The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 43 - Elephant Ride

Episode 10 July 09, 2020 01:04:26
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 43 - Elephant Ride
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 43 - Elephant Ride

Jul 09 2020 | 01:04:26


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:39] Speaker A: Hey there, everyone. Welcome to episode 43 of the Cracked Eye podcast. This is Anwar and I play temid, the cleric on the show. Sometimes I like to call him temid and for my final action cast shield Cedral because he's become kind of a one trick pony. But anyways, I want to keep this one short, so thanks again for listening. This is yet another remotely recorded episode, so the sound quality isn't quite what you were used to prior to us beginning the remote recording. In this particular episode, there are a few words that get cut off, but we did the best we could. The banter and general Tom foolery that you are probably here to listen to is still very much there. But just to finish up, you should definitely check out our upcoming Twitch stream, which is airing on July 18. And thankfully, once again, I am not going to be a part of it, so you guys are spared my annoying personality. And besides that, just check out and tune to this upcoming episode because I think you're really going to like this one. [00:01:39] Speaker B: Anyways, take care. [00:01:41] Speaker C: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast. [00:01:44] Speaker D: Our heroes saved silver from the living SAP. After flirting with death, both Silver and Brianna were okay. The group cleaned up and went back to bed. They then started exploring the moangi expanse, looking for the Santa Claus and heading to meet the elephant people. Renulli came back and has been helping our heroes by scouting ahead. While doing this, she has found some cobalt tracks. Our heroes quickly begin to follow them to see what's going on. Ranuli has also discovered a pillar that turns people into stone. What will our heroes do? Find out now on the Cracked Die podcast. [00:02:24] Speaker E: Welcome to the 42nd episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:02:30] Speaker B: Pass. [00:02:30] Speaker C: We did. [00:02:31] Speaker F: It's the answer to everything. [00:02:37] Speaker E: Again. [00:02:38] Speaker G: Brianna. [00:02:39] Speaker E: Yes? [00:02:40] Speaker G: Found out why everything went so badly in the combat. [00:02:43] Speaker B: Why? [00:02:44] Speaker H: What happened? [00:02:45] Speaker G: You dropped your towel. [00:02:50] Speaker E: You forgot your towel. [00:02:52] Speaker H: Oh, no. [00:02:52] Speaker E: You're a bad traveler. [00:02:56] Speaker H: Thank you. [00:02:57] Speaker E: To worst. So when we last left you guys, you had just entered a clearing where. [00:03:05] Speaker B: Ranuli had told you she'd seen cobalt. [00:03:09] Speaker E: Footprints heading towards you. Were all moving stealthily, avoiding notice, except. [00:03:14] Speaker B: For temid, who noticed that there was. [00:03:18] Speaker E: A tripwire right in front of you. [00:03:20] Speaker B: Right before you set off whatever trap this was associated with. [00:03:26] Speaker A: He chooses not to say anything and reveals himself to be the big bad evil guy. [00:03:32] Speaker E: Roll for initiative. [00:03:36] Speaker B: So that is where we will pick up. [00:03:41] Speaker A: So he calls out to everyone and. [00:03:42] Speaker B: Tells them there's a tripwire ahead of us. Okay, don't everyone react at once. Thanks. Notice. Shh. Twin Talon, do you think you can take care of it? Assuming I can see it, yeah. Over there. Can I see a point? [00:04:00] Speaker E: Yes. He points it out to you. I'm assuming. So you can see it very unhelpfully. [00:04:04] Speaker A: Points. Like, not with the finger, but with his whole hand. Like gestures in that general direction. [00:04:09] Speaker B: Like there. Over there. [00:04:11] Speaker G: Can't you see it? [00:04:13] Speaker C: Okay. [00:04:14] Speaker B: All right. [00:04:15] Speaker C: So twin Talon will, if you can. [00:04:17] Speaker B: See it, he will try to disable it. [00:04:19] Speaker E: And you are trained in thievery? [00:04:21] Speaker B: I am an expert in thievery. [00:04:22] Speaker E: Okay. [00:04:23] Speaker B: You have to be trained minimum to do this. 32. [00:04:28] Speaker E: You nimbly disable the trap. [00:04:32] Speaker B: As you carefully pull up the trip wire, you see that it is attached. [00:04:41] Speaker E: To what looks like mining picks and metal shards on a branch that if you tripped it would basically act like a scythe blade trap. But it's more crude and rudimentary. [00:04:59] Speaker C: Note to south cobalt's. [00:05:00] Speaker B: Like traps. [00:05:02] Speaker H: Sure it was the cobalt and not whatever humans that Renali was talking about? [00:05:09] Speaker B: Nope. [00:05:09] Speaker C: But this is the direction of the cobalt's we're going. So I'm just assuming everything we find is specifically about cobalt's. [00:05:16] Speaker H: I guess that's fair. [00:05:18] Speaker C: Just like I'm assuming that all cobalts go on packs of two and a master and apprentice. And sleep on hordes. [00:05:26] Speaker E: Clearly, yes. [00:05:28] Speaker B: Okay. [00:05:28] Speaker C: So with it disabled, twin Talon will continue to move out stealthily. [00:05:33] Speaker B: And he'll once again continue to help Sareia. [00:05:37] Speaker E: As you move around, as you continue. [00:05:39] Speaker B: To search or move forward, you notice. [00:05:42] Speaker E: That you've come into a clearing with a couple of downed trees. [00:05:47] Speaker B: It looks like they've fallen naturally. You see the stump still cracked. [00:05:52] Speaker C: That's what they want you to think. [00:05:53] Speaker E: As if a heavy wind has blown through here and knocked them over. Give me a second. I need to make a couple hidden rolls for everyone. [00:06:02] Speaker B: Nah, I believe this is an aim bush. [00:06:08] Speaker I: I know. [00:06:10] Speaker C: Pond watcher's aim bush. [00:06:11] Speaker B: Senses are tinkling. [00:06:12] Speaker E: Okay. Amazingly, Soraya is the first person to notice. You notice some pale green, scaly skin. [00:06:23] Speaker B: Kind of flash like duck down within. [00:06:26] Speaker E: The hollows of one of the trees. [00:06:28] Speaker G: I think you might be right. There's someone. And I point to where I saw it. [00:06:34] Speaker H: To all of us, I'm assuming. [00:06:35] Speaker G: Yeah. Twin Talon is probably the closest to me, but yeah. [00:06:39] Speaker B: Okay. [00:06:40] Speaker G: She's speaking quietly, but enough for everyone to hear. [00:06:43] Speaker B: Tontalin will focus his gaze wherever she's pointing. [00:06:46] Speaker E: As you look in where she is. [00:06:49] Speaker B: Pointing, you notice that there is a pale green cobalt. Trying to avoid your notice. Okay, pale green. [00:07:01] Speaker C: Well, the ones that we saw before were red, right? [00:07:03] Speaker B: The red and blue. [00:07:05] Speaker C: Zach, braff, or whatever their names were. [00:07:07] Speaker E: Yes. Zach, Braff and darf. [00:07:09] Speaker B: That's them. [00:07:12] Speaker C: This one's green. [00:07:13] Speaker E: Okay. [00:07:13] Speaker B: Should we speak to it? [00:07:15] Speaker H: I guess we can suddenly do what? [00:07:18] Speaker C: There's a cobalt in the trees. [00:07:21] Speaker B: What? [00:07:26] Speaker G: I guess surreal waved. [00:07:28] Speaker B: Hello. [00:07:30] Speaker G: We see you there. [00:07:33] Speaker E: It peeks its head out and you. [00:07:35] Speaker B: Hear it go rap. [00:07:40] Speaker E: What do you mean you no harm? And he comes with his hands held up. [00:07:43] Speaker B: Who's we? [00:07:46] Speaker E: All of us. There's a couple more of us down here. [00:07:50] Speaker G: Will they all come out? [00:07:52] Speaker E: Those who can, Will. [00:07:53] Speaker C: Why would some not be able to? Are you injured? [00:07:58] Speaker E: Give me, actually, Soraya, Temid and Brianna, please give me a medicine check. Sareia, give me an identify. Alchemy check. [00:08:11] Speaker G: Which would just be crafting, right? [00:08:13] Speaker E: Crafting alchemy. [00:08:14] Speaker B: Yes. [00:08:14] Speaker H: I don't know about scaly things. [00:08:17] Speaker G: 26 on the alchemy. [00:08:19] Speaker A: 21 on medicine. [00:08:21] Speaker H: Eleven on medicine. [00:08:23] Speaker E: Temid and Surreya, as you look at the one that is talking to you, Temid, you know he is poisoned. Oh, no, Soraya. [00:08:33] Speaker A: Poisoned? [00:08:34] Speaker E: Yes. Poisoned. Sareia. This looks vaguely familiar. You've seen this before somehow. And it looks like they're in the third stage of arsenic poisoning. [00:08:55] Speaker C: I'm just going to shaggy this one and say it wasn't me. [00:08:59] Speaker G: She'll look over at twid Talon and then back to the poor cobalt. How many of there are you? [00:09:09] Speaker E: There are eight of us. [00:09:11] Speaker G: Okay. Do we have antidotes? I thought we had at least like, one or two. [00:09:16] Speaker A: I can try to treat poison, but what it would do is add a plus two or plus four circumstance bonus to the next saving throw against the poison? If that would help at all. [00:09:28] Speaker E: Yes. When they go to make their next. [00:09:29] Speaker G: Save, can I make another crafting roll to see if I know? Since I know specifically what they're a poison by? If I know how to make an antidote. [00:09:39] Speaker E: Sure, why not? [00:09:40] Speaker G: Yeah. Instead of just like, oh, this will cure whatever you got. It's like, oh, no, this is exactly what you have. And I know how to fix it. [00:09:46] Speaker E: Especially because you've seen arsenic poisoning before. [00:09:49] Speaker G: Well, I don't know. I've seen arsenic poisoning before, but yes, I got a 24. [00:09:52] Speaker E: Yeah, 24. You probably could sit down and noodle something out, but it would probably take the rest of the day. Do they have that long? You're not too sure? [00:10:04] Speaker H: Well, wouldn't something like having them have water to pull it out? Or maybe clay to draw out the toxins until we find something? At least to slow it down. I don't know. [00:10:16] Speaker A: That's very good, Brienna. I think that's an excellent choice. Or excellent option if the two of. [00:10:21] Speaker G: You could attend to them while I work on an antidote. [00:10:26] Speaker H: Certainly. [00:10:27] Speaker G: Can you take us to the rest of your friends? [00:10:30] Speaker E: They're all hiding in here. And he gestures to the fallen trees, the hollowed out trees and debris. Okay. [00:10:39] Speaker G: And all of you have this ailment? [00:10:42] Speaker E: Yes, I think so. [00:10:45] Speaker C: How did you get hurt? How did you get sick? [00:10:51] Speaker E: We believe we have been cursed in revenge for stealing the elven gold. [00:10:56] Speaker C: What? [00:10:57] Speaker A: This is going to get murky now? [00:11:00] Speaker G: Well, especially we didn't see the akuje. [00:11:02] Speaker E: With any gold because they stole it all. [00:11:04] Speaker H: Well, except on their person. [00:11:06] Speaker C: Except for what's his face. Had a doorman of it. The one guy we saw in the very beginning. [00:11:12] Speaker E: Damn it, Jahassi. Jahassi. [00:11:14] Speaker H: Thank you. [00:11:15] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:11:16] Speaker G: Okay. [00:11:16] Speaker C: Have I noticed that he being poisoned again? Or was I just poisoned that one time? [00:11:21] Speaker E: Just that one time. [00:11:22] Speaker C: Interesting. [00:11:24] Speaker H: And remind me, you found gold at the base of the totem pole, correct? [00:11:31] Speaker B: Right. [00:11:32] Speaker C: And I asked them if that was theirs, and they said no. The cinder claws left that, which is why I took it. [00:11:37] Speaker I: Well, here we have some little dragon coal balls stealing from elves, getting their just desserts and poisons. We're going to help them. [00:11:48] Speaker C: Where did you steal this gold from? [00:11:51] Speaker E: We were told to take it from the mines. [00:11:53] Speaker H: Who told you to take it? [00:11:55] Speaker C: What mine? [00:11:58] Speaker E: The monkeys and frogs told us to do it. [00:12:00] Speaker G: Cinder calls them Brienna will look at. [00:12:02] Speaker H: Pond Watcher and be like, I don't think they had the choice. They were told to do it. [00:12:07] Speaker C: They were just following orders. [00:12:10] Speaker E: And the cultists and giant vulture people. [00:12:15] Speaker H: Giant vulture people? [00:12:16] Speaker G: We haven't seen anything like that yet, have we? [00:12:18] Speaker H: Not that I recall. [00:12:20] Speaker C: I'd remember, yes. [00:12:21] Speaker G: Sareia is sitting down now and scribbling. [00:12:24] Speaker B: In her formula book. [00:12:26] Speaker C: Matt is very scared of giant vulture people, but twin Talon isn't smart enough and know enough to be scared of them. [00:12:32] Speaker G: Yeah, giant vulture people sounds like bad news. [00:12:35] Speaker C: They sound like frocks, which are very dangerous in groups. [00:12:41] Speaker E: You guys are about to execute some cobalt. Scott. Yes. [00:12:46] Speaker H: Oh, no. [00:12:47] Speaker A: So. And I think Brianna are going to go try to treat this cobalt for his poison. I know it's a medicine check and it's against the DC of the poison. I don't know what that is specifically, but I think it was like reasonably high. [00:13:11] Speaker C: Arsenic is like 19. [00:13:13] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. Okay, so that's actually within me just using assurance. So the way I see it is, and correct. Me if you see any differently. But I think Temit has kind of kneeled down over this guy and basically you're like a second surgeon with him. Kind of like he's asking you, okay, forceps. And then press over here like this. Press the clay against here. And then use this. Wash the wound like that. And then he tells you, your skills as a healer have been increasing and you're doing quite well. [00:13:55] Speaker H: Thank you. I try and learn as quickly as I can, especially since we seem to often run into danger. I wanted to take a moment as well, to thank you for bringing me back yesterday. Yesterday? [00:14:10] Speaker A: Yeah, of course. I mean, you've saved my life many times and you're always pulling me out of difficult situations. Scruff of my neck. [00:14:18] Speaker H: What kind of friend and party member would I be if I didn't? [00:14:22] Speaker A: So then he says, and if you wanted to learn anything more about medicine, I'd be happy to teach you along the way. And maybe you can teach me a little bit about using my blade a little bit better. [00:14:33] Speaker H: Be honest, please. I'm guessing the cobalt's looking between us. Like, can you just heal me? [00:14:42] Speaker A: All right, this is just a training session. Cobalt. Okay. She's in her residency right now and got a bright future ahead of her. Yeah, it was just a quick little thing that he wanted to let you know that he sees you trying and he likes the fact that there's another healer and he thinks you're making good progress. And I'm actually going to roll this because it's not assurance. I can use assurance. However, I want to see if I can get, like a crit success on this. Close. 26 total. [00:15:17] Speaker E: Is Brianna helping? [00:15:19] Speaker H: How about now with a 26 as well? Boom. [00:15:22] Speaker E: So that's a 27. Still not enough to crit, but close. So as you are working, you see that he is feeling better, but you can also tell that he is exhausted as the day winds on. Soraya, give me a crafting check. Unless anyone else wants to. I mean, pond watcher. Are you going to let them just hang out and heal these guys? [00:15:50] Speaker I: Well, we still only see one, right? [00:15:52] Speaker E: Yes. A couple more start to come out of the Heidi hole as temid and Brianna are helping. [00:15:59] Speaker C: Yeah, I think they said that they were inside of the hollow out logs, right? [00:16:02] Speaker E: Yeah. So, like, four more come out. So there's a total of five out. And then they tell you that there are three more who are just too exhausted and too hurt to come out from there. [00:16:13] Speaker I: I mean, I think he would take this opportunity to question them. [00:16:17] Speaker E: So let's do that before Sareia rolls. [00:16:20] Speaker I: And he's not going to do this secretly. He's just going to take one aside and kind of crouch down and just say, so, where do you fit in with these sand claws? [00:16:33] Speaker E: We have been mining for them. [00:16:38] Speaker I: Why? [00:16:38] Speaker E: They're bigger than us. And more powerful. They threaten to hurt us if we didn't help. They have Hezel. [00:16:47] Speaker I: What does that mean? [00:16:49] Speaker E: Hezel is another cobalt who works and translates for them to us. But she's not bad like the others there. She's just trying to make sure we stay safe. [00:17:06] Speaker I: So they have you against your will? You're not helping them on purpose. You don't want to do this. [00:17:13] Speaker E: No? [00:17:14] Speaker I: That's good. Because you see this gauntlet? I got it off a dead cinder claw. And I'm going to kill the rest of them. But if it is true that you do not want to ally yourselves with them, then maybe I will spare your friend when I get there. [00:17:30] Speaker E: Please do. She's not like the rest of them. And the smell of, like you just smell arsenic coming off of them. [00:17:40] Speaker I: Hey, do you guys got some almonds or something? [00:17:44] Speaker E: Garlic. [00:17:45] Speaker I: Garlic or something? You smell a lot like my best friend, Alec, who's unfortunately dead. Well, one more question and I'll let you go. Okay. Little Heller. [00:18:00] Speaker G: Yes? [00:18:02] Speaker I: Where would you say you think of dragons? [00:18:07] Speaker B: Oh, boy. [00:18:10] Speaker E: I'm a dragon. [00:18:15] Speaker I: Okay? I mean, you're a dragon like I'm a giant. It's not the same thing. Really. You're like a small, weak, idiot dragon, and not like a big, scary, bad dragon. Right? [00:18:26] Speaker E: I mean, right now. But when I'm healthy again, I'm a mighty dragon. Are all cobalt sticky that way? Oh, dear. What's going on? [00:18:39] Speaker A: Oh, man, I feel really bad for this cobalt. [00:18:42] Speaker I: No, I just think at this point, he just thinks they're kind of pathetic. [00:18:46] Speaker E: You're not wrong. They are. [00:18:49] Speaker A: He's got it on the nose. It's just that I feel bad for. [00:18:53] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:18:53] Speaker E: So now, go ahead, sareia. See if you can. [00:18:56] Speaker G: Another 26. Nice. [00:18:58] Speaker E: Three in a row. Yahtzee. [00:19:02] Speaker A: Think that means we all level up, right? [00:19:04] Speaker E: Yeah, exactly. No, not at all. But if you spend the rest of the day, you can create an anti toxin for them out of some of the stuff in this area. But it's going to take the rest of the day, and you're not really going to be able to investigate anymore. Maybe. [00:19:20] Speaker G: We've only been going one space a day anyway. [00:19:22] Speaker E: Well, yeah. [00:19:24] Speaker C: Can I question them as to the location of one, the mines that they were mining, and two, where are the cinder cloths that you're working for? Like, if we're going to go rescue your friend, we need to know where that is. [00:19:38] Speaker E: I don't know exactly where the mine is. We've been running for days. It was east. That's all we know. We just escaped out this direction, and. [00:19:48] Speaker H: I'm guessing he'll point to the map. [00:19:49] Speaker E: Yeah, he just points east, though. Like he doesn't actually know where. [00:19:55] Speaker C: Do you know about a pillar that turns people to stone? [00:20:00] Speaker E: The dragon pillars? I didn't know that. [00:20:04] Speaker C: Tell us more about them. [00:20:06] Speaker E: I didn't know it turned people to stone. But they've been building pillars around. [00:20:12] Speaker C: That's right. There was one at the Ayudara, too. [00:20:15] Speaker H: Yes. [00:20:16] Speaker E: That one was not complete. [00:20:19] Speaker C: Right. It was under construction. Okay, that's interesting. So the mine is somewhere to the east. And the cinder claws are in what direction? [00:20:29] Speaker E: All over. They're in the mines. They're near some of the pillars. [00:20:36] Speaker I: Did you say that you stole from the elves? [00:20:40] Speaker E: I believe we are being cursed with this disease because we helped the Cinderclaws take the gold from the elves. And the elves here are. Are very territorial. [00:20:52] Speaker C: You're talking about the gold from the mine or from somewhere else? [00:20:55] Speaker E: The mine. [00:20:56] Speaker C: Okay. [00:20:57] Speaker I: Did elves have a mine? [00:20:59] Speaker H: Yes. That's what they were mining out of, I suppose. [00:21:02] Speaker I: Well, it should not come upon me to say this to you, but you probably shouldn't steal. It's pretty bad. [00:21:09] Speaker E: Why? We were trying to leave as soon as we started feeling sick. We asked the cinder Claus to let us stop, but they refused. We escaped and have been running ever since. [00:21:25] Speaker I: I see. Well, I do not like when people are bound against their will. It is inefficient to my religion. So I am sorry for what you've been through. But maybe next time, don't get captured by stronger people who force you to do things that are bad. [00:21:41] Speaker H: Vice versa. [00:21:42] Speaker F: I think we need to. [00:21:43] Speaker B: Wow. [00:21:43] Speaker C: Okay. [00:21:44] Speaker F: Perhaps go rescue them. If everyone's amenable to that sort of idea. [00:21:50] Speaker E: If you find the minds. And Hezel, if you tell them a true name, our secret name, she might be able to help. Or at least provide some sort of safety. Only our tribe knows our true name. And Hezel might. If you know that, then Hezel might know that you helped us. [00:22:18] Speaker C: And that is. [00:22:18] Speaker E: You see the cobalt? Look around. Like left, right. To make sure no one else is nearby. The thorn scales. [00:22:26] Speaker A: Thorn scales? [00:22:30] Speaker E: Don't tell everyone, okay? [00:22:32] Speaker A: I said it quietly, introspectively. [00:22:35] Speaker E: I guess, because you're so much bigger. Everything you say is much louder. [00:22:38] Speaker F: So you're saying I shouldn't compose a ballad about the mighty thorn scale dragons? [00:22:45] Speaker E: You see, this confusion just crosses the. [00:22:48] Speaker C: Face of, like, he goes cross eyed. [00:22:51] Speaker E: Yeah, and he falls over unconscious. You've killed. [00:22:56] Speaker H: No, we're working so hard. [00:22:59] Speaker C: Intercontinental. [00:23:03] Speaker A: His friend's name is Hazel. [00:23:04] Speaker E: Hazel. H-E-Z-L Ezel. [00:23:08] Speaker A: Okay, how do we identify Hazel when we see her? [00:23:12] Speaker I: Well, she's probably a cobalt, whereas the rest of them are monkeys and frogs and shit. [00:23:18] Speaker A: What if they have other cobalt with them? Does she wear like, a red ribbon? [00:23:22] Speaker I: Are you Hazel? And if they say no, we just stab them to death? [00:23:26] Speaker H: No, we're not stabbing any cobalt. They're there against the wills, remember? [00:23:31] Speaker A: We're going to liberate them. [00:23:33] Speaker I: All right? Yeah, no, my prejudice is showing. [00:23:38] Speaker E: She's very smart. [00:23:43] Speaker C: She wears classes. [00:23:46] Speaker E: She likes to research and create things. [00:23:49] Speaker A: She used blood magic. [00:23:51] Speaker E: What. [00:23:54] Speaker A: Like Sareia? [00:23:55] Speaker C: Single point of reference. [00:23:59] Speaker A: Yeah, it's his only experience with an alchemist. He thinks it's blood magic. [00:24:03] Speaker C: Twin town would like to count the cobalts. [00:24:05] Speaker E: There are five that are out there, and there are three in one of the logs. [00:24:10] Speaker C: Yes, pears holds up. [00:24:15] Speaker G: But there's a 9th one. [00:24:19] Speaker C: She probably has a partner there. He said that there are other cobalts at the place. [00:24:25] Speaker G: As long as there's even numbers of cobalt stone, Teller will be happy. [00:24:28] Speaker E: I love it. [00:24:30] Speaker C: As long as there's even numbers, his worldview remains the same. [00:24:33] Speaker H: And this is the podcast where definitely nobody is prejudiced. It's fine. [00:24:38] Speaker C: He's not prejudiced. He's just ignorant. He's had one experience with cobalt ever, and it was Zach Braff, and now it's these guys who also are in pairs, as far as you can tell. And he doesn't want to be rude and be like, who's your partner? Who's your partner? So he just assumes it's true and moves on with his life. [00:24:59] Speaker E: So you spend the rest of the day there tending to the cobalt. They seem to be getting healthier. Ranuli shows up and goes, oh, cobalts. Yes. [00:25:11] Speaker H: Do you not like cobalt, Ranuli? [00:25:14] Speaker E: Well, generally they're with cinder claws. [00:25:20] Speaker G: Please escape the cinder claws. They're on their own and they don't want to go back. [00:25:24] Speaker E: Well, welcome. So she decides, go ahead and temit, give me a role to create camp. And as you are setting up camp and everything, anyone who wants to help him, go ahead. I tried. Renulli reports that there is nothing on the other side of these trees, just more of the river. [00:25:50] Speaker A: Okay, so one thing that before we finish the conversation with the cobalt, I would just kind of, like, retroactively try to want to do a sense motive. So it's a perception on temid's part, but the GM rolls it and it's against the deception DC of the cobalt that was injured, just so that we know that they're not, like, planted here by the cinder claws or whatever. [00:26:17] Speaker E: You are fairly certain that they are telling the truth. [00:26:21] Speaker A: Can you tell me, one, what I rolled, and two, what the DC is? [00:26:29] Speaker E: I will answer these questions in reverse order. No and no. Okay, I tried. [00:26:36] Speaker H: You did. Violent effort. [00:26:39] Speaker F: All right, y'all. So something in my mind is saying that if we investigate more of this cobalt situation, that we might have a lot of surprises because our GM didn't prepare for this. Should we go directly right over there and save people that need to be liberated? [00:27:02] Speaker C: Well, we don't know where it is. We know a general direction. It looks like from the direction they were that renovated, if we head northeast in that strip of clearing, we might find them, but that's a guess at best. [00:27:17] Speaker H: We were also told to see the elephant people that would have more information on this area. I think, if I may say, knowledge would be power in this instance, and perhaps they can also aid us in deliberation. I'm sorry, Pondwatch, you were going to say something? I was rude. [00:27:32] Speaker I: No, I'm just glowering at cobos. [00:27:35] Speaker H: Oh, okay. [00:27:36] Speaker I: No, but I was going to say they said they had been traveling for several days, so it will be some time before we happen upon this mine or camp or whatnot. So maybe stop at the elephant bros beforehand and see what the hell is happening with them. [00:27:52] Speaker G: Well, they said the mine is to the east and so are the elephant people, so I think it's a good plan. [00:27:56] Speaker I: Plus, we can go whitewater rafting. [00:27:59] Speaker F: I am happy to go whitewater rafting any day of the week. And equally happy for Tim out to connect with the elephant people, because, again, he's got quite the elephant time anatomy firsthand experience. [00:28:14] Speaker G: What? [00:28:20] Speaker E: Tevid winks. Temed, you are so distracted by that compliment that you actually fail in creating a camp for the night. [00:28:32] Speaker A: Is it possible? Hopefully. Let's see. Plus two, plus three. We need two more. [00:28:39] Speaker C: So it's a 20 total. [00:28:40] Speaker A: Yeah, I think he said it was a 22 from what I could glean last time. [00:28:47] Speaker E: Yes, it is. [00:28:48] Speaker A: And Renulli help. And maybe Tereya could try to try to roll and see. [00:28:54] Speaker E: Renewe can't help because she went scouting for the day. [00:28:56] Speaker A: Lazy. [00:28:57] Speaker B: Renewali. [00:28:58] Speaker G: I can try, but my survival is. [00:29:01] Speaker A: At that point, it just won't matter. Because even if you do succeed, it would be a plus one. So it would be a 21 instead of a 22. [00:29:07] Speaker E: Okay. [00:29:08] Speaker A: I concede. [00:29:10] Speaker E: Okay, so you still build a camp, and you still get to rest like normal, and you get your daily preparations, all that stuff. However, chance of random encounter is higher. Chance of random encounter is higher. And also, it's not as restful of a night of sleep as you normally have. So no random encounter. [00:29:36] Speaker A: But I need everyone. There are way too many thorny bushes in this area. I couldn't get together the right supplies. [00:29:41] Speaker H: To make comfortable betting fact that you are doing so. [00:29:44] Speaker E: But I need everyone to make a fortitude saving throw, please. Darn it. [00:29:51] Speaker H: 27. [00:29:52] Speaker C: Nice. [00:29:53] Speaker A: 15. [00:29:54] Speaker H: Noise. [00:29:56] Speaker C: 24. [00:29:57] Speaker F: 21. [00:29:58] Speaker I: 26. [00:30:00] Speaker E: All right. [00:30:02] Speaker A: Only two people failed. [00:30:03] Speaker E: Great. All right, so you guys wake up at uncomfortable sleep, but sleep nonetheless. [00:30:10] Speaker C: Are we poisoned? [00:30:12] Speaker E: No. Okay, the important part. The cobalt. Thank you for your kindness. And they say, if you don't mind, we're going to leave Surya Pat, feature. [00:30:29] Speaker G: Them on the head, thinking about how she would love to take one with her. [00:30:34] Speaker C: Where are you going? [00:30:36] Speaker H: That's a sad question. [00:30:37] Speaker E: Away from the cinder Claus and the elves. We're not supposed to be in elven land, and we don't want to make them more mad than they already are. So we're going to leave. We're just going to keep going. [00:30:49] Speaker C: Where should we tell Hezel you are? Would you be okay traveling alone to wherever you end up? [00:30:57] Speaker E: If you can get rid of most of these cinder claws, yes. [00:31:00] Speaker C: I mean, there's SAP monsters in the woods, but you do what you want to do. [00:31:04] Speaker I: They're very powerful. I'm sure they'll be fine. [00:31:06] Speaker E: Now that we're feeling better, a group of eight mighty dragons should be fine. [00:31:11] Speaker F: Silvermandly is going to start strumming on his guitar and be like a little debrade. A thunderclaw that got eaten by Uzi. [00:31:19] Speaker C: Oh, no, that's not their name. [00:31:21] Speaker E: Oh, the thunderclaws. Yeah. Those guys are jerks. [00:31:28] Speaker I: Small cobalt person. I don't know your name, and I don't care to know, but I want to give you something. Please. [00:31:39] Speaker E: Okay. [00:31:40] Speaker I: This is ancient elven magic. And he hands him a piece of chalk, okay. And he says, if you find yourself in the thrall of a more powerful being, then you just take this, and you crumble it and throw this chalk at their face, and it will make them shrink, and then you can stomp on them yourself. [00:32:06] Speaker E: This will strip my horde. Yes. [00:32:09] Speaker I: Now good luck. And if you see a dragon, tell them pond watchers coming to kill. [00:32:18] Speaker E: You. See him? Like taking notes? No. And with that, the cobalt's wander away. [00:32:25] Speaker C: Oh boy. [00:32:28] Speaker E: So where are you all headed? What are you asking Renewali to do? [00:32:33] Speaker C: Well, in one day we can make it to the elephant people. Because if we're not searching, we can travel two hexes, right? [00:32:39] Speaker B: Correct. So we could make it there and. [00:32:42] Speaker C: Have her explore a different hex. [00:32:43] Speaker H: That's not a bad idea. [00:32:45] Speaker G: Yeah, we can have her check out the one just south of the river. [00:32:49] Speaker E: She can only move one hex, so. [00:32:53] Speaker B: She can do the hex to the north, northwest, west. [00:32:58] Speaker E: Yeah, those three that I pinked, I. [00:33:00] Speaker B: Pinged a lot more. [00:33:01] Speaker E: Otherwise she can travel with you and forage for food. [00:33:05] Speaker C: It might be nice to have her in case we need more info about the elephant people when we get there. [00:33:10] Speaker E: You've been traveling for six days. [00:33:12] Speaker B: Just so you guys know, I say she comes with us and you guys. [00:33:16] Speaker E: Are going to move double speed to the elephant people. [00:33:19] Speaker C: If we can figure out how to cross the river. [00:33:20] Speaker B: Yeah, right. [00:33:22] Speaker E: Well, do you cock the wagon and float it? [00:33:25] Speaker B: Do you forward it? No. [00:33:26] Speaker E: Do you pay the fare? No. I'm kidding. [00:33:28] Speaker G: Not this. [00:33:29] Speaker I: I want to shoot some bison. [00:33:36] Speaker E: Someone's going to die of dysentery. [00:33:37] Speaker I: Anyway, calling it right now, it's timid. [00:33:44] Speaker A: I have lots of alcohol to keep everything sanitary. [00:33:49] Speaker E: Okay, so you actually are able to cross the river at this point? [00:33:55] Speaker B: You are very downstream and it is. [00:33:58] Speaker E: A very slow, shallow river. You see some fish darting as you pass through it, but you can ford it, no problem. Forest here bears the scorch marks of a vicious fire. [00:34:09] Speaker B: Charred barks, gars the roots of trees. [00:34:12] Speaker E: And small patches of undergrowth have been reduced twigs. The focus of the fire seems to have been several small houses in a large clearing. All of these structures have been burnt to the ground, leaving only charred timber behind. A single stone well stands near the. [00:34:29] Speaker B: Middle of the burnt out village. [00:34:31] Speaker E: Near the well lies two almost unrecognizable corpses that appear to have been trampled by a large creature. [00:34:39] Speaker C: So do we think their elephants got loose and stomped them to death? They write elephants, right? That's why they're called elephant people. [00:34:45] Speaker B: I've forgotten already. [00:34:46] Speaker E: Yes, that's as much as you have gleaned. Please go ahead and adjust yourselves into a marching order that you would like. No, Pond Watcher, you cannot go in the well. [00:34:58] Speaker I: I'm going to join the little girl. She said come into the well. [00:35:04] Speaker H: If she says something about seven days. [00:35:06] Speaker B: Does that mean you have to stay. [00:35:07] Speaker H: There for a week? I don't understand. [00:35:10] Speaker I: Hopefully the father will kill me. [00:35:13] Speaker G: We've already went through that. [00:35:15] Speaker F: I knew this one guy who met this little girl and thought she could float like daffodils. And he threw her in a well and then she drowned. It was quite sad when I think back on it. Sorry I brought up that sad story in this intense moment. [00:35:30] Speaker B: I guess the heat is getting to me right here. [00:35:32] Speaker I: You associate with some very bad people. [00:35:35] Speaker A: What's that a reference to? I'm not getting it. [00:35:40] Speaker B: The original Frankenstein. Sorry. So. [00:35:45] Speaker C: Holy elephantes. [00:35:47] Speaker E: There are two elephants across the way from you. [00:35:52] Speaker C: Are they huge? [00:35:53] Speaker E: They are. You see that? Their ears are flapping. [00:35:59] Speaker A: It's Dumbo. [00:36:03] Speaker C: I guess. Twin Talon will hold his hands up and try to get closer since he's been pocahontasing to this point. [00:36:11] Speaker E: Might as well follow everyone else. Actually, everyone but Brianna. Sorry, Brianna. You hear cries of help from the northeastern area. Burnt out building behind the well. [00:36:30] Speaker C: Cries for help. [00:36:31] Speaker E: Cries for help. [00:36:32] Speaker G: So like across from the upper elephant? [00:36:35] Speaker E: Yes. It is in a language. It is in Mwangi. [00:36:39] Speaker C: Ooh, I speak that. [00:36:41] Speaker E: Yes. So twin Talon, you hear that and you hear someone call. Everyone else just hear sounds of distress. [00:36:47] Speaker H: Except me. [00:36:48] Speaker E: Except for you. You are too enthralled by the huge elephants in front of you. [00:36:53] Speaker H: Look at their cute flappy ears. They're so big. [00:36:57] Speaker C: Listen. Do you smell that? Oop, no. This cries for help. [00:37:03] Speaker H: I don't hear anything. [00:37:06] Speaker E: Let's switch into not combat. Let's switch into. Let's find out what everyone is doing now that you know what's going on. [00:37:13] Speaker G: So soreal, she is going to try and work her way around the outside, around like this way and back up that way. [00:37:26] Speaker E: You're going to try and sneak around the burned out buildings to try to avoid the elephants. Okay, Silver, give me a moment. [00:37:33] Speaker F: I'm trying to figure something out. [00:37:34] Speaker C: Hold on. [00:37:35] Speaker E: All right, we'll come back to you, Temit. [00:37:38] Speaker A: I'm looking for anything of a threatening nature. [00:37:42] Speaker E: Two elephants. [00:37:44] Speaker A: But is there like anyone hiding? [00:37:46] Speaker E: Not that you know of. Not that you can see. We'll get those roles in a second. Twin Talon. [00:37:51] Speaker C: Twin Talon. First of all, what are the people saying? [00:37:56] Speaker E: Oh, help. Help. Is anybody out there? [00:38:02] Speaker C: Okay, so nothing like we're tied up or we're in a building or this guy's going to kill us. Just help. [00:38:09] Speaker E: Yes. [00:38:10] Speaker C: Okay, so my grasp of Mwangi is going to be super helpful. He will just kind of turn to the rest of them and he'll be like the Voices. They're calling for help. I'm going to see if I can either pacify or be trampled to death by these elephants. And twin town is going to try to calm the elephants down. He's going to try to get closer to them, looking very non threatening. And, I mean, he's very small. I'm assuming that they're not threatened by him, although mice, right? I don't know, but he'll try to calm them down. [00:38:44] Speaker E: All right, Brianna. [00:38:46] Speaker H: Brianna absolutely trusts her best friend with animals. However, in the odd instance, they don't like him. She will follow suit. So she can also at least be in between either him or the people. He earlier pointed out that they were in trouble. So since she is no longer naked, I unfortunately can only move. Well, no, I can double move, can't I? [00:39:12] Speaker C: Well, we're not in combat announcing intentions. I think Twinstown is going to move toward the elephants and he's going to kind of motion for you to keep behind him. [00:39:23] Speaker E: Okay, deal. [00:39:24] Speaker B: All right. [00:39:24] Speaker E: And Pond watcher. [00:39:25] Speaker I: Pond watcher grabs his tuba and he. [00:39:30] Speaker G: Says, that's a good idea. [00:39:31] Speaker I: It's time. And he's going to play a jaunty tune and follow twin Talon. [00:39:38] Speaker E: Are you playing elephant walk? [00:39:43] Speaker I: Yep. [00:39:44] Speaker E: And silver, what are you doing? [00:39:46] Speaker F: I'm going to do symbardic lore on the elephant people and maybe elephants in general and everything like that. [00:39:56] Speaker E: All right, so, sareia, give me a stealth check. Silver, give me knowledge, nature. Temid, give me a perception. Quinn, Talon, give me a nature check to try and calm the animals. Brianna, go ahead and you can move. And you have your shield raised. Pond watcher, give me a performance check. [00:40:20] Speaker I: Oh, I accidentally rolled twice. So take the first one. [00:40:23] Speaker H: Don't you mean take the better? [00:40:25] Speaker I: Yeah, take the better one. [00:40:26] Speaker E: I had you different game. Sure. [00:40:30] Speaker I: I want to use a hero point to reroll for the better one. [00:40:34] Speaker E: Okay, I'll let you bird a hero point for that. And Twintown, can you show me where you move on the map? [00:40:41] Speaker C: Okay, he's gonna. Wait a second. That's not me. There we go. He's going to slowly move this way, kind of toward them. He wants to make sure he stays in full view of them. He doesn't want them to think he's like creeping up around the sides or anything like that. [00:40:54] Speaker E: Okay, I'm just going to move some people around. Temid, you're kind of here. Silver, you're kind of here. And Renewali's kind of here is going with Surreya. All right. So, Surreya, you start sneaking around. [00:41:11] Speaker G: Yes, I have a 17 stealth. [00:41:13] Speaker E: Okay. You think you're covered. Temid, you don't notice anything special. You don't notice any people hiding or any tracks like that. But you do notice that there are two trampled churikas. Well, you think they were churikas. They have been kind of stamped into a fine paste. [00:41:41] Speaker H: Churuka pate. [00:41:43] Speaker E: Yes. [00:41:45] Speaker A: Interesting. [00:41:45] Speaker E: Podwatcher, you are playing some music. And it is music. It's pretty good, actually. [00:41:55] Speaker I: I mean, who could be threatened by this tuba with a roll of a 27? [00:41:59] Speaker E: Right. Aaron, with your knowledge, with your nature knowledge, you see kind of the body like the movement that the elephants are displaying and you can tell that they are aggressive and trying to defend something. Also, their ears flapping is a sign of hostility. [00:42:25] Speaker B: Okay. [00:42:27] Speaker E: As for the elephant people, you know that they're a tribe here in the Muangi expanse that use elephants and defend the elephants as well, and that the elephants are treated as if they were family members and they have a very close and deep relationship. Twin talon. [00:42:55] Speaker C: Yes. [00:42:56] Speaker E: So you move forward with your skills, trying to soothe them. [00:43:03] Speaker I: Yes. [00:43:04] Speaker C: And I also do have the train animal skill feed, if that makes any difference. [00:43:10] Speaker E: It does. Which I believe gives you a plus two. [00:43:16] Speaker C: Sounds good. I think it's really up to the GM discretion for a lot of. Yeah. [00:43:20] Speaker E: Okay. So I'll give you a plus two for that. And then I'm going to say pond watcher. Actually, the tuba kind of like palms the beast a little bit nice and gives you. [00:43:31] Speaker I: That's got to be a first sentence right there. [00:43:34] Speaker E: A plus one. [00:43:36] Speaker C: Okay. [00:43:39] Speaker E: They keep batting their ears at you, but they don't charge, but they don't retreat. So you don't think you succeeded, but. [00:43:47] Speaker C: You don't think that they're becoming more hostile or anything. [00:43:51] Speaker E: Yeah, you see them kind of stomp their feet and it shakes the ground a little bit around you. [00:43:56] Speaker C: Oh, big fella. Lady. [00:43:59] Speaker E: What? [00:44:00] Speaker C: You can't tell from where? I see they both have big trunks. [00:44:05] Speaker H: Are you sure you're trained in animal handling? [00:44:08] Speaker C: I am definitely not. [00:44:10] Speaker I: Which one looks like tamid? [00:44:16] Speaker F: I can cast a healing spell on the elephants that might calm them down. [00:44:21] Speaker C: I don't know that they're hurt. I think they are defending their people and they're agitated by whatever burned the village to the ground. [00:44:29] Speaker I: So twin Talon, yell out that you're going to help in Wangi. That might help. [00:44:35] Speaker C: Actually, twin Talon thinks about it for a second and he's like, oh, wow. It's actually a really good idea. If they know commands, they're probably in Mwangi. So he will start talking in Mwangi to them. [00:44:48] Speaker I: I'm very intelligent, like, sit. [00:44:51] Speaker C: Calm down, lay down, roll over. He's just trying to think of the things that dogs would know. That's his frame of reference at this point with the wargs. [00:45:01] Speaker E: Soraya, what are you going to do? You can continue moving. What's your speed? [00:45:07] Speaker G: My speed is 30ft because I am a nimble elf. [00:45:11] Speaker E: Noise. [00:45:11] Speaker G: All right, so she's going to keep moving around and see if she can get to the people who are calling for help. [00:45:17] Speaker E: Okay, well, as you round the corner of that building, you see that there is a tree that has fallen on a person. [00:45:25] Speaker G: Oh, nice. Like, right in front of me. [00:45:28] Speaker E: Or like, over up here, further to the north. Okay, you see the tree on the very northeastern corner? He's under that tree. [00:45:39] Speaker G: Okay, I will continue in that direction. [00:45:43] Speaker E: Okay, silver, what are you going to do next? [00:45:46] Speaker F: I'm going to head towards where there were people screaming, I suppose. [00:45:50] Speaker E: All right. Are you going to go in front of the building or behind it? Behind where Soraya went. [00:45:55] Speaker F: I'm going to put buildings in front of me and the elephants in case they charge. [00:45:59] Speaker E: All right, that's smart. Great. [00:46:01] Speaker G: It seems like a good idea. [00:46:04] Speaker E: These buildings are burnt to the ground. Like, they're not really providing cover. They're providing difficult terrain. If that. [00:46:12] Speaker C: The Elvis might be able to step over them because they're so big timid. [00:46:18] Speaker A: So since he can't really see anything around anything else, he's going to see if he can back up Soraya. And I guess now also silver as well. [00:46:31] Speaker E: Twin Talon. [00:46:33] Speaker C: Twin Talon will continue his efforts to calm the elephants. [00:46:37] Speaker E: Okay. [00:46:37] Speaker C: Using the Mwangi commands. [00:46:39] Speaker E: Okay. Anyone who is moving can move. Use three, like, three actions worth of movement. So you can move your speed times three. Brianna. [00:46:50] Speaker H: Brianna is. Since she sees, I'm guessing she understands that there are people moving to help those that are fallen. She is backing up Twintallen, just in case she needs to liberate him in any way. [00:47:04] Speaker E: And, pond watcher, do we know if. [00:47:07] Speaker I: The people here are human or elf? [00:47:11] Speaker E: You do not. [00:47:12] Speaker I: Okay, well, he's just going to stay where you stop playing and just try saying an elven like, hello. We're friends. We mean you no harm. Just to see. [00:47:23] Speaker E: Great. [00:47:23] Speaker I: Who knows? [00:47:24] Speaker E: Great. So, Sareia, you get there with Ranuli. There is indeed a dark skinned human under a tree. [00:47:34] Speaker G: Is there anyone else or just the one? [00:47:36] Speaker E: Just the one. Temid and silver are moving up Soraya, if you want, you can try and lift the tree off. But it is an athletics check. [00:47:48] Speaker G: I mean, I have not much that will help me, but I can try. [00:47:52] Speaker E: All right, before you go ahead and make that roll. And twin Talon, how heavy does the tree look? It's a heavy looking tree. [00:48:02] Speaker G: Is there another sturdy ish piece of wood to where I can kind of use it, like a lever? [00:48:08] Speaker E: No, unfortunately, it looks like most everything else has been burnt to the ground. [00:48:14] Speaker G: Darn. I tried to apply science. [00:48:16] Speaker E: I know. No, I got a nine with a nine. That is not going to work. Twin Talon, give me a nature check. [00:48:27] Speaker C: So that's 21. If you're going to give me a plus two from my animal training as. [00:48:32] Speaker E: 23 again, the elephants kind of make some steps towards you aggressively, almost as if saying, hey, buddy, back off. But they don't charge at you. [00:48:43] Speaker B: All right. [00:48:44] Speaker C: Twin Talon will dig in his backpack and get some food. That'll help his next check. [00:48:51] Speaker E: So I'm assuming silver and Temid will continue to move up to help Sereaya? [00:48:57] Speaker A: That's true. [00:48:58] Speaker E: All right, so I'm going to move you guys up here to help Sereaya. Pond watcher. You don't hear anyone call back? [00:49:08] Speaker I: Yeah, I don't know. Can I do a nature as well? [00:49:16] Speaker E: Sure. Absolutely. To try and calm the elephants? [00:49:19] Speaker I: Yeah. Just to assist twin Talon, I rolled a 20. [00:49:23] Speaker E: All right, so there's another plus one for you, twin Talon. Brianna. [00:49:29] Speaker H: See, I could probably pull off that tree, off of that person. I am rather strong. But I don't know that's happening, do I? [00:49:39] Speaker E: Braggart. [00:49:41] Speaker H: Listen, if I'm good at one thing. [00:49:42] Speaker C: It'S that she is the strongest person here. [00:49:46] Speaker E: I mean, you can assume that they've moved over to try and help them. And you haven't heard anything else? [00:49:54] Speaker H: She'll keeping an eye on both. Twin Talon. Now, pond watcher playing his duba. And the elephant. She'll slowly kind of move this way. [00:50:06] Speaker E: Everyone who's trying to lift the tree off, I need an athletics check. Does that count? [00:50:11] Speaker G: Me too. [00:50:12] Speaker H: Then I'm not there yet. [00:50:14] Speaker E: What's your speed? [00:50:16] Speaker H: 20. [00:50:17] Speaker F: I have a spell that might help out with this. [00:50:20] Speaker E: Okay. [00:50:21] Speaker F: On archives of Nephis, I can't find anything talking about weight, but I know the spell levitates says I can only lift an object 5ft off the ground. It could be either myself or something that I can range touch. So if anyone can find something that says that I can't lift something super heavy, I can just lift it 5ft off the ground so that she can, or whoever this is can get out from under it. [00:50:46] Speaker C: There has to be a weight limit or else you could just lift like a castle. [00:50:51] Speaker F: Oh, I agree. I just can't find anything. [00:50:54] Speaker E: So the ranges touch one unattended object or willing creature. You defy gravity and levitate the target 5ft off the ground for the duration of a spell. You can move the target up or down 10ft with a single action, which has the concentrate trait. A creature floating in the air from levitate takes a minus two circumstance penalty to attack roles. A floating creature can spend an interact action to stabilize itself and negate the penalty for the remainder of its turn. The target is adjacent to a fixed object or terrain of suitable stability. It can move across a surface by climbing or crawling. The GM determines which surfaces can be climbed or crawled across. I don't see why not. I just read the spell, but I don't see. [00:51:47] Speaker I: I'm looking in the rulebook, physical rulebook, and there's nothing that you didn't read. [00:51:53] Speaker C: Can you look up telekinetic? [00:51:54] Speaker E: Hall? [00:51:55] Speaker C: It's a fifth level spell. That's a spell that's two levels higher. [00:51:59] Speaker E: One object of up to 80 bulk with no dimensions greater than 20ft. [00:52:03] Speaker C: But that's four levels more of character that you have to be, right? [00:52:08] Speaker I: Rule of cool. Rule of cool. [00:52:12] Speaker G: Yeah, I'm fine with that. Because it only lasts five minutes. [00:52:15] Speaker E: I'm going to let levitate do it. If anyone knows the answer to this, please write in and let me know. So you can levitate the tree up. I'm going to say, since it is heavy, you could levitate the tree like 2ft up off of the person, which is enough for everyone else to kind of pull him out and then it falls down right back on the ground. [00:52:37] Speaker B: Boo. [00:52:38] Speaker F: Hear me and rejoice your savior let me herald to you. [00:52:45] Speaker E: The elephants hear the tree crashing and they start to trumpet. And the one in the back turns to face where the sound came from. The one in the front starts to dig its feet in as if it's preparing for a chart. [00:53:03] Speaker C: Oh boy. [00:53:04] Speaker E: The gentleman who was under the tree stands up very, very painfully and you hear him yell out in Moangi, calm. Calm. And by hearing his voice, you see the elephants start to calm. [00:53:22] Speaker A: If he has them that well trained, why didn't he ask them to pick the log up off of him? [00:53:26] Speaker E: Don't argue with the book. [00:53:28] Speaker G: Maybe they're not that well trained. [00:53:30] Speaker B: Potholes. [00:53:31] Speaker G: Yo, Jasper's gonna fly over and perch on one's back. [00:53:34] Speaker E: They're still a little agitated, but they're calming down. Whatever. [00:53:40] Speaker G: It just sounded like the calm sound. He imitates it. [00:53:44] Speaker B: Okay. [00:53:45] Speaker A: Temid looks at the guy that we pulled out from under the log and. [00:53:49] Speaker B: He says, are you all right? [00:53:52] Speaker A: And then he kind of points to. [00:53:53] Speaker B: The leg, like, may I take a look at. He gives you a very confused look, as if he doesn't understand what you're saying. [00:54:03] Speaker A: Hey, twin, you got a second to translate for me? [00:54:07] Speaker B: Yeah, no problem. [00:54:08] Speaker C: I'm not doing anything useful over here. [00:54:09] Speaker A: It's got a guy here. He might be able to calm the elephants down. [00:54:14] Speaker I: Or I can handle these elephant beasts. [00:54:18] Speaker B: Oh, no. I mean, do the elephants look like they're calming down? Yes. Okay, mission accomplished. [00:54:25] Speaker E: You hear happy trumpeting as they see the man kind of hobble around the corner. [00:54:31] Speaker C: So tuntain will call out in Moangi. [00:54:33] Speaker B: He'Ll say, hey, do you need any assistance, my companion? And he'll point at Temid, could heal. [00:54:41] Speaker C: Your leg if you're injured and need that. [00:54:43] Speaker B: He looks kind of amazed that you speak Moangi. [00:54:48] Speaker E: And he says, no, I'm okay. [00:54:54] Speaker B: I was merely trapped, not crushed under the tree. Okay. Pinned? Yes. Thank you. Who are you? [00:55:12] Speaker C: So Twintown will tell Timon he's fine. [00:55:14] Speaker B: He was just pinned, but he's okay. And then I'll turn back to the guy. I'll say, we are. [00:55:23] Speaker C: My name is Twintallen. These are my traveling companions. [00:55:26] Speaker B: We came through the ayadara, the portal to the north. The elves there said that the people here would know about the area and. [00:55:40] Speaker C: Could point us toward the cinder claws. [00:55:43] Speaker B: We're looking to fight them. See? He nods and he goes, so you are friends with the Ikuje? Yes, they gave me this. [00:55:57] Speaker C: And he'll point to his Pukashell necklace. [00:56:03] Speaker E: I see. [00:56:04] Speaker B: That is good. Yes. [00:56:05] Speaker E: Well, I would invite you to come. [00:56:08] Speaker B: In and sit down, but as you. [00:56:10] Speaker E: Can see. [00:56:12] Speaker B: The cinder claus have visited us recently and burnt our campsite to the ground. [00:56:23] Speaker C: I don't mean to be insensitive, but I don't see a lot of bodies. Did they capture your people or what happened? [00:56:31] Speaker B: No, we fled as they decided to come here. We use this mostly for a seasonal shelters. However, they came and tried to capture our elephants. As you can see from the few that tried to get close to them, they did not survive. [00:56:58] Speaker E: They burnt our camp down in retribution. [00:57:01] Speaker B: For not being able to capture the elephants. [00:57:05] Speaker E: I merely came back to see if. [00:57:07] Speaker B: It was worth rebuilding. Okay, I'll turn to the group and. [00:57:14] Speaker C: I'll say, the cinder claws came to steal their elephants? This is a seasonal camp. [00:57:18] Speaker B: They don't really live here, but they got stamped to death for their troubles and burned it down on the way out. [00:57:29] Speaker H: So you're saying that there are survivors? [00:57:34] Speaker C: Yeah, it seems that the people that. [00:57:36] Speaker B: Were staying here moved away. They ran off into the jungle. Brienna visibly relaxes. She's been really tense for the whole of this, so. Great. [00:57:56] Speaker I: Where is your settlement? Your city? [00:58:01] Speaker C: Fintom will translate. Where did your people go? Where do you actually live, if not here? [00:58:06] Speaker B: We live very far to the south. [00:58:09] Speaker E: We come up this way to trade. [00:58:12] Speaker B: With the Ikuje and gather water from the river. However, those cinder clods have been causing. [00:58:19] Speaker E: Problems in this area, and we were. [00:58:21] Speaker B: Hoping we could talk with the elves about dealing with them. However, our last meeting, the elves said they could not approach those strange pillars that are being built as they lose sight. That's what they told us, too. [00:58:41] Speaker C: Do you know where the cinder claws are actually based out of? [00:58:43] Speaker B: Like where their camp is? I know that they are somewhere to the northeast of us. [00:58:54] Speaker E: However, anytime any of my people have. [00:58:57] Speaker B: Been around them, they seem to be in an impenetrable fortress, essentially. [00:59:09] Speaker E: They seem to be able to come. [00:59:10] Speaker B: And go as they need, but we. [00:59:13] Speaker E: Cannot pass through to get into attack. [00:59:18] Speaker C: Is it a physical fortress or is it like a magical barrier of some kind? [00:59:22] Speaker B: Both. [00:59:25] Speaker C: Okay, I'll turn to the group. His people are far to the south. The Cynda Claus are to the northeast. They are inside of a magic bubble. [00:59:34] Speaker B: And also a fortress that stops them from going in. [00:59:37] Speaker C: That stops the elephant folks from going. [00:59:39] Speaker B: In, but the Cynthia Claus can come. [00:59:41] Speaker C: And go as they please. [00:59:43] Speaker G: Is this base that they're talking about? Is that the mine or is the mine separate? [00:59:50] Speaker B: What the. You talking about the Cinderclaw base? [00:59:54] Speaker G: Yeah, because the cobalt said they were stuck in the Cindercaw mining operation. [01:00:03] Speaker B: Is it a mine or is different? [01:00:06] Speaker E: No, there does not seem to be. [01:00:09] Speaker B: A mine around the base. [01:00:13] Speaker G: Do they know where it is? [01:00:15] Speaker B: He's talking in generalities. [01:00:18] Speaker C: It's somewhere to the northeast. [01:00:20] Speaker B: Okay. We believe that the totems that have been built, the dragon totems, are somehow protecting the cinder Claus. Okay. [01:00:38] Speaker C: He thinks the totems that turn people. [01:00:39] Speaker B: Into stone are protecting them. [01:00:41] Speaker I: Perhaps they were trying to expand all the way to the Ayadara. [01:00:46] Speaker B: Perhaps. Yeah, it's possible. I'll turn to the survivor guy and. [01:00:54] Speaker C: Just say, what is your name? [01:00:57] Speaker B: My name is. [01:01:00] Speaker E: I'm going to type it out so. [01:01:02] Speaker B: We can get it right. Edgar Edka. How is that hard? [01:01:08] Speaker E: No, because I messed up and kedia for so long. I don't want to do it again. [01:01:14] Speaker B: That's fair. Edka. Edka, can you and your elephants get back home without assistance? Yes, we should be fine. Okay, then if you don't mind, we're probably going to camp here for the evening and then we'll be on our way. Yes, that sounds fine. Here. [01:01:36] Speaker E: And he gives you two days worth of rations. And he also gives you new mosquito netting so that refills your mosquito nets so you still get the plus two. [01:01:54] Speaker B: For building your shelter. Okay. I wasn't aware we'd lost it. [01:02:00] Speaker E: It's consumed slowly. [01:02:05] Speaker B: Okay. [01:02:05] Speaker E: Yeah. [01:02:05] Speaker C: So we'll. Thank you. [01:02:06] Speaker I: Hey, twin Talon, tell him that elephants like my tuba. He should get one himself. [01:02:13] Speaker B: Okay. [01:02:14] Speaker C: My friend makes loud music with his metal horn. You should get one. [01:02:18] Speaker B: Your elephants seem to like it. Elephants are slightly tone deaf. [01:02:23] Speaker E: You should hear them try and trumpet. [01:02:25] Speaker B: And he laughs, uncomfortable laughing because I. [01:02:31] Speaker A: Don'T know what they're saying. [01:02:35] Speaker G: Ha. [01:02:38] Speaker B: So with that, you all camp and you automatically succeed. Woohoo. [01:02:46] Speaker E: As you wake up the next morning, you have more decisions of where you're. [01:02:53] Speaker B: Going to go, what these totems are actually doing, and will you ever get out of this book with that? Don't say it. [01:03:06] Speaker E: You guys got a good night's rest without being trampled to death by elephants. We'll call it there. [01:03:10] Speaker A: We're going to see you next, guys. [01:03:12] Speaker B: Okay? [01:03:13] Speaker A: Not even going to quit this time. [01:03:15] Speaker D: With the newly gained knowledge that the cobalt gave our heroes and finding the elephant people and saving them, what will our heroes do next? What will they find? What is preventing the ikuje from being able to leave their village? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [01:03:43] Speaker E: Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast. Background sound effects provided by sirenscape. Because Epic Games deserve epic music. Please visit [email protected] Pathfinder second edition, Age of Ashes Adventure Path are all copyright of Pizo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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