The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 2 - We Didn't Start the Fire

Episode 2 September 19, 2019 00:59:16
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 2 - We Didn't Start the Fire
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 2 - We Didn't Start the Fire

Sep 19 2019 | 00:59:16


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Our heroes deal with some burning questions. 


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:38] Speaker A: You all came back for our second episode. Thank you. So something I really wanted to focus and work on for this podcast specifically was our sound quality. Now, now, you may have noticed a little bit of buzzing on that first episode, and I have to apologize, that is totally my fault. And I'm not going to lie. You're going to hear the buzing for a couple more episodes, probably the first four. We're fixing it in future episodes, so just bear with us for the first four and we will get it better. I am by no means a professional sound editor. However, if someone out there is a professional sound editor and wants to give me some tips and tricks on how to make things sound better, please, please let us know. Also, if anyone has anything they want to let us know. You can always reach us at [email protected]. So send us a message. Anyway, thank you for listening and thanks for coming back for the second episode. All right, enough chit chat. Let's get to the game. Welcome to the second episode of the Cracked Die podcast. I'm your GM, Sean. I use the pronouns he him and we're just going to go around the table real quick and have everyone reintroduce themselves and their characters. To my left, my name is Matt. [00:01:53] Speaker B: I use pronouns he him, as does my character Twin Talon, the Human Shawanti Rogue. [00:01:58] Speaker C: I'm Richard. He him. Same as my character. Pond, watcher the elven barbarian. [00:02:04] Speaker D: My name is Haya, and I play Brienna. She is a human champion and we both prefer she her. [00:02:12] Speaker E: My name is Anwar. My preferred pronouns are he, him and as is the same for my character, Temid Sedril, the Human Cleric. [00:02:21] Speaker F: Howdy. I'm Aaron, playing Silver, the Human Bard, and both of us prefer he him. Pronouns. [00:02:27] Speaker A: Hello. [00:02:28] Speaker G: My name is Christine. I am playing Seraya and her little familiar Jasper. Soraya is an Elven alchemist and Jasper is her flesh crow familiar. Soraya and myself use she her pronouns. Jasper is he him. [00:02:42] Speaker H: Previously on The Crackdye Podcast we met our heroes at the Wizard's Grace Bar. There they were drinking and partying before the annual call of Hero. At noon, they headed over to the town hall, where they met Warble Bramble Brasser, a local goblin who acted as a liaison between the Bramble Brasser tribe and the town. The heroes learned that Warble has not heard from her tribe in quite some time, thus causing her to worry. Once the meeting began, warble started to plead her case to town council for help. However, a young man ran in screaming that there was a fire. That's where we join our heroes. Now. [00:03:23] Speaker A: I want to just let everyone listening know we've put a map out of the council chambers. We have five council members sitting in their chairs with a goblin in front of them. We have two rows of people. There are 20 people in the chamber still. There were 40 initially. 20 of them already ran out as soon as the word fire. Those were the people in the back. [00:03:49] Speaker C: Section, the smart people with good reflexes. [00:03:52] Speaker A: Quick reflexes. [00:03:53] Speaker B: Initiative scores. [00:03:54] Speaker A: Yes. There are ten on each side of the room. Now we're going to go into combat, not really combat, but we're going to start acting in initiative order so that we can all take turns doing things. There is a ten foot square of fire coming from the western doorway here. [00:04:20] Speaker E: Are those represented by those are represented. [00:04:22] Speaker A: By the different colored dice. Okay, we're going to go into Encounter Mode. So there are in the new second edition of Pathfinder, there's a couple modes. There's Encounter Mode, which is when we start to act in initiative order. And there's Exploration Mode, which is when we kind of do what we've been doing, which is role playing and talking. And that generally covers a larger gap of time, whereas Encounter Mode, every round is 6 seconds. So I'm going to need everyone to roll an initiative. So you're going to roll a D 20 plus your initiative modifier and then I'm going to put you in. [00:04:57] Speaker E: You mean a perception? [00:04:58] Speaker A: Oh, yes, actually that's true. [00:05:01] Speaker E: So what were we all doing? [00:05:02] Speaker A: Yeah, can you all tell me what you were doing? You were all probably listening to the Goblins, right? [00:05:07] Speaker E: Yeah, I was. [00:05:11] Speaker A: Stealth. [00:05:12] Speaker C: I'm just kidding. [00:05:13] Speaker A: Everyone's going to use their perception for. [00:05:16] Speaker B: This one, but for future reference for future reference, you could use you could. [00:05:20] Speaker E: Use different things depending on what you're doing. [00:05:22] Speaker A: Yeah, if you were sneaking beforehand, you would roll your initiative with stealth. So we're going to use perception. All right, starting at the top of my order here. HIA. What did you get? [00:05:32] Speaker D: 1313. [00:05:34] Speaker A: All right, temid 26. 26. Natural dweller pond watcher. I have a six, which was a. [00:05:46] Speaker C: Natural one because I'm kind of falling asleep at this long speech. [00:05:51] Speaker F: Silver 24. [00:05:53] Speaker A: 24. Tell me you had 26, right? [00:05:56] Speaker E: I did have a 26. You can also make it higher if you like twin. [00:06:00] Speaker A: No, I don't like twin. [00:06:02] Speaker B: Talon, that's me. I have a 1010. [00:06:06] Speaker A: What did you have? High? I'm sorry? [00:06:08] Speaker D: 1313. [00:06:08] Speaker A: Right, okay. [00:06:09] Speaker F: Fleet of foot. [00:06:10] Speaker A: There. [00:06:14] Speaker G: Twelve. That counts for myself and Jasper. [00:06:16] Speaker A: Great. All right. And then I'm just going to roll some dice too, because I didn't want to feel left out. I am using the Q workshop pathfinder, second edition. Dice. Not a sponsor, not sponsored hashtag not sponsored hashtag, not sponsored hashtag. No sponsors yet. [00:06:33] Speaker D: Hashtag, hashtag, sponsor us. [00:06:36] Speaker A: Haven't you heard our ads in front? So there's a couple of things you guys can do. You can help escort townsfolk to the exit, right? To do this. So in Encounter Mode, everyone gets to do three actions. In some encounter modes, swinging your sword would be an action, casting some spells is an action. I'm going to give you an interact action and tell you what that interact action does and how many actions it can take. So for one interact action, you can grab up to two people on your side of the room. They have to be on your side of the room and start moving them. For two interact actions, you can grab two people and escort them to the door and get them out. Okay. You can also try and douse the fire if you have some way to do that. All right. You can also give commands to people as an interact action and tell them to do something, and they will go and try and accomplish that. All right. [00:07:50] Speaker B: Is that the full gamut of things we can do? [00:07:52] Speaker A: You can also take your normal whatever actions your character also has, you can do those as well. If you want to draw a sword and swing it out of townsfolk. [00:08:02] Speaker B: Sure no one's going to notice the stab wounds after all this burning. [00:08:05] Speaker A: Yeah. The bodies. [00:08:06] Speaker E: As long as you avoid the bones, I think you'll be all right. [00:08:09] Speaker F: The postal edition of you can still. [00:08:13] Speaker A: Cast spells if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. [00:08:18] Speaker B: Stop it. [00:08:19] Speaker A: Okay, stopping. But, Kennedy, you get to go first. [00:08:23] Speaker E: All right. So in order to escort someone out, do they need to be immediately adjacent to me? [00:08:28] Speaker A: They do not. You can grab any two people on your side of the it's all on. [00:08:33] Speaker B: The same side of the we all. [00:08:34] Speaker A: Sat right next to each side of the room. Those people on the western side of the know, the ones closest to the fire are not going to be very safe. [00:08:44] Speaker C: This building is not up to code. [00:08:46] Speaker A: There should be many fire exits. Ahmed, you're first. [00:08:50] Speaker E: All right, so what he's going to do is yeah. Thank you for pointing out where my pawn is. [00:08:57] Speaker A: Temit is on the lake. So I'm going to take third row of the council chambers here. [00:09:04] Speaker E: And just to be clear, the middle part of the southern wall, that's the exit. That's where we want to escort everyone out. [00:09:13] Speaker A: Correct. Okay. This is the room that's on fire. [00:09:15] Speaker E: All right. So I have a couple of people here with me. I'm going to spend two actions to escort them out. There's one just to the north of actually, yeah. Yes, those two. So there's one immediately to the north of my character, and one all the way to the east. I'm going to take those two and escort them out using two interact actions. [00:09:37] Speaker A: Got you. [00:09:37] Speaker E: And then my last remaining action, I'm going to move into the other side. [00:09:45] Speaker A: Of the room to the western western group of pews to start taking right. [00:09:49] Speaker E: So I can start working on those. So those two people are off the map. [00:09:52] Speaker A: Off the map. Okay. You get them to the door, they run out, they thank you, but you run away to get more people. [00:10:03] Speaker E: He also, as a free action, not a command or anything, but he just. [00:10:08] Speaker A: Says, don't panic, we'll get you out safely. Excellent. [00:10:13] Speaker E: We're heroes after all. [00:10:14] Speaker B: To the people that you just took outside. [00:10:17] Speaker A: He's addressing the room. [00:10:20] Speaker F: Silver is, with his guitar in hand, is going to gather the two nearest people and say, now, all right, I know there's a fire going on in this building, but I'm more concerned about the person that shouted that in an angry crowd. So let's just calmly walk out of here. We should be fine. And he will escort them out of. [00:10:43] Speaker A: The you have one action left. That's four saved people. [00:10:47] Speaker F: Yes. I am going to also head over to the western side near the cleric of Kate, and Kalyn and I will assist later. [00:10:58] Speaker E: Excellent question. [00:10:59] Speaker A: Real quick. Yes. [00:11:00] Speaker B: Where is the guy that ran out? [00:11:01] Speaker A: Oh, he's gone. [00:11:02] Speaker B: He left. [00:11:02] Speaker A: He, like, bolted. [00:11:03] Speaker B: He ran through the room yelling, Fire. And out the door. [00:11:06] Speaker E: Was he on fire as he screamed fire? [00:11:09] Speaker A: No, but Black Billowy smoke was coming from behind him. [00:11:12] Speaker B: From here. Not from him. [00:11:14] Speaker A: Not from him, no. [00:11:15] Speaker F: Also, the Bard is totally giving his side eye to the alchemist at the fire. [00:11:20] Speaker A: Okay, you did this, didn't you? So the Council members also are going to take three actions to each grab a civilian and escort them out. And then they're going to ask, what do you want us to do? [00:11:39] Speaker G: Keep getting people. I think they'll trust you. They know you just get them to safety. So reassured if you're there. [00:11:46] Speaker A: Okay. [00:11:47] Speaker G: Does everyone agree? [00:11:48] Speaker A: Yes. All right, so they take people from here. So we're going to have the two on the western side take one person each, so they can only take one. And then the two on the eastern side are going to grab two more. [00:12:03] Speaker B: Which did you just move the Count Council outside of the building? [00:12:06] Speaker A: Yeah, the Council's still in here. They're still going to help out. [00:12:08] Speaker G: Those five are still going to help out. But they're clearing. [00:12:11] Speaker A: Warble starts to flee. She's out. And then the last councilman will grab someone from the western side. All right, next, seven people left on. [00:12:24] Speaker G: The western side and four on the eastern. [00:12:25] Speaker A: Yes. HIA. [00:12:26] Speaker E: Does anybody have anything that like any type of magic that gets, like, cold or water or something like that? [00:12:33] Speaker B: We'll find out. [00:12:33] Speaker G: I don't think they work like that. I also have tangle foot bags, but I don't know how well they would smother flames. [00:12:37] Speaker A: No, they actually use a small explosion to work. [00:12:43] Speaker F: You can die spires with dynamite. It's a real thing. [00:12:47] Speaker G: You could use up all the oxygen so it's nicely burning. Seria is already doing all this math and deciding no, that's fair. [00:12:55] Speaker D: Brianna is actually going to move to the center of the room there. [00:13:03] Speaker A: In. [00:13:03] Speaker D: Between the pews she was previously first row house. Right. [00:13:10] Speaker A: Eastern, yeah. [00:13:12] Speaker D: And she will say, ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm and slowly and calmly proceed to the doors. We will make sure to keep everybody safe. I'm guessing I can roll a diplomacy. [00:13:24] Speaker A: Sure. Hello. [00:13:26] Speaker D: 19. [00:13:28] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. Natural. [00:13:29] Speaker D: Yes, natural. 19, 24, 24. [00:13:34] Speaker A: That is a standard success. [00:13:35] Speaker D: Excellent. Versus. [00:13:40] Speaker A: Them trying to run away out or trying to panic and stuff. Right. You managed to calm them down a bit. [00:13:45] Speaker D: Okay. How many are left? [00:13:52] Speaker A: Let's see, there's seven on the eleven total. There's eleven total, seven on the Western and four on the Eastern. [00:13:59] Speaker D: Do they also have actions to move themselves or are they going to be. [00:14:04] Speaker A: They'Re calmer now, but they're still kind of like yeah, they're shocked. [00:14:10] Speaker B: How calm do we want them to be? [00:14:12] Speaker A: Yeah, no, they're not that calm. [00:14:16] Speaker G: We're talking board high schools in a fire drill, I think just get out and get it done. [00:14:20] Speaker D: Yeah, right. Because my concern is, will they follow the direction to actually file out or do we have to continue? [00:14:26] Speaker A: You should still probably help them. [00:14:28] Speaker D: Okay. So then she will also move to the western side and pick up two more and start heading out as her last. [00:14:34] Speaker A: So I need haya. Yep. Silver and Timid to give me a perception check. [00:14:45] Speaker D: My name is Brianna. [00:14:46] Speaker A: Thank you, Brianna. Back to back. 20. Nice. [00:14:53] Speaker D: 1826. [00:14:54] Speaker F: 26, 25. [00:14:56] Speaker A: Excellent. All three of you see a fire method running around on the western side. I got a rapier. I stab the fire until it's dead. The method's first action. [00:15:19] Speaker F: There's a Wu Tang joke here somewhere. I'm trying to find it. [00:15:24] Speaker A: Sorry. It lights an area around him on fire. [00:15:33] Speaker E: Is it all eight squares around it or is it only for those? [00:15:37] Speaker A: Oh, no, you're right. Sorry. Thank you. [00:15:39] Speaker B: Yeah. Thanks, Anwar. [00:15:41] Speaker C: Thanks. Don't you like the town hall? [00:15:44] Speaker E: No, actually I think it's very tacky and I want it burnt down so we can build a giant tanker. [00:15:49] Speaker C: It actually the world's biggest tankered. [00:15:53] Speaker A: I'm sorry, I was wrong. That's a two action cast. [00:15:57] Speaker F: So he's surrounded in fire currently, yeah. [00:16:00] Speaker B: Where was he? Did he come out of he came. [00:16:02] Speaker F: Out of this out of the fire. [00:16:04] Speaker B: Movement and he can cast? [00:16:05] Speaker A: Yes, that's it. [00:16:06] Speaker E: So those are the three movements, his. [00:16:09] Speaker A: Movement and then the double cast. [00:16:11] Speaker E: Can you tell us a couple of things? What's its AC? How many hit points does it have and can it just die now? [00:16:18] Speaker A: No to all three questions, but two. [00:16:22] Speaker E: Of those questions are not yes or no questions. [00:16:24] Speaker B: You're welcome. [00:16:25] Speaker G: Don't worry about it. Are there any draperies or hangings anything? [00:16:33] Speaker A: There are some draperies on the south side towards the door that are they close them for when the meetings are on. So that it's not super bright. [00:16:45] Speaker G: Nothing like back where the council is sitting. No. Like hanging curtains? [00:16:49] Speaker A: Nope. [00:16:50] Speaker G: Okay. If I can, I'm going to send Jasper to go grab anything and try to smother some of the flame. [00:16:58] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. You know what we'll say there's like, cloths on the chairs to dress up the chairs. A little bit. Okay, give me. [00:17:08] Speaker G: So this little fleshy crow thing, raven thing is using his very dexterous little. [00:17:14] Speaker D: Hands and feet and beak. [00:17:16] Speaker B: How many actions does your familiar get? A turn. [00:17:20] Speaker E: So they're minions. So they'll get two actions if you spend one action to give them. [00:17:25] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:17:25] Speaker G: So I'll spend one of my actions. Fly, my pretty, fly. [00:17:28] Speaker A: And then smother. Have your crow roll. A I'm sorry, it just smothers it it just happens. Smothers one five foot square. Okay, thank you Jasper, but I now how many hit points does Jasper have? [00:17:49] Speaker G: Rip it's okay, I can reform him. I believe. Oh, no, I mean he's by alchemical familiar. I just go I have to do that again. Four. [00:18:01] Speaker A: And you hear poor buddy and it. [00:18:07] Speaker E: Probably smells really bad. [00:18:09] Speaker G: It's like bitter herbs burning up and burning flesh. [00:18:14] Speaker A: It's not good. [00:18:14] Speaker B: Are you saging the room? [00:18:16] Speaker A: What is going on? That's not how you deal with muffins. [00:18:19] Speaker G: No, you don't. [00:18:20] Speaker A: Smudge muffins away. [00:18:22] Speaker G: No. Soraya is going to run as far across the room as she can. [00:18:25] Speaker A: What's your speed? [00:18:28] Speaker G: Believe it's the standard 30. [00:18:29] Speaker B: Okay, standard is 25. [00:18:31] Speaker G: Oh, I forgot. Standard is 25 now. Standard 25. [00:18:34] Speaker B: But elves I think maybe do have 30. [00:18:36] Speaker A: I believe I have 30. Yes, 30ft. [00:18:40] Speaker G: Yes, 30ft. [00:18:41] Speaker A: Okay, I'm going to do that twice. Moves to the west. [00:18:47] Speaker G: I'm going to go towards the muffet. [00:18:49] Speaker A: Okay. [00:18:50] Speaker G: And then I'm going to use a quick alchemy action which doesn't really take. [00:18:54] Speaker A: It'S a free action, I believe. [00:18:55] Speaker E: So it depends on the symbol. [00:18:57] Speaker B: It's pretty cool. [00:18:57] Speaker G: Okay, yeah, there is the symbol. So it is an action. Yeah, it is an action. She'll run and run. Yeah. [00:19:04] Speaker A: All right. She's heading towards this stupid twin that's you, you're up. [00:19:09] Speaker B: Okay, so I had a plan and then there's a method because originally my. [00:19:14] Speaker A: Plan was a method inquisition. [00:19:16] Speaker B: Originally this guy ran through two big heavy doors and left them open. So I thought the smart thing to do would be to close them. [00:19:23] Speaker G: Yes. [00:19:24] Speaker B: But now I have a target and that's much more in line with what I'm good at. [00:19:28] Speaker A: Good at. [00:19:29] Speaker B: Okay, so twin talon will. [00:19:34] Speaker A: Because I. [00:19:35] Speaker B: Think drawing two weapons is two actions. [00:19:37] Speaker A: Yes, it is. [00:19:39] Speaker B: Which is too lame. All right, so he is going to instead draw his bow. [00:19:45] Speaker A: All right, that's an action. [00:19:47] Speaker B: And he will fire twice at the method. [00:19:49] Speaker A: So the first one is just your standard attack roll. [00:19:52] Speaker B: This die is horrible. I haven't rolled ten. [00:19:56] Speaker A: Change it. What is that? [00:19:58] Speaker D: Change it. [00:19:59] Speaker B: Yeah, I will. So that's a 14. [00:20:02] Speaker A: That is a miss. The arrow flies by and actually burns as it hits the wall. Second attack at a minus four. All right. [00:20:12] Speaker B: I don't think it is. Oh, no, it's minus five. It's not a minus finesse weapon. [00:20:17] Speaker A: Okay, sorry. So now you can attack if you wanted to. You could attack three times in a row assuming you have your weapon out just each attack takes a bigger minus. So your second attack is at a minus five. [00:20:28] Speaker B: I rolled a whole ten, so that puts me at twelve, which is less than I got last time. [00:20:33] Speaker A: That also misses. [00:20:34] Speaker B: So I'm just going to be useless over here. [00:20:37] Speaker A: That's okay. The fire goes now and the fire spreads. Yeah. Fires aren't fun to mess with. Guys, you might want to figure something out. [00:20:52] Speaker F: We need a wand of aqueous orb. [00:20:56] Speaker A: There was a well nearby. All right. [00:20:58] Speaker B: If only we had only drank a ton of ale before this. [00:21:01] Speaker G: Are you suggesting he piss out the fire? [00:21:03] Speaker B: I am definitely suggesting that to the priest of Kadenkalan Pond Watcher. [00:21:09] Speaker C: At this point, pond Watcher wakes up because he's been so long and realizes everyone's gone and everything's on fire, and he no, he stands up and assesses the situation and at this point can basically just see a wall of flames over there. [00:21:26] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:21:27] Speaker C: And his time on the tundra, he knows that fire is not to be messed with. So he's going to get two people out. [00:21:33] Speaker A: Okay, that's two actions. You have one left. [00:21:39] Speaker C: He's going to draw his water skin. [00:21:42] Speaker A: Okay. We're going to go back to the top of the round. Temit. [00:21:46] Speaker E: All right. Okay. This is rough. Okay, so what he's going to do is how far away is the method from Temid? [00:22:00] Speaker A: 50Ft. [00:22:01] Speaker E: Okay, so there goes my idea. So what he's going to do is he's going to try to grab two people, bring them out. That's two actions. [00:22:09] Speaker A: All right. [00:22:10] Speaker E: Maybe this person yeah, the person that's right next to the who's right next. [00:22:13] Speaker C: To the wall of flames. [00:22:15] Speaker E: Thank you very much. What? A cheating GM? Anyways, and then he kind of moves back from the doorway and tries to position himself in between the rest of the people and the fire. [00:22:30] Speaker A: All right, over here. Cool. Yes. So you move westerly towards the fire to fight it. [00:22:36] Speaker F: Right, Silver, how many people are left to be saved? [00:22:42] Speaker A: There are five total. Three on the western side, two on the eastern side. [00:22:46] Speaker F: Okay. [00:22:50] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:22:51] Speaker F: So Silver will rescue the people closest to him on the western side. [00:22:57] Speaker A: All right, that's two more. [00:22:58] Speaker F: He'll be saying, all right, now just calm down. Ignore the thank you. I don't need your thanks. It seems your town's got a method problem. That's a whole nother story right there. And then in his last action I can't do inspire courage, because that's one last action here. I'm not speaking in an Arnold accent. So instead he will move away from the flames. It's sort of sort of the center. I think I'll have enough movement for that. [00:23:36] Speaker A: Next up is Brianna. [00:23:39] Speaker D: Brianna also spotting the method will take two steps forwards, which would be 10ft. [00:23:48] Speaker A: Yeah. 10ft to the west. [00:23:50] Speaker D: Excellent. And she will that's one, she'll draw one of her javelins, which is two. And throw and throw. [00:23:58] Speaker A: Let's see this. [00:23:58] Speaker E: Come on. [00:23:59] Speaker D: Come on. [00:24:00] Speaker A: Can you pin the Method to the wall. [00:24:02] Speaker D: Let's see what happens. 1317. [00:24:11] Speaker E: Come on, come on. [00:24:14] Speaker A: Yes. Standard hit. [00:24:16] Speaker G: Yes. Hold on. What do I need? [00:24:18] Speaker A: So now, if they miss the AC by ten, it is a critical failure. If you succeed the AC or the Check by ten, it's a critical success. This is just a standard success. [00:24:33] Speaker D: Take eight points of damage. [00:24:35] Speaker A: Sweet. [00:24:36] Speaker D: Nice piercing. Damage by surrender's light, I command you to die. [00:24:41] Speaker A: All right, it's still cackling. In fact, do methods cackle. Okay, yeah, that's good. Now the Method is going to move. Do you know the Method Man? [00:24:55] Speaker D: The Method Man? [00:24:59] Speaker A: You've exceeded your shitty joke. [00:25:01] Speaker E: Allotment for, like, the next seven episodes. [00:25:03] Speaker A: Stop, dad, you don't even know what you've started. All right, so let's see. All right. It's going to fly. [00:25:15] Speaker D: Oh, no. [00:25:17] Speaker A: Who is that? Oh, that's temid right there. [00:25:21] Speaker E: That is so the Method lands right in front of Temid. [00:25:24] Speaker A: Yep. Do you have a reaction? [00:25:26] Speaker E: No. [00:25:27] Speaker A: Okay, well, then you know what its action is. [00:25:29] Speaker E: It's going to attack me. [00:25:30] Speaker A: It's going to bite you. Okay? Well, I was close. Yeah, it's going to bite. [00:25:35] Speaker B: So if you get taken out of zero hit points and then set on fire, is it possible to die asking for a friend? [00:25:40] Speaker F: Yes. I think it takes you down the track automatically. [00:25:43] Speaker E: All right, 18 armor class. Just so you know. Don't say 19, because 22 that's of miss. [00:25:52] Speaker C: Wow. [00:25:53] Speaker G: Wait, what? [00:25:53] Speaker B: That's weird how that works. [00:25:55] Speaker A: Yeah. All right, so it bites you. [00:25:57] Speaker E: It's a hit. I was just trying to be funny. [00:26:00] Speaker A: So you take four piercing ouch and two fire. [00:26:09] Speaker E: This is not fair. [00:26:11] Speaker A: And then you know what? [00:26:13] Speaker E: No, not that's. [00:26:14] Speaker A: It got a taste of cave and some liquor, and it's going to go for another bite. [00:26:19] Speaker E: It's drunk now. [00:26:20] Speaker A: It's really drunk. But does a 16 hit you? [00:26:28] Speaker E: 16 does not hit me. [00:26:29] Speaker A: Yes. Everyone misses. All right, next up. [00:26:32] Speaker G: Soraya, logistical question. [00:26:34] Speaker C: Hey, he did it. [00:26:35] Speaker G: Also, I have a sling. Can I use that to deliver my bombs? [00:26:38] Speaker A: I'm going to say no for now, but we'll look into this. [00:26:44] Speaker G: No, I figured, but I was hoping. [00:26:45] Speaker D: But the listeners will let us know, too. [00:26:47] Speaker A: I'm sure when you hear something that we've done wrong, please tell us. Please let us know on social media. Are you going to spend an action to move your bird? [00:26:57] Speaker G: I am. [00:26:58] Speaker A: Okay. [00:26:58] Speaker E: Oh, no. Your bird's going to die. [00:27:00] Speaker A: Yes. [00:27:00] Speaker G: I'm assuming he cannot escort people. [00:27:03] Speaker A: No. [00:27:04] Speaker G: Yeah, I mean, they would run screaming from him. [00:27:07] Speaker A: They're smart, but they're not that smart. Yeah, I mean, they would run screaming into the fire. [00:27:11] Speaker G: He's coming from the fire. They'd run at him. No, I'm not arguing that. No, he's going to pull him out. [00:27:17] Speaker A: First action that way. [00:27:19] Speaker G: Yes. [00:27:20] Speaker A: Second action for the bird. That's good. [00:27:29] Speaker G: That's poor, poor charred Jasper. [00:27:42] Speaker E: I like how you just carefully calculated the movement there and didn't just flick it away. [00:27:47] Speaker A: Oh, not at all. No. [00:27:49] Speaker G: So with her remaining two actions, seria is going to move again towards the muffet and whip up one of those her quick alchemy. I was going to do a diagonal. She's within 20ft. Depend on her next turn. [00:28:05] Speaker A: Those are pews are also difficult terrain to go across. I know. I'm sorry, actually. Well, for you maybe not, but she's. [00:28:14] Speaker G: Not used to having to clamor over these things. Yes. And then she's going to use her quick alchemy to make. [00:28:21] Speaker A: Something. [00:28:22] Speaker G: Got you her frost file. [00:28:24] Speaker A: Twin. Twin, you're up. [00:28:26] Speaker B: Okay, since it was so helpful last time, I'm going to shoot the method again. [00:28:30] Speaker A: All right. First shot. [00:28:33] Speaker B: All right. There we go. [00:28:34] Speaker A: That's a good roll. [00:28:35] Speaker B: 22. [00:28:35] Speaker E: Nice. [00:28:36] Speaker A: That's a hit. Get it. [00:28:38] Speaker B: Five damage. [00:28:39] Speaker E: It's dead, right? [00:28:41] Speaker A: It is not dead. [00:28:43] Speaker D: Cheese. [00:28:44] Speaker B: How many people are left? [00:28:46] Speaker A: There are three people left. [00:28:47] Speaker B: All right. [00:28:48] Speaker A: One to the west, two to the east. [00:28:49] Speaker B: I think people can take care of that. So I'm just going to fire again. [00:28:52] Speaker A: Okay. [00:28:57] Speaker B: So that's less than good. That's a four. [00:29:00] Speaker A: That is a critical miss. [00:29:02] Speaker E: Oh, no. [00:29:04] Speaker B: I don't know what happens. [00:29:05] Speaker A: Nothing. [00:29:05] Speaker B: Okay, cool. [00:29:06] Speaker A: You really miss the methods. Do west. You shot due south. [00:29:13] Speaker B: Okay. [00:29:17] Speaker A: Go that way. [00:29:19] Speaker E: And the fire got bigger. [00:29:20] Speaker A: I don't know how what is we. [00:29:22] Speaker B: Can do with one interact action. [00:29:24] Speaker A: You can yell commands to people. [00:29:27] Speaker B: All right. [00:29:28] Speaker A: Oh, I forgot to make the I'll. [00:29:29] Speaker C: Make the council hasn't done anything. [00:29:31] Speaker A: The council will move after this. They delayed. [00:29:35] Speaker D: Sure. [00:29:37] Speaker E: Have them clear the rest of the people. [00:29:39] Speaker B: Well, I'm going to fire again because. [00:29:43] Speaker A: I don't minus ten. [00:29:46] Speaker B: Right. Well, it's on my sheet. Our champion was very good and successful at diplomacy, and they still stood around and stared agape at the fire. [00:29:56] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:29:57] Speaker B: So I feel like me using my action to tell them anything seems fruitless, so at least I can miss. [00:30:08] Speaker C: With style. [00:30:08] Speaker B: With style, I might have a chance to do anything. That is a natural 19. [00:30:14] Speaker A: Okay. What's your total? [00:30:16] Speaker B: So my total is an 18 with the minus ten. [00:30:20] Speaker A: Yeah. All right. Wow. That's a hit. [00:30:22] Speaker B: Minus one is my mod. 30. [00:30:24] Speaker A: Ten. All right. [00:30:25] Speaker B: So that's a hit. [00:30:27] Speaker A: Okay. [00:30:28] Speaker G: Yes. [00:30:28] Speaker A: That's a good old hit. [00:30:29] Speaker B: So that's five damage. [00:30:31] Speaker A: Okay. [00:30:32] Speaker B: Is it dead? [00:30:33] Speaker A: Yes. [00:30:35] Speaker B: Then I will use my reaction to eat it. [00:30:40] Speaker A: No. [00:30:41] Speaker B: I am going to point or turn to the person, any one of the townsfolk who's still here, and I'm going to make a free intimidate check at them and tell them that if they don't move and get out of here, I'm going to kill them next. [00:30:56] Speaker A: Okay. [00:30:57] Speaker D: Twin talon, the dessert. [00:30:58] Speaker B: I got a plus two. [00:31:00] Speaker A: That's unkind. [00:31:04] Speaker B: And that is a 2024. [00:31:10] Speaker A: You succeed. Scare the bejesus out of this. Where are you? You're over there. Right. To probably one of those looking one. I'm using monsters. The one that's due east starts to run towards the door behind the council chamber. [00:31:31] Speaker B: Why would it run past me? [00:31:33] Speaker A: No, you're right. Runs towards the back wall. All right. Not out, but gets to the back wall. So now the town council actively doing nothing. Yeah. [00:31:42] Speaker B: Good. [00:31:43] Speaker A: The town council is going to usher the last three out. So you have effectively eliminated the people from here, but the building is still on fire. [00:31:52] Speaker B: Yes, eliminated the people. [00:31:54] Speaker A: You've eliminated the danger of the people being killed. But now the fire spreads. [00:32:00] Speaker B: We can only extinguish one square per turn. [00:32:04] Speaker A: No, that was with smothering. You could only smother one square per turn. [00:32:08] Speaker E: Or is it per action? [00:32:10] Speaker B: Two action? [00:32:11] Speaker A: No, smothering was just dropping, like beating up fire. Oh. [00:32:16] Speaker B: Because I said, what can I do with one? Action. You said the only thing you can do is yell at people. [00:32:18] Speaker A: Yeah, you could smother. Do you have something to smother with, though, besides your body? [00:32:21] Speaker E: Also, you'd have to be right up next to the fire. [00:32:23] Speaker B: Yeah, I understand that. I'm just trying to do the math and see if it's even worth trying to save it. [00:32:27] Speaker G: Fair enough. [00:32:28] Speaker B: There is so much clearly the listeners don't understand this, but right now there is like a five by five square of fire where the method was, and there's also before it even spread, I think there's like a three x three square. [00:32:42] Speaker G: There's a solid 45 squares on fire. [00:32:46] Speaker E: Okay. But we can still talk to the council members to help us smother. So there's plenty of people or to smother. [00:32:53] Speaker D: We can create a there is a well outside. I'm sure we can create a daisy chain bucket brigade. A bucket brigade, exactly. [00:32:59] Speaker A: At the start or at the end of the second round, fire burst forth. [00:33:05] Speaker E: Come on. [00:33:06] Speaker C: You know, I didn't get to go, so it's not the end of the second round. [00:33:10] Speaker A: At the end of the fire's turn. I'm sorry. Another method somewhere. [00:33:15] Speaker D: This is clearly sat with that. [00:33:17] Speaker B: Why did it start in the middle of the room? [00:33:18] Speaker A: Because it came through that door. [00:33:20] Speaker G: There's a door behind it. [00:33:21] Speaker A: There's a door behind it. I understand that. [00:33:22] Speaker E: Turn the knob, open the door. [00:33:23] Speaker B: But I mean, like, the door itself is not on fire. Okay. [00:33:29] Speaker A: All right. So a fire bursts out from behind the council chamber or from the council chamber into the room. Pond watcher. Finally, I can reveal my useless skills. [00:33:43] Speaker C: So pond watcher will sprint up to. [00:33:45] Speaker A: The front here okay. [00:33:46] Speaker C: Jumping up to the dais. And I guess we'll proceed into to see if it's a continuous wall of fire. [00:33:56] Speaker A: It is a continuous wall of fire. [00:33:58] Speaker C: He will experimentally squeeze his water skin at the fire to see if it does anything. [00:34:04] Speaker A: You put out S square, but you're also out of water now. [00:34:09] Speaker C: Oh, no. I'm not sure this is a viable solution. He will run out the door. [00:34:16] Speaker A: He'll leave. [00:34:17] Speaker C: Yeah. I mean, to investigate the well situation. [00:34:20] Speaker A: Okay. So you'll take one action to. Move out to move because you moved, squirted your water skin and then ran back. All right, Temid, you're up. [00:34:31] Speaker E: All right, you're right near the fire, right? I am right near the fire. [00:34:35] Speaker A: So there are take one fire damage. I don't like you. [00:34:41] Speaker E: So what I'm going to do is there are a number of squares of fire in front of me. Yes. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to spend one action to do the one directly to the north of me. [00:34:52] Speaker A: Okay. [00:34:53] Speaker E: One action to do the one directly to the west of that. And then if you allow, I can use my water skin to do the last distance. Do the third one. [00:35:01] Speaker A: Got you. Put out three squares of fire. [00:35:04] Speaker B: Does he take any damage like the familiar did? [00:35:06] Speaker A: Oh, no, he did. He took one. [00:35:08] Speaker B: Oh, I thought the familiar took damage from putting out the fire. [00:35:11] Speaker A: No, he ended his turn. [00:35:13] Speaker B: Got it. [00:35:15] Speaker A: Yeah, he ended his turn near the fire. And if you end start your turn near the fire, you take it. Okay. Yeah. Fire bad. [00:35:22] Speaker F: Silver well, Silver can see when things are a little bit too hard to accomplish, so he's just going to hightail it out of this room and he'll say, all right, everybody, it's high time we just get out of here, cut our losses. Fire kind of spreads a little bit too fast right now. 1 second in your grace, and then it'll hobble after old. I might pass you during that slowly. [00:35:56] Speaker C: Kane by. [00:36:00] Speaker A: The council's there looking at what should we do? [00:36:04] Speaker D: How far is the well from our. [00:36:06] Speaker A: So you want to make a bucket? You can yell at the council to make a bucket brigade with all of the people that have recently escaped. Okay. It will take two rounds for them to make a bucket brigade. However, for every bucket that makes it to you, which only takes two rounds, you can put out a ten x ten square. [00:36:29] Speaker E: So that is the right move. [00:36:30] Speaker B: Four tiles. [00:36:31] Speaker D: You're welcome. [00:36:35] Speaker A: For thinking about that. I'm going to give you a hero point. [00:36:44] Speaker F: There she is. [00:36:46] Speaker A: You can tell everyone what hero points are. Okay. [00:36:49] Speaker E: So hero points are this special mechanic that allow you to do two things, the first of which is if you spend one hero point, you can roll against and you have to take the second roll. So let's just say you roll a one and you don't like the fact that you roll the one because it's a very important situation. You can spend your hero point if you have one, a hero point, that is, and reroll the die. The second one is if you're dying or like, below not below zero, because there's no one negatives anymore. But if you're dying, you can spend all of your remaining hero points, as long as you have one, to stop dying and go back to zero and you're still unconscious. [00:37:33] Speaker A: I believe but you're stable. [00:37:34] Speaker E: But you're stable. [00:37:36] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:37:36] Speaker E: So they're very useful for trying to stay alive and then also for helping out in big situations. [00:37:42] Speaker A: Absolutely. So you're allowed to hold up to three hero points. You start with one hero point and every time you level up, you get a hero point. [00:37:51] Speaker E: And we represent them here on the Cracked Eye podcast with these really cool poker chips. [00:37:55] Speaker A: Yes, with our custom cracked die podcast poker chips. So now that you know how to form a bucket brigade, it takes one action to yell commands at people. [00:38:05] Speaker G: Sure. [00:38:05] Speaker D: Do I need to roll a diplomacy. [00:38:07] Speaker A: Check to do it? [00:38:08] Speaker D: Okay, excellent. [00:38:08] Speaker A: They're listening to you. [00:38:10] Speaker D: Amazing. So Brianna will turn to the Chancellors I believe that's the correct yeah, sure. Councillors, she'll say. Councillors, please listen to me. Let us form a bucket brigade. We can use the water from the well to start putting out the fires here. [00:38:26] Speaker A: Perfect. So they start doing that on their action. You have two more actions if you want to do anything. [00:38:35] Speaker D: I don't know, I guess I'll get into position to start putting out fires. I'm just not entirely sure. [00:38:47] Speaker A: Yeah, that's fine. Actually, no, this is good. This is good for every person you've helped save 20, which is all everyone. It will reduce the time to form that bucket brigade down to a minimum of one round. So they're going to get in line? Everyone's going to get in line. [00:39:07] Speaker C: Go us. [00:39:08] Speaker A: Yes. So saving people was super helpful. Twin surea is. [00:39:13] Speaker G: Next, I'm assuming I can't use my now frostbio that I was going to throw at the method as like, a fire extinguisher. [00:39:22] Speaker A: What does it do? [00:39:25] Speaker G: The liquid reagents in this file rapidly absorb heat when exposed to air and it does cold damage. [00:39:30] Speaker A: How much? [00:39:32] Speaker G: One D six and one cold splash damage. [00:39:35] Speaker A: So, yes, you could do that to put out one square at a time. But remember, when it's a splash work? No, because you have to do a minimum dice damage for it to count as a square. [00:39:48] Speaker G: That's really cool. [00:39:49] Speaker A: So the one splash damage will not count. But remember, on the fire's turn, it spreads from every square. One square. Yeah. [00:39:58] Speaker G: So even if we just keep it at bay, that is not a bad idea. [00:40:00] Speaker A: You don't have to roll the damage as long as it does damage of a certain dice size. [00:40:06] Speaker G: Okay. [00:40:07] Speaker A: But if you are throwing it, you do have to hit the square, which is a five. [00:40:10] Speaker G: Okay, so I make the attack roll. [00:40:12] Speaker A: Where are you throwing it? [00:40:13] Speaker G: She's going to throw it right in front of her. So that bright yellow D four. [00:40:16] Speaker A: Okay. Bright yellow D four to the west twelve, you hit it. Fire. [00:40:22] Speaker G: Use her second action to make another. [00:40:25] Speaker A: Okay. [00:40:25] Speaker G: And third action to throw that as well. [00:40:27] Speaker A: Yes. That is a minus 511. And which one are you hitting? [00:40:34] Speaker G: That will be no, the G 20. Yeah. [00:40:38] Speaker A: All right to the northwest, another fire clicks out. [00:40:46] Speaker B: Okay, so Twin Talon is going to move toward the fire, which has just come out of that northern towards the counselors. [00:40:55] Speaker A: Yes. [00:40:56] Speaker B: And he is going on his belt. He has a pouch of sand. [00:41:00] Speaker A: Okay. [00:41:00] Speaker B: And he is going to throw it on the green D ten there. [00:41:05] Speaker A: Right at the top. Got you. Yeah. Pocket, mother. [00:41:07] Speaker B: That's what he's got. He's got basically a pocket full of sand in front of people's. [00:41:09] Speaker F: Eyes. [00:41:12] Speaker D: Or fire. [00:41:13] Speaker A: Yeah. Now it's fire. That wasn't what it was intended for. [00:41:16] Speaker E: The fire's eyes right there's. [00:41:18] Speaker A: Terrible. Blinded the fire. Yeah. [00:41:21] Speaker B: They can't burn me on its turn. [00:41:23] Speaker A: See, you can't burn right. [00:41:24] Speaker B: That's and then I will draw my water skin as my third action. [00:41:28] Speaker A: Gotcha. Well, now the fire is going to. [00:41:31] Speaker F: Go and it's going to spread right into Anwar again. [00:41:36] Speaker A: It's pond watcher's turn. [00:41:38] Speaker B: If you start your turn next to the fire, you take damage and end. Okay. [00:41:44] Speaker C: We carry out his charred corpse, which. [00:41:47] Speaker B: Means if you end your turn, you probably start your turn. Oh, that's horrific. [00:41:52] Speaker E: Well, I mean, if I put it out, I will only start my turn next to the fire, and I will keep it at bay from burning more. [00:41:58] Speaker A: Of the building pollen. Watcher. It's your turn. You're running away. [00:42:02] Speaker C: I'm participating in the new bucket brigade now. [00:42:05] Speaker E: So once the bucket brigade gets here, do we each have the opportunity to go grab one and then douse a fire? Grab one, douse a fire like that. [00:42:12] Speaker A: And you would use two interact actions to grab the bucket and move to the fire. [00:42:17] Speaker C: The buckets have not arrived yet. [00:42:19] Speaker A: They're formed, and you see the bucket coming. [00:42:21] Speaker C: So I would like to delay until I get a bucket. [00:42:24] Speaker A: Got you. [00:42:25] Speaker C: And can we just wing the bucket at the fire from here, or do we need to slowly approach it? [00:42:29] Speaker A: Two actions to get to the fire and then douse it as well. [00:42:33] Speaker B: I think it's kind of abstract. [00:42:34] Speaker A: Yeah, it's a very abstract. Yeah. [00:42:37] Speaker E: Also, they made it, like, possible, because if you have to manage each and every square, then you're not going to I'm not complaining. [00:42:44] Speaker C: I'm just asking. [00:42:45] Speaker A: Yeah. The only time. Got it. The difficult terrain comes into play. [00:42:48] Speaker C: I delay until there's a bucket in my hand. [00:42:51] Speaker A: Temid. Oh, this is the start of the fourth round. [00:42:54] Speaker E: All right, how much damage do I take in the meantime? I'm also going to just stomp out. [00:42:59] Speaker A: Hang on a second. You take three fire okay. Three from the fire, and then everyone who is in this room, unless you can tell me how you are avoiding it, will take five damage from the smoke that is filling this room. Okay. [00:43:17] Speaker E: So that changes what I'm going to do. [00:43:18] Speaker F: I am out of the room. [00:43:19] Speaker A: You're out of the room? Yeah. If you're out of the room, then it doesn't matter. [00:43:23] Speaker D: I think I have a scarf around my neck. I'll probably douse that with some water and put it over my nose and mouth, but I'll probably take some smoke inhalation damage. [00:43:35] Speaker A: Two damage. [00:43:36] Speaker B: Okay, so there's no save or anything. It's just if you're here, you take five. [00:43:38] Speaker A: If you're here, you take five because it's massive smoke. It's like covering the room. [00:43:42] Speaker G: I'm an alchemist who practices in a laboratory in a very small, unventilated cave. [00:43:48] Speaker A: So I'm assuming you have a rag over your face. [00:43:51] Speaker G: She deals with this on a regular. [00:43:53] Speaker A: Okay, that's fair. I'll give you that one. All right, now, TEMED, are you still conscious? [00:44:00] Speaker E: Yes, I have two hit points. [00:44:01] Speaker A: Oh, great. [00:44:02] Speaker E: So what I will do is you can get him. [00:44:06] Speaker B: You held your action. [00:44:07] Speaker A: So everybody took five damage except for the girls. The two girls who covered their mouths with rags, which was smart, and the. [00:44:17] Speaker F: Old man who left the burning building. [00:44:20] Speaker A: Are you in the bucket brigade? But, like, down closer to the water? Because you said you're going to examine the well. [00:44:27] Speaker F: I'm going to look at the well. I'm also going to do something else on my turn. [00:44:31] Speaker E: Okay, so Timid is going to actually use he's going to use the Three Action Heel spell, and so he's going to deal or do one D eight in a 30 foot burst, actually. So I'm going to move before I do that. [00:44:51] Speaker B: Is that how it works? [00:44:52] Speaker E: Yeah. You disperse positive energy in a 30 foot emanation. This targets all living and undead creatures in the burst, and it's one D eight. [00:45:03] Speaker C: I don't think anyone else has been damaged. [00:45:07] Speaker E: Plus, I'm guessing the I'm very stupid, but you're pretty. [00:45:11] Speaker D: You are so pretty. And you have a butter knife. [00:45:13] Speaker A: It's okay. [00:45:14] Speaker E: So watch this be a one. But I'd like to also move away from the fire. [00:45:17] Speaker A: Moving is an action so that you can't do the three actions. [00:45:20] Speaker E: Never mind. I'm sorry. Did all of the council people, did they get injured? [00:45:27] Speaker A: Yeah, everyone in here did. Okay. [00:45:28] Speaker E: You see everyone else in the room? [00:45:30] Speaker A: Everyone's coughing. All right, so he's still going to do the burst? [00:45:35] Speaker E: He's still going to do the burst. [00:45:36] Speaker C: So you're not going to move or. [00:45:37] Speaker A: You'Re not going to move? Because if you move, you could only do the Two Action Heel. [00:45:40] Speaker E: Yeah, that's right. Who would I catch in my 30. [00:45:43] Speaker A: Foot burst if you don't move? [00:45:46] Speaker G: I think me. [00:45:47] Speaker A: That's it. One person. [00:45:48] Speaker E: And you didn't get injured? [00:45:49] Speaker A: I took two. [00:45:50] Speaker G: I just didn't take five. [00:45:51] Speaker C: You got to move or you're going to die. [00:45:53] Speaker A: Yeah, so I'm probably move away. Okay. [00:45:55] Speaker E: And then I'm going to do the two Action one to heal myself for two D eight. [00:45:58] Speaker A: Okay, that's good. Smart. [00:46:00] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:46:02] Speaker A: Silver, you're up after. [00:46:04] Speaker E: Okay, so I get six points back. [00:46:06] Speaker A: That's better than taking another D four of fire damage. [00:46:11] Speaker E: You know what I think objectively? Yes, you're right. [00:46:13] Speaker F: All right, I'm going to examine this well. I also want to see if I can see Madame Gabo where she ran off. [00:46:20] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, she's out there. Okay. [00:46:22] Speaker F: So I want to keep an eye on her because she was mentally distraught, but I want to examine this well. I can roll whatever you want for that. [00:46:33] Speaker A: Yeah, give me a firefighting check. [00:46:40] Speaker F: I have Bardic lore, so I could do that. [00:46:42] Speaker A: I know you do. Give me what are you trying to figure out? Well. [00:46:51] Speaker F: Silver has been around the block quite a bit, and it is unusual that there's a well built in the middle of a creek. [00:46:58] Speaker A: Okay. [00:46:58] Speaker F: So he's going to perhaps history or maybe not history or arcana. See what the deal with this thing is. [00:47:07] Speaker A: Okay, give me either yeah, I'll give you either society or arcana. Your choice. Okay. [00:47:12] Speaker F: It's the same bonus. [00:47:15] Speaker A: Okay. [00:47:16] Speaker F: That is a 21. [00:47:21] Speaker A: Okay. So this well is again, it is a place to get freshwater. It is an easier way to get freshwater than going into the crick, but also it is part of the statue of the founder of Breach Hill in a kind of offering type way. This well is also used to fight fires. It's kind of like a utility. It's like a fire plug type. It's centrally located in this area just in case something bad happens that they could do a bucket brigade or something like that. [00:48:04] Speaker F: Okay, so it would not be wise to pee in this well. [00:48:09] Speaker E: No. [00:48:10] Speaker F: All right. [00:48:11] Speaker B: I think you're just peeing in the river at that point, though. [00:48:13] Speaker A: It's just a whole cut over the river. [00:48:16] Speaker F: All right, fair enough. [00:48:18] Speaker A: It is filtered. There is some bedrock. It's not just, like, over, just kind of hole in the ground, and it's. [00:48:24] Speaker B: Like that's why I was asking before. That's what it looks like on the map. [00:48:26] Speaker A: No, there's a weird little bump on the island they've built on top of, so it is a little bit filtered, a little cleaner. [00:48:33] Speaker F: All right, that'll be my turn. [00:48:35] Speaker A: All right, cool. Next up is Brana. [00:48:40] Speaker D: How close is since you ordered the. [00:48:43] Speaker A: Bucket brigade on your turn, they are here now, so you can spend two actions to doubt it. Ten foot square. [00:48:47] Speaker D: Let's do that. I'll go to the let's start with the biggest. [00:48:51] Speaker A: Okay. Fire ten. There we go. The ten foot square on the western. [00:49:03] Speaker D: Wall is now been doused, and that's my three. [00:49:06] Speaker A: That is your three action. Would you like to act? [00:49:08] Speaker C: Yeah, I'd like to act and do the same. [00:49:10] Speaker A: All right. Same area here. [00:49:16] Speaker G: Yes. She's going to do the same thing. [00:49:18] Speaker A: Okay. [00:49:19] Speaker G: Glad she does not. [00:49:19] Speaker A: I'm assuming you all are just going to take your turns to help douse the fire. Going to set another fire yeah, after probably ten minutes, because the fire will still act and still grow. And then you would douse it. [00:49:38] Speaker C: And we all die from smoke inhalation because we all take five damage every round. [00:49:42] Speaker A: Well, as you're putting it out yes there is more smoke in the air but it's not as bad waving it. [00:49:50] Speaker E: We could also say that if you're feeling sick you can go outside for. [00:49:53] Speaker D: A second, somebody else can take your place or whatever. [00:49:56] Speaker A: All of the council members are able to start dousing the fire. People from outside that you've saved, how. [00:50:01] Speaker E: Many of them die? [00:50:02] Speaker A: None. No one dies. [00:50:06] Speaker B: You were the closest working with the buck. [00:50:08] Speaker E: I was being heroic. I did not get a hero point for it, I'm just putting it out. [00:50:11] Speaker A: There. [00:50:14] Speaker B: And then you ran away from it. You could have healed us all but you chose to save yourself. [00:50:19] Speaker E: So in the intervening time I'm going to do two things okay, I'm going to treat wounds for yeah I guess anyone else that needs everyone. [00:50:28] Speaker A: I mean most people take Jasper's just like Jasper looks okay first than he normally does. [00:50:33] Speaker E: First thing I do is I walk up to Jasper and I'm like all right creepy little one, I'll help you out. And then so he has this mournful. [00:50:42] Speaker G: Look in his eye and he raises human claw at you. [00:50:46] Speaker E: So it's a DC 15 check. I pass. So he gets two D eight. So he gets twelve hit points back. [00:50:53] Speaker G: That is more than twice what he can handle. [00:50:55] Speaker A: Well that's good. [00:50:56] Speaker F: Does he make him? [00:50:58] Speaker E: It's worth of time. [00:50:59] Speaker A: Okay the building is now smoldering, it's been put out. The rest of the town guard start to come in and take over for the bucket brigade that you guys have started just to make sure everything has been cleaned up. Greta gardenia looks around hugging some of the townsfolk next to her while others wearily clasp her on the back in thanks for their lives. What manner of madness just happened? This can be no accident. Did anyone see anything? One of the guards who was stationed outside before the fire began raises his hand then his voice. Aye says the wearied uniform man. The clerk saw everything. It was Kalmat, a cat of a bookseller's apprentice who lit the fires in the hall next to the chamber. He also set the fire monster loose in the crowd. The second guard shouts in agreement. Indeed says the grave steely woman and witnesses outside the building saw him run towards Hell Night Hill. Surprised and worried waves ripple through the crowd at this information including Warble's distinct voice. The Sale my bramble crashers letter raises her hand to calm the crap. Yes. [00:52:21] Speaker G: Is it diplomacy or perception these days to basically sense motives? [00:52:25] Speaker A: Diplomacy. Okay friends, we will get to the bottom of this she assures them but we can't do it alone. Who are the heroes in attendance today? [00:52:36] Speaker G: I am Jasper with soraya. [00:52:45] Speaker F: The silver will hit the barbarian in the side with his elbow. [00:52:52] Speaker C: Oh yes, hello. [00:52:55] Speaker A: Are you willing to investigate Hell Knight Hill? [00:52:58] Speaker E: Yes of course. [00:53:01] Speaker F: I suppose he is the king that is promised. [00:53:07] Speaker A: She looks at you like questioning. What does that even mean? [00:53:12] Speaker C: Please don't ask him. [00:53:13] Speaker A: He will talk for 20 minutes. [00:53:16] Speaker G: He doesn't know either. [00:53:17] Speaker F: Dusting off a crown. [00:53:19] Speaker A: I can offer you ten gold to investigate the hill and find Calmot, the gentleman who set these fires. I would prefer you bring him back alive so that we can interrogate him. No deal. I will also offer you ten gold. Take up Warbles investigation for the goblin. [00:53:47] Speaker E: So Calmat is the name of the person that we believe started the fire? [00:53:51] Speaker A: Yes. That's who the guards saw. And he also let loose the it. [00:53:54] Speaker B: Is he the ink fingered guy? [00:53:57] Speaker A: No, that's somebody else that was literally a scribe in the other room whose books have just been burnt. [00:54:03] Speaker G: Okay, that's a lot of work. [00:54:05] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:54:05] Speaker B: My point is that we don't know what this guy looks like. [00:54:09] Speaker A: They can give you a description, but those of you in town know that he is the apprentice to the bookseller. [00:54:20] Speaker B: Okay. [00:54:22] Speaker G: The guards were really quick to jump on this guy did it. So I have a 21 to diplomacy. Does it seem like they're just finding an easy scapegoat? [00:54:32] Speaker A: No. [00:54:33] Speaker G: Okay. [00:54:34] Speaker A: As far as you can tell, they literally saw him let loose a fire. Imp. [00:54:38] Speaker G: Like this is a guy that's been causing trouble and they're like, nope, it was him. [00:54:41] Speaker A: Well, he's yeah, he's known as kind of as a layabout town. And yes, he works as the bookseller's apprentice, but he's been kind of shady. [00:54:50] Speaker G: Alrighty. [00:54:52] Speaker E: That Kelmot. I've seen him. [00:54:55] Speaker A: He's shady. [00:54:58] Speaker B: Accept, by the way, in case that wasn't made clear. I accept. [00:55:02] Speaker E: We're heroes. We always accept. [00:55:03] Speaker A: Thank you. And also thank you for your quick actions inside the town hall. I don't have much, but I can offer you this. She offers the party two minor healing potions. One lesser antidote, one lesser antiplague, and 50 silver each. [00:55:32] Speaker E: Oh nice. [00:55:34] Speaker B: All the potions. [00:55:36] Speaker A: So there's two healing, two total, right? Two total for the whole party. [00:55:40] Speaker B: Okay, so 50 silver is the only thing that's eaten. [00:55:42] Speaker A: 50 silver each and then cool. Two healing, one antidote, one anti plague. And that's it. Greta Gardenia looks at you, says you are free to leave and investigate whenever you would like. Obviously the trail might be fresh now, but if you need anything or need to recover from the experience that you just had, you are more than welcome to leave. Whenever. [00:56:15] Speaker E: Would I just know this living in the town that this person, this Calmot, do they work at the Breach Hill archives? [00:56:23] Speaker A: Is that what they worked at the Reliant book Company? [00:56:29] Speaker E: Reliant book number 13 on your map. [00:56:31] Speaker B: That's the book, sir. [00:56:32] Speaker A: Yeah. We will post this map on our on the website. Website? Yes. [00:56:37] Speaker F: So you can see that Silver will walk up to the cleric of Kid and Kalyn and says now sir, are you aware that your name sounds like Tepid? Kind of like that piss water beer we were drinking back at that I. [00:56:52] Speaker E: Can'T help what I was named. I'm not going to change my name. [00:56:56] Speaker F: Because I want to point out the irony that you are a cleric. The katie kalyn. And your name sounds like what we described. Piss beer. [00:57:06] Speaker E: Noted. [00:57:11] Speaker H: And what's in store for our heroes next week? Will they find the arsonist Kalmot? Will they be able to save the Bramble brassers from whatever trouble they're in? Find out next week on The Cracked Die Podcast. And now a word from our sponsors. [00:57:29] Speaker A: My complexion so bad I hate to go out to wizard's. [00:57:34] Speaker H: Grace, don't be a square. Try Shailen, the goddess of beauty. The fastest way to clear up filth fever. Ah, yes. Clerics have tests that prove that Shailen's healing cures and fixes filth fever more effectively than any other product tested. See, when adventurers decide to go out, they have overactive exploration glands. Excess exploration clogs pores and causes them to run across filth fever more often. But Shalin blocks this exploration gland and absorbs it in 15 minutes. Hours later, shalen is still working for you when other deities may not. No more hiding that nauseating feeling. Remember, clerics have tests proving Shalin better in every case, better than any other remedy tested. Don't let diseases ruin your exploring. Get Shalen. See thrilling improvements overnight or your gold back. [00:58:34] Speaker A: Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast background sound effects provided by Sirenscape. Because epic games deserve epic music, please visit [email protected]. Pathfinder second edition, Age of Ashes, Adventure, Path are all copyright of Pizzo Publishing. Please visit [email protected] for more information.

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