The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 31 - Who Will Save Your Soul?

Episode 31 April 02, 2020 01:01:50
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 31 - Who Will Save Your Soul?
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 31 - Who Will Save Your Soul?

Apr 02 2020 | 01:01:50


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Our group faces off against the Barghest and continues to explore the cave. 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:39] Speaker A: Hey there, everyone. Welcome to episode 31 of the Cracked Eye podcast. This is Anwar. I play temid the cleric on the show, and since this is my first time doing one of these intros, I'd like to sincerely thank all of you who've downloaded and listened to our show. It truly means the world to us. And as Matt mentioned last time, and I think it's worth reiterating that the world is currently going through the Covid-19 pandemic, and we here at the Crackdye podcast would like to extend our sincerest, best wishes to everyone. Hopefully, you and your loved ones stay safe, stay healthy, and for anyone who might be ill or whose loved ones might be ill, we wish a safe and speedy recovery. Hopefully we can help you get away from what's going on in the world right now. Escaping for an hour or so and listening to a bunch of good friends play a really fun game and be a bunch of goofballs can possibly brighten your day. And we really hope that we do. Anyways, I'm going to stop here, and I just want to say, as always, please. If you'd like to know more about us, visit our [email protected] there you'll find our episodes as well as artwork, some information about us, and you'll also find our social media there and you can actually interact with us via our social media, our Twitter, Facebook, and you'll find the show email [email protected] where you can contact us directly. And if you so choose, can you please leave a review on iTunes rate and review us so that you'll be entered to win a Pathfinder second edition core rulebook and also kind of make it that much more likely for other people to find us. Anyways, thanks for listening and on to episode 31. [00:02:17] Speaker B: Previously on the Cracked Die podcast, Soraya and twin Talon discussed how best to harvest poisons from cricketers. Pond Watcher and Silver decided to pop open the spider sacks and see what they could find. While doing that, Silver was able to discover a gold dragon scale. Temid asked Sareia many questions about the effects of poisons on people. Finally, the group met Renali, the mysterious spider lady, and she explained what was going on. After that, all heroes moved down the cave hallway to meet Ralder, a greater ballgast, and combat began. Will all heroes be able to defeat this monster? Find out the answer to this question and more on this episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:03:08] Speaker C: Welcome to the 31st episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:03:13] Speaker D: It's almost as old as you. [00:03:17] Speaker E: Ouch. [00:03:18] Speaker D: Sean, that match. [00:03:19] Speaker C: So, here we are. Combat's about to start. Is it? Well, initiatives were rolled, temid. [00:03:28] Speaker F: Did you write them down? [00:03:28] Speaker C: I did. [00:03:29] Speaker F: Did you keep them for a week? [00:03:30] Speaker C: I mean, the magnets are in an. [00:03:33] Speaker F: Order, so it looks a solid. [00:03:36] Speaker C: Right. [00:03:36] Speaker F: You got on. [00:03:37] Speaker D: Yeah, the monster is definitely going last timid. [00:03:42] Speaker C: I believe we ended with you about to do something heroic or do something. I don't know if it'll be heroic, but we'll try. [00:03:49] Speaker A: He says, if I remember correctly, from last week, Silver sat down on the throne and antagonized this thing to the point where it wanted to fight us. [00:03:57] Speaker C: Actually, it wants to fight Silver. [00:03:59] Speaker A: It wants to fight Silver. Now to timid, fighting silver means fighting us. Fighting any one of us here is fighting all of us. So he says, damn it, silver, we almost had him. And then he strikes at this thing before it can actually reach Silver, in hopes that he stops it from reaching Silver. All right, natural five. [00:04:21] Speaker G: Oh, no. [00:04:22] Speaker C: Now I need to know numbers because. [00:04:25] Speaker A: So that is a 15. Okay? [00:04:27] Speaker C: So I'm just going to let you know that I am giving him the. I wanted to say confused condition, but that's. [00:04:39] Speaker A: No, confused. He might attack. [00:04:41] Speaker D: Sounds good for drunk. [00:04:42] Speaker C: I might give him sickened. [00:04:43] Speaker A: Yeah, I'll give him six. [00:04:45] Speaker C: Okay, I'll give you guys the choice. [00:04:46] Speaker A: Sickened four. [00:04:47] Speaker C: No, sickened one for the entirety of the combat, or wounded four, or dying three. [00:05:00] Speaker F: Or, which is the one that removes actions is slowed. [00:05:05] Speaker C: Yeah, or I'll give you slowed for five rounds. [00:05:08] Speaker F: Slowed what? [00:05:09] Speaker C: Slowed one? [00:05:11] Speaker G: Slowed? [00:05:12] Speaker F: I would take slowed. [00:05:13] Speaker C: Slow. Slow. [00:05:14] Speaker A: It's good to me. [00:05:15] Speaker C: Slowed. One reduces his number of actions by one. [00:05:17] Speaker H: This will be over in five rounds. [00:05:19] Speaker C: So for five rounds, if it's not. [00:05:21] Speaker F: Over in five rounds, we're dead, I think. [00:05:22] Speaker H: Yes, exactly. [00:05:25] Speaker A: So, no, that didn't hit. [00:05:27] Speaker C: 1515 will. Oh, that's the wrong creature. I was like, oh, no, it does hit. No, that's not right. [00:05:33] Speaker A: I mean, you can use the template. Yeah, I'm totally cool with it. I just don't want it to be a crit fail. [00:05:41] Speaker C: Crit fail? Yeah. [00:05:41] Speaker F: Is that a crit fail, Shaw? [00:05:43] Speaker C: It is not a crit fail. [00:05:44] Speaker A: Why are you rolling things? Or is someone okay? I'm sorry. No, that's totally fine. I thought he was rolling things. [00:05:51] Speaker D: Why do I keep hearing dice? [00:05:53] Speaker C: What did you roll? [00:05:55] Speaker A: 15. [00:05:56] Speaker C: It's a miss. [00:05:57] Speaker A: Okay, but not a critmus. [00:05:58] Speaker C: Not a crit miss. [00:05:59] Speaker A: Okay, so then he says, duh, you. [00:06:04] Speaker F: Foul beast, and we are flagging him so he is flat footed to us. [00:06:08] Speaker A: Does that help? [00:06:09] Speaker C: It does help, but it doesn't hit him. Okay. God. [00:06:12] Speaker F: Good. [00:06:14] Speaker A: Fuck everything. [00:06:15] Speaker C: I'm going to guess that was a one natural one. [00:06:20] Speaker A: No, let me take it. [00:06:22] Speaker F: Do you want to hurt yourself? [00:06:22] Speaker C: I want to hurt. [00:06:23] Speaker A: I'd rather it come from me. [00:06:24] Speaker F: Oh, wait, hold on. What's the total? [00:06:27] Speaker C: Yeah, what is the total? [00:06:29] Speaker A: I mean, I'm sure it still misses six. [00:06:32] Speaker F: Yeah, that is definitely a critical feel. [00:06:35] Speaker A: Melee called bent, your weapon's current hit points are reduced to its broken threshold. If already broken, the weapon takes three d six. Damage, ignoring hardness. [00:06:46] Speaker C: So do you know what the broken threshold of your weapon is? I actually looked this up the other day. [00:06:51] Speaker A: Okay, so tell me, well, what type. [00:06:54] Speaker C: Material is your weapon made out of? Metal. Metal. [00:06:57] Speaker A: Some type of metal. So I believe it's a magical weapon. [00:07:00] Speaker F: It's a rapier. [00:07:01] Speaker C: It's a plus one rapier. [00:07:03] Speaker A: It's a plus one striking rapier. [00:07:05] Speaker C: So I want to say that has ten hit points. So a broken threshold would be five. So your weapon has five hit points left, I believe. [00:07:15] Speaker F: Okay, so looking at this card, specifically made for weapons. [00:07:18] Speaker C: Yes. [00:07:18] Speaker F: Doesn't have that information. [00:07:19] Speaker C: Oh, great. All right, you still have one more action. [00:07:23] Speaker F: Now, if it hits broken threshold, I think you get a penalty to use it, right? [00:07:28] Speaker C: Yes. Minus two. [00:07:29] Speaker G: Okay. [00:07:30] Speaker A: Minus two. Well, I mean, I'd have a zero attack bonus anyway, so I feel like I would most likely hurt myself if I did anything. So he's going to do what he always does and end his turn with a casting of. [00:07:46] Speaker C: Silver. [00:07:48] Speaker G: Silver. Hello, everyone. We're on roll 20 again this week. Not a sponsor. Silver is. [00:07:57] Speaker D: Please spawn. [00:07:58] Speaker G: According to the map, I am actually not standing next to this thing. I'm on his throne. [00:08:04] Speaker C: Yeah, you're on his throne. You're in the throne square. You are lounging in his throne, actually. [00:08:08] Speaker G: Where's your throne? [00:08:10] Speaker F: That is exactly where you were last week. We were in, like, a triangle around him. [00:08:13] Speaker C: Yeah, that's his throne. [00:08:14] Speaker G: His throne is there. [00:08:16] Speaker C: Yep. [00:08:16] Speaker G: In the middle of the room. [00:08:17] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:08:18] Speaker G: Oh, okay. [00:08:18] Speaker F: Good place. [00:08:19] Speaker H: That's where he was before he moved. [00:08:20] Speaker F: Yes. [00:08:21] Speaker C: I scooted him over to talk to temid. [00:08:23] Speaker G: All right. Silver is going to start playing inspire courage, a song called Shrine of the forsaken gods. [00:08:33] Speaker C: Okay. [00:08:34] Speaker A: He's making it up as he goes. [00:08:35] Speaker G: Pretty much making it up about. [00:08:38] Speaker A: Can you give us a couple of lyrics if it's possible? [00:08:43] Speaker G: Sure. I'll take your life, I'll take your wife, and in the end, you'll thank me. [00:08:52] Speaker C: Okay. All right. [00:08:53] Speaker A: Way different than I thought it was going to be. [00:08:54] Speaker C: Okay, so you've inspired courage to your crew. [00:08:58] Speaker H: So inspiring. [00:09:00] Speaker G: Then I'll do a knowledge check on. [00:09:02] Speaker C: These thingies on the bargast. Go ahead. [00:09:05] Speaker F: Did you not do that last week? [00:09:06] Speaker C: You did try and figure out what it was, but you didn't do it in combat, so I'm going to give you, like, combat role. [00:09:11] Speaker A: So did we try to figure out the bargast or we tried to figure it out when it was the goblin guy? [00:09:16] Speaker C: No, you were figuring it out when you were talking with Ranuli the spider lady. Okay. When she said, there's a bargast in the next room, you're like, what is that? [00:09:27] Speaker G: Well, actually, I'm going to do something else. Okay. After I do inspire courage, I'm going to turn. [00:09:36] Speaker C: Okay. Okay. You're invisible. [00:09:38] Speaker G: That's two action. [00:09:39] Speaker C: Oh. All right, Brienna. [00:09:43] Speaker E: Brianna will sigh and move to flank with silver. [00:09:49] Speaker A: There's nothing about terrain here. [00:09:50] Speaker C: Right? [00:09:50] Speaker A: Like it's all. [00:09:51] Speaker C: Nope, it's normal. [00:09:51] Speaker D: It's no more spider webs. [00:09:53] Speaker C: Non Webby. [00:09:54] Speaker E: Thank goodness, because she is going to thwack it with her scimitar. [00:10:00] Speaker C: All right. [00:10:01] Speaker A: Thwack at the wrong end of the scimitar. [00:10:03] Speaker F: Is this your new shiny plus one striking scimitar? [00:10:06] Speaker E: No, because I did not have a chance to identify it. Correct. As well as a two move around runes and the like, since I do have a rune on my. Disrupting anyway. [00:10:18] Speaker C: Okay. [00:10:21] Speaker E: 23 to hit. [00:10:24] Speaker C: That will hit. [00:10:25] Speaker A: Nice. [00:10:26] Speaker E: For ten damage. [00:10:28] Speaker C: For ten damage. [00:10:30] Speaker A: All right, so now we basically got it surrounded by four people, one of which is invisible. [00:10:36] Speaker C: All right. Hey, stop that. He says as you slash at him. [00:10:42] Speaker E: 18 for the next one. [00:10:45] Speaker C: Minus two. [00:10:46] Speaker E: Miss that. [00:10:47] Speaker C: Right. [00:10:48] Speaker D: Okay. [00:10:48] Speaker E: And I think that's it since I moved and I hit twice. [00:10:50] Speaker H: Yes. [00:10:51] Speaker C: All right. Twin talon. [00:10:55] Speaker F: Twin Talon. [00:10:55] Speaker C: Like. Oh. [00:10:56] Speaker F: Now we're going. Okay. And I'm going to take an action to pull a vial out from his belt and he'll pop the cork and pour it on his blade. [00:11:07] Speaker C: Is that an interact action? [00:11:09] Speaker F: It's manipulate action. [00:11:10] Speaker C: All right? So as you do that, it swings at you. [00:11:15] Speaker F: Does he have a reaction? Since he hasn't taken a turn yet, since he gains them at the beginning of his turn. [00:11:21] Speaker C: You know what? You're right. He will not swing at you. [00:11:24] Speaker F: Okay, and then twins Allen will make a strike. [00:11:27] Speaker C: All right. [00:11:31] Speaker F: Garbage got a 14 that will miss. [00:11:35] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:11:36] Speaker F: And then I will attack again. [00:11:37] Speaker C: Okay. [00:11:40] Speaker F: And that's a natural 20. Well, it's your total, so it's normally twelve minus four. Is eight. So 28. [00:11:48] Speaker C: Okay, that is a critical piercing. [00:11:51] Speaker F: Normal damage until healed. The target is clumsy. Three and in, feebled three. [00:11:56] Speaker C: Whoa. [00:11:56] Speaker F: You know what? [00:11:56] Speaker C: I'll take that. [00:11:58] Speaker D: Yeah, that sounds good. [00:11:59] Speaker F: So he's clumsy, three and in, feebled three. [00:12:02] Speaker C: Good fun. Good. [00:12:03] Speaker F: And slowed one and slowed one's. [00:12:10] Speaker C: Wow, I like that sound. [00:12:14] Speaker F: So I got on, on the four dice that I rolled, I got a one, a one, a two and a three. Plus three is seven, plus four is eleven damage. Three of it is poison damage, if that makes a difference. [00:12:31] Speaker C: Good to know. [00:12:32] Speaker A: So, fibonacci. You started a fibonacci sequence. [00:12:39] Speaker C: All right, pond watcher. Oh, wait, is that all you draw? One? [00:12:44] Speaker A: No, it is 1123 swing. Yeah. [00:12:46] Speaker D: 1123. [00:12:46] Speaker F: Poisoned. I swung and missed. And then I swung and hit. [00:12:49] Speaker C: Pond watcher, you're up. [00:12:51] Speaker H: How high is the ceiling? [00:12:53] Speaker C: 20Ft in this room. [00:12:57] Speaker A: I'm interested in what he's going to do. [00:12:58] Speaker D: Me too. [00:12:59] Speaker F: Is it only 20ft? Because it was 20ft before and we walked down. [00:13:03] Speaker C: The small room you were in was 10ft. Okay. [00:13:05] Speaker H: Yeah, I'm just going to do it because it's funny. [00:13:09] Speaker C: I like that. [00:13:10] Speaker H: Pond watcher rages. [00:13:12] Speaker C: Okay. [00:13:13] Speaker H: He drops his flail. [00:13:15] Speaker C: Okay. [00:13:16] Speaker H: And as the ice starts to course through his veins, his fingers become stronger and icy and he climbs straight up the wall like a spider by bashing his fingers into the wall. [00:13:32] Speaker A: Okay, that spider token thing? [00:13:35] Speaker H: No, this is his new ability where he has a climb speed of 30ft. [00:13:40] Speaker C: Okay. [00:13:41] Speaker H: He's going to climb directly above the monster on the ceiling and then just drop on him. He's going to elbow drop him from the ceiling. [00:13:52] Speaker A: All right, so what does he say? I want to hear a pond watcher phrase. All he does is yes. [00:14:01] Speaker C: All right, make an attack roll. [00:14:04] Speaker H: So what I want to do is grapple him as I fall on him. So athletics. [00:14:10] Speaker C: Yes, make an athletics roll, please. Oh, boy. [00:14:13] Speaker H: This is not optimal, but that's okay. [00:14:15] Speaker C: Well, this dude is not good. [00:14:18] Speaker A: I love it. [00:14:19] Speaker C: 22, success. [00:14:21] Speaker H: All right, he is grappled. [00:14:23] Speaker C: He is grappled. So on my turn, I can either break from the grapple. [00:14:29] Speaker F: You're enfeebled. [00:14:31] Speaker C: Yeah. Clumsy self sareia. Just so you all know, you did go before his drunken ass. Because being inebriated lowers the number. He lowers your perception bonus. That's amazing. [00:14:45] Speaker D: I mean, I'm going to chuck some acid at him. I just hope Pond Watcher is going to be okay. [00:14:51] Speaker A: You got drunk, now drop some acid. [00:14:58] Speaker D: Jesus. I can't roll this die anymore. [00:15:02] Speaker C: That's a crit fail. [00:15:04] Speaker D: My crit fail. [00:15:05] Speaker A: Misery loves company. [00:15:06] Speaker G: Oh, sorry, Anwar. [00:15:07] Speaker F: You wanted it to be crypto guy. [00:15:08] Speaker A: I wanted to do it, then I messed up immediately. It is magic. Is it magic? [00:15:13] Speaker D: Ranged. We decided. [00:15:14] Speaker C: Ranged. [00:15:15] Speaker A: Ranged. Okay. Tunnel vision for three rounds, you gain a plus one circumstance bonus to attack rolls. [00:15:20] Speaker C: But you're flat footed. [00:15:23] Speaker D: I'll take that. [00:15:24] Speaker A: That's not the worst. [00:15:25] Speaker C: That's definitely not the worst. All right. [00:15:27] Speaker A: Especially because you're a wave. [00:15:28] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:15:28] Speaker A: It's like a ranged one. [00:15:29] Speaker C: So you get two more actions still. [00:15:31] Speaker D: I do. I'm going to try one more time. And now I have a plus five instead of a plus four. And I'm not rolling my middle die anymore because it's betrayed me. [00:15:40] Speaker C: Is that another natural one? [00:15:41] Speaker D: No, but it's 13 total. [00:15:43] Speaker C: That is a. Hang on. I actually have to do a lot of math. [00:15:47] Speaker G: Minus three because of Ian feebled and everything. [00:15:52] Speaker H: He's grabbed, not grappled. [00:15:55] Speaker A: Also, Sean's head is about to explode. He's turning right now. [00:16:00] Speaker C: What did you roll? [00:16:01] Speaker D: Total 13. [00:16:02] Speaker H: You miss? [00:16:03] Speaker C: Barely. [00:16:05] Speaker D: Hero point. Hero point. [00:16:07] Speaker C: All right, reroll. [00:16:09] Speaker D: Come on. More than an 818 on the die. [00:16:14] Speaker C: That's a hit. [00:16:15] Speaker G: Is it a critical at this point? [00:16:17] Speaker C: Oh, hang on. What's your total? [00:16:19] Speaker D: 23. [00:16:20] Speaker F: Ten more than it was before. [00:16:21] Speaker C: 23 minus. [00:16:23] Speaker F: So if a 13 didn't hit, then 23 can't be a critical. [00:16:26] Speaker C: Yeah, you're right. [00:16:26] Speaker D: 14. [00:16:27] Speaker H: They go zero. [00:16:28] Speaker F: Math and figures that one. [00:16:30] Speaker C: There's too many negative effects on this guy. [00:16:33] Speaker D: So it's two d six persistent and two acid splash. So it's nine plus two to start. So eleven to start. And every one of his turns he's going to take another two d six. [00:16:42] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:16:44] Speaker D: And I still have another turn. [00:16:46] Speaker A: You do. [00:16:46] Speaker C: You have one more action, which, with. [00:16:49] Speaker D: My plus one to attack, would just give me a plus zero. So instead of a negative, I think I'll give it a try. I'm going to try a different d 20, though, because I'm not liking what mine has been doing. 16 on the die. [00:17:03] Speaker A: Oh, wow. [00:17:04] Speaker C: Six. [00:17:04] Speaker D: That'll hit that one was. [00:17:08] Speaker A: It's going to be easy to hit now. [00:17:10] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:17:10] Speaker F: Right now that I cut his tendon or whatever. [00:17:13] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:17:14] Speaker D: So nine more, plus two more splash. Plus two more persistent. So just for argument's sake, it'll be two d six plus two every one of his turns. [00:17:22] Speaker C: He is not looking good. He's starting to go limp in pond Watcher's hand. [00:17:28] Speaker F: That never happens. [00:17:32] Speaker D: I do most of the damage. [00:17:34] Speaker C: It is now his turn. So he is now taking persistent damage. So. [00:17:41] Speaker D: Twelve plus two plus two for the fire. The second bomb was fire. [00:17:46] Speaker C: All right. He no longer gets an action as he is dying in pond Watcher's arms. [00:17:53] Speaker H: That does happen a lot. [00:17:55] Speaker C: I just died in your arms tonight. Once again, found the episode title anyway, so I'm assuming you guys are just going to let this thing die. [00:18:05] Speaker A: So we look around at each other. Well, timid looks around at everyone and is like, do we want to know anything else from him? Maybe we should bring him back. [00:18:14] Speaker E: What is there to know of a crazy fiend? [00:18:17] Speaker A: He might have more information about the ring or something around here. [00:18:23] Speaker D: And he was trapped. [00:18:23] Speaker A: But he could have seen them. He's been here for a while. [00:18:26] Speaker F: We're just going to kill them all anyway, right? [00:18:28] Speaker A: Also, but we could get information about them. [00:18:30] Speaker H: His body is actively melting in my hands. [00:18:33] Speaker A: Can you stop that? [00:18:35] Speaker C: He's dead, all right. As Pond Watcher chokes the life out of too much talking. All right, so you've cleared the bar gas. [00:18:45] Speaker A: I just want to say that I was hoping that we could actually. I think that he has more information. [00:18:49] Speaker F: Well, too late. [00:18:50] Speaker A: I mean, I tried, but you guys are unreasonable and I hate you all. [00:18:54] Speaker F: That's fair. [00:18:54] Speaker E: You can sleep now. [00:18:56] Speaker D: Yeah, we're past episode 29. And that was the one that was so important. [00:19:02] Speaker C: No, we need temid. Stay. [00:19:07] Speaker E: No, we need Anwar too. [00:19:08] Speaker C: We need Anwar as well. [00:19:14] Speaker F: Dusty in here, chopping onions. [00:19:17] Speaker C: Yes. Just the smell of Matt is making me t rope. [00:19:20] Speaker E: Same. [00:19:23] Speaker H: So Pond Watcher looks to Silver, who's invisible. [00:19:27] Speaker G: I'm invisible. Sitting in a chair. [00:19:28] Speaker H: Okay. Pond Watcher says the word silver aloud, like this. Silver, are you there? [00:19:36] Speaker F: He was playing music. I don't know that he isn't playing. [00:19:38] Speaker G: No, there's still music. I can still do that. While invisible. [00:19:41] Speaker H: Silver's gone to heaven. [00:19:44] Speaker G: Silver says, silver dispels invisibility. And then looks down at the body and says, look on your works. He mighty in despair. And then he's going to get off and then, yeah, he'll get up and he'll investigate the boggart's body, but he's not gentle about it at all. Whatever. [00:20:07] Speaker D: I mean, it probably is all half melted and still bubbling. [00:20:11] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:20:13] Speaker D: Satisfied? [00:20:14] Speaker A: Little nod, the gear is still on. [00:20:18] Speaker C: Silver. [00:20:18] Speaker A: Want to take a look at the gear? And Anwar wants to know what? [00:20:20] Speaker C: The gears? [00:20:21] Speaker G: Yeah, looking at the gear. But the whole time he's muttering under his breath about false gods. [00:20:29] Speaker C: It didn't really have any gear. It was just biting and trying. Well, I was trying to bite and claw at you guys, and that's it, we'll never know. [00:20:37] Speaker H: Yeah, you weren't ready for that, were you? A little goblin God, man. [00:20:41] Speaker G: This is what becomes of God. [00:20:42] Speaker H: Death from above. [00:20:44] Speaker C: But if you start looking around at the skeletons of the goblins, you do see that two of them. One is wearing a breastplate, and one is wearing a chain shirt. [00:20:57] Speaker A: Damn it. Looks at the chain shirt to see if it's fancy in any way. [00:21:00] Speaker C: Roll crafting. [00:21:01] Speaker A: I don't know that. [00:21:02] Speaker E: Well, interesting that you have a blacksmith in your party. [00:21:08] Speaker F: Where? Trey intrason. [00:21:10] Speaker D: Okay, I'll leave. [00:21:12] Speaker H: We need Brianna. [00:21:13] Speaker D: I mean, sad fact is, I also have crafting because alchemy depends on it. [00:21:18] Speaker C: Alchemy. Crafting would not work for. [00:21:19] Speaker D: No, but you need crafting to have specialty crafting. [00:21:22] Speaker C: Alchemy. You're right, Brianna. Go ahead and roll 25. [00:21:28] Speaker A: Holy crap. [00:21:29] Speaker C: You know that that is a plus one. Plus one breastplate and a plus one chain shirt. All right, so as you continue to look around this room, you find a fan, a gem, some gloves, and a wand. [00:21:48] Speaker G: Can I do something arcana for those gloves? [00:21:51] Speaker C: No. Arcana will not work for the gloves. Healing will work for the gloves. [00:21:55] Speaker D: Can I do arcana on the fan? [00:21:57] Speaker G: Medicine? Yes, like a medicine medicine. [00:22:00] Speaker C: Sorry. Not healing. [00:22:01] Speaker F: I just think it's very interesting that second edition is so much different than first. [00:22:04] Speaker C: Yeah, that's cool. [00:22:05] Speaker F: It makes a lot of skills more useful. [00:22:07] Speaker C: Absolutely. You have to use the skill associated with whatever the thing is. Yeah. The gem, the fan, and the wand are all arcana. [00:22:21] Speaker D: Can I do them all in one check, or do I have to roll three times? [00:22:24] Speaker C: They're three separate checks. [00:22:25] Speaker D: Okay. [00:22:25] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:22:25] Speaker F: So different people can try different items. [00:22:28] Speaker C: And then the gloves is medicine. [00:22:31] Speaker A: I can do that, definitely. [00:22:33] Speaker G: I'll do the gym. [00:22:34] Speaker D: 22 on the fan. [00:22:35] Speaker C: 22 on the fan. That is a fan feather token. [00:22:41] Speaker D: Ooh, do I know what that does? Is it like a feather pole thing? [00:22:46] Speaker F: I think quals, feather tokens, is the ancient precursor that had all the feather tokens. They're just, like, tokens that do different stuff. [00:22:55] Speaker D: Yeah. Well, that's why I'm wondering what this one does. [00:22:57] Speaker C: Each feather token appears to be a simple feather of some exotic bird. The feather's shaft, dipped in gold, bears a single arcane rune. Activating a feather token causes it to transform into another object, which can be used as normal for that object. Each feather can be activated only once, with most of them permanently becoming the item in their description. [00:23:23] Speaker F: So what we found was actually a. [00:23:25] Speaker C: Feather fan type fan. Activating this feather requires you to fan it in a given direction. Yes. So you actually found a feather. That is a fan. Sorry. If the direction is towards the sail of a vessel, the feather flutters up towards the sail and fans it constantly, filling the sail with air and granting the vessel a plus ten foot circumstance bonus to its speed for 8 hours. That'd be good. [00:23:49] Speaker A: In this case, we're going to be going, assuming for. We're going to go all over the world. [00:23:55] Speaker C: So I feel fanned in any other direction. It instead produces a single casting of gust of wind with a DC 20. [00:24:02] Speaker G: Okay, I got 25 for the rock. [00:24:06] Speaker C: You've got a rock. [00:24:08] Speaker E: Since everybody's identifying things, could Brienna pull out the scimitar that silver gave her? [00:24:15] Speaker G: Thought it was scimitar. [00:24:16] Speaker C: Yes. [00:24:17] Speaker E: Sorry. The skimmatar that silver gave her. [00:24:20] Speaker C: Yes. [00:24:21] Speaker H: More of a 1% tar, actually. [00:24:25] Speaker C: All right, silver, what did you roll? [00:24:27] Speaker G: 25. [00:24:27] Speaker C: All right. [00:24:28] Speaker G: I shouldn't have laughed at that rinse so much. [00:24:30] Speaker C: So this is a fear gem. You affix it to a weapon. Dark smoke seems to writhe within this obsidian gem. When you activate the gem, you make an intimidating strike as the fighter feat. Page 146. If you have intimidating strike feet, increase the frightened condition value from its intimidating strike to frightened two or three on a critical hit. This is a one use item. I believe it says a fixed to weapon. It's a talisman. So, yes, one. [00:24:58] Speaker G: One use. Okay, cool. [00:25:02] Speaker C: Who rolled for the wand? [00:25:04] Speaker A: I did. And I got a 31. [00:25:05] Speaker E: I thought you rolled for the gloves. [00:25:06] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm sorry, you're right. I apologize. [00:25:10] Speaker D: Yeah. What's 31 on the gloves? [00:25:12] Speaker C: 31 on the gloves. Let me pull them up. They're just sterile. [00:25:19] Speaker H: Like rubber hospital gloves. [00:25:22] Speaker C: These clean, white gloves never show signs of blood, even when used to stitch up wounds or treat other ailments. These are called healer's gloves. They give you a plus one Item bonus to medicine checks. Cool. As an interact action. Once per day, you can soothe a willing adjacent creature's wound, restoring two d, six plus seven hit points to that creature. This is a positive healing effect. You can't harm undead with this healing. It says in the thing, it didn't. [00:25:57] Speaker D: Fold like an old cap. [00:25:59] Speaker C: No, I just want. This is an invested item. It is a magical item, and it has the necromancy school. [00:26:08] Speaker H: That's cool. [00:26:09] Speaker D: Yeah, that makes sense. [00:26:10] Speaker C: And the last one on the wand, 25. It is a wand of web. [00:26:17] Speaker F: There weren't any spiders here at all. It was just some lunatic with a wand web. [00:26:22] Speaker D: Just this fucking bargas just being like. Yeah. Atmosphere, ambiance, which is a haunted house. [00:26:28] Speaker C: He really wanted to start a TGI Fridays, but with, like, webbing instead of all the kitsch on the wall. [00:26:34] Speaker H: Does anybody want this breastplate? I wear a breastplate, and this one seems magical. [00:26:39] Speaker F: You're welcome to it, man. [00:26:41] Speaker C: You can just take the rune out of it, too, if you want. [00:26:44] Speaker H: That sounds like a lot of work. [00:26:46] Speaker C: Or keep it. [00:26:47] Speaker E: Yeah, keep the rune on and you can sell the other one. [00:26:50] Speaker H: Pond watcher removes his breastplate and his shirt. [00:26:52] Speaker D: Oh. Glistens in the dim lighting of the. [00:26:56] Speaker E: So temed about that change shirt. [00:26:59] Speaker A: I'm sorry. I'm a little distracted at the moment. [00:27:01] Speaker E: Never mind. [00:27:01] Speaker G: Your Grace, did you get a tattoo. [00:27:03] Speaker H: I wasn't aware about? [00:27:04] Speaker A: It's called a tramp stand. [00:27:07] Speaker H: Yes, it's two snakes kissing. [00:27:13] Speaker D: Is that a double borough? [00:27:18] Speaker C: Yes. [00:27:19] Speaker A: So Temit says, yeah, if no one else wants to change shirt. I think it's certainly an upgrade over what I'm wearing right now. [00:27:30] Speaker E: By all means, whatever makes you. [00:27:35] Speaker A: These gloves here, they're actually quite useful for healing. And I noticed you have a knack for it as well as I do. So would you like them or. [00:27:43] Speaker E: I rather it go to a full time healer. I'm more a battle prone individual. [00:27:50] Speaker A: All right, if you're sure. [00:27:52] Speaker E: Okay, I am. What happens if I got a 29 for my identify? Because I only roll natural 20s when I need to do some skill checks now. [00:28:05] Speaker C: So, you know, that is a plus one striking scimitar. Scimitar. [00:28:10] Speaker E: Skimmatar. [00:28:11] Speaker D: Yes. [00:28:11] Speaker E: So since it's a skimmatar, not a scimitar, I can't use it. [00:28:16] Speaker C: If it was a scimitar, you could use it. [00:28:19] Speaker E: Right. Is there time now to do my quick repair thing and just pop a rune off and put it in something else? [00:28:26] Speaker C: I don't remember how to use. I think the rune, like, moving it takes a little bit more time than that. [00:28:31] Speaker D: Right. [00:28:32] Speaker E: I was asking. [00:28:32] Speaker C: Yeah, I don't think it'll work right now, but you can definitely hold onto it and switch out of it later. [00:28:36] Speaker F: Okay, so just for people listening, why would you want to use the scimitar you have with the striking rune rather than switching to the new scimitar? [00:28:47] Speaker E: Because in the current scimitar I'm using, I have a potency rune. [00:28:53] Speaker F: Well, that one also has a potency rune. That's what the plus one is. [00:28:56] Speaker C: Plus one is the potency rune. And then that's striking is 26. [00:28:59] Speaker E: So it does have both. [00:29:00] Speaker C: Yes. [00:29:00] Speaker E: My bad. [00:29:01] Speaker C: No, it's fine. [00:29:02] Speaker F: But I think your blade. Ally. Do you have to do that at the beginning of the day or is it anytime you pick up a sword? [00:29:09] Speaker E: I think it's just anytime I pick up. I mean, for flavor's sake. I think it would make more sense if I would have to do at the beginning of the day. [00:29:17] Speaker F: Okay, so that would be a reason why you'd want to keep it. [00:29:19] Speaker C: Yeah. All right, so where are you all headed now? [00:29:23] Speaker D: Well, it looks like there's a path off to the east. [00:29:28] Speaker F: It looks like there's two paths to the east and one to the northwest. [00:29:31] Speaker H: I found a room over here with some stuff inside. [00:29:34] Speaker C: Backward a little bit back. What? [00:29:38] Speaker H: You see that little place on the map below us? There's a little room there full of weird stuff under tarp. [00:29:48] Speaker E: Sure. [00:29:49] Speaker C: All right. [00:29:50] Speaker H: Run back over there and pick up my flail. [00:29:55] Speaker E: Since you want to be in front, I will take back to make sure nothing creeps up behind us. [00:30:00] Speaker C: Okay. So in this little room, it is not big enough for more than two people to be in there at one time. [00:30:06] Speaker E: I will stand guard. [00:30:07] Speaker C: Sorry. [00:30:07] Speaker H: My room. Everyone get out. [00:30:10] Speaker C: It smells like wet, damp oil, rags. [00:30:14] Speaker H: Never mind. [00:30:16] Speaker C: Sucks. As you start to kind of sift through everything, you find that you find more skeletons that you think the Bargas is pulling out to create more quote unquote worshippers. And then you find different skulls and different bodies that he keeps building. [00:30:35] Speaker H: Well, this was a terrible place to come in. I will leave now. [00:30:40] Speaker F: Why does it smell like oily rags? [00:30:42] Speaker G: I don't know. [00:30:43] Speaker C: There's oily rags in there. Okay. Yeah, that's what's wrapped. The bones are wrapped in. [00:30:47] Speaker G: Oh, yeah. [00:30:48] Speaker C: So you pop out of that room a little ahead of everyone. [00:30:52] Speaker F: Twin town. So to the northwest of this room, is it another incline that I could walk? Just want to. I'm pretty sure that just connects back to where we were. But rather than having something popping up behind us, I'd like to just take a quick nip down this way. [00:31:07] Speaker C: All right. [00:31:08] Speaker F: He'll have Jasper carry his torch if that's. [00:31:10] Speaker C: Yeah. And sure enough, it leads you back to the spider room. Okay, nice. [00:31:14] Speaker F: Then we'll just take a quick look and come back. [00:31:16] Speaker C: So it goes. Pond watcher. Temid. Twin talon. Surreya. Silver. Brienna. Yes. [00:31:25] Speaker G: All right, so before everyone's sort of like. As they're gathering towards the exit, silver will still standing over the body of this thing, sort of look at Temant and say. They take your hopes from you. They make you believe in something. And then they show you more about yourself than you ever wanted to know. And in the end it's dust. Dust and death is all that they're ever good for. And then he's going to touch you, like, touch you on the shoulder, and he'll have a little spiritual link in between you, and you're going to get a flash in your head, like an image, a couple of images go through your head at once. So it's like desolate, cold, bleak white landscape. And a giant mountain in the distance, like, approaching it. So shutter speeding, like, going into approaching it. Huge entryway into the mountain going down below. And then an ancient city below. And in the middle of the city, the next thing you see at one point, you see reflected into, like, the ice of the cavern, a very young, good looking silver, wearing different sort of clothes, not bardic at all, but almost like, covered in runes in a different way. And then the last image you get, you see a giant, infinitely large throne. And there's something sitting on the throne and its eyes open. [00:33:03] Speaker A: He's a little taken aback by all this. And he says, you weren't always a musician, were you? [00:33:14] Speaker G: I've been many things in my life. I've had a couple of lives to boot. But no, I took up fiddling on this guitar at a much later date. [00:33:29] Speaker A: Was there some time where you worked with something you now believe was a false deity? [00:33:39] Speaker G: Timmin, I'll level with you. Stuff like that. I can get into more detail in another time. But I see something in you that reminds me of myself as a young man. [00:33:51] Speaker A: So you must have been really good looking. I could tell in that picture. [00:33:54] Speaker G: Well, I might have a couple of little silvers running around that I don't know about, let's be honest. But I don't know. I don't truck more and divine in the future. But if I was to say something that marked me, it's got an eye on you. I feel that connection. So keep guard of your soul. That's the one thing that they can take from you that you can never get back. [00:34:27] Speaker A: Don't worry. My faith in Kaden Kalian and his teachings have put a tight bond between me and my soul. Every time I drink, it gets a little bit stronger. Speaking of which, when we get out of this, let's go have a drink and talk some more. [00:34:43] Speaker G: I'm willing. [00:34:45] Speaker A: Sounds good. [00:34:46] Speaker D: All right, so, episode title. Who will save your soul? [00:34:52] Speaker C: All right, so you all continue down this hallway. [00:34:55] Speaker D: I'm assuming also, plot twists are going to find out at some point that silver is a warlock. [00:35:02] Speaker C: All right, you find a slight decline. [00:35:07] Speaker F: Okay. [00:35:07] Speaker E: Something tells me those are not edible. Please do not eat them. Pond watcher. [00:35:11] Speaker G: What did she say? [00:35:12] Speaker F: Something about mushrooms. [00:35:13] Speaker C: Why are you looking at me? [00:35:15] Speaker F: We should eat them. [00:35:16] Speaker A: Well, she said Pond watcher. [00:35:18] Speaker D: Well, they do seem to be glowing. I'm very curious. [00:35:20] Speaker G: I am deadly curious. [00:35:21] Speaker D: I would like to. [00:35:24] Speaker C: They are indeed glowing. They're giving off about a five foot radius of. [00:35:30] Speaker D: Oh, you know what? I don't think you ever told me. Now that I'm thinking about it, what did I get for crafting with the spiders? Did I get like any poisons or anything? [00:35:41] Speaker C: Oh yes, you did get some components so that you can alchemy later if you need to. [00:35:46] Speaker D: Nothing like ready made. There's no like hunter spider poison? [00:35:48] Speaker C: No, there's nothing ready made. [00:35:49] Speaker A: Excuse me. Blood magic. She can. [00:35:51] Speaker C: Blood magic? Yes. [00:35:52] Speaker D: Yeah. Rude, physical tantrusts. [00:35:56] Speaker C: Okay, so you said you wanted to investigate those. [00:35:59] Speaker E: Sareia, do you know what these are? [00:36:02] Speaker D: You know, I was actually very interested in going to investigate them. Would you like to accompany me? [00:36:06] Speaker E: I certainly will keep watch on you to make sure they don't. [00:36:11] Speaker G: He tells if we can eat him. [00:36:13] Speaker D: I will let you know when I find out. Twin, would you like to come as well? I know you were know will some fungi anyway have some certain deadly properties. [00:36:21] Speaker C: Sure. [00:36:21] Speaker A: Were you calling me? I heard you say something about a fun guy Twintel and stab's death. [00:36:28] Speaker G: Oh, I'm sorry. [00:36:28] Speaker C: Hold on. [00:36:32] Speaker H: His corpse must never be allowed to. [00:36:34] Speaker C: Get back out of this cave. Okay. [00:36:38] Speaker F: Are these all gentle slopes? [00:36:39] Speaker C: Yes. [00:36:40] Speaker F: I'm so disappointed. [00:36:41] Speaker H: Me too. [00:36:42] Speaker F: Because I've taken catfall and I wanted to just jump off of stuff. [00:36:45] Speaker C: There's a giant hole in the middle of this room. [00:36:48] Speaker H: See you later. [00:36:49] Speaker A: Jump? [00:36:49] Speaker G: Yeah, jump down that hole. [00:36:52] Speaker C: There is a giant hole, like a five foot hole in the middle of this room. [00:36:56] Speaker A: Double claw. Can you just bring back? [00:36:59] Speaker C: This tunnel widens, then drops away in a series of ten foot high cliffs into a chamber filled with fine hairlike filaments and mushrooms. These ones are ten foot drops. Sorry, I should have read my room description first. [00:37:13] Speaker F: Sweet, then twin Talon. [00:37:15] Speaker C: Sure. [00:37:15] Speaker F: And he'll just like walk off the parkour. Yeah, just like hop down like it was. [00:37:20] Speaker A: Oh wow, that was pretty graceful. [00:37:22] Speaker C: The filaments look like bleached grass and wave erratically with the cave's natural air currents. The mushrooms glow slightly, giving the cave a strange dreamlike feel. To the south, a seven foot wide hole in the floor drops down into the chamber below. [00:37:40] Speaker E: It's kind of oddly beautiful here. [00:37:44] Speaker D: Just a little bit. I do have a 25 for crafting on the mushrooms. [00:37:49] Speaker F: And just as an aside, as far as we can tell, there is no way out of this room other than the hole. [00:37:53] Speaker C: Correct. [00:37:54] Speaker G: Okay. [00:37:55] Speaker C: Crafting doesn't really give you anything. [00:37:57] Speaker D: Nature, I assume. [00:37:58] Speaker C: Nature, pond, orchard. [00:37:59] Speaker D: You might be better at this than me. [00:38:01] Speaker H: Let me divine the mysteries of the mushrooms. [00:38:05] Speaker F: Are you guys getting like, going down into the mushrooms down here? [00:38:09] Speaker D: Take the little scrambling. [00:38:10] Speaker G: She's not peanut butter. [00:38:12] Speaker C: It's an athletics check to get down. [00:38:14] Speaker D: It's an athletics check to get down. [00:38:15] Speaker H: 2020. [00:38:18] Speaker C: Do you know that these are glow mushrooms? 20 athletics. 20 athletics. Good job. [00:38:23] Speaker H: You jump good. [00:38:24] Speaker C: All right. You jump well. [00:38:26] Speaker F: You done jump good. [00:38:29] Speaker H: 14 for nature. [00:38:30] Speaker C: You know that these are glow mushrooms. [00:38:32] Speaker H: Hey, these mushroom is glowing. He's glow mushroom. Did you know that? [00:38:37] Speaker F: I knew that. Twin Talon would like to also make a nature check to see if he's just making that up. [00:38:41] Speaker C: Sure, go ahead. [00:38:42] Speaker D: Well, I got a 16 to get down there. [00:38:45] Speaker A: Twelve sounds about right. [00:38:47] Speaker C: He's right on the money here. [00:38:49] Speaker G: Can you eat them? [00:38:50] Speaker A: No, I agree. [00:38:51] Speaker F: Glow mushrooms are glow mushrooms. [00:38:53] Speaker C: You do know that if these are agitated, they will cause you to become very, very itchy? [00:39:00] Speaker H: Please, no one touch this. It's very bad. I've seen this before in the tundra. [00:39:05] Speaker D: You're telling me I can't make itching powder with this? [00:39:09] Speaker C: I didn't say that. I'm just saying you have to harvest them. [00:39:12] Speaker G: So we got to go down a hole. [00:39:14] Speaker F: I would have liked to spartan, kick the bargast into these mushrooms, but I. [00:39:17] Speaker C: Guess that watched him, like, drunkenly rolling. [00:39:20] Speaker D: Around, trying to scratch. [00:39:24] Speaker E: Brianna rolled a 27 to get down there. So I guess she recalls her moments in Corvosa running on those rooftops with her friend. And also kind of like shows off and somersaults off in full plate. [00:39:38] Speaker D: Don't worry about it. [00:39:39] Speaker F: You still got it. [00:39:39] Speaker E: I still got it. [00:39:40] Speaker C: Silver, are you going to hurt your. [00:39:42] Speaker A: Knee jumping off in that full plate? [00:39:43] Speaker G: I have to do an athletics. [00:39:45] Speaker C: Athletics. [00:39:45] Speaker G: She hits to get down there. [00:39:47] Speaker C: Temid needs to make an athletics check as well. [00:39:50] Speaker E: I'll catch you. [00:39:50] Speaker C: Temid's got a decent athlete, but 1010, you're good. You get down and you maneuver around. Oh, silver, you're good. All right, so you're all down. And I'm assuming no one's gone into a mushroom square. [00:40:04] Speaker A: Temid jumps into the hole, says it's not worth no. All right, well, the last time, it comes back. [00:40:12] Speaker H: All right, Schmeid, the other man from the temple I requested. [00:40:16] Speaker F: Thanks. [00:40:17] Speaker G: Last time, party jump down a hole. Well, let me tell you, turned out it was a part of a giant where the sun don't shine, so, no, don't want to be jumping down. [00:40:28] Speaker D: Good idea. [00:40:30] Speaker A: Anyway, silver. So here's a mushroom. Why don't you tell us about. [00:40:35] Speaker G: Don't. [00:40:36] Speaker H: Don't touch that. [00:40:37] Speaker G: Can you want me to look at. It's glowing mushroom. [00:40:40] Speaker F: You can't eat it. [00:40:42] Speaker G: It's not porch. [00:40:43] Speaker F: Soraya, can Jasper fly with the torch? [00:40:47] Speaker D: I don't see why not. [00:40:48] Speaker C: Yeah, it's one bulk. How much is light bulk? It's light bulk. Yeah. So he can fly. [00:40:53] Speaker E: I was just going to throw one of my torches down. [00:40:56] Speaker D: I mean, that works, too, just in case. [00:41:00] Speaker A: Put light on a pebble and not. [00:41:01] Speaker E: Even use a. Oh, I like my shield to be lit. I want to get rid of bulk and weight. [00:41:09] Speaker D: I have tinder twigs, too. [00:41:10] Speaker C: All right. [00:41:13] Speaker F: Tinder twigs are like. [00:41:13] Speaker A: If Brianna wants to do it, Brianna. Let Brianna do it. [00:41:16] Speaker C: Brianna, you throw a torch down the hole. [00:41:19] Speaker E: Yes, a lit torch. [00:41:21] Speaker C: A lit torch. All right. You throw a lit torch down the hole and you see it fall for 40, 50, 60ft, 150ft. And you hear it hit water at the bottom. And it goes out. And it goes out. [00:41:40] Speaker G: It falls 60ft or 60ft. [00:41:44] Speaker F: Did it plunk into water or did it just hit, like, a shallow thing of water and sizzle out? [00:41:50] Speaker C: No, it went plunk. [00:41:52] Speaker E: That looks deep. [00:41:53] Speaker H: Well, you know, when I was growing up, I had a friend and his name was Cliff Jumper. And his thing was he sort of would jump off of the cliff and he said, as long as there's water, there's no way to get hurt. [00:42:08] Speaker D: There could be rocks in the water. [00:42:10] Speaker F: You said you had a friend. [00:42:11] Speaker H: Oh, he died. [00:42:12] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:42:12] Speaker F: Doing what? [00:42:13] Speaker H: Jumping off a cliff. [00:42:16] Speaker D: Was there water? [00:42:18] Speaker H: I didn't want to go down and find out, but didn't sound very good when he hit the bottom, I tell you that much. [00:42:23] Speaker C: Oh, no. [00:42:24] Speaker A: All right, well, another question. Is everyone named after things that they do? Yeah. So you watched ponds? [00:42:32] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:42:32] Speaker D: Well, it's sort of much more musical in elven. [00:42:36] Speaker H: Well, that's not my name. My elven name, but it's sort of a long story. [00:42:41] Speaker C: Okay. [00:42:42] Speaker E: If that's the name you wish to go by, we will respect your wishes. [00:42:47] Speaker H: Thank you. [00:42:47] Speaker A: I'm going to call him Pondy, though. [00:42:49] Speaker H: That's fine. So, one time, my parents, they wanted me to be a wise person, so they would send me out to meditate. And they found me meditating in front of a pond for a very long time. And they thought that that was very mystical and impressive. But when they approached I was just sleeping. So that's why they call me that. [00:43:15] Speaker A: You know, it's better than I would have thought. You'd be punching a fish by the time you were done with it. [00:43:19] Speaker H: It's very boring to just sit there. [00:43:22] Speaker A: I agree. You should have at least had some mail. How old were you? Like ten. That was plenty of time for you to start. [00:43:27] Speaker H: Yeah. Like the elven equivalent of ten. [00:43:29] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:43:29] Speaker H: So I was like 55, right? [00:43:31] Speaker A: You were well past the drinking age. [00:43:33] Speaker H: It's really boring to do these things. Anyway, can we just take a moment. [00:43:37] Speaker E: To look at Sean's face because he's, like, dying to get to the end of the bus. [00:43:43] Speaker H: So that reminds me of another time. [00:43:45] Speaker D: This should have been done two episodes ago. [00:43:48] Speaker G: Mechanically, if you jump from a height into water, is it going to cause a problem? [00:43:54] Speaker C: Yes. Falling in this in second edition. [00:43:57] Speaker G: But dangerous to water. I don't know. [00:43:59] Speaker A: I think they specifically call out water is still very dangerous. [00:44:02] Speaker C: It's still very dangerous. [00:44:03] Speaker F: I have a rope. [00:44:04] Speaker E: How wide is the circumstance? Was 7ft wide. [00:44:08] Speaker H: Okay, anybody else have a rope? I have 50ft of rope. [00:44:11] Speaker E: I believe I have a rope too. [00:44:13] Speaker A: So what we're able to see right now is the entire room. [00:44:16] Speaker C: Yes. [00:44:17] Speaker A: Okay, how about we go back in the other direction and see what was there instead of before we jump into more? [00:44:23] Speaker F: All right, that's true. No, wait. We went everywhere. [00:44:28] Speaker A: There was a path that we didn't go up northeast. [00:44:31] Speaker G: He found it. [00:44:34] Speaker C: This is our last twin Talon. [00:44:35] Speaker F: I backtracked the north. [00:44:37] Speaker C: Backtracked from the spider. [00:44:38] Speaker F: Yeah, that's where it is. [00:44:39] Speaker E: Okay, so I also have rope. I also have a grappling hook. [00:44:43] Speaker F: I was going to say we found some grappling hooks in the bandit Slayer. So maybe that's where you got it from. [00:44:48] Speaker C: No. Okay. [00:44:49] Speaker E: Don't worry about it. [00:44:50] Speaker F: Okay. [00:44:51] Speaker C: All right. [00:44:52] Speaker H: Well, can we tie Ropes together and grapple them? Yes to the. [00:44:56] Speaker A: So, just so you know, using a rope is actually a trained skill for athletics. [00:45:02] Speaker D: Are you talking like tying a rope. [00:45:04] Speaker C: Or just like sliding down? [00:45:06] Speaker A: It says sample climb tasks. Trained rigging rope. [00:45:10] Speaker C: Typical tree. Right. To rig the rope to not fall. [00:45:14] Speaker F: No, rigging, comma, rope. [00:45:19] Speaker E: So what? I'm confused. [00:45:22] Speaker C: Yeah, it doesn't look like use a rope. Simple climbing tasks. Untrained, you can use a ladder, a steep slope or a low branch tree. [00:45:30] Speaker A: Right. None of those seem applicable here. [00:45:33] Speaker G: Right. [00:45:33] Speaker F: And it calls out rope in a trained. [00:45:35] Speaker C: Well, that becomes a problem, doesn't it? [00:45:37] Speaker F: Well, it may be. Who here is not so. I'm trained in athletic. I'm good at climbing ropes and stuff. Is anyone here not? I'm pretty capable climber. [00:45:48] Speaker G: I'm not a capable climber. [00:45:50] Speaker D: Why would I need to be? [00:45:53] Speaker G: Brienna, are you something? [00:45:54] Speaker C: Okay, I am decently proficient. [00:45:58] Speaker A: I'm capable. [00:46:00] Speaker F: I assume that von Watcher here. [00:46:02] Speaker H: Oh, yeah. [00:46:04] Speaker A: So the important people are not. [00:46:06] Speaker F: So if one of us climbs down first, we can possibly lower the other two down and then the rest of us can follow. Does that sound like a good plan? [00:46:17] Speaker E: I mean, we know that there is water there, but we don't necessarily know if it's rushing or if it's safe at all. [00:46:25] Speaker F: Right? Which is why I thought maybe one of either you or pond watcher could go down first, just to give us the all clear. And then if it's okay, then we could lower the two people who can't climb. [00:46:34] Speaker A: How about we lower everyone down? Or the first person to go down should be lowered so that they can take a look to see if there's any place for us to land. That's not water. [00:46:44] Speaker E: Pretty sure that's what we've been saying, yes. [00:46:47] Speaker C: So who's going down first? [00:46:48] Speaker D: I will. [00:46:49] Speaker C: All right, so it is a DC. All right. I know what the DC is. I need you to take an athletics check. [00:46:57] Speaker E: 26. [00:46:59] Speaker C: You climb down those 40ft like no one's business. [00:47:02] Speaker F: What about the next 20? [00:47:04] Speaker E: Because he said 60ft. [00:47:05] Speaker C: Oh, yeah, sorry. You still climb all the way down. What was your total? 26? Yes. That's a critical success. [00:47:14] Speaker E: So I would like do it with one hand. [00:47:15] Speaker C: I'm like, yeah, you like gooses? You slide all the way down. [00:47:20] Speaker F: What does that mean? [00:47:21] Speaker A: Twin. [00:47:22] Speaker C: All right. [00:47:22] Speaker F: It's a crevosin thing. [00:47:24] Speaker C: Okay, Brianna. Yes? I'm going to move you. [00:47:28] Speaker A: It was nice knowing you. [00:47:31] Speaker E: Have a drink on me. [00:47:33] Speaker A: I'm going to have a drink on you. [00:47:34] Speaker F: Take a chance on me. Once you get to the bottom, I'll call out, wait, that's what you find. How deep is it? [00:47:44] Speaker E: It's fucking deep. [00:47:46] Speaker F: The water's deep. [00:47:49] Speaker C: It's a. Just like. [00:47:52] Speaker A: Just to describe. [00:47:53] Speaker F: Okay, good. I'm glad to dive into it. [00:47:56] Speaker H: I'm really sad no one did that. [00:47:57] Speaker G: It looks like, hilarious. [00:48:00] Speaker A: So for everyone listening, it looks like Brienna went into a circular room. It's got like tiles on the floor in a circular pattern as well as one of the outer rings is actually blue. And then there's a fountain in the middle and it's like a star. [00:48:15] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:48:15] Speaker A: And there are lights coming in the corners and actually, I don't know, it's bisected into eight pieces where there's 45 degrees. [00:48:24] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:48:24] Speaker D: We upload the maps with every episode. We should maybe start doing. [00:48:27] Speaker C: We do. [00:48:27] Speaker A: And then at the north, there's actually. It looks like a table or a barrel or some wooden stuff at the north. And it might be a door or an exit. [00:48:36] Speaker F: Why don't we let Brianna tell us what she sees? [00:48:38] Speaker C: I'm actually going to read some box text to Brianna right now. The walls and domed ceiling of this large circular chamber are eloquently carved in spiraling designs. To the north, a double door stands in the side of a squared off column protruding from the wall, while to the south, an open archway leads to stairwells leading up that have been blocked by rubble. In the center of this room stands six statues of elves, all facing outward and arrayed around a dry fountain. Slightly dry moisture is dripped in. [00:49:17] Speaker E: It's moldy. [00:49:19] Speaker C: It's gross. I wanted the water. So there's water in there still. And there's water in the map anyway. Empty benches sit in four alcoves to the east and west, nestled between six stone archways built into the walls. Each of these archways bears a different type of decor, but with the exception of the northeastern archway, which is partially collapsed and opens into a rune chamber, beyond each archway leads nowhere. They are filled with plain, featureless walls of polished stone. You also hear the unmistakable sound of chittering and riveting coming from your northeast. [00:50:04] Speaker E: I see. [00:50:05] Speaker C: Give me an initiative role. [00:50:06] Speaker E: Oh, fuck. [00:50:07] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:50:08] Speaker C: And everyone. Give me an initiative roll. [00:50:10] Speaker A: This is going to suck a lot. [00:50:12] Speaker H: Can I ask you a question first? [00:50:14] Speaker C: No. [00:50:15] Speaker H: You climbed down the rope, right? [00:50:17] Speaker E: Yes. [00:50:17] Speaker H: Okay, so the rope is affixed to something. [00:50:20] Speaker F: We grapple, hooked it into something up top. [00:50:23] Speaker C: Right. [00:50:23] Speaker E: And then I probably. [00:50:25] Speaker H: That wasn't specifically said, was it? Okay, good. [00:50:31] Speaker A: I don't think anyone rolled that well. [00:50:33] Speaker G: I don't know how I'm going to get down this rope. [00:50:36] Speaker A: Just swan dive. [00:50:37] Speaker G: I'm an old man. [00:50:39] Speaker E: No, we can fasten him into it. [00:50:42] Speaker H: We'll just bring you back from unconsciousness. [00:50:45] Speaker G: You can put me in a thing? Yeah. I can't do it in combat, but. [00:50:48] Speaker H: Put you in a baby bjorn. [00:50:49] Speaker G: Baby bjorn. Carry me down. [00:50:51] Speaker C: All right, let's start with the players. Temit, what did you get? [00:50:56] Speaker A: 17 silver. [00:50:59] Speaker C: 28 Brienna. 18 twin, 29. [00:51:03] Speaker F: Assuming I'm using perception. [00:51:05] Speaker C: Yes, you are. Pond watcher, 20. Sareia. [00:51:09] Speaker D: Nine. [00:51:13] Speaker A: Is that you're refusing to tell him in German or are you just. [00:51:16] Speaker D: No, I'm just ashamed of my role. [00:51:19] Speaker C: I'll tell you what you're not going to go last. [00:51:22] Speaker D: That's heartening. [00:51:24] Speaker C: Okay. Now that my brain short circuited to figure out this initiative tracker, we're going to go in initiative order. [00:51:33] Speaker A: Just to be fair, I really can't tell a difference between you when your brain short circuited. [00:51:38] Speaker C: I'm sorry, what was that? Could you try that again? [00:51:41] Speaker A: No. [00:51:42] Speaker C: Okay, so one of the creatures goes first. [00:51:44] Speaker D: Okay. [00:51:45] Speaker F: Wow, it's fast. [00:51:47] Speaker E: Oh, yeah, we probably heard me plop down. [00:51:49] Speaker D: Bloop. [00:51:50] Speaker C: It saw a torch fall. [00:51:52] Speaker E: That's right. [00:51:54] Speaker F: And fizzle out. [00:51:55] Speaker C: This is fun. [00:51:56] Speaker G: This is so scary. [00:51:58] Speaker C: You see a small, heavily armored churika with blue war paint painted on its face and it screeches and moves towards you twice and then throws a hatchet at you. [00:52:18] Speaker E: Fuck. [00:52:19] Speaker A: And it critically misses. [00:52:20] Speaker C: We could have been friends for 19. [00:52:23] Speaker E: It missed. [00:52:24] Speaker A: All right. [00:52:24] Speaker C: It clinks off of your armor. [00:52:26] Speaker E: Can we stay off my shield and be like, yeah. [00:52:30] Speaker C: Twin Talon, you're up. [00:52:32] Speaker F: So I heard this monkey Screech. [00:52:34] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. There is no denying this. [00:52:37] Speaker F: Okay. Twin Talon will waste no time. He had his sword out, but he is not going to put it away and he's just going to start climbing down the rope. [00:52:50] Speaker C: You start climbing. Give me an athletics check. [00:52:56] Speaker F: 17. [00:52:58] Speaker C: So that is a standard success. So you may move 5ft for every 20ft of your movement. So you move down 5ft. Okay. [00:53:05] Speaker F: Do I need to make a roll every. For every action I want to climb? [00:53:08] Speaker C: Yes. [00:53:08] Speaker F: Okay, that's a 26. [00:53:14] Speaker C: That is a critical success. So you move down 10ft. [00:53:17] Speaker F: Okay, so that's 15ft. One more time. [00:53:22] Speaker C: 1818. That is a regular success. So you move down another five. [00:53:27] Speaker F: So that's 20ft total. [00:53:29] Speaker C: Yes. [00:53:30] Speaker D: You're a third of the way there. [00:53:31] Speaker F: And hurry up. [00:53:33] Speaker A: Well, that means you're 40ft left, I. [00:53:35] Speaker F: Guess, is that right? [00:53:38] Speaker C: Yes, it's 60ft. Yeah. [00:53:41] Speaker F: Twin town is actually just going to let go. [00:53:43] Speaker C: Okay. [00:53:44] Speaker A: It was nice knowing you. [00:53:48] Speaker F: That's his thing. [00:53:48] Speaker E: That's his jam. [00:53:49] Speaker F: So he looks good for a little bit, then he kind of gets a little wobbly and he will fall with a crunch into the fountain. [00:54:01] Speaker C: Basically he took, which we're going to say is 3ft of water, because that, mathematically for falling damage, now that makes a difference. Anwar, do you still have the falling rules pulled up? [00:54:12] Speaker A: Why, yes, I do. [00:54:13] Speaker C: Could you tell our lovely listener listeners. [00:54:17] Speaker D: Just the one really like you, we thank you. [00:54:21] Speaker C: Thank you. Can you tell our read to our listeners the rules for falling? [00:54:25] Speaker A: Sure. When you fall more than 5ft, you can take bludgeoning damage equal to half the distance you fall or you fell when you land, treat falls longer than 1500ft as though there were 1500ft. So 750 damage. If you take any damage from a fall, you land prone. You fall about 500ft in the first round and then you fall 1500ft each round after that. So you reach a terminal velocity. You can grab an edge as a reaction to reduce the damage from some falls. In addition, if you fall into water, snow or another relatively soft substance, you can treat the fall as though it were 20ft shorter or 30ft shorter. If you intentionally dove in, the effective reduction can't be greater than the depth. So when falling into a ten foot deep water, you treat it as 10ft shorter. So in this case, since RGM has deemed that that water is 3ft deep, the reduction is only 3ft. [00:55:19] Speaker F: Okay, so then my catfall also reduces it another 25ft. So that means I have. [00:55:26] Speaker D: So 40 -25 is 15 minus three. Yeah. [00:55:29] Speaker F: So I take six damage and the question I have is, in the center of that fountain, is there something sticking up? [00:55:34] Speaker C: Why, yes. [00:55:36] Speaker F: Can I try to grab it as I reach toward the bottom? [00:55:39] Speaker C: Yes, but it's going to be an extremely difficult check. [00:55:42] Speaker F: Okay. I'm going to avoid six damage. I'm not going to cry if it doesn't happen. [00:55:46] Speaker C: Okay. [00:55:47] Speaker A: And if it doesn't, then it's usually the reflex save. When you fall off or past an edge or another handhold, you can try to grab it, potentially stopping your fall. You must succeed a reflex save, usually at the climb DC. And if you grab the edge of the handhold, you can then climb up using athletics. So whatever the climb DC is. [00:56:07] Speaker C: Okay, so we know what the climb DC is. [00:56:12] Speaker G: Of that object. [00:56:13] Speaker C: Yes. It is slick with moss. [00:56:16] Speaker G: Okay. [00:56:18] Speaker C: And mold. [00:56:19] Speaker F: So I rolled a natural 17. I have a plus twelve. [00:56:22] Speaker C: You're good. You manage to catch yourself on this statue of a two faced elven woman. [00:56:28] Speaker F: And then he's going to let go and fall the other couple feet to just land on his legs. [00:56:33] Speaker C: Yep. So you're down there, twin town. [00:56:37] Speaker H: It's freaking Superman. [00:56:39] Speaker F: As he splashes into the water, he'll look at Brianna and he'll kind of nod to her and then he will brandish his sword at the monkey. [00:56:46] Speaker C: Yes. [00:56:46] Speaker E: But it's so cute. [00:56:48] Speaker C: All right. [00:56:48] Speaker E: Look at this little paint. [00:56:50] Speaker C: Silver. [00:56:52] Speaker G: Well, I guess silver will do inspire. [00:56:55] Speaker C: Courage to everyone up here. [00:56:57] Speaker G: Yeah, that's a good point. [00:56:59] Speaker F: Silver can hear him, right? [00:57:00] Speaker G: You can hear me? Yes. [00:57:03] Speaker A: I feel like that. Really good at focusing. [00:57:05] Speaker C: It definitely echoes. Yeah. All right, so everyone will get it. [00:57:08] Speaker G: I don't think I could reasonably crawl down this rope in time. [00:57:15] Speaker F: Well, we've already discussed that climbing a rope is trained only. [00:57:19] Speaker G: Yeah, I'm not trained in athletics. [00:57:23] Speaker C: I forgot that was there too. Yeah. [00:57:25] Speaker G: So there's nothing really I can do. So just going to do that. [00:57:31] Speaker C: All right, next is one of the. [00:57:36] Speaker H: Creatures that looks like a cucumber. Rick. Looks like somebody holding like a twelve foot tall cucumber. [00:57:45] Speaker D: It kind of does. [00:57:46] Speaker A: Anybody got any Sichuan sauce or something? Whatever that shit happened. [00:57:50] Speaker H: Welcome to the cucumber chamber. [00:57:55] Speaker D: You have our list of stuff, right? [00:58:00] Speaker A: Actually, everybody has it because it's on our shared or anything. We have a feather gym. I mean, a fear gym fan feather token is the only feather thing that I see here. [00:58:10] Speaker H: We have a monkey pin, but you have to be training athletics to use it. [00:58:13] Speaker F: What do you have to fix it to your armor? [00:58:15] Speaker C: Okay. [00:58:15] Speaker A: That's going to take a while. So that's kind of all right. [00:58:18] Speaker C: So you see a boggard hop forward and throw a javelin directly at twin town. [00:58:25] Speaker A: Who's Bobby just going to grab it and chuck it back at him and. [00:58:27] Speaker C: Kill him in one shot. 24 to hit you with a javelin. [00:58:31] Speaker G: That will hit. [00:58:33] Speaker D: No, it doesn't. [00:58:33] Speaker E: I mean, it does, but there's a reduction because Brienna is like, no. [00:58:39] Speaker C: Take five damage as the javelin hits at you. [00:58:43] Speaker F: So are you going to use your liberty? [00:58:45] Speaker E: Which means you'd take no damage. [00:58:47] Speaker F: Take no damage. I'll use my two steps to get up in front of the monkey. [00:58:51] Speaker C: All right. You shock the monkey. Shock the monkey. All right. [00:58:56] Speaker A: In front of everybody. [00:58:57] Speaker C: Oh, and its third action moves there. Then we have another creature. Go. [00:59:08] Speaker F: What is that? [00:59:09] Speaker C: That is a churika warrior. [00:59:11] Speaker F: Looks like a snake on a stick. [00:59:14] Speaker C: As soon as more people are down here, I'll zoom in. [00:59:16] Speaker A: It's a delicacy where pawn watch. [00:59:19] Speaker C: So this churika will throw. Oh, no, it can't. It will move there and then it will move there and then third action will be to swing at twin Talon. Does a 20 hit you? [00:59:37] Speaker A: No. [00:59:38] Speaker C: Okay, so it swings a sickle at you and it misses. [00:59:41] Speaker F: Hey, I remember this. [00:59:42] Speaker C: Yes. [00:59:43] Speaker D: Then we feels familiar. [00:59:46] Speaker C: Another creature goes. [00:59:47] Speaker E: Oh, good grief. Drain the spider lady. Throw her down here with us. [00:59:57] Speaker C: All right. Another boggard scout comes by and throws a javelin. At Sareia? No, at Brianna. Oh, no. [01:00:10] Speaker F: You said Sereaya. [01:00:11] Speaker C: Brianna. [01:00:14] Speaker E: And it comes back down, hits. [01:00:16] Speaker C: Does a 25 hit you? [01:00:22] Speaker E: It does. [01:00:23] Speaker C: Okay. Eleven damage. Yikes. [01:00:27] Speaker A: I wish you could do liberating step on yourself. [01:00:29] Speaker E: But I already used it this round. [01:00:31] Speaker C: All right, Pond Watcher, you're up. [01:00:32] Speaker F: I wish we were all liberators. [01:00:35] Speaker H: Pond Watcher hears the sounds of battle. [01:00:38] Speaker C: And he'll have to tell us what he does next week. [01:00:44] Speaker B: With our party separated, how will the others get down to help Brianna and twin Talon? Could this be the end of our group? Will the Churika get the last laugh? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the next episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [01:01:07] Speaker C: Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast. Background sound effects provided by Sirenscape because Epic Games Deserve Epic music, please visit [email protected] Pathfinder Second Edition, Age of Ashes, Adventure Path are all copyright of Pizzo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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