The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 50 - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Episode 19 September 10, 2020 01:02:20
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 50 - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 50 - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Sep 10 2020 | 01:02:20


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Our Heroes chase after an abducted Silver. 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:38] Speaker A: Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the 50th episode of the Crack Die podcast. I'm your host and GM, Sean, and, well, well, what have we got going on today? It's episode 50. Whoo. All right. I'm super excited, as you can tell. Just a couple quick announcements. Next Saturday, September 19, 2020, we have our next episode of Absalom in order. GM by Matt, who plays twin Talon on this show. Players are Haya, Pete, Brent, oh, and me. So make sure you check us out starting at one. Twitch tv cracked die. That's right, twitch tv, crackdie. And while you're there, it is Twitch's annual subtember. So make sure you click that little subscribe button and help us out. Don't forget any money, any bits, any subs, anything that can generate revenue. We're splitting and sending it to charities. Make sure you check us out, see what charity we're working with for this upcoming episode. Also, while we're talking about it, don't forget we have a patreon. cracked die podcast. Go there. Subscribe. The more subscribers we get on our Patreon, the more content we're going to be able to produce for the people who are current patrons. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. Okay, enough is enough. Last week was crazy. What's going to happen with silver? What's going to happen with the group? What was that group that attacked our friends and heroes? I don't know. Well, I do know, but they don't know. You don't know. So let's get to the table and find out what's going on. Welcome to the 50th episode of the Crack Die podcast. [00:03:01] Speaker B: We did it. [00:03:03] Speaker C: Holy cow. [00:03:04] Speaker D: We haven't killed each other yet. [00:03:06] Speaker C: In or out of yet. Yes, I live with at least one other cast member. [00:03:13] Speaker A: At least. [00:03:14] Speaker B: Are you unsure? [00:03:16] Speaker D: I don't know who's frogging. I don't know who's frogging. [00:03:19] Speaker C: Just don't look in your closet. [00:03:21] Speaker E: What does frogging mean? [00:03:24] Speaker D: So frogging with a ph. It's apparently what it's called when you, like, sneak into someone's house and live there. Have you ever seen those videos of, like, people are like, oh, I noticed things in my kitchen are moving around, and then, like, they set up cameras, and in the middle of the night, someone crawls out of a cabinet they never had? [00:03:39] Speaker E: No, I've never seen that. [00:03:41] Speaker B: I'm now gonna open all my cabinets. [00:03:42] Speaker F: That sounds like something Stefan would say from SNL. You know, it's like that thing where someone's living in your cabinet that you never open. [00:03:52] Speaker A: What? No. [00:03:56] Speaker D: Someone has seen the video. [00:03:57] Speaker C: I exist. I know what you're talking about. I've seen it. I validate what you say. [00:04:03] Speaker D: A little horror movie about it. [00:04:04] Speaker A: Yes. [00:04:05] Speaker C: But no spoilers. No, no, no. [00:04:07] Speaker A: It's really no spoilers. [00:04:08] Speaker E: So I just moved into a new house, and now I have something to worry about. Thank you, guys. [00:04:13] Speaker C: You're welcome. [00:04:15] Speaker D: Sorry, Anwar. [00:04:17] Speaker F: Just don't check your corners. Anwar. [00:04:19] Speaker E: No, there's nothing there. It's just that guy with the scraggly hair. The skinny scraggly haired guy. He's just in that corner again. [00:04:26] Speaker D: It's not the faceless old woman who lives in your house? [00:04:29] Speaker A: No. [00:04:29] Speaker E: My wife's face is not here. I don't know what you're talking about. [00:04:32] Speaker D: I was making a nightmare reference, but okay. [00:04:35] Speaker E: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not up on any popular culture because I'm, like, not cool. [00:04:41] Speaker C: Not true. But you are cool, Anwar. It's okay. [00:04:45] Speaker A: Stop lying to me, Aya. [00:04:50] Speaker D: Ms. Knows the truth. [00:04:52] Speaker E: Ow. That's it, Christina. I vote you off the show. That's it. [00:04:55] Speaker A: Wow. [00:04:55] Speaker C: Guys, guys, guys. [00:04:58] Speaker D: 50Th episode anniversary. And where has someone else quit the show? [00:05:05] Speaker A: I wanted to change things up. [00:05:07] Speaker E: What can I say? You know, like, you gotta mix it up and spice it up every once in a while. [00:05:10] Speaker A: Yeah. You got it. Yeah. Spice it up in the gaming room episodes, though. [00:05:16] Speaker C: Sorry. [00:05:16] Speaker D: Not. [00:05:16] Speaker C: Not to, like, slow things down. It's just kind of mind boggling we've gotten this far. Not in a bad way. Just. Holy cow. [00:05:24] Speaker D: It's a nice milestone. [00:05:25] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:05:26] Speaker A: Yeah. And we're halfway to 100. And I checked the math on that one. [00:05:33] Speaker D: Is anyone else surprised he had to check the math on that one? [00:05:35] Speaker E: No, I'm pretty sure you did it for him. And then he just says he did it. [00:05:41] Speaker D: We love you, Sean. [00:05:42] Speaker A: We do. I'm remembering these things just like I remember how rich insulted Scorpio is a couple. [00:05:53] Speaker F: Sometimes things gotta be said. [00:05:55] Speaker C: I mean, I think we're also kind of stall a little bit because something very traumatic happened last night. [00:05:59] Speaker E: I don't know what you're talking about to us. [00:06:02] Speaker A: I don't know what. I don't know what you're talking about. [00:06:04] Speaker C: You know, being, uh, surprised. [00:06:07] Speaker D: Besieged. [00:06:08] Speaker C: Besieged. Exactly. By. By how many freaking vampires? And six. [00:06:14] Speaker A: Yeah, ten. [00:06:16] Speaker C: It is ten. And, you know, one of our number being possibly dead and, you know, taken away into the forest. [00:06:27] Speaker D: Yeah. You know, just. [00:06:28] Speaker A: No. No big deal at all. [00:06:31] Speaker B: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast. [00:06:34] Speaker A: All heroes were attacked by a group of mysterious creatures. During the fight, the creatures grabbed silver and ran off. With silver missing, our heroes are deciding what to do. Let's join them now on this episode of the Cracked Die podcast. Well, here's the thing. You already said you wanted to chase after him or track him, right? So I have these beautiful, beautiful chase cards that Paizo has put out and I'm going, I know you guys can't see them, so I will have to do my best to narrate what I see on these cards. And you just have to trust. [00:07:34] Speaker C: We just have to trust him. [00:07:35] Speaker D: Great. [00:07:38] Speaker F: I hop in my Camaro. [00:07:42] Speaker E: I don't know, this is really weird in a audio media. [00:07:45] Speaker A: I know. [00:07:45] Speaker E: We'll have to decide what we're doing. That's absurd. [00:07:50] Speaker A: You can hear the card. [00:07:52] Speaker C: Oh, geez. [00:07:54] Speaker F: So, yeah, I just. I wanted to correct something as well. It's. [00:07:58] Speaker A: You can hear me shuffling the card. So a little aSmr here. All right, I'm dealing out eight chase cards. [00:08:13] Speaker E: Well, before we begin, how many hero points? Yeah. [00:08:17] Speaker A: Twin Talon currently has two hero points. Brianna has two hero points, Pond watcher has two hero points. Saraya has two hero points, and temid has one hero point. [00:08:37] Speaker E: Do I get another one for another? [00:08:38] Speaker A: No, because we kind of had to end last session, and this is really a continuation of that night. I mean, you could say that about every single session, and I normally do, so. [00:08:54] Speaker C: Oh, no. [00:08:56] Speaker A: As we left off, Hamid was about to roll survival to track the blood to start this chase situation off. So let's see. Yes, you are. [00:09:10] Speaker E: Am I doing that? All right, let's go. I'm gonna use my one hero point because I rolled a natural one. [00:09:18] Speaker F: Nice. Oh, boy. [00:09:22] Speaker E: And I rolled a natural fire four. [00:09:25] Speaker A: Oh, jeez. I actually have an idea about this. All that this is going to do is put you a little farther behind to catch up now for. [00:09:48] Speaker E: Unless somebody else wants to give me their hero point. [00:09:51] Speaker C: I mean, if that was a thing. [00:09:53] Speaker E: It's a thing. I say it is. [00:09:57] Speaker F: I like the fact that pond watcher saw the blood trail and then relied on temid to follow it. And temid just like stuck his head into like a piece, like a leaf pile or something. [00:10:11] Speaker E: No, what I think happened was temed picked up a blade of grass and immediately adjacent to the blood and said, there's no blood here. [00:10:18] Speaker F: Losing valuable time, you idiot. [00:10:21] Speaker A: I'm still drunk from last night. [00:10:22] Speaker F: So I don't know what we're doing about, you know, timing here, but I don't. I don't know, that pond watcher would really wait that long. I don't think he'd even get his stuff before following. [00:10:33] Speaker A: Agreed. [00:10:33] Speaker C: That was actually going to be a question. Are we going to be in turn? Are we back in turn? Order or. [00:10:40] Speaker A: I'm gonna let you each go through initiative order right now to do one thing and then we can start the chase mechanics. And since temid rolled so well, I'm going to add a 9th card to the chase. [00:10:53] Speaker E: I'm a failure, guys. I'm a failure. [00:10:55] Speaker A: So starting at the top of the initiative is. Brianna, what do you. You have three actions to do whatever you need. You currently have your sword. Your armor is not on. You do not have your shield. [00:11:06] Speaker C: I think being in a frenzy that I think they currently are, she wouldn't even think of putting armor on, if I'm completely honest. [00:11:15] Speaker A: That takes ten minutes. [00:11:16] Speaker C: Yes, she will. As her first action, she'll probably look around and as the mama Hannah she is, make note of the people that are around because she hasn't seen Soraya yet, has she? Because she doesn't know if she's even been taken. So she'll probably hug serea. Serea, are you here too? Oh, goodness. I'm here. Okay. Okay. She will move down to guess if she sees pools of blood. And can you roll a survival on train? [00:11:46] Speaker A: You can. [00:11:47] Speaker B: It's just the type of tracks that you can track. [00:11:50] Speaker C: There's blood here, I think, or no. [00:11:52] Speaker B: Sorry. The DC's are higher depending on what we're following. [00:11:57] Speaker C: There's a ten. [00:11:58] Speaker A: Yep. Nothing. There's blood. Twin Talon. [00:12:01] Speaker B: Hold on. So Brianna called out, moved over and looked around. That was a three action. I mean, I think calling out is free. You want to grab your shield or something? [00:12:10] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, you can grab what? You can do one more action. [00:12:13] Speaker D: Sure. [00:12:13] Speaker C: Let's say I grab the shield as well and strap that off. [00:12:17] Speaker B: Okay. [00:12:18] Speaker A: Now talons. [00:12:20] Speaker B: Going to. He's got a sword. I don't. Grab his back where most of those stuff is and put that on. I mean, I don't know what else. We're running off into the jungle after our friend, so I might need something out of the backpack when we get there. I don't know. Yeah, so he'll start collecting things. So grab his backpack, put that on. And if you have time to grab his. His sword belt, he'll do that too. But if not, then he'll leave that behind. [00:12:44] Speaker A: I'll let you grab the sword belt. [00:12:45] Speaker E: So I'm strongly debating about whether or not timid would go back for his rapier, because he did take, like, he did run away from his stuff to cast his spells, and he did not pick up his weapon in the battle. Like, effective. He wouldn't be very effective. Well, he's not very effective, but he would be less effective without his rapier. But I feel like in character, he's a little rash to making decisions and a little hot headed. And I think he'd just run after him, possibly in the wrong direction, because he doesn't know how to track either, apparently. But I think he's just gonna run in that direction, whatever direction he deemed appropriate. [00:13:25] Speaker A: All right, Pondwatcher, you're following the blood trail. You roll the 16, you saw the blood trail, you just didn't gain any information, or you can't, you're not gonna get a jump. [00:13:34] Speaker F: So at the end of last episode, Pondwatcher saw the blood trail going into the jungle from his perch atop this wall. His rage runs out and he kind of staggers for a minute and he just starts screaming, silver, silver. And he's just gonna jump off the wall and just sprint in the direction of the blood. And I guess a roll of survival on the way. I mean, that's 28 natural, 20. [00:14:04] Speaker E: Nice. [00:14:05] Speaker C: Nice. [00:14:07] Speaker A: I'm going to remove move the card that Anwar added to the. [00:14:13] Speaker E: You're welcome. [00:14:14] Speaker B: Seems fair. [00:14:15] Speaker A: The chase is now a little bit shorter to touch them and. [00:14:19] Speaker F: Yeah, so I don't. I don't have any of my stuff except for my weapon. [00:14:22] Speaker A: Okay. And lastly, Saraya, what are you doing? [00:14:27] Speaker D: She's gonna send Jasper. Hi. And just chase after everybody else. [00:14:31] Speaker A: So let's start this challenge. Chase. So the first thing you encounter is a river. As you're running to the west, you see that there is a river. So critical success on the tracking from Podwatcher. You are not going to have to make any more tracking check. You can clearly see the path that they went down. They weren't necessarily even trying to hide their tracks, so. But with the 28, with the natural 20, that's gonna let you see it. So you see that they got over this, this river, that it's fairly wide and fairly large, how they quite got across it, but you can attempt to get across it. You can either attempt a DC 25 athletics check to swim across a DC 22 to avoid the roughest parts of the water and get, do we all do that? [00:15:38] Speaker B: Or how does this work for the chase mechanics? [00:15:41] Speaker A: Chase mechanics are actually really simple. Now, I'm going to give you DC's of with two options. Unless you can justify a different skill for me, which I am more than willing to listen to and hear your justification. You can attempt to use one of those skills to get. If you succeed, you get one chase point. If you fail, you get zero chase points. If you critically fail, you'll lose a chase point. If you critically succeed, you get two chase points. Each of these obstacles has a number of chase points based on, on the difficulty of it. So for example, this card that you have, the river right here, that hit that you revealed first, it requires four chase points and it is very difficult. So the DC's are high. [00:16:33] Speaker F: Can you give us a reminder, you gave us two different athletics checks. [00:16:37] Speaker A: We can go for athletics or survival or if you can justify some other way to get a call, the river. If it works, we'll roll it. Yeah. Yes. So you have athletics at a DC 25 or a survival at a DC 22. [00:16:54] Speaker F: Okay. I mean, I'm gonna go with athletics, obviously. [00:17:00] Speaker C: Yeah, me too. [00:17:02] Speaker D: It is physically impossible for me to hit either of those. So I'm gonna see what I can figure out. [00:17:09] Speaker B: You don't have a plus two. [00:17:10] Speaker C: And Ivan, having recalled something similar the last time we tried to ford a river, would it be at all feasible that I like, scoop up Saraya on my back and move with her? [00:17:25] Speaker A: Sure. Absolutely. [00:17:27] Speaker C: And those are tall. [00:17:30] Speaker D: Three of us. [00:17:31] Speaker C: Not that tall. [00:17:37] Speaker A: How would you try, how is Brianna gonna try and get across? Are you gonna use survival or athletics? Okay, so then I'm gonna say because you're carrying Saraya, even though she's willowy, it's gonna add a. Make it a plus one. So you have to get a. [00:17:54] Speaker C: But I don't have my armor which feeds me. Okay, well, I tried. Thanks, Matt. [00:18:00] Speaker A: Correct. [00:18:00] Speaker B: It does not. [00:18:02] Speaker A: Thanks, Matt. [00:18:03] Speaker B: You are very strong, so your armor. [00:18:05] Speaker A: Doesn'T make you strong. [00:18:11] Speaker B: I'll just shut up and know the rules to myself. [00:18:15] Speaker C: Yep, exactly what you needed. [00:18:17] Speaker E: Yeah, you hit it. [00:18:18] Speaker A: Yeah. So Brianna gets a 26. So that gives you guys one point to get a card there. So twin talon, how are you trying to get across? [00:18:31] Speaker B: So how wide is this river? [00:18:34] Speaker A: Let's say 15ft. It's rushing. [00:18:37] Speaker B: I would argue that twin talon is gonna try to use. [00:18:43] Speaker A: Actually, I guess. [00:18:43] Speaker B: It'S jumping athletics to. Okay, nevermind. Okay, so rolling back here. You said athletics is 26, survival is. [00:18:55] Speaker A: 22, athletics is 25, survival is 22. The reason that Brianna's was higher is because she's carrying another person. [00:19:02] Speaker F: Okay. [00:19:03] Speaker B: In any case, my athletics and survival bonus are the same. So Twintalon will use survival. He'll look for the best place to get across and he'll try to take that. [00:19:16] Speaker A: Yeah. That is a ten. That is critical failure. [00:19:20] Speaker B: I do, I want to, I want to throw one of these hero points out to get another natural 111. You can't use one here. One the same action. So it's been Talon. We'll try to find an underground path. [00:19:39] Speaker A: So you start getting swept away and Brianna grabs you. But it slows down your guys progress. So you guys lose the one point that you have. [00:19:49] Speaker E: Timmit's gonna use survival to try to find a good location. 24 total. [00:19:58] Speaker A: That's good enough. [00:20:00] Speaker E: And so he finds something. Is it possible for him to scream out to everyone else the little area that he found to make it a little bit easier on them for this? Anyone else who might want to try to survival for the rest of this round? [00:20:14] Speaker A: If you had critically succeeded? Yes. [00:20:16] Speaker C: Okay. [00:20:17] Speaker A: But since you just succeeded, you can call it out, but it might not have that much of an effect. [00:20:20] Speaker E: Okay, that's fair. [00:20:22] Speaker F: Punhauter just sprinting headlong and he's just gonna like jump out as far as he can and then swim the rest of the way. Athletics. I've been rolling hot so I'm worried about this one. [00:20:34] Speaker A: It's something I'm good at for silver. [00:20:37] Speaker F: Silver 30. [00:20:40] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:20:42] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:20:42] Speaker A: Not a critical, but enough to get another point. So as pond Watcher crosses the river temid, it crosses the river. Brianna is kind of stuck in the middle holding onto Twintalen and Saraya. So Brianna, go ahead. And just so you know, guys know, I'm rolling for the group ahead of you using their skills. Every time you guys make a check, they make a check. [00:21:08] Speaker C: So Brianna, go ahead. I'm guessing I'm rolling another athletics. [00:21:13] Speaker A: Okay. [00:21:13] Speaker C: So she will do her best to pull along two people. If you want to put any negatives to that. Cool. But I rolled a 32. [00:21:26] Speaker E: Holy shit. [00:21:27] Speaker A: Twin talon. Since you can actually make this check, go ahead and make another check to get across. Well, let you know the other team is not doing as well. [00:21:39] Speaker B: I would like to bring a case to Wolfsport. I would like to argue that balance is an acrobatics activity which is balancing on a tough, it could be a rough surface or uneven surface. And I think that balance in this river would be incredibly important. And not to be pushed over or stepping on a slippery rock or something like that. I would argue that Twintalon should be able to use acrobatics. [00:22:09] Speaker A: Okay, I will let you roll acrobatics at the survival check. [00:22:15] Speaker B: Okay, I'll take it. [00:22:19] Speaker A: 26. So with that you all manage to get through the worst of this, and you happen to stumble as you are running through. A deluge of water erupts from the sky, erupting in a downpour, making it harder to track where you are going. So you can either use a DC 13 fortitude check to endure the rain and not lose track of what you're doing, or a Dec 15 nature to apply your knowledge of the weather patterns and how you can best survive. This. [00:23:04] Speaker B: Can just make a fortitude save to suck it up. Yep. [00:23:07] Speaker D: Well, if my fortitude is the DC, can I just take that or do I have to? I mean, I guess it could roll. [00:23:14] Speaker B: If you roll a natural one on a saving throw, you automatically fail. [00:23:17] Speaker A: Yeah, you do fail. [00:23:18] Speaker F: I'm gonna. I'm gonna tank it as well. [00:23:22] Speaker A: Okay, so Saraya tanks it with a 23 for two points. [00:23:30] Speaker F: I rolled a natural one, but I still beat the DC, so I'm gonna use a hero for. If I have to. [00:23:36] Speaker A: Okay, so. So it just. You fail, but since you still pass, it's just a regular fail so you don't lose any. [00:23:44] Speaker F: Well, no, I'm gonna use a hero point on that. Cause that's pathetic for me. [00:23:49] Speaker E: Oh, my God. [00:23:53] Speaker A: I rolled two natural ones in a. [00:23:55] Speaker F: Row on fortitude plus 13. [00:23:58] Speaker A: Well, so you're not. You're kind of grumpy about having to deal with the water and the rain. First the river, now it's raining all of a sudden. Duh. Rihanna rolls an eight, rolls an 18, so she helps you guys move forward one more time. [00:24:16] Speaker B: Is that pond watcher played by Napoleon dynamite? [00:24:19] Speaker A: Yes. [00:24:20] Speaker D: Gosh, God, I have not thought about Napoleon dynamite in, like, a decade. [00:24:25] Speaker F: Tina. [00:24:28] Speaker A: So, between Talon and timid, you guys get enough points to manage your way through the downpour. [00:24:37] Speaker B: 22. [00:24:39] Speaker A: Yes. Or crossing nearby you as you reach this rushing waterfall, it's causing the water to become a little choppy again. And you are able to either cross it with a DC 15 athletics check to hop or swim across the stones, or a DC 13 survival to find a ford or crossing nearby. [00:25:05] Speaker C: Yeah, I'm going to probably hop as best I can. Sarah, are you still piggybacking? [00:25:13] Speaker D: No. So, actually, what happens is Jasper is kind of hovering on one side, like, cawing, like, trying to. He's found a safe spot. [00:25:23] Speaker C: Okay, so you scramble off my back and you go through the safe spot. [00:25:27] Speaker D: Yeah, well, I figured I got off your back when we were going through deluge, so. [00:25:32] Speaker A: Also, as you guys approach this, you see the feet of one of the creatures just in the distance because they rolled the natural one as well, and then they disappear into the forest. [00:25:47] Speaker F: So we see an enemy. [00:25:50] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:25:51] Speaker F: I would like to make the case that means that I can rage, which allows me to have a swim speed of 30ft. [00:26:01] Speaker A: Sure. All right. [00:26:03] Speaker F: So he sees it and gets reinvigorated and just kind of swims straight up the waterfall. [00:26:12] Speaker D: Just. Just pond washer. Just, like, turns into a salmon for a minute. [00:26:16] Speaker F: Yes. [00:26:16] Speaker B: I assume that's how he's swimming, too. It's like jumping. [00:26:18] Speaker F: Yeah. You guys just, like, walk by and he just keeps trying to jump up the waterfall. [00:26:24] Speaker A: Soraya, with the help of Jasper, sees a way across and gets. Manages to get across with a 22. Brianna using her athletics. You said swims across, hops across with it, which is a critical success. Taught me well. Timid. What's. How are you getting timid? [00:26:49] Speaker E: Once again, gonna use his ability to survive to try to get past this. Rolled a natural one and I have no hero points. [00:26:59] Speaker D: Did Jasper roll well enough to at least have, like, catch him as attention? [00:27:04] Speaker E: Doesn't matter. It's still. [00:27:05] Speaker B: It's a natural one. [00:27:06] Speaker E: Yeah, it's a natural one. And plus, I would have passed if it wasn't for the fact that it's a one. [00:27:12] Speaker A: So, yeah, it's funny. As temmit starts to walk across the fjord, he hears the cawing of Jasper, which causes him to lose his concentration and slips and falls into the water. [00:27:25] Speaker D: I throw out. I have. [00:27:27] Speaker A: I have rope. Hang on, hang on a second. Pawn watcher. Go ahead and make your athletics or your. Whatever you're using. [00:27:36] Speaker F: Yeah. So I have a swim. [00:27:36] Speaker A: Swim. [00:27:37] Speaker F: So do I get, like, a bonus on athletics or I guess a chop? [00:27:41] Speaker A: I'll give you plus 224, which is a critical success. [00:27:50] Speaker F: So grabs ten it on the way, you know? [00:27:52] Speaker A: Yeah, I was gonna say you grabbed ten. And that's enough to get everyone across the rushing waterway. As you pop out the other side, you see a tangled, twisting forest, which really slowed down the other group. Honestly. You can either use a DC 17 perception check to find the path or a DC 13 survival to plot a path. [00:28:19] Speaker E: So I have an idea. Can the possible survival users try to roll first? And if we get a critical success, could make it easier for the subsequent people, is that. [00:28:31] Speaker A: Absolutely. We'll start at the top with Brianna. [00:28:36] Speaker C: Brianna will hold her turn and look at temed and say, do you think there's a way through? And we'll move once temid tells. Saved you, we'll follow and. [00:28:47] Speaker A: Oops. [00:28:48] Speaker E: Well, I accidentally hit survival, but that's what I was gonna do anyways. [00:28:52] Speaker C: Perfect. [00:28:53] Speaker A: So a 25 on survival will give you points. [00:28:57] Speaker E: And so that's a critical success, is it? [00:29:00] Speaker B: I think at least it was 1313. [00:29:03] Speaker E: Yeah. So then I think you also mentioned before that I can then say, you know, scream out and potentially give everyone else a bonus. [00:29:12] Speaker A: So we'll let twin Talon go now and you get a plus one on this roll. [00:29:17] Speaker B: Okay, so 13 survival or 17 perception is that we said, okay, yeah. Twin town will survive both to try to follow Tammit's instructions. 13, which is. Which is the DC. Yeah. [00:29:33] Speaker A: Brianna, would you like to go now or would like to. Perception or survival? Survival's easier with a 13, perception's a 17 survival. [00:29:44] Speaker B: That'll do. That'll make it. [00:29:46] Speaker A: As you get out of the tangled forest, you see that there have been some disturbed rat nests that have. The rats have come out and joined into a giant rat swarm. [00:29:56] Speaker B: Ooh, it's like the destructicons. [00:29:58] Speaker A: Yes, it is. Pond watchers turn. You can either use a DC 14 intimidation check to scare them off, or a DC 14 fortitude check to endure their. [00:30:12] Speaker F: Interesting. So, yeah, he's just gonna run headlong into them, screaming at the top of his lungs and, like, you know, circling his halberd above his head like a crazy person and gonna go for intimidate. [00:30:28] Speaker A: Ah. [00:30:30] Speaker F: 29. [00:30:31] Speaker C: Nice. [00:30:31] Speaker E: Awesome. [00:30:32] Speaker B: Nice. [00:30:34] Speaker A: That will critically succeed. So you guys have two points. So podwatcher makes a quick hole through these rats, and Soraya, you're up next. [00:30:45] Speaker D: It's how much to jump to intimidate 14. I will try fortitude 31. She's not used to this. She lived in a cave for a while. She's kind of just walking through, like, kicking at them, and they're nipping at her ankles. And Jasper is just kind of, like, cawing at them occasionally if he finds a smaller dead one, possibly swallowing it. But this is nothing that they're not used to. [00:31:10] Speaker A: Between Pondwatcher and Soraya, they manage. You guys manage to make a big enough hole and scare off enough rats that you can all proceed without being injured or attacked. And again, now, I could not have planned this better if I had tried. I dealt these cards out face down, shuffling them up. I had no idea what the chase was gonna look like. But you see, on the other side of a rope bridge that has been cut, the creatures carrying silver away, timid on your. I'm sorry, twin talent. On your turn, you can either use a DC 18 athletics to jump across the gap, a DC 20 nature check to find another route, or a DC 20, survival check to find a different route to get across this. [00:32:03] Speaker B: Alright, so since twin talons, the skill mods are all the same. For those three skills, he is going to try to jump. [00:32:11] Speaker A: Okay. [00:32:12] Speaker B: And I got a 25. [00:32:14] Speaker C: Nice. [00:32:15] Speaker A: Great. You managed to jump across the gap, right. As the group runs away and gets out of your sight. [00:32:24] Speaker E: Timid. Being the survivor that he is, uses his skill called survival to survive. Well, I was thinking, you know, I will survive. [00:32:37] Speaker D: Petrified. [00:32:38] Speaker E: Yeah. But then he saw silver, or could. [00:32:41] Speaker B: Be eye of the tiger by survivor. [00:32:43] Speaker E: First he was afraid he was petrified and then he saw silver and then he decided to decide, I don't know, let's just hit survival. [00:32:52] Speaker A: Thought about how he couldn't live without him by his side. [00:32:57] Speaker E: What was the. [00:32:57] Speaker B: Spent so many nights thinking how he. [00:32:59] Speaker A: Did it was survival 20. Yes, it is. [00:33:04] Speaker E: So I rolled a natural two and I got a 14. So I fell into the gourd. [00:33:10] Speaker F: No, you walk off the flip, you're. [00:33:13] Speaker A: Looking around for another path and you can't quite seem to find the path. One could say you're not a great pathfinder. And we're gonna look at Brianna. That hurts. [00:33:23] Speaker E: That really hurts. My feelings hurt. [00:33:25] Speaker C: So he doesn't go like fall through the gorge because if, if that's the case, she would have like left to try and grab him and pull him back up. [00:33:32] Speaker A: No, no, no. Since he used a survival check, he was looking for another path. [00:33:37] Speaker C: Okay, so Brianna sees quintelen leap across and she still trusts that her own limbs will, you know, recall back to their corvosan days where they left from rooftop to rooftop. And she will make an athletics check. [00:33:51] Speaker A: For a 21 that will make it. So you get another point. [00:33:58] Speaker C: I still got it. Come on, let's go get him. [00:34:02] Speaker A: Next is pond watcher. [00:34:03] Speaker F: Pond watcher is steaming along, running, sprinting headfirst towards the gorge. And he's gonna yell, silver, drop your Lothlorien pin. And then. [00:34:19] Speaker A: Amazing. [00:34:19] Speaker F: He's going to leap across, or attempt to anyway, with a 21. [00:34:25] Speaker A: Also manages to make it across. [00:34:28] Speaker C: Yes. [00:34:28] Speaker F: I like to imagine that he just like hits the lip, but like is just so mad that he like keeps going and it just like goes through the dirt, crawling his way up. [00:34:37] Speaker A: It reminds me of the. Do you remember the trailer for one of the mission impossible movies where you just see what's his. [00:34:46] Speaker C: Tom. [00:34:47] Speaker A: Yeah, Tom Cruise just runs and jumps over the gap and then you see him hit and he misses or he just doesn't. He holds himself up. That's what I picture. [00:34:56] Speaker F: Yeah. Like twin town did like a backflip and sorrel. I mean, Brianna like, you know, just perfectly made it. And then he just like bashes into the wall, just like punching the wall up where. While still wearing his booty shorts. [00:35:08] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. The whole time in booty shorts. [00:35:10] Speaker D: I imagine that they have to say nighty night on the butt. [00:35:14] Speaker A: Oh, my God, please, somebody drop. But they say, they say, but it's knigh t y. [00:35:22] Speaker E: Did you hear how there was like, like sincere laughter for what Christine said and really fake laughter for what you said? I just want to make sure. [00:35:34] Speaker A: So is my life. Next up is Saraya. No, you're not. [00:35:43] Speaker D: Living in mountains and having rope and everything around pretty consistently. She could use cracking to kind of Jerry rig even if it's just literally throwing the rope across and like catching it on something. So she has to really force all across with because she can't jump the gorge. [00:35:58] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. [00:36:00] Speaker B: So in ten minutes she can weave a. [00:36:03] Speaker D: No, I'm literally saying she like throws something across and has to like drag herself with. Feel free to veto if that's the case. Jasper's gonna look for another password. [00:36:13] Speaker A: I'll say you can throw it, but it's gonna increase to 20. [00:36:16] Speaker F: Rope and dagger, grappling hook. [00:36:17] Speaker D: Yeah, I'll take that bet. Like, my crafting is a 14. Shit, I rolled a three. [00:36:25] Speaker A: So you throw the dagger and it lands just a little short. But it's on a rope. So you managed to not lose your dagger. [00:36:32] Speaker D: At least I didn't lose my dagger. [00:36:34] Speaker F: I was thinking you just like, you throw the dagger but it's not tied in. [00:36:37] Speaker A: Just kind of like sails over there. [00:36:41] Speaker B: Throw the rope and then tie the dagger to it. Wait, hold on. [00:36:44] Speaker D: Too late, already through the deck. Okay, so she fails. [00:36:49] Speaker A: Twin Talon, it is back to you. How can you help them get across? [00:36:53] Speaker B: Twin Talon will go to, I mean, Twintelle jumped across per our interactions. So Twintalon will go back to the edge and kind of hold his hand out. They'll be like, jump. I'll catch you. [00:37:06] Speaker C: Okay, brother, help me. Sorry. Thank you. [00:37:15] Speaker A: So whoever tries to jump across next will get a plus two with because of twins. [00:37:20] Speaker B: So much shorter, timid. [00:37:23] Speaker A: What's. Let's see how this works. [00:37:24] Speaker E: The DC in the jump. DC eighteen's gonna go for it. Ten minutes. Gonna go for it. [00:37:31] Speaker B: I got you, buddy. [00:37:32] Speaker A: Catch me. [00:37:33] Speaker B: This one you roll very poorly. 15. [00:37:40] Speaker E: He starts running and one of the many mugs that he keeps in his backpack starts to clank her out. So then he like, tests it. Turn around. To catch it and then stops just before the jump. [00:37:48] Speaker A: Nice, Brianna. [00:37:50] Speaker C: That twin Talon is definitely helping the rest of the party move. She will continue with pond watcher to forge forward to try and catch this group. [00:38:02] Speaker A: Okay, so we're gonna split the party. All right, Brianna and Pondwatcher, move ahead. And you see that there is just all of this dirt and clouds of dust just everywhere, making it hard to see your way through. So you can either give me a DC 15 fortitude check to endure the coughing of this smoke cloud, or DC 13 survival to disperse the smoke. [00:38:31] Speaker C: This is also assuming that consent. Rich, you're moving forward like, oh, hell. [00:38:36] Speaker F: Yeah, he's my best friend. [00:38:39] Speaker A: Yeah, see, that is a 30. Fortitude, that will be a critical success. [00:38:48] Speaker F: I mean, watch is gonna do the same thing. [00:38:51] Speaker A: All right, 16, you succeed. You succeed. [00:38:55] Speaker F: Barely. [00:38:56] Speaker E: Barely. [00:38:57] Speaker A: You get up. You got that point, though. Soraya, you're still on the other side of the collapsed bridge. [00:39:03] Speaker D: Send Jasper to look for another way. [00:39:05] Speaker A: Okay. [00:39:06] Speaker D: 19 to look for a new path. [00:39:10] Speaker A: He's looking, but he doesn't quite find anything. Quintalin. [00:39:14] Speaker B: Yeah, he's gonna continue to try to help somebody across. [00:39:19] Speaker A: Okay, come on. [00:39:20] Speaker B: They're getting away with our racist old man. [00:39:24] Speaker A: Timid. You are still. You're. You untangle yourself from your mugs. [00:39:28] Speaker E: What's the DC on the survival again? [00:39:31] Speaker A: 20 survival, 20 nature or 18 athletics? [00:39:35] Speaker E: Okay. [00:39:36] Speaker B: And you get a plus two for me on the athletes. [00:39:38] Speaker E: Yeah. So that makes it equal. And that way. I'm just gonna try it. I'm gonna go again. All right, so he secures his mug as he runs back to get a running start. And then he sprints as fast as he can and he leaps and he gets us total of a 17 with. With twin talons help. [00:39:57] Speaker A: So as you jump this time, you are millimeters short. Your fingertips scrape twin talons as you jump and you start to fall. Tax opportunity. Brianna, you're almost through this cloud of smoke. You and Pond Watcher. So, fortitude or survival again? Okay. [00:40:19] Speaker C: Yeah, it is with a 30 again, that's critical success. [00:40:25] Speaker A: You grab pondwatcher and drag him out from this cloud of smoke. [00:40:30] Speaker C: Come on, this way. I'm used to this. [00:40:33] Speaker A: Pawn watcher. As you and Brianna get out of the cloud of smoke, you both stop short as you see a sleep. You see three sleeping bears. And one of these bears kind of yawns and turns over and opens a single eye and sees you and starts to growl. You can either use nature with a DC 14 calm it down, or a DC 16 stealth to sneak past oh, boy. [00:41:07] Speaker F: I'll try for a little stealth. He's gonna. He's gonna stop. Seize it, says, Brianna, watch out. [00:41:13] Speaker A: There's some bears. [00:41:14] Speaker F: I don't know how vampires got best here. And then he's gonna kind of just, like, stare at it and slowly slink around like crab walking. Don't move, mama bear. It's okay. I'm just walking in this way. 29. [00:41:29] Speaker A: That is a critical success. So that's two points. [00:41:32] Speaker E: Surreya, just want to say before Surya starts, he's doing the crabby things over his head too, right? Like the claws over his head, like the Zoidberg. [00:41:40] Speaker B: Of course. [00:41:41] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:41:45] Speaker F: Well, he. He doesn't have his. Any of his clothes on or sheath, so he still has to hold his weapon. But the other hand is doing a crab. [00:41:52] Speaker E: Wait, are you saying he's butt naked? [00:41:54] Speaker A: He's wearing booty shorts. We've established the booty shorts. [00:41:58] Speaker E: I am paying attention. I just got flustered for a second. [00:42:03] Speaker A: Oh, Saraya, you see temid plummeting and. [00:42:09] Speaker E: You think to yourself, good riddance. [00:42:11] Speaker F: No, really cleaning up the dead weight, huh? [00:42:16] Speaker D: What could I possibly do to help him? [00:42:19] Speaker F: Drop a bomb on him? [00:42:20] Speaker B: Yeah, you could kill him before he hits the ground. Breaking his leg would be very painful. [00:42:24] Speaker D: But no, like, seriously, like, what? [00:42:25] Speaker A: Show me mercy. You have to rope. Like, but can I just throw and a dagger. So you could stab him with the dagger and the rope for him. [00:42:34] Speaker D: Like, how does that need a check? [00:42:36] Speaker F: I mean, if you want. [00:42:37] Speaker E: Just feel like he would fall so much faster than the rope. [00:42:40] Speaker A: I mean, it's not even. [00:42:42] Speaker D: She weights it down. No, like, seriously though, is there, like, is there a check I can make? What can we do here? [00:42:49] Speaker A: I mean, your best bet is to get across because he's closer to the other side than he is. [00:42:55] Speaker F: To use Spike, a healing potion down at his head so it hits him when he hits the ground. [00:42:59] Speaker D: Just like, Bonk. The best I can do, honestly, is have Jasper keeper because I would have to. He at least has to roll lower to succeed than I would. [00:43:10] Speaker A: He missed it by one. [00:43:11] Speaker D: Missed it by a lot more. [00:43:14] Speaker A: There you go. Managed to get across, but we still have this timid situation to deal with. Unless you want to just say screw it and leave him and join. [00:43:24] Speaker B: I've got a plan. It's my turn next. [00:43:26] Speaker A: It is Twin Talon, New York. [00:43:27] Speaker B: Twintal is going to. Because they cut the rope bridge, right? There's like some dangly bit of rope on this side at least. [00:43:35] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:43:35] Speaker B: To a post to grab it, wrap around his wrist. One time and swing down into the gorge and see if you can't snatch ten it out of it. [00:43:43] Speaker D: Nice. [00:43:43] Speaker A: All right, here we go. [00:43:45] Speaker B: Go ahead, give me a. Acrobatics. [00:43:49] Speaker A: Yes. What. What is your reflex? Reflex save? Yes. [00:43:58] Speaker E: Do you want the DC or the save? [00:44:00] Speaker A: Save. [00:44:01] Speaker E: It's a plus twelve. [00:44:03] Speaker A: So that your. Your difficulty would be a 22. So twin Talon, you swing down and you grab temid as he. He's plummeting from. From this height and save him. [00:44:16] Speaker B: I'll say that. [00:44:16] Speaker F: We. [00:44:16] Speaker B: We grab forearms and when Twintown comes to the, like, the apex of his swim, tosses up onto the. Onto the side. [00:44:26] Speaker A: All right. You have managed to pass my horror. [00:44:30] Speaker F: I'm pretty sure you get a panache point for that. [00:44:32] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:44:33] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:44:33] Speaker B: Okay, cool. [00:44:34] Speaker A: Great. But you do get a hero for that. That was epic. [00:44:42] Speaker E: That was fantastic. [00:44:43] Speaker F: That's fucking awesome. [00:44:45] Speaker E: Also, I'm pretty sure the person falling who created the scenario should get the hero points. [00:44:52] Speaker A: You get the. I don't have, like, bumbling points, but you are definitely the Michael Scott of this group right now. [00:45:00] Speaker E: Thanks, guys. [00:45:01] Speaker A: That's. [00:45:01] Speaker E: I'm the star of the show and without me, it would get a lot worse. [00:45:05] Speaker A: Temid Saraya and twin Talon. Now, see this cloud of smoke, of all of this dust and whatnot, you can either make a fortitude save of a DC 15 to endure the coughing, or a DC 13 survival check to disperse the cloud of smoke. [00:45:26] Speaker F: Jasper carried you across. [00:45:28] Speaker D: Yeah, that's what we're going to assume. [00:45:31] Speaker A: Yeah. Jasper found. Found the path for you to go through. Timid through the cloud of smoke. Fortitude at a DC 15 or survival. [00:45:41] Speaker E: At a DC 13 roll a survival to try to get through these at a 24 24. [00:45:48] Speaker A: That's a critical success. That's two points for you guys. [00:45:51] Speaker E: Awesome. [00:45:52] Speaker C: Brianna, could I also argue on their behalf that he would clear a path for the rest of his friends, that they would. [00:46:00] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. [00:46:01] Speaker C: They all basically were all in the same area. [00:46:04] Speaker A: Oh, no, no, no. They're not through that yet. They got. They're gonna get it at a little bit of advantage, but they're not. To the sleeping bears, where you are actually at the sleeping bears. [00:46:18] Speaker C: Okay. So since I saw a pond watcher do the Zoidberg, I will attempt to do the same. What was my other option? Sorry. [00:46:30] Speaker A: Nature. To calm them down. DC 14. [00:46:33] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:46:34] Speaker C: I'm not a Disney princess like twin Talon is. So I'm a. I'm coming. I'll try and. Oh, I'm a use a hero point. [00:46:44] Speaker A: Okay. Total. [00:46:48] Speaker C: Yeah, eight total. [00:46:50] Speaker A: That's a. [00:46:50] Speaker D: Here's my hair. [00:46:51] Speaker A: Boy, that's not good. [00:46:54] Speaker C: Okay. Okay, here we go. [00:46:57] Speaker A: How could it be worse? Please shut up. Shut up. Fuck you, Sean. [00:47:04] Speaker B: Natural one. [00:47:05] Speaker C: Thank you, Sean. [00:47:07] Speaker A: Thank you, natural one. You lose a point. And as you are sneaky, as you're zoidberging by the classic, you step on a twig and you hear it crack. The camera pulls out. You hear it crack. Again. Camera pulls out farther. Cracks. Again. Camera pulls out farther. Finally, you get to the whole, like, planet. You hear the crack. You pull out to the elven worlds and you hear it crack. [00:47:35] Speaker D: We zoom in real fast, and there's a bear war. [00:47:39] Speaker B: Yes, but she was gonna make the WHOOP whoops sound. [00:47:46] Speaker A: All right, back to Pond watcher. As you. As you are stealthing by so well, you hear this twig snap and all of the bears wake up. [00:47:58] Speaker F: Okay. So I'm assuming I'm like a little bit past them, but they're looking at Brienne. [00:48:02] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. And they look hungry. Okay, so maybe a little bit rabid. [00:48:07] Speaker F: Pond watcher. Pond watcher has a moment of a flashback with his mother in the tundra. And she's like, okay, Pondwatcher, if it's brown, back down. [00:48:18] Speaker A: If it's black, fight back. [00:48:20] Speaker F: And then he gets up real big and starts, like, roaring back at the bears. And he's gonna try a nature check to cow them into not attacking. [00:48:30] Speaker A: Okay, that's a natural one. That's a natural one. You have a hero point. [00:48:35] Speaker F: Would you like my last hero point, please, sir? [00:48:38] Speaker A: Okay. [00:48:39] Speaker F: The last time this happened, I rolled a natural one again. So the odds of that happening again have to be very low. [00:48:45] Speaker C: It's like 100% change, hopefully, inshallah. [00:48:52] Speaker F: 14. [00:48:54] Speaker A: That's an s. There we go. So you start to, like, calm them down. Gaining a point. [00:48:59] Speaker F: By roaring at them. [00:49:00] Speaker A: Yeah, by roaring. Saraya, you heard a stick crack in the distance and then you hear roaring. And then you hear pond watcher roaring. That's the only way I can describe it. [00:49:12] Speaker B: Roar. [00:49:14] Speaker C: Well, today, like, crack a log over my knee. [00:49:17] Speaker D: Like, what the fuck? [00:49:19] Speaker F: You're just so strong. You're so strong. You can't help it. [00:49:24] Speaker A: There's still this smoke and dust in front of you. [00:49:28] Speaker D: Fortitude 22. [00:49:31] Speaker C: Yes. [00:49:32] Speaker A: That is a. Not a critical success, but it is a success. [00:49:36] Speaker B: We had some kind of bonus to get through here. [00:49:38] Speaker A: Oh, you did. That is a critical success. So you managed to get through. Thank you for reminding me. And as you approach, you see, I can go back to using one figure now for this chase, as you see, there are bears growling at Brianna, but pine Watcher is trying to calm them down. And it is the Disney princess's turn. I like twin Talon. [00:50:04] Speaker F: I hope that the bears are just like kind of confused. They're like, what? [00:50:10] Speaker B: So twin Talon knows that bears love belly. She's going to slide in between pond Watcher and the bears and give them, them, give them some belly rubs with nature. [00:50:23] Speaker F: They're like, who the fuck are these? [00:50:26] Speaker A: We were just sleeping, guys. 16. It's enough to get a point. [00:50:31] Speaker B: Okay? [00:50:32] Speaker C: That's what happens, like, thematically, though. [00:50:38] Speaker A: So the biggest of these bears, twin talons, slides in and starts rubbing its belly, giving it belly rub. And the bear is just so confused. It doesn't know. It was asleep like 30 seconds ago, less than that. And now it was hungry and now it's getting belly rubs and something is growling. It is just, it's like I haven't even had my coffee yet. Like, I don't know what to do. Timid, you're up. Having narrowly just escaped death, you now see bears. [00:51:11] Speaker E: Yeah. I mean, his nature is really bad. [00:51:15] Speaker A: You can also stealth through them while they're so confused. [00:51:19] Speaker E: I know. Yeah, I guess that's the only thing he really can do. He's gonna Zoidberg his way through this. [00:51:26] Speaker A: Roll. Your Zoidberg was 1717, which is enough. You managed to pass the bears. They're so confused that they just up and like, they walk away, leaving the path clear for the rest of you. [00:51:43] Speaker E: Tim, it just barely suppresses his, his. [00:51:47] Speaker A: Desire to go bear. [00:51:50] Speaker E: Barely, just barely. [00:51:52] Speaker B: Barely. [00:51:53] Speaker C: Get out. [00:51:54] Speaker E: Come on, come on. That was so layered, that have me so many layers in it. [00:52:01] Speaker A: It was like an onion dip. [00:52:02] Speaker E: Delicious. [00:52:03] Speaker B: All onions. [00:52:05] Speaker D: So after the bears. [00:52:06] Speaker A: So with that, as you, you look around and you've been following this blood path the entire time. [00:52:14] Speaker F: Does he have any blood left? [00:52:16] Speaker A: No, not at all. Obviously none left because the path just stops them. [00:52:23] Speaker B: Straight ahead of us though. [00:52:25] Speaker A: Well, you did. They got past three turns ago. Yeah, they've, they. So as you were all struggling to get across that bridge. Well, not you all. As twin Talon was helping Saraya and timid get across the bridge, they were able to get build up a little bit of a lead. So they've managed to escape. [00:52:49] Speaker F: Oh. [00:52:52] Speaker A: Tailgar, don't. [00:52:56] Speaker E: I botched it. [00:52:57] Speaker C: You said no such thing. [00:53:00] Speaker A: You've created a better story. [00:53:03] Speaker B: So we know it's a dice roller, man. [00:53:05] Speaker F: We know that silver was. Well, I don't know this, I guess, but someone, at least one of us, saw him get struck unconscious and carted away. [00:53:15] Speaker A: Yes. [00:53:16] Speaker F: And we've seen a path, like a path of blood this whole way and we know that they drink blood and now there's no blood, so. [00:53:24] Speaker A: And the path is gone. [00:53:25] Speaker F: And Pondwatcher is just gonna freak out. Like, he's freaking out. Like, he throws his weapon on the ground. He's like digging up with his hands in the dirt. Like, there must be. We can find his tracks. I got. Where is he? [00:53:40] Speaker C: Brianna will approach very cautiously and get down on her knees as well with him and then just kind of like, wrap her arms around his shoulders and pull him to her and just like gently, like, stroke and kill her. [00:53:56] Speaker A: Like he. [00:53:56] Speaker C: I think he's gone on, virtually tried. [00:54:01] Speaker F: We were so close. We were so close. We found them, we were chasing them. And he's just gonna, like, weep. Just like, loud bracking sobs. Like he. This is his best friend. This is the only person that wanted him around. And he's been traveling with him for months and now he's just defenseless and gone. And he did his best and it wasn't enough. And that's really crushing to him. [00:54:32] Speaker C: Of course, Brianna will continue to hold him to her, kind of like trying to bear the weight of his sobs as best she can. And she will look up to the rest of the group, be like, is there anything we can do? We can continue find anything at all? [00:54:59] Speaker B: He can't have just disappeared. They were here. Ten minute. Help me spread out. We can search for a trowel if we can figure out where they went. [00:55:07] Speaker E: And just mentioning temid was kind of in shock. He slowed down and he was just kind of staring out ahead of him and he just, you know, like twin talents. Saying his name kind of snapped him back into it. And then he just kind of starts. He starts looking around too. He just desperately starts kind of running back and forth, trying to see if he can find any footprint and anything to get them back in the right direction again. You know, even if it takes days for them to catch up again, he's willing to go ahead and do it. [00:55:41] Speaker D: Yeah. So Rhea's gonna send Jasper to, like, circle up and see if he can see any movement or anything. And she's gonna go over to haunt Watcher and Brianna and kind of just, like, sit nearby maybe like occasionally, like, stroke his back and sing, like, it a lullaby in Elvin. [00:56:02] Speaker F: He believed in me. I know he wasn't right, but he said that I was meant to do something. I was meant to be an important person. And I don't. I just wanted to be his friend. And now he's gone. I don't understand why someone would come do this to him. It's not fair. [00:56:25] Speaker C: It's not fair. I don't understand either. I don't. I don't know why they would take him and run and not take any. Anyone else. [00:56:37] Speaker F: They weren't even defending themselves, barely. I don't know who they are or why they do this. [00:56:45] Speaker B: I think they did this because they couldn't stand and fight us. They're only hope was to grab one of us and leave. And I'm guessing, looking at the assembled group, they chose to pick when he was on watch. [00:56:59] Speaker E: But they. They went directly to him. [00:57:02] Speaker A: I. [00:57:03] Speaker E: It almost feels like they were there for him. [00:57:07] Speaker B: I don't. I don't know that that's true. I mean, it might be, but we all took watches. It's possible they were watching and waiting. They were following us. They might known a little bit about us. And, you know, strategically, if you had to pick one person to attack when they were on watch, maybe it's the old man. Maybe he doesn't see as well, he's not quick to react. They figured they could come in and take him out without causing alarm and then following the rest of us. But when we got up and started to fight, they knew they couldn't stand against us, so we got up and started to fight. They knew they couldn't stand against us, so they grabbed what they could and they left. Which unfortunately, was him. [00:57:51] Speaker C: Pont watcher Briana will like, gently tilt his face to her, so she can like, look at him and try and like, have him focus on her. Did Silva mention anything about vampires before? Perhaps an old enemy or something of the kind? [00:58:13] Speaker F: Yeah, I mean, you knew him. He mentioned all sorts of shit all the time. I'm sure he had plenty of enemies. Plenty of times he scraped by and somehow survived and. I don't know, I guess. But why here? Why continents away from where he had been living and from where he grew up? And why here? How do they know why? Why now? [00:58:42] Speaker C: Yes, why now? And to your point, twin Talon, it's true. If they're planning to return, and I don't know if it was specifically for silver or. They're watching us. Regardless, we need to keep on our Caria. [00:59:05] Speaker A: You hear Jasper start screeching as if he found something. [00:59:09] Speaker D: Which direction does it seem to be coming from? [00:59:13] Speaker A: Uh, directly north of where you guys are. From the kind of the clearing you're in. [00:59:18] Speaker D: Okay, I think. I think Jasper's found something. Let's go. [00:59:23] Speaker F: Let's go. [00:59:24] Speaker C: Okay. [00:59:24] Speaker E: Everybody runs, I assume? [00:59:26] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:59:26] Speaker A: Yeah. So Jasper is perched in a tree, and he comes down with a single guitar string and a piece of parchment. [00:59:37] Speaker D: What does the parchment say? [00:59:42] Speaker A: There is. [00:59:44] Speaker F: I can't look at it. [00:59:51] Speaker C: I'm guessing. Sorry. I. Where Jasmine would give it to Saraya. [00:59:55] Speaker A: Yeah. Yeah. [01:00:01] Speaker D: What does the parchment say? [01:00:04] Speaker A: So all it says is, what has one line written in green, emerald green ink, and it says, see you all again very soon. [01:00:17] Speaker D: Have I seen Silver's handwriting before? And does it look like his? [01:00:21] Speaker A: No. [01:00:22] Speaker D: Okay. [01:00:23] Speaker A: Not at all. Show. [01:00:23] Speaker D: Cute. [01:00:24] Speaker E: Those vampires are coming back. [01:00:27] Speaker B: Good. [01:00:28] Speaker E: Kill those motherfuckers. [01:00:31] Speaker B: We took out two of them. [01:00:33] Speaker A: And with that, we, uh. We'll pick this up here, let's say, next week. [01:00:41] Speaker B: What a somber note. [01:00:43] Speaker D: That's a note to end on. [01:00:46] Speaker A: Yeah. Whomp. [01:00:46] Speaker B: Whomp, indeed. [01:00:49] Speaker A: With Silver now missing, where will our heroes go? What are their next steps? Will they ever see him again? Find out the answer to these questions and more on the next episode of the Cracked Die podcast. Thank you for listening to the Crack Die podcast. Background sound effects provided by sirenscape because Epic Games deserve epic music, please visit [email protected] Pathfinder second edition, Age of Ashes, adventure path are all copyright of Paizo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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