The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 57 - Dancing Queen

Episode 28 November 12, 2020 00:49:00
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 57 - Dancing Queen
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 57 - Dancing Queen

Nov 12 2020 | 00:49:00


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MOAR FROGS! Our heroes start to explore some more. 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:39] Speaker A: Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the 57th episode of the Crack Die podcast. I'm your host and GM, Sean. And here we are again. It is another Thursday, another new episode of the Crack Die podcast. Now, for those of you who don't know, we have a Twitch show live on Twitch TV, cracked die. Every three weeks, we are playing through the agents of Edgewatch adventure path with Matt, who plays twin Talon on this show as the GM. Our next show is November 21. Please tune in and watch. You can affect the show by donating bits and subscribing and following the channel. All of those things help our characters. [00:01:31] Speaker B: If it wasn't for the audience last. [00:01:33] Speaker A: Episode, all of us would have been dead, wiped out, TPK, end of story. But thanks to the audience members, you helped us survive, and that lets us keep playing. So that's important. Now, a few weeks ago, Christine and I were lucky enough to be on the attack of opportunity show, talking all things cracked. Die. Please, if you haven't had a chance to listen or watch, head over to the Rolemongers network online and take a look at the episode. Now, there is something very vital that I do this week before we head to the show, and that is to talk and thank our patrons. Now, if you're interested in becoming a patron, head on over to crackeddypodcast and join up. We have two levels, a two dollar level and a five dollar level. I want to thank the following new patrons. We would like to thank Cassandra Connors for becoming our newest patron. And let me just tell you, Cassandra, she put in at a level where she got to submit a new critical miscard and to the players. I am so sorry. When you get that card, because who. She went in. She went in on you guys anyway. I might draw it. Who knows? Cassandra, thank you again so much for your patronage. We could not do this show without your support. So thank you. Thank you, thank you. All right, enough of my rambling. Let's get back to the table and see how our heroes fare this week. [00:03:18] Speaker B: Welcome to the 57th episode of the. [00:03:22] Speaker C: Cracked Die podcast, the one everyone has been waiting for. [00:03:26] Speaker D: Oh, geez. [00:03:27] Speaker C: This one is since the beginning of our show. [00:03:31] Speaker B: Okay, why do we always have this? [00:03:35] Speaker C: I believe 57 is the platinum anniversary. I don't know if that's true. I'm just making that up. But I would. I would accept some platinum pieces, Sean. [00:03:45] Speaker B: Oh, oh, oh. Is that okay? Well, maybe these lovely frog folk, these grippli have platinum pieces on them. [00:03:54] Speaker D: One can hope. [00:03:55] Speaker E: I feel like that's sort of unlikely because they live in a little swamp here. [00:04:01] Speaker B: Look, just because they live in a swamp doesn't mean they're not frugal. [00:04:05] Speaker D: Okay? But, like, where's the, like, the bank to, like, exchange? [00:04:09] Speaker C: Yeah. Anyway, so I'm looking on. I'm looking online at a wedding anniversary gift guide, and after the 20th, I'm sorry, after the 15th year, it goes by fives. So 57 isn't a thing. 55 would be emeralds, and 60th is diamond. [00:04:25] Speaker E: Wow. [00:04:26] Speaker B: Okay, well, hopefully you will all get to your diamond anniversary of these characters and episodes at least, however things are. Well, you guys aren't doing too terrible right now, are you? No. Everyone looks pretty healthy. [00:04:42] Speaker F: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast. Our heroes ran into some gripplies. Two of the gripplies decided to summon in some more assistance to deal with our heroes. Will our heroes manage to defeat the grip, please? Or will these frog people manage to finally hit something without drawing a critical miscarriage? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:05:12] Speaker C: We're not dead yet. We're not yet dead. [00:05:16] Speaker B: All right, let's. Thank you. [00:05:20] Speaker C: If I remember right, they were crit failing a bunch. The archers were anyway. [00:05:23] Speaker B: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So a bunch of them have already dropped their bows because they're dead or dying. [00:05:31] Speaker D: And I do have my lovely little cloud of creepy smoke. [00:05:35] Speaker B: Yes. Well, twin Talon, let's see what's going on with you. So you're up in this combat. [00:05:43] Speaker C: So if I remember correctly, the grippli to the east of me, one square east, is being threatened by pond Watcher, which worked out great, because that means I get my sneak attack against him. So since we are continuing combat, I will continue the combat. So twin Talon will attack him again. [00:06:08] Speaker B: I believe that's a natural one. [00:06:11] Speaker C: It is, but luckily I have a hero point, so I will use that. Yeah. Right. Well, I'll get my natural one out of the way, and hopefully I won't. I won't find it again. [00:06:25] Speaker B: Yeah. What's the likelihood of you getting two natural ones in a row? [00:06:31] Speaker E: Hey. [00:06:34] Speaker C: So 33. That's better than the natural one I rolled before. [00:06:38] Speaker B: Yes, that will hit. [00:06:40] Speaker C: And he is flat footed. [00:06:41] Speaker B: Yep. [00:06:41] Speaker C: Okay. [00:06:42] Speaker B: Yeah. Okay. [00:06:43] Speaker C: All right, Sean, shoot if you want. So, no, no, you hit. Mm hmm. [00:06:47] Speaker B: You do hit. Roll your damage. [00:06:49] Speaker C: Okay, so it takes 19 piercing damage. Piercing and or slashing down. [00:06:55] Speaker B: Would you like to describe how you eviscerate this poor Ripley? [00:07:00] Speaker C: Sure. So I have been pond watchers kind of threatening it from behind, and it turns to point a bulbous eyeball at pond watcher. And Quintalan takes the opportunity to shove his short sword up under its protruding jaw and through the top of his head, and his eyes cross as he pulls the shortsword back out, and his body collapses. [00:07:21] Speaker D: Very beautiful noise. [00:07:24] Speaker C: Question for you, Sean. This plant creature, which is now adjacent to pond Watcher, does it seem to be distressed? I mean, not that I know about how plants look when they're destroying, but does it seem to be affected at all by the grippli dying? [00:07:41] Speaker B: It looks very sad, but other than that. [00:07:44] Speaker E: Okay, don't say, aw, it's trying to eat my face. [00:07:48] Speaker C: Yeah. So with that, Twintalon is going to take his second action to move. He's just gonna move straight east, three squares. So now the lushi is between him and Pond washer. Pond watcher, not pond washer. That's a different character, I assume. And I will take my second attack of the round. There's a 20 that will. And is it. It's flat footed as well. Assuming it's. [00:08:14] Speaker B: Oh, yes, that will definitely hit. That will definitely. [00:08:16] Speaker D: Okay, nice. [00:08:17] Speaker C: Suck at plants. So 27 damage. [00:08:22] Speaker D: Good lord. [00:08:24] Speaker B: You slice into this what can only be described as a pineapple looking lushy. Delicious. Yes. When you look at this plant creature, you see this tall hair that reminds you of the crown of a pineapple, and there's little. Little, like, spikes all on its. On its. What you would call skin that also reminds you of a pineapple and two bulbous eyes coming out the front of it. [00:08:54] Speaker C: Cool. [00:08:54] Speaker B: All right. [00:08:57] Speaker C: I'm gonna cut his head off and fill his body with rum. Let's do this. [00:09:01] Speaker D: Oh, that sounds amazing. [00:09:04] Speaker B: This leshy in front of you, Quintallen, you kind of see it pivot on its pineapple y feet, and you see it step away from you. And pondwatcher. Okay, it runs to the west. [00:09:21] Speaker C: I miss a tax of opportunity. [00:09:24] Speaker B: And then you see this slushy reach onto its arm and pull out a grenade. No, a pineapple. A small pineapple. And throw it at you. [00:09:36] Speaker C: Okay. [00:09:40] Speaker B: Does a 31 hit you? Oh, Jesus. [00:09:45] Speaker C: It does. [00:09:46] Speaker B: Okay, that was a natural pony. [00:09:48] Speaker D: So. [00:09:48] Speaker B: Good lord. It does not have a name. It just does regular damage. Double damage. [00:09:55] Speaker C: Double damage. [00:09:56] Speaker B: It will do 16 points of damage as this rotten pineapple flies and just hits you. And you are now being like. So it's a couple things. It's gross, it's sticky, and you feel these enzymes kind of start to try and dissolve you because pineapples are the fruits that try and eat you back. [00:10:21] Speaker D: You just throw ass damage. [00:10:23] Speaker B: At him. No, it is regular damage. It's bludgeoning, actually. But I do need you to make a fortitude save to Italy. [00:10:31] Speaker C: Those are not my favorite. But for you, Sean, I'll make it. [00:10:34] Speaker B: All right. Well, hopefully you'll fail it. [00:10:37] Speaker C: 29. Does the 29 fail, Shawn? [00:10:40] Speaker B: No, it's fine. [00:10:43] Speaker C: How sad for you. [00:10:45] Speaker B: You're like, hey, that's gross. That's real gross. [00:10:48] Speaker C: I'm gonna point my sword on and be like, not cool, dude. Not cool. [00:10:52] Speaker B: The less she looks at you and kind of shrugs and tries to throw another rot pineapple at you. Okay, that's a natural one. [00:11:06] Speaker C: And all characters draw crit fail cards now, right? [00:11:11] Speaker B: Yes, yes. Including pineapple leshies. This is called in the line of fire. You critically hit your nearest ally. [00:11:20] Speaker C: Oh no. [00:11:20] Speaker D: Well, she is right next to a gripley. [00:11:23] Speaker B: So this pineapple lushie reaches back, pulls off another little pineapple grenade, goes to throw at twin Talon, but it slips out of their hand and hits the griply archer. Watch me. Oh, and it's a critical hit on the griffly archer. [00:11:38] Speaker C: I've got a crip. [00:11:39] Speaker B: So I deal another 16 points of damage to the Griffith Archer. And then they have to make a fortitude save that they fail. So this four four Griffly archer was already sickened one. It is now sickened two. And it is sickened for 1 hour. [00:12:06] Speaker D: Not so good. So. [00:12:10] Speaker B: Not good. Not good for that cripply Archer, who actually gets to go now. And as this crippling archer is trying to vomit out everything that is in their hand or in their mouth with this disgusting, putrid, rotten old pineapple juice, it's going to kind of stumble forward towards twin talon with its sword drawn. [00:12:37] Speaker C: I don't think it does have its sword drawn. [00:12:39] Speaker B: Drops its bow for free and draws its sword, then stumbles forward to twin talon and swings itself. Short sword for a 29 to hit. [00:12:50] Speaker C: Lucky boy. Unlit. [00:12:52] Speaker B: Six piercing damage. All right, that is a 27 day. 27. [00:12:57] Speaker C: That'll still hit. I have 25 ac. [00:12:59] Speaker B: Okay, so six piercing damage as it also kind of pukes some flies and whatever else griplies eat near your feet as it swings. Brianna, you're up. [00:13:11] Speaker D: I think Brianna was working on the this Ripley directly in front of her, so. [00:13:16] Speaker B: Yeah, yep, yep, yep, yep. [00:13:18] Speaker D: So let's continue to do that. She will swing and hopefully strike with her scimitar for a 25 that will hit. [00:13:27] Speaker A: Cool. [00:13:28] Speaker D: Take nine piercing damage. [00:13:31] Speaker B: Is that right? Yep. Looks like you rolled one, a one and a two. [00:13:35] Speaker D: Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Well, that's fine. And she'll switch, swing again. [00:13:41] Speaker B: Ugh. [00:13:42] Speaker D: And miss with a 13, I'm sure. [00:13:44] Speaker B: Yep. That miss is just regular miss. [00:13:47] Speaker D: And now, are you guys ready? You guys ready for this? She's gonna raise her shield for her third action. Yeah. Yeah. Look at me. Use my shield. Guys. [00:13:58] Speaker C: I'm proud of you. [00:13:59] Speaker D: I think the knee. [00:14:01] Speaker B: I'm shocked. [00:14:03] Speaker C: So can I ask a question? What the hell is that for? Flaming tentacle thing on the map that. [00:14:08] Speaker B: She is, that is a creature that is on fire. But it's a. It's a black. It's a black bush that was summoned there, and it has writhing tentacles coming out of it. [00:14:21] Speaker C: Okay, now the smoke fires. So the weird tentacle monster. [00:14:26] Speaker D: Okay, right, right, right. [00:14:27] Speaker B: She firebombed it. Yeah. [00:14:29] Speaker C: All right, cool, cool, cool, cool. Don't get near that. [00:14:31] Speaker B: Got it. [00:14:33] Speaker C: I've seen evil dead too. Not getting near that. [00:14:37] Speaker B: Saraya, it is your turn. [00:14:39] Speaker D: Alrighty, so the first thing I'm gonna do is roll from my poison smoke bomb. It's last round, so everyone in it has to make the fortitude save. [00:14:47] Speaker B: Oh, boy. [00:14:48] Speaker C: How many of them are in there? [00:14:49] Speaker B: Three. [00:14:50] Speaker D: So they take four damage. [00:14:51] Speaker B: Well, hang on, hang on. Oh, they take it no matter what. [00:14:53] Speaker D: Yes. They're in the poisoning. [00:14:56] Speaker B: All right. And what is the floor fort save that I'm aiming for? [00:15:00] Speaker D: Looking for a 23 would be a success. [00:15:02] Speaker B: So two failures and a success. [00:15:05] Speaker D: So the two that fail are stunned. [00:15:09] Speaker C: Wow. [00:15:10] Speaker B: Good. [00:15:11] Speaker D: Good lord. And that is the last round that the effects of the smoke bombs from the space and then the flaming bush thing takes its persistent damage. [00:15:20] Speaker B: Yep. [00:15:21] Speaker D: It does, I believe is two. And then doing my turn. I haven't done anything yet. Saraya is going to pull out an acid flask. She's going to hug. That bushling is my net 20. [00:15:48] Speaker B: That's a critical. [00:15:50] Speaker D: Goodness, yes. Yes. [00:15:54] Speaker B: So please draw your critical success or your crit card. It's still double damage, which is twelve damage, which is enough. [00:16:08] Speaker D: Okay. [00:16:09] Speaker B: Yes. It is dead. [00:16:10] Speaker D: Okay, well, here's my other favorite thing is I have directional bombs. [00:16:15] Speaker B: Oh, no. [00:16:17] Speaker D: They can do a 15 foot pole. So I think it also gets this unfortunate little guy here. [00:16:23] Speaker B: 15 foot one target within 15ft. Or is it all targeted? [00:16:28] Speaker D: It splashes in a 15 foot pole. [00:16:31] Speaker C: So I get to do that. [00:16:32] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:16:32] Speaker C: Rather than being a circle, it's more personal. [00:16:36] Speaker B: Two splash. [00:16:38] Speaker D: See, it doesn't splash damage. It's two absolute. [00:16:42] Speaker B: You throw this acid bomb on what is called a bloodlash bush, which had a lot of fun abilities that I never got to use, and the acid kind of just melts it. And then you see the splash. It hits the grippli behind it. And the grippli kind of staggers back, and then it hits the one. The grippli in front of Brianna. And the acid just hits it. And you see it kind of melt into a green blob in front of you. Brianna. Oh. [00:17:15] Speaker D: Hmm. Brianna will look back at Surya in awe and astonishment. [00:17:22] Speaker B: The melted grippli mixing with the muddy waters and kind of floats away. [00:17:27] Speaker D: And the last little plumes of purple smoke. [00:17:30] Speaker B: Yeah, that's delicious. Now you've just made a toxic Ripley avenger. Okay, so now the grippli. [00:17:41] Speaker D: Excuse me. That was one of them. [00:17:43] Speaker B: Oh, that's right. Oh, I'm sorry. Continue. [00:17:46] Speaker D: I just had a whole bunch of lingering effects because I'm an alchemist. [00:17:49] Speaker B: You killed so many of my things. You killed so many of my coins. [00:17:56] Speaker D: That's the fun thing is I usually, with my morning batches, six or seven outdoors office fires and acid glasses so I can withdraw it. So that's fun. And who just so happens to be in my brain, just also our little pineapple lushy buddy. [00:18:15] Speaker B: Oh, no. [00:18:16] Speaker D: So he's gonna get another. Well, she. They're gonna get another acid flask. [00:18:22] Speaker B: Okay, look, I like. I'm aware. [00:18:29] Speaker D: Let's see if my second attack is anywhere. Oh, snub. [00:18:34] Speaker B: That'll hit. [00:18:35] Speaker D: A 15 will hit. [00:18:36] Speaker C: Wow. [00:18:42] Speaker D: So twelve damage altogether. [00:18:43] Speaker B: And you melt the other. You melt the pineapple, Leshy. Oh, no. [00:18:52] Speaker D: He tried his best. I felt like this is the best turn I've ever had. [00:19:01] Speaker B: That was pretty awesome. You have one more action if you want to kill something else. [00:19:06] Speaker D: I don't think anything is in range. My mom's only 20 foot. [00:19:10] Speaker B: Okay. [00:19:11] Speaker D: Pretty sure some talented pond watcher haven't put these guys over here well in hand. So she's inch to the west a little bit. [00:19:21] Speaker B: All right. [00:19:22] Speaker D: Brienne on thankful. [00:19:25] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:19:25] Speaker D: That is easily the best turn I've ever had. Yeah. [00:19:30] Speaker B: Okay, so now can I take my turn now? [00:19:34] Speaker D: Yes, take my turn. [00:19:35] Speaker C: You must. [00:19:36] Speaker B: All right, so this one grippli comes running non mechanically charging towards Brienne. [00:19:43] Speaker D: Hi. [00:19:44] Speaker B: Then we'll swing its short sword for a natural one. [00:19:52] Speaker D: Yikes. I must feel bad for them. [00:19:55] Speaker B: Does a twelve hit you? [00:19:57] Speaker D: Um, not quite. You. You tried, though. It's okay. [00:20:02] Speaker B: Thanks. This critical miss is called. Who was that? You are slowed one until the end of your next turn. [00:20:14] Speaker C: So if he had another action, he loses it this turn, and he loses one next turn. [00:20:17] Speaker B: Yep. Nice. Cool. I'm having a great time I hope. [00:20:25] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:20:26] Speaker B: This grippli back here, who also has dropped there. Whoa, that's right. His broke will move to the north twice and you just hear a frog scream. Enraged, charging at pondwatcher for a 17. [00:20:45] Speaker E: That's a mess there, buddy. [00:20:47] Speaker B: Oh, and he had to double move to get there. So finally, this last Ripley, who still has his bow, is going to see what. What they did to, or what Sorraya did to its friends and will shoot a hail of arrows at you. [00:21:04] Speaker C: So what's its status effect? [00:21:06] Speaker B: Oh, it doesn't get three actions. Oh, no, that is stun. Yeah. Okay, so he's going to shoot one. One. One arrow at you. I didn't roll a natural one, guys. I rolled a natural 213 that will miss. [00:21:40] Speaker C: Shuffle a stack again. [00:21:41] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:21:41] Speaker B: For those of you keeping track at home, I now have 14 critical missed cards and one critical hit card. [00:21:49] Speaker D: Are you regretting your decision yet, Shawn? [00:21:51] Speaker B: Nope. No, because this actually works out for me. This one's called not my pony. [00:22:00] Speaker C: Oh. [00:22:01] Speaker B: You hit the nearest animal companion mount or familiar. Five damage to Jasper. [00:22:19] Speaker D: Oh, yeah, he's got. He's got 35 hitches. How about I liberate him so he doesn't take the damage at all? I mean, if you want to. If you want to waste it on Jasper. It's not a waste. She just does like the little, like, you know, like Jimmy action that like, dodges out of the way, lands on her, lands on her very shiny armor and looks very satisfied with himself. [00:22:46] Speaker B: Right. [00:22:47] Speaker D: Good job, Jasper. [00:22:48] Speaker B: All right, pond watcher, you're up. [00:22:51] Speaker E: So a little frog guy just flopped around 50ft into me and then kind of stabbed in dirt. So he runs all the way up to me, and I'm just gonna hold my halberd straight for him to run onto it. [00:23:03] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:23:08] Speaker E: That'S a 20. That will hit minimum damage, 15 piercing. [00:23:18] Speaker B: All right, so it runs at you, and you just like, put your halberd out, and it like, impales itself. It's still there. [00:23:25] Speaker E: So, okay, so he just runs onto it, and then I'm just gonna punch him with my other hand. [00:23:31] Speaker B: With the cinder claw gauntlet. [00:23:33] Speaker E: Yes. Get off my weapon, you stupid frog man. 24 to hit. [00:23:41] Speaker B: That will also hit. [00:23:44] Speaker E: That is twelve slashing damage as I slash him across the face with the gauntlet. [00:23:49] Speaker B: Okay, still there. [00:23:52] Speaker E: Now you just kind of feel bad. Well, okay, I'm just gonna shake the Halberd back and forth. [00:24:01] Speaker B: Okay. [00:24:03] Speaker D: Rattle him around. [00:24:04] Speaker E: That would be a 19 wiggle damage. [00:24:07] Speaker B: Or wiggle, that will hit and kill him. [00:24:10] Speaker E: Oh, boy. [00:24:11] Speaker C: Scrambled his intestines. [00:24:13] Speaker E: It's like shaking. [00:24:14] Speaker B: You're wiggling your halberd. Half of the grippli goes to the left, half of it goes to the right, splattering all over. Temid. Hey, sorry. [00:24:22] Speaker E: Sorry, buddy. [00:24:22] Speaker D: Aw, poor timid. [00:24:24] Speaker B: Okay, well then, so the grippli that looks a little different than the other group looks at what's gone on and is like, uh. Oh boy. You see him kind of like spit a gob of green stuff at Saraya, does a 25 hit you? [00:24:46] Speaker D: Just barely. [00:24:47] Speaker B: You take eight acid damage and Brianna takes. Nope. Brianna takes one splash. Acid damage. [00:24:55] Speaker D: Okey dokey. [00:24:56] Speaker B: As an acid spider splash hits you. Is that persistent? No. [00:25:02] Speaker D: Okay. [00:25:02] Speaker B: Unfortunately, probably only at the crit. And then it's gonna hippity hop away. It hops to the north and runs away. Fin talon. [00:25:21] Speaker C: Okay, well, there's one directly in front of him and Pondwatcher's also threatening it. So he will try to stab it, this former Ripley Archer. It's a 24 to hit. [00:25:33] Speaker B: Hang on, let me do some. Yeah, that's a hit. [00:25:35] Speaker C: So that is 23 damage. [00:25:37] Speaker B: Okay, it's gone. [00:25:39] Speaker C: All right. And then Twintalon will move. So he's basically circling around the northern side of the battlefield. He's looking for that guy who just ran away to see if he is still catchable or if he's like, just like falling back to spit Dobby Bassett at us or what his deal is while circling around to, you know, if that guy's long gone, we're not going to find him to be able to help his friends. [00:26:03] Speaker B: Rihanna. [00:26:04] Speaker D: Well, might as well keep tidying up this dude in front of me, I suppose. And let the swing. That was a 28. [00:26:15] Speaker B: How's critical? [00:26:16] Speaker D: Oh, okay then take 20 forward piercing damage. [00:26:21] Speaker B: Draw your hit card first. Yeah. [00:26:23] Speaker D: Make sure it's not 36. [00:26:25] Speaker C: Yeah, it's probably times three damage. [00:26:28] Speaker B: Let's see how this grip liar handles. [00:26:31] Speaker D: Brieta slashing is not back. Push the target back up to 10ft. Can I choose not to do that? [00:26:39] Speaker C: I mean, it says up to. So any number up to 100 is one of those numbers. [00:26:44] Speaker D: Cool. [00:26:45] Speaker B: So you, you take. So it still takes double damage. 24 points of damage and it doesn't look happy. [00:26:54] Speaker D: Good, because I'm gonna do it again for 29. [00:26:58] Speaker B: Go ahead and draw another critical card. [00:27:03] Speaker D: It's the right most one, right? [00:27:06] Speaker C: Yes, but the bottom one. Whatever's toward the bottom. [00:27:09] Speaker D: Yep, yep. Normal damage. The crit effect. The target is blinded until he'll card is called across the eye. [00:27:19] Speaker B: Well, it doesn't matter. Twelve points of damage kills the grip. [00:27:22] Speaker D: Flee. [00:27:24] Speaker B: So I just. I see you swing your scimitar and you hit him right in the eyes, but you continue to cleave right through. And the top of his. His head falls to the north as the rest of the body falls to the west. [00:27:39] Speaker D: Gross. And for my final action, I will move. Is it still difficult terrain? [00:27:48] Speaker B: It is. [00:27:49] Speaker D: So it would be double, right? 1020. I think that's as far as I can move, unfortunately. [00:27:55] Speaker B: All right, Soraya, I'm gonna see how. [00:27:58] Speaker D: They react to something else. [00:28:02] Speaker B: Okay. [00:28:09] Speaker D: That'S nice. That's a nice one. [00:28:19] Speaker B: So that's a 35 with a natural 20 on the die. That's a great hit, no matter how you slice. Well, you're not slicing, splashing. [00:28:31] Speaker D: The target is slowed one for one round on top of the ten foot slow from the cross file. And is also doomed. Doomed. Never go that. [00:28:44] Speaker B: Doomed is my favorite status. [00:28:47] Speaker D: I'm sure it's not gonna matter, but I'm curious. [00:28:49] Speaker B: Yes. So when you are doomed, your dying condition is reduced by one. So if you're doomed, one, instead of dying at dying four, you're dead. At dying three. [00:29:04] Speaker D: Oh, geez. [00:29:05] Speaker C: And if you ever become doomed four, you just die. [00:29:09] Speaker B: You instantly die. [00:29:12] Speaker D: That's. Ouch. Sadly not really relevant for NPC's, but yes, fun to know. [00:29:18] Speaker B: But that being said, doom doesn't go away when you're healed. You have to take a full light's rest to get rid of doom as well. But you did twelve points of damage. [00:29:32] Speaker D: Twelve points of cold damage plus two points of cold splash. [00:29:35] Speaker B: That's 14. That's enough to kill the grippli. He was indeed doomed. [00:29:42] Speaker C: He was doomed from the minute this combat started. [00:29:45] Speaker D: Kind of. [00:29:45] Speaker B: So it does. [00:29:46] Speaker D: Sventallen find the one that ran away? [00:29:48] Speaker B: No, no. That thing got out of here as quick as it possibly could. [00:29:55] Speaker D: Because I also wanted to make sure. [00:29:59] Speaker B: Yeah, it, uh. It was not affected by the difficult terrain, so it can still move its full regiment of movement. Well, that's another pillar taken care of. Yeah. [00:30:10] Speaker C: So there were. There's seven total, correct? [00:30:13] Speaker B: That's what you guys are hypothesizing? [00:30:15] Speaker C: Because I was just relistening to an episode recently where Surya had a dream where there was a big flaming dragon head in the middle and seven colored orbs, one for every color of the Royg bib spectrum spinning around it. [00:30:32] Speaker B: Interesting. [00:30:33] Speaker C: Interesting, indeed. So I don't know what the one that. That was in front of the hunter's gate was or that was not one of the seven, but yeah. So this was indigo. We've done green. I think we did black. [00:30:49] Speaker D: Sounds familiar. Yeah. [00:30:51] Speaker B: All right, so since you are putting one and one and one together, I will let you know the colors you have dealt with so far. Are you taking care of the black pieces? Pillar. A blue pillar, a green pillar, and an indigo pillar. [00:31:11] Speaker D: So there's three more. [00:31:14] Speaker C: Roy. We have to kill Roy. [00:31:16] Speaker B: We do. [00:31:16] Speaker D: We have to get all the warm colors, though. We've gone through the cool colors. [00:31:20] Speaker C: Red, orange, yellow. [00:31:21] Speaker B: Roy, you also saw that the white pillar was not finished. [00:31:28] Speaker C: Ah, okay, so that was not one of the seven. [00:31:31] Speaker E: That's because white. White is the worst dragon. That's why. [00:31:34] Speaker C: Okay, it's true. [00:31:40] Speaker E: All right, well, whoever has the map, can you write down that this was the location of very stupid frog people tribe? [00:31:49] Speaker C: Sure. [00:31:50] Speaker B: So I'm assuming you all. Rennuli shows up after this bloodbath that you've caused. [00:32:00] Speaker E: I like to think about how she just kind of, like, strolls in at night and we're just covered in blood, and there's just dead bodies everywhere. Like, every day. She's like, why does she want to hang out with us? [00:32:10] Speaker C: Why wouldn't she want to hang out with us? [00:32:12] Speaker B: I saw this gripply running away, but I didn't stop it. But it looked terrified. [00:32:18] Speaker D: Well, you see, I just watched most of his friends die. [00:32:20] Speaker B: Oh, well, lovely. We're heroes. [00:32:30] Speaker E: Now. Help me. Help me look for platinum pieces in all the little pockets of these frog guys. [00:32:36] Speaker B: Um, you find. Unfortunately, you do not find any platinum pieces. But. [00:32:44] Speaker E: I knew it. [00:32:44] Speaker B: Curses. You find. [00:32:47] Speaker C: Emeralds, diamonds. [00:32:49] Speaker B: Oh, you're so close. Short bows and short swords. [00:32:54] Speaker D: So close. [00:32:56] Speaker C: Such a trick. [00:32:56] Speaker B: So, so close. Temid decides to start building camp and rolls a 25. [00:33:06] Speaker C: All right. I will try to assist. [00:33:09] Speaker B: Okay, sure. [00:33:10] Speaker D: I'll try as well. [00:33:11] Speaker C: I fail to assist. Probably not. I don't critically fail to assist. [00:33:15] Speaker D: I also fail to assist. [00:33:17] Speaker B: I probably critically fail. [00:33:19] Speaker C: So you do. [00:33:21] Speaker E: Hi. [00:33:22] Speaker D: Yes. [00:33:23] Speaker C: Okay, so it cancels out Brianna's critical. Vale, please. So, 20. [00:33:28] Speaker E: No, don't sleep on this pile of short swords. [00:33:32] Speaker C: 25. And that's plus four for the netting. [00:33:35] Speaker B: Yes. Okay, so you rest. You have a safe night. You succeed in building a camp, and you all rest for the evening. Timid, obviously. Will heal you all up to full good through the course of the night while you are all resting. So you can all wake up the next morning at lovely. And where are you all headed now? Not lovely. [00:34:08] Speaker C: Well, because I don't remember. If we had a different plan last time, I would say we should go south. East and have Ranuli go northeast and see what's there. [00:34:21] Speaker B: All right? [00:34:22] Speaker D: Sure. [00:34:22] Speaker B: So again, it is a hot day. [00:34:27] Speaker C: And we are hot. [00:34:29] Speaker B: You managed, yes, you managed to move through with relative. With relative ease. You said you guys are going northeast. [00:34:41] Speaker C: Southeast. [00:34:42] Speaker B: Southeast. [00:34:42] Speaker C: Okay, sending her northeast. [00:34:44] Speaker B: And as you head there, again, it's a. It's a. It's a bit of a slog, but you're fine. You get there without really any problems. Raining investigates. Joined you all that evening. Nothing. Nothing exciting. No stupid frog people, nothing like that. And you all sit around campfire for the evening. Is there anything you guys want to talk about while you sit around the campfire or anything like that? No. [00:35:18] Speaker C: I wonder what we're going to find out here at the jungle. I mean, besides more jungle and probably more cinder claws like. I wonder what the plan is here, what they're doing here other than setting up totems and enslaving kobolds to mine for gold. Seems like a pretty short sighted plan for a group of people that can that maybe accidentally, but came through the hunter's gate. [00:35:39] Speaker E: Yeah, and what do they even need gold for? I mean, they're not spending it here. [00:35:44] Speaker C: That's true. [00:35:45] Speaker E: Maybe they're trying to find a gate that leads somewhere with a store. I don't know. [00:35:51] Speaker C: Possibly. Maybe that was the whole point of the hunter's gate, was to set up like a storefront on the other side. [00:35:56] Speaker E: Yeah, it's very strange. I guess maybe they're trying to take over this area with the pillar, the pillar totems or whatever. But they're not attacking the kuja so well yet. [00:36:12] Speaker C: Yeah, I mean, who knows what could. [00:36:13] Speaker D: Have happened once the pillars were all completed, you know? [00:36:18] Speaker C: Sure, but I mean, it does seem like they're just kind of protecting something rather than expanding outward. So I'm just curious to what we're gonna find because there's the mine, and I think I could have sworn the elephant person that we met said there was a fortress. [00:36:33] Speaker D: That does sound familiar. I wonder if the gates are all resonant to specific areas to begin with, so they have no choice but to try and do this. [00:36:41] Speaker C: Right. But I felt like they came from here. I don't think the cinder claws came through the gates to here. I think they came from here to wherever. Well, to us. Because when we talked to the Okuja, they said that the cinder clause had been an issue in the past. [00:36:59] Speaker D: Well, yes. I wonder then if they knew about the gate, came here to become an issue because they knew they could get through it to get back to fried chill. [00:37:08] Speaker C: I mean, it's possible. Again, their motives are a bit inscrutable at this point. So I'm just. I'm just curious. I'm just curious what we're gonna find out there and if there will be someone to monologue at us toward the end of this foray into the jungle, or if it will remain a mystery. [00:37:29] Speaker E: Maybe they're digging for something else and the gold is just a byproduct that they're using to further their end. [00:37:36] Speaker C: That's. That's very possible as well. And much more likely than just harvesting gold for the sake of gold. [00:37:43] Speaker D: Well, if they're also in the service of Dahawk and Dahak is a trekking, don't they like hoards of things and gold? [00:37:50] Speaker E: Good point. [00:37:51] Speaker C: That's true. Could be. [00:37:55] Speaker B: I realized I had been skipping over, you know, evening campfires, where I'm sure you guys do it, do what you just did, which is exchange of thoughts and ideas. [00:38:07] Speaker D: So I just wanted to throw different little, like compounds the fire and exchanging colors. [00:38:13] Speaker B: So you guys critically succeeded in camping very restful evening. You guys wake up the next with new thoughts and ideas of what's going on. Where are you off to next? [00:38:25] Speaker C: I would suggest we go northeast and send her southeast. [00:38:28] Speaker B: Wouldn't that, okay, put us in the same. [00:38:31] Speaker D: She'd be in the same spare. [00:38:32] Speaker C: No, if we go northeast, we'll be here. Then she'll be here. [00:38:37] Speaker D: No, I got what you're saying now. My brain shorted out for a second. [00:38:40] Speaker B: So you head northeast and you find. [00:38:43] Speaker C: On that hex a compass rose. [00:38:49] Speaker D: That's not horrifying at all. [00:38:52] Speaker C: This is like a Nazca lines type deal. Like, only someone that was very high up could understand what they were looking at. [00:38:58] Speaker B: And Ranuli heads to the southeast, and. [00:39:03] Speaker C: We never see her again. [00:39:05] Speaker B: Oh, well, funny you say that. She doesn't return that evening. [00:39:10] Speaker E: Oh, no. [00:39:11] Speaker C: Also, the map didn't get revealed, so I knew something bad had happened. [00:39:16] Speaker E: Maybe she found some flies, I don't know. [00:39:18] Speaker C: Yeah, or maybe other spider people stopped to have dinner with relatives. [00:39:22] Speaker B: Yeah, she doesn't return that evening. [00:39:24] Speaker D: The next day, I assume we go directly south to check on her. [00:39:27] Speaker C: Yeah, if she doesn't come back for the entire evening. [00:39:30] Speaker B: Yeah, she doesn't return at all. You guys build your campsite timid, critically, succeeds again, and you all take your shifts to watch. And renooly does not return. [00:39:43] Speaker D: I truly think we should check on her in the morning. [00:39:47] Speaker C: Yeah, I mean, I agree. If she doesn't come back through all the night, we don't see her in the morning. You know, she's been kind to us and helping us out. So I don't see any reason why we shouldn't go. At least check on to make sure she's okay. [00:40:00] Speaker D: Agreed. [00:40:00] Speaker B: So you guys head directly. [00:40:03] Speaker C: Hey, there she is. [00:40:04] Speaker B: Hey. [00:40:05] Speaker E: She's 150ft tall. [00:40:06] Speaker B: We found her. [00:40:10] Speaker D: She now reveals to us she is the spider goddess. [00:40:12] Speaker C: Look, there's a hole in the ground. And a river. Ooh. The hole in the ground might be the mine if they're just mining. Straight down like a quarry. [00:40:20] Speaker D: Good point. [00:40:21] Speaker B: As you approach this area, a large pit has been dug into the ground at the center of this clearing, coating everything nearby with yellowish mud. A rough camp has been assembled around the mine. Um. [00:40:35] Speaker D: Okay. I. I don't know. Should we get a closer look? What do you think? [00:40:41] Speaker C: Twintalon is going to pull out the spider whistle. [00:40:43] Speaker B: Okay. [00:40:44] Speaker C: And he's going to start blowing it. See if we get any response. [00:40:47] Speaker B: So you blow it. You wait. About how long are you going to wait? [00:40:51] Speaker C: Ten minutes. [00:40:53] Speaker B: Nothing. [00:40:54] Speaker E: Hmm. [00:40:54] Speaker D: This is not good. [00:40:56] Speaker B: As you're all waiting there, waiting for some sort of response, you notice that there is a dense tangle of trees to your west and you hear some flapping. [00:41:12] Speaker C: Jasper, keep it down. [00:41:13] Speaker B: As you. You notice that these particular trees have been come. It can only look like a lair of a horrific and cruel creature. For amid the tangled branches above is an awful nest made of bones, scraps of animal hide, bits of rotting flesh and mud. [00:41:37] Speaker D: Oh boy. [00:41:38] Speaker C: So Matt knows what that token is and it's terrifying. It's even more terrifying when there's more than one of them. But I don't know the twin Talon has any indication of how screwed we are. [00:41:51] Speaker B: Uh oh. Well, I will say that they. It. They haven't noticed you yet. I made secret perception roles for all of you. And then I made secret stealth rolls versus their perception. DC for all of you. And you all succeeded. Barely. Okay, so if anyone would like to make a recall, knowledge, religion, you can attempt to figure out what these are before they see you. [00:42:25] Speaker D: Any chance of Dahawk lore instead? [00:42:28] Speaker B: Um, yeah. Yes, but at a higher, much higher. DC. [00:42:33] Speaker E: Elven lore. [00:42:35] Speaker C: Are they elf? [00:42:36] Speaker B: Not elven Lord. [00:42:37] Speaker C: I got 23 on my religion check. [00:42:41] Speaker B: Okay. [00:42:44] Speaker D: And I got a 23 as well. On my religion check. Lol. [00:42:51] Speaker B: So none of you know what that is cool until you all look at Temid's face and he is just terrified. And he whispers to you that those are vra with a 32 timid, gives you a quick story, that when the gates to the abyss swung wide, the first demons through are often vrocks, vulture headed scions of rage who wheel through the air on black wings or dance with exhaustion of their fiendish power. Their hatred for mortals is matched only by their desire to inflict suffering through their horrible screech or their devastating dance. Vrocks form from the souls of hateful mortals who are thus given another chance to inflict their rage on the world. Vrocks often travel in small groups so as to make the best use of their dance of ruin. They rarely appear in groups larger than four, and against small groups and individuals, they swoop down without fear, hoping to play with their prey before going for the kill. Since Temud is not currently here, I will let you all decide as a group what two pieces of information you would like me to tell you. [00:44:13] Speaker C: So I would vote. We need to know everything we can about the dance of ruin. Cause that sounds horrible. [00:44:20] Speaker D: Yeah, sure. [00:44:21] Speaker B: Okay, so, offensive or proactive abilities? I will let you know. Both of them. Dance of ruin is a three action ability. Each demon creature in a 20 foot emanation takes two d twelve electricity, damage each demon creature, each non demon creature. Okay, you do get to make a reflex. Save for half for each rock that joins the dance. Increase by one d twelve damage and the DC increases by one. [00:44:52] Speaker E: Cool. [00:44:52] Speaker B: They can continue dancing for up to three rounds in total. The emanation size increases by 20ft for each round. They continue and increases by one d twelve damage for each vrock, that is a part of it. And they continue. [00:45:07] Speaker E: Okay, well, this sounds great. [00:45:09] Speaker B: They also have a spore cloud that emanates spores from their body, dealing two d eight poison to all adjacent creatures. If you don't succeed at a DC 28 fortitude save, you take two d eight persistent damage for ten rounds as. [00:45:25] Speaker C: The spores burrow into your skin. [00:45:27] Speaker B: No cheese. So you can know one more thing. [00:45:31] Speaker D: Should we bother. [00:45:32] Speaker C: What do you guys think? [00:45:33] Speaker D: Weaknesses, or. [00:45:34] Speaker B: Yeah, weaknesses. Podwatcher, where are you going? [00:45:39] Speaker C: They're weak to running away. [00:45:41] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:45:43] Speaker E: Everyone was talking, so they didn't notice that I was. Although I accidentally put myself off the map and I can't get back, so. [00:45:51] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:45:54] Speaker B: Oh, well, you guys are out of a pond. Watcher. [00:45:57] Speaker D: Oh, no. We're in trouble now. [00:45:59] Speaker B: Weakness is cold iron and good. I will tell you. They are cold iron. Ten. So they take an additional ten damage from cold iron and an additional ten damage from. Good. Cool. [00:46:12] Speaker D: I'm gonna be smiting them a lot, then. [00:46:14] Speaker B: Well, also, don't forget this is a camp. [00:46:17] Speaker E: Yeah. Did we notice whatever that big cage is to the east? [00:46:22] Speaker B: Yeah, you can. You can take a look at that big old dinosaur looking thing and give me a knowledge nature check if you would like to try and figure out what it is. [00:46:37] Speaker E: Hey, I can actually do that. [00:46:40] Speaker C: Okay, 25. I rolled very poorly. I got a 14. [00:46:43] Speaker E: Okay, I roll also a 14. [00:46:46] Speaker D: Yeah, no, I won't help with a ten. [00:46:49] Speaker B: Saraya, you know this as a. I'm going to mess up this name and I apologize. Mokale mbembe. M o k e l e m b e m b e. Okay. This is a creature that is a huge animal native to this region. It's in a big old cage and. [00:47:15] Speaker E: It'S just in like a big cage. [00:47:17] Speaker B: Yep, apparently. [00:47:19] Speaker E: And that's what it looks like. Like a kind of a dinosaur looking fella. [00:47:23] Speaker D: Why would they keep it trapped? [00:47:26] Speaker B: Well, I'll let you know this, you guys can think about all of this till next week. That's fine. [00:47:32] Speaker C: Look, we won't have to fight the dancing bird people until next week then. [00:47:36] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:47:37] Speaker C: Also own a pet dinosaur. [00:47:40] Speaker D: Of course you do. We still have wargs back in region, don't we? [00:47:44] Speaker F: Now that our heroes have dispatched of these gripplies and Ranuli is caught somewhere, will our heroes be able to find her? Will they be able to deal with the vrock? Will twin Talon get a new pet dinosaur? Will the GM actually be able to do anything to the heroes this time? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:48:14] Speaker A: Thank you for listening to the Crack Die podcast. Background sound effects provided by Sirenscape because Epic Games deserve Epic music, please visit [email protected] Pathfinder second edition, Age of Ashes, adventure Path are all copyright of Paizo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more. [00:48:35] Speaker B: More information.

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