The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 4 - Get At Me Dog

Episode 4 September 26, 2019 00:54:17
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 4 - Get At Me Dog
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 4 - Get At Me Dog

Sep 26 2019 | 00:54:17


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The gang decides to, finally, head up to the Citadel. Only to meet some...friends?

Please Note this episode's sound quality is a bit buzzy. We have tried to fix it as best we can however there is still some parts that are rough. We have fixed this for future episodes.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:38] Speaker A: Welcome back. You waited a week and now you're rewarded with a fourth episode of The Crack Die Podcast. Thank you so much for coming back and listening to our show. We really, really appreciate it. Now I want to give a little background about myself just so you know where I'm coming from. I've been gaming for about 20 years now. I started in 7th grade with DND second edition, and I've played every edition since then. What I love about Pathfinder is how active the world is. The publishers actively listen to the feedback from their players and even go as far as with their society. Play. Affect the world based off what players are doing, based on forms that are submitted after you play in Pathfinder Society module. I think that's really neat and that's what keeps drawing me back into Pathfinder, especially with the second edition. So I just want to warn people that this episode seems to have the worst buzing of the first four episodes. We did our best to try to eliminate it, but it's still there a little bit. So bear with us through this one and I promise the rest of the episodes will sound phenomenally better. That's enough of me rambling. Let's get to the show. You made it to Thursday. Here's your reward. Enjoy. Welcome to the fourth episode of The Cracked Die podcast. I'm your host and GM, Sean. I use the pronouns he, him and to my right. [00:02:06] Speaker B: Hi, we're going in reverse order today. I am Christine. I play Soraya, the elven alchemist who insists she's a blood mage. Not that's come up yet, but it will. As well as her familiar Jasper the flesh being crow, soraya and myself use she her pronouns. Jasper is a he him. [00:02:27] Speaker C: To my right, howdy y'all. I'm aaron playing Silver. The bard. Both of us prefer he him pronouns and owned to my right, my name is Anwar. [00:02:39] Speaker D: I am playing Temid Sedril, the cleric of Kaden Kalyn. My preferred pronouns are he him and is the same for my character. And to my right oh boy, we're doing this thing. [00:02:52] Speaker B: Okay. [00:02:54] Speaker A: Hi. [00:02:54] Speaker E: My name is Haya. I play Brianna, the Liberator. We both prefer she her. [00:03:02] Speaker F: I'm Richard. My character's name is Pond Watcher. He's an elven barbarian. He's a he him. I also am a he him. And to my right, saving the best for last. [00:03:12] Speaker G: My name is Matt. I am playing Twin Talon. The Human Shawante. [00:03:17] Speaker A: Rogue. [00:03:17] Speaker G: And we are both he him. [00:03:20] Speaker A: Excellent. [00:03:20] Speaker H: Previously on The Crackdye Podcast our heroes investigated the Reliant Book Company. During their thorough investigation of the Reliant Book Company, our heroes discover that Vaz, the store's proprietor, has some interesting theories on the town's history. Our heroes also learn about Alstea's Ring and The Guardian's Way, two potential places for them to investigate later. Right now, our heroes have just crested the hill towards Citadel alterin. What will they find inside? Find out now. [00:03:55] Speaker A: Before we start, I believe Anwar has some apologies to make to all of us. [00:04:01] Speaker D: First, I'd like to apologize to all of my fans. [00:04:04] Speaker A: No. So. [00:04:08] Speaker D: I mixed up an ability. The divine font, I mixed up with the focus spell. I'm not really sure why, because they're spelled the same. They both have an F and an. [00:04:20] Speaker A: O in the name. [00:04:21] Speaker G: You done messed up a I did mess up. [00:04:23] Speaker D: In other words, I cannot regain my divine font by refocusing, because that's only a focus spell. That's only an ability for the focus spell, and for that, I apologize. I don't think it's really affected anything to this point in the day, but I do believe also that I do not have any more divine fonts left for the day. [00:04:47] Speaker A: So you're just idiot. How dare you mess up a new system that we're all learning? So before we get too far into going exploring this castle of the ruined citadel, I want to give you guys some basic information that is assumed to be true unless I tell you otherwise. All right, so the perimeter around the castle is 10ft and is difficult terrain because it is so unkempt. Okay, so the walls are 10ft thick or ten. No, the perimeter. So the grass 10ft leading up to the 10ft leading up to the castle, and all around the outside walls are considered difficult terrain. Overgrown. We have to wade through. Yes, exactly. Difficult terrain means you have to spend 10ft of movement instead of five to move through it. [00:05:42] Speaker G: Per square. [00:05:42] Speaker A: Per square. [00:05:43] Speaker D: Is it considered underbrush? I'm asking because I have an ability. [00:05:46] Speaker A: No, it is just overgrowth and has overtaken it. Okay. The walls are crumbling. Most of the structure remains sound. However, any place on the map that shows exposed or crumbled walls are indeed crumbled and considered difficult terrain that you can move through. You would need to succeed at a DC 20, a difficulty check of 20 to climb through up the rubble to go through there. [00:06:21] Speaker G: What check? [00:06:22] Speaker A: Climb. [00:06:23] Speaker G: That is not a check. Is that athletics? [00:06:25] Speaker A: A successful 20 climb check is needed. [00:06:27] Speaker D: Climb is a part of athletics, yes. [00:06:29] Speaker A: So part of athletics. Sorry. [00:06:30] Speaker B: Okay. Also, so obviously, listeners can hear this, but, like, this area, that whole thing. [00:06:35] Speaker A: Correct. Where's the compass on this map? Oh, it's over there towards me. Is north of viewers. Yes. Well, I'm saying for you guys on this map, the northern wall is crumbling. Some things on the insides are crumbling. [00:06:54] Speaker G: And is this a top down view of the whole facility? [00:06:57] Speaker A: This is actually a raised tower, and. [00:07:01] Speaker E: I'm guessing we will also be sharing this on our website. [00:07:03] Speaker A: Yes, we will be sharing this map on the website so you all can. [00:07:07] Speaker D: See what we're talking about and you can follow along. [00:07:10] Speaker A: Yes. Also, the ceiling height, if you go inside or there is a ceiling over things, is considered to be 20ft tall. So if any of you can fly for some reason, it would affect your raven. It's 20ft. If you try and break any of the walls down. They do have a hardness. That is an option if you wanted to. Okay. All right, so you are approaching the front of the castle here. [00:07:39] Speaker G: I break it down. [00:07:41] Speaker A: The door is already broken. [00:07:42] Speaker G: Okay. [00:07:42] Speaker A: You win. Congrats. So you are at the entrance. [00:07:46] Speaker D: All right. [00:07:46] Speaker A: Now, if you wanted to, you don't necessarily have to use the front door, but that's where you walk up to. That's the path that you've come down. [00:07:54] Speaker G: So it looks like it's like, the one side of an hourglass, almost. The way shapes is. And is that center area, like, raised or lowered or what's the deal with that? [00:08:03] Speaker A: So it is a foyer. Are you guys going in there? [00:08:05] Speaker G: That doesn't really answer my question. [00:08:06] Speaker A: I know. [00:08:07] Speaker D: So it doesn't look like it's raised. It looks like it's just a door, and then you enter the yeah. [00:08:11] Speaker A: So you can enter, but if you. [00:08:13] Speaker G: Look at the edge of the wall, there's a shadow on the one side. [00:08:16] Speaker A: Sure. [00:08:16] Speaker G: As if, like, the center part was sunk in. [00:08:18] Speaker B: There is a staircase there. [00:08:20] Speaker D: So, yeah. Temad will stick his head in there. [00:08:23] Speaker G: Can I do any kind of knowledge architecture here? [00:08:25] Speaker A: Sure. Knowledge architecture. [00:08:28] Speaker B: He finally got a yes. [00:08:29] Speaker A: Yes. [00:08:29] Speaker G: It's a castle. Been a month, but I got a yes. Okay, so that is 17. [00:08:39] Speaker A: This actually says a successful DC 15 crafting or architecture. Lore, your check reveals that this style of citadel is typically built with stairways that lead up to an outlook or battlement area. Therefore, venturing inside the citadel is the best way to find a path up towards the goblins, who are presumably camping or trapped overhead. [00:09:03] Speaker G: And that's what we assume the signifier is. [00:09:04] Speaker A: Yes. Okay, just so you know, this is the battlement. So there's a pop out on the map. This is the battlement. And you would get there by using stairs from the middle section. [00:09:17] Speaker G: So I'll announce that. Okay, guys, I'm familiar with this type of architecture. The best way to go up is to go in. [00:09:26] Speaker B: I never would have guessed. [00:09:28] Speaker G: Yeah, people don't typically build staircase on the outside of their castles. [00:09:32] Speaker A: Shocker. [00:09:34] Speaker F: And can we hear can we hear anything? Are there, like, shouts or screams or anything? [00:09:40] Speaker A: No, you just see the smoke. [00:09:42] Speaker E: It's unnaturally quiet. [00:09:43] Speaker A: Yes. Okay. [00:09:45] Speaker G: Well, too quiet. [00:09:47] Speaker F: I would like to draw a shield and a flail. [00:09:51] Speaker A: Okay. [00:09:51] Speaker C: There's a possibility of traps, so maybe have our trap finder. [00:09:58] Speaker G: Yeah. Twin talon will have his two short swords out, and he'll be moving forward, looking for traps as he goes. [00:10:06] Speaker A: All right, so you walk into the first room. [00:10:08] Speaker G: Yes. [00:10:09] Speaker A: Excellent. [00:10:10] Speaker G: I will walk up to, say, the left hand door. [00:10:14] Speaker D: Okay. [00:10:16] Speaker A: As you walk in, battered reinforced doors hang a jar in this main entrance to the citadel. alterin, once the headquarters of the hell knight order of the nail, above the doorframe. A tarnished seal depicting a sunburst made out of nails stands out in relief on the keeps stonework. Under the seal runs a worn but clear line of curved text. [00:10:42] Speaker G: What does the text say? [00:10:43] Speaker A: It is not in common. [00:10:45] Speaker G: What language is it in? [00:10:47] Speaker A: Does anyone here speak or read infernal? I do. Wow. Okay, everyone calm down. [00:10:55] Speaker G: It says, this is kind of my jam. [00:10:58] Speaker A: All right, so here's your peanut butter. Savagery must be quelled in the land, home, and mind. [00:11:04] Speaker D: Savagery must be quelled in the land, home, and mind. [00:11:08] Speaker A: Correct. [00:11:09] Speaker G: Yeah. Is this like the motto of the yes. [00:11:13] Speaker C: The nail. [00:11:15] Speaker A: Yeah. We're going to stay in exploration mode for now. So I'm going to go around the table here and I'm going to ask you what you're doing in this area before we venture forth into the next room. If anyone wants to look for anything, wants to perceive anything, anything like that. [00:11:29] Speaker D: So Temid's going to do a he's just going to do a perception check to see if he sees any trace of the goblins or anything that would tell him if there's someone else here. [00:11:42] Speaker A: Okay. You do a quick look around. Well, you spend some time looking around. Got you. And there are humanoid boot prints coming in this way, as well as claw footprints, clawed feet, prints. How would I say that? Clawed footprints. Clawed footprints. That works. All right, we'll go with that. Clawed footprint going every which way. [00:12:09] Speaker G: Does Claude's footprints look like they might be from goblins? [00:12:13] Speaker A: They could be. They could also be from any creature that has claws on their feet. [00:12:18] Speaker G: Yeah, I don't know if pathfinder goblins have claw feet. [00:12:21] Speaker A: That's why I'm asking. It could be, yes. It could be from goblins. Some do, some don't. Depends on the we are in Pedicures. Right? [00:12:29] Speaker D: So strix could be a possibility. [00:12:33] Speaker G: Okay. So twin town is going to be looking for traps. [00:12:37] Speaker A: Okay. [00:12:38] Speaker G: Making sure we don't get sure. [00:12:41] Speaker A: Let me do a quick roll for you. All right. So far so good. You can tell just from the disarray of the doors in front of you. They both lead west. There's one to the left and one to the right. They look so like the wood is so worn that as you walk by them, you notice as you're looking for traps, you notice that the doorknobs or the part that you would push have rotted out and have fallen on the ground. So there's no way that these are locked. Okay. You also with your perception, notice how rusty the hinges are. Okay. [00:13:15] Speaker G: So I'll turn back and say, guys, when we go in here, we're not going to be going in silent. These doors are going to make a loud screaming sound. So they're going to alert whoever's on the other side of them over here if they don't already know. [00:13:26] Speaker C: All right. I think in my exploration I'm going to be casually strumming my guitar, which will be inspire courage for everybody. [00:13:38] Speaker G: So if they didn't hear the doors, they'll hear the guitar. [00:13:40] Speaker C: Well, yeah, I don't imagine we're going to be stealthy after hearing that. There's no need for him to be stealthy. So quietly strumming the guitar so all of you get the effect of inspire courage. If we suddenly get attacked, I would. [00:13:54] Speaker F: Like to take the Defend action and raise my shield. [00:13:57] Speaker A: Okay. You are ready for anything that will come this way. Gotcha. [00:14:00] Speaker E: I will also do the same thing with my own shield and drawn scimitar. [00:14:05] Speaker A: Okay. Anyone else want to do anything? Are you looking for anything? [00:14:10] Speaker B: I don't know if there's anything for her to really look for. [00:14:14] Speaker A: Okay. [00:14:15] Speaker B: She does take out her sling, though. [00:14:16] Speaker A: She's got that you asked about. There seem to be yes, those are slightly elevated dioceses around the edge, and all of those look like armor used to be on them. In the spots that look like arrow slits. Those are not actually arrow slits. Those are indentations. Where art used to be hung, you can just see the old outline of two different wear patterns where the art paintings were. You also see in relief, there's always that sunburst out of nails right above where the art would be hung on the roof. Because there is a roof. It is dimly lit in here, by the way. The roof has the same motto savagery must be quelled in the land, home and mind on the ceiling in common. [00:15:15] Speaker F: This is a forbidding place. [00:15:17] Speaker A: Yes. Will the two of you who took your prepared actions to raise your shield give me a perception check, please? [00:15:25] Speaker E: Natural 20. [00:15:26] Speaker D: Nice. [00:15:27] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:15:28] Speaker A: Eleven. [00:15:29] Speaker E: For a total of a 23. [00:15:31] Speaker A: 23. Because suddenly you hear growling from behind you. [00:15:37] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:15:37] Speaker A: From the door. [00:15:39] Speaker B: From, like, outside. [00:15:40] Speaker A: From that area. Knock up on us from the east, when in fact, you turn around and you see three doglike creatures. [00:15:48] Speaker F: They're already inside. [00:15:50] Speaker A: Yes. [00:15:51] Speaker E: We didn't close the door behind us. [00:15:52] Speaker G: Well, I think their doors were broken. [00:15:54] Speaker A: Go ahead and give ourselves initiative rolls, please. [00:15:57] Speaker E: So since we've had a Defend action. [00:16:01] Speaker G: Is that a different I think defend is still perception. You start with the shield rather than. [00:16:05] Speaker A: Having keep your shield up. Yeah. Okay, so perception. [00:16:09] Speaker G: You were perceiving I was doing trickery. [00:16:11] Speaker A: Yes, you were looking. So you go ahead and roll your initiative with thievery yeah. Perception, perception, perception. [00:16:19] Speaker C: I was performing. [00:16:20] Speaker A: Performing. So use your perform skill okay. As your initiative modifier and perception, please. [00:16:25] Speaker E: 19. [00:16:26] Speaker B: I rolled something good for once. [00:16:29] Speaker G: I got a 1716 I got a Rock 1019. [00:16:34] Speaker B: Can I take a free action and speak before combat starts? [00:16:37] Speaker A: Sure. [00:16:38] Speaker B: Can I yell heel in goblin? [00:16:40] Speaker A: Sure. [00:16:42] Speaker D: Does that do anything? [00:16:43] Speaker A: So you yell heel, they growl even louder and look upset at you. Silver, you're up first. [00:16:51] Speaker C: I'm going to continue to play my inspire courage. [00:16:55] Speaker A: All right, so everyone is inspired for plus one. [00:16:57] Speaker C: So it takes two actions. And my last action, I just want to walk away from where I could possibly be get hurt. [00:17:05] Speaker A: Okay. [00:17:07] Speaker C: Not to, like, in a place where I don't know it's obviously dangerous, but. [00:17:11] Speaker A: Just to the middle between the doors. Gotcha. [00:17:13] Speaker C: So I'm just continuing to inspire courage. [00:17:15] Speaker G: All right. Twin Talon will move up to the goat like dog in the middle. [00:17:20] Speaker A: So we have three goblin dogs. [00:17:23] Speaker G: The other two think they're up on Death. [00:17:25] Speaker A: Yes. [00:17:25] Speaker G: Is there any extra how tall is that? [00:17:28] Speaker A: It's 5ft. [00:17:29] Speaker G: Oh, so it's tall. [00:17:32] Speaker A: Yeah, they're above you. [00:17:34] Speaker C: That would make sense why we maybe didn't see them. [00:17:36] Speaker A: Yeah. You're like, oh, look, that's where Armor was. That's where Armor was. That's a goblin dog. That's armored. Wait a minute. [00:17:43] Speaker G: Yeah. What kind of thing is it to get up on the disc? [00:17:48] Speaker A: Five foot movement. [00:17:49] Speaker G: Okay. So I could sacrifice 5ft when movement get up there? [00:17:51] Speaker A: Yes, absolutely. Okay. [00:17:52] Speaker G: Then I have plenty to actually be next to. There we go. [00:17:55] Speaker A: Yeah. All right. You're in front of the Goblin Dog. So with your first action, you move. [00:18:00] Speaker G: Second action, I am going to inspired by the musical talents of Silver, the very old Bard, I'm going to try to stab the musical ghost. [00:18:12] Speaker A: Silver. [00:18:13] Speaker G: Yeah. I'm assuming they're menacing us, which is why we're in initiative. [00:18:16] Speaker A: Yes. [00:18:16] Speaker G: Okay. [00:18:17] Speaker A: They are menacing. They do not look happy that you are here. Son of gun. [00:18:21] Speaker G: Okay, first things first. They believe they are flat footed to me. [00:18:29] Speaker A: Correct. [00:18:29] Speaker G: Yeah. So they have a negative two to their AC. [00:18:32] Speaker A: Correct. [00:18:33] Speaker G: And I rolled a seven on the die. Plus seven is 14. Plus one from Silver is 15. [00:18:40] Speaker A: With their flat footed negative. That is a hit. [00:18:43] Speaker G: All right, so then I will roll Bards two, d six, plus four. [00:18:49] Speaker A: Boy. Okay, I guess you can roll that. [00:18:53] Speaker G: So that is ten damage. [00:18:55] Speaker A: Ouch. [00:18:58] Speaker G: That is not so that's eleven damage. [00:19:01] Speaker D: Is it dead? [00:19:01] Speaker A: It is not dead. [00:19:02] Speaker D: It should be dead. [00:19:03] Speaker C: All right. [00:19:04] Speaker G: And then I'm going to attack it a second time. [00:19:05] Speaker A: Okay, what's your second hit to hit? [00:19:08] Speaker G: My second to hit is plus three. [00:19:11] Speaker D: All right. [00:19:12] Speaker A: And you're including the magical plus one. [00:19:15] Speaker G: Plus four. [00:19:16] Speaker A: Plus four. [00:19:17] Speaker G: I'm the worst. I roll so poorly when it's combat time. So that's a seven. [00:19:23] Speaker A: Obviously, that's misses. Yes. All right. [00:19:26] Speaker D: Is it a critical miss? [00:19:27] Speaker A: Oh, good call. [00:19:29] Speaker G: With their flat footed AC. [00:19:30] Speaker A: No, it is not. With their flat footed yeah, you're right, you're right. Seriah. [00:19:34] Speaker B: I feel bad attacking them, but I know they're growling. They're not, like, immediately. [00:19:41] Speaker A: That's because they haven't gotten their initiative turn. [00:19:44] Speaker B: Okay, fine. [00:19:46] Speaker D: They haven't attacked yet. Well, they haven't had an opportunity to. [00:19:48] Speaker B: Attack yet, so she has some alchemist fire. I'm going to chuck that. [00:19:53] Speaker A: Okay, which one? [00:19:56] Speaker B: There is one. It looks like it's kind of right in front of me. The hellhoundish looking one. I'll throw that at him. Give me 2 seconds. [00:20:01] Speaker A: Okay, I believe you need to hit the do you roll against their AC or roll against the square? [00:20:06] Speaker B: It says you throw the bomb at the target and it explodes, unleashing its alchemist. [00:20:09] Speaker A: Okay. So you're aiming at the target's AC. All right? [00:20:12] Speaker B: Yes. [00:20:12] Speaker A: Okay. [00:20:12] Speaker B: So, yes, I'm going to throw my alchemist fire at I thought you were. [00:20:17] Speaker A: About to pick up your jar of tea and throw it. [00:20:20] Speaker B: I got very no, I was moving. [00:20:22] Speaker A: It out of the way so I. [00:20:23] Speaker B: Could roll my die. [00:20:24] Speaker A: All right, roll your die. Let's see if you hit. [00:20:26] Speaker B: I'm at a plus five to throw it. [00:20:30] Speaker A: What's? [00:20:30] Speaker B: It but for a seven. [00:20:32] Speaker D: Seven total? [00:20:33] Speaker A: Yes, seven total. That's all you've noticed today? [00:20:36] Speaker B: I just can't roll today. My highest roll was my 16 per initiative. [00:20:40] Speaker A: You miss. [00:20:42] Speaker B: Do I still get splash damage? [00:20:44] Speaker A: Yes. [00:20:45] Speaker B: I can choose where the splash damage goes. That is part of my thing. Bomber. [00:20:49] Speaker A: Yes. [00:20:51] Speaker B: Do you want to randomly roll for where the bomb lands or do you. [00:20:54] Speaker A: Want to handle that overthrow? Since it is not a critical failure you just overthrow, I'm assuming you put the one splash onto the dog. [00:21:03] Speaker B: One fire splash damage is going to go to the hellhound fire. Yes. Specifically Dusty. It's fire damage. [00:21:09] Speaker A: Okay, cool. All right. [00:21:12] Speaker B: That was my first of my actions. [00:21:14] Speaker A: Okay. [00:21:16] Speaker B: For the next one, I mean, I've got two of them, so I could try again. I'd be at a plus one because is it minus four for the next one or five? So I'd be at a plus zero. [00:21:26] Speaker A: Okay. So straight roll. Jesus. Plus one from the Bard. [00:21:31] Speaker D: Come on, you go. [00:21:31] Speaker B: I'm a plus four. So it's plus five with the Bard. [00:21:34] Speaker A: Minus five is straight roll. Let's see if you miss. [00:21:37] Speaker D: Let's go. [00:21:39] Speaker B: I miss. [00:21:40] Speaker A: You do miss, but splash damage to it. Yes. All right. Good job, Timid. [00:21:46] Speaker D: Timid. All right, Timid. Not timidly walks up to the middle of the three in the doorway. There's one in the middle. He steps up to that one. All right. So he walks up to that one. [00:22:00] Speaker B: And oh, sorry, I didn't take my third action. Can I retreat a little bit? [00:22:04] Speaker A: Yes, you will. [00:22:05] Speaker B: Looks like tetsy. [00:22:06] Speaker D: So he just swings his rapier down. [00:22:09] Speaker A: All right. [00:22:10] Speaker D: He dabs at it in the face. [00:22:11] Speaker B: Second. [00:22:12] Speaker A: Action. [00:22:12] Speaker D: Swing the rapier. 19 against armored black hit. 19 is a hit. [00:22:17] Speaker E: Nice work. [00:22:19] Speaker D: Five points of damage. [00:22:20] Speaker A: Five points. So, yeah, heat damage. [00:22:23] Speaker D: He thrusts the Rapier towards its head. It dodges a little bit, and it gets it right in the shoulder. [00:22:28] Speaker C: Did you add the plus one? [00:22:29] Speaker D: I did add oh, I'm sorry. [00:22:31] Speaker A: Six points of damage. [00:22:33] Speaker D: Yes, six points of damage. Gotcha. And then he raises shield. [00:22:37] Speaker A: As the last raises Shield. As the last actor. [00:22:40] Speaker E: Brianna seeing that. [00:22:42] Speaker B: Is there space for me to be. [00:22:43] Speaker E: Up there on the DEOs as well? So she will also pop there. [00:22:47] Speaker A: Yes, absolutely. Good. To me. [00:22:48] Speaker E: And use my skimmitar. [00:22:51] Speaker A: Skimmitar. [00:22:51] Speaker E: Yes. And 17 on the die. [00:22:57] Speaker A: Sweet. [00:22:58] Speaker B: Come on. [00:23:02] Speaker G: Your dice dies. [00:23:03] Speaker C: Go to 17. [00:23:04] Speaker B: Yes. I don't know what that's like either. [00:23:08] Speaker A: No. Yes. You hit. You absolutely hit. [00:23:11] Speaker E: Excellent. [00:23:12] Speaker A: You do not quit, though. [00:23:15] Speaker E: Well, how about seven damage? [00:23:21] Speaker A: Did you add the one from the bard? [00:23:22] Speaker E: Eight damage. [00:23:23] Speaker D: All right, everyone always forgets the bard. [00:23:25] Speaker A: I know. No one expects the bard. And then you have one more action. [00:23:29] Speaker B: I'll do it again. [00:23:30] Speaker E: Oh, yes, I should probably do. [00:23:31] Speaker F: Your shield is already raised because we. [00:23:32] Speaker G: Took the defend action, but she has. [00:23:34] Speaker A: To raise every round at the end of the round. [00:23:37] Speaker F: Never mind. [00:23:37] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:23:37] Speaker E: So I'll do that. [00:23:38] Speaker A: All right. [00:23:39] Speaker G: It's not my favorite role from me either. [00:23:42] Speaker A: All right, well, it's a good thing you did because the dog in front of you, Brianna, decides that you look good enough to eat. So for one action, it tries to bite you. [00:23:57] Speaker E: All right. [00:23:57] Speaker A: Does twelve a ping right off my shield. All right. Second it bites you again. [00:24:07] Speaker E: Okay. [00:24:07] Speaker A: Minus five. [00:24:09] Speaker E: Brianna Cackles, 19, 1919. [00:24:13] Speaker A: It will hit all right with your shield. [00:24:16] Speaker E: Yes. [00:24:17] Speaker A: So you can decide to dent it if you want or absorb the damage. But just so you know, the damage coming at you is seven damage. [00:24:26] Speaker E: I'll take it. [00:24:27] Speaker A: Great. Can you make a fortitude saving throw for me? [00:24:31] Speaker B: Sure. [00:24:34] Speaker E: 20. [00:24:34] Speaker A: Damn you're. Fine. [00:24:36] Speaker E: Well, it is my highest and then. [00:24:38] Speaker A: The last one, it tries to bite you one more time at a minus ten to its attack. [00:24:42] Speaker D: Critical fail. [00:24:44] Speaker A: You got part of that word right. [00:24:45] Speaker E: Oh, shoot. [00:24:46] Speaker G: Critical. [00:24:47] Speaker A: Is that a p? Does that look like a p to you? [00:24:49] Speaker G: Yeah, it's a natural one, right? [00:24:50] Speaker A: No, that's the 20 critical hit. That's a critical. [00:24:54] Speaker G: Okay, well, what's its attack bonus at this point? [00:24:58] Speaker A: Oh, it's minus ten. Oh, I still have to hit a critical. [00:25:01] Speaker D: It has to. [00:25:02] Speaker A: 19. [00:25:03] Speaker E: It does hit. [00:25:04] Speaker C: Okay, so it's a critical. [00:25:05] Speaker A: It's a critical. So another seven points of damage. Okay, are you going to take it or ding it? [00:25:11] Speaker E: I'll ding it off my shield this time. [00:25:13] Speaker A: Only used to get to roll fortitude safe as some. Noxious breath comes out of the goblin tub. [00:25:19] Speaker D: That's Nancy. [00:25:20] Speaker A: Yeah. Definitely could use a ticket. [00:25:21] Speaker B: Smells like freaking. [00:25:23] Speaker E: How about a 13? [00:25:24] Speaker A: Unfortunately, you fail and since it was a critical, you go to stage two immediately. No, you are sickened. [00:25:35] Speaker D: This is bad. [00:25:36] Speaker A: And slowed. [00:25:38] Speaker D: Sickened and slowed. Diseases are no joke. [00:25:40] Speaker A: Diseases are no joke in this game. So does anyone want to explain the diseased rules while I get you sickened and slowed? [00:25:51] Speaker G: So the way diseases work is there is a fortitude save, typically fortitude save, unless it's magic or something that makes it something else. And if you fail, then after the onset period, you go typically to stage one of whatever that disease is. Now, some things don't have an onset, which I guess is like this. [00:26:11] Speaker A: This does not have an onset. [00:26:13] Speaker G: So if you fail you go to stage one. And if you critically fail, you go to stage two. [00:26:18] Speaker A: That is correct. [00:26:20] Speaker C: We should also point out that she used the new rule with her shield to absorb the damage. [00:26:27] Speaker A: Yes. The shields can now take dents and damage. They have a breaking point, at which point, once they absorb a certain number of hit points, they break, and then you can no longer use them. Which makes sense. Unless you repair them. [00:26:39] Speaker E: Yes. [00:26:40] Speaker A: All right, Pond, watcher. [00:26:43] Speaker F: Pond sees his friend, his new friend, bitten by this crazy dog. And he starts to quiver, and he starts to breathe more heavily, and his breath starts to make icy trails in the air, and his skin starts to glow a dull blue, and he rages. [00:27:00] Speaker A: Oh, boy. [00:27:01] Speaker F: And he is going to oh, no. As his first action rage, as his second two actions, he is going to enact a sudden strike. [00:27:09] Speaker A: Oh, no. [00:27:09] Speaker F: And he's going to sprint across the entire room into this space between the two dogs. [00:27:15] Speaker A: Okay? [00:27:16] Speaker F: And he is going to hit this attempt to hit this dog with a strike action as part of two move actions okay. To swing his foil at the dog, which the foil itself is now starting to glow with icy blue energy. And he's probably going to miss after all that. [00:27:32] Speaker G: Right, here we go. [00:27:34] Speaker F: Natural 20. [00:27:35] Speaker A: Nice. [00:27:39] Speaker F: That's a 26. [00:27:40] Speaker A: That's damn. Yeah, 20 is always 20 is a crit. [00:27:45] Speaker G: If it hits. [00:27:46] Speaker A: If it hits. Yes. So it hits and crits. [00:27:50] Speaker D: Come on. [00:27:52] Speaker A: Roll hot. [00:27:53] Speaker G: Double die. [00:27:54] Speaker B: I like how he busted out the. [00:27:55] Speaker G: Big die for this tactical D six, I believe, is what he calls it. [00:27:58] Speaker A: Yes. [00:27:59] Speaker C: The plus one. [00:28:00] Speaker A: Don't forget your plus one. And you double it. [00:28:04] Speaker F: Okay, shut up, everyone. This is a lot of math. Okay, galaxy brain going on over there. 17 points of cold damage. [00:28:14] Speaker B: Holy crap. [00:28:15] Speaker D: It freezes. [00:28:17] Speaker C: Cold damage. [00:28:17] Speaker A: You hit this Goblin Dog and it freezes instantly and it shatters into pieces. Showering your friend Brianna with goblin dog parts. As the ice cold bits of the dog hit her, you see these boils start to show up on her neck from where the dog bit her. [00:28:44] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:28:49] Speaker A: One of them pops and pus, rolls down your can I throw up yet? [00:28:55] Speaker E: Can I please throw up? [00:28:56] Speaker A: All right, so the one the Goblin Dog in front of Temid is going to make the bite ding. Does a 1222. Sorry. [00:29:09] Speaker D: 22 hits. [00:29:11] Speaker A: All right. Make a fortitude save. Oh, boy. And take six damage. [00:29:16] Speaker D: You do a shield block. [00:29:18] Speaker A: Okay. So your shield takes six. Broken. All right. Okay, whatever. [00:29:23] Speaker D: Fortitude save of 20. [00:29:25] Speaker A: Okay, you're good. Second attack bites at you again. That is a 1111. [00:29:32] Speaker D: Does not hit. [00:29:32] Speaker A: Okay? And the third attack is a nine. [00:29:35] Speaker D: Nine is a critical fail. [00:29:37] Speaker A: Oh. [00:29:37] Speaker D: So 18 with the shield rate. [00:29:39] Speaker A: Yes. [00:29:39] Speaker G: Can you still use a shield if it's broken? [00:29:41] Speaker A: No, the shield drops fudge. All right. The shield it doesn't. [00:29:47] Speaker D: That is just barely not a critical. [00:29:49] Speaker A: Okay. And lastly, who's in front of that other? Yeah, that's me. Twin. [00:29:56] Speaker G: Twin talent. [00:29:57] Speaker A: Twin town. Let's make with the bites. [00:29:58] Speaker G: Make some two short swords. [00:30:00] Speaker A: Does a 25 hit you? [00:30:03] Speaker G: If I said no, would you believe? [00:30:05] Speaker A: No. [00:30:05] Speaker G: Okay. [00:30:06] Speaker A: Take five damage and make with the fortitudes. [00:30:11] Speaker G: That is a 19. [00:30:14] Speaker A: All right, you're good. All right, second attack. Is he going to bite at you again? Does a 19 hit you? [00:30:22] Speaker G: It does. [00:30:23] Speaker A: All right. Take five points of damage, piercing damage and make with the fortitude. [00:30:28] Speaker G: Does a 16. [00:30:31] Speaker A: It does not. [00:30:32] Speaker C: You get a plus one. [00:30:33] Speaker G: Does a 17 save? [00:30:35] Speaker A: Yes. Okay. And making with the third bite, does a nine hit you? [00:30:42] Speaker G: It does not. [00:30:43] Speaker A: Okay, cool. All right, back to the top of the round. Silver making people make their saves. [00:30:49] Speaker C: I'm going to continue my Bardic performance. [00:30:51] Speaker A: Okay. That's two actions. [00:30:52] Speaker C: And I will sort of maybe pivot around to get a better view of things, but not moving too far. [00:31:00] Speaker A: Sounds good. [00:31:01] Speaker G: Twin, twin Talon is going to use twin Faint. So he starts spinning his two short swords. He brings the first one across the dog's face to try to distract it. [00:31:15] Speaker A: I mean, I'd be distracted if I got hit in the face with the sword. [00:31:18] Speaker G: Well, you should be somewhat distracting. So that is a 14 with the Bards plus one against AC. [00:31:25] Speaker A: Yes. That misses. [00:31:26] Speaker G: Okay. And the benefit of Twin Faint is that the second attack is at your flat footed AC. [00:31:32] Speaker A: Okay. So that drops my AC. [00:31:35] Speaker G: Normally it's a plus three. Plus four with the Bard with an 18 is 22. [00:31:41] Speaker A: That'll hit nice. [00:31:44] Speaker D: What's the flat footed AC? [00:31:46] Speaker A: It's minus two to my AC. [00:31:48] Speaker D: Okay, so it's not a crit. [00:31:51] Speaker G: And that is twelve damage. [00:31:55] Speaker A: It's dead. [00:31:56] Speaker D: It's dead. [00:31:57] Speaker G: So he brings the first across its face, distracts it, and he brings the second sword up under and pierces it under the jaw through the top of the head. And as it falls, he pushes it off his sword with his boot. [00:32:08] Speaker A: Gross. All right, next. Temit. [00:32:13] Speaker B: Soraya sorry, are there penalties in this edition for trying to throw into combat? [00:32:18] Speaker D: No. [00:32:19] Speaker B: Okay. Well, she's going to use her sling, which she's had out because she's running low on alchemy. Highly doubt this is the last before it kills me. [00:32:27] Speaker A: Please. [00:32:28] Speaker B: I'm going to try. So I don't know if I was just reading wrong or remembering wrong. She does have a plus five on her own. So it's plus six thanks to Silver. [00:32:37] Speaker A: 19 to hit that'll hit. [00:32:40] Speaker B: How nice. [00:32:44] Speaker A: So there is not a disadvantage to shooting into combat anymore. But if you draw a line from your figure to the enemy, if it crosses anything, it can be lesser cover, regular cover, or greater cover. If the line passes through one creature but no objects, it's lesser. If it is one creature or one item, it is cover. If it's both. It's greater cover. So you draw a line so it adds plus one to their AC, but. [00:33:19] Speaker B: You still hit one D. Six for the sling, five damage, five damage, six. Do you add to damage? Yes, six damage. [00:33:27] Speaker A: Is it dead? The sling bullet goes through the goblin dog's eye and kills it. [00:33:33] Speaker D: Yay. [00:33:35] Speaker A: Your pox, like all the bubbles that have shown up around your bite wound, just pop delicious. And all of this pus comes rolling yellowy ooze down your arm and kind of slinks off. [00:33:51] Speaker E: Slinks off? [00:33:52] Speaker A: Well, it falls off your hand. So you're still slowed and sickened, but you cannot progress down the path. [00:33:57] Speaker G: If something would get rid of slowed or sickened or if that has a duration in and of itself, then that would go away as normal at this point. [00:34:03] Speaker D: So the medicine skill has a treat disease, but it's like over 8 hours. [00:34:10] Speaker A: Right. So she looks like she's cured right now, but she just has the results of slowed and sickened. [00:34:16] Speaker E: So since I have those, I'm going to take a moment to be like, excuse me, and go behind the deus and you hear rhetthic retching sounds. Since that allows me to attempt a fortitude save against a DC of the effect that made me sick on a success, I reduce the sickened value by one or by two if it is a critical success. [00:34:42] Speaker A: Okay, so you're only sickened one, which is good. [00:34:44] Speaker E: Excellent. So I'll just match whatever DC? [00:34:48] Speaker A: Yes. I have the saving through here. [00:34:49] Speaker G: Google and Foxwell. [00:34:50] Speaker E: How's 15? [00:34:52] Speaker A: Not enough. Excellent. [00:34:53] Speaker E: I'll just keep retching. [00:34:54] Speaker F: Oh, it's a fortitude saved. [00:34:55] Speaker A: Right? [00:34:56] Speaker F: You didn't add your fortitude. [00:34:57] Speaker E: I did not. [00:35:00] Speaker A: Is your fortitude bonus two or higher? [00:35:02] Speaker E: It's seven higher. [00:35:04] Speaker A: All right, then you're fine. [00:35:06] Speaker B: You puke it up and you feel better. [00:35:08] Speaker G: Yeah. Twin talent will discuss. She has weapons and go over to Brianna to make sure she's okay. [00:35:13] Speaker A: Don't look at me. [00:35:15] Speaker G: Are you okay? [00:35:20] Speaker A: She's all right. [00:35:20] Speaker D: She just needs a minute when she comes back out. [00:35:24] Speaker B: Soraya offers her the lint ball she used to dab off. [00:35:29] Speaker G: Your mouth. [00:35:31] Speaker E: No, thank you. [00:35:31] Speaker B: Do you need to dab? [00:35:33] Speaker D: My sweat is clean. [00:35:35] Speaker E: I'm fine, thank you. I'll just wrap my scarf around the wound a little tighter for now until I feel a bit better. [00:35:43] Speaker A: So remember, if your shield broke, it's broken. [00:35:47] Speaker D: Thank you. [00:35:48] Speaker A: You're welcome. Can't use it again. No, you can. Well, you can. You just got to get it repaired. [00:35:56] Speaker G: With the craft skill. [00:35:57] Speaker F: During all of this chatter, pond Watcher is still glowing and ice is falling off of his body and he's just kind of pacing in the corner until eventually his rage subsides and he can talk again. Okay, so he's over by himself. [00:36:11] Speaker A: Has anybody ever repaired kit? Is he chilling out? Chill out, chill out. [00:36:20] Speaker D: So while he's trying to figure out what he's going to do with this broken buckler, kind of walks over to Pond Watcher and he says, you were right there, buddy. And then he pulls out one of the many mugs that he has in his backpack, fills it with a little bit of ale, and hands it to you and says, this usually helps me. [00:36:36] Speaker F: Thank you. I like it. [00:36:39] Speaker D: He just leave it on the ground, slide it towards you, and just kind. [00:36:42] Speaker A: Of as you grab it, you see ice. Kind of chills chill the mug a little bit. Okay. Yeah. [00:36:47] Speaker D: He was going to press to digitate. [00:36:48] Speaker A: The Rocky Mountains turn blue, so, you know, the beer is cold. [00:36:52] Speaker G: This guy's probably a boss at parties. [00:36:57] Speaker D: Anybody that has pressed to digitation could do the same thing. [00:36:59] Speaker A: He makes an ice lough real easy. [00:37:02] Speaker C: Silver can go up to he'll say, let me see your shield. I might be able to if you. [00:37:12] Speaker D: Could take care of this, I'd be much appreciated. [00:37:14] Speaker C: Give me about ten minutes. [00:37:16] Speaker D: Sounds good to me. [00:37:17] Speaker B: If I am trained in crafting, can. [00:37:19] Speaker A: I aid him in repairing you need a repair kit. [00:37:23] Speaker B: He has one. [00:37:24] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, absolutely. [00:37:27] Speaker D: So while this is going down, Timid asks, is anyone in the next ten minutes? Is anyone in need of healing? [00:37:33] Speaker G: I could use some. [00:37:34] Speaker E: I could use some as well. [00:37:35] Speaker D: That'll be 20 minutes. [00:37:37] Speaker B: Is it still going to be a DC 20 to help? [00:37:41] Speaker A: Yes, it is a DC 20 to assist. So Silver six hit points takes about ten minutes, and slaps on some armor patching. [00:37:52] Speaker G: Gorilla Glue. [00:37:52] Speaker A: Gorilla Glue and duct tape to fix your buckler. [00:37:55] Speaker D: It's as good as new. [00:37:56] Speaker A: Thank you very much. While that's happening. You're healing people, Timid. And what else is going on? Whoever's not getting healed what are you doing? [00:38:08] Speaker F: Pond watcher will go to the door. You said it's kind of like rotted. [00:38:12] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:38:12] Speaker F: And he'll kneel down and see if he can see through the doorknob hole. [00:38:17] Speaker E: The keyhole? [00:38:18] Speaker A: Well, no, this is a big key. As you kneel down, your knee hits something hard and metal. My leash. [00:38:31] Speaker D: It's a trap. [00:38:33] Speaker F: No, I didn't know it. [00:38:36] Speaker A: I looked down, you see a thigh piece of armor, and as you look around, you notice that there are other pieces of armor scattered around. [00:38:48] Speaker B: Well, the alcoves had, like, armor stands right, right. Okay. [00:38:54] Speaker A: Is hell. [00:38:54] Speaker D: Knight armor. Does it look like hell. Knight Armored. [00:38:58] Speaker A: It's black like Hell knight armor. And you think if you cobbled it together, it might look like Hell knight armor, but it's not Hell knight armor. So you do get a patchwork hell knight armor. Hell knight armor. [00:39:12] Speaker G: He's using air quotes. [00:39:13] Speaker A: Yeah. So the untrained eye, it would look as if you were part of the Hell imitation. [00:39:20] Speaker D: It's imitation hell night armor. [00:39:22] Speaker A: Yes. [00:39:22] Speaker C: It's not as magical, but finely crafted. [00:39:25] Speaker F: So it's a suit of plate male armor. [00:39:27] Speaker A: Yes. Here you go. I will give you that. I have all the stats written out for you if you want it. [00:39:36] Speaker C: Who can wear the plate? [00:39:37] Speaker A: It also has the sale cost? I don't know what's the sale cost? 30 gold champions. [00:39:42] Speaker F: I don't definitely can wear heavy armor. [00:39:45] Speaker G: If it's heavy armor champions can absolutely wear it. They're like the only people that have good heavy armor. [00:39:51] Speaker B: I was going to say is it joke that surya takes like a finger from a gauntlet and puts it on Jasper. Like it's like a helm, it's like. [00:39:58] Speaker F: Flexible enough so he would bring the pieces over to Brianna and say maybe this would be something you could use. It seems for someone who is very strong like you plus six. Geez Louise, do you have a dexterity bonus? [00:40:18] Speaker E: I believe so. [00:40:20] Speaker A: Not a six. [00:40:22] Speaker E: That is definitely helpful. Thank you. I'm not sure how I feel about wearing hell knight armor if this is what it is. [00:40:30] Speaker B: It's really just imitation hell night. [00:40:33] Speaker A: Yeah, it's not even imitation. It's a regular suit of armor painted black. And again to an uninitiated person they'd be like oh no, black armor, it's a hell knight armor. [00:40:44] Speaker B: Surely you can appreciate the patina then considering. [00:40:46] Speaker E: Certainly. [00:40:48] Speaker A: And there is a special effect by wearing that which is written down there too. [00:40:52] Speaker B: Oh my. [00:40:54] Speaker C: Imagine it excellent. Quiet, intimidated if you will excuse me. [00:40:58] Speaker B: And she'll start well while you're doing a strip tease. [00:41:04] Speaker D: Concerned actually about the appearance of this armor prestige. If you concentrate for a minute per bulk of the armor which is four so for four minutes I can color it if you want some other color. [00:41:18] Speaker E: No thank. [00:41:21] Speaker G: You. [00:41:24] Speaker B: Twentown is repairing the shield and Serea is helping. She's also talking to Jasper the whole time and explaining how she's doing things and he's like looking at his little claw hands and figuring out how to do things. [00:41:35] Speaker A: AW, that's cute. All right so now you go back and look through the keyhole. You see that there is a hallway that splits off in a narrow hallway that splits off in both directions. It's a little bit dark in there. As you see the only light coming into that hallway is through arrow slits. Interesting. Thank you. [00:42:01] Speaker F: I keep my eye on it. I just squatting there waiting. [00:42:06] Speaker D: Tamid walks up to him is like what is it that you see there? [00:42:09] Speaker A: It looks like a hallway. [00:42:12] Speaker D: How about we listen in and see if we can hear anything. [00:42:16] Speaker F: I thought you were busy. [00:42:18] Speaker A: Yes. This is while you're healing. [00:42:20] Speaker D: Oh, while I'm healing? [00:42:20] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:42:21] Speaker D: Never mind, I'm not here. Okay, let's rewind. [00:42:28] Speaker B: Really good. [00:42:29] Speaker A: Ten minutes pass. You have donned your new black armor. Everyone has been healed up. [00:42:37] Speaker E: It's very slimming. [00:42:38] Speaker A: It is. The shields have been patched and the goblin dogs have been destroyed. So where are we going now? You're opening the doors everyone. [00:42:48] Speaker F: I would suggest we maybe go this way. There's light also. There's nowhere else to go. [00:42:54] Speaker G: I mean this is the other door but I think it goes same hallway. [00:42:57] Speaker B: It's a set of double doors. [00:42:58] Speaker A: Right? It's one door to the left, one door to the right. Okay. [00:43:02] Speaker G: I say we kick them open at the same time. [00:43:06] Speaker C: So are we back in exploration mode? [00:43:07] Speaker A: Yes, you are back in exploration mode. [00:43:09] Speaker C: All right. Are we going to try to be stealthy as a party? [00:43:14] Speaker G: As I mentioned earlier, these doors are incredibly rusted. The hinges. [00:43:18] Speaker A: Yes. [00:43:18] Speaker G: So if we go in through these doors, we do not find an alternate way in, they will know we are coming. [00:43:24] Speaker C: All right. I will gently play and sing softly for Bartic performance. For exploration. [00:43:29] Speaker G: I can try to be stealthy opening it, I just don't know how. [00:43:33] Speaker A: There is a difficulty. [00:43:34] Speaker F: I also can try. [00:43:36] Speaker A: Yeah, you guys can work together to try and work on it. I could try to aid you. Okay. [00:43:39] Speaker F: I don't know if that makes sense. [00:43:43] Speaker D: You put some oil in the hinges. [00:43:45] Speaker B: Does anybody actually think oil is an item? Does anybody have it? [00:43:48] Speaker C: Yes, I actually might. [00:43:49] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:43:50] Speaker B: So we can try oiling the hinges. [00:43:51] Speaker C: It's like a basic I actually do not. [00:43:52] Speaker D: But I have soap. [00:43:54] Speaker B: So do I. I do, too. [00:43:55] Speaker G: We could soap the hinges. [00:43:57] Speaker A: That's a legitimate thing. [00:43:58] Speaker B: Yeah, that works. [00:43:59] Speaker A: So you spend some time, imagine you're. [00:44:02] Speaker D: Standing on the other side of the door and all of a sudden you see soap. I'm just going to ignore that. [00:44:11] Speaker A: I'm going to let you roll at a plus two. [00:44:14] Speaker G: So when I roll a two on the die, you can still aid as well. [00:44:20] Speaker A: 20. Get it? You get it. 21. Yeah. Great. So you're at plus four on this roll. [00:44:25] Speaker D: It's actually a plus one when you aid. [00:44:26] Speaker A: Right. One plus the soap, which I'm giving you a two for, that's three plus one from the Bard. That's four. [00:44:33] Speaker D: Oh, you're inspiring. I'm sorry. [00:44:34] Speaker G: Yes, well, I rolled a natural 14. [00:44:37] Speaker A: Okay. [00:44:38] Speaker G: So plus my seven is 21, plus the one from the eight is 22, plus the two from the soap is 24. I lost track halfway through and so it's either 24 or 25, depending on. [00:44:48] Speaker A: If the bar does more. That is critical success, actually. Okay, so you manage to open are you opening the left door or the right door? [00:44:57] Speaker G: The door we're at. That's fine. [00:44:58] Speaker A: The left door. All right. So you open the left door very cautiously and you manage to open it. This narrow corridor stretches around the octagonal center of the Keep and is divided into segments by the doors leading through this level of the towers or into interior rooms here or there. A few remaining paintings of dower faced hell nights still grace the walls between the high narrow windows that let limited light in. [00:45:27] Speaker G: Okay, so there's some light in here. It's just not well lit. [00:45:29] Speaker A: Yeah, it's dim lighting. Okay. [00:45:32] Speaker G: I'd like to make a perception check out the door just to see if I can see anyone lurking out there. [00:45:37] Speaker A: Sure. [00:45:37] Speaker D: So do we take a penalty because the light isn't good? No perception and also do we want to remember? Do we want to light anything? [00:45:46] Speaker A: It is getting dark outside. So what little light is coming in through these windows will be gone soon unless you decide to camp. [00:45:52] Speaker G: I would say not light anything yet. As long as they don't know we're here already. Let's not announce ourselves. [00:45:57] Speaker A: Sure. [00:45:57] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:45:58] Speaker F: And we, myself and Saraya can see. [00:46:02] Speaker A: Further in the dim light. [00:46:04] Speaker G: Yeah, I got an 18 perception. [00:46:06] Speaker B: We can both see in the dark, correct? [00:46:08] Speaker A: Sort of. [00:46:09] Speaker D: Maybe you a little better. [00:46:10] Speaker B: You're dusk and I'm nighttime. That's fine. [00:46:12] Speaker A: We'll keep these going. You don't notice anything watching back or looking around. Seems pretty empty in this hallway. [00:46:21] Speaker D: So Temad goes over his shoulder and puts a hand out. And right next to his ear, kind of lets out a pulse to detect magic. [00:46:27] Speaker A: Okay. [00:46:27] Speaker D: He can detect the presence of magic if it's there. 30 foot Emanation. [00:46:31] Speaker A: Nothing. Are you guys going to the left or the right? Because it does split here. [00:46:37] Speaker G: We're on the left door, so let's go left. You reach a door, and I will inspect it for any traps. [00:46:45] Speaker A: Okay. It looks pretty. [00:46:46] Speaker B: There will be no other traps. [00:46:51] Speaker F: Adventure. [00:46:52] Speaker G: So I got a 17. [00:46:54] Speaker A: It looks clear. [00:46:55] Speaker G: Okay. Is it similarly where the handle is gone? [00:46:59] Speaker A: No, this actually looks for the way this castle looks. This door looks okay. [00:47:04] Speaker G: Okay. Does it look like it's locked? [00:47:06] Speaker A: No. Okay. [00:47:08] Speaker G: And I'll inspect the hinges. Do they look like they are in similar of poor repair? [00:47:12] Speaker A: They're a little bit better because it's a little deeper and it's a little more protected from the outside. You got to remember that those were like the main doors have been busted in, so all the elements can hit those hinges. So in here, everything's a little bit more protected. [00:47:26] Speaker G: Okay, that's fine. [00:47:27] Speaker A: It looks a little cleaner. [00:47:29] Speaker G: Then I will try to stealthily open this door. [00:47:32] Speaker A: All right, I'll roll that one for. [00:47:33] Speaker G: You to wherever it goes. [00:47:35] Speaker A: All right. So you manage to open the door quietly. You enter an octagonal room. There is a door to the west and a door to the south. South. [00:47:51] Speaker G: Looks like there's a door to my left and a door straight ahead. Okay, well, let's continue to go left. [00:47:57] Speaker D: All right, so run straight into any enemies with his. [00:48:02] Speaker A: So as you try to open that. [00:48:04] Speaker G: Door, check for traps as normal. [00:48:06] Speaker A: Yes. [00:48:07] Speaker G: Let me check for try to be stealthy. [00:48:08] Speaker A: Okay. No traps as far as you know. Now, as you try and open the door, it seems to be locked. Okay. [00:48:16] Speaker G: I will attempt to pick the lock. [00:48:18] Speaker A: All right, give me a thievery check. [00:48:20] Speaker G: 1313. [00:48:23] Speaker A: You succeed. Okay. [00:48:25] Speaker G: All right, so I'll try to stealthily open the door. [00:48:26] Speaker A: Okay. This dingy room is littered with toppled bunk beds and broken furniture. And doors to small but more private bed chambers hang open along the western and southern walls. In this room, center bed frames are stacked upon each other to form sort of a fort with filthy and ripped bedding draped over the top from its ceiling. [00:48:49] Speaker G: Sounds like a couch fort. So it looks like the doors. So to the left is the outside wall, and then to the right is where the other doors are. Little rooms. [00:48:59] Speaker D: Okay, so I'd like to inspect the fort, the couch fort. [00:49:06] Speaker A: How are you moving up there? All right, actually, hang on. Let's go back into exploration mode. Let's actually try and use these modes. I keep forgetting about them because they are new to me. So exploration mode. How are each of you moving into this room? [00:49:18] Speaker G: I am trying to be as stealthy as possible. [00:49:19] Speaker A: Okay, great. [00:49:20] Speaker D: Stealth. [00:49:20] Speaker E: Stealth the same, but I will keep my shield up. [00:49:24] Speaker A: Okay. And you're clanging. So it's going to be harder for you to stealth. [00:49:27] Speaker D: I guess what I'll do is I'll. [00:49:29] Speaker G: Keep a that's actually not true anymore. [00:49:30] Speaker A: Oh, it's not? [00:49:31] Speaker G: So armor all has a minimum strength rating. As long as you meet that, you take zero penalties for wearing it. [00:49:38] Speaker A: Great. [00:49:38] Speaker E: I also have a plus one to stealth, apparently. [00:49:40] Speaker A: Oh, great. Okay, cool. [00:49:44] Speaker D: And I detect magic. [00:49:46] Speaker A: Okay. [00:49:47] Speaker G: It's minus five. Movement speed penalty. [00:49:49] Speaker A: How are you guys moving? [00:49:50] Speaker G: So for medium armor at all, I'm in the back. [00:49:54] Speaker C: I think I'm trying as we're looking around, I'm trying to use my Bardic knowledge to see if I spy anything that would pop into me. Like, oh, that's very important that we should focus on that. [00:50:09] Speaker A: So I'm going to make a quick roll here. All right, so as you guys are entering this room quietly, you hear some murmuring coming from inside. This we'll call it, for lack of a better term, a fort. Okay, this is good. I can eat here, and then this will be good. [00:50:38] Speaker B: Shall I talk to them in goblin? [00:50:42] Speaker A: If it's in common. [00:50:44] Speaker G: Is it in common that we're hearing? [00:50:46] Speaker A: Yes, you're hearing this in common. It is a gravely voice. You would not think this is a goblin talking. [00:50:53] Speaker D: Are we back far enough to where? Does it seem to us like we can communicate a little bit with each other without alerting whoever it is? [00:51:00] Speaker A: Yeah, you could. [00:51:01] Speaker D: So Timid says, let's try to surround this thing just in case whatever it is leaps out and tries to attack us or run away, we can stop it. So let's try to do our best to kind of sneak around and see if we can get at least a couple of people on either side. [00:51:21] Speaker G: Yeah, I'll try to go to the far side. And Twin talent does have his short swords out. [00:51:25] Speaker A: All right, anyone else? [00:51:26] Speaker D: So Temid does have a pretty decent stealth skill, so he'll try to stealth also. Are we rolling? [00:51:33] Speaker A: Yeah, go ahead and roll. I have a perception roll that I'm rolling for this creature. [00:51:37] Speaker B: Okay. [00:51:38] Speaker A: 11 21 20. [00:51:41] Speaker B: Seray is going to try to stay on the northern side. Of it, but she's also trying to sneak in five. [00:51:46] Speaker A: All right, can you guys arrange yourself around that fort, which is those beds there? We could be TEMED you are by what looks like the flap to open it. [00:51:55] Speaker D: All right. So he looks at everyone. He kind of nods, and with his rapier, it's like a flap, right? Like cloth. He just kind of pulls the curtain to the pulls his now newly repaired buckler, pulls it up, raises it, and then he uses the rapier to drag drag the cloth open. [00:52:16] Speaker A: As you drag open the entrance, you see a fur face look up at you, wide eyed, snarl, and charge out at you. This is what you're going to have to find out. Don't say it. No. [00:52:33] Speaker B: Come on. [00:52:34] Speaker A: Why do you do this? [00:52:35] Speaker G: It's fine. We'll kill them. Next week. [00:52:36] Speaker H: What will happen to our hero? Will tamid be brutally eaten? Will our heroes find out what this creature is? Find out next week on The Cracked Die Podcast. And now, a word from our sponsors. [00:52:51] Speaker I: Hey, bro. Do you like civilization? Do you like to travel and see exotic locations, bro. Does the idea of bringing law and order to the uncivilized parts of the world excite you, bro. Well, then you are a perfect candidate for the Hell Knights, bro. Join the Hell Knights and one of the original seven Orders and receive such great benefits as awesome black armor, bro. Fighting and taming demons, bro. Life in a castle, bro. And above all, brotherhood. Come and join the Hell Knights. Because if you don't, aren't you just not being a bro, bro? [00:53:35] Speaker A: Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast background sound effects provided by Sirenscape. Because epic games deserve epic music, please visit [email protected]. Pathfinder second edition, Age of Ashes, Adventure, Path are all copyright of Pizzo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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