baby. I am going to run up behind it and swing my halberd at it. Good job for a 32 that will critically hit. [00:42:01] Speaker C: Oh, okay. [00:42:04] Speaker G: I haven't done one of those in a while. Let me draw my own cartridge here. [00:42:09] Speaker B: I know. [00:42:10] Speaker C: Okay. [00:42:11] Speaker G: Gut slash the target, takes one d four. Persistent bleed damage. And it can't swallow whole. [00:42:18] Speaker D: Ugh. [00:42:19] Speaker B: Well, you know. [00:42:23] Speaker G: All right, so that is eleven slashing damage. [00:42:27] Speaker B: Okay. [00:42:28] Speaker G: And bleed damage now or at the. [00:42:31] Speaker B: End of its turn. [00:42:33] Speaker G: So it'll take one at the end of its turn. Anyway, that was two actions. Yeah, I just guess try to stab it again. [00:42:43] Speaker F: Get him. [00:42:44] Speaker G: Why not 20? [00:42:46] Speaker D: Oh, wait a second. Which of the ones was taking my persistence damage? [00:42:52] Speaker B: Yes. I forgot to do that. I'm sorry. So it takes. What did you roll? Two d six. So it takes ten. [00:42:57] Speaker E: It was ten. [00:42:58] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:42:59] Speaker B: All right. A 20 will miss Pond watcher. Boo boo indeed. [00:43:07] Speaker G: You know, this is a bad situation, so I'm gonna use a hero point. Try to get rid of this guy, okay. Will almost certainly be worse the second 2nd time it is 14. [00:43:18] Speaker B: That is still a miss. Okay, not critically. I am putting so many little symbols on this guys to remember. He did not pass his DC 15 flat check. So he is still acidic. So you moved, you swung and you swung. [00:43:39] Speaker G: I'm done. All right, see you in 39 minutes. [00:43:42] Speaker D: No. [00:43:42] Speaker F: Won't you, Brianna? [00:43:44] Speaker B: It will be your turn. No. Next week. [00:43:47] Speaker D: Why? [00:43:48] Speaker C: I'm confused. [00:43:49] Speaker F: Why? [00:43:49] Speaker D: Why? [00:43:50] Speaker C: What's happening? [00:43:52] Speaker F: So rude. [00:43:53] Speaker E: With our heroes, dealing with the Sabbathans and having more churica attack them, what will they do? Will they survive? Can they escape with their lives? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:44:16] Speaker A: Thank you for listening to the Crack Die podcast. [00:44:19] Speaker B: Background sound effects provided by sirenscape because Epic Games deserve Epic music. Please visit [email protected] Pathfinder second edition, Age. [00:44:29] Speaker A: Of Ashes, Adventure path are all copyright of Paizo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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