The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 3 - Swinging Doors

Episode 3 September 19, 2019 01:01:15
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 3 - Swinging Doors
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 3 - Swinging Doors

Sep 19 2019 | 01:01:15


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The gang decides to poke around a bookstore for a bit. 


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:40] Speaker A: So welcome back to the third episode of The Crackdye Podcast. I want to thank you for downloading and listening. Now, with so many the actual Play podcasts out there, people might be wondering why we're doing this. Well, simply put, we wanted to all of us at the table here love playing games. And the actual Play podcast format is a great way to showcase different games that we all love. We all just happen to really enjoy Pathfinder, and we really wanted to try the new second edition out, so we did, and we're recording it, so why not? So sit back, relax, enjoy our third episode of The Crackdye Podcast, and I'm going to send you to the table. Welcome to the third episode of The Crackdye Podcast. My name is Sean, I'm the GM, and I use the pronouns he him to my left. [00:01:34] Speaker B: Hi, my name is Matt. I use pronouns he him as well, and as does my character, twin Talon the Human Shawanti Rogue. [00:01:45] Speaker C: I'm Richard, I use he him. So does Pond. Watcher the elven barbarian. [00:01:50] Speaker D: I am Haya. I play Brienna, and we both use she her to my left. [00:01:58] Speaker E: My name is Anwar. I play temud sedril. I go by he him. So does Temod. And Temud is a human cleric of Kaden Kalin. [00:02:09] Speaker F: Howdy, y'all. I'm Aaron playing Silver the Bard, and both of us prefer he him. Pronouns. [00:02:15] Speaker G: Hello. My name is Christine. I play Sareya, the Elven Alchemist and her Familiar jasper, the Weirdly flushy Crow. We both go by. She her. [00:02:23] Speaker A: Awesome. [00:02:24] Speaker H: Previously on The Crackdye Podcast our heroes managed to put the fire out in the town hall. From there, they agreed to track down the firebug Kalmot, as well as help the bramble brasser goblins that are trapped in the citadel. [00:02:39] Speaker F: I think our roguish fellow had a good idea to check out this man's place of employment. Yeah, see if we can find out any sort of pertinent information before we head to that Hell not Citadel. That's my vote. [00:02:58] Speaker G: I would agree. [00:02:59] Speaker D: Especially since it would be better to have as much information as we can about our fellow before we go, as they say, knives placing. [00:03:12] Speaker E: And I'm sure that they would have his place where he lives, and we can go there and check out if there are any clues as to what may lie when we go to hell. Knight Hill. [00:03:23] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:03:24] Speaker G: Let's go, shall we? Then? [00:03:28] Speaker E: It's right this way. Yeah, because I know this town. Because I live here. [00:03:31] Speaker B: We all live here. [00:03:33] Speaker E: Well, I live here, too. [00:03:34] Speaker G: I live in the mountains. [00:03:35] Speaker B: Do you live here? Harder? [00:03:36] Speaker E: I live here a lot harder. [00:03:37] Speaker C: I do not live in this town, thank you very much. [00:03:40] Speaker E: I was right, you were wrong. [00:03:42] Speaker A: Let's go. [00:03:42] Speaker F: I'm also not from around here. You probably couldn't tell that. I blend in really well with society. [00:03:49] Speaker B: So choose the reliant book company. [00:03:51] Speaker A: Yes. So you're headed off to point number 13 on your map. The Reliant Book company. The Reliant Book Company is a small bookshop that buys and sells in rare tomes. The bookshop is small and tucked into an out of the way corner of the breech hill so it receives very little foot traffic. When you arrive at the Reliant Book Company, you notice that the lights are out and the door is closed. It's dark inside. [00:04:22] Speaker B: Is that normal for this time of day? [00:04:24] Speaker A: No, it is probably around two in the afternoon. Most shops would be open at this time. [00:04:31] Speaker E: Would any of us know if they have a back entrance or some other way of ingress? [00:04:37] Speaker A: So there are three windows and a door? [00:04:42] Speaker E: Three windows and a is there is. [00:04:44] Speaker A: No back at door. [00:04:48] Speaker E: So Temud would like to walk up to the front door and put his ear up against it to see if he can hear anything inside. [00:04:55] Speaker G: Well, sorry, he's just peering through a window. [00:04:57] Speaker A: Okay, so as you peer through the. [00:04:59] Speaker B: Window and Twin Talon is keeping an eye on the street to make sure no one's watching us. [00:05:02] Speaker A: Perfect. [00:05:03] Speaker B: With any extra watching us, I'll roll your perception. [00:05:08] Speaker A: Perception. What is your perception bonus plus six. Okay, as you listen, you don't hear anything on the other side as you're looking in, you don't see any movement or any people in the building. And who's keeping an eye out? Twin Talon, what's your perception bonus plus five. All right, you don't notice anyone watching you or anything, but again, this bookshelf bookstore is tucked away out of the way almost. You kind of get the feeling that it was purposely put here to not have much foot traffic. [00:05:44] Speaker B: All right, I'll try the knob. [00:05:46] Speaker A: It is locked. [00:05:48] Speaker B: Okay, so I'll look around everybody I'm like, I can get us in, but it'd probably be nice if you guys would block the view of me doing that from the street. [00:05:57] Speaker E: Well, let's try a window first, see if we can open a window because. [00:06:00] Speaker B: That'S way more less conspicuous. [00:06:02] Speaker E: Well, I mean, if we don't have to break into something, how about we. [00:06:05] Speaker D: Simply knock first since we won't be breaking and entering just to see if there's actually somebody there and they're just, I don't know, asleep, and then from there we can decide whether or not we're going to break and enter. [00:06:18] Speaker B: Can I do a sound plan? Twin talent will take out his thievestool. [00:06:22] Speaker E: Okay, would a society check? [00:06:24] Speaker B: I'm ready. [00:06:25] Speaker E: Let me know if this place gets a lot of patronage. If this is a well known, very popular place. [00:06:34] Speaker A: Sure. [00:06:34] Speaker E: Or is it a place that doesn't that people don't really go to very much? [00:06:36] Speaker A: Sure. [00:06:37] Speaker E: Give me that train because I don't have it trained. [00:06:39] Speaker A: Yeah, you can make an untrained society roll. [00:06:41] Speaker D: How about breach hill lore? [00:06:43] Speaker A: That would also help. [00:06:45] Speaker B: Straight 16, very specific. [00:06:47] Speaker A: Yeah, if you have breach hill lore, you can also roll. [00:06:50] Speaker D: Good thing I do. [00:06:51] Speaker A: All right, breach hill lore. [00:06:53] Speaker D: 1616. [00:06:54] Speaker A: Okay, so what you know about this and you rolled a twelve. [00:06:57] Speaker E: You said 16 as well. [00:06:58] Speaker A: 16 as well. Perfect. So the two of you know that the bookshop buys and sells rare tomes. I told you guys that. And it is a specific interest to only a few individuals, so there's not a lot of people come here, but those who do tend to spend large quantities of gold. So you know that, sure, the owner might only sell one tome or two tome tomes a year or a month, but those two tomes will cover her or them for a good amount of time. You also know that the owner of the bookshop, the person's name is Vaz. V-O-Z. [00:07:50] Speaker E: And do we know anything else about them? Are they human or what's? Their ancestry? [00:07:57] Speaker A: Vase is an elf. Vase. Lorraine. L-I-R-A-Y-N-E. You know that they normally wear unadorned robes and boots. They are an elf. [00:08:15] Speaker E: Something doesn't seem right. I think it's all right if we. [00:08:19] Speaker C: Maybe she's just getting lunch. Perhaps we should knock on the door and see if she home. [00:08:24] Speaker E: What time is it? [00:08:25] Speaker A: Like two ish. [00:08:26] Speaker G: Zaria taps on the glass of the window. [00:08:29] Speaker A: All right, no answer. [00:08:34] Speaker D: Brianna will move to the door and tap even louder or knock even louder out the door. [00:08:39] Speaker A: Okay. How long are you going to wait to see if there's an answer? [00:08:43] Speaker D: 30 seconds? I don't know. [00:08:45] Speaker A: No answer. [00:08:46] Speaker F: There is a high possibility that if this person's worker tried to burn down the town hall, they might have killed their employer. [00:08:58] Speaker B: Yes. Or gravely injured them. They might be dying currently. [00:09:01] Speaker F: Yeah, we could be. [00:09:02] Speaker G: Are you implying that it's our duty to go inside then and make sure? [00:09:05] Speaker B: I think it would be only civic to do that. [00:09:10] Speaker E: I was looking for a reason for us to go in that wasn't like, oh, we're murder hobos, let's just break out in every door and that's actually a very valid reason. [00:09:17] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:09:18] Speaker E: No, I agree. I'm just reiterating the fact. [00:09:21] Speaker B: All right, you guys can shield me from the street by standing in a semicircle, hold on the door and looking inconspicuous. I can see if I can open it. [00:09:29] Speaker F: I can play my guitar to distract. [00:09:31] Speaker B: I don't want you to. People look at us. I just want you to look like you're standing around. [00:09:36] Speaker E: I'll stand in front of you. [00:09:38] Speaker A: That's right. So you guys are going to stand in a semicircle around him and you're going to try and pick the door. [00:09:45] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:09:46] Speaker A: Okay, so the first thing I want you to actually, I'm going to roll the first thing. What is your stealth bonus? [00:09:52] Speaker B: It's whatever the DC is. It's plus seven. [00:09:56] Speaker A: Plus seven. And then I'm going to be nice. [00:09:58] Speaker B: But it's my thievery bonus, too. [00:09:59] Speaker A: Okay, I'm going to give you a plus two bonus per person helping hide you on this roll. So that's another ten. So you're at a plus 1717. [00:10:12] Speaker E: Damn. [00:10:14] Speaker A: Okay, so you think pretty well hidden behind your people, and I'm going to let you roll the thievery check to try and open or pick the lock. [00:10:26] Speaker B: Okay. I'd like to look at it first to make sure there's no fireballs or anything I should be wary of. [00:10:36] Speaker A: You said plus seven to your thievery. All right, so the door looks clear. Doesn't look like it's trapped. I just rolled. [00:10:44] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:10:44] Speaker B: I don't know why anybody would do that, but I'd hate for us all to die on our third adventure or third episode, right? [00:10:50] Speaker G: Oh, no, there was a fireball on the door. [00:10:52] Speaker E: Yeah, fireball podcast. Thank you very much. [00:10:56] Speaker A: All right, now make your thievery check to pick the lock. [00:11:01] Speaker B: 14. [00:11:04] Speaker A: So you work the lock a little bit, and you get your pick kind of stuck and you pull it out, but the door doesn't seem to have to have opened. [00:11:14] Speaker B: Okay. Have I, like, jammed the lock or anything? [00:11:17] Speaker A: No. What was your total? I'm sorry. 1414. No, it's not jammed. You could definitely try again. Okay, but the longer it takes, the more chance of someone that's understood. [00:11:27] Speaker B: I'd like to try at least one more time before we smash the windows in or whatever. [00:11:36] Speaker A: 1515. Okay. Still not open. [00:11:42] Speaker B: So apparently this die doesn't like me when I'm playing, but it likes me when I GM. [00:11:46] Speaker A: So I'm going to put this I have dice like that, too. [00:11:48] Speaker G: I've already punished two of mine. They're not allowed to be rolled. [00:11:52] Speaker A: All right. Is this third attempt? [00:11:54] Speaker B: This is my third attempt. [00:11:55] Speaker A: Okay. So just don't fail by don't critically fail. That's all I'm going to say, but just don't critically fail. [00:12:02] Speaker B: Thank you, Sean. [00:12:03] Speaker A: No pressure. [00:12:03] Speaker B: So just roll high. [00:12:04] Speaker A: Just roll high. [00:12:05] Speaker B: Okay. [00:12:06] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:12:06] Speaker B: Pathfinder is so easy. [00:12:08] Speaker A: What the hell did I roll? Just roll high. [00:12:10] Speaker B: 18. [00:12:12] Speaker A: Still not open. [00:12:17] Speaker B: Well, I rolled an eleven. So I've rolled a seven and eight and eleven. [00:12:21] Speaker F: I can you with it if you want to try it one more time. I have thieves tools. [00:12:27] Speaker B: Okay, let's all make a reception to. [00:12:28] Speaker A: Make sure no one's yeah, everyone give me a quick perception except for you because you're still looking at that lock. [00:12:36] Speaker E: 23. [00:12:37] Speaker A: Yelling at it. I feel old. [00:12:39] Speaker F: Man yells at cloud 17. [00:12:42] Speaker A: 1723. Also 20. 311. Eleven. Okay. You see a couple people in the distance walking by, but they don't again, this is not a very frequent part of town, so they're not really paying attention to you. [00:12:57] Speaker C: Pond watcher would like to walk away from the team towards people and just kind of like lounge, ready to intercept anybody who might come down this way. [00:13:07] Speaker A: All right, so you are prepared to jump intimidate them. Got you. Cool. All right. Are you doing another check? [00:13:14] Speaker B: I want to try one more time. [00:13:15] Speaker F: All right, I'm going to try Aid. I have to roll. How does Aid work in the second edition? [00:13:20] Speaker A: I'm not sure. Let me pull up my hand DC. [00:13:23] Speaker C: 20 check to give a plus one circumstance bonus to the assisted skill check. [00:13:27] Speaker A: Yeah. Really? [00:13:28] Speaker F: DC 20. So let me see if I aid and I do. [00:13:33] Speaker A: You do. [00:13:33] Speaker F: I just did. [00:13:34] Speaker A: Great, well, fine. Okay. [00:13:36] Speaker B: Let me roll poorly. So I get a plus one bonus. [00:13:38] Speaker A: Plus one bonus plus one. [00:13:42] Speaker B: That's literally my worst roll yet. [00:13:44] Speaker A: I'm so sorry. [00:13:46] Speaker E: All right. [00:13:47] Speaker B: And I threw the die in Atlanta on a 16. [00:13:49] Speaker A: What was your total? I need to know. [00:13:52] Speaker B: It was five plus seven plus the extra one is 1313. [00:13:59] Speaker A: Okay. You could still keep working on the door. It's not broken. It's not jammed yet. Okay. [00:14:05] Speaker F: I eight again. [00:14:06] Speaker A: Okay, great. It's a seven on the die. [00:14:09] Speaker B: Plus eight is 15. [00:14:13] Speaker A: No. [00:14:13] Speaker B: All right, I'm going to get up and kick the door open. [00:14:16] Speaker A: Okay. [00:14:18] Speaker E: Hour movement. [00:14:20] Speaker A: All right, so are you going to try to force open the door? That is an athletics check. [00:14:26] Speaker B: Yeah, I'm going to do that. [00:14:27] Speaker A: All right. Oh, hang on, hang on. We have someone making a face. [00:14:31] Speaker D: The minute I see him start a short, I'm like, really? Why don't we try opening a window first? Opening, not crashing through it. [00:14:40] Speaker B: I got the opinion that these were like storefront windows, like not ones that open. [00:14:44] Speaker A: No, you could open a window if you wanted to. If it's not locked. [00:14:48] Speaker E: Let's try to open a window. [00:14:49] Speaker A: It's locked. [00:14:51] Speaker F: All right. [00:14:52] Speaker A: You can try and pick the lock. [00:14:54] Speaker E: No, you could maybe break the window then because that's going to be easier to break than the door and less conspicuous. [00:15:00] Speaker B: I actually want to pick the lock, but I'm just very frustrated that I know above a seven. [00:15:04] Speaker A: I understand, I feel you. [00:15:08] Speaker G: Yeah, no, I've been doing that like my highest role today has been like. [00:15:11] Speaker B: Aaron has gotten over a 20 twice and let him do it. [00:15:17] Speaker G: He's got all the probability. [00:15:18] Speaker F: I could try to pick the lot. [00:15:20] Speaker B: I'm sure he would get it on his first try and that'll be okay. [00:15:22] Speaker F: So let's see. Probably not. That's a 16. [00:15:28] Speaker A: No, but not broken. [00:15:30] Speaker F: I could try one more time. [00:15:31] Speaker A: Okay. Do you want to try the door or the windows? [00:15:33] Speaker F: I'll try the windows. [00:15:34] Speaker A: Trying the windows. [00:15:35] Speaker F: Okay. That's probably pretty good. That's a 22. [00:15:40] Speaker A: You manage to get the window opened a little bit. It's enough to shimmy through, but it is a little high, so you may have to boost some people up to get into it. [00:15:50] Speaker G: I send Jasper in. [00:15:51] Speaker A: Yes, you can send the bird in. I'm an old can. [00:15:53] Speaker E: Jasper open locks? [00:15:55] Speaker G: He's a crow. [00:15:58] Speaker B: Things. [00:15:58] Speaker A: Right. [00:15:59] Speaker B: So if it was like a turn lock on the other side, he could. [00:16:00] Speaker G: Possibly yes, actually he can use he does have dexterous familiar, so he can interact as if he has hands. [00:16:06] Speaker A: Okay, sweet. [00:16:09] Speaker G: Can he open the door? [00:16:12] Speaker A: Unlocks the door. [00:16:13] Speaker E: Is he a puff of feathers? And he opens the door, he's gone. Forever. [00:16:18] Speaker F: I imagine during all that silver, sort of like grandfatherly will pat the rogue on the shoulder. It happens to the best sometimes. [00:16:29] Speaker E: Let's go. [00:16:33] Speaker A: Haste makes waste. So you go into the smallish bookshop. I have drawn a map over here. It's very small, as you can tell. You all manage to get into the. [00:16:49] Speaker G: Room, reward Jasper with a bit of raw meat. [00:16:53] Speaker A: Yes. And you close the door behind you. It's very smart. As you can tell. The room is 30. [00:17:00] Speaker B: What does the lock look like? Is it just like a turn? [00:17:02] Speaker A: It's a regular turn lock. [00:17:03] Speaker B: I'm going to lock it behind us. [00:17:04] Speaker A: Yeah. Okay. It is a 30 x 30 square building. [00:17:07] Speaker G: If it was a deadbolt, it makes. [00:17:08] Speaker A: Sense that you couldn't. Right. There's a single counter where you would assume the owner or whoever's working that day would be behind and there are books lining the shelves behind glass. Obviously these tomes are very rare and expensive so they're not just sitting out in the opened. There's also a door to the back behind the counter that says employees only and the door is closed. [00:17:39] Speaker G: Is the door locked? I tried. [00:17:41] Speaker A: It is not. [00:17:46] Speaker E: Should we spell open it? [00:17:47] Speaker G: Yes. I open it and I peek in. [00:17:49] Speaker A: All right. [00:17:50] Speaker F: I love that. Our non tank is opening the give. [00:17:54] Speaker G: With a bomb in hand. I open it and peek in like. [00:17:57] Speaker B: Hissing fuse burning down. [00:18:01] Speaker G: Not how these work. I don't step in. I just push the door. [00:18:05] Speaker A: You push the door in. Okay. As you push the door in, what is your AC? 1616. Oh, my goodness. Oh, this is probably trapped. Critical success. The trap goes off on you. Shoot. [00:18:21] Speaker G: So that I get for being nosy. [00:18:23] Speaker A: Let me check for trap. Hold on, I need to get more dice. Oh, no. That's a lot of sixes. 612. 18. [00:18:33] Speaker G: Oh, no. [00:18:35] Speaker A: 20. [00:18:35] Speaker G: That's way more than enough. [00:18:36] Speaker A: 23 piercing. As the spiked door frame falls onto you from opening it. [00:18:43] Speaker B: Whoa. [00:18:44] Speaker A: There's a door frame. And then as you open the door there's a false door frame that falls onto you. [00:18:50] Speaker G: Does it like swing down or drop from like a guillotine? [00:18:52] Speaker A: It falls down. It swings down. It's hinged and there's long spikes that stick out into the frame. So as you were reaching it just comes down onto your whole body. [00:19:03] Speaker E: Right. So Tebid immediately runs up to her. [00:19:07] Speaker G: Because yeah, I think I have like. [00:19:09] Speaker A: Did I double your hit points? No, maybe not doubled but okay, well, that's important to know. Yeah. [00:19:15] Speaker E: That's a massive damage and you would be dead. [00:19:17] Speaker A: You'd be dead dead. [00:19:18] Speaker B: And that would be amazing that we. [00:19:22] Speaker D: Brianna will also follow to at least. [00:19:25] Speaker B: Help ease the door off of falling port colors. [00:19:30] Speaker G: I have 16 hit points. [00:19:32] Speaker E: Okay. [00:19:32] Speaker A: 32 would be double. [00:19:34] Speaker B: But it's 22, right? [00:19:35] Speaker A: 22. Yeah. [00:19:36] Speaker E: You're not that you're fine. [00:19:40] Speaker A: You only have the status dying one. [00:19:43] Speaker F: Can I? [00:19:44] Speaker B: Well, no, it's a critical hit to hitter, right? [00:19:46] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:19:46] Speaker B: So it's dying two. [00:19:47] Speaker A: Dying two. [00:19:49] Speaker D: Can we explain dying rule? [00:19:50] Speaker A: Yes. Well, not well, but yes, we can. So dying means you're unconscious. Every time you hit zero, you get a status number. If you ever reach dying four, you're dead. Dead. You get to start the recovery. You can make a recovery check at the start of your turn to determine whether you stabilize or if you get worse. If you ever have one or more hit points, you lose the dying condition. Gain the wounded condition. If you take damage while dying, that drops you to zero again. Your wounded condition becomes dying again, and you add one to it. So you're at zero. Okay, since I hit you with a critical, it puts you immediately to dying two. Okay, there's no save on that. That sucks. So do we need to make an attack roll against you? [00:20:38] Speaker E: Do we need to pull the thing off of her? [00:20:44] Speaker A: Depends, that's how. [00:20:49] Speaker E: All right, our champion is probably our strongest, the barbarian. I'm sorry? Our barbarian? [00:20:57] Speaker F: You're more of like a I'm an elf. [00:20:59] Speaker A: Right, okay. [00:21:03] Speaker E: I'll try to aid, even though I've got a plus zero modifier, so I did not aid, but what are you talking about? [00:21:08] Speaker C: Is this athletics? Is this a check or can we. [00:21:11] Speaker A: Just pull no, you can just pull it off of her. [00:21:13] Speaker E: Okay, I thought it was like a strength check. [00:21:15] Speaker C: I helped her. [00:21:15] Speaker B: I don't think it's heavy, it's just pointy. [00:21:18] Speaker A: Yes, I'm assuming you pointy bits. [00:21:22] Speaker E: Bits and pieces of her. Okay, so then I will just use heel and I will use two action heel to give you two D eight points. I'm sorry, one D eight plus eight. [00:21:35] Speaker A: There you go. [00:21:39] Speaker E: 15 points, you get back. [00:21:40] Speaker G: That brings me basically almost back to max 16. [00:21:42] Speaker A: Right, so now you're wounded too. [00:21:44] Speaker C: Okay, so you went from dead to almost normal in about 2 seconds. [00:21:50] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:21:51] Speaker G: You've gained the dying condition or increase it, add your wounded value to the amount. The wounded condition ends if someone restores hit points to you with treat wounds or if you're sold to full hit points and rest for ten minutes. [00:21:59] Speaker D: Did he use treat wounds? [00:22:00] Speaker A: Was it no, he used magic. Okay, because I can I already used. [00:22:04] Speaker E: Treat wounds on you once earlier when I brought you back. [00:22:07] Speaker D: So does that mean she cannot use that again or you can't use that again. [00:22:13] Speaker G: Now, what happens is basically, if I can use one of my at some point today, I can take a healing potion or get healed for one more point and rest for ten minutes, and I'll be fine. [00:22:23] Speaker A: Okay, but that was a little stressful, I'm assuming. [00:22:27] Speaker G: I mean, the only people who have taken significant damage are me and Jasper. [00:22:32] Speaker E: Has it been more than an hour? [00:22:34] Speaker A: Yeah, it's been like an hour battle. Yeah. [00:22:37] Speaker E: Okay, then actually, you're only immune to treat wounds from everyone for an hour. Actually, instead of doing the heal, then I'll just do the treat wounds on you. At least I'll attempt it. And if I fail, then instead of because they're both 2D well, actually, one's. [00:22:51] Speaker A: One D, eight plus one's a guaranteed eight plus whatever. [00:22:53] Speaker E: You try to treat wounds first, and if that fails, then I'll use the heel. [00:22:57] Speaker G: Sounds good. [00:22:58] Speaker A: That failed. [00:23:00] Speaker G: Okay. [00:23:00] Speaker A: It's exactly where we were wounded, too. [00:23:03] Speaker C: So as he ministers to her, do we see anything coming out of this room, or is it just a closed door room? [00:23:10] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah, I guess you want to know. [00:23:11] Speaker F: What'S going on there. Yeah. [00:23:13] Speaker A: So once you realize that the door was trapped and you're dealing with your friend who just died and almost died and came back a little bit, you notice that this chamber is a research room. It looks like it's in complete disarray. [00:23:38] Speaker B: It seems OD that someone would trap there. [00:23:41] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:23:41] Speaker G: Anything trapping research is absolutely intelligent. I will give them credit for that. That hurt. But they're smart. [00:23:48] Speaker B: But not knowing it's a research room, it would be very OD for a shopkeeper to put that deadly of a trap. [00:23:55] Speaker F: Yes. [00:23:58] Speaker G: They keep all of their money. [00:24:02] Speaker F: Arcana. [00:24:03] Speaker A: No, nothing really. [00:24:05] Speaker F: I just want to learn more about this research room. [00:24:08] Speaker A: So I'll say this, I'm assuming, since we're in exploration mode right now what are you guys doing after you've been administered some health? [00:24:19] Speaker E: So he's still trying to tend yeah. [00:24:23] Speaker G: After investigating all of this, are we going to maybe take a night to rest and head out tomorrow to the mountain? [00:24:28] Speaker B: I would like to go today. [00:24:29] Speaker F: I would go today. [00:24:32] Speaker G: I was going to say, if we wait until tomorrow, I'll have a fresh batch of reagents, and I can do more when we're there, especially because I would rather like to use one more now and get myself all the way. [00:24:42] Speaker E: Do we know how long on the. [00:24:43] Speaker B: Trail of our subject? [00:24:45] Speaker E: Well, we'll see what we can find, too. If we have something that we know that it's a short amount of time before we have a limited amount of time to do something, then we definitely need to go today. We still don't have enough information to make that kind of choice, but I'm leaning more towards us just going he. [00:24:59] Speaker F: Burned the thing down today. I think we should so to answer your question, sean in the exploration mode, while our cleric is tending to our alchemist friend. I want to investigate the room that was trap. [00:25:14] Speaker A: You want to study the room? [00:25:15] Speaker F: I want to study the room as hard as I just want to learn whatever what the hell was going on. [00:25:20] Speaker B: Behind this door while he's doing that? You said there's a case out front with books in it. Yes, there's, like, where you would expect a shopkeeper to stand? [00:25:30] Speaker A: Yes. [00:25:30] Speaker B: I would like to search that area for anything that seems A, out of place, or B, hidden. [00:25:36] Speaker A: Okay. [00:25:36] Speaker B: Any hidden panels. [00:25:39] Speaker A: Sounds good. [00:25:40] Speaker C: I would like to follow Silver into the room and just make sure that there's no other danger present. [00:25:45] Speaker A: Okay. [00:25:46] Speaker G: Surveyor is standing in the middle of the room as Jasper fusses over. [00:25:52] Speaker D: Are you completely tended to? [00:25:53] Speaker A: Are you full? [00:25:56] Speaker G: I would need one more point to be full. Okay, but like, her failure is just like what happened. [00:26:01] Speaker B: Okay, but if you wanted to do treat wait, are you mean to treat wounds from everybody for an hour? [00:26:06] Speaker A: For an hour? [00:26:09] Speaker B: I thought it was for that person. [00:26:10] Speaker E: No, well, I attempted to treat. [00:26:14] Speaker A: Um. [00:26:14] Speaker D: In that case, Brianna will also investigate the other room. [00:26:17] Speaker A: All right, so those of you investigating the other room, go ahead and give me a perception check, please. Matt? While you are investigating the area around, you find the public book display. In merchandise areas, you find shelves upon shelves of old books written in a myriad of languages. At the front of the room is the counter with a ledger of sales as well as an empty till box. [00:26:43] Speaker B: I'd like to check it for a false bottom. And also I'd like to leaf through the ledger of sales just to see if anything interesting jumps out of me. [00:26:49] Speaker A: There's nothing strange in the ledger beyond the names of locals, boring sounding names of books bought and sold at reasonable prices, like, oh, this is a cool book. Let's pay you two gold for it. Great. Oh, this is a cool book. You want to buy? Charge you three gold for it. [00:27:06] Speaker F: That's a lot of money for a book. [00:27:08] Speaker A: Yeah, well, these are tomes. [00:27:10] Speaker B: Yeah, well, anywhere books. [00:27:11] Speaker F: Okay. [00:27:12] Speaker G: An eliminated manuscript would actually go for much more. [00:27:15] Speaker B: All right. Any interesting books on the display? [00:27:17] Speaker A: Not really. [00:27:19] Speaker B: I mean, if you like hell nights in you or how to set fire to a town hall. [00:27:24] Speaker A: No, nothing like that. [00:27:26] Speaker G: Fire. Medics factor fiction. [00:27:29] Speaker E: Evil for Dummies. [00:27:30] Speaker A: Evil for Dummies. You do find a note that says the purchase of parchment that's dated yesterday. So the day before this whole thing started. And there's the note next to it indicating that this magic scroll has gone missing. [00:27:49] Speaker B: I'm sorry, say that one more time. That the magical that was purchased yesterday is now missing. [00:27:54] Speaker A: Yes. [00:27:55] Speaker E: Does it say anything about the type. [00:27:56] Speaker A: Of magic scroll or where it was purchased from? [00:27:59] Speaker B: Either one. [00:28:00] Speaker A: So it lists a point of sale. So Vaz bought it here and it's like common town folk who happened to do some adventuring and they had this scroll and they decided to sell it because they were a little strapped for cash and they had a structured settlement and JG went forth. They needed cash now anyway. [00:28:25] Speaker B: But my question is, is there someone I could track down ostensibly that could tell me what was on the scroll that's missing? [00:28:32] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. [00:28:35] Speaker B: I don't need to know what that is. I just need to know that my. [00:28:36] Speaker A: Character knows what that I mean, to be fair, the entry is a little smudge, but you can still make it out. Actually, give me a perception roll real quick just to see if you can read this. Bad flowery scrolled. Elven writing. [00:28:55] Speaker B: Right. Perception is up here now. Yes, 1212. [00:28:58] Speaker A: Perfect. It says one scroll of fire method missing. [00:29:05] Speaker B: Fire method. [00:29:06] Speaker A: Fire method missing. [00:29:07] Speaker B: Well, I don't have to track that person. [00:29:09] Speaker A: No, you don't. [00:29:09] Speaker B: Exactly what it is. [00:29:10] Speaker A: All right, so you know exactly what it is. All right, those of you investigating the back room, do you guys all made your perception rolls? [00:29:18] Speaker F: Yes. [00:29:18] Speaker A: All right, what did you guys get? [00:29:20] Speaker D: 20? [00:29:20] Speaker A: I haven't made one because can you make tenteen? [00:29:27] Speaker C: All right, I'm specifically looking for just traps. [00:29:31] Speaker A: No traps. You do find another door, though. [00:29:35] Speaker C: There's a door. [00:29:37] Speaker F: Is it a secret door or is. [00:29:39] Speaker A: It just no, it's just a door. [00:29:41] Speaker C: It's just the door we came in. [00:29:42] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:29:45] Speaker G: Yes, I know you said there was. [00:29:47] Speaker C: A false door, so presumably it could have still been shut. I don't know. [00:29:51] Speaker E: All right, so where's that door in this map? [00:29:55] Speaker A: It's not on this map. That's why it's not there. [00:29:57] Speaker E: So was it a secret door? [00:29:59] Speaker A: It's actually a cellar door. So it's on the ground on the floor. If you open that, it will lead you into a different room that I will draw when that happens. [00:30:08] Speaker E: Where's north on this map? [00:30:10] Speaker A: North is this way would be to my left. [00:30:14] Speaker E: So in the northwest corner of the entire building yes. [00:30:17] Speaker A: In the northwest corner, there's a door that leads down. [00:30:24] Speaker C: Finish what you're doing, friends, but know that there is a door beneath our very feet. [00:30:29] Speaker A: All right. [00:30:29] Speaker F: Is that all we find is the door? [00:30:31] Speaker A: Nope. Brianna, you are the only one who made the roll high enough. You notice some notes on the cluttered desk that are there. They have singed corners. And you notice that there is a pile of dark ash around the desk, as if someone burnt some papers and missed these. [00:30:54] Speaker D: I picked them up to see if I can make anything out. [00:30:57] Speaker A: Yep. These notes are scribbled in a rushed hand, but clearly read, entrance to Austelia's Ring, guardian Way. If you would like, you can give me a society role or if you have a lore. [00:31:12] Speaker D: Breach Hill lore, by any chance? [00:31:17] Speaker A: Yes, but the difficulty will be much higher. [00:31:20] Speaker E: Is any of this shared yet? [00:31:21] Speaker F: You can share the information. [00:31:24] Speaker A: She knows first. [00:31:25] Speaker D: Can I get a chance, guys? [00:31:26] Speaker E: No, we don't want to give you a chance. [00:31:28] Speaker D: How about a 20? [00:31:32] Speaker A: Okay, so what role was that? [00:31:36] Speaker G: Breach Hill. [00:31:36] Speaker A: Breach Hill. 20. All right, I'll give it that to you. Guardians Way is the name of a long abandoned military outpost that was used during the Goblin Blood Wars. You know that the location of the Guardian's Way is about 6 miles northwest of town in a wooden enclave. The station's location is general knowledge of that. It's there. But you also know the outpost consists of three treetop observation platforms in addition to a single ground level building. [00:32:08] Speaker D: Would you mind reading the whole note again? The entrance to Estella. [00:32:13] Speaker A: Entrance to Estella. A-L-S-T-E-T-A apostrophe s ring R-I-N Gardian's way. [00:32:26] Speaker E: So the entrance to Estella's ring is in guardian ways, from what I'm understanding understanding here. [00:32:32] Speaker D: So I will, I guess, share that information with the rest of the party. Does anybody know what Estella's ring is, by any chance? Because apparently it is in guardian's way. [00:32:43] Speaker F: I might. [00:32:46] Speaker E: Is there any type of what type. [00:32:48] Speaker A: Of lore would this be? You can either roll knowledge, breach hill. [00:32:54] Speaker F: Okay. [00:32:56] Speaker A: Knowledge history. [00:32:58] Speaker C: Sorry, do you mean breach hill lore? [00:32:59] Speaker A: Breach of lore. I'm sorry. Breach hill lore. You can recall eldon lore. You can roll occultism. You can roll society. I know I gave you a lot of roles to choose from, and anyone can make those roles. [00:33:19] Speaker B: Okay, what is the purpose of this role? [00:33:21] Speaker A: Trying to figure out what the ring is. [00:33:24] Speaker F: I did really well. 24. [00:33:28] Speaker A: 24. [00:33:29] Speaker F: That would be any of those, because. [00:33:31] Speaker A: I have. [00:33:34] Speaker B: I got a 20. [00:33:36] Speaker A: Okay, both of you society. So you remember these stories being told to you as a young man. You remember reading about these I heard about in your history books, right? Alstera's ring is a ring of six. Ayudara ayudara are portals to other places. [00:34:07] Speaker B: That were they're from the elves, right? [00:34:09] Speaker A: Yes. Okay. They were built in ancient times, before starfall, before everything. And the elves initially used one of these gates to get from their home planet to Galarian. Then they built other ones that would let you move around Galerian. [00:34:30] Speaker F: Oh, wow. [00:34:31] Speaker C: There's one in Irisen where I grew up in ice gate. [00:34:35] Speaker A: Correct. Now, there is a legend that there is a ring of six of these gates, of these Ayudara, and it was called alastair's ring. They were one of the first. Legend has it that they were one of the first portals that the elves made on Galarian. They put them close together. The only way to explain it I think the easiest way to explain it is like an airport. You would come into this, figure out where you wanted to go, and then go into a different portal. That's what the legends say. No one's been able to find it. [00:35:15] Speaker B: So if you could control it, ostensibly, you could then use them to travel. [00:35:18] Speaker A: Anywhere anywhere in Galarian that they were. [00:35:21] Speaker F: And this note we found said they might find a location to it. [00:35:24] Speaker A: Yes. [00:35:25] Speaker F: That's huge. [00:35:28] Speaker B: If it's right. [00:35:29] Speaker F: Yes. [00:35:30] Speaker D: And it's only a fragment, too. [00:35:32] Speaker A: Right? Also, since Earthfall happened, even if this note is right, they could be completely destroyed. [00:35:42] Speaker D: Exactly. [00:35:43] Speaker F: Well, Silver will say to pondy over there, your grace, your people's magic might reach deeper than I had thought before we were meant to go on this adventure. [00:36:03] Speaker C: Okay, yeah, that sounds good, because ponwatch doesn't know anything about any of this. He had zero of the skills you mentioned and he's just been sitting there. [00:36:13] Speaker A: As everyone's ooing and awing around you. [00:36:16] Speaker G: I got a nine. Seraya is like maybe that used to be like a bedtime story, but I'm like 200 years old. [00:36:23] Speaker A: Yes. So Alastair is either the name of the person who put them there or the name of an ancient Elven deity. Could be either because the stories are told both ways. [00:36:36] Speaker C: It's al stella. Alastair. [00:36:39] Speaker A: I'm sorry, I'm really bad at names. [00:36:41] Speaker C: Alistair when you spelled it, that's not what you spelled out at all. [00:36:46] Speaker A: A-L-S-T-E-A alastair. Alistair alstea. There you go. That sounds elvin. Alstea's ring. Alstea's ring. Thank you. Sorry. [00:37:02] Speaker C: Wait, isn't that what the citadel is called? Citadel alstea. [00:37:06] Speaker A: No, it's no citadel vereen. [00:37:09] Speaker B: No, it's definitely another A. Yeah, like Altia or something similar though, right? [00:37:13] Speaker A: Similar, yes. [00:37:14] Speaker F: I may say to the barbarian. I might say, we may have uncovered a lost god of your people. [00:37:23] Speaker C: That sounds good. I know there's a ring in Ice Gate, but I've never been there, so. [00:37:29] Speaker A: I'm not so sure altarin is the. [00:37:32] Speaker F: You are the king that has promised. [00:37:34] Speaker C: Are you sure about this? [00:37:37] Speaker E: So TEM is going to kind of wonder out loud like, but what is the connection between this ring and setting the setting the town hall on fire? Well, what would it accomplish to set it on fire? Unless it was a distraction. [00:37:58] Speaker B: That's what I was thinking. Maybe it was a distraction. But I think just like leaving the town and not telling anybody. Yeah, because it's not like we found well, we haven't gone to the basement yet, but it's not like we found the murdered master here that's almost going to wander in and find yeah, like setting the town hall on fire. [00:38:15] Speaker G: Well, don't forget he's going to the goblin encampment, isn't he? The one that Miss I can't remember her name. Warble. She was sending us to the same place that we now have to go to try and find this person. So if he was trying to intercept her bid yes. This could have been an assassination attempt on her and anyone who would go up into the mountains. [00:38:33] Speaker B: It's possible that it was just to kill the adventurers that showed up today. [00:38:37] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:38:37] Speaker G: Yes, exactly. Kill anyone who would do forbidding. [00:38:40] Speaker F: I think maybe the Hell Knights had something I'm just shot in the dark, but Hell knights might have because they just disappeared randomly. As far as we know, they just stopped. [00:38:50] Speaker A: Did they? [00:38:50] Speaker B: I thought they just left. [00:38:51] Speaker A: No, they left to a better place, a better castle. [00:38:55] Speaker F: Okay. [00:38:55] Speaker B: I felt like their business here was concluded. [00:38:57] Speaker A: Their business here was concluded. And then they kept people in that castle for a while just to keep it up to date. And then they were like, this is costing us too money. Too much money. We can just pull everyone out. [00:39:09] Speaker B: It's too money. [00:39:10] Speaker A: Yeah, it's too money. [00:39:11] Speaker D: It's too money. [00:39:11] Speaker A: We're losing two money. A. [00:39:18] Speaker E: On to the basement. [00:39:19] Speaker B: But the thing is, the ring isn't at the Hellnight fortress. It's somewhere else, right? [00:39:26] Speaker E: No. From my understanding, it's actually at Guardian Way. [00:39:30] Speaker D: Like that's the it is an outpost. [00:39:32] Speaker B: Right, but I didn't think it was the same place. [00:39:34] Speaker D: No, it is not. [00:39:35] Speaker E: Oh, okay. [00:39:36] Speaker A: No, it isn't. You're correct. It is not the same place. [00:39:38] Speaker B: Yeah. It makes even less sense that he set the town hall on fire to draw attention to this place. [00:39:43] Speaker D: We only got the fragment of information. Perhaps that it will be more in the cellar. [00:39:47] Speaker B: I understand that. I'm just trying to piece together what we know so far. So far, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense as action. So I'm hoping that something in the basement will shed light on. Or maybe when we get to the Hell night citadel, we should definitely go there today. But basement? [00:40:01] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:40:02] Speaker G: Shall we? Someone else can go first. [00:40:04] Speaker A: I'll go. [00:40:05] Speaker F: I elect good roguish friend too. [00:40:08] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:40:08] Speaker B: Why don't you let me go? [00:40:11] Speaker A: I will be at your shoulder, see what you do. Looks all clear. [00:40:17] Speaker B: All right. It's fine. [00:40:19] Speaker G: Go on then. [00:40:20] Speaker C: I will go first. [00:40:21] Speaker B: All right. [00:40:21] Speaker C: Sounds good. [00:40:22] Speaker A: Okay. Never mind. [00:40:23] Speaker C: Draw my bastard sword. [00:40:25] Speaker D: Oh, the butter knife. [00:40:26] Speaker C: And I take my shirt off. I already don't have. [00:40:31] Speaker G: At least he's a good like a paragon specimen. [00:40:35] Speaker C: Allow me to absorb all the doors. [00:40:37] Speaker A: That will fall on me. [00:40:38] Speaker D: Perhaps we should say just be pretty. Don't say anything. [00:40:41] Speaker A: It's okay. All right, so you open the door. [00:40:44] Speaker B: Before it does that, I want to make sure I draw my bow. [00:40:46] Speaker A: Okay. [00:40:47] Speaker E: I raise my shield. My bucket. [00:40:48] Speaker D: I also raise my shield. [00:40:49] Speaker A: Okay. [00:40:50] Speaker F: My guitar is in hand. [00:40:53] Speaker C: I open the trap door with my sword in my other hand. [00:40:56] Speaker A: It is locked. [00:40:57] Speaker C: I pull on it really hard. [00:41:00] Speaker A: Don't open the door. Check. [00:41:02] Speaker C: Actually, yeah. I don't think he would just keep pulling it and not ask for help. [00:41:07] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. Okay. He's not even thinking to check. [00:41:10] Speaker B: Is that door locked or do you break it open? [00:41:14] Speaker C: Eight. Something appears to be wrong with this door. We should leave this house right now. [00:41:23] Speaker B: Let me take another look at it. [00:41:25] Speaker A: All right. [00:41:26] Speaker E: I want to redeem yourself. [00:41:27] Speaker A: Come on. [00:41:27] Speaker B: I will attempt to roll higher than. [00:41:30] Speaker E: You can do it. [00:41:31] Speaker G: There is glances over at Brianna. Just a paragon physical specimen. Perhaps not mentally. [00:41:36] Speaker D: Like I said. [00:41:38] Speaker E: Oh, yeah. [00:41:38] Speaker G: Very pretty. [00:41:39] Speaker A: You pick the lock. [00:41:41] Speaker E: Nice. [00:41:41] Speaker A: Yay. Good job. Open the trap door. Okay. [00:41:48] Speaker B: And then I'll motion to pond watcher. [00:41:56] Speaker C: Yes. Well done. [00:41:58] Speaker B: Well, you loosened it for me, so I do appreciate that. [00:42:01] Speaker A: That makes me feel so good to you. [00:42:05] Speaker C: Mark makes the dream work. [00:42:07] Speaker A: Okay. [00:42:09] Speaker C: Is there a steps or a ladder? [00:42:11] Speaker A: Seven or eight steps down. So you do go downstairs. Okay. You do find a smaller room under the floor. It is a bedroom. You find an untidy living space that is in complete disarray. Does this look like the bed is unmade? A modest chest of drawers has been ransacked. The wardrobe is missing about half its content, and a small desk in the corner is covered with miscellaneous personal effects like gloves and dented. Reading glasses? Yes. And several I just love this detail they put in. And several alarmingly large balls of lint. My God. [00:42:57] Speaker E: That means something. That's got to mean something. [00:43:00] Speaker B: It's alarming. [00:43:01] Speaker A: It's alarming. [00:43:02] Speaker E: I'm alarmed. [00:43:04] Speaker D: They never clean. [00:43:05] Speaker G: Jasper immediately flies over and starts playing with one like a cat. [00:43:10] Speaker E: All right. It appears to me as something is amiss here. Something happened. [00:43:16] Speaker B: I'm going to guess someone went through the things. [00:43:19] Speaker E: That's what it looks like to me, too. I'm glad we're on the same page. [00:43:21] Speaker G: Sure. But does it look like that was going to be my question? Is this like this person is a messy liver or someone went through all of this thing? [00:43:27] Speaker D: Or there's a sign of a struggle? [00:43:29] Speaker A: No. [00:43:30] Speaker E: So the dented glasses do lend themselves to being some bit of a struggle. [00:43:35] Speaker A: How are they dented? That's why I wanted to clarify. [00:43:39] Speaker D: How about we let the GM talk, guys? [00:43:41] Speaker A: They look like they're well used. So, like, I don't know how many of you wear glasses, but you know when you put them on your chair and then you sit down and you bend the frame a little bit and they're kind of like dented and the arms are bowed out a little bit? [00:43:55] Speaker G: Okay, that's different than like I'm sorry. [00:43:57] Speaker A: I'm reading the description. I know. [00:43:59] Speaker G: I'm just trying to understand how you like they're primarily glass. How do you dent glass? [00:44:04] Speaker B: And it's important to know, does it look like someone was like, they were broken in a struggle or is it. [00:44:08] Speaker G: Just like somebody was like, punched in the nose? [00:44:10] Speaker E: What we're trying to say is you're not very good at describing and we don't like you. We just don't like you. [00:44:18] Speaker A: On the way back up, the spike. [00:44:19] Speaker E: Fall on AdWord, not my character, on me. [00:44:24] Speaker A: Yeah. You can do a perception rainy I. [00:44:27] Speaker F: Will perceive, I'm sure. [00:44:28] Speaker B: Yeah. I'm going to specifically be looking under the bed okay. And under cabinets and things like that. [00:44:35] Speaker G: 13 to perceive. [00:44:37] Speaker A: Okay. [00:44:37] Speaker C: 24. [00:44:39] Speaker E: Also a 24. [00:44:40] Speaker D: 20. 118. [00:44:42] Speaker C: Let me have this. [00:44:43] Speaker A: All right. [00:44:43] Speaker E: Okay. [00:44:44] Speaker A: 23 pond. [00:44:46] Speaker C: Yes. [00:44:47] Speaker A: You sit on the bed. [00:44:49] Speaker C: I will investigate the bed with my butt. [00:44:51] Speaker A: And it sags a little bit from your weight, as you could probably tell that this was a much lighter elf than you that slept here. But you notice on the bedstand next to it, there's a book, and it's titled Breach Hill, outpost of Liberty and several loose leaves of Paper. [00:45:12] Speaker G: They're, like, tucked in the book or. [00:45:13] Speaker C: They'Re just I pick up the book. [00:45:17] Speaker A: All right. So if you flip through it, you find a very standard textbook history of Breachill. As you leaf through the book, the pages that have been written in the loose leaf pieces of paper kind of have a very elven flourish and flow to the writing. It is in common and it looks like it's an alternate history of Breech Hill. You see that it is peppered with gloating and darkly gleeful commentary such as ha rich idiot human trusting that lying wizard and the fools put up a statue of that dubious charlatan. Hilarious. You learn the following. [00:46:07] Speaker G: I think I'm going to say that Soraya has no concept of personal space and is like leaning over you and reading this. [00:46:13] Speaker A: By the way, this is all everything I'm about to tell you, if you live in this town, is such sacrilege and so unbelievable that I've only lived. [00:46:29] Speaker E: Here for a year and a half, so I don't really give a shit about their history. [00:46:32] Speaker A: What you see is that Lord Breachtan, the gentleman who the statue in the center of town, the original founder, is that he was not the big hearted philanthropist everyone thinks he is. The original settlers of the town were his experiment. The experiment was to have a perfect society. But these people failed that test for some reason. And from there he was just going to leave them and let them wander. He was going to leave them to wander the Five Kings Mountains. However, at the last moment he felt a twang of guilt. So he gave them all amnesia, helped establish this town using endless hoards of money that he just happened to have some thefts somewhere. [00:47:35] Speaker C: I am worried that this town was made by dragons. Someone who knows more about things. Take this book. [00:47:42] Speaker E: What makes you say that? [00:47:43] Speaker C: It disgusts me. I will summarize everything I just learned. [00:47:47] Speaker A: Oh, wow. [00:47:48] Speaker E: That was a great summary for someone. [00:47:49] Speaker A: Thank you. [00:47:50] Speaker C: I can read very slowly. [00:47:52] Speaker F: I taught him how to read. [00:47:54] Speaker E: I don't have a lot of confidence in you. [00:47:56] Speaker C: Common is not my first language. [00:47:58] Speaker A: Okay. You tell that the research suggests he was nothing more than an egomaniacal wizard who was trying to build a society of servants to appease his needs. And when he failed, he wiped the town's folks memories for helping them establish Breechill. That he did so out of some sense of guilt though, you see. Fool should have just left them to die. Guilt gets you nothing. You also see that the research has hit nothing but dead ends trying to figure out what happened to Lamond Brechan after he left the area. The researcher Vaz suspects that he is long dead. [00:48:40] Speaker B: We've discovered a lot. [00:48:41] Speaker A: Yeah, you got a lot of XP for this guy. [00:48:44] Speaker E: Are we at like end of the book now? [00:48:46] Speaker A: Well, we have to go back and do the middle of the book or the beginning of the book now that we have information. [00:48:52] Speaker C: Let's find a man to kill with a sword. [00:48:54] Speaker A: All right, so you also, while the rest of you who were looking around you find a stash of scrolls. Hidden behind the remaining clothes, you find the following. So you find a scroll of acid, arrow, false life, obscuring mist, and something I feel some of you are already afflicted with touch of idiocy. [00:49:26] Speaker G: Why did you look at me? [00:49:27] Speaker F: I'm just saying I think the rogue could have a couple of those. [00:49:32] Speaker A: The rogue can take all the scrolls. [00:49:33] Speaker B: I will lick them and stick them to my face and hope that that's how they work. [00:49:36] Speaker A: Well. [00:49:39] Speaker F: Yes. [00:49:40] Speaker C: Let the magic flow through you. [00:49:42] Speaker B: I eat them, right? [00:49:43] Speaker A: Yes. [00:49:44] Speaker F: There's not used magic device in this edition. So how do scrolls work? [00:49:49] Speaker B: No, I have a feat. [00:49:51] Speaker A: Oh, you do? [00:49:52] Speaker B: It's called trick magic item. [00:49:55] Speaker G: It's the fake it till you make it feat. [00:49:57] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:49:58] Speaker F: Well, you should well skewering mist. [00:50:01] Speaker B: So trick magic item. Trick an item you normally can't use into activating for you. [00:50:05] Speaker A: So that's what you guys find in. [00:50:07] Speaker E: This they all go to Twin Talon, correct. I'm just keeping track on the spreadsheet. We could deal with it later. [00:50:14] Speaker A: Yeah, we can figure it out off air type deal. All right, so now what are you all doing? [00:50:20] Speaker F: So there's nothing else in this room? [00:50:22] Speaker A: No. You've ransacked the house, so it looks like. [00:50:28] Speaker F: They ransacked it and they were looking for something. [00:50:31] Speaker G: Well, is there a chance then that he read all of this information and decided to burn believed it and decided to burn town hall down in anger or frustration? [00:50:41] Speaker B: Maybe we can ask him. [00:50:44] Speaker G: Let's go find him. [00:50:45] Speaker A: Go ask him. [00:50:46] Speaker E: Yes, that's a good it seems like. [00:50:47] Speaker C: The owner in the face. The owner vase also does not like this town and thinks it's full of shit. [00:50:53] Speaker B: Well, is this vase's room? [00:50:54] Speaker A: Do we think this is her shop? [00:50:56] Speaker E: That's my impression. [00:50:57] Speaker B: So where is she? [00:50:58] Speaker G: The handwriting has a distinctly elden flair. [00:51:02] Speaker B: I wonder if it's not only her employee but her lover of this no, I mean, I think she also yes. [00:51:10] Speaker G: She may be the one. Yeah, he may very well be acting on good orders. [00:51:14] Speaker E: It's equally as possible that she was, being an expert, was forcibly taken to this guardian's way so that she could help figure out or find this ring. This is where he went. [00:51:30] Speaker G: He went to yes. Well, okay, let's go to the fortress then. [00:51:33] Speaker E: Oh, that's right. [00:51:34] Speaker B: And it could be half of her clothes are missing, I think, right? [00:51:37] Speaker F: Yeah, correct. [00:51:38] Speaker A: She may have fled in a hurry. [00:51:40] Speaker G: Yes, she may have fled town. [00:51:42] Speaker B: She forgot her dented glasses. [00:51:44] Speaker D: Well, either way, he would have more information on her. [00:51:48] Speaker G: At least I believe so. [00:51:50] Speaker D: And our orders were to take him alive for questioning. [00:51:54] Speaker B: Maybe one of the other Ayodara is in the Hell Knight fortress and they need to activate both sides or something. [00:51:59] Speaker A: That could be possible. [00:52:00] Speaker G: Very possible. [00:52:01] Speaker B: I just made that up, but it sounds good. [00:52:03] Speaker E: Yeah, let's go with it. That is canon. [00:52:05] Speaker A: What is your perception? Plus six. Plus six. Great. [00:52:09] Speaker E: Would you like me to roll for you? [00:52:10] Speaker A: No, I already rolled for you. [00:52:11] Speaker E: Oh, damn it. Why'd you smile? [00:52:14] Speaker A: Because you find a letter I'm the best. That says a guild would be useful here. And it has a symbol that is vaguely similar to one you recognize. [00:52:33] Speaker E: Oh, no. [00:52:34] Speaker A: The symbol is two raised middle fingers is an upside down triangle with a circle in the bottom and three triangles atop the circle. [00:52:47] Speaker E: Oh, shit. [00:52:48] Speaker B: We would all know or that Anwar specifically anwar specifically recognizes I mean I'm sorry, his character. [00:52:53] Speaker A: Yes. I also recognize it because I to that right. [00:52:56] Speaker E: That's the symbol that I was given this morning. [00:52:58] Speaker D: Yes. [00:53:00] Speaker B: Do we see that he gets this. [00:53:01] Speaker A: Or it's written on a note like he could see it as he was walking by. [00:53:05] Speaker E: So then you might stop and do something about it. Out of the corner of his eye, I imagine he sees this symbol on this letter and it just stops in his tracks completely. He rushes over. He picks it up. But he doesn't read what's on the letter. He's just focusing. His eyes are trained on this symbol. His brow furrows, and he almost starts sweating. He's shaking. All of this bravado his brash persona completely folds away. And he's just completely entranced by this letter. He's shaking. [00:53:43] Speaker A: Just so you know. There is an extra triangle at the top here and another triangle on the bottom. [00:53:48] Speaker D: Brianna will. [00:53:51] Speaker E: It's a symbol similar to that. [00:53:54] Speaker A: This is the what you saw as you were escaping. But again, you saw this on a torn piece of paper. So it could be the same one. It could be different. You're not quite sure? [00:54:05] Speaker D: Brianna will slowly approach. [00:54:07] Speaker E: I guess you can't see my drawing. [00:54:08] Speaker A: No, I can't see your drawing. [00:54:09] Speaker D: And place a hand on your shoulder. [00:54:12] Speaker E: He flinches immediately. He kind of gets away from you. Not that he's telling you to get away from him. He's just completely spooked. I'm sorry. Yes, I'm fine. I found this note. And then he just hands it to you. [00:54:36] Speaker G: What is it? [00:54:38] Speaker E: I'm not sure. There's this OD symbol on it. You should take a look at it. [00:54:46] Speaker B: You're sweating. [00:54:47] Speaker E: It's warm in here. [00:54:50] Speaker B: We're in a root cellar. It is not warm. What does this mean to you? [00:54:53] Speaker G: Sorry, I picks up one of the exceptionally large balls of lint and, like, dabs at the sweat on your forehead. [00:54:58] Speaker E: I appreciate absorbent it's like a surgeon. [00:55:01] Speaker A: Yes. [00:55:05] Speaker G: Calm down. It's all right. [00:55:09] Speaker E: I've seen this symbol before somewhere. It's familiar to me. It doesn't mean if these people are involved with whatever group uses this symbol, it we need to put an end to them. [00:55:28] Speaker F: All right. You can keep your peace, son, if that makes you feel better. [00:55:34] Speaker E: So then he kind of takes a second. He takes a deep breath, and then the eyebrow kind of comes up again, he's like, well, anyways, how about we move forward? Can someone take a gander over at that letter and tell us what's going on with it? So he kind of hands it off to Brianna, and it says, be good here. [00:55:56] Speaker D: Do anybody know the symbol itself? [00:55:59] Speaker A: No. [00:56:00] Speaker G: Would Lore society help or like a society role? [00:56:03] Speaker A: No. [00:56:04] Speaker B: How about lore architecture? [00:56:07] Speaker A: Actually, no. Sorry. [00:56:10] Speaker E: Good delivery. I liked it. [00:56:12] Speaker F: To the citadel. [00:56:14] Speaker A: Okay. It's like 05:00. You took some time, so it's about 05:00 p.m. In the city now. The sun is you know what? Because it doesn't actually give me a season, I'm going to say it is summer. [00:56:33] Speaker E: Unless does it give you a month? [00:56:35] Speaker A: It does not, but if it does, later on, I reserve the right to change. [00:56:44] Speaker E: What are we doing now? [00:56:45] Speaker A: All right, we are heading out to. [00:56:46] Speaker B: The Hell Night Center. [00:56:47] Speaker E: But are we resting first? [00:56:50] Speaker G: How long will it take to get there? [00:56:51] Speaker C: We don't know. You haven't told us how far away it is. [00:56:54] Speaker A: It will take 4 hours to get there, according to Sunday. [00:56:57] Speaker B: Yeah, we'll get there. [00:56:58] Speaker F: I got torches also. [00:57:01] Speaker G: Torches and tinder tweets. [00:57:02] Speaker F: You got dark vision. [00:57:03] Speaker G: So do I. [00:57:04] Speaker C: Low light vision, actually, yeah, I have low and dark. [00:57:06] Speaker E: So as we continue, Temad is even more like his personal like. He's kind of like level 1211 or twelve of his personality. He's really playing up the whole kind of being loud and boisterous and trying to make up for any perception that you may have or any change in your perception of him earlier. [00:57:32] Speaker G: So it's going to take about 4 hours, we said, to get there. Do you want to make a couple of attempts to get me all the way back to full so I don't go to dying? [00:57:38] Speaker A: Four if I drop again? [00:57:39] Speaker E: Oh, that's a good point. [00:57:44] Speaker A: You're going to take ten minutes out of every hour to make the walk. So you're going to add an extra 40 minutes. Well, potentially. Possibly up to 40 minutes. Close. [00:57:56] Speaker E: It is a failure at 14 instead. [00:57:58] Speaker A: Of all right, so you add an extra ten minutes to your walk. [00:58:01] Speaker G: Sorry, I think one of my lungs. [00:58:02] Speaker E: All right, there we go. You've got it. [00:58:03] Speaker A: Cool. [00:58:04] Speaker E: And you get 715 hit points back. [00:58:09] Speaker G: But you only I only needed the one. [00:58:11] Speaker A: But now the wounded condition drops by one point. [00:58:14] Speaker E: The ten minutes that he used to treat her wounds actually can be since he's aligned with a good deity, can be used to gain one of his divine fonts back. [00:58:24] Speaker B: Okay, can you do that while you're doing another thing? [00:58:27] Speaker E: It says, like, one example was to treat wounds was to treat someone. [00:58:34] Speaker A: All right, so as you travel, it is a beautiful summer sunset with purples and oranges setting behind in the sky. Rising from the hill top above, a looming structure of crumbling stone and still imposing battlements through the verdant nature is reclaiming the site plumes of red smoke, which Ambassador Warble believes to be distress signals from the bramble brasher goblins rises from the roof of the Keep's central tower. This place can only be Citadel alterin, the infamous former home of the Order of the Nail Hell Knights, now fallen into ruin. The gate like doors in the center of the Keep hang a jar. Not surprising, since no one has maintained this facility for years. And we'll enter the Keep next week. [00:59:29] Speaker B: Spent this week getting smashed in the face by a trap. [00:59:33] Speaker H: What's next for our heroes as they approach the Citadel Altarian? Who knows what Troubles lie inside? Find out next week on The Cracked Die Podcast. And now a word from our sponsors. You work too hard, you fight too much. That dungeon made you wheezy. But your broken swords and armor hear this message from old Cranky. [01:00:01] Speaker A: Clang, clang. Hiss, hiss. What wonderful gear it is. Clang, clang. Hiss hiss. What wonderful gear it ah, yes. [01:00:14] Speaker H: Those wonderful prizes that Krinky has made at quarters and bits will make your dungeon Troubles vanish. Use weapons as intended. [01:00:24] Speaker A: Oh, what a price it is. What a price. Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast background sound effects provided by Sirenscape. Because epic games deserve epic music, please visit [email protected]. Pathfinder. Second edition Age of Ashes. Adventure path are all cop. Copyright of Pizzo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information. Stop trying to make Mimes happen. Mimes aren't going to happen.

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