The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 42 - Sappy

Episode 9 July 02, 2020 00:48:00
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 42 - Sappy
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 42 - Sappy

Jul 02 2020 | 00:48:00


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The Living Sap continues its attack on the group. Is this our last episode? 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:42] Speaker A: Of the Cracked Die podcast. My name is Matt. I play twin Talon on the show. This is another remote recording from us. We did have some issue issues with sound capture on this one, so we've rerecorded some of it. But we've done our best to make this listenable for you and we do apologize. After this, we started using a different audio capture, so fingers crossed we won't run into this again. Additionally exciting news. We have been doing one shots on Twitch myself as the GM, running Sean Haya and two other of our friends Brent and Pete through some one shot second edition adventures. And we have been invited to be affiliates. Twitch affiliates. Hooray. That's exciting. So we'd like to invite you to join us on July, roughly 05:00 p.m.. Eastern time to check us out on Twitch. Come say hi, show your support. We really do appreciate it. All right, now, without further ado, episode 42 of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:01:51] Speaker B: Sappy, welcome to the 41st episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:01:59] Speaker C: Oh no, we're still here. [00:02:01] Speaker D: Yes. [00:02:01] Speaker E: I don't know. [00:02:02] Speaker F: Oh, so the character death episode, that's the one Sean remembers the number of right away. That's cool. [00:02:07] Speaker B: I'm trying, guys. [00:02:09] Speaker F: Had it circled on his calendar. So writing in his dream journal, episode 41, circles and hearts. [00:02:16] Speaker C: Wait, guys, I thought we in our, in our episode planning discussions and our script writing we came up with. Episode 42 was the one where Silver was going to die and then Tema dies in 43, right? [00:02:27] Speaker F: Isn't that what's not give people reason to think we're scripting the episode? We have little to no idea what's going on. [00:02:35] Speaker G: I would hope that they would be at least a little bit better if we script. [00:02:39] Speaker F: The dialogue would certainly be better. [00:02:40] Speaker B: Yes, the editing time would be cut way down. [00:02:44] Speaker E: That is true. [00:02:44] Speaker G: If Silver dies, I'm going to loot his body because it's what he would have wanted. [00:02:49] Speaker D: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast, all heroes fought not one, but two living saps. As Silver's life is draining away from him. As he is engulfed by one, Brianna has been knocked unconscious by the other one. Will our heroes survive? Find out now. On the cracked Die podcast, Silver only. [00:03:12] Speaker B: Has two rounds of air left. Brienna, you are bleeding out. Twin Talon, you are fighting the living SAP that is by Brianna. Temid, pond Watcher, and Soraya, you are all fighting the one that has silver engulfed in it. So, Silver, since you only have two rounds of air left, we're going to skip you. The living SAP that contains silver. The bar swings its first pseudopod at the monster that just released a dragon ice breath all over it. And swings with a 34. [00:03:57] Speaker H: That hits me. [00:03:58] Speaker B: You're going to take eleven damage. [00:04:00] Speaker G: Oh, no. My temporary hit points. [00:04:03] Speaker C: Oh, wow. Humble Braga. [00:04:05] Speaker E: Yeah, right. [00:04:05] Speaker B: I also need you to make a reflex save 19. All right. You manage to hold on to your weapon. The pseudopod doesn't manage to pull it. [00:04:17] Speaker C: Into it do that. [00:04:18] Speaker F: Disarm. [00:04:19] Speaker G: What? [00:04:19] Speaker B: Yeah, I keep forgetting that it's part of its attack. [00:04:22] Speaker F: Oh, wait, that's just part of its attack. It just automatically tries to disarm people. [00:04:26] Speaker B: It's called adhesive body. [00:04:28] Speaker G: Well, jokes on you. My body. [00:04:30] Speaker B: Underland temid. It swings a pseudopod at you. [00:04:36] Speaker C: I choose not to be hit by it. [00:04:38] Speaker B: Does an 18 hit you? [00:04:39] Speaker C: No, it doesn't. So. [00:04:41] Speaker D: Ha. [00:04:41] Speaker C: I got what I wanted. [00:04:42] Speaker B: And last pseudopod swings at you, Tamid. Does a 26, hit you for eleven damage. [00:04:51] Speaker C: Well, that's not nice at all. [00:04:53] Speaker F: That's the opposite of being not hit. [00:04:55] Speaker B: Twin Talon. [00:04:56] Speaker F: If given the option, I'd also like to choose to not be hit. [00:04:58] Speaker E: Yeah, that's a good choice. [00:04:59] Speaker D: Well, it's your turn. [00:05:00] Speaker F: Oh, okay. So, I don't know, do I get any kind of sense of how dead this thing is or is it? [00:05:07] Speaker D: Well, I really felt that you had. [00:05:09] Speaker B: A great way to describe hit points. If this living SAP was a pizza, you feel there'd be like one slice left? [00:05:21] Speaker F: One slice left? [00:05:22] Speaker D: Yes. [00:05:22] Speaker F: Okay, then I'm going to eat that pizza. [00:05:24] Speaker B: Oh, hey, yo. [00:05:26] Speaker F: Saying his body is Wonderland does a 32 hit? [00:05:29] Speaker D: Yes, it does. [00:05:30] Speaker F: All right, so that's nine piercing damage. [00:05:34] Speaker D: Well, it looks like you ate half. [00:05:36] Speaker B: The slice of pizza and it's still there. [00:05:39] Speaker F: I don't think you understand how the pizza metaphor works. [00:05:41] Speaker H: You took a big bite out of the slice, but it's not gone yet. [00:05:44] Speaker F: Right, but last time I said if I was a slice. If I was a pizza with 32 slices, I'd have 16 left. [00:05:48] Speaker D: Okay, if this was pizza with 175. [00:05:52] Speaker B: Slices, it's got four slices. We are talking about pizza. [00:05:59] Speaker F: Wait, am I getting pizza whenever you order it? [00:06:04] Speaker E: Yes. [00:06:05] Speaker F: Okay, then I will. [00:06:06] Speaker G: That's a lot of pizza. That's my backup character's voice. [00:06:10] Speaker H: Please don't show me. [00:06:12] Speaker F: Okay, so with that, since it seems like it's still glurping about, twin Talon will attack again. Okay, 18 to hit. [00:06:20] Speaker D: You hit it. [00:06:21] Speaker B: And as your sword goes through it, it kind of pops and you just have this amber oozing all over the floor. Roast and die. [00:06:31] Speaker E: Nice. [00:06:33] Speaker H: Finally. [00:06:34] Speaker F: And then for my third action. I am going to move next to Brianna. [00:06:40] Speaker B: Hello, pond watcher, you're up. [00:06:42] Speaker G: So, looking at this thing in front of me, how much of silver can I see? [00:06:48] Speaker B: You can see his whole body. It's engulfed in this. It's surrounding him. [00:06:55] Speaker G: Okay, so he's like floating inside the center? [00:06:57] Speaker D: Yes. [00:06:58] Speaker B: If Cadbury eggs were around, he'd be the nougatie center. [00:07:04] Speaker G: I'm going to try something. [00:07:06] Speaker B: I'm listening. [00:07:08] Speaker G: And that is to drop my Halbert. [00:07:10] Speaker D: Halbert dropped. [00:07:11] Speaker G: And I'm still wearing the cinder claw gauntlet. [00:07:14] Speaker B: Yes, you are. [00:07:15] Speaker G: I would like to get inside of the SAP and push silver out. [00:07:20] Speaker B: Okay, give me an athletics check. I think we're going to have you try and grapple it to try and push silver out. [00:07:33] Speaker G: Okay, so I have titan wrestler, even though this thing isn't bigger than me. And I also have a swim speed, because I'm raging. So I think it makes sense to at least try to grapple into it. I don't know if it can only. [00:07:49] Speaker H: Hold one person at a time. If you're trying to replace yourself with silver. [00:07:54] Speaker G: Well, I mean, I know that. That's why I'm trying to do it. I don't know if palm watcher knows that. That's why I was asking if he could tell how much room was left. So maybe he can just try to shoulder barge him out. [00:08:04] Speaker D: I like it. [00:08:05] Speaker B: It sounds neat. [00:08:06] Speaker G: Okay, so I'll roll athletics. [00:08:08] Speaker D: Yes. [00:08:09] Speaker G: 18, which is a natural four. [00:08:11] Speaker B: You manage to push silver out halfway, meaning you're now halfway in his feet around. [00:08:21] Speaker G: Yeah, if I can roll again, I'll roll again. All I did was drop my Halbert. [00:08:25] Speaker D: Yes, you can roll again. [00:08:27] Speaker F: It's against the creature's fortitude. DC. [00:08:29] Speaker G: Yes, 21. [00:08:31] Speaker B: That will work. You are now in the living SAP and you've pushed silver out. You are now engulfed. You also take 13 points of acid damage. [00:08:46] Speaker G: Okay. [00:08:47] Speaker B: Worth it, seraya. [00:08:49] Speaker H: All right. Okay, we said silver's feet are sticking out. [00:08:54] Speaker B: Silver is out. [00:08:56] Speaker D: Pond wire. [00:08:56] Speaker H: Oh, silver is completely out. That's right. All right, so she's going to throw another flask of frost. Do a frost file. Okay, does a 19 hit? [00:09:06] Speaker D: Yes, it does. [00:09:07] Speaker H: Sweet. All right. And that's 13 cold damage to it. Okay, so that was make bomb throw bomb. [00:09:14] Speaker B: It's still there, but it's beginning to get harder and harder as the SAP starts to harden into amber. [00:09:23] Speaker H: Lovely. She'll grab her second pesh fight grenade. I think she only had the two. Or the blue dragon fighting grenade. I'm sorry, but she'll grab that. Because she can't make and throw another bomb with one action. [00:09:36] Speaker B: It is now Brianna's turn. [00:09:38] Speaker E: I'm trying to remember how to do this because this is definitely not the first nor last time I've been unconscious and dying. I have to make a recovery check of some kind. I forget how to do this. [00:09:50] Speaker G: It's a DC ten plus your dying modifier, which is, I guess, now dying number one. So DC eleven. [00:09:56] Speaker B: Dying. [00:09:56] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:09:57] Speaker B: So you need an eleven. [00:09:59] Speaker D: Fuck. [00:09:59] Speaker E: Well, dying two. [00:10:00] Speaker H: Here we go. Oh, no, there's a six. [00:10:05] Speaker E: Yeah, with a six. Dying two. Here we go. Red ray. I'm so sorry for grumbling your name. [00:10:14] Speaker G: You do have acid, like, inside your femoral artery at the moment, yeah. [00:10:18] Speaker E: Is it cauterizing? [00:10:19] Speaker H: No. [00:10:21] Speaker B: Temid, you're up. [00:10:22] Speaker C: All right, so temid sees pondwatcher's brilliant maneuver to get silver out of immediate danger, and so he rushes over to try to revive Brienna, and so he runs over there and he uses. So I verified this. Someone having battle medicine used on them only makes them immune to the person who used the battle medicine on them for 24 hours or for that day. So now that I verified that. [00:10:52] Speaker E: Thank you. [00:10:53] Speaker C: We're going to do battle medicine. Medicine. Oh, actually, no, it's an automatic 20. So she gets two d eight plus ten. [00:10:59] Speaker E: Nice. Thank you. [00:11:01] Speaker C: So you get 17 hit points back. And then he's going to expend a single use of his heel spell also, just in case. And we'll also give her back. So two d eight. You get another two d eight back. Let me just roll that. [00:11:18] Speaker E: Good gravy. Thank you so much. [00:11:20] Speaker C: So you get another eight back. [00:11:22] Speaker E: Awesome. [00:11:22] Speaker C: So 25 back total this turn. [00:11:25] Speaker E: That is amazing. Brianna will wake with a gasp. [00:11:29] Speaker C: He just sees her, I guess, the acid kind of seeping into her femoral artery, and he kind of tightens up the bandage that she tried to put on herself and kind of wipes away as much acid as he can. And as he does so, he injects her with a little bit of holy energy, which makes her drunk. Okay, maybe not the last part. [00:11:48] Speaker E: Thank you so much. What is wrong with my speech? I am a lightweight. [00:11:55] Speaker B: Silver, having just been pushed out of the living SAP, gasping, filling his lungs with air for the first time in a few seconds, reaches out and touches the living SAP, sticking himself to it. His veins that are black start to change from black to yellow to amber, draining 22 points of life with a vampiric touch out of the creature and gaining eleven temporary hit points. The living SAP that now contains. Pond watcher swings a pseudopod at silver, the only target nearby. Silver, having just used his vampiric touch spell, is stuck to the living SAP, making him easier to hit. He attempts a reflex save to pull away. However, the adhesive skins keeps him stuck to the SAP. The first pseudopod swings with a 34, hitting but not critting against silver. Silver reels back and takes 36 points of damage as the pseudopod hits him. Still standing. He's the only target that the pseudopod can hit. The pseudopod swings again with a 23. It hits Silver again. Silver reeling as more damage is applied to him. Taking ten points of damage. Bleary eyed and reeling. The living SAP swings again with a 16. Twin talon, you're up. [00:13:42] Speaker F: Okay. Now that he's Brianna is okay, he will kind of nod to temid and he'll start moving and then he will attack the ooze. 20 to hit for eleven damage. [00:13:55] Speaker B: You hit it and you deal. Eleven damage. [00:13:57] Speaker F: Okay, that's my whole turn. [00:13:58] Speaker B: It is still alive. Pond Watcher, you are inside the creature. [00:14:03] Speaker G: Wouldn't be the first time I've been inside a monster. Yeah. So I'm going to attack with the cinder claw gauntlet from inside. [00:14:12] Speaker B: Okay, nice. [00:14:13] Speaker G: 24. [00:14:14] Speaker D: That will hit. [00:14:15] Speaker G: Okay. That deals ten piercing and slashing damage. [00:14:18] Speaker B: As you deal the damage, SAP bursts as you pour forth and you are free. And it dies. [00:14:28] Speaker E: Nice. [00:14:31] Speaker F: That's so very fun. Watcher is to explode out of the monster. [00:14:35] Speaker B: It's finally over with a ha ha. [00:14:39] Speaker E: Yes. [00:14:40] Speaker H: I'm going back to bed now. [00:14:42] Speaker F: Yeah. Twin town is going to go check. [00:14:44] Speaker C: On Brianna while Tevid is tending to Brienna. He's like waving like a. He's waving for silver to shut up and come over already. Get over here. [00:14:56] Speaker E: Brianna looks down and realizes just how naked she is. And she's like looking around for what's left of the towel just to give herself at least some semblance of modesty. She just sits on the floor. Be like, thank you for the help. Excuse me. So sorry. Okay. [00:15:14] Speaker H: Soraya just walks over, drapes her in one of her dresses and immediately goes. Doesn't say anything, just shoop. And goes to sleep. [00:15:28] Speaker E: Thanks, mom. [00:15:29] Speaker C: So Tamit says, I'm going to look at silver and tend to some of my wounds for a second and then maybe I'll be back in ten minutes or so if you like. And then he just kind of walks away. [00:15:41] Speaker E: Okay, thank you. [00:15:42] Speaker C: Like very quickly. So because of one of my abilities, I can use treat wounds on two people at the same time in the same ten minute period, so each get two d eight plus ten. I don't know if you want to go through all the roles and stuff, but, say, in a half an hour or so, I should probably have everyone back topped up. [00:16:00] Speaker E: Nice. [00:16:01] Speaker C: Do we have to go through the roles, Sean? [00:16:03] Speaker B: No, we can do those off air. You all bed down for the night. You finally get a full night's rest, so you recover your constitution modifier times your level of hit points. [00:16:17] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:16:18] Speaker C: So between all those, I think we're all topped up. [00:16:20] Speaker D: You all top yourselves off. [00:16:23] Speaker H: Does getting the full night's rest get rid of my clumsy, or do I have to, like. [00:16:27] Speaker B: Yes, all conditions are removed, unless you have anything special that I have notes for. Approximately 8 hours and 36 minutes pass, and you all wake up well rested. It's the next morning, and you hear shaking from the trees to the right. [00:16:51] Speaker E: Oh, here we go. [00:16:52] Speaker B: A few moments later, you see a gray skinned woman emerge from the trees, and you recognize her as Renulli. Hello. [00:17:05] Speaker F: Hi. Welcome back. [00:17:07] Speaker E: Fancy seeing you here. [00:17:09] Speaker D: Hello. I forget what I had her voice sound like. Hello. The akuje told me you had left to help them out, and I wanted to try and find you. I'm sorry it took so long. How are you all feeling? [00:17:26] Speaker B: And with that, silver goes into great detail explaining what happened to them last night. [00:17:32] Speaker D: Ah, yes. Living SAP. [00:17:34] Speaker E: Or is that what it is? [00:17:35] Speaker D: Yes, they're quite dangerous. [00:17:37] Speaker E: Oh, we learned quite the hard way, perhaps. [00:17:42] Speaker D: So with that, we can go back to the hexploration map. [00:17:48] Speaker G: Bam, bam, bam. Yeah. [00:17:49] Speaker H: Really? Hexploration map? [00:17:51] Speaker D: That's what it's called. [00:17:52] Speaker C: Oh, it's not. That's what you call it? [00:17:53] Speaker D: Don't judge me. You were all heading south to try and meet up with the elephant people. [00:18:02] Speaker F: Yes. [00:18:03] Speaker D: So I'm assuming that is what you would like to continue doing. [00:18:07] Speaker F: Yeah, I mean, if we got two weeks of rations from the elves, then I see no reason not to continue. [00:18:13] Speaker D: So now that Renullia is with you. [00:18:16] Speaker F: She'S going to eat all our rations? [00:18:17] Speaker D: Yep. That's it. Now that Renullia is with you, she can be a helpful guide. As she is from this area, she can do one of four things for you. She can gather supplies. Since she's familiar with the land, she can automatically scavenge enough fruit and fresh water to feed and hydrate you guys for one day. [00:18:37] Speaker F: That's useful. [00:18:38] Speaker D: Yeah, you can have her construct the shelter. Since she is part spider, she can use her skill at weaving to craft an excellent shelter for you guys to spend the night. At each day that she uses this action, she makes a crafting check. And if she succeeds, it automatically grants you a success for the camping and the moangi expanse action, she can independently scout ahead. So if you want to continue going south, you can send her east one hex, and it will take her 24 hours to come back and tell you what she found. Or she can provide support if you get attacked. [00:19:17] Speaker F: Personally, I would vote for her scouting hex to the side of us to make sure we don't miss something. [00:19:23] Speaker C: Yes. [00:19:23] Speaker F: Or we don't have, like, enemies behind us on accident. [00:19:26] Speaker H: That's not a bad idea. [00:19:28] Speaker D: Where would you like to send her? Which direction? [00:19:32] Speaker F: Southwest, if we go straight south. [00:19:34] Speaker H: So you can send her here? [00:19:36] Speaker F: Yeah. So she'll be directly below where we came in at the Ayudara works for me. [00:19:41] Speaker D: All right, so she goes directly below where the Ayudara were. [00:19:47] Speaker F: Yes. Still in darkness to us. [00:19:49] Speaker D: But there's your first mistake. And then you are all moving to the south, correct? [00:19:56] Speaker F: Correct? [00:19:57] Speaker H: Yes. [00:19:57] Speaker F: And we trust that you would not practice upon our credible simplicity. [00:20:01] Speaker D: So the day passes with very little excitement, which is good after the evening. [00:20:08] Speaker F: How exciting. [00:20:09] Speaker D: Which is good after the evening. You have. The heat begins to rise and become oppressive, and you manage to find some shade under some of these trees. As you can see on the map, there is an opening where you have to wander through the plains esque area where there are no trees covering you. [00:20:27] Speaker F: I would like to throw the shade, please. [00:20:29] Speaker D: Yes. Okay. You throw some shade. And while you throw that shade, you notice that some animals run from you just because you're not from around there. Evening comes as you make your way across, and Renulli winds up back at the camp with you. She reports that she did not see anything strange in the area that she went to look at. There were no marks of hunters or anything like that, although it is close still to Ekuje territory, so there were normal elven footprints and whatnot. [00:21:08] Speaker F: Does that reveal it on our map? [00:21:10] Speaker D: I will reveal it on your map. Okay. [00:21:12] Speaker F: Just so we can remember where she was. [00:21:14] Speaker D: All right. So you camp for the evening, I'm assuming? [00:21:19] Speaker E: I guess so. [00:21:22] Speaker C: We need to roll nature, is it to get army survival in order to set up the camp? [00:21:28] Speaker D: Yes. One pc, one player rolls survival. [00:21:32] Speaker C: So I think we figured out last time that since. What's her name, Renali, isn't able to do more than one action a day because she's lazy. [00:21:43] Speaker H: Sure. [00:21:44] Speaker E: Well, she's lazy. [00:21:45] Speaker F: She travels a totally different way, does all the work that we did here, and then comes back to us. [00:21:50] Speaker C: Yeah, and we still also have to set up a camp. She's so lazy. [00:21:53] Speaker D: Get out of here. [00:21:57] Speaker C: I think temid has the highest survival at a plus twelve. [00:22:02] Speaker F: That sounds like it is weirdly correct. Because of his insane wisdom. [00:22:07] Speaker G: I only have an eight. [00:22:08] Speaker C: Yeah, but I mean, others are going to assist. [00:22:11] Speaker D: We'll try. [00:22:12] Speaker E: Sure. I'm at a plus three. [00:22:14] Speaker D: Pond watcher does not assist. [00:22:18] Speaker G: I fail with a 19. [00:22:19] Speaker C: Wait, does having Renulli around us give him a plus one? [00:22:23] Speaker D: Twin Talon also does not assist. In fact, he hinders the process with a natural one. [00:22:29] Speaker F: I think we should build a camp. [00:22:30] Speaker B: In the river, Brianna. [00:22:33] Speaker D: And also negates the twin talon fumbling with a critical. [00:22:39] Speaker E: That's a dumb idea. [00:22:41] Speaker F: All right. [00:22:42] Speaker D: Breathing. [00:22:42] Speaker C: I forget about that sometimes. [00:22:47] Speaker G: All right, apparently Brianna likes being in the water. [00:22:51] Speaker E: Well, not underwater at least, but perhaps we can be near it so we can bathe and get water to drink anyway. [00:23:01] Speaker D: All right, so with a 28, you succeed. [00:23:05] Speaker F: Nice. [00:23:06] Speaker C: Not critically, is it a critical success? [00:23:08] Speaker D: It is a regular success. [00:23:10] Speaker C: 32 was also, I think. Yeah, you're right. I think also I think it's a plus one for aiding. [00:23:18] Speaker F: It is. [00:23:19] Speaker D: Well, you have plus two because the elves gave you like, mosquito netting and camping supply. [00:23:26] Speaker C: Oh, okay. Wait, no, that was a plus six. [00:23:30] Speaker D: No, it was. [00:23:32] Speaker C: Okay, fine. No, it's good. At least we're not going to. I'm sorry, I lost my train of spot with that. [00:23:40] Speaker D: You have an uneventful evening. [00:23:42] Speaker F: Hooray. [00:23:43] Speaker D: You wake up the next morning after nine and a half hours, 9 hours. [00:23:47] Speaker C: 36 minutes of sleep, feeling like p. Diddy. [00:23:50] Speaker D: Yes, Kesha, the next morning. Where are you all headed? [00:23:52] Speaker F: I say we do the same thing. That would be my vote. [00:23:54] Speaker D: All right. And which way are you sending? Renew? [00:23:57] Speaker F: Southwest. [00:23:57] Speaker E: To the river? [00:23:58] Speaker F: No, just slightly behind us to the southwest. So we went straight south to the river. So I would recommend her southwest. Unless somebody has a better idea. [00:24:06] Speaker D: Off she goes. You make it to the river. But before you decide what to do, Renulli comes scampering back a little earlier than what you would expect. [00:24:17] Speaker F: Scampering. That sounds good. [00:24:20] Speaker D: Everything was clear in that area except for some strange footprints. [00:24:25] Speaker E: What kind of footprints? [00:24:27] Speaker D: They appear to be cobalt footprints. [00:24:29] Speaker H: Cobalt footprints? Fully grown or child? [00:24:32] Speaker D: Hard to tell, but they seem to be moving in a southwesternly direction quite quickly. From the looks of it, cobalts are not normally here. [00:24:44] Speaker G: I think we should find them and wipe them out. Dragon worshipping sinners. [00:24:49] Speaker H: I just remember our mighty dragon friends. [00:24:51] Speaker G: Yeah, terrible dragon lovers. [00:24:54] Speaker H: They were so sweet and I forget but they were very cute. [00:25:01] Speaker E: So here's a question for you, Renali. Did it seem like they were marching, or was it more of maybe fleeing? Was there any indication in the surrounding terrain that they were fleeing from? [00:25:16] Speaker D: They were not covering their tracks, if that's what you're asking. I couldn't tell how quickly they were moving, but they were definitely moving southwest. I couldn't tell how many there were. [00:25:28] Speaker F: Probably two. I hear cobalt's move in groups of two. That is 100% my experience with cobalt. [00:25:34] Speaker E: So the only two we've ever come across so far. [00:25:38] Speaker D: Okay, yes, there's always two. [00:25:39] Speaker G: No more, no less. [00:25:41] Speaker F: A master and apprentice. [00:25:47] Speaker E: Oh, boy. Well, like Silver said, we should certainly exercise caution where they are concerned. I'm not sure if we should perhaps move now to the southwest and perhaps intercept them before they. I don't know if their plan would be to go and see the. Is it the elephant clan or the elephant people? [00:26:09] Speaker D: Elephant people. [00:26:11] Speaker E: Okay, if their plan is to perhaps go to the elephant people, but I don't know. I don't know what the best source of action is. Or perhaps we should be the ones to try and stealth or scout ahead to see what exactly we are dealing with. [00:26:27] Speaker F: So twin Talon will look at the rough map that the elves gave us, and he'll say, well, it looks like the elephant people are directly south of us. And if the cobalt's were moving southwest from where Renoli said they're moving kind of to the side of them, but not directly toward them. So I don't think it's a bad idea to go scout out what the cobalts are up to. But I don't think the elephant people are in any danger from them. [00:26:51] Speaker D: You know, you would have to cross the river in order to see them. [00:26:55] Speaker F: Or the elephant people. [00:26:57] Speaker D: Yes, to get to the elephant people. [00:26:59] Speaker G: We should split up. [00:27:00] Speaker C: What? [00:27:01] Speaker E: I'll go with Daphne. [00:27:03] Speaker G: Everyone should go in a different direction until we find. [00:27:06] Speaker H: Oh yes, that's the wisest thing to. [00:27:08] Speaker D: Do in this situation. [00:27:09] Speaker E: It will certainly cover more ground, but it would leave us open for danger. So perhaps that wouldn't be the wisest way to go about it, at least for now. [00:27:20] Speaker G: Good idea, though Renali goes by herself all the time. [00:27:24] Speaker E: Well, she knows this area. She's born here. We're still traipsing about trying to find our tails from our heads. [00:27:31] Speaker D: No. [00:27:31] Speaker H: What if it got too hot and you, poor thing, overheated and fell unconscious. [00:27:35] Speaker E: With no one to help you, for example? [00:27:37] Speaker G: That is a good point. I would probably take the river and ride that all the way. [00:27:41] Speaker H: Well, okay. Do we want to perhaps still approach the elephant people and tell them that the coal guilds are around? The Kuje did say that they were aggressive. So saying, we're not here to hurt you, but there are things around that you may want to be aware of. Certainly. [00:28:00] Speaker F: Or they might just be like, yeah, we know we live here. [00:28:07] Speaker E: Let's make a plan of action. Do we want to go now southwest to try and head them off, or should we go directly south to talk to the elephant people and take it from there? Should we put it to a vote, perhaps? [00:28:21] Speaker C: Sure. The birth of democracy. [00:28:23] Speaker G: Let's vote. [00:28:24] Speaker E: Okay, so all in favor of going to the elephant people, raise their hand. Brianna will raise her hand. [00:28:29] Speaker F: Twin Talon will not. [00:28:30] Speaker H: Sareia will, too. [00:28:31] Speaker C: Temid will not raise his hand. Now, just to be clear. [00:28:34] Speaker D: Okay, so it looks like Brianna and Sareia are the only two saying, go to the elephant people. [00:28:39] Speaker H: All right, fine. [00:28:41] Speaker F: Did not announce what they did. [00:28:42] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. Are you voting? Which way are you voting? [00:28:45] Speaker G: I did not raise my hand. [00:28:46] Speaker D: All right. [00:28:46] Speaker E: Okay, well, southwest it is. [00:28:49] Speaker G: Wait, aren't there more options? [00:28:51] Speaker C: Staying here is technically an option. Going back is an. [00:28:56] Speaker G: Up. Brienna, listen, who wants to go in six different directions? [00:29:06] Speaker E: Brianna will shake her head. [00:29:08] Speaker C: Kemet does not raise his hand. [00:29:35] Speaker G: I was mostly joking, but I don't really care. I was just skating around. But, yeah, we'd probably all die. [00:29:43] Speaker F: At least one of us would die. [00:29:45] Speaker D: Bernoulli looks at you all and goes, that is a terrible, terrible idea. The only reason I can do this by myself is I stay to the treetops as a spider. [00:29:57] Speaker E: There you go. [00:29:59] Speaker G: I can do that. No, but I jump from tree to tree. I wouldn't get tired or anything. [00:30:05] Speaker D: George of the jungle was born pond watcher of the jungle. [00:30:10] Speaker H: That's why he never wears clothes. [00:30:12] Speaker D: George of the. [00:30:13] Speaker H: Okay, I'm too hot. [00:30:15] Speaker G: I understand him more than ever before. Brendan Fraser and me are the same guy. [00:30:21] Speaker D: Okay. [00:30:21] Speaker G: I really don't care, though. I'll do whatever you guys want. That's why I wasn't voting, because I don't know what the hell's happening. [00:30:27] Speaker E: Okay, so it seems that majority either way, wishes to go southwest to go look at the cobalt. Is that correct? [00:30:34] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:30:34] Speaker E: Okay, now that we've spent most of the day voting, let's go. [00:30:40] Speaker G: And the cobalt, at least we're wearing clothes this time. [00:30:45] Speaker E: Excuse me. [00:30:47] Speaker D: So you can either camp here at the bed of the river for the evening, or you can push on in the night. Northwest or southwest? [00:30:57] Speaker F: Sorry, I'm all for making to. It's a jungle we're not familiar with. I have no desire to go blindly into it. [00:31:05] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:31:05] Speaker D: All right, so you guys camp for the evening. Temid, give me your survival check. [00:31:10] Speaker C: Well, I want to see if someone else ate everyone. [00:31:13] Speaker E: Sure. [00:31:14] Speaker D: Yes. [00:31:14] Speaker G: 26. [00:31:15] Speaker C: Yes. [00:31:16] Speaker D: Pond watcher helps. Twin talon does not. Brianna does not. [00:31:20] Speaker E: Brianna certainly does not. On second thought, I think camping at the river was a great idea. [00:31:25] Speaker F: No, I think it's the breathing thing. [00:31:27] Speaker D: Still. [00:31:28] Speaker E: Okay. [00:31:28] Speaker D: Ten minutes. [00:31:31] Speaker C: And then 22 total. I guess from the gear you succeed. [00:31:37] Speaker D: Barely, but you succeed. So you all camp for the evening. And I forgot to ask last time. Or you all wake up the next morning, no incidences. You guys are getting lucky on the random encounter rolls. You wake up the next morning. And I forgot to ask you this last time, how are you all moving through the fourth? [00:31:54] Speaker F: Avoiding notice. [00:31:55] Speaker D: You're avoiding notice. [00:31:56] Speaker E: Okay, I will have my guard up, so I'll have my shield. [00:31:59] Speaker D: Okay. You move carefully, defensively. [00:32:01] Speaker H: I think Soraya is doing her investigating, looking for interesting components. [00:32:07] Speaker C: Tamet is looking for any type of danger ahead or behind her around. [00:32:12] Speaker G: I'll be searching for Kobo dirty. [00:32:16] Speaker D: And what would you like Renulli to do? [00:32:18] Speaker F: Can we send her east? [00:32:22] Speaker D: Yeah. Do you want her to go across the river, or do you want her to stay the northeastern hex or the southeastern hex? Northeastern hex. [00:32:30] Speaker F: Yeah, northeast, I guess, on the side of the river. [00:32:32] Speaker D: All right. And then are you guys going to the area that Renulli already investigated, or are you guys staying on the riverbank and moving to the southwest? [00:32:41] Speaker H: I was thinking the southwest of where we are. [00:32:43] Speaker F: Twin Talon would vote southwest since I don't know that there's anything to be gained by going to where she was and also finding the same tracks. [00:32:51] Speaker G: As we're walking, I want to approach. [00:32:55] Speaker H: Yes. [00:32:55] Speaker G: Hey, Soraya. [00:32:57] Speaker E: Yes? [00:32:57] Speaker G: Can you tell me, why is Renulli helping us again? [00:33:01] Speaker H: Because we helped her. [00:33:02] Speaker G: You don't think she has any ulterior motives? [00:33:04] Speaker H: She hasn't mentioned anything, and I honestly don't know what she would gain from us. [00:33:10] Speaker G: No, exactly. That's what I mean. It seems like a lot of work for no gain to her. I feel uncomfortable. [00:33:18] Speaker H: I suppose we can talk to her about it when she comes back, but as far as I'm aware, I think she said she owed us the favor from getting her back safely through the hunters gate. [00:33:29] Speaker G: Well, you know more about these things than I do. [00:33:31] Speaker H: Well, we'll have a nice conversation with her when she comes back tonight. See if there's anything that she might. [00:33:36] Speaker G: Need, like, our blood or something. [00:33:38] Speaker H: Well, let me hope not. Blood. That's not very pleasant. She's taking it, and I need mine from my magic. [00:33:44] Speaker G: Exactly. No, it just seems like she's really going above and beyond. What we did for her was turn a door on. I mean, I don't know. In my experience, people don't go that far out of their way to help you. Except for you guys. But you're different friends. I don't know. [00:34:00] Speaker H: No, I understand. It is peculiar. And we didn't even call for her, did we? We didn't use the whistle. [00:34:07] Speaker G: Yeah, it doesn't even work. I don't know. [00:34:11] Speaker H: Have you been using it? Have you been trying it? [00:34:13] Speaker G: I mean, I tried once and then I gave it away because it's broken. Not like Matuba, which I can't even play because we're trying to sneak through the jungle. This is terrible. [00:34:22] Speaker H: When we get back to the Ikuja camp, or perhaps when we get to the elephant people, I'm sure you can play them. [00:34:27] Speaker E: Lovely, too. [00:34:28] Speaker G: Also, are these people elves or are they elephants? I don't even know what an elephant is. I'm kind of worried that they're going to be giant elephant people and stop on us or something. I don't know. [00:34:38] Speaker H: I guess we'll all find out together, won't we? It's all right. I'm sure if there's anyone in our little band here that could take one down if they become hostile, it would be you. [00:34:46] Speaker G: Oh, thank you. It's very nice of you. Also, I don't know why I have an accent, because presumably we're speaking elf. [00:34:51] Speaker H: Indeed, but. [00:34:52] Speaker G: Oh, well, I forgot about that. [00:34:54] Speaker H: Okay, we could also just be speaking in common. I don't know. [00:34:58] Speaker G: The prying coal bald eaters are listening all the time. [00:35:01] Speaker H: How many of our party understand? [00:35:11] Speaker C: Does not. [00:35:11] Speaker D: Okay, so Temit and Brianna Silver probably does. [00:35:15] Speaker G: Yeah, Silver's got. [00:35:17] Speaker H: He's. I'm sure his intelligence is like, oh, I speak every language ever. [00:35:21] Speaker G: Well, once we go to dwarf town in the next book, then none of. [00:35:24] Speaker C: Us will know what the hell is happening. Actually, Temit does speak dwarf. [00:35:27] Speaker H: Oh, there we go. [00:35:28] Speaker F: Totally makes sense. [00:35:29] Speaker G: I can't wait for you to be the ambassador for it. [00:35:31] Speaker C: I'm just counting down the days. [00:35:33] Speaker G: The reason. I mean, Temid really should be a dwarf, let's be honest. [00:35:37] Speaker H: I mean, that's true. [00:35:39] Speaker D: So you continue along the river, following it, southwest it. Actually, by being near the moving water, the temperature is not nearly as bad. There's a light breeze blowing away some of the humidity. And you travel for the day as you bed down. Ranuli indeed comes back looking spooked. A little frightened. [00:36:01] Speaker H: Everything all right? [00:36:02] Speaker D: I caught the tail end of a battle between. It looked like human and some. I'm going to guess Cinderclaws. They seem to have been battling there. And there was a giant pillar. Once the cinder claws were killed, the pillar seemed to, I don't know, just turn some of the humans into stones. [00:36:28] Speaker F: So the humans won the combat, and then the pillar turned them to stone. [00:36:31] Speaker D: Well, it was during the fighting that it turned them to stone. [00:36:35] Speaker E: Okay, regardless, we need to move carefully and go to these elephant people as swiftly as possible. I feel like they will have more information for us again. Are you hurt? Did you get hurt in the crossfire? [00:36:50] Speaker D: No, I stayed to the trees and stayed out of sight. [00:36:53] Speaker E: Good. I'm glad to hear it. Hey, so now that we're, I guess, in cobalt ish territory, I think we're. [00:37:01] Speaker D: One hex away, so you can camp for the evening. [00:37:03] Speaker F: Okay, sounds good to me. [00:37:04] Speaker D: All right, everyone make your rolls, all right? Sure. [00:37:07] Speaker E: I'll find some campfire. [00:37:08] Speaker H: I would be so terrible at trying to help with that. [00:37:11] Speaker D: Right. A 25 pond watcher does manage to help. [00:37:14] Speaker C: All right, two helps with Brianna's 21. [00:37:17] Speaker D: Twin Talon. Doesn't help, but doesn't hinder this time. [00:37:21] Speaker F: I roll very poorly on helping. I'm not sure why that is, but I have a plus nine. [00:37:25] Speaker G: He keeps taking stuff out of the fire to make arrows. [00:37:30] Speaker E: No, the wrong kind of kindling. [00:37:32] Speaker D: What are you doing? [00:37:32] Speaker C: Total of 25. All right, you succeed also because I felt like it. I'm going to roll. Alcohol lore. Okay, I got an 18. [00:37:39] Speaker D: There's no alcohol. [00:37:40] Speaker C: Yes, there is. [00:37:41] Speaker D: Except in your cup. [00:37:42] Speaker C: That's right. [00:37:43] Speaker D: So with that, you all bed down for the night. And again, nothing seems to attack you in the evening. Your watches are uneventful. You manage to all get a restful night's sleep. So it's the next morning. Where are you all headed? [00:37:59] Speaker G: I want to approach Renulli and talk. [00:38:01] Speaker F: Okay. [00:38:03] Speaker G: Renulli. So, how are you? [00:38:07] Speaker D: Good morning, Pond watcher. [00:38:09] Speaker G: Hi. So, what's up? [00:38:12] Speaker D: Nothing. Just preparing for the day. You see her, like, eating some fruit that she has found. [00:38:18] Speaker G: So, I had a question for you. Why are you helping us? Why are you doing so much for us? I don't really understand. [00:38:27] Speaker D: Well, it is my people's way to assist those who come into our lands. Especially if they have helped us in the past. And me being stranded on the other side of the world. Getting me back here in one piece was very helpful. And I could have never made it through the gate. I had no idea how to activate that gate that you opened. And the bargas that was keeping me kept attacking me while I was there. And then there was that other elven woman and kept bringing skeletons around. And it was just very. I was trapped. And you all helped me get home. And I feel I owe you for that. [00:39:11] Speaker G: Yeah. I mean, okay, but you already helped us like, a bunch of times. And you're back now. You're with your people. Where are your people? Why haven't you returned to see your tribe? [00:39:22] Speaker D: Oh, I did return to see them and let them know what I found. Also, she looks kind of sheepish and kind of blushes. I will admit I am intrigued by learning of other people. And the ekuje here are lovely elves. But you and Soraya are different. And I've never seen that before. Or twin Talon is very unique with his tattoos and the story silver tells. Just incredible. And I've never seen a human be able to drink nearly as much as temid has and not feel the effects. And let's not forget Brianna, who's very courageous in what she does and how she steps out. And her accent is just very appealing to learn. I enjoy traveling with you all. [00:40:12] Speaker E: I'm not blushing. [00:40:13] Speaker D: You are. [00:40:14] Speaker G: Okay, cool. Sounds good. Keep up the good work then, I guess. Well, see you later. He feels, like, pretty bad now. [00:40:27] Speaker E: No, out of game. It's a fair question. [00:40:31] Speaker D: No, absolutely. And you know what? Out of game, considering your history with helpful npcs and just murdering them, there's still time. [00:40:40] Speaker G: There is still time to. [00:40:41] Speaker F: I still have 1 mile left. I checked. [00:40:43] Speaker D: Yes, you still have one vial. So with that, after that lovely conversation, where are you all headed? [00:40:48] Speaker H: Where to? [00:40:49] Speaker D: And what are you. What are you asking Renulli to do? [00:40:52] Speaker F: I would vote that we go northwest because that seems to be where she saw the Cobalt's headed. And ask her to go southwest along the riverbank. [00:40:58] Speaker D: All right. Does that work for you? [00:40:59] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:41:00] Speaker D: And how are you all moving into that? [00:41:03] Speaker F: Twin Talon would like to avoid notice. [00:41:05] Speaker G: Avoid notice? [00:41:06] Speaker H: Yeah. I think Sareia will as well. Or follow the expert, I think because it's a little easier. [00:41:13] Speaker D: All right. Everyone is avoiding notice. Temid, are you avoiding notice? [00:41:17] Speaker E: Brianna will follow suit. [00:41:18] Speaker C: Yeah. Okay. I was going to look for danger, but I feel like avoid notice seems to be the trend here. [00:41:24] Speaker D: I mean, you can pick. [00:41:25] Speaker C: I'm going to look for danger. [00:41:26] Speaker D: Look for danger. Excellent. [00:41:28] Speaker F: So, Sareia, is following the expert? [00:41:30] Speaker D: Yes. [00:41:30] Speaker H: Which I believe. It doesn't rely on my stealth or, like, it gives me a boost because I'm following what to do. [00:41:36] Speaker F: So are you trained in stealth? [00:41:40] Speaker H: Yes. [00:41:41] Speaker F: Okay. So you would get a plus two. [00:41:44] Speaker H: Oh, if I just followed the expert. Okay, then I guess I'll do it on my own. [00:41:48] Speaker D: Okay. [00:41:48] Speaker F: I mean, you get a plus two above what you normally would roll for stealth if you follow the expert. [00:41:52] Speaker H: Oh, cool. Yeah, then I will definitely do that and take that plus two boost. [00:41:55] Speaker D: So as you all enter and start looking around, Temit, you notice trip line. And we'll figure out what that means next. And now a word from our sponsorship. [00:42:48] Speaker B: All right, now, where did we leave off? Oh, yeah. The age of darkness. So like I was saying, earthfall happened and all the sun's light was blocked out by the ash, knocked into the sky. All major civilizations across Galarian were wiped out. An age of anarchy and destruction is what came about. The orcs and mass crawled out and the banished God Zon Kuthon returned. Funny enough, this is allegedly when the tribal leaders of what is now known as Nidal, that terrifying place are said to have asked Zonkutan to protect them from death. And he did. Most of the elves left Galerian, allegedly through magical elf gates, to a different planet. I think that's all bull hickey. They just hid. But the ones that didn't go through them, gates either went underground into the terrifying dark lands or found paths into the first world of the Fae. As the years passed, Eddie, who survived earthfall started to head to this new land of Nadal that Zonkutan had protected. As if things weren't bad enough, Dahawk came through one of them elven gates and entered the material plane. Now, Dahawk, he's one of the most vicious creatures ever to be created. Heck, do you know how bad you have to be to be credited with transforming hell into a place of agony and flame? Aspu, one of the dragon gods that helped create Dahawk, started hunting him. And in time, when he did come back to the material plane the elves that stayed, the Kuje elves, I believe who at a great cost of their lives managed to turn Dehawk's own power against him and his manifestation trapping it without a body in the space between them. Elf portals. This is all around the time of negative 52, 77 ar. Around negative 50, 88 AR. The Orcs had them. Their first major battle. Well, their first major battle, that they weren't run from the dwarves. Giants is what I'm talking about. The giants and the Orcs fought, and they attacked in the first battle, after which the two sides couldn't get enough of an upper hand, and they called it a truce. Now, some good things happened in the age of darkness. For example, in the later part, negative 49 44 AR, or thereabout, the dwarf Kragodon led his clan to the surface of Galarian for the first time, thus completing the dwarf's quest for scath. Then a few years later, they started building their first scaff citadel. And now, I know I'm giving you a lot of dates and numbers, but if we don't learn from our past, we're doomed to repeat it. Look, if we remembered what the Kujay did and the rumors about the evil Dahawk being back, well, we could have stopped that. Also, I know we're focusing a lot on our side of the world, but in negative 48 43 AR, the elves that fled to the dark lands, well, they just popped up in TNja and started the land of Jinin. And just a quick few hundred years later, the age of Darkness was at an end. We get to negative 42 94 AR and we get to the wonderful age of anguish. But I've talked your ear off enough for tonight. Go on, get into bed. I'll keep a watch for the rest of the night. Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast. Background sound effects provided by Sirenscape because Epic Games deserve Epic music. Please visit [email protected] Pathfinder second edition, Age of Ashes, adventure path are all copyright of pizzo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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