The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 190 - Hungry Eyes

Episode 31 September 28, 2023 00:41:00
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 190 - Hungry Eyes
The Cracked Die Podcast
The Cracked Die Podcast - Episode 190 - Hungry Eyes

Sep 28 2023 | 00:41:00


Show Notes

The gang find a new set of friends two are dying to have a meal. Literally. 
We wished to also apologize here that we seemed to experience some technical difficulties toward the end there. All you really need to know is why Matt is giggling unsettlingly. Yes, Hideous Laughter was cast on Twin-Talon. 

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:39] Speaker A: Welcome to the hundred and nintieth episode of the Cracked Die podcast. [00:00:45] Speaker B: Oh, boy. [00:00:46] Speaker C: Ten more. [00:00:47] Speaker B: Ten more guys, ten more hopeful, and. [00:00:50] Speaker D: Then we can take a break. [00:00:51] Speaker A: Yeah. What happens at 200? What are we counting down till? [00:00:53] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:00:53] Speaker E: Take our noses? [00:00:54] Speaker A: Sure. [00:00:55] Speaker B: We celebrate with a cake. [00:00:56] Speaker E: A dildo cake. [00:00:58] Speaker D: A dildo cake? [00:00:59] Speaker B: It's canon. Now we're celebrating with a dildo cake. [00:01:02] Speaker D: Is that like a cake made of dildos or a cake in the shape of a dildo? [00:01:06] Speaker B: I guess we'll find out. [00:01:07] Speaker F: A cake in the shape of a dildo. [00:01:09] Speaker E: That's what I had imagined. [00:01:10] Speaker G: Can it be purple and sparkly? [00:01:12] Speaker E: Yes. It's all yours. [00:01:15] Speaker G: Nice. [00:01:15] Speaker A: So I'm going to reach out to our friend who knows and used to work for the cake boss and see if Buddy can make us dildo cakes. Well, last time we were here, there wasn't a cake, but there were Scarlet Triad members, which Brianna OOH and Twin Talon decided to punch like pinatas to see if there was cake inside them. And they managed to get rid of two of them. Sadly, there was no cake yet. [00:01:40] Speaker D: There's no cake yet. [00:01:42] Speaker A: No cake yet. You're right. You're right. There could be cake. Next. Serea then threw some brain into the room and really messed everyone up while everyone being the Scarlet Triad members. And then one of them tried to run away. But knife, Sword, gravity weld them away and totally ruined my day. And I could not roll higher than a three, so I kicked Foundry and made it fix the RNG. So hopefully I don't roll like crap today, but I probably will. [00:02:08] Speaker E: What does RNG mean? [00:02:10] Speaker D: Random number generator. [00:02:11] Speaker A: I thought you said RNG. And I was like, yes. The random number generator is a genie. It makes magical numbers up here. So let's just jump right back into combat like we do. Matt, it is your turn. It is the top of round three, and you're up. [00:02:26] Speaker D: Okay, so I'm going to target the Scarlet Triad member to my northwest, the one adjacent to OOH who is currently on fire. [00:02:34] Speaker B: Like you do. [00:02:35] Speaker A: Yes, like you do. And this was the one that was trying to run away. [00:02:39] Speaker D: I mean, they're very far away from the stairs now. [00:02:42] Speaker A: Yeah, because gravity pulled them there. Robert. What? [00:02:48] Speaker G: You know gravity is just a theory, right? [00:02:50] Speaker B: No. [00:02:51] Speaker D: All right, so Sungallen is swinging for non lethal damage on this poor SAP. That looks like a critical hit. If that big critical hit thing was to be believed. [00:02:59] Speaker A: It is. [00:03:00] Speaker D: Cool. I can't draw a critical hit card. There are no available results which can be drawn from this table. [00:03:05] Speaker A: Oh, you know what that means? That means we went through all of them. [00:03:09] Speaker B: Wow. [00:03:11] Speaker D: Cool. [00:03:12] Speaker A: So, time to shuffle the crit deck. We still have some crit misses. [00:03:16] Speaker D: All right, 54. This is a patron from Doombeard. [00:03:21] Speaker B: Oh, yay doombeard. [00:03:23] Speaker A: Hi, Doombeard. Thank you for your crit card rallying strike. [00:03:28] Speaker D: Your overwhelming strike upon your enemy, energizes your allies around you, you do triple damage in additionally, all allies who can see the strike gain plus one on their next check attack save skill, et cetera. If the target dies from this crit, the plus one lasts until the end of the attacker's next turn. [00:03:45] Speaker A: Yes, I'm going to change that just a little bit because you're doing non lethal. If you take them to zero, which I believe is the spirit of the card, if you bring them to zero, it will last the whole turn. And with Twin Talon doing triple damage, there is a good chance this will be till the end of the turn. [00:04:04] Speaker D: Okay, so that comes with Ooze plus four to a 47 times three. Right. Which is 141. [00:04:17] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. That's 141 damage. [00:04:19] Speaker B: Wow. [00:04:20] Speaker D: Non lethal, though. [00:04:21] Speaker A: Non lethal. You did 127 points more damage than necessary. They fall down unconscious and everyone gets a plus one to all of their roles till the end of Matt's next round. [00:04:33] Speaker B: Nice. Thank you so much, Doombeard. [00:04:36] Speaker D: Yeah. Thanks, Doombeard. [00:04:37] Speaker A: Yes. Thanks, Doombeard. [00:04:39] Speaker D: And if you're not a patron and you would like to give us a card like that, or a crit fail card that Sean can use when he inevitably rolls, a natural one, you could do that by joining our patreon, then Twintown is going to move. Do I think that I can fit in that spot behind the scarlet triad member? [00:04:58] Speaker A: Yes. Only because the gridding on the maps is not perfect. So, yes, I'll say you can fit there. [00:05:03] Speaker D: One, two, three gets me there. So Twin Talon rolls around the south behind the scarlet triad member and then he's going to use his last action to attack. [00:05:14] Speaker B: How do we do? [00:05:16] Speaker D: I missed. Got a 28. [00:05:18] Speaker A: Yes, that is a miss. [00:05:19] Speaker B: Do you have a hero point? [00:05:21] Speaker D: It appears I only have one hero point left. [00:05:23] Speaker A: Actually, no, you should have two. I forgot to give everyone a hero point, so let me do that now. [00:05:27] Speaker B: Let's go, Sean. [00:05:28] Speaker D: I know, it's fine though, because U gets to go and Brianna gets to go before they get to go and Surrey gets to go. I don't think this person's long for this world. So I'm just going to keep my hero points for now. And Taisani is going to continue to guard the right. [00:05:44] Speaker A: All right, great. Next up is Brianna Ha. [00:05:51] Speaker B: Why the fuck am I over here? That's not a characteristic. That'd be funny. Is this lovely thing in the middle walkable or is it too hot, too big? Do I have to walk around it? [00:06:01] Speaker A: You're not sure? It looks sturdy. [00:06:03] Speaker D: People have been walking on it. [00:06:05] Speaker B: Okay, that's enough for me. All right, so as my first action, the thing to the south, that's a. [00:06:13] Speaker A: Rapier from one of the other people that were killed. Remember, in one of my many crit misses, I threw my weapon across the right. Yes. [00:06:21] Speaker B: Yes. So I will move south of this person and trap the rapier beneath my boot so they don't get any funny ideas. And also give the western opening to OOH should she want to come in and clobber and also flank with twin talon. [00:06:39] Speaker A: Sereaya's to the north, twintalen's to the east, Brianna's to the south, and OOH is probably going to be to the west. [00:06:47] Speaker B: I feel like at this point, this is the only person standing, right? [00:06:52] Speaker A: Yes. [00:06:52] Speaker B: Brianna will hold her scimitar to this person's chin and say, do you yield? Would that be a diplomacy? [00:06:59] Speaker D: You can't really do diplomacy in combat, unfortunately. Intimidation, you can, but it demoralizes, so it gives them like, fear. They might already have fear. [00:07:07] Speaker A: Yes, they are frightened one currently. [00:07:09] Speaker D: Yeah. So that's basically the best you can. [00:07:11] Speaker A: Hope from demoralization, stupefied and feebled, actually, they are not fearful right now. They are enfeebled and stupefied and confused. [00:07:19] Speaker B: Okay, so trying to do a logic thing, but maybe it doesn't work necessarily with the mechanics of the game. So if Brianna feels this person's not going to give up, then she will continue to do non lethal damage in hopes of knocking them out. [00:07:33] Speaker D: Because you can always talk within combat. It's not like you have to wait till your turn to talk. So if you say, do you yield? And they don't say anything, you can beat them about the head and shoulders. [00:07:42] Speaker B: Do they say anything, Sean? [00:07:44] Speaker A: They kind of growl at you and they look like they're about to scream for help. [00:07:48] Speaker B: Okay, that's enough for me. As she will strike them with the butt of her scimitar. Oh, wait, those are plus one. So 42. [00:07:58] Speaker A: 42 is a critical hit. [00:08:04] Speaker D: If they're still alive. I'd like to reactive murder them when she's done. [00:08:07] Speaker B: Checks out. [00:08:08] Speaker A: Oh, boy. [00:08:09] Speaker D: Not lethally. Not lethal murder. [00:08:10] Speaker B: Right? [00:08:11] Speaker D: Just a little murder. [00:08:12] Speaker B: So this one is not from our patrons. It is called nerve slice. The target is slow two for one round. [00:08:22] Speaker D: Oopsie, you still get to do double. [00:08:24] Speaker B: Damage, which I'm rolling now. So that is 34 points of non lethal damage. [00:08:31] Speaker D: Are you in? [00:08:32] Speaker B: UzorA, yeah, I'm just at the edge. Okay, so then 32 points of damage. No, you're just 30. [00:08:39] Speaker D: 30 points trampois. I would like to react to murder. [00:08:41] Speaker A: Go ahead. [00:08:42] Speaker D: That's a 46. [00:08:45] Speaker A: That is also a critical non lethal critical hit. [00:08:48] Speaker D: Cool. This is oh, another patreon one from Mike from Perth. [00:08:52] Speaker B: Mike from Perth. [00:08:54] Speaker C: Thank you, Mike. [00:08:55] Speaker A: Mike from Perth. [00:08:56] Speaker D: Target is frightened three, but may make a will save against the target's class DC, decreasing it by one on a save and two on a critical save. [00:09:04] Speaker B: What's it called? [00:09:05] Speaker D: That was a close one. [00:09:06] Speaker B: There you go. [00:09:07] Speaker A: But may make a will save against the oh. So as an action on my turn, I can do that? [00:09:12] Speaker D: No, I believe it's a save. [00:09:13] Speaker A: All right, we'll save. Here we go. 30. [00:09:16] Speaker D: Target is 33. They are frightened three ha and also damage. So that is 90 points of damage. [00:09:27] Speaker B: Oh, my God. [00:09:28] Speaker D: Not lethal. [00:09:29] Speaker A: Okay, and I'm assuming you're going to mark them? [00:09:32] Speaker D: Yes, I've marked them with precise debilitation if I ever get another turn. [00:09:36] Speaker A: All right, Haya, you have one more action. [00:09:39] Speaker B: How are they looking? [00:09:40] Speaker A: Really badly injured. [00:09:42] Speaker B: I'll raise my shield. [00:09:43] Speaker A: All right, Heidi, it is your turn. [00:09:46] Speaker E: So she steps up, she takes one good look. She makes a mean face for a 31. [00:09:52] Speaker A: That is a hit. [00:09:53] Speaker E: Hooray. [00:09:54] Speaker B: Nice. [00:09:55] Speaker A: Because all of their conditions have dropped their AC. [00:09:58] Speaker B: That is amazing. [00:10:00] Speaker D: Conditions are important. [00:10:01] Speaker B: Yes, they are. [00:10:02] Speaker E: 29. [00:10:04] Speaker A: And you just put everyone in your aura now, too. [00:10:08] Speaker E: I sure did. [00:10:11] Speaker A: Okay, they're still standing. [00:10:13] Speaker F: Cool. [00:10:14] Speaker E: Strike number two. [00:10:15] Speaker B: Swing better. [00:10:18] Speaker E: 31. [00:10:19] Speaker A: Also a hit. [00:10:20] Speaker E: Yeah. 28 Dimash. [00:10:22] Speaker B: Hell yeah. [00:10:23] Speaker A: All right. [00:10:24] Speaker C: 28 Dimash. [00:10:26] Speaker A: They're still standing. [00:10:27] Speaker E: Come on, baby, swing again. [00:10:30] Speaker A: You can't. You moved and then you attacked and attacked. [00:10:34] Speaker E: Oh, never mind. Just kidding. [00:10:36] Speaker A: It was a good thing because that was a critical miss anyway. [00:10:38] Speaker B: Cool. [00:10:39] Speaker E: The aid doesn't exist. It didn't happen. [00:10:41] Speaker D: That's right. [00:10:42] Speaker A: Well, that's the end of combat. [00:10:44] Speaker E: Yes. [00:10:46] Speaker A: Good game. [00:10:47] Speaker B: It's going. [00:10:49] Speaker A: Yeah. All right. So that's the end of the combat for now. For now. [00:10:54] Speaker B: Is anybody hurt? [00:10:55] Speaker E: Well, I have, like, a paper cut fix this little paper cut on my hand right here. [00:11:03] Speaker B: If it's a paper cut, I think perhaps just a bandage will it hurts so bad. [00:11:11] Speaker E: Oh. Ow. [00:11:13] Speaker A: Who is barely injured. You can tell by looking at her. [00:11:17] Speaker B: She says paper cut. I'm sure just with a little bit of time and some water, it'll be just fine. She'll pass her water skin over. [00:11:26] Speaker E: Well, don't be jealous because we were having a date last night. It didn't go anywhere, if that's what you were thinking. [00:11:32] Speaker B: Wow. Not what was she becomes like beat red. Not what I was thinking. There is no time for this. Not not what I was thinking. Okay, Brianna will go and make sure the Triads members will be what's it. [00:11:49] Speaker A: They don't have their manacled. [00:11:51] Speaker B: Thank you. They're manacled. They don't have their weapons and stuff. That's what Brianna's doing for now. [00:11:55] Speaker D: All right, so twin Town would like to look down into the grate and see what is down there that's making this light and heat. [00:12:02] Speaker A: Okay, let me give you the description of this room again, just because it's been a while. This room is dimly lit, the sole source of light coming from below a metal grate at the center of the room, the ceiling rises to a height of 30ft above, while shelves stacked with supplies against a wall, a flight of stone stairs leads upwards to the northeast. [00:12:20] Speaker G: Wander over to the stairs. [00:12:22] Speaker A: All right. Are you going up the stairs? [00:12:24] Speaker G: No, I'm just going to look up. [00:12:25] Speaker A: Okay, so as you look up the stairs, ascend about 20ft or so, and then you see that there is a closed door on the other side. Christine, give me a perception, a secret perception. Roll please. Haya. As you look, each of the Scarlet Triad members have a plus one blow gun, a plus one striking rapier, a plus one resilient leather armor, a pair of manacles, which you've used, two sets of 20 blowgun darts, four lethargy poisons, two purple worm poisons, and 100 gold pieces. [00:13:02] Speaker B: I think Brianna will ensure that the weapons and poisons are out of their pockets and if anything, elsewhere. If Twintan is going to do the in the bag motion, she'll probably throw stuff in there. [00:13:15] Speaker D: Yeah, sure. [00:13:16] Speaker A: All right, let me just loot everyone. They put a new button on the loot sheet where I can select the tokens and then click Loot selected tokens, and it just moves over. That's so good. [00:13:26] Speaker B: That's awesome. Yeah. [00:13:27] Speaker A: Okay, Matt, the whole time you were here, there was a massive amount of heat coming out of this. And as you look down into the grate, you see that it opens into a pit that's about 50ft below into a river of magma. [00:13:43] Speaker B: Magma? [00:13:44] Speaker A: Magma. You see a lock securing the gate. You also see debris littered around the edge, and you're smart enough to realize that they probably used the lava as an incinerator. [00:13:56] Speaker D: Makes sense. [00:13:56] Speaker A: So, Christine, as you're looking through all the shelves, you see that there are what looks like supplies, non perishable supplies and provisions on the shelves. If I was a really mean GM and made you guys take count of your rations and stuff, there's, like, enough for ten weeks of rations in here, but you don't need that because I'm not that GM. [00:14:19] Speaker B: It's appreciated. [00:14:21] Speaker A: Some adventure paths require it, but this one doesn't. You're in towns most of the time, but if you were on the frozen plains, I would definitely be like, all right, how are you? Subsisting. [00:14:30] Speaker B: Makes sense. [00:14:31] Speaker A: All right, that was, like, ten minutes or so. What do you guys want to do now? [00:14:34] Speaker E: Do we tread lightly? It seemed like that one Scarlet Pride member was trying to like their way up. [00:14:40] Speaker G: Can I look at the door? Is there a way I could get one of my eyeballs through? [00:14:44] Speaker A: Yeah, you can float up to the door. I'm just going to move knife sword there so you can see. That way I don't have to create a new token for you and give you sight. [00:14:56] Speaker B: Just his eyeball? [00:14:58] Speaker A: Yeah, this is all you see. [00:14:59] Speaker G: Okay, but there's a door there, right? [00:15:01] Speaker A: Yes. [00:15:01] Speaker G: So I want to send my eyeball through the door. Is there like, a key hole or a gap or something I could get through? [00:15:08] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:15:09] Speaker G: So I'm going to cast Prying eye, crying eye, and I'm going to send it through whatever thing is there and get a look at what's beyond the door. [00:15:19] Speaker A: All right, so a slab of stone sits against the north wall of this room, its front emblazoned with a carving of a fire. Under a stone arc, a bloodstained length of chain sits atop the slab between a pair of unlit sensors. [00:15:34] Speaker G: Okay, so there's another door there. I see this looks like a really small room, and I'm describing it as I'm going through it. [00:15:40] Speaker A: Haya, can you roll a secret? No. The symbol he's describing to you, the fire under an arch, is the symbol of Droskar. Okay, so this looks like an altar to Droskar. [00:15:51] Speaker B: I'll relay that to everyone. [00:15:53] Speaker A: Or a shrine. [00:15:53] Speaker D: Whereas fire under two archers is an altar to McDonald. [00:15:57] Speaker A: Yes. And you must sacrifice a Grimace shake. [00:16:02] Speaker G: So I'm going to try to move the ball through the next door, the eyeball. [00:16:06] Speaker A: All right, so in the next room, you see a set of four uncomfortable looking stone beds lining either side of this room. [00:16:12] Speaker G: I'm going to look around, and I'm going to just roll a perception check, make sure there's nothing, like, I can see if there's somebody hiding in here. [00:16:19] Speaker A: All right, go ahead and give me a secret perception check. As you float the eye around the room, you notice that the bed two of them are, like the covers are thrown back and, like, messy. The other two are made, but you don't see anyone. They do look lived in, but that's about it. And these four shelves against the southern wall are, like, lockers. [00:16:41] Speaker G: Okay, I'm going to move through the next door. [00:16:44] Speaker A: All right. The southern portion of this room contains a pair of stone tables surrounded by chairs. You see two men and two women sitting, eating a meal and talking. [00:16:55] Speaker G: Okay, I'm going to relay all that and say, looks like the next two rooms are open, but then they're all in the third room. [00:17:00] Speaker D: Who's all? [00:17:01] Speaker G: It looks like four people. [00:17:04] Speaker A: They look very similarly dressed as the people you just bought. [00:17:07] Speaker G: They're shopping at the same store as the person over there, and they're very tall. [00:17:11] Speaker B: Okay, they're very tall. [00:17:13] Speaker C: What could that mean? [00:17:13] Speaker D: They could be over 5ft point. [00:17:18] Speaker G: We need to hurry. [00:17:19] Speaker B: Okay, well, why do they have prisoners? [00:17:22] Speaker G: No, it's time sensitive that we get in there. [00:17:25] Speaker D: Okay, let's go. All right, so Twin talent will go up first just to get to the door to make sure it's not trapped or locked or whatever. [00:17:32] Speaker A: Give me perception. [00:17:35] Speaker D: 38. [00:17:35] Speaker A: 38. Everything looks clean, like there's no traps or anything like that. [00:17:41] Speaker D: Okay, is the door locked until open? It because Knife swords of the next room is empty. [00:17:44] Speaker A: Yeah. And just because the stairway is very tiny, I'm going to move everyone in there already. [00:17:49] Speaker B: I think if Twintown would have said something about things being okay, brianna would have raised her shield and taken the next lead or whatever it's called. [00:17:57] Speaker D: All right, so Twintown's going to perceive and everything at the next one, too. [00:18:01] Speaker A: Give me a mean should we note. [00:18:03] Speaker F: That this side conversation is happening in. [00:18:04] Speaker A: Draconic because it's not something listeners can I mean yes. So Knifesword is talking in Draconic. OOH and SurreyA have responded to him in Draconic. You guys. [00:18:18] Speaker B: Okay, what are you saying? [00:18:19] Speaker A: Why are we being they're speaking in clearly. [00:18:23] Speaker B: Hmm. I see how it is. Who. [00:18:25] Speaker E: What? [00:18:26] Speaker A: The door is not trapped. [00:18:27] Speaker D: Okay, he said next door was clear. Next room was clear. So twin I was just going to open it, move in. There's only one door here. [00:18:34] Speaker A: Again, you see a bunch of bedrooms or it's a bedroom. OOH. [00:18:37] Speaker E: We'll fall behind. [00:18:38] Speaker D: You said the bottom are lockers? [00:18:40] Speaker A: Yes. There's no locks on the door. They're more like closets. [00:18:43] Speaker D: Okay, then. Twittallon will check the next door. Go ahead. [00:18:47] Speaker A: Knife Sword says something in Draconic. [00:18:49] Speaker B: There's no need to be rude. Knife Sword. Not everybody can speak, whatever that is. [00:18:54] Speaker G: Sorry. [00:18:55] Speaker A: The door is not trapped. You do hear your name, though. At one point. [00:18:59] Speaker F: He's concerned about being even heavier in the backpack. [00:19:02] Speaker B: Oh, body, I've carried you and whatever else you've done in there. Brianna will turn back to Metallic and U are looking around in there, and she'll guard the door and keep an eye, but she'll turn to Knife Sword and kind of get down to his love be like, Buddy, I've carried you and whatever other contraptions you have in my backpack. It's okay. If you need to climb in, hop aboard. I got you. [00:19:25] Speaker G: I'm okay right now. You just got to get to that third room. [00:19:27] Speaker B: Oh, I think I'm beginning to understand. We'll negotiate when we get there. I'm concerned now, but we'll negotiate. [00:19:37] Speaker F: He wants to eat. [00:19:38] Speaker D: Is his tongue time sensitive or not? [00:19:40] Speaker G: Oh, yeah, totally. [00:19:41] Speaker E: That's a time sensitive matter. [00:19:43] Speaker B: I just want y'all to know. Eating. Yes. [00:19:46] Speaker D: All right, well, let's do it. And Twin Town is just going to kick in this door. [00:19:49] Speaker A: Wow. Okay. [00:19:51] Speaker G: Most unsteaalthy rogue ever. [00:19:53] Speaker D: Well, shock and awe. [00:19:55] Speaker B: He has his moments. [00:19:56] Speaker A: Christine, I'm assuming you wanted to move up. [00:19:58] Speaker F: Yes. No, I'm not trailing behind. I've just been focused more on reading the Chat lock. [00:20:04] Speaker A: All right, so you kick open the door, and you see four Scarlet Triad members two men, two women, and they are eating. As you kick open the door, they kind of all look up from the table like and you may all roll initiative at a plus two. Matt, what did you get? [00:20:21] Speaker D: Twin Talon got a 43. [00:20:23] Speaker A: 43, okay. That's a big number right there. Christine. What did sereaya get? [00:20:31] Speaker F: Serea got a natural. Well, I got a natural 20 on the die, so for critical initiative, I have a 46. [00:20:37] Speaker B: Hell, yeah. [00:20:39] Speaker F: Talk about that. Critical initiative. [00:20:41] Speaker D: Nice surrey. [00:20:42] Speaker A: You get an extra action. [00:20:44] Speaker F: I know. [00:20:45] Speaker A: Haya, what did you get? [00:20:47] Speaker B: Brianna, I guess, was surprised at the door kicking in and got a 25. [00:20:51] Speaker A: All right. [00:20:52] Speaker E: Heidi Ooze Tummy was a grumbling with all this chatter of food between her and Knife Sword, which you all didn't know about, and got super startled when all of a sudden a door was kicked in. She turned around, said, what? That's my job for a one on the diet for a 21 initiative. [00:21:11] Speaker A: So since you roll the natural one, you lose an action to start the first turn. [00:21:18] Speaker B: I know. Nice. [00:21:19] Speaker A: I don't make the rules, I just make the house rules. Rob, what did you get for initiative? [00:21:24] Speaker G: I got question mark plus two, which equals one more than twin talon. So we just solve for question mark. [00:21:32] Speaker D: You have a 41, just two less than twin talon. [00:21:34] Speaker G: Dang it. [00:21:35] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:21:35] Speaker G: Stupid non goblin man. [00:21:37] Speaker F: For the record, not that anyone's counting. [00:21:39] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:21:40] Speaker A: All right, well, let's start this combat. Christine, you go first. [00:21:45] Speaker F: All right, well, if it's just the start, then we shouldn't have much to worry about. And let's see, I have four whole actions, which is not great considering multiple attack penalties, but that does mean I can make some fun things instead. Or you know what I am going to do? I'm going to draw my sling and use that because sorry. I'm going through my whole list of random things that I have. Most of them have yes. So my sling bolts have the giant scorpion venom applied to them. I don't think the slings have a loading tag. [00:22:20] Speaker D: They do. [00:22:20] Speaker F: They do. Okay. Yeah. So I will draw it, load it, and unleash a shot at the one that is closer to us. [00:22:26] Speaker A: Okay. [00:22:27] Speaker F: All right. Yes. She's going to pull out her sling and fire off of bullet at the closer of the two Triad members. [00:22:35] Speaker A: That's a hit. [00:22:37] Speaker F: All right. 37. That's a hit. [00:22:39] Speaker B: Very nice. [00:22:40] Speaker A: Sweet. [00:22:40] Speaker F: And it is flaming. So it's going to do some fire damage because I like fire. [00:22:45] Speaker B: Hell yeah. [00:22:46] Speaker D: Your sling is flaming. [00:22:47] Speaker F: Yes, I have a flaming sling. [00:22:49] Speaker D: Very cool. [00:22:49] Speaker B: That's awesome. [00:22:52] Speaker F: Yeah. I forget when we put that property rune on it, but we did the breakdown. It's eleven bludgeoning damage plus four fire damage. [00:23:01] Speaker A: And there's the giant scorpion venom on it, right? [00:23:03] Speaker F: And there is the giant scorpion venom on it. So they will have to make a DC 32 fortitude save. [00:23:08] Speaker A: Fortitude save. Oh, no. [00:23:10] Speaker F: Oh, no. I don't like that. [00:23:13] Speaker A: Oh, thank God. 37. [00:23:15] Speaker F: Can I make you roll that again? [00:23:16] Speaker A: You can. You can spend a hero point. [00:23:18] Speaker F: Okay, cool. [00:23:19] Speaker A: You have two. Yeah. [00:23:20] Speaker F: So definitely roll that again. [00:23:21] Speaker A: All right. Rerolling and keeping the worst result. [00:23:24] Speaker F: 32 meets it. [00:23:25] Speaker A: Yes. Ties go to defender. So you drew, you loaded, you slung, you have one more action. [00:23:32] Speaker F: I'm going to be petty and fling. [00:23:35] Speaker B: More fire at them because I can fling, baby fling. Hell yeah. [00:23:41] Speaker F: So I'm going to throw an Alchemist fire because, again, I can have my Quick Bomber feet that lets me do that 30, which is apparently a miss. [00:23:51] Speaker A: That misses wait a second. [00:23:53] Speaker D: You only attacked once before, right? [00:23:55] Speaker F: Yeah, that should be my minus that. [00:23:56] Speaker D: Should be minus five, not minus tens. That's 35. Does 35 hit? [00:23:59] Speaker A: Oh, 35 hits. Yes. [00:24:00] Speaker F: Why did it take my minus ten? Cool. All righty. I don't know why I did my third attack penalty. [00:24:06] Speaker A: Good catch, Matt. Take the hero point. [00:24:08] Speaker F: Thank you, Matt. [00:24:08] Speaker D: I'm always watching, man. Sometimes I help us. Sometimes I don't. [00:24:13] Speaker B: Always watching, always judging. [00:24:15] Speaker F: All right, we take a further ten fire damage as well as three persistent fire. [00:24:19] Speaker A: And how would you like to splash? [00:24:20] Speaker F: I'm going to do the 15 foot cone back into the room so it will hit the one behind her. And if there are people I can only see through very narrowly through the doorway. I'm at the back of the line here, but if there are people like around here ish you can get one. [00:24:34] Speaker A: Other person, so you can get two people with the splash. [00:24:37] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:24:37] Speaker F: Cool. So they also take three fire. [00:24:40] Speaker A: All right, don't like that. Don't like that at all. I do, and I'm going to like this even less. Matt, it is your turn. [00:24:47] Speaker B: Yay. [00:24:48] Speaker D: All right, so Twin Talon's going to move in. He's actually going to move in and to the north because that'll leave space for other people to get in here, too. And he's going to say, we only need one of you alive. Whoever surrenders first wins. And then he's going to stab the person who just got set on fire. It's a hit. A 37, is that correct? They are flat footed, by the way. [00:25:08] Speaker A: That is a hit. That is correct. Yeah, that's still a regular hit. [00:25:11] Speaker D: Okay, so I got a 37 to hit and they are flat footed. [00:25:14] Speaker A: That is a hit. That is still a regular hit. [00:25:17] Speaker D: All right, then I am going to pull up my rod and reel and go fishing for crits. I'm going to use a hero point on that one. [00:25:24] Speaker A: All right. [00:25:25] Speaker D: 38 versus their flat footed AC. [00:25:27] Speaker A: That is a regular hit. [00:25:29] Speaker D: Garbage. That's 38 points of damage. I'll put precise debilitation on them. [00:25:34] Speaker A: All right, so you moved, you attacked. [00:25:36] Speaker D: All right. And then he will attack again. [00:25:39] Speaker A: Yes. [00:25:39] Speaker D: That 20. [00:25:40] Speaker B: Hell yeah. [00:25:43] Speaker A: That's a critical. [00:25:46] Speaker B: So angry. [00:25:47] Speaker D: Also, that's a 44. Is that a double critical, then? [00:25:51] Speaker A: That is a double crit. But you got a card from one of our patrons. [00:25:55] Speaker D: Oh, okay. Well, then I will keep that one from Duke. Through and through, double damage and single damage to a target adjacent to the first. Cool. [00:26:04] Speaker A: Wow, that works. Thank you, Duke. [00:26:07] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:26:07] Speaker D: All right, there's that and then an extra two D six, which is actually six. So twelve. So that's 76 damage to the first one and 32, plus 638 damage to the one adjacent to them. And in addition to that, they don't take 124. It was already doubled. [00:26:28] Speaker A: Oh, because I doubled the double. Sorry. Oops. All right, so we do 64 and. [00:26:36] Speaker D: Six and then six again. The six gets doubled. [00:26:41] Speaker A: Yes, it does. [00:26:42] Speaker D: And then the one adjacent to them takes the six and then also takes 32. [00:26:47] Speaker A: All right. [00:26:48] Speaker D: And because that is a shocking weapon, it does the lightning damage to two targets within 10ft. So that's four damage to both the one who got the secondary damage and also this one to the south across the table from the first one. [00:27:03] Speaker A: And you get the critical specialization on the first one. And they are now flat footed to everyone. [00:27:10] Speaker D: Correct. You're getting it, Sean. [00:27:12] Speaker A: So many status effects. I'm getting there slowly. You done ruining my day. [00:27:17] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm done. [00:27:18] Speaker A: All right, good. Oh, wait, no, I want it to be your turn still. [00:27:22] Speaker B: Why? [00:27:23] Speaker A: Knife. Sword. You're up. [00:27:25] Speaker G: All right, well, I'm going to move up to the door so I can see what I can move in. I'll move in the door and I'll just position myself over here so people can come in after me. I'm going to move up towards where Knife Sword. I am Knife Sword, where Twin Talon is and think what I'm going to do is cast. I figure Twin Talon's got pretty good reflexes, right? [00:27:47] Speaker A: Oh, no. [00:27:48] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm good. [00:27:49] Speaker G: Yeah, I think I'm going to move up one more space. [00:27:51] Speaker D: Even if I critically fail, I can't critically fail. [00:27:54] Speaker G: So I'm casting fireball. [00:27:56] Speaker D: Do it. [00:27:57] Speaker G: And I'm just going to center it right between the two on the other side of the table there. [00:28:01] Speaker D: Perfect. It's all of them and me. [00:28:05] Speaker A: I love it. Do you? [00:28:08] Speaker B: Yes. [00:28:09] Speaker F: I think my favorite thing that our listeners here can't see is that so I have a very narrow strip of vision because I'm looking through a doorway. It's like five x 25, but the fireball effect illuminates the entire size of the room. So even though I don't see the whole room, I see the fireball exploding in the shape of the entire room. [00:28:29] Speaker A: All right, Matt, what did you get for your save? [00:28:31] Speaker D: Twin Talon rolled a 34. [00:28:34] Speaker A: That is a regular success. So you'll take half. Oh, but you have evojion. So Sean, come on, what level are we now know? So all of the Scarlet Triad members succeed, but none of them critically succeed, so they'll take half damage. [00:28:53] Speaker G: Okay, so they will take that much. I don't know what it is either. [00:28:58] Speaker A: They'll take eight points of damage. [00:29:01] Speaker G: That's it. [00:29:02] Speaker D: How many dice did you roll? [00:29:03] Speaker A: It was only a level three fireball. [00:29:05] Speaker G: It's slashy, not splashy. [00:29:07] Speaker D: Okay. [00:29:07] Speaker A: All right, it's my turn. So after the fireball goes off, the door to your north opens up. [00:29:15] Speaker D: Hello, it's a lady or possibly a. [00:29:18] Speaker A: Long haired man, and only seeing Twin. [00:29:22] Speaker D: Talon because Knife Swords pressed up against the wall next to the door. [00:29:26] Speaker A: Yes. Okay, let's use this attack. I'm excited for this. How's a 34? [00:29:35] Speaker D: That is a miss noise. [00:29:39] Speaker A: Okay, well, you still take splash damage. [00:29:42] Speaker D: Do all of her friends also take splash damage? [00:29:46] Speaker A: Wouldn't that be nice? No, because they can control the splash like some other people in this room. [00:29:54] Speaker D: Can'T take her thing. [00:29:56] Speaker A: So, Twintallen, you take three acid damage and Knife Sword takes three acid damage. [00:30:03] Speaker G: Ouch, ouch, ouch. [00:30:05] Speaker B: Sorry. [00:30:06] Speaker A: Yes, success. I did. A thing. [00:30:10] Speaker D: That's a big range. [00:30:12] Speaker A: Yes, she does. It's almost like it's 60ft or something. [00:30:15] Speaker D: It's a 60 foot burst. [00:30:17] Speaker A: No, she can throw 60 and a 15 foot splash. [00:30:21] Speaker D: 15 foot splash? Yeah. Okay. [00:30:23] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:30:23] Speaker F: Okay. 15 foot cone is one thing, 15 foot splash is another. [00:30:26] Speaker A: 15 foot cone. Sorry. Yeah. [00:30:28] Speaker D: Would not have hit her, would it? If you're coning to hit Knife Sword from me, I think she's going to hit herself. [00:30:34] Speaker A: Yeah, she would. That's fine. [00:30:36] Speaker D: And considering she didn't know where Knife Sword was there, that's a weird thing to do. [00:30:40] Speaker A: That's true. All right, Knife Sword, you get your health back. Matt, you're just going to take the damage. [00:30:44] Speaker D: That's fine. [00:30:44] Speaker A: All right. That was her actions. Next up is one of the Scarlet Triad members. So they were eating, so they don't have their weapons out. So their first action is to stand up from the table and they're going to target Twin Talon with a spell. [00:31:04] Speaker D: With spell. [00:31:05] Speaker A: Can you make a will save, please? [00:31:07] Speaker D: I can certainly try. 38. [00:31:09] Speaker A: That is a success. So you are plagued with uncontrollable laughter. You cannot use reactions as you are wracked by a casting of hideous laughter. [00:31:21] Speaker D: My reactive murder. [00:31:22] Speaker F: So rude. [00:31:25] Speaker B: The worst parts I have not gone yet, so I can't do anything to help. I'm sorry. [00:31:29] Speaker D: That's okay. I'm getting hit with these things, but it's three damage and I can't do reactions. Reactions for me are nice, but it's not the worst thing that could have happened. [00:31:37] Speaker A: All right, so the one on the other side of the table from Twin Talon will stand up as well and they will also cast a spell at you. Can you make another Will save? [00:31:49] Speaker D: That's a natural 20 for a 42. [00:31:51] Speaker B: Yes. [00:31:52] Speaker A: As a critical success, you are unaffected by fear. Haya, it is your turn. You hear Twin to Alan giggling in the other room. [00:32:06] Speaker B: Are you okay? [00:32:07] Speaker A: I don't think. [00:32:10] Speaker B: Coming right? I'm coming, I swear. Eventually. It's kind of funny, though. Excuse me. Coming on through. Hey, why do you pick on someone your own size? It looks like the two in front of Twintown are, like, bearing on him. Right. [00:32:28] Speaker A: They're still sitting at the table. They haven't gone yet. It's the two to the south. Are the two standing up? [00:32:34] Speaker D: But yeah, if you take out the ones to the north, they can't go. [00:32:36] Speaker B: Exactly. I think Brianna has blinders on and sees you giggling, has not seen Knife Sword in the corner yet and just sees somebody at the table, like, starting to get up, I guess. She's like, no. POW. Let's make target because I keep forgetting that is a 33. [00:32:53] Speaker A: That is a hit. [00:32:54] Speaker B: Ha. Take some dice. Take 17 points of damage. [00:33:00] Speaker A: All right, I will. I won't be happy about it. [00:33:03] Speaker D: You don't need to be my reactive murder. [00:33:05] Speaker B: I was going to say ha. Should I chance it? [00:33:10] Speaker F: Matt, like, reactions are hurt fine. Also, Matt. [00:33:13] Speaker B: Oh, my reaction owie. [00:33:17] Speaker A: I totally get it, though. [00:33:18] Speaker F: Like, reactive murder is so much fun. [00:33:20] Speaker D: Yeah, my reactive murder also, it's one of my favorite things to do. [00:33:24] Speaker B: And then I think she's angry because clearly something's wrong with Bestie, and she's swinging wildly and missed on her second attack against the person. And that's my turn. Missed on her second attack against the person. [00:33:39] Speaker A: Misses. [00:33:39] Speaker B: Do I? I do. You know what? Fuck it. Take my hair point. [00:33:42] Speaker A: I will. Taken. [00:33:44] Speaker B: Sort of, a little bit. Roll it back. Let's do this. Damn it. When does sweep take effect? [00:33:49] Speaker A: If you gain a plus one bonus to your attack roll. If you've already attempted to attack a different target. [00:33:55] Speaker B: A different target? [00:33:57] Speaker A: Yeah. So if you go like, one, two yeah. You get a bonus. [00:34:02] Speaker B: Got it. All right, well, fuck my hair point, I guess. Whose turn is it? [00:34:08] Speaker A: All right, so the scarlet triad member that is not face to face with Brianna and Twin Talon is going to. [00:34:17] Speaker D: Stand up provoking an attack of opportunity. [00:34:19] Speaker B: Thank you. [00:34:20] Speaker A: From Twin Talon. [00:34:21] Speaker D: Not from me. [00:34:22] Speaker A: From who? From over here. [00:34:24] Speaker D: From Brianna. The one that's highlighted is the one that's in between us. There's a big orange halo around them. [00:34:29] Speaker A: Is it? I'm not getting the halo, so okay. I had the wrong one selected. Yes. Well, in that case, they're not going to stand. [00:34:36] Speaker B: What? [00:34:36] Speaker A: Hang on, hang on. They're going to draw their weapon and that will provoke from you. [00:34:42] Speaker B: Sit your ass back down. Fuck me. Okay, well, I just keep messing today, I guess. [00:34:48] Speaker D: That was a two for a 29, by the way. [00:34:51] Speaker A: Yes. All right. And then they're going to stand up. [00:34:54] Speaker B: Separate again. [00:34:55] Speaker A: Only one react. I mean, yes, technically, if you have an ability, a way to do a second attack of opportunity. [00:35:00] Speaker D: Unfortunately, no. [00:35:01] Speaker B: Anyway, sorry, I didn't mean to keep interrupting. [00:35:03] Speaker A: No worries. She'll try and stab you with a rapier. It's a 14 on the die for a 38. [00:35:09] Speaker B: That'll hit because my shield ain't raised. [00:35:12] Speaker A: Yes. So rare damage to Brianna. Ten points of damage. [00:35:18] Speaker B: Owie. Guess what? She throws her shield up anyway, because I can do that. As a reaction, I believe. [00:35:23] Speaker A: Yes. Shield block. [00:35:25] Speaker D: So you can only do that with your basic reaction, which you already used to do the attack of opportunity. Unfortunately. [00:35:32] Speaker B: Okay, well, then don't worry. Be happy. I will take ten, I guess. [00:35:37] Speaker A: All right, so now the last scarlet triad. They take three persistent fire. Thanks, Christine. [00:35:43] Speaker D: Do they put themselves out? [00:35:45] Speaker A: No. Critically, no. [00:35:47] Speaker F: I love when my persistent effects stay persistent. [00:35:50] Speaker A: So now the last scarlet triad member will stand up and draw their rapier and swing at twin talent. [00:35:59] Speaker F: Why is it so unsettling when he laughs? [00:36:01] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:36:02] Speaker E: Because he doesn't do whatever. [00:36:05] Speaker A: That is a 32 to hit. [00:36:07] Speaker D: That is a miss. Imagine if your AC went down every time you were attacked in a round. [00:36:12] Speaker A: It makes sense. [00:36:13] Speaker D: Like, it's harder to dodge if you get hit it a bunch of times. I don't know. I don't think we should do that because the system isn't built for that. I think it's like an interesting thought experiment. [00:36:20] Speaker A: It's a thought experiment, and I like that. [00:36:22] Speaker F: Yeah, I feel like I've definitely seen that somewhere, but I can't think of where. [00:36:25] Speaker A: OOH. It is your turn. You only have two actions this turn. [00:36:30] Speaker E: Yes, I know. I would like to make sure that I'm raging, because I'm pretty sure within. [00:36:37] Speaker F: This last ten minutes, I probably just stopped raging. [00:36:40] Speaker A: So here's the thing. I was looking at your character sheet just because I like to look at. [00:36:45] Speaker E: These things, mostly because I don't know how my character works. [00:36:48] Speaker B: It's totally fine. [00:36:49] Speaker E: Moving on. [00:36:50] Speaker A: Sudden charge is a two action ability that lets you move twice, rage and attack. [00:36:55] Speaker E: I don't have to be raging for a sudden charge. It would automatically start raging. [00:36:59] Speaker D: No, but you have the ability that when you rage, you get to basically get one free action with the rage trait. So you could rage and then that's part of that sudden charge. [00:37:08] Speaker E: Right? [00:37:08] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:37:08] Speaker E: I figured as much that I was going to do something crazy like that anyway, so that's what I'm doing. [00:37:13] Speaker A: All right, great. [00:37:14] Speaker E: Sexy. My Marshall's aura still up. [00:37:16] Speaker A: Yes, your Marshall's aura is still up. [00:37:18] Speaker E: And now I'm going to run in there and realize that there's a lot of people in there. So I'm going to hook and I'm going to swing at this lady who looks terribly crazy. We don't like her face very much. [00:37:30] Speaker A: That's no way to talk about soraya. [00:37:35] Speaker B: That'S what you get. [00:37:36] Speaker E: Soraya is much more beautiful than this. And you know what? I got a natural 20 on the die for a four to seven. [00:37:44] Speaker A: Yeah, that's a crit. [00:37:47] Speaker B: That's what you get. That's what you get, Sean. [00:37:50] Speaker E: Yes. It's a crit. [00:37:52] Speaker A: It's from Mike. From Path. [00:37:53] Speaker B: Mike from Path. [00:37:54] Speaker E: Mike from Path. This is called Scarring Strike. Target gains a minus one to diplomacy and bluff, and a plus one to intimidate. Unless the GM decides that the social interaction would dictate, the opposite modifiers should apply. [00:38:10] Speaker A: All right. But you also do double damage. Thank you, Mike, by the way. [00:38:14] Speaker B: Thank you, Duncan. [00:38:16] Speaker E: Double damage, 58. [00:38:20] Speaker A: All right. Also, because of your weapon, the axe. [00:38:23] Speaker D: Does adjacent target, which there isn't one. [00:38:26] Speaker A: Right? But it's a fearsome axe. When you critically hit with this weapon, that becomes frightened one. And you can also choose if you want to with greater impactful on a critical hit, you can choose to force the target to succeed at a DC 37 Fortitude Save or be pushed. 10ft. [00:38:43] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:38:44] Speaker E: Push this bitch back. [00:38:45] Speaker A: All right, let's see if I can make this DC 37 Fortitude Save natural 20 for a 43 hero point. [00:38:53] Speaker B: That no, take my hero point. Reroll it. I think I have one left. Reroll that. [00:38:57] Speaker A: No, you're out. [00:38:59] Speaker F: Take mine. [00:38:59] Speaker E: I got a hero point over here. [00:39:01] Speaker B: Use a baby. [00:39:02] Speaker E: Yeah, take mine. [00:39:04] Speaker A: Okay, I'm taking a hero point and rerolling. [00:39:07] Speaker B: Yes. [00:39:08] Speaker E: Somebody's hero point is getting taken. [00:39:11] Speaker A: That is a four for a 27, which is a critical failure, which means I get pushed back 10ft. [00:39:18] Speaker B: That's what we're talking about. [00:39:19] Speaker A: All right, that is the end of round one. We're going to start the top of round two next week. Already said it. Already said it. [00:39:39] Speaker B: Guys, we got to heal Matt, okay? [00:39:42] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:39:42] Speaker F: We need to stop whatever's happening to Dwindellin. [00:39:45] Speaker A: I don't know. [00:39:46] Speaker E: He does that very well. [00:39:48] Speaker B: Guys, I live with him. Help me. [00:39:51] Speaker D: Bye. [00:39:54] Speaker A: Okay. [00:39:54] Speaker B: Bye. For real. Bye. [00:39:57] Speaker C: Thank you for listening to the Crackdye podcast. Please visit [email protected]. Pathfinder, second edition and the Age of Ashes adventure path are property of Paizo. Background audio was provided by Sirenscape. Because epic games deserve epic music, please visit [email protected]. Additional background music was provided by Epidemicsound. Please visit [email protected]. The Crackdye podcast theme was composed by Angelo De Loretto. He is forever missed. This episode was edited by Nathan. Please visit them on Twitter at at editingnate. Finally, thank you to all our patrons for assisting us in breathing life into this production. We do not know where we'd be without them. If you'd like to join our Patreon, please visit slash crackdypedcast ram.

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